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lewisroy Send email
Mar 9, 2021

problem with coupon

I have email 2 time and all I got a Can response and I call the phone # the store and no one has call me back I main problem is they would take my coupon and that COST ME 18.00 I post my complaint on Facebook at other web site and found out that I was NOT the only one having a problem there I guest I need to go back and post that SUBWAY dose care about there service at there store
it the store in Norfolk # 19493 and the phone # they gave me 2402640402
?? will hear anything from this post
johnstinson Send email
Oct 21, 2019


Please stop using that ridiculous Subway commercial that has the girl with flashing eye lids. It's nothing but annoying and has nothing to do with enticing someone to eat your food.
Skoal Send email
Dec 28, 2018

New Garlic Bread

Just tried your New Garlic Bread! It was the worst sandwich I have ever had. I eat my Subs cold with my pick of cheese! When I told the Lady I wanted Spicy Italian on Garlic Bread she started spreading something on my bread I said I ordered the Spicy Italian! She told me this was Garlic Butter! I would have figured the Garlic was made in the Bread! Then the Lady poured some kind of cheese on it & heated the Sub without asking me! When I ate the Spicy Italian Sub I could taste nothing but Garlic! The Garlic over-shadowed the taste of the whole sandwich! I love Subway sandwiches but I will not be trying the Garlic Bread again!
The Jarvais family Send email
Nov 27, 2018

Rudeness and cleanliness of favorite subway shop

Dear who ever owns coperate subway if you care which we doubt......... we are honestly trying to figure out why you people let roach motel people buy out stores we loved so much. There is owners NAMED MR. MRS...Oc’nos whom are just the biggest slobs they are and they screamed at 2 suits on lunch hour right before our eyes. My 4 kids were crying the fat one the wife actually did smell of liquor and Pot and poor bathing and all’s these folks did were polite and mentioned it. The big blonde actually swore and to my husband and myself we were shocked and she showed no remorse for doing so and then demanded they leave and Beckoned us forward now! Was the words and myself and my husband tooked our four kids and we said well good to know Hudson Massachusetts sold out to cockroaches and we followed the two office people out then another couple followed too...... it’s sad really to see our home town subway sandwich shop taken over by rude and smelly meal terrorists the woman that was with the other guy were on lunch break and that girl was crying outside and lunch was ruined for those of us who followed. I have twin girls whom are 7 with more manners crying and their older brother and sister too. We’re upset but handing tissues to a woman dressed nice crying. The guy with her said sorry, then well my kids said potty mouths coming. We expected were so sorry and the nut job threatened to call the police on all of us. In my day when you wait on people your polite and nice and customers come back. My son hit it on the head when he said POTTY MOUTH COMING! She also said something about some kinda ad their doing for tv for us us to buy something or ( insert nastiest words here.) she scared off three more suits I say suits because they had ties and jackets and went away too. From us the Jarvais family. Fix it before they ruin you. We are no longer going here until they get punished for rudeness. And making my kids cry.
Laura Zorn Send email
Sep 4, 2018

3some commercials

I am truly appalled at your current 3some commercials. They are in extremely bad taste and not family oriented. I will not be frequenting your establishments until those commercials are taken off of the air. Nor will I be watching the Cubs games while these commercials are still on the air. Any other tv shows that you advertise on will be turned off in my house.
You have a good product. I'm truly offended by these commercials.
Laura Zorn
1211 Lakewood Rd
Elgin, IL 60123
[email protected]
isa009 Send email
Jul 19, 2018


Hi there,

I would like to give my extremely UNHAPPY feedback. I am regular customer to this store (59261), they have this Indian guy (dark colour with medium length hair) do not know his name as per the receipt its- AJ.
I always had bad experience with him (he is mostly in the store) I wrote before as well though survey, but no one cared to write to me or find out why customer is unhappy with service but, this time I am not going to stop and will find the head of the department and write to them and will take this issue to higher level also. You can not spoil brand name with terrible customer service.
He is the worse sandwich artist ever. He does not greet you with smile, does not have any customer serving skills, rushing to finish the sub, if you complain he continues to do the transaction then understanding why the customer said- you are terrible artist. He is not apologising at all.
Today, I was at the store to buy Three pepper chicken sub. He was rushing to finish the sandwich. Subway has standard to place the salads but, he is putting 4 x tomatoes, 3 x spinach leaf’s (all at one corner without covering the base) on footlong sub if I am not mistaken there is a standard – 6 x slices of salad on footlong. I personally have worked at subway. I know the other side of the counter very well.
I told him you are terrible sandwich artist, he ignored and proceed with transaction I wanted to leave the sub there are walk out but, I did not want to waste food. Surprisingly, the manager was next to him and he also did not say a single thing. WHAT? may be that’s where he is getting this altitude.
There are other staff as well in this store like- Kanan, he is very well with his customer serving skills, listens to customers well. Most importantly he represents the brand quality well.
I wrote about this AJ guy before but no response but, this time I won’t stop writing until I reach the top management. It’s about customer service. Please contact me at – [email protected]
mcmullic Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Restaurant going downhill

I have been going to the Subway in Pavilion Crossing for over a year. The people that work there are great, they're very friendly. Lately it seems that the restaurant is going downhill. This week I went and there seemed to be no air conditioning, which can not be sanitary for the food. Also, my son went into the mens restroom and it was disgusting. The toilet would not flush and seems to be an ongoing issue. I spoke with the store manager and she said that they were waiting on a plumber! I'm a regular, I like going somewhere, where they know me. I will however find a new venue to eat lunch at due to gross negligence on the part of Subway for having an unsanitary food business.
Columbia Send email
Jun 18, 2018

Hand washing

The Subway located on beltline Blvd is disgusting. I have visited this location many times and I will never be back. At 11:00 am the meats/cheese are still not displayed in case, employee is always sitting down eating and complaining about being called in on their day off, or that they were pulled from another location. Every single visit- the employee gets up from eating, then proceeds to put gloves in without washing hands!!!! Every time I have to tell them to take the gloves off, wash their hands, reapply clean gloves. The subs are never made consistently and I have taken my business elsewhere. This store NEEDS a surprise visit from corporate or an episode in undercover boss. Time to clean house!
AmySimmons Send email
Jun 5, 2018

Rude employee

We have a rude employee. Is there a certain way to display chips. In our store a employee COMPLAINS 24/7.,it's nobody does anything right. It's her way or no way. Our manager works 12 to no later than 4. She does nothing. It's ridiculous how this store is ran. Nobody wants to work there. Is there a certain way to display chips
linda Gibson Send email
May 3, 2018

I was threatend by an employee

an employee at 7 St and baseline threatend me and followed me out of the store she threatend to slap drink out of my hand Linda Gibson 602 9195415
linda Gibson Send email
May 3, 2018

an employee threaten to slap my soda out of my hand plus followed me out of the store

a employee short heavy set Hispanic followed me out of the store she threatend to slap drink out of my hand then the manager stick up for her I called the police. I eat subway almost everyday. don't deserve to be treated this way
robert lohf Send email
Mar 2, 2018


I really like Subway. At least once/week I'd get a footlong Tuna or Pastrami sub with extra swiss cheese. Out of nowhere this store discontinued having swiss cheese. Sorry but you lost my business.
Bburneman Send email
Jan 21, 2018


Why don’t you offer mushrooms as a topping?
Bburneman Send email
Jan 21, 2018

Mushrooms Q

Why don’t you offer mushrooms as a topping?
Crystalrobertson Send email
Jan 2, 2018

Rude employee

Employee was rude but it's okay because the person in charge is the employees grandma and is allowed to take photo shoots and rush a customer and roll eyes to get picture taking with other family bad manager skils
1Dawn Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Sports Sandwiches

I was trying to buy Subway for a volleyball team and they refused to wrap them in 4 separate papers. They told me, I was hurting the environment. I have been doing snack bags for 27 years and have never been talked to so badly. He yelled at me for more than 10 minutes. I will never use Subway for any school or sport event again.
linda Marshall Send email
Jun 3, 2017


While paying at window as before the manger Teresa Barnett had her daughter around the food with her long hair flipping it around and also eating and looking at me while I was paying as she shoveled food in her mouth and her mother talking about her hours just nasty.
fionna Send email
May 24, 2017

Discriminating Statement

I entered the Subway located at 1400 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90015 to use the restroom facility. When I asked for the key from the female worker, she stated to me that, "You can't use the restroom because you are not a customer and unless you buy some cookies or something else, the restroom is for customers only!" I stated to her, "where is the sign posted that states restroom is for customers only!" She then stated to me, "this is my job to tell you that the restroom is for customers only!" When I stated that I had purchased an item earlier in the afternoon, she then stated to me,"what time? I wasn't here to see you buy anything!" My further statement to her was that, "it does't matter what time I purchased anything, you can not refuse me to use the restroom when you have no sign that states this or a sign that states this is a private business. She was very brute and arrogant that she rolled her eyes and turned her back to me.
rosemarie Send email
Sep 3, 2016

making fun of the customer

I went to Subway today September 02, 2016, at Maize and Morse Road Columbus OH, I ordered 2 steak and cheese sandwich, I said to the lady that's attending me one has provolone cheese and the other has pepper jack cheese, I told her marked the one that has pepper jack cheese on it, She told me I said only one, and she left, and the other lady continue my order, while she's doing it she always laughing and looking at the first lady who did my order, I felt insulted and raise my voice to the second lady , she too left without finishing my order, the third lady who was a little bit older was so nice told me that she marked my steak and cheese sandwich that has provolone cheese on it, even thou that the 3rd lady was nice , I left all my orders because I felt insulted.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 26, 2016

multiple complaints

The favorable reviews were done a few years ago. This Subway WAS the top of the line when I first moved back to Hyde Park in April 2014. Here is a list of things that have happened to me at this Subway on 1322 E. 47th Street, Lake Pointe Shopping Ctr. Chicago, IL 60653 (773) 285-1834. (1) Smaller portions; (2) no hair net on their heads (3) have to remind them to change gloves after being at cash register and handling other things (other than food items) (4) I have been given the wrong sandwich (TWICE) and had to return to this store and never received sorry for the inconvenience (a cookie for my troubles) (5) they have been mopping while customers are present (6) run out of items that are crucial to their business (7) sweeping behind the counter where food trays are open to particles in the air (8) do not take the coupons often times and (8) sometimes rude when you question any of these things.
Jhastings Send email
Aug 23, 2016

Unable to handle a catering order

I called 2 different Sub Way locations to place a catering order 3 hours in advance. Both locations were unable to handle the order because they did not have enough of bread. I was told the last time I called to place a catering order that I needed to call 2 to 3 hours in advance which I did and they still could not accommodate the order.
tyotoy Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Television Commercial

Every time I see the two "beautiful people" (actors) rolling their eyes and shaking their head at the "nerdy" (actor) I feel a revulsion toward the bad manners of those playing the "beautiful people". You are sending the wrong message, unless you condone people acting like they are privileged and better than other people!

Why not have all three of the actors look like normal people. When the third person approaches, the other two could give a sincere smile and greet her with, "Oh, hello! Are you here to take advantage of this super deal that Subway is offering now?" Newcomer remarks, "Yes! It's a great deal for this really delicious food."

If the "discussion followed these friendly lines, it could be a good commercial instead of two snotty, smirky, snarky people acting like they are better than other people!

I don't plan on visiting a Subway until this commercial is GONE! Subway is a SANDWICH SHOP! Not a five star restaurant! Get with the program people!
James Woloschuk Send email
Jul 27, 2016

food poisening

Me and the family went camping at lake Kakawa which was amazing but i did not want my kids to eat Mcdonalds so i convinced everyone to eat at subway sincecit is supposed to be healthier and i like it much more than fast food. While ordering our sandwiches me and my wife watched an employee handling cash and putting toppings on subs without changing gloves in between but really didn't think much of it at the time. It was our first night at the amazing resort when around 2 am my son who gas autism started violently throwing up all over our tent. After 1hour of sleep we all realized we all had the same symptoms of severe cramps and upset stomachs. That morning i was upset so we went back there to speak to the manager to inform them of what happened and was told there was no manager available so i left my phone number and name to get the manager to contact me when they were available. The employee then asked what the problem was and i informed her of what happened. The employee told me it takes 72 hours for food poisening to take effect so we didn't get it from there and they knew this because they took a food safety coarse. I have also taken a food safety coarse and know they are un educated because it usually takes coarse with in 24 hours depending on severity. I didn't want to argue so i just asked for the manager to call me asap. The manager never phoned me back and wouldn't except any of my calls. This was the only thing we all ate that came from the same place and i don't believe in a coincidence big enough that we were all effected the same way. I love subway sandwiches but after this experience of un educated staff and very poor management i can say i will never step foot in any of their resturaunts again. It ruined our camping trip which was very much needed and if this is how they run their resturaunts they need some very serious help in the future in dealing with customer service. Its not good customer service to have an employee accuse a customer of lying and saying they got sick from somewhere else but then to have the manager ignor a customer complaint and avoid me tells me they have a guilty consience and should not be in the business of serving food. My name is James and my phone number is 604 832 9667. I really hope no one else has ti experience what me and my family had to by choosing to eat at Subway
Jamaya Send email
Jul 12, 2016

Black Hair in my food

While I was eating my sandwich hair was in my mouth. I open the sandwich and it had black hair in it. I took it back to Subway and I showed it to Kenya McCoy (the hair). She gave me a refund. STORE#21690 RECEIPT NUMBER # 0000013542. Please look at the camera of me showing the employee the hair. This was very unsanitized I vomitted from eating another person hair. I very upset and disgusted . Pleas contact me in this matter. Roxanne Aubrey work #318-927-4201 ext.#102.

Thank you very
moberlymld1 Send email
Jun 27, 2016

rude employees

I tried to get gift card, they are by far the most poorly trained customer service people in subway history.They are the most rude arrogant people i have ever dealt with. Just had a horrible experience with manage.

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