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Consumer complaints and reviews about Sun Communities

brynnash65 Send email
Dec 11, 2017

Westbrook Mobile home park

I find it amazing that when it snows you can't get the roads salted because the person who does this wasn't told to salt. WTH why does a grown man need to be told the roads are slippery,because of them not salting at the curve by my house a car went off the road and hit the home on the corner,It looks like the car could be totaled block watch lady ( what a joke ) said it was a hit and skip. The person who hit the home called her insurance right away,cope were called,can't file a report on private property but guess everyone knows everything. ( NOT ) .It is a joke in here can't salt the roads management lies never fixes what they say they will it's a joke in here wouldn't tell anyone to move in here.
Sharee Kline Send email
Dec 7, 2017

Water Bill J&B

I have lived in my community for almost 18 years
And I have never received a water bill for almost
$100.00 for one month. When I ask the Manager Nicole Slominski how this could be possible? Her response was maybe you have a water leak, maybe your toilet runs all the time, oh ya our person was out sick with Kidney stones so the meter reading didnt get done for 6 weeks. Then another resident went in and ask why is my water bill continue to get higher each month same excuses but the person who did the readings was out with the flu! If your going to lie you should at least try to keep the same reasons!!! Arbor Woods is the community! Very disappointed since Sun Homes bought this Manufactured home Community!!!!!
apeysue Send email
Dec 6, 2017

Lot rent almost the same as mortage

I have lived in Summit Ridge, a park owned by Sun Homes since 2010. In 2012 I made the dumbest mistake of my life. I decided to go from being a renter to a home owner. In 2012 the lot rent was 380 per month. It is now 512 per month. My mortgage is only 540 a month. This is absurb! The management says that they can't do anything about it. That there is no cap. So that means every year my rent will increase 20 per month until the end of time. Trying to talk to anyway at the corporate level is a joke.
I am currently trying to sell my home to get the hell out of this park. And there is the rub, the sales manager refuses to call you back to discuss the options to sell. And if you try to sell to a private buyer, they have to be approved by the park to move in. Sure they can buy the home, but they might not get to live in their newly purchased home if the community manager denies their application. So while the house is on the market I am required to pay the full lot rent and I don't even live there. I am paying rent on an apartment as well as the cost of this house that is draining me dry. Stay away! Stay far, far away. That is the best advice I can give you here.
irishgal2017 Send email
Nov 16, 2017

Sun Homes Communities

I have been reading the complaints that people have made against Sun Homes. I live in the North East and am new to Sun Homes communities and see that the same complaints are company-wide, which it too bad and there is not much we can do. Rent increase every year! This year is was $20 increase per month! Nothing is ever their fault but always the tenants’ fault even when they do the work! There is a double standard between how tenants are treated and repairs are made. I would never recommend a Sun Homes park to anyone. They want the rent check combined with the water bill and I will not do it. They also would like to have us all on automatic payment...not me, I don't trust them so why would I do something like that?

The only way we can fight back is to tell everyone about the company and how they abuse their residents.

Remember the Tea Party rebellion? well, maybe it's time we all got to gather and rebelled in each of our own communities...if there are 300 or more homes in a park and they are complaining about grass mowing...I wonder how far they would get mowing all the home sites on a went rainy day. When street signs are on the wrong side of the road and there is an accident, I wonder who's fault it will be? the resident or the visitor who is not use to the quirks of the park? and it goes on and on...

Bottom line.........SUN HOMES is the BULLY of mobile home parks; they are greedy and unreasonable; they indeed are a true nightmare company.
Vinne Send email
Nov 1, 2017

Employee Husband cheating residents

, Water Oak•2d ago
Sue, I think I already did that but no problem I will do that again gladly. His name is Stanley West, His wife and WO employee is Brenda Eavans. So many people have private messaged me that they already knew who I was referring to, so his reputation precedes him. WO ignores me re this situation. Every time I cal Admin to discuss this with them now, I have to leave a message and I do just that, and I ask them to return my call, to no avail. I spoke with HOA, nothing there either. Guess as long as it does not personally involve them they do not really care to do anything to correct this scammer. I will not ever recommend WO. To anyone because of the indifference we experience. Ha, wanna laugh? WO wanted to fine us for some weeds on our inherited front lawn before all this. We had used two landscapers to keep us in compliance but the first one (Parken ) did not do a good job for us at all and we switched to our current landscaper Andrew Tretter who we highly recommend. Andrew is quick and efficient and very hard working. He does a great job and he is a very respectful, kind, young man. We highly recommend him. We then spent over One thousand dollars on our front lawn. Occasionally we c weeds as does everyone else occasionally. ROUND UP WORKS BUT IT IS NOt magical. Lol. Seniors vs crime knows about Stanley also. They advised me to take legal action and that WO is responsible for protecting us all, keeping these people out of the park, especially if it involves an employee of WO. They do nothing to protect us but we must b screened before we can live here. Does any of this make sense to you? Channel 9 is where we will take this next, expose everyone involved if we get no financial satisfaction much less Responsibility Thank you please spread the word if u agree
anon 53 Send email
Oct 10, 2017

unfair handling of issues

I have a tree that is in very bad shape. Mostly dead. I asked Jeff about it and he was very nonchalant about it. He stated that as far as Sun Homes was concerned if it had green it wasn't dead. There were trees cut down that had a whole lot more green than mine did and some were perfectly fine. It seems like the buddy system going on here. Also the park used to pick up limbs and things but now refuses. A resident should not have to pay someone or put the debris in their own personal vehicles much less that some people are very old and on fixed incomes. The rent keeps going up and the service keeps going down. Maintenance was far superior years back than today and there is zero reason for that. If the maintainance supervisor cannot get the job done maybe replacements should be made.
Mariopa92 Send email
Oct 4, 2017


first of all I like to start off to say that I am a disabled veteran who served this country and uniform and probably would do it all over again. The manager at Hidden River RV Resort her name is Rita. She is one of the most or worst human I've ever met. She talks to you like you're a dog. She threatens to evict you and get rid of you and all kinds of terrible legal things if you don't do what she says. I've never missed my rent I've never bothered anybody I've always done everything right and just because of one little itty bitty thing about my guest she is throwing a fit. After the flood we left because the place was flooded out came back 12 Days Later and paid rent and she charge me for the entire month didn't even prorate it pretty much told me tough we had to come back at night because the temporary place we were staying we had to leave. Now she's threatening to throw me out again because I have a few bins of flooded River clothes outside and a couple of other bins and she's telling me that the site I'm in belongs to somebody else. I've been a resident there for 4 years and this is how she treats a long-term resident that's been there just because one of my guests according to her is not registered but she's been living there for four years and did register with the previous manager. Ever since that she's been threatening to kick us out throw us out arrest is call the police sue us charge me more it's ridiculous she's actually blocked my girlfriend get in the driveway she just yelled at her she's told me mean things it's totally ridiculous and now that we're back after the flood today she's threatening to throw us out again because I have some wet River close underneath the trailer and nice Ben's stacked up nicely just four of them on the side and two of them on the back and after I lost everything in my shed this is how we get treated she's a horrible horrible person and I'm horrible Manatee she has no business being there. I am calling the VA court and I'm going to call the Channel 9 News 10 News 8 news and I'm going to let them know because half more than half the people at the bottom part left because of her mad dog attitude I think maybe she can't help herself cuz sometimes she's nice. very rare and other times she just impossible.
lcharmaigne Send email
Sep 22, 2017

auto pay

Not supplying us with our bills and sweeping our accounts prior to. I keep my money in my savings- once I get my monthly bill- I move the amount billed over into the checking for auto-pay. This month they decided they were getting a new billing company and did not provide the bills but DID sweep my account.

While giving the company the authorization the right to sweep the account- I DO NOT authorize them to do so Carte-Blanche- before telling me how MUCH they are going to sweep it for. I have an aversion to companies not disclosing.

While my bank honored my sweep- it is the first time in 48 years that I have been charged a NSF. $32.00 is not the problem it is the General Principle.

My kids bought this house sight unseen by me- if I could move I would. I have never liked living in a 55+ community and was more than happy with the original owners an management. Sun Communities is not my idea of a professional organization.
GoodwatchPI Send email
Sep 10, 2017

Class A lawsuits

Harrsiment by Sun Communities , Inc.
for unfair practice against Community and owners and rentals properties , increasing unfair rents by more then $200.00 over rental of lease and other inappropriate unfair fee . Maintenance personnel and other workers not getting paid at all . if you are giving a complaint because not thing was begin done and received a notice to leave because management isn't doing they're job
at all , then it's time to bring a Class A lawsuit against Sun Communities ,Inc.
For unfair practice of the laws in Texas against Owners and rental who do paid they lease on time
. They is no excuse for hatred in Management position towards anyone at any given place.
SashaFu Send email
Aug 31, 2017

Purchased by a corporate NIGHTMARE!

I have lived in my community for 15 yrs and WAS happy…UNTIL…Sun bought it and hoisted on us a NIGHTMARE! We used to have a nice clubhouse with activities for everyone, but for almost a year they have been RENOVATING it at an exorbitant cost with no benefit to the residents(or our input) EXCEPT to pass the cost onto us. Soooo, we pay more money and have NO ACTIVITIES. The Managers are walking around like robots of Sun and have no interest or concern as to how this is affecting the residents. Their main interest is ACQUISITION and improvement of their property at NO COST TO THEM, but they reap a huge tax benefit. We have a Residents Committee that has passed our concerns on to Management and Sun. All they have is excuses and we get the 'sit down and shut up' scathing replies from the Corporate office. The person in charge at Sun WILL NOT meet with the residents at one of our meetings so we cannot voice our concerns to them in person. I guess they really don't care what we, the residents, have to say about how things are going. I would like to note that for all the renovation of the clubhouse … it is UNUSEABLE -- the noise from the lack of acoustics is DEAFENING (you can't even hear a conversation when more than 2 people are in the room). I dread to think what it is going to be like when you have 200+ people in attendance, the kitchen in use with the noise from plates/pans, entertainment (if we ever have it again). We have putting greens (18 hole) that are in need of maintenance and have deteriorated, but nothing has been done to put them in good shape. Hell, after all the renovations we ARE NOT GETTING WINDOW COVERINGS. Oh, after all of this, they have decided to put NEW WINDOWS in NEXT YEAR … I would think that would be the FIRST THING DONE before renovating. Our community faces East (Front) and West (Rear) soooo we will bake in the summer and freeze in the winter (drafty windows) and the cost of both Air Conditioning/Heating will rise and, of course, be passed on to us. Our retirement community morale is at an all time LOW. They have also added a weekly PUBLIC BINGO in one of our buildings (we had no say in it). So, now we have all kinds of people coming through our GATED COMMUNITY to play bingo every week. The residents reap no financial benefit and we have YET to hear what money coming in and how it benefits the residents (the residents…for the most part… DO NOT go to this activity …too expensive). I guess Sun hasn't thought about the HUGE LIABILITY this places on the community. Oh, we did get one benefit from it ----- we now have CRIME because unknown strangers can just walk right in and roam about and take what they want off our sites.

SOOOOO if you are planning on moving into a SUN COMMUNITY … THINK, THINK, THINK before you do. In our community, we really wish they NEVER BOUGHT us. But, hey, it's a business RIGHT??
Williamdavisjd@gmail.com Send email
Jul 12, 2017

Sun properties

DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!! Sun properties Buford Ga. is by far the worst property management company I have ever least from. Placed the rent check in the night deposit on 7-4-17. Today 7-11-17 I received a late rent notice on my door? Went to the office to be told I was short $5.00, and they were charging me an additional $55.00 in late fees. I admit my math was off. We always pay our rent on time. A simple notice and the 5.00 would have been paid with in 24 hrs ( the original check was over 1200.00 for July )
Last year rent was 976.00. I will not renew a year lease, or purchase a home from them. so, we are month to month.( 45.00 rent increase, and an additional 75.00 a month for not signing a lease) They charge us 24.75 per
Month in administrative fees before we use the first drop of water. ( thats rediculous ) Rent is not concidered paid in full, unless the water is included. ( 2 separate bills, 2 separate services ) There is a ramp built to our porch ( prior to us moving in ) when it rains it is very slick. My entire family has fall at least once, myself included. Went to the office the 2nd time my wife fell and was talking to the guy at the counter when the manager came out of her office with her dog, and the only thing she wanted to know was if we rent or own as she continued out the front door with her dog. Wrote an incident report on a blank piece of paper the office personal provided, ( I do have a copy ) they did send 2 maintenance guys over. I explained the situation again, and told them a couple of pieces of non skid would correct the issue, they agreed. This was several moths ago. And still nothing. That only tells me that management would rather deal with medical bills and law suits than to spend a few dollars!
This is a gated facility. We have lived here over 2 years and I have only had to use my gate card 4 time to gain access. there are several other issues I just don't have time. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!!
Mochatini Send email
Mar 31, 2017

Resident Relations

I've lived in Orange Tree Village in Florida since 2003. The lot rent has more than doubled. It has forced some people to move.
We have had a string of managers, most of whom were not professional managers; some were rude; one was really good.

Currently, we have a manager who enjoys handing out violations. I received a violation for having cats who were not tied up and not registered. My cat is registered and never goes outside. This manager made an assumption that the strays who were laying in the yard or in the carport or wherever they were around my home were mine.

As others have said, some of the rules are absurd and should be changed. As it is, all rules are not enforced for all people. Someone else mentioned the issue of dogs; I've seen large dogs in the park who are well over the weight limit. Personally, if dogs are well-behaved, I don't care how big they are but I was prevented from getting a dog my mom wanted when we first moved in. Rules are enforced for some and not for others.

There are now some people in the park who cause lots of problems for neighbors. One I know about has screamed and yelled obscenities at neighbors. Management should be dealing with this but she doesn't.

I would suggest that anyone planning on moving into a Sun Community check it out completely before you do. I have sent a message to the CEO about these and other issues. Our park has changed over the years as has the organization itself and not for the better.
kverschuren Send email
Feb 20, 2017

Lot rent increases

We have lived in the "Kings Court" mobile home Park since 1998 and have NEVER been late on our lot rent, keep our home, inside and outside immaculate and every year our lot rent is increased. An increase every year of $240.00 a year is ridiculous. You give discount incentives to new people moving in for two or three years so you raise our lot rent to make up for it.

When we first moved in our water and sewer fees were included in the lot rent and now we have to pay for that as well as the yearly increases.

I know you are probably going to try to say that the increases are to help maintain the park. Well, we our responsible to maintain our own lawns and if we want our driveway resealed we our now responsible for that also. I have not seen any improvements to this park that could validate the amount of the yearly increase.
Pastoral Send email
Feb 15, 2017

Mobile home park

Sun communities has offered 70 million for this mobile home park which includes 4 gas wells, small shopping center, and a small mobile home park in Cleveland Ohio on brook park road . It has a pending epa enforcement action pending against this park concerning the sewage system.The monthly rent from all entities is 1 million.
I praise God that sun communities never gets its hands on this park.
jpnova Send email
Jan 22, 2017

held captive

I am trying to sell my mobile home in Deerwood mobile home park and I had several buyers. Both buyers had the cash and were ready to take over the lot. But before they can they must be approved by management to live there. Both buyers got back to me letting me know they were denied from living in Deerwood. Well the deals fell through and now I am now looking for other buyers. the problem is I can't get them pass the management of deerwood to accept them. The reasons they are being declined entrance are really petty. Give me a break Deerwood LET ME OUT!
wscook Send email
Jan 13, 2017

La Casa Blanca

We purchased our first home in this community 2 years ago. One of the factors was the fact that it was a "Gated 55+ community, some of the rules we thought were a little over kill but figured that just made for a nicer community if everyone knew the rules and followed them. Now it seems to be that the only ones that are required to follow the rules are the residents, NOT SUN COMMUNITIES.
The Gate is now open every day from 6AM-6PM allowing any and all who want to enter the ability to do so at will. Summer of 2016 there were several break-ins and still the management chooses to keep the gates open with total disregard for residents safety or security. When we purchased there was a weight limit on pets, which has since been "thrown out" to allow larger dogs. There were to be no fences within the community which has been thrown out to allow those with larger dogs to let their pets outdoors to harass other residents, making some residents patios unusable because of the larger dogs barking the whole time they are trying to sit on their patio.
Rents constantly being increased with little or no sings of improvement to the community. Hot tub has been unusable for a week and a half and each time management is asked about the status it is just another "story" to get you out of the office.
I WOULD NOT ENCOURAGE anyone to purchase a home in this community unless you are willing to constantly deal with changing of rules that only benefit a few and may in fact limit your ability to enjoy your home and community.
pickles13669 Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Threatens to evict

Ever since sun took over are park they are trying to get all the old trailers out of are park making people that live on a budget to try to fix up there places if you dont they are going to evict you so what do you do fix it up go hungry like they dont care all they are is a big bully .we have no play ground have no club house no where to park your cars what else we all should not pay rent see if they like that but then we will evict you take you 2 months to get some one out .
vcookiescrumb Send email
Oct 26, 2016

Rent hike of over $140.00

I have lived in the 55 and over community now for going on 4yrs. When we bought out home and signed a new lease back in 2013 we were never told that we would have a 3 year promo on our lot rent nor did we sign any papers stating that either. We recently got a paper in the mail stating that our lot rent was going up by $141.00. I went to the commuinty office and spoke with the park manager and was told to put it in writing and see what we could do so I did. I gave her a written letter back in Sept and just today Oct. 25 was told that it was in our financial papers from the finance company which it is not. They are trying to rip people off and way over charge tenants. The finance company has nothing to do with Sun Communities property so they cannot make the lot rent or give you any promos on lot rent only Sun Communities can.
over55 Send email
Sep 11, 2016

Lack of rule enforcement

Don't let the number of rules, such as number of people who live in the home; upkeep of home and property; no felons in the community; etc. keep you from moving to a Sun Community. As long as you pay your rent on time, you can do whatever you want to do. Even though the park management tries to enforce the rules, there is no back-up from upper management. The bottom line is all the company cares about. We are supposed to be an over 55 community; but we have more children living in this community than we did when we weren't an over 55 community. The person on the lease may be over 55, but not who lives in the home. Funny thing-we are in a college town and there is a you plus two rule that the city is enforcing for the college students living in the community. In this park, anyone can live here in any number per home. Managers come and go because their job is impossible. No backup at all from upper management. They can't get anything done in the community either because budgets are minimal and they can't get approval for any work to be done by the regional VP. What a joke this company is!
resident1 Send email
Aug 19, 2016


I have lived in Carriage Cove for several years and they have gone down hill a lot since then, The pool is always closed, They have been trying to update things around thing such as the office, pool, exercise room the only thing I have seen happen is a bunch of new rental homes being moved in and street signs that's it oh a fence which was needed, No shelter for our kids to wait at bus stop in case of rain which we were told a gazebo was on order months ago, no parking for parents to pick up kids or drop off they are just all scattered everywhere at bus stop, the exercise room was vandalized and shut down since I have moved in there I have yet to be able to even enter the exercise room, and when it was open it was only when the office was open in which most people work during those hours so what good is it anyways the lot rent continues to go up even though the amenities suck really at this point there are none but the pool and then they changed the time it closes to 8 in which by the time most people get home cook dinner and eat it is closed so we cant use it, unless it is the weekend then it is filled with kids and rif raf that it not enjoyable anyways, the pool furniture is crap I have better furniture on my back porch not to mention the heavier people keep breaking them, I cant not understand why not one project has been completed since they have started, not to mention the discrimination they took on the replacement of the driveways there are so many in need but they chose a select few and of course the office manager got hers done and extra but yet she just had a driveway done herself not to long ago, the grass we have sucks and we should not be responsible for sodding or fertilizing since we don't own the lot. I can see mowing and weeding etc but why are we to lay out money on something we don't own anyway to look nice for what they have not finished anything they started in there and there are no amenities the pond is disgusting the ditch is disgusting oh and they put a fence to keep the kids out of the ditch really for what its on one side another waste of money, I have improved my yard so much since I have moved in at my own expense flowers etc never once get most improved or yard of the month, I referred people to live there but since it was not a carriage cove home for sale never got an incentive, I really want to move out but cant right now due to finances but as soon as I can I will be unless they start improving and taking care of the trash crap that takes place in there,cops in there all the and drugs being sold at bus stop in the evening they know the ones that are trouble makers and have cops frequent but do nothing about it. NO doggie bag stations for dog walkers they let people walk there dogs in others yards and crap not pick it up. I feel the exercise room needs to be key coded and open at least until 10 pm, the pool as well should be open until at least 10 maybe 8-10 just for adults, the office is ridiculous, the driveways should all be fixed, the lots should be maintained good grass, fertilized and bug control monthly by the park since you own it, and I feel something needs to be done with the bus stop area parking and shelter for our children to not have to go to school soaking wet. As for your staff the maintenance guy is great the office manager is great but never available the other lady is rude and need be let go or needs to go to customer service classes. I hope this reaches the right hands and something gets done soon before a lot of people start moving out and more of these posts appear.
RLMS Send email
Jul 21, 2016


I owned at a Carefree resort and finally sold my place (glad Im out of there). Before the closing I had some concerns about a document Sun wanted me to sign. It was on Carefree letterhead and the language was wrong as well as the figures used for closing. I was referred to Maria Delgado, Business Development Specialist, who was less than professional, rude and sarcastic. She did not answer my questions nor alleviate my concerns. I asked for the name of another Sun employee who could help and she gave me a name but refused to give me their email address! She said she would not give me any of his personal information. What personal information? I requested his business email address.

I was told prior to closing my check would be FedEx overnight. Now I am told it will be up to 15 business days to receive it because it has to be audited due to Sun being on the stock exchange.

I have sent an email to the executive vice president of Sun with my concerns. Business emails are readily available on Sun's website. There was absolutely no reason for Ms Delgado to refuse giving a business email address unless she didnt want her superiors to know about her unprofessional behavior.

Do not buy, rent at any of the Sun/Carefree Communities.
Cynthia Frey Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Frontier town

Have been trying to get a receipt for our stay at Frontiertown for nearly one month now. I am ready to grieve the charges (don't know what they are or how they were incurred) with my charge company. Mrs. Tom A. Frey 46500 Rosewood Dr. LEX. Pk., MD. 20653 (301) 904-2810
trekfester Send email
Jul 21, 2016


SUN recently bought CAREFREE that owned my mobile home park in San Pedro and several other California MH Parks. CAREFREE allowed more than one non family member lodgers in a written contract called a CO-OCCUPANCY AGREEMENT that is a simple one page document that states the terms of residency for the new roommate. I have had a couple of male roommates who have been approved from the previous CAREFREE management. However now that SUN has taken over the management of my mobile home park they have denied my request to get a new CO-OCCUPANT approved and it is hurting my cost of living expense payments that were easier to pay with extra lodgers living with me.
I want to find out if a class action attorney might take my case because of how many similar plaintiffs exist with similar need to get extra lodgers to reside with them in their mobile home parks owned by SUN COMMUNITIES INC
Josullivan817 Send email
Jul 5, 2016

This place is horrible

I have been living here for over 2 years now and the office is in a sense stealing money from its residents. We had a rent increase of $200 and every time we turn in rent they claim we are short $1 or $2 I have all the receipts and math written down but they continue to say we are wrong and due to the dollar missing it's only a partial psyment. Overall many residents have been having these same issues. I know one specifically who they were charging him more because they were reading the water bills from a year ago which is rediculous.There needs to be a lawsuit against the company give back some of the money they "steal":/
Christopher Taylor Send email
Jun 21, 2016

Rip offs

Bought A 1979 bayview trailer From candlelight village signed a lease in 2013 mind you it's a 1979 so it's rough and me and my wife moved in put in water tank replaced some of the water lines underneath the trailer put stove in making it livable you know. So first couple months was OK water bill comes in $30 service fee so we average a 65-80.00 bill OK I can deal with that slowly it was increasing 150-300.00 no way possible new tank and lines so there for rent was higher 550-750 then 800-up told the office why the rent so high was told maybe you have a water leak nah now I had a certified Plumber pressure check the water no leak in the system the office wanted proof of this and I thought about it and I said no paid them anyways waited until the lease was up and just moved got the eviction notice looked at it threw it in the trash they tear it down and send me a collection notice for $13,000 the trailer wasn't worth $1000. I will love to have a lawsuit against them Christopher.ct197@gmail. com

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