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Mohachan Send email
Jan 7, 2021

Charged for channels from past nine months which I did not subscribe to?

Ref: Subscriber No.1063477432
I am a Sr. Citizen 77 yrs old.
Today when I recharged, I came to know that Tata Sky has been charging me for Tata Sky Theater channel wef 28.03.2020. I never have time to view a film that runs for 2 to 2.5 hrs. I did not subscribe to this channel at all. They not only added this channel on their own without my knowledge. Because my subscription fell due for recharge, I happened to visit their app and came to know about it. I may have been debited for almost Rs 500/-. Similar thing happened last year too, when they assured me to resolve it by so and so date. They never did the needful. When later I broached on it, the call centre guy regretted not to be able to trace it.
Since 3 yrs I wished to bring to the attention of Mr. Rattan Tata that this company, ie., Tata Sky has been eroding Tata's a century of unblemished illustrious reputation. With the call center agency shielding the principal, pity, I have no access to reach the upper echelons.
I called their call center and the response is as usual.
Banwari Lal Dhakerey Send email
Sep 25, 2019

Undue service charge of Rs.165/- deducted from Tata Sky A/c No. 1073752055

Respected Sir/Madam,
1. Connector of Set of Box was loosen ,which was earlier left over by mechanic of Tata Sky.
2. On my complaint, only loose connection of connector has been tightened by the mechanic of Tata Sky on 15.09.19, no any part was repaired/replaced and TV was also in order.
3.My Tata Sky account no. 1073752055 has been debited of Rs. 165/- on 16.09.19 by Tata Sky for service charges of mechanic.
4.It is purely cheating with me that loose connection was left over by earlier visited mechanic of Tata Sky wherever no any fault is being seen of my side.
5. My Tata Sky account 1073752055 has to credited by Tata Sky, which has been undue deducted of Rs.165/-.

Banwari Lal Dhakerey
(M) 9460071850
K-403, City of golden domes
Jagatpura, Jaipur-302017
Sharad Atrey Send email
Jan 3, 2019

Disturbing almost maximum channel s

My tatasky i.d.-1092640539 Apart from 2-3 channels, other channels doesn't go straight,and sound and this creates a lot of problem to understand , for the last 15 days.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 22, 2016

Sub.: Cheating by Tatasky DTH service DSA at Hotel SilverCloud, Ahmedabad.

Dear Sir/Madam…

With ref to above this is to inform you that we have been approached by Mr Ranjeet Chahuan Assistanrt Manager – Direct Sales (Mob No. 7069157577)from Tatasky for DTH Connections alongwith Mr Shaunak Shah Tatasky DSA (Corporate) from Winnie Associates, Ahmedabad at our Hotel SilverCloud, Opp. Gandhi Ashram, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

We were getting cable TV services from GTPL (local cable TV operator) for 82 connections. On 30/05/2016 we received final proposal from Winnie Associates, Tatasky DSA (Corporate) through email stating very categorically, subscription offer per one connection on Monthly basis shall be Rs. 312/- and on per day basis Rs. 10/- . Moreover Mr Ranjeet Chahuan Assistanrt Manager – Direct Sales (Mob No. 7069157577)from Tatasky informed undersigned that as Tatasky is giving 10 mtr TV cable per connection and as such we are already having infrastructure ready, total 820 mtrs DTH TV cable shall be handed over to Hotel SilverCloud free of cost. In past we have born this cost.

Accordingly I paid requisite amount to Winnie Associates and got all TV connections transferred from GTPL to Tatasky on 01/06/2016.It was informed by Mr Ranjeet that as per Tatasky policy for first month we can not opt for per day option and we have to pay monthly subscription for all 82 connections. Accordingly in spite of very less occupancy at hotel we were compelled to pay monthly subscription for all 82 units.

After completion of a month i.e. in July when we asked for daily activation for a single set top box then at that time we were informed by Mr Shaunak Shah DSA Tatasky that we can not activate single subscription but minimum four subscription are required to be activated !!! I am enclosing herewith mail from Tatasky DSA Mr Shaunak Shah which clearly states that Subscription offer for single unit per day is Rs. 10/-. Moreover during meeting at Hotel Mr Ranjeet Chauhan very categorically explained that we need to pay Rs 10 /- for activation and as per occupancy of rooms we shall be charged. It is just impossible to maintain the group of four set top boxes and pay for four unit even if we need one unit activation. I tried to contact Mr Ranjeet Chauhan to resolve the issue but he never picked up the phone after receiving payment from Hotel. DSA Mr Shaunak of Winnie Associates told that by mistake he sent me the offer. Instead of multi subscription he wrote single subscription !!!!! I told him that you are operating against the offer which you have mailed. I am compelled to pay additional amount as I am bound to serve my room guests. Mr Shaunak told me that he can not adhere to his email and whatever I want to do against this cheating I can do !!!

Moreover till date inspite of several reminder neither Mr Ranjeet or Mr Shaunak has sent the 820 mtr DTH TV signal cable as promised by them.

I urge you to look in to matter and do needful. I am compelled to again switch over to other DTH Cable TV Operator due to cheating by Tatasky associates.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours

Gurucharansingh Chhabda
Hote SIlverCloud

Sub.: Cheating by Tatasky DTH service DSA at Hotel SilverCloud, Ahmedabad. Sub.: Cheating by Tatasky DTH service DSA at Hotel SilverCloud, Ahmedabad. Sub.: Cheating by Tatasky DTH service DSA at Hotel SilverCloud, Ahmedabad.

nitinkumar Send email
Jul 9, 2015

Activate ACTIVE VEDIC MATHS With out my permission

Activate ACTIVE VEDIC MATHS with out my permission and charging 180 per month my i.d no is 1037200399 please take strict action against this problem sir.
satyajit k nesarikar Send email
Mar 6, 2015



Shine Kapoor Send email
Mar 14, 2012

poor service

My Tatasky nuimber is 1053173603, from mumbai.
Tata sky gives a very poor service.while installing tataskyu they took more than 15 days .Now i m facing some signal issue with my tata sky box, i had registered a complaint and calling them from last 3 days.but no one from there side visited my premises.The toppings on there service is the behaviour of call centers person, they willlhang up th phone if they don't kniow answer.The seniors also don't know what to do in that situation.
It's spoiling a big brand name of TATA .please never use any tata product ...don't go on there advertisement that willl solve the problem with in a hour...My tata sky issue in not yet resolved .
Mahesh Morchal Send email
Mar 14, 2012

poor service

tatasky service is very poor.since last week my tata sky digicomp is not working properly.I don't know whether it is the problem of my digicomp or signal problem, but i had complaint to tatasky about this matter since last evening but they had not yet responded (called back) to me yet.
Santosh Kumar 106213 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Problem in services

I am Santosh Mishra, account no 1038955587 and registered mob 8860079072.
I have requested to drop Active English on 22nd Dec 2011 but no one entertained thee query and theey dropped it on 16the Jan 2012.
Hence as per theeir wish theey charged me for 25 days. It shows theeir unprofessionalism to earn revenue.
Anotheer incident my kid request for Toy (against his earned ZETOS), offer was baseball for 613 points but theey we have received message for much more zetos redemption.
Third incident theey launched one insurance quiz worthe 25 zetos, kid applied and send sms (for Rs 5) but notheing happened.

These are thee examples of poor customer service withe great ignorance of customers.

Thanks, Santosh Mishra
Khushdeepsingh Ahluwalia Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Problem in services

Since last few days am having issues viewing some channels.
When I called Tata Sky helpline nos, I was taken to phone transfer hells. And the voice was so low, that my old granny speaks louder than that. Finally a guy came online and when I told him about the problem, he asked me to pay 125/- so that someone can come to my house and look into this matter.
I was surprised!!! Why should I pay for your wrong doings??? I am a customer and complaining about a service. Now it's your duty to fix it. And instead of doing their duty they were asking me for payment???
Disgusting!!! This is the last month I am using Tata Sky. From next month I will try some other company.
Cannot trust anythng in India. Neither goverment nor the services I guess.
Venugopal V.b Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No call back from TataSky...helpline sucks

from yesterday night... i have a problem of NO SIGNAL, many times i logged complaint and you promised me that you will come today at evening... now at night when i called you for reminder you said that you will come tomorrow morning... because of your carelessness and poor service you spoiled our weekend and new year eve...
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No call back from TataSky...helpline sucks

Tata sky is most frustrating website and has most frustrating helpline number. They are most unprofessional service providers arround. I wanted to reinstall the Tata Sky to my new house. I called them 50 times but most of the times the no doesnt get transfered to customer service represntatives. I dont think anything like exists...I eneded up spending 500 rs on calling them from my mobile no. Even after 5 days i didnt get call for installation. This is the most unprofessional behaviour. I dont know whom should i there anyone from Tata Sky reading this forum ??

Guys dont buy Tata Sky anymore, wait for Reliance or go for Dish TV
Jacob Geoege Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am regular customer since for the last 4 years. unfortunately i could not re charge as i was out of state for 17 days and the connection were disconnected. I returned last night and requested your executives one Kavitha and to one shiju Marhew to help me to re xconnect the same and the recharge will be done in the mornning.more over i was not able to use my registred moble which is also disconnected due to timely payment since i was out of state. but your executives denied and the respomse was very poor in communicating.In this connection i am forced to discointine the service eith tata sky by me and whole of my family and a group of friends.we never expect such a very respomse from the company like tata, who built up the name in the world but some people like this spoiling the name . pls take care
jacob my id 1012779482
Nagin Parekh Send email
Feb 23, 2012




Unfortunately I am tatasky customer with I.D.1000565364.My DTH was not working since last 6 days and all my efforts to get it replaced went in vain.The details are as under:-
On 9th July 2011 I called up customer care centre and spoke to one Mr.. Suresh and explained the problem. He guided me through various solutions and ultimately concluded that my DTH box needs replaced. He assured me that within 24 hour engineer will come and do the needful.But till today no body has appeared.

As no body came till 48 hours of my complaint I called again on 11/07/2011 at customer care center and spoke to Mr.Kiran. He wanted another 12 hours for the replacement. I then spoke to his senior Mr.Mahendra at the same time and he promised me that replacement will be done on 12/07/2011 before 10.00 AM.The same result as that of my complaint of 9/07/201r..

On 12/07/2011 again in the evening when I contacted tatasky, I spoke to ms. Mamta and later on to her superior mr.harsh. Mr. harsh promised me to cal back within 1 hour.After 1 hour somebody called me again and was asking for more time.

This is the way those people are attending complaints, for which we are charged, reminds me of the Govt. offices of old days. I am without TV. since last 6 days ad therefore reminding the people to think 100 times before going to tatasky,
Vijayan Yhane Send email
Feb 23, 2012


For more than 3 years, we are using Tatasky and the performance were satisfactory. But from last week of Sept., the channels Amrita, DD4 malayalam and Kairali were withdrawn one by one, that too with out any notice. Tatasky may not be having funds to afford the pay channels, but the justification for withdrawing the free channel like DD4 is not understood. Unfortunately we had paid for whole year. we feel we are cheated. This is not expected from a firm having the name Tata. Kindly return the remaining amount.
Pradeepk_in Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Its high time we do something about this. This act by Tata sky is ridiculous and undermining the belief and interests of customers. We malayalis are only left with 4 channels while all other regional channels have a minimum of 10 channels atleast. I have contacted three times and always given them a mouthful. The latest as of today is the lady telling me that she has received a lot of complaints which is a good sign. she has given me a bull story on some transponder issues with kairali and amrita and honestly admitted that she does not when the channels are going to be continued. it is sad that a reputed provider has stooped to such levels without honouring consumer issues. TATA SKY u better watch out. Mallus are not in the habit of taking things lying down.
Raghunath Pillai Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tatasky removed Kairali channel and Amritha channel without notice and with no explanation given! When I called up the customer care they said that they are waiting for the customer response after removing the channel. I have paid for the service and TATASKY HAS CHEATED its customers by removing the channel and moreover there was no intimation and TATASKY IS WAITING TO HEAR CUSTOMER RESPONSE to put the channels back...weird and absurd. There are 50 apartments (subscribed coz of the malayalam channels in it) in my apartment complex who are with Tatasky out of the 96 apartments and ALL OF THEM are looking at an alternative. Mr. TATASKY you are not the only service provider and we are spoilt for options.

Moreover beware of the TATASKY representatives calling you up or information you about the free package for 1 month. Guyz you might not need the package and you feel it is a free package so does not hurt me. You forget about it and from the next month you are charged for that and it goes unnoticed. So ask them and unsubscribe to any channel you do not need.
Manojkka Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Agree. TataSky is cheating Malaylis. I complained official and they responded after 20 days with standard answer! Following is my answer to them, sharing it below

Thanks for the response, though it is more than 20 days since I made the complaint !

None of these explanations are valid for this action on Tata Sky's part. Here are the reasons and you will know how illogical your arguments are and how other DTH operators are handling this much better than Tata Sky.

You mentioned about viewing pattern and preference of people. I see it can change, but tata sky should know how to cater to balance this. Is it justified to reduce Malayalam channels from 8 to 4 over a period of 3-4 years where as you are increasing other regional languages? Most of your competitors (like Airtel, Big TV, SUN, Videocon) have 10 or more Malayalam channels. I simply don't understand your logic of taste and preference and Tata Sky is not the only one catering to variety of viewers.

Tata Sky is not the only channel to have HD channels, nor the first one as well. I'm not sure why Tata Sky has to mention about HD here and trying to justify removal of Malayalam channels. How is the other providers giving HD content and a providing variety of options as well? BTW, 7 asli HD channel is false claim. In fact I got trapped with your HD marketing and I lost my favourite channels.

I don't get the logic of removing three malayalam channels in the last few weeks and introducing other regional channels. Why don't you remove couple least watched channels in the same regional language and add more if required instead of penalizing only malayalam viewers?

Bottom line is that you don't have bandwidth as you are using old technology and you are penalizing customers for no mistake of theirs. I request you to restore Malayalam channels. Please have balance approach for regional language channels. Most of the main regional languages have 10 or more channels, where as Malayalam channels have gone down from 8 to 4. Again, all your competitors have more than 10 malayalam channels and they seems to catering to the same India audience who has taste and preference !

Please stop providing standard answers and get the act together to resolve it.

Hope to hear a positive response.

Umakant Katlawar Send email
Feb 23, 2012

relocation not done

from 6 days costormer care and servise enginees giving me a rong information for relocation timing and not attending yet the tata sky servise providing department is very poor and not fulfill their commentments.
umakant katlawar.
Prabhaakar Pt Send email
Feb 23, 2012

relocation not done

i had reqeusted for relocation of tata sky connection as i was transferred from goa to mumbai
GAve reqeust on 12.06.2011. It was promised that it will done in 72 hours.
But today is 20.06.2011. No engineer visited.
JGeorge Send email
Feb 23, 2012


One of the worst DTH platform for Malayalam Channels.
Only 4 (out of 15) Channels are available for viewers.
They have dropped 3 Malayalam channels from last 30 days, including the free-to-air DD Malayalam.

George (Mumbai)
Prejish Mangottil Send email
Feb 23, 2012


They dropped the Malayalam channels without any notice. I called their helpdesk who said they will take my feedback and in the future they may reinstate the channels. I requested a cancellation. They say you can keep the digicomp box and the dish (should I be using it as an umbrella...?). I have been using this service for the past 3 years; regret my voice is not heard.

Jayagopal G Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am Jayagopal.G from kerala with Tatasky connection from last 2 -3 years.My tatasky Id is 1033323047.
Tatasky is providing only few malayalam channels compared to other service providers. On 21st of this month Tatasky dropped Amritha TV and DD malayalam without any notice or even a message in the setupbox. If they are adding any channels they will send messages in every one hour or less.
I contacted customer care about this but they also dont know whether this channels will be added or are permanently removed from list. As this is their approach to a keralite who is asking for more malayalam channels from last 2 years, I am going send my tatasky Setup box to Municipality Dustbin on the day before my Next recharge due date.
Advice to all Keralite:
Never buy a Tatasky connection as they may remove Rice or Curry from your plate at any time after offering a Super special Dinner. If you are ready to sit in front of an empty plate expecting some thing better then go on with Tatasky. Now only 5 malayalam channels are available which may be removed in the earliest.
Rajeevkgail Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Faults & problems

I got installed a Tatasky HD connection in July 2011 replacing the two STBs of DishTV. I was promised HD via the component outputs of the STB and did get it till 11th sept. 11. However, on 11Th sept. 11 the TataSky STB downloaded new software from their central server and now HD channels are now being displayed in HD. I have lodged many complaints but looks Tata-Sky is just not interested to get the Issues resolved. Their Technicians are unlearned and the Sr. Engineer who visited my place had very very restricted knowledge himself! HOW I WISH NOW THAT I SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO DISH-TV! Tata-Sky services is very poor and it is clear that the TATAs are going down in their reputation.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Faults & problems

After a lot of Salesmanship & persuasions from your Marketing guys, I finally decided to invest in 3 Tata Sky Connections. That time your staff told me that my life would change after that. We then bought the 3 Connections & our Lives turned to WORSE after that due to several Faults & Problems in your systems.

First of all let me tell you what I was PROMISED:

1) World Class Sat TV Service
2) 24 Hrs Help Available
3) My Life will become Jhinga Lala
4) All my Cable TV Problems (3Connections) be over.
5) 24 Hrs Clear Digital Reception- NO DISRUPTION, Guaranteed.

We were quite impressed with the Promises & we disconnected our 3 Cable Connections & invested in 3 Tata Sky Connections. But alas from the very

Second Day The TRAUMA & TENSIONS started as Follows:

1) The Installer did not fix the Dish/Antenna on our Roof Properly, so the Pictures started distorting. We called your Help Line, but they could not sort the Problem on Phone, so we had to wait till next day for your mechanic to come & rectify the fault. So 24 Hours without Tata Sky.

2) Whenever there is a Medium breeze blowing or even a slight drizzle or the start of Rain, all the Channels start getting distorted. Again we call up your help line several times for this peculiar problem, but they could not help. They kept on telling us to check the Signal Strength, take out the Digi Card & put it back again after switching off the TV for a few minutes, etc. Oooofh! What a waste of Time & Energy! Two of your Executives even accepted that this Problem is there in Tata Sky that whenever the Rain Starts or a strong Breeze starts, the TV Pictures get distorted. Shocking isn't it?

3) The WORST is yet to come. Continuously All thru 24 Hours some kind of Coded Labels/Stickers keep appearing on the Screen of all our TV's. Some of the Labels are: 00063130, 000CC966, 18604256633, 000.508.5179-9, 01500191715, etc.

These Labels/Stickers keep appearing at all crucial places on the Screen, sometimes blocking an important part of the Screen. Eg: (a) A question is asked by the Quiz Master and as soon as the answer appears on the screen, the Label blocks a part of the answer for No Rhyme or Reason. (b) A beautiful Lady/actress is dancing in one of the Channel programmes, suddenly one of the Labels appear on her face or Chest, spoiling the scene for the Viewers. It's really disgusting at Times, when you are watching Intensely. On Calling up your Help line they showed their inability to rectify this, as it was Signal Testing/Piracy test going on & it comes from Chennai. Sir, why so many different kinds of Labels, so many times- virtually thru the day & night to Test your Signals etc? And why are these Labels coming in or around the Centre of the Screen?? If you want to check your signal or piracy etc-then do it on the 4 corners of the Screen & not in the Centre areas PLEASE.

4) My old Mother aged about 80 years is so much fed up with these problems that she has removed the Sky TV cable & restored her old Cable TV connection. She could not cope up with your so-called Modern Technology hazards creating Depression & Anxiety faced during Prime Time Viewing. She has asked me to convey to you that you should inform your Customers of these Shortcomings before they take your Connections -IF ONE WANTS TATA SKY CONNECTION THEN HE SHOULD NOT ALLOW RAIN OR STRONG BREEZE TO COME NEAR HIS/HER HOUSE, HE SHOULD BE READY TO WAIT FOR 24 HOURS TILL HELP COMES TO RECTIFY THE DEFECTS, HE SHOULD ENJOY THE DIFFERENT LABELS & STICKERS APPEARING ON THE TV SCREEN AS A PART OF ENTERTAINMENT, HE SHOULD NOT DESERVE HIS FAVOURITE CHANNELS LIKE SAHARA SAMAY, ZOOM ETC. HE SHOULD ALSO HAVE A CABLE CONNECTION AS STAND BY EVERY TIME THE TATA SKY GIVES PROBLEMS & FINALLY, TATA SKY IS MEANT ONLY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE NOT OLDIES.

5) Though promised but you have yet not installed favorite Channels like- Zoom, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV, etc which are very popular in this part of the Country-maybe not in Chennai. We are still waiting in the Sea of HOPE as promised by your Executives & agents.

6) Even Yesterday your Signals went off Three Times during the Day including at 12 Noon & 3 pm and restored after app 10-20 mts each time. In fact we rushed to our Mothers TV as she was watching her Cable connection, which was clear.

I am a heart patient suffering from severe cervical Spondilitis & I am really fed up on these Shortcomings of yours. So I approach you to take Immediate Action as follows:

A) Please Stop displaying your Signal Stickers/Labels anywhere on the Screen, except on the Corners.
B) Rectify the fault of Distortions due to Rain/ Strong Breeze problems.
C) Include the Favorite Channels like ZOOM, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV etc. Failing which please disconnect my Tata Sky Connections & Refund me the Entire Money.

I had Full faith in all Tata Companies as I myself worked with them for 15 Long years, but today I am loosing Faith & Confidence in this new Venture – Tata Sky. I am sure Mr. Rattan Tata is not aware of these Shortcomings otherwise he would not have tolerated these Nuisances. There are many others who are facing these problems but they choose not to complain now, but they will surely do it later when they get fed up and then you will face the problem of eroding your Customer Base. You have a tough competition & you must provide Best of Services to retain your Market Share. Please do Respond with Corrective Action taken as I am interested in YOUR Prosperity & Image, being an ex TATA Employee. Some of the Complaint Nos are: 1-471408632.27/5, 402073875, 1-445234917 etc. Surprisingly These Complaint Nos do not follow any Pattern & are not systematic. I AM IN COMPLETE TENSION AS SEVERAL COMPLAINTS TO THEM HAVE BROUGHT NO RELIEF NOR EVEN A REPLY... Deepak Bahl

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