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May 17, 2021

Discrimination for being gay

My name is Marty, I have ischemic cardiomyopathy and several other conditions which have been diagnosed and determined to be both fatal and terminal. Im on a high concentration of oxygen, 5liters per minute, the average for most others who are prescribed oxygen therapies are most always 2 liters per minute or even less. I have the associated issues like breathing complications quickly becoming a life threatening issue as respiratory distress or respiratory failure can come on instantly. My vitals also go from safe to dangerous in a few moments. It’s normal for me to experience dizziness, transient and non transient ischemic attacks or strokes, minimal digestive problems, minimal urinary tract issues, eyesight, taste, smell, memory, anxiety, nausea, insomnia to name the more common. I often have problems walking because of extreme pain in my feet. This is caused by pulmonary edema and a rock or uneven ground or a tiny dip can be excruciating and dangerous. My immune is compromised due to a low ejection fraction of under 20% and you can get a sense of the other problems i live with, things you might expect with these conditions. I live in mouse mountain rv park, 7500 Osceola Polk line road, Davenport Fl 33896 for 18 months. After a year Sun communities became owner a few months ago. My issues go back to my first week in here and they have been ongoing, and now with new issues, that have compromised my health and safety creating a list of new health problems in addition to what I am faced to overcome everyday already. From electrical infrastructures falling short far under state code requirements causing several of my electronics to fail at my cost. I’m on disability and that’s a very tight budget to say the least. This power issue has been responsible for Creating a heat source so hot my main electrical supply cord melted to the shore power station I plug my rv into. Repeated electrical issues for me and countless residents have been reported and ongoing for years before and after sun took ownership, it’s highly visible when you search the web. The lighting at night is negligent at best, it creates a risk of fall, and has caused me to fall in my yard twice all ready without injuries both times luckily. The admitted unsafe water from the well, supplies the entire property and all residents, and has been another well visible problem and has become hazardous and dangerous now. Since I’ve lived here, having safe water available has been problematic to say the least. I didn’t realize that until recently though. For months I have been experiencing a list of new symptoms that has had me very confused and highly concerned. Last week I missed a knock at my door, I was on the toilet wondering why my stool went from blood in it to just blood over about two weeks. The knock was a boil water alert which came after me and residents consumed the unsafe water for an extended period of time. I had no idea the water was unsafe because sun management posted letter approving the water and claiming it was safe. I had no reason to think the water was to blame so I crossed that off the list over a month ago. That letter is in the bulletin board even today. I not only had chronic diarrhea for over a period of months, but the blood in my stool was not without the months of attacks where buckling stomach cramping and abdominal pain became a regular event throughput every day. This was always alongside extreme dizziness and extreme nausea, severe exhaustion, puking, ear nose throat issues, back pain from kidneys, muscle cramping, a degree of irritability that has created its own list of problems. When the staff placed a boil water notice on my door, keep in mind it was after months of these symptoms. I normally have many symptoms anyways but these were different and I ignored the obvious because of the safe to drink water report in the community bulletin board. How can that report in the posted bulletin be appropriate, especially after speaking with neighbors and learning it’s been a continuous hazard for years, not just recently causing a list of symptoms for me but many others way before the recent excuses of a broken pipe. Public showers and public restroom facilities are not ADA compliant, and a verbal refusal made by the GM to meet ADA standards, was witnessed by over 100 residents in a public meeting in January. A meeting conducted by the general manager of the property to explain the new changes. The management has contractors tearing down structures all around my lot and everywhere else in the park. Dozens of structures tore down creating a bug, air quality, noise, vermin, pest, wasps, bugs, roaches and a long list of environmental hazards which might explain the rashes many residents are suffering with, gastrointestinal issues, severe itching, and other problems also. Ive been bitten all over by something that I can’t see or it’s gone before the rashes pop up. Neighbors are here one day gone the next and their house demolished within a day or two. Lawnmen damaging property on purpose and by rocks flying out of lawnmower busting windows and windshields Sun refuses to take any responsibility. No notice of hazards or warnings of any kind. Neighbors fear they will be forced to leave because the lots needed to complete construction project are threatened with police or like me served eviction. The tree cutter pulled up the cherry picker next to my slide out and crank it up and start cutting out trees above my head and above my slide out. I was not warned about the health hazards or the risk of sitting in a slide out that was filling up with carbon monoxide from the diesel engine right next to it. As everybody no slide outs leak and there’s a diesel engine right next to it cutting one ton branches above my head and dropping them on the ground filling the air with sawdust outside and filling my air inside with exhaust from the engine. So I had to turn my oxygen concentrator up as high as it will go and get under a blanket with a spray bottle of water because going outside I would’ve had to breathe the sawdust and staying inside I had the issue with the exhaust. When you’re sick with the health problems that I have it would be very insulting for someone to say why didn’t I call somebody or why didn’t I do this or why didn’t I do that I should’ve had to do anything I should’ve been able to mind my own business and relax in my home without my life being threatened by somebody that never even warned me they were coming in the first place. The damage to my RV overtime from the lawn service is causing problems in my wall when it rains. I told Son about it and now they told me I have to deal with the lawn service after all this time. So what you’re saying is Sun can come in and ignore responsibility of what’s already been done to people in the park but only new complaints do they deal with? I really want to know how come they can pass the buck when they’re the ones that I told Weber is damaging my property on purpose and they’ve done it over and over even after I complained. It seems like complaining about it now made me a target and not having money and have a damage property and having my health wrist over and over and then have them boys come in my yard every Monday morning and destroy my property now I’m at target with addiction notice. Is this how you treat people is just how you treat people with illnesses that are already dealing with enough stress just making it through the day do you want to add more? Let’s not going to the several times that I try to talk to the general manager and he’s completely ignored me or the video I have of him moving branches on the way looking at me in my yard while I was in my garden which I’d still like to know what that was about? Right now I’m worried about eviction , stressed out, and I do not know what to do, and I don’t feel well, and someone needs to get back with me or do I just need to call the county attorney and a news station, let them know how sick I am, and hope to god someone takes this fight off my hands because it’s without any doubt damaging my health every second I have to even think about it. I don’t deserve or need to deal with the stress, this needs to be fixed. There’s a lot more to this but I am too sick to even go into it, that’s just some of the highlights, could someone please help this situation before I end up with nothing but cops making me leave my home with no way to go anywhere no way to transport oxygen needs or worse.
Estelle Smith Send email
Nov 3, 2020

Southport Springs Golf And Retirement 55 and older

I agreed to letting Southport sell my mobile home. They never updated inside Photo's of improvements after repeated request. Only show home located at 3810 Bubba Dr Zephyrhills,Fl 33541 two times After some serious thoughts I signed their request to remove our agreement. I went with an outside realtor and accepted an offer of $75,000 Three days later buyer backed out because sim Community posted that my home was sold for less money. I called the office left message with Susan also two voice messages. They keep going up on my lot rent and it’s expensive more than a mortgage payment. The road in front of my home is sinking and is in need of repair. We are having to pay property taxes on land not owned by homeowners plus we must have tag stickers on our homes that should eliminate being taxed by park. Our park is Southport Springs golf and retirement 55 and older park in Zephyrhills Fl. My phone number is +18137789837 if you would like to contact me for additional information. Than you
MHOLT Send email
Sep 13, 2020

Manager stopped my Sale, VIOLATION 723.058

Here is my Complaint email sent to the former Manager who is now President of Business Affairs' for Sun Communities. Please read what is currently happening to me:

Stopped my Sale of #628 by Manager

11:41 AM (1 hour ago)
to nhigley

Hi Natalie,

I hope you are doing well.
I am having a great deal of problems with the Manager Heather Taylor and the Maintenance Supervisor John at Rainbow Village of Largo. I purchased a home in Rainbow Village and moved out of the rental April 1, 2019 when Rusty Stone was Manager. I came here July of 2017, you rented me a model in 633.

When I purchased my home #628, the former owners had been here for over 25 years. I notified the office I bought 628 "AS IS", I signed the Title, went to DMV and put it in my name. Simple as that. Management was not required to do a 360 Inspection when I bought the house and Management is not going to hold me to that now I am selling. Heather is not a Licensed Inspector and her stupid 360 walk around sale inspection holds absolutely no water! Who does she think she is?!

I put my house on the market 8/24/2020 with Sun Realty of Florida, Realtors were husband and wife team Mary and Frank LaMantia. On 9/9/2020 Heather Taylor waited until I left my home and came to my property unannounced and did a 360 inspection on the outside of my home because it is up for sale. Then Heather left a waded up Resale Authorization Inspection Form stuck under my door handle with the most unreasonable repairs I have ever seen. The form did not have Sun Communities on it and the date of the form in the bottom right corner was 07/2013, really now, LOL.
Within minutes after I arrived back home, I was gone less than 30 minutes, my Realtor called and aggressively told me that she can no longer move forward with selling my home until the repairs were done that Heather requested and the Realtor took my mobile off of the market because of Heather Taylor's repair demands.

You can see my home on Lot 628. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my home and the listing states selling "AS IS". I have no active placement agreement here at Rainbow, I have always paid my lot rent never been late or missed and I keep my lot clean and up to park rules.

Heather Taylor and Maintenance John have Violated the Florida Statutes 723.058, I have already spoken to an Attorney to confirm this and I am about ready to go ahead and move forward with a lawsuit. My Attorney has a Demand Letter to send to Heather and John that they must comply with the Florida Law or we will proceed to court action. No one, let me tell you, NO ONE, has the right to call anyone's Realtor and have a home taken off the market for a manager demanding repairs to sell. Doesn't this person understand that a 1983 Mobile Home has to be sold "AS IS" Evidently Heather does not know what Managing a mobile home park is and none of these people follow the Florida Laws. That is stopping at my driveway right now.

John came to my house UNANNOUNCED the same day 9/9/2020 about 4pm. He came to my home without notifying me, banged on my door repeatedly for almost 5 minutes and called my cell phone while he was beating down my door and he would hang up and not leave a message. Here is his number he called me from 941-224-6623. Now this John, is a person that I witnessed cursing out a edlerly resident in the office not long ago in front of 3 other people, I was shocked with his words and actions against this elderly person that did no wrong!

I will not open my door to this rude, obnoxious man, and I don't have to open my door to this rude person or anybody. He was not wearing a mask, none of the crew around here wears a mask due to Covid19 like they are supposed to be doing. If John or Heather comes to my house again other than for emergencies and safety of this lot, the Police will be called. This is harassment, it is unprofessional just to invade someone's space unannounced, no phone call, no text, no email, no nothing, just rudely show up and beat my door down. This was scary for a single woman that lives alone and I will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from these people. They are in Violation of the Florida Laws specifically for Mobile Homes 723.058.

I have tried to call Corporate and reach Bill Dietz or someone that is over all of these people. That goes nowhere. I will reach someone at the top to voice what is happening to me and other seller's in this park. Everytime I do this, that Maintenance John character shows up at my door trying to control me. Don't send this person to my house, this is a warning, he has no business here, I have no lot maintenance issues here, he will be arrested the next time he steps foot on my porch acting in this manner, I will see to it. I have a security camera, I can see on my cell phone when someone invades my home space when I am gone. I am immediately notified. Next time the Police will be called on them for messing around my home unannounced.

The last time I had to notify maintenance was just a few weeks ago for them to spray massive ant piles all over this lot, I was told to call Terminix by Bob, really? LOL, What a rotten sham this place has become.

I am putting my home back on the market Monday 9/14/2020 and I will sell it by owner, my self. This is Heather Taylor's warning as well, if she comes to my home again over my house being up for sale and tries to stop, block or slow me, she will also be arrested. I will see to it. Read FL Statutes 723.058.

These people have NO REASON to treat me this way and I do not bow down and take this kind of unnecessary strife from anyone. Managers and Maintenance started this fight and strife with me and it's game on! I have called the Office several times, spoke to Jenny and Rose, telling them I am selling. I asked them where's the Sellers Addendum I have to sign that is mentioned in the Placement Agreement? Jenny and Rose looked at me like a deer in headlights, because they have no idea what the Park Rules even say. I was told there is nothing to sign, just let them know when I have a buyer to fill out the Placement Form and that was it, until now. So, I have done what I am supposed to do here.

It is not my fault and Sun Communities can not hold this against me that Sun Communities hires incompetent people to run this place and work in the office and maintenance. Now, I have followed all of the rules here. I will sell my house or I will "FREELY GIVE IT AWAY" and sign over the Title legally. Whichever comes first in 90days.

If my home does not sell within 90 days, I will legally walk away from it and give it away for free, that is how bad I want out of this mobile home park. I will leave here within the next 90 days, this is a promise. I will never purchase another mobile home in any other park, what a sham! Heather Taylor nor John is going to trap me like this, no they are not! The games they are pulling here are just unheard of and it is stopping here with me.

Hell this manager Heather can't even show her face to residents, imagine that, she runs away. I wanted to retire here, but sadly no, not under this kind of management. This park can not keep a good manager, that tells me a great deal about Sun Communities.

Seems I can not make any headway here, every time I call Corporate, this maintenance John person shows up beating my door down unannounced. Again, don't send him here, I am also armed and I know how to use it. This is their warning! I will protect myself when these people invade my house, come beating my door down and blowing up my cell and not leaving a message, not stating why they are at my home frightening me with their actions. I have that right to protect myself, my home, my property, and I am not one bit afraid to use it! So, these people better come to their senses and act right and leave me alone. I already sent emails to Corporate regarding this, several emails. I absolutely hate this community and I will move out of here legally and Heather, John or Sun Communities will not hold me for anything. I am getting out like many others are doing here and I will leave. You people can't trap me into living and staying here, period, like they are trying to do!!

The Realtor Frank LaMantia said this Manager Heather is crazy and she is "Steering" and "Controlling" the sale of homes so people will get mad and list with her and the Community so she can get all of the commission, this statement came from the Realtors that sell many homes in this park that also had mine listed. That is a Violation of "Steering" as well.
This Real Estate firm will also be reported to the FL DBPR and all the other Officials with this complaint for improperly taking my home off of the market and for stating this Manager is pulling the unlawful "Steering" technique. The cat is out of the bag!

I am a former Real Estate Owner and Broker, these people here don't know me and the fire they are playing with.

I have all emails and all documentation ready to send to the FL. Department of Business and Professional Regulations to file a complaint and for them to start their investigation against Heather Taylor, Maintenance John and Sun Communities Rainbow Village of Largo. The FL. DBPR also said this Manager is in Violation and they could not find a license on her to sell property.

I don't know what these folks think they are doing here but there is a lot of trouble heading their way for attacking me in the manner that they have done for no reason. I will fight to the end, I am not a weak person and I am no way, shape or form scared of these rude, unprofessional people that are here.

Just so you know the BBB, my Attorney, Dennis J. Szafran, The FL. DBPR, The State Attorney General and the Police have been contacted. I will not be railroaded by any Manager here or by any maintenance, or by any other means from these people.

If I do find a buyer for my home, they will be notified to register with the office like they are supposed to. A potential qualified buyer with an acceptable background check better not be turned down by anyone in this office, like they have done in the past, because the people here in this office are also racist. I have also witnessed this in the park and these people working here have called black residents Nigors and I have other witnesses to verify this. Also, one of the maintenance workers resigned because of this trouble last year...I am sure you know about this being in the position you now have with Sun. Seriously now, this is ungodly and very ugly dealings here Natalie.

You are the only person I know to reach out to. This is my notification that I am leaving Rainbow Village of Largo just as soon as I find someone to take my home. So, Sun Communities can not say that I gave no move out notification.

Heather Taylor also does not know how to send emails, she displays all of the Resident's email addresses in her emails. I emailed her back and told her she did not have authorization to display my email address to all of these people and I asked for her to mask my email address. So Heather emailed me back and said she removed my email instead of sending a proper email to MASK people's email address. I never seen a Manager like this, that does not even know how to send out a mass email and protect the identity of Residents. Any person that has management skills and office skills, knows this.

This kind of behavior from a Park Manager and the Maintenance Crew and a Real Estate Firm is unacceptable, unprofessional and just plain against the Law and the Florida Statutes. This uncalled for illegal nonsense, It stops right here.

Thank you.

Also, the last Manager Rusty, entered my rental when I was renting here before buying, and left my doors standing open. No notice of entry for any reason and admitted going into my home unannounced! I think he was sent to jail for his wrong doings here the last I heard LOL, it was a very long list of wrong doing, what a bunch losers, I am EMBARRASSED to say I live here!
I am getting out of this community, what a nasty place!
APPALLED in EVANS Send email
Jul 26, 2020

Bad Business Practices

I was showed 5 manufactured homes on July 18, 2020 that were all "brokered" homes. I selected 1 of the 5 and completed all necessary paperwork including an application for the lender (Triad Financial Services). I was told by Diana that my application would be reviewed by Monday, July 20 and I should have a pre-approval by the Wednesday, July 22. After phoning numerous times on Thursday, July 23, and receiving no call backs, I finally received the pre-approval from Triad via email on Thursday evening. I was waiting on the pre-approval in order to sign the buyer contract for my current home. On Friday, I tried again numerous times to contact Cave Creek (run by Sun Communities) via phone, text and email to find out who the payee would be on the cashiers check for the down payment that I was to bring to them on Saturday. Finally got in touch with a representative from Sun who told me that Sun Communities is the payee. I spoke with a representative at Triad to ensure that the "conditions" were being met and cleared. I received a phone call from Diana Friday afternoon to tell me that I couldn't have the home I selected because it might be sold before I was closing on my current property (Sept. 10), but there were 2 other homes I could look at. I viewed these homes on Saturday, July 25 and again was told I probably couldn't have either of those because "they might be sold" before my Sept. closing. WHAT A SCAM! Anyone else having these issues with Sun Communities?
Mikeymerlin Send email
Apr 15, 2020

Poor Management

Purchased a new home at Royal Palms, was made all kinds of promises. Once the closing occured, you're on your own. The sales agent didn't even know how manufactured home are installed. Now the company is ripping up our yard with no notice and I have fallen and seriously injured myself due to the companies carelessness! Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
resident2015 Send email
Mar 30, 2020


Sun communities, have locked down all halls....the swimming pool and cancelled ALL events where people may gather, and I understand due to the national advisories and social distancing policies. WHY THE HELL THEN.....are large groups of the most susceptible people to get covid 19, being allowed to gather and play shuffleboard every day????? THEY apparently don't watch the news and don't give a crap about their fellow residents. Sun maint, staff should IMMEDIATLY LOCK whatever sheds etc. where the stuff used to play this is stored like everything else is locked down. NO ONE is cleaning any of this equipment, surfaces, benches etc. I
Resident in hell Send email
Feb 13, 2020


Dont know where to begin.
Water pressure is 20 psi should be 40 psi, the water lines throughout the park are leaking and antiquated
Sewer system constantly blowing lines and raw sewage seeps into yards.
Roads are full of pot holes.
Many lots are unkept and deplorable.
Rat infestation.
Ferrell cat infestation.
Rent increases yearly.
Drug problems.
Non enforced rules
Water surcharge to compensate water loss through leaking pipes.
Poor street lighting.
Piss poor management.
Unsafe health and safety conditions.

The CEO of sun communities Gary Shiffman made 9.2 million in 2018, Gee I wonder how, property neglect? Or just cares about himself? you decide
Fulltime2004 Send email
Jun 27, 2019

Spanish Main RV

For over 3 months I have complained about multiple power outages thru my surge protector. They refuse to fix the line. I have been given the run around, lied to, told I purchased too good of a power surge protector. Other people in the park have issues, but apparently I am the only one having 20+ outages a day. Doesn’t matter much when I’m at work, but weekends are hell. Today I was lied to again.

I’ve done the research, my surge protector is good. No one in corporate will return calls or messages either. I’m done. Moving this weekend

Pam Powers
Full timer since 2004
Dialtonesr Send email
Jun 10, 2019

general Corporte Issues

This Shelby Forest Park was the finest facilities under the former owner!
Jerry managed this park with true professional skills; however, the new owner "Sun Communities" is something else. Just take a look at Rudgate in Sterling Heights, we lived at this park, and take a look at Camelot Villa in Macomb Township.

We purchased a manufactured home from the former owners last year and if we knew "Sun" was purchasing the Park we would never have purchased our home at Shelby Forest!

Today "Sun" claims they have no information on us so "we do not live at Shelby Forest" and "yet they cash our monthly check since their take over in February 2019". Keep in mind the former owner(s) left all the information of all 945 tenants. I can go on and on about "Sun"

Shame that the "Park Office" employees make many of us not welcomed as a previous owners make us feel very welcome.

Not the way to treat US Citizens and veterans
Dialtonesr Send email
Jun 10, 2019

general Corporte Issues

This Shelby Forest Park Shelby Township, Michigan was one of the finest facilities under the former owner!
Jerry managed this park with true professional skills; however, the new owner "Sun Communities" is something else. Just take a look at Rudgate in Sterling Heights, we lived at this park, and take a look at Camelot Villa in Macomb Township.

We purchased a manufactured home from the former owners last year and if we knew "Sun" was purchasing the Park we would never have purchased our home at Shelby Forest!

Today "Sun" claims they have no information on us so "we do not live at Shelby Forest" and "yet they cash our monthly check since their take over in February 2019". Keep in mind the former owner(s) left all the information of all 945 tenants. I can go on and on about "Sun"

Shame that the "Park Office" employees make many of us not welcomed as a previous owners make us feel very welcome.
Do not waste your time checking this Firms Park Properties out! Go somewhere else.

Not the way to treat US Citizens and veterans
Banderson98 Send email
May 8, 2019

Sun communities

Bought a trailer 3 years ago. Water stands in our yard year round. It will rain for 3 days straight and they will still put notices out to cut grass. Been here for 3 years all of a sudden this year they are saying they are going to make us pay to treat our grass. I took pictures of the park behind us that doesnt have treated grass and 2 trailers next to us that are empty with no treated grass. They say your not allowed to park on the street but everyone does especially on the curves where you can get hit. Depends on who you are if they will put a tow sticker on your car. I also have pictures of an office lady who always parks her car on the street that lives here. When we bought our trailer they had to replace our dishwasher then after the 30 days our air conditioner didn't work we had to pay for a brand new unit. Found out when we got the ac fixed that our furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide in our house all winter( we moved in November) found out in June. So before winter got here we had to get 1,000s of dollars worth of work on our furnace. Our fridge was all rusted out at the bottom. They charge an ungodly amount for lot rent amd use NONE of the money to put back into the trailers or for land maintenance. We have lived here for 3 years and they havent used a penny to do any kind of maintenance on the land that we rent. They scam low income customers by giving them really low rent the first year then triple and quadruple it the following years so they get evicted. They never put salt down or plow the drives I. The winter. We always have 5 Inches of ice due to snow compacting down because they dont plow or salt. I also have pictures of the playground with weeds half way up the trash can and pulls. Will complain if our grass is a half an inch high but wont mow their part until it's up to your knees.
May 2, 2019





Janeth Send email
Nov 14, 2018

Improper Company Charges

This community is covered by a prospectus, last filed in Florida on 10/22/2014. After Sun Communities took over, they filed an amendment for a new cover page with changes on who receives rent (filed 1/17/2017). Since then, they have changed 3 pages in the prospectus on their own increasing certain fees (late charges and background fees). We have a resident who has been in this park for 6 years and bought a different mobile home in the same park. Even though he has a prospectus saying that a background check costs $25.000 per person, he was charged a new rate of $40. per person. It is a shame that he even needed to be checked again after living here for 6 years (moved in under Carefree). If other parks know of them breaking these laws please file a complaint.
henry 68 Send email
Nov 2, 2018

smoking and drinking

I would like to know suns official policy on smoking and drinking in the park.No one seems to have the same answer.
kmsusko Send email
Oct 26, 2018

Harassment and unfair practices

Do you live in SUN community? Are you being harassed by management? Are you being harassed by other residents and management does nothing about it? Are you being treated poorly and unfairly? Are you sick and tired of it? Please join us, we are setting up a nation wide class action lawsuit against SUN community. PLEASE join our Facebook page “No Longer A Victim” for more information and to discuss with other members all the issues of Sun community. We need to unite & band together, join us & help us teach Sun Community a very harsh lesson.
Delores Garcia Send email
Oct 24, 2018

Sun Communities/Saddlebrook

I have been living here at Saddlebrook for four years and purchased my home two years ago but every year my lot rent and my water bill is getting outrage. My lot rent goes up $100 every year if i stay here for 5 more years I average i wont be able to afford to live here.I live on social security n live by myself but my water bill is not fair for the billing ive been getting. Do not understand why youll dont take consideration on elderly who buy here and looks like you are pushing us out by the outragious billing.I still have 8 more years to pay my home dont know if i w can be able to continue here.I keep my yard clean follow all rules and regulations have no criminal background but i guess thats not enough to keep in consideration to keep renters n people like me who purchase a home im very sad about this situation
simbasi Send email
Sep 24, 2018

Deposit Refund

After making a $300.00 US deposit for the upcoming 2018-19 winter season at Glen Haven RV Resort in Zephyrhills, we find we are unable to head South this winter. I notified the park of this and just received my refund today, LESS 33%. That's right, $300.00 less $100.00. I gave them two months notice and even told them we would return next year. Well, Sun Communities, that will be the last dollar you will ever receive from me. We have spent eight years in this park, and there will be no ninth.
Patricia Burr Hoeppner Bannerman Send email
Sep 13, 2018


Motor Home with 5 adults, 2 young children and 4 dogs, they have an old non running pick up.with tow strap.still attached, bed of pickup full of junk. They leave trash bags outside on ground, this draws, rats, possum, raccoons. Nothing being done, after numerous complaints. Landscaping around lot not completed, management stated a day it would be started, that day came and went. No follow through with rules on flyer, why even waste time to print and hand out. Manager talks good story, but no follow through. Will not be purchasing in a SUN COMMUNITY as planned.
skynardh Send email
Aug 31, 2018

lot rent

we purchased a home in emerald coast rv park in panama city beach paying a very high lot rent was 930 a month next to lake when purchased I asked about the increase per year was told 2 percent got the new prospectis its goin up 70 a month way more than 2 percent studied hard about paying 930 now going up that much this coming year whats next looking to move cant sell no one will pay that kind of rent I made a bad mistake like the place but way to high an no control over there rate increase there are many others unhappy here location can only go sofar going to price them selfs out of buisness
Betty O'Connor Send email
Aug 9, 2018

Grass cutting

We have complained several times to management about the grass cutting services provided. We have pictures and witnesses to the grass all over our house, car, carport and flower beds. We have pictures of the oil stain on the sidewalk that we pay to have pressure washed when they changed the oil in the mower and spilled it on the sidewalk. When my husband asked the man cutting the grass to cut the grass to discharge away from our house, car, etc. he cut half out front lawn and left it that way. He then proceeded to ride past 3 times and looked at the lawn and our house. He was very rude and nasty.

We put fresh mulch down every Spring only to have it covered with grass clippings.

I have shown these pictures to management and also to the man I was told was in charge, Chris. Nothing has changed.

I was told to document all this in writing and when they cut the grass along side our car and perhaps throw a stone up and break a car window or damage our car, then our attorney can and will step in.

We have lived here over 20 years, have both served on the HOA Board and have never had to complain about anything until now.
Patty1022 Send email
Aug 3, 2018

Mean upper management

Look out middle Florida Gena may is new in town and she's looking to fire good people who work for sun community.if your a manager or work in the offices at the resort beaware you can't please Gena May she will run you out even if your doing a good job many managers have quit or asked to transfer out of the Tampa area resorts because of this over zellus
Micro managing, and rude behavior, twards the employees that run the resorts. someone in the corporate office should take a look at this issue no one should be that mean to other employees it's not rite or fair I feel sorry for all employees in her district.
klc076 Send email
Jun 23, 2018


No accountability, gouging lot rent, unethical...….
rlevesque1 Send email
May 20, 2018

corporate greed

You can go to attorney general of the united states website and fill oiut a form to let them what is going on in the communities that this companies and file complaints if enough people get togather then action will be taked against Sun Corp.
rlevesque1 Send email
May 20, 2018

it is too late for me. I am looking for land

Sun Communities is falling behind in the housing industry. All of the dealers are giving land ownership with their homes. This Idea was floted to the
company 8 years ago. I have had nothing but trouble in the last 5 yrs with various managers. It is time for my move.
whatswrong Send email
Apr 28, 2018

unfair billing sun communitiss

we reside in buttonwood bay rv resort in sebring fl. it is a 55+rv/park model community owned by sun communities, inc. we own our own home and rent the lot. in july we were notified that the annual rent would be $4543 for the10/01/2017 thru 09/30/2018 season, payable in 7 equal payments of $649. when sun communities changed to a 12 month payment schedule in 2018, starting on your purchase annirversary date, it left some residents paying significantly more than the $4543 previously quoted rate for the 2017-2018 season, some overpaying more than $2000.the rate for the 2018 -2019 season, effective 10/01/2018 thru 09/30/2019 for all residents has already been determined $4776, which is significantly less than some paid for the previous year. due to their bookkeeping methods, overcharges for the 2017-2018 season occurred. sun communities refused to acknowledge these excess charges.

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