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Foxrock Send email
Jan 29, 2020


I keep getting shorted on days pay for unlimited data plan we had hotspot for year now straight talk cut that off they said I have to pay more for unlimited data plan why they can't answer the phone company is corruption selling peoples # robot calls Daily I am so angry I don't want to answer my phone 😠 I'm filed class action suit
Rob Whipple Send email
Dec 15, 2019


On 12-8-2019, I paid for unlimited data until 1-6-202. Just 5 days in, on 12-13-2019, my data quit working. Since then, I have spoken with more than 60 (SIXTY!!!!) of your agents to try to get a resolution. I have wasted hours, been hung up on dozens of time, and been all-around treated very poorly. They insist the problem is with my hardware, which is a lie. I have spent hours troubleshooting hardware; in fact, I even activated a different phone, by a different manufacturer to see if had the same problem, and no matter what phone I activate, I still can't use the data I am paying for. I have asked repeatedly for a pro-rated refund, and Straight Talk refuses. They are nothing but a bunch of scam artists that steal from people and then hid behind poor customer service flunkies in third-world sweatshops and their bureaucratic "policies" to avoid accountability. I intend to bring a lawsuit against them for their unscrupulous practices, it is my hope that the media will publish an article so that others similarly affected can join me in a class-action suit that will bring this evil corporation to its knees!
Rob Whipple Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Unlimited Data = ZERO Data

On 12-8-2019, I paid for unlimited data until 1-6-202. Just 5 days in, on 12-13-2019, my data quit working. Since then, I have spoken with more than 60 (SIXTY!!!!) of your agents to try to get a resolution. I have wasted hours, been hung up on dozens of time, and been all-around treated very poorly. They insist the problem is with my hardware, which is a lie. I have spent hours troubleshooting hardware; in fact, I even activated a different phone, by a different manufacturer to see if had the same problem, and no matter what phone I activate, I still can't use the data I am paying for. I have asked repeatedly for a pro-rated refund, and Straight Talk refuses. They are nothing but a bunch of scam artists that steal from people and then hid behind poor customer service flunkies in third-world sweatshops and their bureaucratic "policies" to avoid accountability. I intend to bring a lawsuit against them for their unscrupulous practices, it is my hope that the media will publish an article so that others similarly affected can join me in a class-action suit that will bring this evil corporation to its knees!
KENDRA BOND Send email
Sep 7, 2018

Straight talk wireless

READ THIS REAL STORY OF STRAIGHT TALKS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!I have purchased the warranty was told it would cover my phone for 1 year my phone breaks i wait a long time for the box to arrive to mail it back after trying to explain for literally 2:45 min on the phone with c.s..The phone comes back half working but often dialing the wrong number.The screen cracks again i try to send it back and the warranty no longer is any good they decide that once is all i am alloted on a warranty.I then purchase a bring your own phone sim card with a service pin,i then use my boyfriends i phone (w /straight talk service also a bring your own phone purchased 2 years earlier)I finally get a rep who speaks enough clear english to assist me.after a grueling 1:37 min.on the phone once again trying to explain what the situation. i hang up thinking i have a phone .Hand my bf his phone& away he went to work in a town 2 hours from my location.Finally thinking all issues resolve i notice i am getting weird text messages from his "people ". ONLY TO REALIZE THEY HAVE TRANSFERRED HIS # ON TO MY PHONE AND HE NO LONGER HAS SERVICE.I TRY TO CALL HIM REALIZING I CAN'T BECAUSE THEY SHUT HIS PHONE OFF.NEVERTHELESS AN HOUR OR SO LATER HE COMES ROARING UP THE DRIVE IN A TIZZY BECAUSE HE HAS NO PHONE& LATE FOR WORK.RUNS INSIDE WANTING TO KNOW WTF I DID.SO I AFTER WAITING A WEEK AND A HALF FOR MY BOX TO ARRIVE TO SEND MY FIRST PHONE(THAT THEY DECIDED WASNT COVERED UNDER THE WARRANTY I PURCHASED)I CALL THEM BACK GO THRU 2 OPERATORS UNTILL I FINALLY GET SOMEONE WITH ONCE AGAIN GOOD ENOUGH ENGLISH FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND.They then tell me that i have to have a completely new sim card mailed for my phone ,but ,i could take my sim card out give it to my boyfriend and his service will be active ,but as for me i must wait a week and half.Now my boyfriend had just recently refilled his service however mine was to run out around the expected arrival date of my new sim card.So the next week only 2 wweks after he re-filled his phone time he is suddenly out of minutes.Try explaining that to someone in India !!!So after another hour on the phone he gives up and buys more time.saying its not worth the headache kind of like i did with the warranty of the first phone.So finally my sim arrives!!!! now remember my phone was activated the day of the phone # mix up and i had added my new pin that day for minutes.i even asked the lady to make sure the service card was not marked used so that when my new sim came all i was to do was call & activate &reload minutes.Nope ....the service card was used they would.t refund my minutes.Thats not the end son who also is straight talk needed his phone reactivated and im still waiting on a bring your own phone sim for his as well.They have horrible customer service reps are hard to understamd when your on the phone u can't see them speak.I alltogether have 5 straighttalk users in my family .This has been the worst experience in my life.I do not reccomemd straight talk for any human on earth.They are misleading, they lie and frankly they stold from me and im not sure where to make a complaint even....I now am the proud owner of 2 warrantys of 2 busted phones that are useless.i have 6 sim cards and no phone ...To top it off my boyfriend was so mad about the phone mixup plus me reciving his mistress texts on my PHONE that he broke up with me!!!ok the last part i made up.But im betting somewhere in the world thats happened to a straighttalk customer guranteed.
drearob1 Send email
Jun 22, 2018

Getting shorted 30 days doesn't = 30 days

I have recently purchased the 55.00 plan for my daughter I turned her phone on the same day as mine her phone was cut off on the 20th mine wont shut off until the 23rd and I have the 45.00 plan / Now either I don't know how to count or we are getting cheated with our days.
Apr 2, 2018

Blocking Port

I have never experienced such bad customer service in all my ADULT life! I have been trying to get my service back on since 03.26.18~ when Straight Talk cut my service (ON A # I HAVE HAD SINCE 2001)--first of all they claim my SIM card had expired--that is original--this is 03.26.18 so I wait 4 days for them to send me a replacement SIM card I get the card Thursday and go to WALMART to get my phone activated--he gave the rep my number it was repeated back my number is activated and I am out the door--later I call someone who asks me why I got my cumber changed. I go back to WALMART on Friday March 30 was on the phone for 2 hours with an employee & STRAIGHT TALK--finally, I said if I buy a STRAIGHTTALK phone can the number be activated--I was told yes and that my phone would be on in 2 hours by 9.26--the phone was not activated so I called the 866# and spoke to someone who told me they would escalate the ticket and my service would be on in 24 hours--well that 24 soon turned into what is not 72 hours and guess what STILL NO SERVICE! The worse part of this is after having this number for 17 years--NEVER having the number disconnected--is having someone call me and getting a recording the number is not in service. I was with SPRINT for 14 years for the last 3 years I have been with for the most part with STRAIGHT TALK. I have absolutely no confidence in this company and it's ability to provide me with service. I tried to port my number to METRO PCS and was told by their porting department of METRO that STRAIGHT TALK denied the port because I was upgrading service. SO I have a STRAIGHT TALK phone and SERVICE PLAN that are paid for and not in use this is the worse customer service experience I've ever had!
Bettyboop Send email
Dec 28, 2017

Hacking of cell phone

Last night my cell phone was hacked. All passwords were changed on accounts and phone was locked. This was done by an ex boyfriend. Calls could be answered but nothing else could be accessed. This guy repeatedly called taunting he had just got started. Also he could hear conversations made near the phone and quoted back things said. I am now stuck with a phone that doesn't work. Straight talk informed me there was nothing they could do about my problem. I won't be buying another phone from this company.
mark76 Send email
Nov 5, 2017

straight talk gave my card to another person

Straight talk needs to be shut down giving my card and giving my information to a woman who stole my card and info I'm not calling ur ####ked up call center nobody there speaks English not ### helpful liars and bs I'm calling my lawyer I'm sueing for my card and ur call center gave my info and pin #s to this stranger I will have straight talk out of my town and hopefully out of every Walmart. I am a great customer and I'm gonna be done like this the card is one thing but my information and my pin numbers ur getting sued u pieces of shit
briellej Send email
Aug 8, 2017

iphone 6 order

I've recently ordered an iPhone 6 Friday Aug 4, 20117 to my understanding the warehouse is closed on Saturday and Saturday. I've called straight talk customer service they told me that my order should change from order processing to order has been shipped to check in by 3 pm for the change... i called again to make sure that my phone was coming Tuesday the person on the phone told me that it's not going to be shipped out and approved until Thursday how is that possible when the people I've spoke with someone earlier and they told me that i'll be getting my order Tuesday?!! all they kept doing to me was lie and lie non stop!!! asked to speak with someone over them they refused and continued to work with me! terrible customer service wouldn't recommend anyone to shop online nor order anything from off of the website
Janice kobel Send email
Aug 5, 2017

Straight talk phones

I bought a iphone 6 when i went to activate it it didnt come with a sims card i paid 200 for the phone with warranty and went to activate it and it came without a sims card for that price there should have been something on the front that says it doesnt come with a sims card i was very disappointed i love straight talk but that really had me upset when i needed a phone right then and what got me more upset walmart doesnt sell the sims cards mine was a apple iphone 6 i could have got one for 140 and it comes with a sims card they need to tell you this before you buy the phone in the first place now i have to wait till i can find a sims card
Quilt Send email
Aug 5, 2017

straight talk fraud

Yesterday I called to pay for minutes. I never had any problems before. At first the automated system told me my phone was not activated. When they switched the system they made a mistake with my serial number. They took my money but didn't give me the minutes. Customer service was rude and not helpful. They said my minutes were given to someone else and they wouldn't give back my money and wouldn't give me the minutes back. They said I would have to report it as fraud and get my card revoked and get a new one. They made no attempt to rectify their mistake or even apologize. If you're thinking about getting a straight talk phone, go somewhere else. Run as far away from these losers as you can. They will take your money and not give you anything and laugh about it. Run don't walk away from these jerks.
hannahmd Send email
Jul 30, 2017

Company theft

Straighttalk overcharged my account nearly $100 and would not reimburse me. My card was not on auto refill and I have only used it once, but they tell me that the charge does not exist although it has already been pulled from my account and is no longer pending.
hannahmd Send email
Jul 30, 2017

Fraudulant charges/ company scamming

I have a month to month service with straighttalk, usually I buy a refill card but last month I used my debit card. This month my account was charged $80 by straighttalk. I called to resolve the issue, when I was told my card was used for someone else's account. They would not give me the phone number to this account nor would they take off the money used from my account for the other service account, nor would the reimburse me or compensate for the issue. Instead I was told that nothing could be done because I did not know the phone number of the person who's service was paid for by my debit card. My debit card is fairly new and I have never lost/misplaced it, and straighttalk is the only company who i am currently paying with this card. My advice is to not use this phone company or if you do to only buy refill cards from the store and never to use your own personal debit/credit card. These people are frauds who give out your banking info and will not help if it means they are going to be out some money to make things right.
Linda Sladish Send email
Jul 14, 2017

Misrepresent ation

I purchased straight talk 4g phone with extended two he warranty. Phone died and I returned it to straight talk. They sent me another phone. After an hour of try ing to activate phone without success I went to the store where I purchased the original phone. They tried for 90 minutes with a representative of straight talk to activate the phone without success. I was told phone was a 3g network and could not be activated in my area. Now I have to purchase another phone and I guarantee you that it will not be Straight talk. I'm out a phone and warranty. They also said they had no record of sending me the new phone even when I had the paperwork from straight talk. I am sending a letter to the Better business bureau about this company.
Linda Sladish Send email
Jul 14, 2017

Phone is boguz

I purchased a straight talk phone two years ago. I bought a two year extended warranty. When my Samsung phone died, I returned it to straight talk. They sent me a cheaper phone with a lesser network. I tried desperately for an hour to transfer my number to the new phone without success. Straight talk representative told me to take the phone to the place I bought it. The representative from that store talked with a straight talk representative for another hour and a half trying to accomplish activation and detainment of old number. Finally straight talk representative said phone could only be used in South America and they had no record of sending me the phone. Now I'm out a phone and I need to purchase another. I WILL NOT BE BUYING STRAIGHT TALK.
Babiegirl23 Send email
Jul 13, 2017

Customer service

This is ####hit I paid for time for my phone and i put it on my phone last month n now I have No time when I know I added to time cards last month n this month I talked to someone and they say they can't help me this company is complete bull shit they aren't willing to help a complaining customer to fix the problem or make it a little better. I'm seriously thinking about switching phone companys
motorclocks Send email
Jul 8, 2017

Straight talk wireless

Worst customer service ever, very rude, drop calls, transferred my info from one ST phone to another no reception, tried putting my new service back on my old ST phone, they said sim card expired, they sent me new one took 41/2 hrs to get service two days latter phone crashes and they say nothing we can do your phone expired, with my new $45.00 calling card barley used. Never buy Straight talk phone, your a fool if you do
Jensuln Send email
Jun 22, 2017

Lost phone, trying to switch over my number to another phone

I have been on the phone for a little over an hour. All I needed to do was to change my number to another phone because I lost it while moving. It took 35 minutes to tell me that they cannot retrieve my account and to call back in 2 hours. I told her I can't so that I am in the process of moving. I have no other phone to use. Then I asked her to talk to a manager, after arguing with her for 10 minutes, she finally said she did. Now, it's been 25 minutes on hold for her boss. This is ridiculous!!! How do you keep customers when your customer service is like this? About to go else where
gogreen33 Send email
Jun 16, 2017

data and rude customer service agent

Internet speed slow after replinishing my account and they say I used it up. Lies!!! They rude asf. Put yu on hold and never return to the phone. I so done with straight talk, switching providers asap.
Natosha1990 Send email
Jun 14, 2017

Data usage

Ok so I got a new straight talk phone and the 10 gigs at high speed data... Well after one week it slowed down and I also had checked it under their website to see how much data I actually used at the time it stated I had only used 7 gigs of Why is my service being slowed down so fast I just now reached 10 gigs of data but the last 3 gigs were slowed down... This is bull shit.. I just got off the phone with strait talk they said there is nothing that they can doo...hmmm imagine that..this company is a rip off..please call me 4792239444
Myparks33 Send email
May 28, 2017

Wifi service and customer service

I just purchased the $55.00 plane 4 days ago and I get an email stating I've used up my service. I have wifi at home and I barely use my service unless I'm at home.. I called a customer service representative I explained the situation to him and he was adamant that I used all my plan up. So I asked to speak to a manager he would not let me. I asked for an corporate number he said it was not one. He became very rude. I hung up.

Last week my husband purchased an new phone and he called the customer service number. He had a long wait and then when a female representative got on line she was so rude to him. He had his phone on speaker so I could hear the conversation. I told him to ask to speak to the manager. She placed him on hold a total of 5 times for long periods of time. This process lasted for about 2 hours. Than she was rude to him once the activation was complete.
tme1919 Send email
May 23, 2017


I was unable to receive text messages from a certain individual due to shortcodes being blocked by Straight Talk. I called them to tell them to unblock certain shortcodes and they did not. Here's what happened: called in from my straight talk phone, was told to resume call on another line so we could trouble shoot my phone. The connection was spotty, but I was able to understand enough and I hung up the phone and waited to be called back on the other line. Pick up the other line and the connection is still terrible ( I am on a landline at this point, not a cell phone.) The woman speaking to me identified herself as Julia. I couldn't understand her troubleshooting instructions because of a faulty connection. Then she started shouting at me. I couldn't understand what she was saying, only that she was shouting. So I shouted back and told her that shouting wasn't going to help. Finally the connection began to improve, and I was able to understand a bit of what she was trying to tell me. I say a bit because it turns out the bad communication wasn't only the result of a faulty connection. She had a very garbled manner of speaking and it was difficult to understand her instructions. She takes me through a series of troubleshooting methods only to conclude my SIM card wasn't working and that I needed to purchase a new one. I was able to send text messages just fine earlier in the morning, it was just that one person I couldn't receive them from. (About an hour or so after hanging up, I was able to make calls and receive texts) I told her I wanted to speak to another customer service rep and she said hold on, she would transfer. I waited and she said "the call is over. You can hang up." I was shocked because she told me she was going to transfer me! I lost my temper at that point and have been logging complaints about this situation in any manner that I can ever since we hung up.The customer service of this company is TERRIBLE. The representatives aren't trained properly and they are rude. Do not use this company. There are other pre-paid services out there that can be used instead. And to Julia, if by some fluke you happen to see this, you REALLY need to learn how to respect people. How you treated me was completely unacceptable and you should be ashamed to have conducted yourself in such a manner. Learn some respect!
DeeGail123 Send email
May 19, 2017

Fruadulent Charges from Sraight Talk

There is a large fraudulent charge on my bank account from Straight Talk -- they are unwilling to help me out... machines answer their phone and you can't get to a customer service rep, an agent, or to their fraud department without a phone number. Online chat person told me she can't help me because she has limited access!! Email not answered either.

They don't check the cards being used to pay for their services, they just shove them through -- they help the criminal, but don't do anything to help the innocent victim.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY -- THEY ARE UNETHICAL; they don't even follow their own terms and conditions with regards to security.
Shanna Send email
May 12, 2017

Phoe number change

I ave paid for service with straight talk for apx 2 . I am requesting a phone number change immedaitly .reardles reaching max amount number change. I should not have to explain.. The why.. I pay for service. What If an stalker situation exists. I pay your business for a service you provide. No explanation required. Please assist.
Evelyn mcgarity Send email
May 8, 2017

Not happy with this company liars

Phone needed new sim card so they sent one the wrong one spoke to 6 different ppl about problem and was told they would give me 30 day service back to my phone then they charged me for another sim car all in all I got 5 sim cards mailed to me finally received one that worked when I paid for a new sim straight talk didn't even acknowledge that they sent me the card this company doesn't have English ppl that you can understand when all was done I was given 3 days of service a waste of time and my money they are a bunch of liars and each of them are supervisers

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