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Consumer complaints and reviews about TeleCheck

kv54ky Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Check denied by tele check

Wrote out a check at a business it was DENIED BY TELECHECK went to my bank they said my account was great and the check should not have been denied. Called telecheck after and hour on the phone they said it was denied because I had no history the account is years old so why no history. I asked them how i could get a history if they deny my check.They also said they could not tell me if the next check I write would be denied or not.
Looking to join class action suit against tele check
Cbeard Send email
Apr 4, 2017

Check Denial

I have been writing checks to a local convenience store for over 10 years with no problems. Today i wrote a check and it was denied by TeleCheck. Evidently some slick sales person sold this TeleChack scam to prevent bad checks. Their reason for denying my check was too much activity in my checking account.
They wanted me to give them more information, routing number, drivers license number and social security number then AFTER i write more checks they can start approving my checks.
I refuse to frequent any business that has the Telecheck sticker on its' door or tells me they must submit my check to these crooks.
kalpatel Send email
Oct 11, 2016

Rude, fraud and cheaters

My husband gave a check written for $1001 for our out of pocket payment to service king, the guy working there enter $10001 instead of $1001 in their Tele check electronic deposit machine and he gave receipt to sign and my husband noticed that before signing that he entered wrong amount of $10001. He told the guy and he called there merchant to void the transaction. Merchant (Telechek) walked the service king employee to void the transaction. So he did and gave VOID receipt. Merchant mentioned " this transaction has been voided and consider that this transaction never happened ". My husband wrote another new check to service king for $1001.On Tuesday, We got the message from our bank that our account was over drawn as that VOIDED transaction for $10001 was posted as pending in our bank account. We called service king and they said transaction was voided so fund will never clear our account and pending transaction will be canceled out next day morning but still they will call to merchant (Telechek).Service king kept telling us that its Telecheck who made mistake as service king voided transaction same time and also that transaction never appeared in Service king Batch report at the end of that day. They treated us like that it was matter of $10. It is illegal, that they took out $10001 when check was only written for $1001 and MY HUSBAND NEVER AUTHORIZED that amount. We had to call our bank and also he went to branch to give copy of all proof about voided transaction and copy of check after that bank put the claim in dispute and my bank got us temporary credit of $10001 on Friday evening (sep 22nd) until they resolve the issue with merchant. So after all this fighting Telechek has also refunded our $10001 on September 30 2016. So we thought that our bank must have resolved the issue with merchant and now bank will withdraw their $10001 which they gave us as temporary credit. But that was not the end of it.

We got the call from COLLECTION agency (TRS-Part of Telechek) that we owe them $10001(we still had the temporary credit from our bank and refund from Telechek), as Merchant (tele check that service king use to process payment) put that in COLLECTION. Now reason for that is service king credited us with $10001 electonic deposit after 2 weeks (on sep 30th). In the beginning service king was not helping us so Meanwhile our bank put the claim in dispute and they gave us TEMPORARY credit of $10001 until dispute got resolved. So we thought whoever has to take their temporary credit back they will do it. As a customer we don't know how Service king, Tele check and Bank works with each other. So now Collection agency calling us today and telling that we have to return $10001 to tele check. We asked them how they can directly send this in collection agency, because we never got any calls or mail from tele check regarding paying them back. Lady from Collection agency said they sent you a mail and we didn't pay so it came in COLLECTION. We asked what address they have sent mail? GUESS WHAT they didn't write Apartment number, so how the hell we are going to receive mail? Just imagine how careless they are? We explained the issue to collection lady (Dianna Lyn), and she was so rude to us like we have stolen money from them? Then we talk to her manager( Joel Tewolde) and he was really sound her manager in terms of rudeness. His words are “ Yea make sure you have that fund in our account always and dont touch it as they are still figuring out whow they will take it back from us”. No applogy or anything. Even he said its not Telecheck mistake its service king who did mistake. So we got Service king manager and Joel in conference and that time Joel( from Telechek) accepted that its Telechek mistake and transaction would have never gone through as it was voided. Still Telechek is trying to figure out how did that happen.I HAVE NEVER OWED A SINGLE PENNY TO ANYONE IN MY LIFE..... So again we are at the same page... and started calling chase, service king and one more addition COLLECTION agency..... What do these people think, We do not have any other work besides calling these customer services? and those people just blame each other rather than giving any firm answers? When our $10001 were stuck because of service king mistake, nobody was bothering to taking care of that money, All inconvenience we had, to make arrangements to pay our other bills and to avoid over draft charges from bank , mental harassment by customer service employees from Service king,tele check. Now to get that $10,001 that is in my account for just 3 days ( We still don't know, who has to get that extra $10001 ? Service king or Chase who gave us temporary credit) , they sent it for COLLECTION..... I called chase they are saying the credit given by them was temporary and claim dispute has not completed yet. We are really mad on all of these people, as this ended up in COLLECTION... They all are playing with our life, they do not value, that their carelessness will ruin someones credit and that affect our life.... We hold back in the beginning that everyone make mistake so thats fine, but these many mistakes, inconvenience, and mental harassment on and on are RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTED.... Now service king manager talked to the COLLECTION lady and he said that service king never got that money .. Its telecheck who put this in collection.... This is so frustrating that we don't know tele check thats service king payment processor and you guys are telling us to deal with them????? You guys MUST HAVE to fix this issue.!!!!!!! ITS way beyond every limit....

Today, Telecheck recovery lady called in afternoon at 3 p.m. and talking to us like we stole their money... and telling us send us $10,001 cashier check over night or do wire transfer right away, treating us like we are the ones that took their money. On top of that she never offered any compensation in terms of fees for mailing or wire transfer. So we fought for it and finally she said ok fine we will pay for it. Really, What does she think, that we just sit home and whenever they will call, we can to go to the bank to get their cashiers check and send it over night???? We had to do all this for service king and telecheck mistake ???? I do not have any words for service king and there processor Telecheck, I am seriously thinking to hire Lawyer for all these mental harassment done by SK &telecheck
drqhaber Send email
Sep 19, 2016

Check denied at Walmart

After many, many years of using checks at Walmart, my Check was denied for a little over $50! I have never written a bad check, and had over $5000 in the account. Thank goodness I happened to have cash on me. I was humiliated and very embarrassed to say the least. Can't get a human on the phone, all automated when you call the 800 number. Then it says it is an attempt to collect a debt. What debt? Are they crazy? My credit is excellent, which doesn't happen if you have debt. Then the cashier says you can use a debit card. No thanks, I was hacked 2 years ago when I used my debit card there! Please include me in a class action suit. My email is drqhaber@gmail.com.
user123579 Send email
Mar 4, 2016

Telecheck Extortion of double payment

A few weeks back, I had a check returned for NSF to a Grocery Store because there had been an unauthorized purchase by a different merchant which caused my checking account to have insufficient funds for the check. The check was redeposited a 2nd time less than a week later and cleared with no issues. I never heard from Telecheck or the Grocery Store and figured it was done and over with.

Yesterday I attempted to purchase groceries from Lowes foods and my check was declined. I immediately called Telecheck but was rerouted to TRS -- their debt collection department. I informed them that the check had already cleared my bank account and that I had no outstanding debts to Telecheck or any other merchant. They advised me that unless I paid the full amount of the check plus the 25.00 NSF fee, all future checks that I attempted to pay with would be declined. They also indicated that it would be at least 2 calendar weeks before their systems would be updated to show that the original check had been paid ... if it had indeed been paid. They were extremely rude and accusatory.

I was transferred back to Telecheck and spoke to 3 levels of supervisors. The 3rd finally advised me to fax a copy of my banking transactions that showed that the check had been paid to their resolution team and that would expedite the process of getting my "status" cleared. I did that.

I called Telecheck today and they indicated their "system" still showed the check as unpaid and there was no way to "speed up the process". I asked if I paid the "debt" directly to Telecheck, would they lift the "ban" on my checks. They said I would have to talk to their debt collection department. I was transferred back over there and asked if I paid the amount they said they owed, how long would it take to update in their system and when would my checks start being approved again. They indicated within 24 hours. At that point, I was faced with a choice -- pay Telecheck and get my check-writing priveleges restored within 24 hours OR wait 2 weeks to 30 days while they "researched" my claim that the check had indeed been paid and have all attempts at paying by check declined. I asked if I paid Telecheck, what would happen to the amount that had already been deducted from my bank account. They indicated it would be refunded "within 30 days". I basically felt like I had no choice but to pay Telecheck directly because they completely control my ability to pay by check. So I paid them 108 bucks (the original 89 for the NSF check that had already been paid + 25 bucks for the "NSF" fee). I asked them at least 4 times when Telecheck would update their system and start approving checks again and was assured all 4 times that it would be within 24 hours.

I believe that having Telecheck as both the approver and the debt collector is a conflict of interest. They basically blackmail and blacklist you into paying or you can count on never being able to write another check -- regardless of what account it is because they will continue to decline you. If you want to have your checks approved, pay them NOW... even if it has already been resubmitted and paid to the original merchant.

I strongly doubt I will ever see the original 90 bucks back. I was also told that I will have to "start over" by proving myself since I have already had an NSF -- that I would have to write a series of small checks (less than 89 bucks) and build up gradually.

I have submitted complaints to CFPB as well as the FTC... the major credit reporting agencies are NOT collection agencies... They do not approve or deny you credit... however Telecheck does approve or deny you the ability to pay by check. For individuals with limited credit options, this puts a disproportionate burden on them since they have no other option but to carry around vast amounts of cash to cover their purchases. If your debit card has been compromised, you have no way of getting additional cash on holidays and weekends.

How Telecheck can be allowed to function without ANY regard or oversight and how they can be permitted to blackmail and collect money multiple times for the same purchase is beyond me. I can't understand how they are permitted to operate with such an obvious lack of oversight, conflict of interest and absolute total power and control over consumer's ability to purchase goods and services.

I have sent an email to an attorney in my state to inquire about a class action suit against Telecheck but frankly, I do not remain optimistic. These complaints have been going on for over 6 years and nothing has changed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go write a check for a 1 dollar pack of gum and see if Telecheck, in their extreme "beneficence" will allow my check to clear. I'll have to repeat that process for about 6 months before I'm actually able to buy a reasonable amount of groceries in one trip. However, here is my form of protest. I will be going to every store, fill up my cart and I will attempt to purchase by check. When it is declined, I will simply walk out of the store and leave the cart there. I'll be sure to put frozen foods and perishable products in the cart that will go to waste. I can only hope that if this happens enough to enough grocery stores and they start to incur a cost due to Telecheck declining checks, then perhaps they will rethink their reliance on Telecheck. I guess the question is whether Lowes Food and Food Lion would rather take a chance on my check clearing or having to quickly return everything to the freezer and cooler and/or throw out the merchandise because it has been sitting out too long. After they lose enough money through wasted food and effort due to Telecheck's arbitrary and onerous approval process, perhaps the cost of having to use Telecheck will outweigh the cost associated with wasted products and staff effort resulting from Telecheck denials.
carolinenc Send email
Jan 12, 2016


I was denied while shopping at local Lowe's Food store. It was the weekend, so I asked the cashier for cash back. I don't know if he miskeyed in wrong information that caused my check to be flagged. I went to another store, and my check was denied again. When I called Telecheck, he said my bank had frozen my account. I waited until Monday morning, and went to my bank. The Vice president checked my account, which was active, in great standing, and plenty of funds. She said she had around 2 customers every month this happens to. She called telecheck, with me in her office. Telecheck girl said, the account was not valid. The vice president assured her it was. it took around 2 hours for telecheck to verify my information. she never would say why my account was flagged. We spoke to telechecks supervisor next for an answer. she would only repeat that all information was verified and correct now, but the checks could be red flagged again . So I don't know when or how long before it happens again. I got cash out to use, and got a debit card to use. will only use checks to pay for bills I mail off. my weekend was totally miserable, as I did not have cash on me, and could not buy one thing at the grocery store, or anywhere for that matter. spent several hours at the bank. Telecheck wanted my account and routing number to the checks, my name, address, phone#, and drivers license#. I'm going to have to look into lifelock or some other company for protection to identify theft now. why hasn't this company been banned, why do the merchants keep it. it is a terrible company that targets everyone. sooner or later.
sams77 Send email
Dec 16, 2015

denied ck a walmart for groceried

I'm looking to join a class action against telecheck. Who are they to stop us from spending our money when we have funds available. They where sued and lost for doing this by lying about the reason for the denials. The Fair Trade commission won the suit for 3.5 million know we the consumer must force the merchant to enforce the law. Please give me a good atty name my email is sams.40@ hotmail.com
murphy Send email
Dec 10, 2015

banking info wanted

On Nov.29, 2015 I wrote a check for $325.51 to Sam's Club # 6431. My check was accepted electronically and given back to me along with my receipt of purchases.
On Dec. 10, 2015 I received a letter from Telecheck indicating, "that the above mentioned merchant (Sam's) uses Telecheck's Electronic Check Acceptance Service to process its check payments. To successfully convert a paper check to an electronic item, the banking numbers along the bottom of the check must be read with a special check reader, and that information must be accurately transmitted to telecheck to ensure a complete transaction. Unfortunately, the transaction you authorized at the above merchant location cannot be completed because the banking information was not read correctly by the check reader. Telecheck cannot successfully complete the transaction."
They then provide a telephone number to contact upon receipt of the letter. At this point I contacted my bank and verified that the check did indeed clear and Sam's received payment for the check amount ($325.51) They provided me with a copy of the bank transaction, and made a copy of the letter I received from Telecheck.
The letter continues with an "apology for any inconvenience this incomplete transaction may cause and hope I view this situation as an isolated incident, which does not reflect negatively on the merchant or on Telecheck. The Telecheck Electronic Check Acceptance Service is a safe and secure payment method and we hope you continue to select electronically converted checks as your preferred payment option."
This is obviously a scam and YES it does reflect NEGATIVELY on Telecheck, as my bank confirmed this fact.
NiceSmile4U Send email
Nov 17, 2015

TeleCheck Unfair Practices

TeleCheck denied my check at Walmart and embarrassed me for no reason! To date, I've written to them twice and still they cannot supply the reason why my check was denied except to say it is up to me to review my credit file. There IS NO negative info in my credit file! I have exceptional credit. I want to jump on the class-action lawsuit against TeleCheck too!
Farmer Gal Send email
Nov 4, 2015

Telecheck denied my check

We're building a barn and we needed 4 stall feeders that are only sold at Tractor Supply. Unfortunately TSC typically only keeps one feeder in stock per store, and it can take up to a month for the feeders to come in on special order. So we decided to drive from store to store buying one feeder at a time. When we got to the fourth store (after driving a couple of hundred miles) our check for $179.99 was denied. Amidst annoyed and disapproving looks from the customers waiting behind us in line, I called our bank, who assured the TSC cashier that we had adequate funds in our account, but the cashier still did not have the authority to accept the check. Then I called Telecheck, who said we had suspicious/potentially fraudulent activity on our account. Although I could barely understand the Telecheck rep's heavy accent, I think he said our purchases exceeded Telecheck's authority to approve (whatever that means). We've spent far more than that at one time at TSC in the past, so we assumed it was because we'd made four separate purchases at four different TSC stores in a single day. We could see how that might raise a red flag, but we thought once we explained the situation and the cashier confirmed that the bank said there were sufficient funds, all would be well. Wrong! The Telecheck rep asked us for all kinds of information about our account, where we live, our phone number, the names on our account, etc. Then he said he would "update" our account information and we should not write any more checks for 7 days. Is he kidding? This is our farm account and we are running a business! What was going to happen in 7 days that couldn't happen right then? We don't write checks for the farm off our personal accounts, but we had no choice in this case, to avoid delaying the construction of our barn. I appreciate the merchants' need to be cautious, and I assume Telecheck does prevent some fraudulent checks, but once a customer proves the check is good, why can't Telecheck override the denial and let the check go through? This would enable merchants to protect themselves without running off their good customers. Why don't merchants put pressure on Telecheck to implement an override procedure requiring, for example, certain validating data and Telecheck supervisor authorization?
edbev06 Send email
Nov 2, 2015

denial of check

denied my check wanted me to give them permission to call my bank to see if there were enough funds in my bank to cover.the check. they hung up on me three times and when i asked the last name of the people i was taking to they said they werent allowed to give me their last name but yet im expected to give my bank checking numbers and tele number..i will join in a lawsuite with any one who can get it started .
lyndaschoenbeck Send email
Nov 2, 2015


On November 2, 2015 I wrote a check for $265.34 for purchases at Best Buy in Williston, VT and provided my drivers license as proof of identity. My check was denied by Telecheck and I was unable to make my purchase. The clerk at the Best Buy check out suggested that I "probably have insufficent funds" as a reason for the denial. NOT TRUE - I had about 10 times the amount of the check in my checking account. I spoke to the manager at Best Buy who advised me they could do nothing. From the store I contacted Telecheck through the number printed out on the back of my check when it was denied. I was told that my checks were being denied because "you have insufficient history of writing checks." They also told me that this was the fourth time I had been denied (I was denied paying by check while on vacation at a Best Buy in North Carolina in August, 2015, a check written to WalMart in North Carolina September 2015, and a check written to Marshalls in Williston, VT in September 2015.) This was the first time I was aware that I had been denied at the previous stores because at the time I was told that they couldn't process the checks because "our system is down."

After leaving Best Buy I went to my bank and asked them for assistance. They spoke to their Customer Service rep, who stated that yes, I had plenty of money in my account. The Customer Service rep contacted Telecheck using the same number I had used to contact them, and were told that I had a history of bounced checks and that was why they denied my check. That was completely untrue, and my bank confirmed that I had not bounced any checks, nor ever had a check presented and paid or denied for insufficient funds.

My bank suggested that I contact Telecheck again and request a letter in writing that outlines their rationale for denying my checks at the merchants listed about. This time I spoke to a woman, who spoke extremely fast and whom I had difficulty understanding. Like the first Telecheck employee she had a very difficult (for me) to understand Hispanic accent. I asked her several times to slow down her speech as I had difficulty understanding her. She became annoyed with me and continued to speak rapidly. I asked her repeatedly to send me written verification of their denial of my checks and their rationale for the denial. Rather than agree she asked me numerous questions: "you were denied because you do not have sufficient check writing history with us;" (to which I responded with the question, how many checks must I write before there is "sufficient history" and "how do I establish sufficient history when you continue to deny my checks as payment." Additional questions put to me: "Is this a new account?" (NO) "Has your bank been sold to another bank;" (NO) "What is your license number?" (I had already provide that three times throughout this contact). More repetitive questions followed. I again asked for the letter. The response was "take down this reference number." I wrote the reference letter and asked the purpose of this number? There was no response. I asked when I could expect my letter from Telecheck. The response was "the next time write your check for a smaller about." I again asked when I could expect the letter. This time the response was "in about 30 days." I stated that this was unacceptable, reiterated that it was my intention to send the letter to Best Buy Corporate office and the Better Business Bureau. I doubt I will ever receive a letter.

In an online search I found many, many complaints about Telecheck, all with similar experiences. Some consumers stated that they were charged $25.00 following a denial of their check for purchases that goes directly to Telecheck. I also learned that this company has a legal judgement against them for just this kind of behavior (https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/01/telecheck-pay-35-million-fair-credit-reporting-act-violations). So exactly WHY is this outrageous behavior continuing? I cannot believe that merchants are happy with this. They are losing business because of it. I informed Best Buy today that as long as they continued to use Telecheck I would no longer make any purchase from them.
kellykies Send email
Oct 27, 2015

Denial at Supermarket

This company is ridiculous. Something needs to be done, I am going to complain to the BBB, and the Attorney General. Hopefully I can get something done. I am 50 years old. I have been writing checks at the grocery store for years. I had an issue with my checking account in august 2015. It was my fault. To make a long story short I have a check returned for 105.00. I took care of the issue right away, the check got sent through again and it was fine, I paid the 30.00 because it was my fault, I'm human and I admit my mistake. Nobody had to call me on the phone or send me letters, as soon as I saw it was an issue I called everyone and took care of it right away. I have since gone to the grocery store and wrote two checks, small amounts one was 30 something and one was 40 something. I went last night because I needed a few things and the total was 118 and change. They denied my check. I felt like a complete ass. I called the 800 which I agree is unbelievable and you know what their reasoning was for denying my check. "Because it fell out of the guidelines of what they allow for me to write a check".......really....what THEY ALLOW. I am 50 years old. I have never had issue writing a check, I screwed up 1 time....just once, and I fixed the issues and now I have to be allowed to write a check in the amount of 118.00 It doesn't matter I pay my rent by check every month without an issue etc. On top of all that, they never send you a letter explaining any of this. So you never know until you make a complete fool out of yourself. They should be sued and please add me to the list because I want to make sure something is done about them.
Frankman Send email
Oct 5, 2015


We opened a new checking account 3 months ago, there had been fraudulent activity regarding our old account. The first check 2 weeks after opening the account went to the supermarket that I've been patronizing for 20 plus years and the check was declined, but the debit card was approved!!! They are linked to the same bank!! If there was a lack of credit history why accept my debit card? Second time, no problem, third time a problem and when you call the 800# it's like putting your head in a vice!! WTF!! I am behind angry with these morons and there needs to be a solution to this issue.........Is there a lawsuit? if so, sign me up and if there is a fee I'll write a check!
medgeberg Send email
Mar 30, 2015

telecheck reported my check as bad

Telecheck did not present my check for payment to my bank, they flagged it after it was approved by the store. Then sent to TRS collection agency. My bank sent a document stating that my account is and always has Bee in good standing and active. This has been going on for three years. I want and need this to stop. It not only effects my personal account, but our business account as well.
GreenLantern100 Send email
Dec 16, 2014

Lawsuit against telecheck

Please add me to the class action lawsuit against telecheck. My email address is GreenLantern100@Yahoo.com. I am tired of telecheck telling me I can not spend my money.
GreenLantern100 Send email
Dec 16, 2014

Lawsuit against telecheck

I would also like to be in on the class action lawsuit against telecheck. My email address is GreenLantern100@Yahoo.com and I have also had it with this company telling me I can't spend my money.
MargeD Send email
Dec 11, 2014

checks being declined

I work at the Colorado Springs State Bank a branch of Herring Bank our main bank is located in Amarillo Texas but our branch is in Colorado Springs Colorado several of the Colorado customers are being declined at various merchants. As the Colorado customers order new checks we are having them put the main banks routing number on them. I do not know if thsi is the cause of declines but these customers are good customers and should not be declined. I would like a Telecheck rep to call me so we can figure out how to solve this problem. Today a customer was declined at Bed Bath and Beyond and also American Eagle

My name is Marge Davis with the Colorado Springs State Bank

ph. 719-473-2000 on MST 8 am to 5 pm

Thank you
ALP Send email
Nov 19, 2014


Wrote a check to Sleep Country USA for more than $1500. It was denied based on information from Telecheck. They said it did not fit their security parameters since they had no information on me. I then used a credit card to complete the purchase. I was so upset that I later returned to the store and cancelled the order. To add insult to injury, I had to listen to a lecture by a Telecheck customer service rep. about writing a lot of small checks to build up my profile. How many people write a lot of checks these days? Also, all my future checks will go through the same scrutiny. Don't write a check to any store using Telecheck.

any store using Telecheck.
ovbunnie Send email
Sep 28, 2014

declined check

For the second time today, my check was declined in a grocery store - once last year and again today. When we called we were told it was declined because I had never written a check through TeleCheck. My question is - how can I get approval from TeleCheck for my check written to a grocery store if I've never used TeleCheck before? This problem seems impossible to understand.
khayash Send email
Feb 19, 2014


Apple Computers uses Telecheck as a check guarantee company.
If you are a new small business, Telecheck does not have your company loaded in their system.
Apple had me get on a phone call with Telecheck to identify the reasons for their rejection of a perfectly good check.
Telecheck made the same claim that others on this board have posted... "you have no history."
Excuse me?
But who the hell are you to talk with me about my new small business history?
You have no position in the relationship between me and Apple other than what Apple Executives are permitting you to take.
Then, I do some research while the Telecheck people keep me on the phone for 20 minutes.
Telecheck just agreed to a $3.5 million settlement for violations of FCRA rules.

Quoting the US federal attorney complaint:
"The FCRA requires that, when a consumer attempts to pay by check at a merchant
that uses TeleCheck, and TeleCheck does not authorize the check, the merchant must provide the
consumer with a notice that, inter alia, (1) states that its decision not to accept the consumer’s
check was based on information that TeleCheck provided; (2) provides TeleCheck’s contact
information; (3) advises the consumer that they have a right to obtain a free copy of the
information TeleCheck has on file about them; and (4) advises the consumer that they are
entitled to dispute the accuracy of the information that TeleCheck has furnished about them. See
section 615(a) of the FCRA, 15 U.S.C. § 1681m(a)."

A copy of the federal Dept. of Justice complaint is published by the US DOJ here:
annaker Send email
Apr 18, 2013


I was having problems with CVS and Giant vis a vis having Telecheck deny my checks initially, then I have to call and literally beg to have it accepted. Twice it had to do with a needed prescription. I had the same problem at Giant, but the first check was accepted, but the check for food right before Easter was denied! And this after they had accepted all my other checks, after much cajoling. (nothing 'bounced')

I had more than enough money in my checking account.

I keep hearing the same spiel: Not enough activity on your account (so I started to write more checks). Or, don't take this personally, it's not about credit rating or your bank balance, it is a formula to calculate risk. What does THAT mean? I am at the mercy of a FORMULA!

I am going to pursue this legally because it had been embarrassing and literally humiliating each time I have entered a CVS or Giant (which I will no longer patronize - regardless whether I have my card or cash. No problem with my local Safeway, or other stores. I suggest that others cease to purchase from stores using telecheck - perhaps we should compile a list?

This is just plain discriminatory against honest consumers.
valleydale Send email
Feb 14, 2013

Good Check Refused

Last night I went to the Rite Aid in Hickory. I wrote a check for $53 (Ihave thousands in account, don't bounce checks, have over draft protection, excellent credit, stable employment, and a current security clearance) The check was rejected by Telecheck - in front of about 25 other consumers..how humiliating. I received a slip of paper that states "they are taking this adverse action ..."
REALLY???? You are admitting to taking an ADVERSE ACTION against me?? Oh goodie...I called Telecheck.. the explaination was - it's not based on credit history, check writing history, checking account balance...in other words..your abiity to pay huh?? Is it because I am short? is it the Jewish last name?? Why would Rite Aid do business with a company that has sooo many complaints.. and trades on INACURRATE information???? My only conclusion here is... Rite Aid must NOT WANT CASH. Maybe they are looking to shed all but the credit card customers... Otherwise they wouldn't endorse these arbitrary and capricious practices. Many stores have the check processing abilities that verify balances, thus enabling them to provide good customer service. I smell something VERY fishy about this whole situation.

Lesson learned..I will only do business with stores who actually want customers.. Oh, and as far as law suits are concerned.. I see punitive damages..Defamation of Character
Chelmac Send email
Nov 23, 2012


My check was declined for no reason. I have never had a check declined or had a check bounce. My credit score is over 750. I was embarrassed as if I had commmitted a crime. This practice of telecheck declining checks for no known reason. Is it becaus I live in Detroit or .. is it because I'm african american. Take your guess.. because it certainy wasn't because I was a high risk customer.
User705213 Send email
Apr 7, 2012

I am still burned about it!

Why would anyone with a debit card use a check in this day and age? If you have issues with check companies blame all the crooks who caused businesses to have to protect themselves.

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    My son is 18 months old and I receive only one of my 3 mot...
    We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of...
    Tn-Tn payment - money taken from my account
    Money has been taken from my account that i did not...
    VIP Readers Service - sell of magazines
    Several months ago a lady called and ask me what magazines...
    oppo A37 - COMPLAIN FOR OPPO A37 / IMEI : 863087030317096
    Fantasy Riches X Sweepstakes - SCAM-MAIL
    SCAM, using US mail Received USMail...envelope declaring...
    Active.Com Active Advantage - Active Advantage unauthorized charges
    I used reserve america to reserve my campsite. I received...
    Glass Mason Jar w/ straw - 1 jar smashed in package
    Ordered 4 mason jars with straws. Received from USPS...

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    Award Notification Commission - Scam!!!!
    My grandfather called mr and asked me for a check. I told...
    Uif South Afrika - UIF Maternity benefits unpaid for 18 months now
    My son is 18 months old and I receive only one of my 3 mot...
    We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of...
    Tn-Tn payment - money taken from my account
    Money has been taken from my account that i did not...
    VIP Readers Service - sell of magazines
    Several months ago a lady called and ask me what magazines...
    oppo A37 - COMPLAIN FOR OPPO A37 / IMEI : 863087030317096
    Fantasy Riches X Sweepstakes - SCAM-MAIL
    SCAM, using US mail Received USMail...envelope declaring...
    Active.Com Active Advantage - Active Advantage unauthorized charges
    I used reserve america to reserve my campsite. I received...
    Glass Mason Jar w/ straw - 1 jar smashed in package
    Ordered 4 mason jars with straws. Received from USPS...

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