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Consumer complaints and reviews about Sun Communities

simbasi Send email
Sep 24, 2018

Deposit Refund

After making a $300.00 US deposit for the upcoming 2018-19 winter season at Glen Haven RV Resort in Zephyrhills, we find we are unable to head South this winter. I notified the park of this and just received my refund today, LESS 33%. That's right, $300.00 less $100.00. I gave them two months notice and even told them we would return next year. Well, Sun Communities, that will be the last dollar you will ever receive from me. We have spent eight years in this park, and there will be no ninth.
Patricia Burr Hoeppner Bannerman Send email
Sep 13, 2018


Motor Home with 5 adults, 2 young children and 4 dogs, they have an old non running pick up.with tow strap.still attached, bed of pickup full of junk. They leave trash bags outside on ground, this draws, rats, possum, raccoons. Nothing being done, after numerous complaints. Landscaping around lot not completed, management stated a day it would be started, that day came and went. No follow through with rules on flyer, why even waste time to print and hand out. Manager talks good story, but no follow through. Will not be purchasing in a SUN COMMUNITY as planned.
skynardh Send email
Aug 31, 2018

lot rent

we purchased a home in emerald coast rv park in panama city beach paying a very high lot rent was 930 a month next to lake when purchased I asked about the increase per year was told 2 percent got the new prospectis its goin up 70 a month way more than 2 percent studied hard about paying 930 now going up that much this coming year whats next looking to move cant sell no one will pay that kind of rent I made a bad mistake like the place but way to high an no control over there rate increase there are many others unhappy here location can only go sofar going to price them selfs out of buisness
Betty O'Connor Send email
Aug 9, 2018

Grass cutting

We have complained several times to management about the grass cutting services provided. We have pictures and witnesses to the grass all over our house, car, carport and flower beds. We have pictures of the oil stain on the sidewalk that we pay to have pressure washed when they changed the oil in the mower and spilled it on the sidewalk. When my husband asked the man cutting the grass to cut the grass to discharge away from our house, car, etc. he cut half out front lawn and left it that way. He then proceeded to ride past 3 times and looked at the lawn and our house. He was very rude and nasty.

We put fresh mulch down every Spring only to have it covered with grass clippings.

I have shown these pictures to management and also to the man I was told was in charge, Chris. Nothing has changed.

I was told to document all this in writing and when they cut the grass along side our car and perhaps throw a stone up and break a car window or damage our car, then our attorney can and will step in.

We have lived here over 20 years, have both served on the HOA Board and have never had to complain about anything until now.
Patty1022 Send email
Aug 3, 2018

Mean upper management

Look out middle Florida Gena may is new in town and she's looking to fire good people who work for sun community.if your a manager or work in the offices at the resort beaware you can't please Gena May she will run you out even if your doing a good job many managers have quit or asked to transfer out of the Tampa area resorts because of this over zellus
Micro managing, and rude behavior, twards the employees that run the resorts. someone in the corporate office should take a look at this issue no one should be that mean to other employees it's not rite or fair I feel sorry for all employees in her district.
klc076 Send email
Jun 23, 2018


No accountability, gouging lot rent, unethical...….
rlevesque1 Send email
May 20, 2018

corporate greed

You can go to attorney general of the united states website and fill oiut a form to let them what is going on in the communities that this companies and file complaints if enough people get togather then action will be taked against Sun Corp.
rlevesque1 Send email
May 20, 2018

it is too late for me. I am looking for land

Sun Communities is falling behind in the housing industry. All of the dealers are giving land ownership with their homes. This Idea was floted to the
company 8 years ago. I have had nothing but trouble in the last 5 yrs with various managers. It is time for my move.
whatswrong Send email
Apr 28, 2018

unfair billing sun communitiss

we reside in buttonwood bay rv resort in sebring fl. it is a 55+rv/park model community owned by sun communities, inc. we own our own home and rent the lot. in july we were notified that the annual rent would be $4543 for the10/01/2017 thru 09/30/2018 season, payable in 7 equal payments of $649. when sun communities changed to a 12 month payment schedule in 2018, starting on your purchase annirversary date, it left some residents paying significantly more than the $4543 previously quoted rate for the 2017-2018 season, some overpaying more than $2000.the rate for the 2018 -2019 season, effective 10/01/2018 thru 09/30/2019 for all residents has already been determined $4776, which is significantly less than some paid for the previous year. due to their bookkeeping methods, overcharges for the 2017-2018 season occurred. sun communities refused to acknowledge these excess charges.
whatswrong Send email
Apr 27, 2018


RockPrincess Send email
Apr 21, 2018

Poor management

I have lived here for 12 years now it was a great community until the last two managers. But Christine Noble is the worst. While she hires people to do her job she spends her time riding around being lazy, harassing people and goes to lunch with her trouble making resident friends. (Isn't that against sun communities policy?) She contradicts herself. Says one thing then goes against what she just said. I believe she is a huge liability. Hiring people for cheap , most aren't licensed or bonded. Even has a elderly man burning weeds for her. He almost caught the park on fire. He had to stomp it out because he had nothing to put it out. She harasses people for one little weed but says nothing to her friends that have dumpsters in front of their house. Or a cross in front of the house. It looks tacky but Christine will not say a wordto them. She focuses on other people. Its gotten so bad that two people have died from the stress that they couldn't focus on their cancer treatment. I advised the family to sue Christine Noble and Sun communities for allowing her to continue to be a bully.A bully who is lazy , lies, and takes credit for thing she didnt even do. Shame on Sun Communities for even trusting her. I have so much on her but I will wait till I need to use it. . Vet, elderly, and cancer patients come to use for help. not her. Like I said she is a liability and a con artist. It's now become dangerous in this park. Lots of residents are fed up.She tries to enforce rules but doesn't give violations to her friends who violate the rule. So the rules are a joke to everyone .what a idiot. What she's been here over a year and can't even read the meters. Has to have a maintenance man come from another town. How hard is it to read a frickin meter. Lazy lazy lazy. You sun communities hired this lazy idiot. It gotten to where it now been blasted on social media. Yeah have fun with that. . here's a quote from the police That lady sure has a God complex. Boy they got that right.. I will never recommend sun communities or resorts to anyone
RockPrincess Send email
Apr 21, 2018

Bad management

To start off the manager contradicts herself. Says one thing then turns around and says something else. All she's good at doing is bullying, copy and paste and sitting on her butt. She hires residents to do her job. An elderly man she had burning for her almost caught the park on fire. He had to stomp the fire out. It ok for residents friends to violate rules but gives violations to others. This is bullshit!!! Dumpster in front yard, crosses in front yard just to name a few thing. This it tacky
Instead she give violations for little weeds instead giving them to her trashy resident friends that she goes to lunch with. I thought was against your manager policy? 2 people have died and I believe from the stress of this crazy manager. I informed to family they should sue for allowing us crap to continue. I bet you don't know what's really going on because she is good at being a liar. How hires people with no license or bond. She does. Sick of the wishy washy woman. She's got to go. Lazy lazy lazy!!!!! I've got so much stuff on her. But I will wait. She is a huge liability to Sun communities. I will never recommend anyone to buy any sun community park or resorts. This use to be a amazing place to live. Very sad it's gone to crap
cruz5748 Send email
Apr 19, 2018

Harrassment and treats

I lived at the Ridge Community for almost 7 years now, and never had any issues until Sun Communities Inc. bought the place. I had a trampoline for about 6 months on my yard until one day I just receive a notice to remove it, I call the office to find out why,and the mananger just told me that I can't have a trampoline because is a yard improvement and if I dont removed it in 2 days they were going to fine me for it, because is the landbelongs to them even if I paid for it she was really disrespectful the way she speak to me.she also said is in the contract, but as far as I know I never sign a contract with sun communities. I took out the trampoline because of her threat, after that everything was good, but they started with my next door neighbor until she sell and move out. Now they turned on to me again, I have 3 car at my house 2 that belongs to each of my daughters and one mines. when someone visit me and they park infront of my house, and now they saying that no one can park there. not only for 5 minutes, it sucks no even during day time, they dont want anyone park at the clubhouse neather the office so where the hell they want the visit to park. I need someone to come to my house to renovated inside but how I'm going to do it with this stupid management in this place.I even stop going to the pool , because they also hired a lady to watch the pool and that lady just look every single step you take, and on top of that,she brings her husband and daughter to help her. The lot rent is very high and on top of that they dont do any maintenance on the patio, and every year the lot goes up, mostly 30 dollars every year. This company only wants money they dont care about anything else. The only thing they do is harass you until you decide to leave so you can sell them your mobile home in a cheap price so they can resale. I had notice that they dont act this way with everyone they chose their victims. I will NEVER refer no one to live in a community that this company own.
sharonwas Send email
Apr 8, 2018

Nonpayment for repairs

My tenant had water problems in her mobile home. She is ill and had no water for 15 days. Her toilets would not flush and she could not bathe or get water from her faucets. I had to hire my own plumbers for 2,083 dollars to rectify the problems. Britton from Calla Point got charged with handling the problem. She stated there would be a refund because they were fixing pipes in the area and there was sediment in the pipes. Our sediment went throughout the faucets which all had to be replaced.

Britton is of no help. She will not answer E-mails or contact me as to what is going on. She is the General Manager of these properties. It is futile dealing with her. I will be going to small claims court against Britton and Sun Communities. This company and the people running it are not good. They don't care about the people living in the parks. Our previous owner was 100 percent better at solving peoples problems. The rents keep going up every year with no added benefits. They don't respond to anyone. REMEMBER IF THERE ARE NO RESIDENT'S SUN COMMUNITIES WILL GO DOWN THE TUBES. The word is out...fire the do nothings and get people in there who care about its residents. I will also report them to the health department for letting the situation go for so long with an ill resident not having any water. They will pay for what they did and so will Britton for not returning answers to my questions.
rlevesque1 Send email
Mar 12, 2018

Forced mowing

Our community is force mowing the tenants in a two day notice. Most of the tenants do mow but it is mostly on the weekends. The manager seems to force all the time. If
I didn't know better I think the manager is getting a kickback from the mowing service.
slbond Send email
Mar 1, 2018


I recently purchased a home with Sun Communities in Ypsilanti, Michigan and there were numerous maintenance isssues that needed to be addressed including my furnace. I recently had someone come out to check the furnace Sun Communities supposedly repaired, and was told the the carbon monoxide levels were EXTREMELY high and the furnace needed replacing. I was advised by the inspector to leave the home or open the windows.

It is also very difficult to get in touch with management for them to complete the necessary work needed.
R. Lebalnc Send email
Feb 24, 2018


Here we go: Bought our place in Apr. 2015. Previous owner had paid up for the year which ended on Apr.1. Our first payment for the place being Oct 1 2016. Year schedule is Oct.1 thru Apr. 1 with a 7 and 5 agreement. On to 2018 Sun homes says no more 7/5 we need to move you to 12 month schedule Your first payment will stat May 1 at 575 per mth. even though we have already paid until Oct. A 5 month money grab of 2800. plus dollars. If we don't pay they threaten us with eviction. This is the type of company you are dealing with. Sun Communities is not your friend. Buyer beware. I wish there was a web site where we could unite and fight this company but I fear they are too powerful for us.
cheeky53 Send email
Feb 17, 2018

highway robbery

2014 SUN came out with an offer for an upgraded rv site with a shed in exchange for a 2 year rate starting Oct 1st 2014 on a 6/6 rolling rate. People signed up for the promo before heading home in April and paid deposits for the 1st months rent in Oct. Sites were upgraded over the summer/fall and people moved onto them when they came for the 2014/2015 season. At the end of the 2 year rate we just carried on as a 6/6 Oct through March and keeping our trailer on site for the time we were back home.These sign up agreements expired with the 1st rate increase for Oct 2016. Fast forward to 2018 and SUN has decided to change the payment schedule to 12 monthly payments but instead of applying the start date to October they claim we have an "anniversary" date of April and are starting it then after we've already paid for 6 full months that INCLUDES 6 months of leaving the rv on site. So they are trying to get an additional 2000.00 ( approx. depending on your rate ). April was simply the date people signed up, sites were not constructed and nobody was even on them! HUGE rip off as over 125 site upgrades were done so that is a minimum of 250,000.00 SUN is hoping to gain over this scam!
Stay away from a SUN owned anything! They will tempt you with offers and promises but change things after you get into their park.
Tazz Send email
Feb 9, 2018

harrassment, manager trespass and is 2 face

harassment by management against our elderly, vets, our alternative folks, (married same sex ladies).
too much to list, I am done.
please email me with subject: class action, im in! or it will get blocked as spam.
i've lived at forest meadows for 12 years and it has got so bad that the Nazi camp is in for a rude awaking!
email me please I need your stories and evidence.
msdthomas Send email
Feb 3, 2018

Sun Community

This community has been a living hell since I first moved into this place beginning April 2017 =10 months I have never seen such poor management they don't care about the residents they bill you what ever they feel when they feel like adding fees making up charges. I have been charged 3 x for the same water bill they never give you a straight answer and really don't care weather you disagree or not they just say pay or additional charges will be added Including legal fees well SUN COMMUNITY it's high time the tables turn you all cannot treat people wrong and expect them to just continue with your mess, except it. I have receipts showing paid a stamp on it declaring amount paid in full but yet I get a letter from the office stating I have a balance due. It took you all 8 months to tell me I still owe from a July water bill that you lost the money order,it took you 3 months from that to tell me about it the first time well I ended up paying again because you all harass people until some just give up well now it's time for all the residents to stand up together and located the proper legal help to put a stop to the actions that Sun Communities is doing to the residents that thought they were living in a place that they thought was peaceful respectful, law abiding well think twice before you subject yourself, your family to the scandals you will endure.

MrsPinky67 Send email
Feb 2, 2018


We have been discriminated against since the day we moved to this community
We were told it was a gated community yet they leave the gates open all day.
We still feel it is false advertising - and we feel bad to the older residents here that usta have a gate attendant and now have nothing.
The Lot fees keep going up but the amenities keep decreasing.
When I file complaints about issues they are not answered properly.
I have reported them to the state - and now Sun will only allow this resident to contact get responses from them 1 ONCE a month.
This is the only time I have been professionally assaulted by a company.
They are Corp America Company BULLIES
If you are sick of treatment - we are in the process of seeking justice
This is a NATION WIDE request
PLEASE contact us - we will give you more information
rosi1rose@yahoo.com Send email
Jan 28, 2018

HOA fees

I do not understand why my lot rent has been going up every year. As a homeowner they do not cut the lawn or do maintenance on the property. I called and they told me it was for the upkeep of the office and pool, playground. When you pay an HOA fee it should include all outside maintenance. We pay more in HOA fees that some of the more elegant homes in some communities. Can anyone tell me what do they do for home owners??????
Louval Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Backyard lawn

We pay extra for our rent for prime lot.we have complained more then once about the lawn it’s gone down to dirt I have pest control come and they say it’s sinch bug .when we moved here the lawn was beautiful well you should see it now.we feel we shouldn’t be paying extra on our lot rent for this lawn it keeps spreading but nobody seems to care.what are you going to do before it destroys the rest of our lawn89
FredC Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Deceptive sales practices

Sun Communities – sales practices that are deceptive, misleading, and bordering on the unethical.
I just returned to where I’m staying in Zephyrhills, FL after a very bad experience at Sweetwater, one of your communities here. My application for occupancy was approved and my offer on a home was accepted for $15,000. After I had written a down payment check and asked what other charges were involved Bonnie Kae told me she wouldn’t know until she put the final figures in for the closing. Huh?
I pressed her on sales tax and she again said she couldn’t tell me an amount until the final figures had been entered. Finally she said it was 7%. Even I could figure out that the amount was $1,050.
What other additional expenses? $250 for a title transfer. OK, I can live with that.
Anything else? Just the commission. And how much is that? Again she didn’t know until she put the final figures in the computer at closing. When pressed, she finally said it was 10%. What? A buyer paying a 10% commission? Another $1,500?
So after I had written the down payment check on what I thought was the perfect winter home for me, I found out it wasn’t going to cost me $15,000, but $17,800. And if I hadn’t asked and pressed for answers, I wouldn’t have known that until closing.
As I said – sales practices that are deceptive, misleading, and bordering on the unethical.
brynnash65 Send email
Dec 11, 2017

Westbrook Mobile home park

I find it amazing that when it snows you can't get the roads salted because the person who does this wasn't told to salt. WTH why does a grown man need to be told the roads are slippery,because of them not salting at the curve by my house a car went off the road and hit the home on the corner,It looks like the car could be totaled block watch lady ( what a joke ) said it was a hit and skip. The person who hit the home called her insurance right away,cope were called,can't file a report on private property but guess everyone knows everything. ( NOT ) .It is a joke in here can't salt the roads management lies never fixes what they say they will it's a joke in here wouldn't tell anyone to move in here.

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