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Consumer complaints and reviews about Sonic Drive In

Kyle409 Send email
Mar 6, 2018

Very Rude an Disrespectful Manager

I have frequented the Sonic Drive In located Beaumont,Tx on College St. at least once a week for several years. Over the last several months I have noticed a change in management. Even though the food is consistently good the new General Manager is a real piece of work just to say the least. I and several other long time customers have witnessed her be very rude and beligernt to her staff. I have personally witnessed her from sitting at the table located near the door raise her voice and blame several African American employees for her screw ups while she was making an order when this location has been very busy. It has gotten to the point where I have noticed an incident with her every time I have visited this location over the past couple months and have witnessed in one form or the other her disrespect for employees and customers. It has gotten to the point where one evening I had to ask the young lady who was very kind and brought me food who was she and what was her problem.She informed that the woman in question was the General Manager and other employees are in fear of there job. She gave me her name but could not give the information to contact the corporate office because she herself wanted to file an complaint along with several other employees but was made aware that this was a Franchise and the ownership group was located in another city.So upon calling several other stores I have been made aware this lady Jennifer has a serious drug problem and people are sick and tired of her crap. I suggest to other long time customers lets help these employees out and contact the owners of this store and request a Hair Folicle Drug Screen and get her removed has General Manager A.S.A.P
NavyMom1992 Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Assistant Manager

The Manager of the sonic on Preston is very rude and did not take me seriously. I gave her back my order after it had been messed up and she treated my issue as if it was inconvenient for her. The carhop that delivered my food was very friendly and she was very social she asked me about my day and continued to speak to me until my phone rang and she told me to have a great day. Despite the rudeness of the Manager and her careless attitude, I wouldn't say it was a completely horrible experience.
Amandaclark Send email
Oct 12, 2017

Very unprofessional employee who claims to be a manager

I visited sonic drive in , in Sanford NC and pulled in to the section where the girls come out to deliver the orders on October 11th 2017 , the young lady who took my order last night was very rude and unprofessional and I won't be visiting that location again . She was taking my order when I asked for a minute to decide what all we wanted ,I over heard her in the back ground state to another employee and I quote " this bitch still can't decide what the f### she wants after ten mins , she needs to just get the f### out of here " on two occasions last night placing the same order she referred to me as a stupid bitch " when I asked another employee who she was and to state her position there I was shocked to find out she was supposed to be a manager , someone who is supposed to set examples for the other employees and for the sonic drive in , she wouldn't work in my restaurant. She's very unprofessional and needs to be fired .
cow8426e Send email
Oct 7, 2017

your tv commercial with these two guys in car

the commercial with these two old guys in the front seat of a car is not funny at all.You need to replace them with something else.
CCook Send email
Sep 28, 2017

Belligerent Rudeness

After placing my order in the drive thru, repeating my order to the teenage girl at the window explaining they had entered it wrong she turns around and begins telling the teenage boy behind her that my order was wrong. He comes to the window with a lot of attitude reading off the WRONG order to me. I again repeat the correct order. (Keep in mind, I only ordered 4 hotdogs. ) He rolls his eyes, flings his arm and states "well our system is down so I can try to redo it if you want." (Umm yeah, I want.) I agree it needs to be redone and and ask him how we will handle the tab. (The correct order was much less than the INCORRECT one they entered.) He then eye rolls again, huffs and states "well I said our system is down. I cant do anything about your ticket." I sat there for several seconds speechless. 1) the amount of rudeness and lack of customer service left me stunned...2) I was NOT going to pay twice the amount for an order that should have been only $7 or $8 dollars.... 3) Where is the manager while these CHILDREN were being so loudly rude at the window with a customer? When I regain my composure I simply asked "should I go elsewhere?" This snippy kid states "yeah you better". What the heck?!?!?!

When I make it home, I call back and ask for the manager. Brittany was placed on the phone who didnt sound much older than 16 herself and had the same customer service aptitude (or lack there-of) when I stated my complaint. All she could repeatedly say is "well, our system is down". I completely understand the system was down. I WAS prepared to work with them thru this situation however does the system being down allow for such rudeness and lack of couth? Does the system being down keep the person at the window and and the person taking orders to state directly upfront "Welcome to Sonic, our system is down and we cannot efficiently run our machines. Would you like to continue with your order?" If you would like to tell me that this would be too much I beg to differ. I left this Sonic (and will NEVER use it again.) and headed to Taco Bueno because, after all, my family was waiting on dinner. When I arrived at Taco Bueno they did also have some 'technical issues' going on and THEY said this exact same phrase to me making me very aware of the situation and giving me the option to stay or leave without eye rolls, flinging arms and hands and belligerent attitude.

This Prattville Sonic has never been a good one but at this rate they will be a 'closed' one if this kind of customer service continues.

On a side note, I went to the corporate website to file this complaint however, there isnt a place to do that. Im hoping this will be seen and considered but given how the 'manager', Brittany acted maybe this is how Sonic trains their employees.

Very very sad...........
debD Send email
Jun 29, 2017

General location complaint

I frequent Sonic drive in almost every weekday to get a drink on my way to work. I usually go to the location located 1741 West 3600 south in West Valley. They are awesome - so nice and greet me every day and know my order by now. Obviously I don't expect that treatment at every location but I would like to be served when I go. I used to also frequent sonic on the weekend at the one near my house which was located at 7000 south Highland drive, but that location closed a few weeks ago - bummer. Anyway, I had a dr. appointment today and the sonic located at 849 East Fort Union Blvd was close after my appt. I've been to this one before - usually disappointed because every single time I go something is wrong - the fryer is broken, I can't make hot food today - whatever - there's always something broken or not in stock. Today was the same - we are out of Co2 so we can't serve drinks. Seriously, that's what most people go to Sonic for in the morning. I can go to McDonalds and spend less on my drink, but I love Sonic ice and the add ins to my beverage. There's always just one person at this location in the morning. This is literally the 5th time I've run into a problem in the morning - only 1 person to help. This morning there were 5 cars in the stalls and 2 in the drive up - no one came on the speaker for 5 minutes in the drive up so I pulled around to a stall. They guy next to me said to the gal "what is going on here" and the girl said I'm the only one here and he replied "that's not my problem". I won't be back. This is ridiculous. To make it worse - it's only a mile from the location that closed several weeks ago so they're getting a lot more business. They really should have more help, especially in the morning. I really felt bad for the employee, because it's not her fault. I would quit on the spot if I worked there - it's not right. Whoever manages this place needs to be taught how to keep the equipment in good working condition and how to order product and schedule correctly. I will not be back to that location - I'm done with the excuses. I do love Sonic though so I will get my daily sonic fix at the location near where I work. I just wish that location was closer to my house. I'm out of luck on the weekends one is closed and the other never has product or service so that makes me sad. If anyone cares - I thought you should know.
Iseeyou Send email
May 22, 2017

Eating while taking customers orders

I pulled up to order some food. Meanwhile the girl in the window is shoving food in her mouth while taking my order.its extremely rude to talk with food in your mouth let alone take another person orders. The worse part of all this. I saw the whole thing with those huge windows right in front of me. I thought food was only supposed to be eating during your break. I am very disappointed in the quality of customer service. Somebody is always watching.
Azul#1 Send email
Apr 30, 2017

Slow,understaffed,unqualified workers

The Sonic on 3023 Inwood is so slow on service overall I screech on going over there. To top it off my order of a Sonic blast/price is not even matching as a bargain like displayed on TV. The caramel/Brownie blast did not even have caramel in it and about a handful of brownies. I could of made this at home w a gallon of vanilla ice cream/brownie from Kroger. I even have my own spoon because it is not given w my order. My chk #867.
dilly2229 Send email
Apr 21, 2017

Human Resources

Of course this is another problem with management. You would think that the Sonic Brand Headquarters would see all of these public complaints and hold their franchise owners and managers to a higher level. There is obviously a problem. It's usually young adults who acquire jobs at this facility so when someone is promoted, it is a power trip that goes to their heads. Then the old high school "clicks" begin all over again. The someone older employees who land in management positions and end up talking down to the younger generation. The upper management is so stressed out that they cuss and yell and complain at everyone and about everything. Horrible place to work from what I can tell. I feel bad for these poor carhops who are paid less than minimum wage as well because they are expected to get tips...yeah, while people are paying with credit and debit the majority of the time. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE. I highly doubt it will. Sad. Not just at Sonic I'm sure. Its society. If you find yourself in a management position, please show some compassion to your employees and remember when you were one of the young adults just starting out!
Hrtandjpa07 Send email
Mar 27, 2017


When placing our order, the order taker was distracted by someone inside and not paying attention. While waiting on the drinks for 15 minutes.. mind you we only ordered 3 drinks.. there was another employee who walked outside giving another order out she had hickies all over her neck. I spoke with the manager that was walking up and she didn't act concerned about the fact her employees appearance wasn't professional. This place needs new employees or new managers.
Jerri shuffield Send email
Mar 12, 2017

Management abusive to employees

My child is a employee and he has been physically grabbed , intimidated and now harassed daily for reporting the issues . Several Of the other employee are made fun of and are cursed daily . The management then hangs up on these ppl to force them to leave when the desperately need their jobs the have to Choose to work in a nightmare or starve
debra james Send email
Feb 3, 2017

Sliders taste awful and made me sick.

ID# 246202020436 Date 2/2/17 time 19:36 Sonic # 2362
Purchase 4 Sliders

Sliders that were purchase at Milan, TN were NO good and taste awful and made both of us sick to our stomach.

Debra James
5639 Fairfield Drive
Milan, TN 38358
colthughaa91 Send email
Jan 4, 2017

Being bullied/harassed

I work at the Sonic in Athens, Tx. Well, at work this girl named Alison started a joke about me being her "wife" back in the first part of November 2016. It was funny at first. Now, it's turned into not only two whole months of her joking around about it. I've talked to the guy in charge, who's name is Dave, he talked to Alison, but it stopped for a while. But, with him being off this week, it seems like everyone is taking advantage of the fact that he's gone this week, and everyone's harassing me about it. I've asked them nicely to stop, I've tried ignoring them, but nothing seems to be helping. Now, everyone in the store is harassing about it, and now, this guy in the kitchen named Earnest has started harassing me about Alison. And one of the managers named Megan, she is 27 years old, and supposed to be mature enough to be a manager. But, sometimes, I witness her acting just as much immature as Alison and Earnest. And about Earnest. He is as racist as racist can get. I hear him all the time saying stuff like, "NIGGA PLEASE!," "NIGGAS WITH AN ATTITUDE!!," etc. I am absolutely tired of it. I've talked to everyone that I can think of, and nothing is helping at all. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of calling and reporting this to our regional manager (whoever that is).
D13 Send email
Jan 1, 2017


Went to Sonic to buy a Sunday and was charged $5. Was explained that a waffle cone is an extra$1.99. Went ahead and purchase the overpriced Sunday. Went to the Sonic about two miles away and order the same sundae in a waffle cone and was only charged $2.89. When I went back to the Sonic about the overcharge, was treated rudely and talked down to like a child. And was not able to get my $2 back!
steverx Send email
Dec 7, 2016

food tampering

trouble with same girl twice in a week. first made me wait at window 10 min. then said "sorry for the delay, we had to cook the hot dogs. sonic not prepared for a hot dog order? next I asked if any dogs were ready so as to avoid this trick. what I got was a smear of cheese in the footlong tray with a handful of old tater tots thrown in. didn't notice till I got back to work. no lunch that day and I still payed $4.26 for garbage. she wins I guess, never trust that food again.
debbie trant Send email
Dec 5, 2016

Hot dog and tots

Hot dog was aweful tasted rancid and tots tasted like they were fried with fish. I have not been here in a while but the food was good before. Someone is not watching this business. Also tasted like salt was poured on hot dog. Please check this Sonic out on Garth Road near Birdsong and Garth Road. Aweful food!
Cdunivan1 Send email
Sep 30, 2016

Very bad food

Went to alsbury store after work the food was horrible why why
Cdunivan1 Send email
Sep 30, 2016

Bad food

Wife and I went to your restaurant on 725 alsbury Blvd I have never tasted a worse burger we had just got off work tired hungry and wasted our noney and time going there just unbelievable the worst
Notabigdeal Send email
Sep 26, 2016

Is there a break policy?

Basically, I just want to know if sonic has a break policy in place. I did a little research, I found that my state as well as others have no requirement on breaks. However, it is also stated that the company handbook would trump state and national law as it would be a breach in contract. Anyways my complaint isn't about breaks and what not. It's just very hard to locate a specific policy. Which to me is frustrating because I was quite sure Sonic Corp cared about its employees enough to atleast have a policy in place. So all I'm saying is this: If there is a policy, please make it easier to find. If there isn't a policy, please make one. Employees have to sign an agreement to protect you and your enterprises. Atleast do a better job of protecting them.
Felicia Send email
Sep 9, 2016

Car hop accident

I am mother of a 17 year old daughter works for Sonic in Fountain Colorado on Main street. On September 7,2016 she was hit by a truck backing up. She reported the incident to the on duty manager named Josh because her knee was hurt. The manager informed her that she should return to her working duties. Her parents were not informed ,she was not asked if she was ok, and she was not given the opportunity to go home. When I became aware of the situation I called the store asking for the head manager and was told that she would be in at 5am on Friday.. I called at 5:15 and 5:30 on Friday and still no manager. I do not feel like this is fair treatment of a teenager senior first job. We teach minors to report incidents to adults because they will handle situations. This adult manager failed to show any concern I feel that is unacceptable. My husband has served his country faithfully and this is unacceptable that his daughter would be treated this way!
Courtneylw Send email
Aug 25, 2016

I will not disrespected

The mamager Courtney at Geyer Springs Sonic is so unprofessional and very very disrespectful.
lynxx2000 Send email
Jul 20, 2016

Bad, possible unlawful practices

I am a parent of a teen that just started working at Sonic. I am appalled at what these managers think they can get away with telling these kids! I guess they think they do not know any better! Let me start by saying...if you are going to pay your carhops hourly+ tips as the business you need to make this obvious and doable to your consumers!!! There is absolutely no signage that states these carhops work for tips! And to make matters worse, when a patron pays with a credit card, they are unable to tip! Come on, I am sure more than 50% of the customers pay via debit...so how are these kids suppose to get a tip?? And here is the kick in the teeth. If the employee fails to make enough tips to bring their hourly wage to minimum, they are counseled and then threatened if they do not do better they will be fired. My son's manager even tried to tell him that the money to bring him up to minimum comes out of their paycheck!!! Really?? I am sure it affects their payroll budget and therefore this person does not get a bonus, but that is far from coming out of their paycheck, which by the way would be illegal. And lets add insult to injury.....these employees are given certain duties along with car hoping that can prevent them from getting out to a car if there is more than one carhop on duty. My son has had to do drink station for drive thru and carhops and work drive thru intermittently, which left the other carhop free to take all the customers. How is that fair or helping your employees meet your expectations? These kids are not making jack, even with tips....but sorry the practices with Sonic are wrong. My son mentioned their is a high turnover, I cannot imagine why? I waited tables in college, and if you did not walk away with many tips...it was your lose, no one threatened to fire you. However in a restaurant even a buffet style, people know to tip. They sit down at a table and are served. The general public sees these carhops as glorified drive thru attendants. I know the above is common practice within the Sonic franchise as I know another individual that worked at one in another town and experienced the same issues.
I will also say, and this is more individual store issue. My son's manager is unapproachable and threatens anyone who attempts to speak with her about any problems or concerns with being written up.
Sonic should be ashamed of itself...they are very obviously not concerned with their employees as a whole with these kind of practices!
Gold55512 Send email
Jun 17, 2016


I went into that Location they have been opened for only 6months I over heard the Employee's Complaining that they work 36 to 40hrs per week and the take home pay was $90.00 how do they expect those worker's to survive on that I strongly believe that there is things that that location is doing to the worker's that is against the law so I'm going to contacted BBB to do a investigation.
naybby337 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Employee complaint

This location is ran by undercover racists and their actions represent their true feelings. We just had a girl get fired for noticing that the black managers work on holidays while the others are off. The crazy part is that she hasn't been there that long and already notices. We just had a black guy get fired for calling out of work to take care of his sick sister, meanwhile one of the GM's little minions shows up late to work with hangovers, and doesn't even call saying he'll be late. This same little minion always has racist "N" word jokes to say among his friends and the GM. If that guy gets a complaint, the GM will say the customer is lying. Oh & The same black guy who got fired was the same black guy who was slapped by a white manager and there were no consequences for the manager, as a matter of fact...when the GM was alerted that the guy was slapped, SHE WROTE HIM UP. Our hiring manager recently quit but she wasn't allowed to hire people with "black" names or if they sounded "black" she was supposed to hang up or discontinue the hiring process altogether. You'd probably say why don't you just tell her supervisor..well he's her husband & he takes up for his wife because they are both the same. At this point, I'm just here because it's hard to get a job elsewhere.
Babygirl@18 Send email
Apr 4, 2016

Sonic 3804 Summer Avenue

It is imperative that people are properly trained to do a job. All management at this location leave so very much to be desired. I have ordered here and the professionalism that comes across the speaker is awful. I notice that I must ask for fresh food or I will more than likely send it back in. Whatever happened to people being glad to have a job and love doing it.

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