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Consumer complaints and reviews about SLS

wvufan1227 Send email
Jul 17, 2018

Escrow Analysis

Our loan was sold to this bank shortly after closing, and it has been an absolutely awful experience. I received my new escrow analysis for this year, and my payment went up over $200 per month. I immediately called to determine the reason, and I've been given the run around every single time. I've spent nearly 10 hours on the phone with them over the past few months trying to get this sorted out, and I get absolutely no where. First they said the increase was due to insurance, then they said it was due to our property taxes being incorrect. Today they tell me that I should call back in a month to see what my property tax amounts will be even though I've already faxed them a letter from my county assessors office stating my yearly tax amounts. Every time I call I get a different customer service representative that has no record of what is going on with my account, and I have to go over my issues in detail again. I have no confidence that this will be sorted out any time soon, and it's been very frustrating to say the least. I can't help but feel I am being scammed by this bank every single month.

J.Brown Send email
Jun 23, 2018

Specialized Loan Servicing Ignores The FDCPA and beyond...

Problem description: March 26, 2018 I received a letter from this law firm stating that they are representing their client Specialized Loan Servicing of an inflated debt that was charged off by the original creditor ($41,847.37). The letter also stated that I have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. On April 2, 2018, I mailed a certified debt validation letter to both parties that was received by this law firm on April 5, 2018 @ 11:03am EST.

Shapiro & DeNardo responded stating that they have forwarded my request to the client in which no one addressed my concerns in a timely manner (30 Days) under the Fair Debt Collection Practicing Act (i.e. 15 U.S.C.1692(g) 809 (b) and the Pennsylvania Fair Credit Extension and Uniformity Act (i.e. 73 P.S. 2270.1, et seq). After 30 days (5/5/2018) of no response of a detailed debt validation from Shapiro & DeNardo, LLC I forwarded on May 31, 2018 another certified letter for not responding to my debt validation request and an explanation of proof that the Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations has not expired.

Desired Outcome: 1. Proof that the Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations has not already expired. 2. Request that Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC (client) & Shapiro & DeNardo, LLC (Representing Law Firm) honor my complaint for Debt Validation (April 2, 2018) that they have failed to respond within the 30 day time period allowed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 3. In addition, I desire that both companies honor and respond to my complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau & Federal Trade Commission. Purpose of this post is to inform all other consumers to report concerns with Attorney General Office, CFPB, FTC, BBB and beyond...I am not an attorney or legal advisor, just a concerned consumer about companies like this who are allowed to conduct unfair, unjust and deceiving practices with no regard to (FDCPA) federal & state laws that regulate.

Reminder URGENTLY File A Complaint with Attorney's General, CFPB, FTC, BBB, Banking and Securities Commission, & on consumeraffairs.com (read all complaints)...Class Action Law Suit & FBI where are you?
May 4, 2018


I am being hit with THOUSANDS in fees with no explanation of how they came to these numbers. My payment is now 4 times more that is due. Please...keep my email in any class action suit info.

lesliehopkins Send email
Apr 25, 2018

Why is SLS still in business?

We have the misfortune of having our mortgage sold to this company the first year we obtained the mortgage. SLS insisted they set up an escrow account for our flood insurance the second year, even though we paid the flood insurance premium, in full, the first year. It has been a nightmare. We paid $695 upfront that was to be used to set up the account and for a cushion. We found out at the end of the year, when the insurance was to be paid, they had not applied the $695 to the escrow account. The account is now short and they want $450 more from us. Not happening! Additionally, they paid the incorrect amount to the flood insurance company. A higher amount! Not my fault. Now they are insisting our monthly mortgage must go up to cover their mistakes! If they had paid appropriately, even without the $695 they applied to the principal instead of the escrow, they STILL would have had enough of OUR money to pay the flood insurance. Sell a kidney to pay your loan instead of going through these rip off con artists.
Rachel.gaucin@yahoo.com Send email
Mar 15, 2018

Sls interview complaint

I would like for someone to either send me the email for the CEO of the company or the HR Director. I do have a complaint that I would like to make and I also will be sending a letter as well. If someone can please contact me that would be great thank you have a great day.
Rachel.gaucin@yahoo.com Send email
Mar 15, 2018

Sls interview complaint

The reason the reason for my email is to see if I can contact either the CEO of the company or HR director. If someone could please contact me at my email or give me a call thank you
Lalo3114 Send email
Mar 9, 2018

Ins balance after payoff loan don’t want to pay me

I send them my flood ins check since it was made out to sos and us . Since it was a large check I told them to get the 20,000 we owed them and to send us the rest , that was in nov 2017
And I been calling them ever since , I was finally told the payoff was cleared in dec 8 2017. .and I’ve been calling every 2 times a week asking for my remainder.ever since and finally in Jan 28,2018 they tell me the check was mailed which I never received
So now is March and I’m being told that that check was tampered with and it was cashe by another person
So I told them ok well it wasn’t us who cashed the check and I want to know when are we going to get our money to fix our home
And there telling me they don’t know when or if we are getting it.
Which I think it’s stupid cause who ever cashed that check has not nothing to do with us
So can someone give me advice on what I should do
Should I just hire a lawyer
Cause I’m real stressed out I get a lot of headaches and can’t sleep
EddieJu Send email
Feb 20, 2018

Lost payments

Since then my loan has been purchased and sold 3 times but I have still been making my payment as I am supposed to. It was not until it was brought to my attention that Specialized Loan Services, LLC had not received any of my previous payments and was threatening to start the Pre-Foreclosure process. I spoke with multiple representatives (Dennis of customer service, Juan from Executive Services) from the company and I was advised that they would open a case to locate the payments that should have been included in my package when they purchased the loan. Apparently SLS had not done so and the Rep. Victor advised me that it was my job to provide proof of payment. I have copy of my bank records showing payment despite the fact this is the servicing companies responsibility. SLS purchased the loan and if upon purchasing my loan I was already 4 payments behind then that should raised a red flag of suspicion. I called a month after I sent a certified package with my bank records and they had not opened an investigation. I called on Dec 28th and they just opened a case to locate my payments and CFPB guidelines state that they have 30 days to resolve these kind of issues. My situation has been lingering for at-least 6 months hence why they will no longer accept my payments. I need to some help so I have searched and found a Lawyer that I think handled a class action lawsuit with them in 2016 Atty Lorenzo 202.973.0900 I am going to contact and see what can be done.
greta Send email
Feb 7, 2018

mortgage complaint

I was also denied my modification indicating that my insufficient payment monthly reduction. I have been dealing with these ppl for over 6 months. At the time, I owed 4200.00 that I was able to pay. I was battling some sick challenges at the time. SLS told me that they could not accept my payment. NOW its. 9800.00 and I don't have the money to pay. Why couldn't they except the money before.
I would like to be added to the class action suit.


Greta Perrier
Kzzg0x66 Send email
Jan 26, 2018

SLS on October 2017 statement added $100 to by bill under total new fees charged with no explanation

On my October 2017 bill from SLS $100 was added to my statement stating total new fees charged. Called SLS customer service since October asking them to explain and send me documentation on why they added $100 in that section of my bill it is January 25 , 2018 and I still have no documentation or a complete anwsert o do not have an escrow account and never have my loan #1011901623
Kzzg0x66 Send email
Jan 26, 2018

Charged $100 on my October bill as others

On my October bill SLS added a $100 in total new fees charged. As of January 25, 2018 not one customer service employee been able to show or provide documents for this fee. Provide me documentation on why you want me to SLS $100 please. Loan #1011901623
Kricket Send email
Jan 18, 2018

Mis-applying Payments and showing late

Our loan was recently transferred to sls from ditech we were inpricess of refinancing loan with another lender when they decided to do the transfer. Sls is now reporting late payments and or no payments for past 3 months even though I have proof of all payments however since they will not correct their info now my refi will not close due to them reporting 30-60-90 days past due. They keep requesting additional documents and assuring they will resolve and correct information in 7-10 days but yet when that time passes they say they need additional information they have also started adding unknown fees and when I say unknown I literally mean unknown they have no explanation what they are for or why and keep saying they are late fees even though they are different amounts, different dates applies and different codes. To top it off they are now claiming account has been discharged in Bankruptcy so they state they cannot report anything on it anyway good or bad!! We will absolutely join any class action suit against them.
Jakesway1 Send email
Jan 1, 2018

Class Action lawsuit

If anyone is planning on a class action lawsuit please include me in this. Wells Fargo sold my loan to SLS back in Nov 2017 and I've made both my Nov and Dec payments on time but they show instill owe for both AND they want to double my loan payments to $1100 a month.
vicyanki Send email
Nov 21, 2017

SLS--mortgage modification denied because of decsion of investor

The mortgage of my home was with Bank of America (BOA), and is now in foreclosure. BOA sold the loan to SLS in April 2017. In mid October 2017, my husband emailed SLS requesting to resolve our problem about the mortgage to avoid the foreclosure. In a week, SLS sent a letter stating that 'MARY', a customer service rep was assigned to help our case. I called them on October 27, and of course could not talk to Mary but to another rep. She told me that my application for mortgage modification was denied on October 26. I was shocked and furious as we never submitted application and documents.

About a week later, I received the letter from SLS stating the denial of my mortgage modification application because 'There is an insufficient monthly payment reduction'. I then called them again and was told that the denial decision was by the investor of my loan. I asked about who the investor was and I was told to give them a formal written request.

I am very disappointed about their service. It seems they sold my loan to an investor. How can they do that? And on what grounds they denied my application without looking at my documents? I did send them an email requesting the info on the investor and I don't expect to hear from them. I just wonder if I want to have a short sale, it will also be denied because of the investor's decision.
jpaonessa1 Send email
Nov 14, 2017

SLS Runaround

SLS bought my mortgage from ASC, which I had a perfect record with in Dec of 15. In Aug of 17, they were showing me a payment past due. I have emailed, faxed, and mailed them my bank statements showing payment history from when they took over. Each time I'm on the phone with them, it's always a different month of a missed payment. I asked them to send me the payment history so I could go over it with them on the phone, and it has been 2 months since, and I still haven't received it. I spoke with them yesterday, and they are "sending it again". They wanted me to pay the past due payment, and I informed them I'm not sending them a dime extra, I would never see it again. I wish there was a way to shut down this scam of a company!
Seveen Send email
Nov 8, 2017


One year fighting with SLS. I want to foreclose and can't do that. Reaching the call center or sending emails is impossible. I haven't lived in the house for over a year.

What gets this company moving?
comfort1867 Send email
Oct 31, 2017

extra fees

Very happy to find this site-- Just found out my loan was sold from SLS from Ditech, who I had done a loan mod with a bit more than a year ago . Ditech assured me payments would remain the same ( 252.54) w same interest rate. Upon receiving my first statement from SLS ( which will be due in 2 days )- there was an additional charge of "Past due amounts" for $357.50 plus my regular amount of $ 252.00 for a total of over $ 632.plus! Quite a shock to be sure I called SLS I was on hold with only recording playing over & over with SLS- finally had to give up but was able to locate an alternate 800 number which was answered promptly and courteously I must say.

After a short hold while the rep accessed my records- he told me that that charges were a " carry over from Ditech" and had nothing to do with SLS- and suggested I call Ditech, which I did- the Ditech rep told me she had no record of any past due amounts of 357.and that my account was sold without accruing any further charges . I was never late on any of my payments with them and have proof of this
The SLS rep had told me to pay the regular $ 252.54 on time When I questioned what would happen if I did not pay the additional $ 357.50 on my bill he said it " would remain on the record" = whatever that meant I don't know

While this issue appears to be resolved at present - , after reading the many negative reports on SLS here I thought I had better do some damage control- hopefully before things get out of hand - if possible .Thru the many comments on this board & others it seems they are a very unscrupulous company that is tacking on charges and perhaps driving people into foreclosure-!

I would love nothing more than to pay off this very tiny mortgage & get away from this company before more problems ensue but am not in any position to do so right now. I would hope that some type of class action suit would be in the work but did not see anything currently except in Texas Any thoughts , progress etc appreciated!
toofrustrated Send email
Oct 10, 2017


I have been trying to rectify my account with SLS which bought my 2nd mortgage in February 2015. It has now been over 2 1/2 years and I am still fighting to get credit for a payment made in January 2015. Every letter I receive from them has a different reason or explanation. When I finally called today for a reason which will be addresses shortly, I got no response and was told to write again. As to the reason I broke down and called where I normally want everything in writing, is that I found a folder piece of paper on my front porch this morning, which indicated that SLS had sent a inspector who noted that the house was vacant. This was obviously a blatant lie and noticeably so. I have live plants, furniture, etc. on the porch. When I called I was told that if the inspector knocked on the door and no one answered - the house would be considered vacant. What kind of response is that. Come during the day when people are working. Plus just leave a piece of paper lying around. I immediately faxed them a letter and called and threatened legal action if any further action taken. I would be thrilled if there was any kind of class action lawsuit going on.
Mitchola Send email
Oct 2, 2017

Mismanagement and blatant dishonesty

SLS who we had forced on us as an agency after our mortgage was sold, used over 1800.00 of our escrow money and paid my neighbors property taxes and not our taxes due to their mistake in using an incorrect parcel number. This happened almost 6 months ago. Despite 20 plus hours of contact time with customer service and tax services they still have not returned our money. Repeatedly have received dishonest communications as to when we would receive money back. Still waiting. Have filed BBB complaint and will be looking for a method to file a criminal complaint in Colorado..... where they are located.
cpearlman Send email
Sep 18, 2017

SLS returned my September payment

In the 18 years I have owned my home I have never been late on mortgage payment. My principal and interest payment is $570.00 a month I send an auto payment from my bank for $650.00 each month. I am on senior deferral for my property taxes and the county paid my taxes to SLS. I pay my property insurance monthly to my insurance company and they have paid SLS in full. I have spoken with executive services at SLS at least a dozen times. They say it was resolved. Why have they returned my September payment? They have no idea what they are doing.
rpsanta Send email
Sep 4, 2017


1500 of my escrow money has disappeared and they are now telling me I have a negative balance on my escrow and have jacked my house payment up. It took 4 phone calls to find out where the money went. They paid my money to another insurance company despite the fact that I have a policy that is paid in full. They have refused to refund my money. I want in on any class action they are taking against SLS. Worst mortgage company I have ever worked with.
ina Send email
Aug 1, 2017


Regarding: SLS.
Original Home Equity ($80,000) with E-Trade, filed CH 13 Bankruptcy 5/2009, E-Trade "charged-off" loan on 5/28/2009, added over $5,200+ of unexplained interest, fees, charge-off fees, held the loan, applied all Trustee payments (5+ years...) to principal. No one at E-Trade would speak to me until I received a "ledger" of payment history, after endless back and forth, finally receive "ledger" call E-Trade. I am told they no longer hold the loan, cannot and will not answer any concerns, transferred to, SLS (how convenient....) to take concerns to them, only thing she would say, verbally nothing in writing, loan would be 0% going forward with the new servicer. I demanded, insisted, nothing, that was all she would say. Fast forward to SLS, several reps confirm 0%, any concerns regarding fees, interest etc., asked to put in writing, five statements show 0% with proper balance. Sent certified letters which they deny receiving, then yes they did receive, will escalate, cannot comment etc,..... Last 3 statements: Balance is now $2,000+ more than previous statements due to "reversed fees...", 5% interest rate, $20,000+ (yeah- $20,000 due immediately AND past due as of 10/2010 (we were in Bankruptcy 2009-2015) After having a near heart attack, reps say, "Don't worry..." but they will not, cannot, do not know what to tell me, will look into it. No answers, just more and more run around - Ashley will call repeatedly, nice, but cannot give any answers. Have filed complaints with the State of Colorado, CFPB surprisingly they deny receiving anything, after 3rd enforcement letter, a reply - They cannot comment on prior servicer's transactions, cite BK Trustee as how payments were applied. Spoke to Trustee, not true, a claim is filed, accepted by Judge/Trustee, payments are sent, how they are disbursed is NOT dictated by Judge/Trustee. Spoke to our BK Attorney - loan was not to be charged-off, case would be reopened by BK Judge. That brings on a whole set of other concerns, E-Trade no longer holds this, we never received 1099's for interest applied in 2009, ($5,200+...) can't amend tax returns, too long ago.
Is everyone aware that SLS is a "Collection Company" -- not a bank!!

There is a Class Action against these fools- regarding the mishandling of Loan Modifications filed by Tycko & Zavareei LLP in October, 2016; I believe another lawsuit is in order given the vast mishandling's of this so-called company.

Please contact me: msolare@aol.com
ed_massey@msn.com Send email
Jul 15, 2017

Escrow Account Errors

Specialized Loan Servicing must be terminated as a business entity. All of their personnel are totally incompetent, belligerent and ignorant. Every transaction with these ass hats is completely flubbed. Even when you lead them, step-by-step, to resolving their own ham handed errors, all they can do is transfer you to some other "Special Ed" Loan Servicing dip stick who presumes that the customer is always wrong. There is no justification for the waste of oxygen by Toby Wells, CEO of SLS, and the army of borg automatons who answer his phones and screw with people. Complaining to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a complete waste of time. All the CFPB will do is have their letter-writing robots correspond with SLS' letter writing robots and cc: the consumer. SLS is stupid as hell and should not be allowed to play with other peoples' money. Drown them all!
vjones1964 Send email
Jul 4, 2017

Find My Missing Monthly Payment

We had a third party company that wired a payment on our behalf, (5/2)! Thou, they have contacted the 3rd party company and were told the payment has been cashed, SLS are unable to locate the payment. We are willing to file a class action lawsuit against this mortgage company. Please email me at vjones709@gmail.com!

Mr. John Beggins
Chief Executive Officer, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
Mr. Toby Wells
Chief Financial Officer, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
Mr. Ryan Conser
Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
showdognj Send email
Jun 23, 2017


Guaranteed Rate Mortgage sold my loan to CMC/SLS at the end of February 2017. Since that time I have not been able to access my mortgage account to make a payment or check balances. I have spent literally hours on the phone with them and it is still not resolved. This is a huge investment and I am very afraid of what is happening since i cannot even see it. I am going to sell the house just to get away from them and I will lose over $10,000, but I am about to have a nervous breakdown. How is this company in business? How can we get away from them? Lawsuit?

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