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MissyGmadashell Send email
Nov 22, 2022

No actual human being to ever speak to

As a senior citizen my pension mistakenly was deposited into my savings instead of my checking so when I wrote checks there were insufficient funds to cover them now TeleCheck has banned me from writing checks to any retailer in my area and checks are all I used to buy my groceries and things I've tried to get online I've tried to go through them automation I've tried to talk to a human being and there's no possible way to do that they want you to write them well guess what I have Parkinson's and I can't write so now what do I do I buy all of my groceries and everything bye the checks they've flipped my entire life upside down for something that wasn't even my fault it was a glitch in the system at my credit union and here I am lost for what reason and I can't even talk to a real human being
jniles Send email
Dec 3, 2020


Murneka Send email
Jun 26, 2019

Check Declined at Walmart

My husband and I went into Walmart on June 25 to pick up a few items for dinner. We get to the register, the total was 60.09. I wrote a check for 80.09 to get cash back. Unfortunately, the check was declined. The clerk said she didn't know why and to call the number on the receipt. I immediately called tele check and put in my information. A lot of mumbo jumbo came on during a recording stating this type of situation is identified as fraud, not enough information/history to the consumer. I immediately asked to speak to a live customer service rep. Chris id# 0534 answered the phone. He collected my information and told me to hold while he look up my acct. He came back to say did I listen to the automated prompts in the beginning about the reason for denial. I said yes, but I still didn't know or understand the reason. He told me that my acct was not updated, I have not built up sufficient history with Walmart. He then said I noticed you just wrote a check on June 9th and it cleared. I was furious. I told him that this was very embarrassing. I asked, do you have a real reason why my check was declined, HE SAID NO!!! I need to find a way to file a class action suit against this company, because this was emotionally embarrassing and it has to stop. I just wrote a check 2 weeks ago with no problem and today I'm told I have no sufficient history.
Jlack01 Send email
May 17, 2019

Declined a perfectly good check

I have ordered off amazon for quite sometime now and have spent thousands of dollars thru them using electronic check. Today my check was declined for the first time ever thru amazon and it was because of telecheck. I had to enter a debit card and use it out of the same account. This is the third time I have had problems with telecheck. 3 months ago tractor supply and Walmart both started using telecheck and even tho I’ve done business with them for over 30 years and never had a bad check all of a sudden I have to use cash or credit only. Since then I have never done business with them and started using amazon for all my purchases. Now I guess I will not be using amazon either. These companies using a very unreliable service such as telecheck are making a bad image for their companies.
madcheck Send email
Oct 15, 2018

Denied twice

I have tried to pay my daughter's tuition twice and they have denied it both times. One excuse, information not updated. Second excuse, check number too low. Solution, drive an hour to your daughter's school and when you present the check, call us while you are in their presence. Oh and then said it was because we switched banks five years ago. Then it was we don't know why our system will reject your check. I said fix it. Supervisor Heather said she can't.
Kokomo60 Send email
Jun 29, 2018

Denied check

I went to write a check at bed bath and beyond for 209.56 and telecheck denied my check. When i called they said i had excellent credit with them and that it was probably denied due to the amount. The lady who i had a very hard time understanding said they screen check s over a certain amount. They updated my credit file and said i could try to go back and rerun the check and if it didnt take i could try another check for a lessor amount but normally it takes 7 days. Well the store still showed declined so i walked out and will go back later. I was so upset and totally a inconvenience. I write a lot of checks more than using my cards. Telecheck should not be able to control ur money or be able to get into ur bank info. With all the fraud it is not safe.
Zimmerman18 Send email
Jun 24, 2018

Check denied

I am beyond pissed! I went to get food and gas only to be told my check could not be accepted because this company says I have no history with them. All because I do not write out checks all over the place and only to my landlord, trash company, and electric company. However, I did not get off work in time to get to the bank. So, I had no cash and needed to get food for my family and fuel. However I cannot. This is completely out of hand and bullshit! I have never over drawn or had a bad check anywhere. Yet, because some joke of a company who doesn't even have people who speak English very well tells business oh don't take their check because they have no history with us. I called the first time. The first lady I spoke with said oh I'm sorry I am going to fix it. I repeatedly asked her if it was for sure fixed. She stated yes. So, I tried to get fuel. Guess what to no damn surprise she lied. I called back. The next lady says we'll in seven days you can use a check at the two places you have tried today. But you have to build credit with us. Bullshit if I have to build credit with a company I did not hire nor want to have my banking information. She then goes on to tell me to ask the business to run it manually. As if that's going to happen because no business wants to get screwed. So, instead people like myself are screwed. Pissed don't cover it and I am going to make a complaint to the BBB and whatever government agency that handles frauds like this company!!!!!!!
Tinyp Send email
May 11, 2018

Refused my check

My check was denied because Telecheck decided I was acting “suspicious” (their words). I am buying gifts for my grandchildren. While I admit the items are pricey, I can afford them & have the money in my account. I was making two seperate purchases so each child could have their own receipt. I was shopping where I regularly shop & had my ID with me & used my store PIN number. There was nothing “suspicious” about my.behavior, Apparently, telecheck is now deciding what consumers may purchase, when, how & what manner of payment is “okay”. I could use my credit card, but I did not want to. I called telecheck, but never was able to talk to a “representative”, but listened to an automated voice telling me of my “suspicious” behavior. My call was misdirected by telechecks automatic call system to a credit card authorization person.
I should not be forced to use a credit card or get a debit card or carry large amounts of cash by telecheck or anyone else! I was embarrassed & humiliated in front of the store clerk & a line of customers, some of who are my neighbors. I am not & never have been, a criminal, I resent being treated like one.
sosadr Send email
May 9, 2018


I had a credit history that span over two decades. All my accounts are in good standing. I tried to connect one of my checking account to a MoneyGram account and telecheck denied it. I called and I was told that I did not have sufficient history in their system, which is BS and that I should wait seven days until the system refresh. Two months later, I tried again and it gave me the same error. Upon contacting telecheck again, the person started reading the same template about no sufficient credit history. When I asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold and then she hang off. This company has the worst customer service and they are not accountable to any one. My next stop is to put a complain with the NYS banking commission and the federal agency in charge of their supervision.
Sue Allen Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Tele Check

Tele Check Denied my check at Walgreens because of No Credit History. After having purchased from Walgreens at least 8 years. Contacted Telecheck. Customer Service person female named John implied I was deadbeat a Check writer because I had no credit history. My bank had been purchased by another, and had just received new checks. This incompetent Tele Check requires that you establish new credit.
Sue Allen Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Tele check

Check denied because of no credit history. My old bank
Was purchased by another bank . I received new checks and Tele Check says they have no credit history on me. Have purchased items in Walgreens for years. This incompetent Tele Check company says I have to write checks of less than $50. To establish new credit. Their customer service lady by name of John implied I’m a deadbeat person.
Treefrog02 Send email
Jan 8, 2018

Telecheck and the complaint board

I have the same issues as most of the complaints here. Telecheck turning down ach payments for no reason. Sticking their crooked nose into thing they have no reason being in. I am going to see an atty tomorrow. Anyone interested in joining the lawsuit my contact me. Frank. [email protected] 540 522-7419 this complaint board is also a hoax I think!!
Aetas Send email
Dec 30, 2017

new accounts

I don't even write checks and Telecheck is making it impossible for me to open up a new bank account because of the false information that they are reporting. This evil company needs to be brought down.
Beccabell68 Send email
Dec 10, 2017

Telecheck put me on the lawsuit

I am consistently denied at the grocery store although at times it is intermittent I went a month without being denied and then recently denied eight times . This time I called them and they said that if I call them while I was at the register they would verify funds and put the check through . I did this . I told the cashier that this will take some time but this is what I was told to do when I called and finally got to the long process of calling and getting to a representative, the representative said sometimes were allowed to verify funds and sometimes we are not in this case we are not allowed to verify your funds. I explained to him that this is what I was told 10 minutes earlier he still said there was nothing he could do . Are you really telling me they can’t get sued for lying to customers ? They can’t get sued for embarrassing us ? He also proceeded to say that the reason that they are not allowing my checks to go through now is because they been denied so many times , to which I explained to him he was the one that denied me so many times and that is why I’m being denied because they denied me . I have $4000 in my account .
Donna C Send email
Nov 1, 2017

Denied check

After a 25 yr relationship with Friendships Animal Hospital, my brokerage check was denied because of Telechecks criteria used.....I don’t have a check history with Merchants! It was suggested by rep that I establish a check history by going to telecheck Merchants and begin with small check amounts and work up! Something akin to how I established an excellent credit history with FICO score of 810 over many years by paying bills on time, car loans etc. Not to mention my check address matches my drivers license and address same with vet file over 20years with same tel no! No! I just don’t write enuf damn checks for telecheck criteria so I was considered a RISK! The only way to establish history with this absurd company is to start writing more checks with telecheck Merchants! I ended up paying with a credit card to settle on a lousy $216 bill for dogs annual exam. Vet will be told about this crap soon by me in letter because I’ve spent thousands of $$ over the course of 25 years at this vet hospital! I have NO INTENTION OF HONORING ANY MERCHANT THAT USES TELECHECK! It’s a disgusting little company that penalized those who have the funds and credit history but don’t write lots of checks because we can pay bills ONLINE, automatic phone pay etc! Telecheck and it’s Merchants aren’t worth good decent paying customers that have a history with their establishment.
Donna C Send email
Nov 1, 2017

Denied check

A vet hospital I have gone to over 20yrs now uses telecheck! How much money have I spent here over the years? Lots! I gave drivers license with brokerage check with local address and phone and was denied. I don’t write a lot of checks thus little to no history with stoopid telecheck! Many of us call in payments by auto pay or have auto deductions monthly. Telecheck recommendation was I build up my history with them by going to merchants who use telecheck with small amounts and increase these amounts. Something like building up a credit report as I did for FICO score over past 30 years, now 805!! I was outraged! This programmed robot telecheck uses lousy criteria in a modern age where there are other ways to pay bills!! I wanted to write a lousy check for $216 for vet annual dog checkup! Declined. Should I complain about service to vet hospital as well?! It was inconvenient thus I wasted a check and time and stuck using a credit card. Telecheck criteria is in dinosaurs age and irrelevant! I’m irate both with merchant (vet hospital) and with telecheck. My God, Ive used vet for decades, local drivers license, info on file with pet and that’s the lousy reward I got for writing a damn check. Thanks for nothing Telecheck and vet hospital!!(Friendship in WDC)
verom Send email
Oct 24, 2017

ACH Denial - Add me to the Lawsuit

My electronic ACH payment was rejected by T-Mobile today saying my payment declined. I knew this was incorrect as I got the declined email no more than a hour after my payment was processed and it takes 24-72 hours for an ACH or EFT (check by phone) payment to be processed. I called T-Mobile and they kept saying my bank (Wells Fargo) was rejecting my payment. I explained they were incorrect as the payment had not even been attempted - I even called Wells Fargo and T-Mobile on 3-way, just to be told that T-Mobile now uses TELECHECKS......and the telecheck system declined my payment. After 4 1/2 hours on the phone with T-Mobile, Wells Fargo & Telecheck company now tells me they do not know why I am blocked or why my account is in their system...but then they said the only way I can dispute it is to give them all of my information. This is not correct or safe, I was told to give my social, my birthday, my address, my Drivers license #, then on top of that they wanted my checking account and routing #;s. When I refused I was told well that's your decision but your information will remain on file. I felt like I was being robbed or held for ransom. So you have a company Telechecks that can just add you name in their database and then your bank account gets rejected when when you have money unless you give these people who were foreigners and probably in a call center in China all of my personal information. Not to mention....I DON'T EVEN HAVE CHECKS.....I only use a debit/credit card. Have not had checks in over 15 years so I know for a fact I have no hot checks, no bad checks, NO REASON FOR MY NAME TO BE ON THEIR DATABASE. I'm not sure about anyone else but I am leaving complaints and considering formal legal action against this farce of a company.
Tonita Send email
Aug 22, 2017

Telecheck needs to go

Maybe it's time for the masses to go directly to the companies who use this scourge to handle their check writing customers and let them know what it's doing to THEIR customers at check-out. I'm sure they have no idea what's going on.
Tonita Send email
Aug 22, 2017

Telecheck needs to go

Someone needs to stop this company. You never know when they are going to humiliate you or where. Once you get into their "system" it's like a spider web. They say they check your bank or your bank refuses the transaction and it's simply NOT TRUE. How do they get away with this ?????
KOWALSKI500 Send email
Aug 1, 2017


As with other complaints, my checks have been denied a couple of times at Albertsons and Walmart due to TELECHECK saying I have no history of writing checks at these companies. Not true, I write checks all the time. They have me call the number and the person on other end asks for my phone number and calls puts me on hold and then calls my number back and says to me, "okay, you are approved to write your check now. We just wanted to verify you had sufficient funds." Makes no sense! By that time I've gone through a huge embarrassment. I would like to be included in the lawsuit against TELECHECK as well. Email address is [email protected].
kellyancell Send email
Jul 29, 2017

Unethical Business Practice

I have been writing 30+ years, I had 2 returned checks, I have NEVER had that issue before!!! I immediately called took care of the issue and paid my fees. They told me I should be able to write checks in 10 business days. The first check we wrote went thru the ones after that DID NOT. I called them and they told me that my check writing history goes back to ZERO and basically I am starting over. I have good credit, NEVER had a returned check and they have this as a practice?? This is not ethical nor should be legal. They are hateful and NO help at all. How can they legally do this.
kv54ky Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Check denied by tele check

Wrote out a check at a business it was DENIED BY TELECHECK went to my bank they said my account was great and the check should not have been denied. Called telecheck after and hour on the phone they said it was denied because I had no history the account is years old so why no history. I asked them how i could get a history if they deny my check.They also said they could not tell me if the next check I write would be denied or not.
Looking to join class action suit against tele check
[email protected]
Cbeard Send email
Apr 4, 2017

Check Denial

I have been writing checks to a local convenience store for over 10 years with no problems. Today i wrote a check and it was denied by TeleCheck. Evidently some slick sales person sold this TeleChack scam to prevent bad checks. Their reason for denying my check was too much activity in my checking account.
They wanted me to give them more information, routing number, drivers license number and social security number then AFTER i write more checks they can start approving my checks.
I refuse to frequent any business that has the Telecheck sticker on its' door or tells me they must submit my check to these crooks.
kalpatel Send email
Oct 11, 2016

Rude, fraud and cheaters

My husband gave a check written for $1001 for our out of pocket payment to service king, the guy working there enter $10001 instead of $1001 in their Tele check electronic deposit machine and he gave receipt to sign and my husband noticed that before signing that he entered wrong amount of $10001. He told the guy and he called there merchant to void the transaction. Merchant (Telechek) walked the service king employee to void the transaction. So he did and gave VOID receipt. Merchant mentioned " this transaction has been voided and consider that this transaction never happened ". My husband wrote another new check to service king for $1001.On Tuesday, We got the message from our bank that our account was over drawn as that VOIDED transaction for $10001 was posted as pending in our bank account. We called service king and they said transaction was voided so fund will never clear our account and pending transaction will be canceled out next day morning but still they will call to merchant (Telechek).Service king kept telling us that its Telecheck who made mistake as service king voided transaction same time and also that transaction never appeared in Service king Batch report at the end of that day. They treated us like that it was matter of $10. It is illegal, that they took out $10001 when check was only written for $1001 and MY HUSBAND NEVER AUTHORIZED that amount. We had to call our bank and also he went to branch to give copy of all proof about voided transaction and copy of check after that bank put the claim in dispute and my bank got us temporary credit of $10001 on Friday evening (sep 22nd) until they resolve the issue with merchant. So after all this fighting Telechek has also refunded our $10001 on September 30 2016. So we thought that our bank must have resolved the issue with merchant and now bank will withdraw their $10001 which they gave us as temporary credit. But that was not the end of it.

We got the call from COLLECTION agency (TRS-Part of Telechek) that we owe them $10001(we still had the temporary credit from our bank and refund from Telechek), as Merchant (tele check that service king use to process payment) put that in COLLECTION. Now reason for that is service king credited us with $10001 electonic deposit after 2 weeks (on sep 30th). In the beginning service king was not helping us so Meanwhile our bank put the claim in dispute and they gave us TEMPORARY credit of $10001 until dispute got resolved. So we thought whoever has to take their temporary credit back they will do it. As a customer we don't know how Service king, Tele check and Bank works with each other. So now Collection agency calling us today and telling that we have to return $10001 to tele check. We asked them how they can directly send this in collection agency, because we never got any calls or mail from tele check regarding paying them back. Lady from Collection agency said they sent you a mail and we didn't pay so it came in COLLECTION. We asked what address they have sent mail? GUESS WHAT they didn't write Apartment number, so how the hell we are going to receive mail? Just imagine how careless they are? We explained the issue to collection lady (Dianna Lyn), and she was so rude to us like we have stolen money from them? Then we talk to her manager( Joel Tewolde) and he was really sound her manager in terms of rudeness. His words are “ Yea make sure you have that fund in our account always and dont touch it as they are still figuring out whow they will take it back from us”. No applogy or anything. Even he said its not Telecheck mistake its service king who did mistake. So we got Service king manager and Joel in conference and that time Joel( from Telechek) accepted that its Telechek mistake and transaction would have never gone through as it was voided. Still Telechek is trying to figure out how did that happen.I HAVE NEVER OWED A SINGLE PENNY TO ANYONE IN MY LIFE..... So again we are at the same page... and started calling chase, service king and one more addition COLLECTION agency..... What do these people think, We do not have any other work besides calling these customer services? and those people just blame each other rather than giving any firm answers? When our $10001 were stuck because of service king mistake, nobody was bothering to taking care of that money, All inconvenience we had, to make arrangements to pay our other bills and to avoid over draft charges from bank , mental harassment by customer service employees from Service king,tele check. Now to get that $10,001 that is in my account for just 3 days ( We still don't know, who has to get that extra $10001 ? Service king or Chase who gave us temporary credit) , they sent it for COLLECTION..... I called chase they are saying the credit given by them was temporary and claim dispute has not completed yet. We are really mad on all of these people, as this ended up in COLLECTION... They all are playing with our life, they do not value, that their carelessness will ruin someones credit and that affect our life.... We hold back in the beginning that everyone make mistake so thats fine, but these many mistakes, inconvenience, and mental harassment on and on are RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTED.... Now service king manager talked to the COLLECTION lady and he said that service king never got that money .. Its telecheck who put this in collection.... This is so frustrating that we don't know tele check thats service king payment processor and you guys are telling us to deal with them????? You guys MUST HAVE to fix this issue.!!!!!!! ITS way beyond every limit....

Today, Telecheck recovery lady called in afternoon at 3 p.m. and talking to us like we stole their money... and telling us send us $10,001 cashier check over night or do wire transfer right away, treating us like we are the ones that took their money. On top of that she never offered any compensation in terms of fees for mailing or wire transfer. So we fought for it and finally she said ok fine we will pay for it. Really, What does she think, that we just sit home and whenever they will call, we can to go to the bank to get their cashiers check and send it over night???? We had to do all this for service king and telecheck mistake ???? I do not have any words for service king and there processor Telecheck, I am seriously thinking to hire Lawyer for all these mental harassment done by SK &telecheck
drqhaber Send email
Sep 19, 2016

Check denied at Walmart

After many, many years of using checks at Walmart, my Check was denied for a little over $50! I have never written a bad check, and had over $5000 in the account. Thank goodness I happened to have cash on me. I was humiliated and very embarrassed to say the least. Can't get a human on the phone, all automated when you call the 800 number. Then it says it is an attempt to collect a debt. What debt? Are they crazy? My credit is excellent, which doesn't happen if you have debt. Then the cashier says you can use a debit card. No thanks, I was hacked 2 years ago when I used my debit card there! Please include me in a class action suit. My email is [email protected].

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