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lola lane Send email
Jul 28, 2016


Go to Gla$$D00r and you will find a review from a Senior Manager at TT @ Home that illustrates the ongoing problem with that company. This manager complains in one breath about not having any work/life balance, and in the very next breath complains about too many captains at the helm. It probably never occurred to this person that sharing the helm would allow for better work/life balance. And then the manager takes a side swipe at Millennials, like, who do you think you are, and exactly who do you think you need to be recruiting for the lower level jobs that ensure you remain a manager? Let me tell you something TT managers, you want lower level employees who think and act like Xers, but Xers are a very small population and there just aren't enough to go around. You need to suck it up and court Millennials and you need to understand that you would not be privileged to be managers if not for the lower level employees who ensure your job description exists in the first place. TT has been purging lower level management when it's clear they need to be purging upper level management, because people like the one who left that review need to be fired tbh. They are holding TT back from its full potential.
cobra Send email
Apr 25, 2016

unfair treatment by discrimination

I worked for Teletech in two campaigns HP and Bank of America here Guadalajara,Jalisco ,Mexico the first time I was a technical support agent for HP and a couple of years later an agent for Bank Of America both time I resigned with no complaint ..left in good terms this last time I was told that no problem to sign the resignation letter and I would always be welcomed ..a year passes buy I handled a legal situation I had with my house and have my affairs in order so I know Teletech has a good environment to work within and I see a sign will hire former employees immediately so I tried to apply get a call back get asked some question and the guy says Im not rehire-able when I asked why he had no reason but I believe it was when I uncovered some bad activities going on when I worked the Bank Of America Campaign and notified my supervisor I come in on Monday and was told My supervisor was fired than my new supervisor was constantly on me on my back so I decided to resign Now since I wanted to leave in good terms all had to do was sign a letter stating I left voluntarily I wanted to keep the door open so I did just that ...I think their should be an investigation opened on supervisors and the call center coordinator of Guadalajara which actually called me about what I knew about the illegal activities I reported but I think he just wanted to know how much I knew..I would like to know the real reason why I am no rehire-able or who can I contact Bank Of America? after all it was their campaign please let me know asap and thanks ...
Acab1970 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

I'm writing more for the purposes of observation than to voice an opinion of the complaint. I am very familiar with call center operations and recently applied for an at-home position. Shortly thereafter I was offered the opportunity to schedule a group phone interview, which I did. When the appointed day and time arrived I followed the directions and connected to the phone and web portions of the interview as directed. After about 45 seconds I was booted from the phone meeting and never successfully logged back in to that portion of the interview. A couple days later I got an email informing me that I was a no-show and offering me a chance to reschedule. I tried to log back in to Hirepoint, their web portal and three password changes later I still cannot successfully contact them to reschedule. So, I went to Teletech's main site and submitted my experience to them via their email form. I'll wait and see what happens from here. After my own experience trying to interview and browsing through the comments above, I'm ambivalent about the company. Basically, all call centers rely on having reps on the phone to handle projected inbound volume, which varies constantly. If you can handle a specific schedule that requires you to log in and out on time for start and end of shift, breaks and lunch if applicable, and if you can handle rude and inconsiderate people without responding in kind, you will probably do well in a customer service call center. If you state that you are available to work a variety of shifts, expect to do so and don't complain about it. I noticed a post that said AHT (Average Handle Time) expectations were around ten minutes for Teletech, and to me that is a very long call. Most call center AHT's are about half that. As to the way the company pays, modern call centers pay employees when they are logged in and taking calls, period. Whether this is fair to the employee depends on how accurate the tracking systems are, and how robust Teletech's applications are. If they frequently crash and dump calls, then the employee has a right to complain. If they are basically sound, then employees should understand if they get shorted a few minutes from time to time. It happens. If it makes them feel any better, usually outsourcers are paid according to the time CSR's are on the phone. Thus, if a call is disconnected, nobody gets paid, it's not just the employee that loses money. I will say that since I was unable to enter a username and password repeatedly after trying my best to complete this simple task, it's quite possible that like many large companies Teletech systems have basic, serious flaws and the company glosses them over through the sheer volume of calls that are processed successfully. One last note, when I contacted Teletech via email I noticed that their front line HR folks are referred to as Human Capital Representatives. That sounds a bit too much like Human Cattle to me...
Pudge16 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

Thanks for all the replies here...I filled out an application and submitted it and got a returned email saying I can set up an interview time but even after reading all these comments I'm still skeptical. I know I have nothing to lose by setting this up but again, I'm just concerned with getting involved in one of those job scams.

khomeworker - I do appreciate your honesty and openess about this company; I've been researching this company and to be honest, this is the first place I've found that gave me any details on what was all involved in this job. I am currently employed full-time working nights (7:30pm-6am M-Thur) and am looking for a part time job to make extra money and thought something from home would be great for me; no travel time, no getting dressed and ready to go out...just work from home when I could sounded great! But again, I read TeleTech's application stuff and thought to myself - this is way too good to be true. I guess the questions I have are:
1. What kind of equipment do I need computer wise?? I have a new laptop computer with webcam access (never used it before and wouldn't know how!) and have wireless internet access in my house, do I need something more than that??
2. my home phone ok to use?? I have just a regular cordless phone but do I need something else??
3. Work long are the work shifts??? Can I work 4 hours one day but then 6 hours another?? Work times...I'm limited to the work times I'm able to do, will TeleTech be flexible with that for me?? I'm not messing with my full-time jobs hours so again, I can't sign up for something with TeleTech if they aren't willing to give me onnly certain hours.
4. What kind of calls do you take?? What kind of customer service would this be??? What kind of questions would these callers be asking about and how do I know I'll know the answers to their questions?? Like, will I get a call where someone is asking me about their cable tv and why it's not working and then the next call is about a magazine subscrition?? I guess that's what I'm not clear about with all this.

Again, I really appreciate those that have taken the time to reply here - whether it be good or bad - because I just didn't want to jump head first into something only to find out its a scam where you have to pay money for stuff and then it turns out to be nothing but a bust and you've wasted your money and your time. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer some of my questions.
Montie123 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

Could this just be a weekend job?
HeatherAtHome Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

What kind of part time shifts are available? What are the start-end times? Are there any 3rd shifts? Are there any split shifts, where you work some in the AM and some in the PM? Thanks for this information!
Jcarras2010 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

I have an Interview with TeleTech 2morrow & im kinda of SKEPTICAL bc i never did a home base / work at home job before but i have many YEARS experience in Customer Service / Collections and esspecially Bilingual, hearing all da bad and good points of the company all put together sounded like all my JOBS as a CSR put together...LOL but anyway i really NEED a job and it sounds like a good opportunity, and im willing to take this step up, HOPEFULLY it'll WORK, Im PRAYING
Lizzard G Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

This company is more concerned with call handle times than customer satisfaction. They have a lot of expectations of you for each call, yet they constantly pressure you to keep the call short. How can you give quality customer service while constantly watching the timer?
They are also not too concerned with your schedule. They change your shift whenever they feel like it to whatever they feel like making it, and it's up to you to try to get someone to switch with you ... good luck with that! My training class had over 25 people, and after 4 months, there are no more than 8 left.
To top it all, the pay is not worth the pressure they put on you, also the verbal abuse from some of the customers.
Khomeworker Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No good to work for

1. Yes Training is Paid
2. Training time depends on the project, usually about 2 weeks
3. Pay varies
4. You will start part time, maybe even seasonal
5. There are many advancement opps with Teletech, and you can actually move up very quickly
6. Pay structure is typical of most jobs, direct deposit is available
7. pay schedule is bi-monthly, every two weeks
8. no health benes with seasonal/part time, but if you advance to a full time position there will be some benes.
Good Luck!

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