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May 28, 2021


Brenda Estes Send email
Oct 2, 2020

mostly seasonings

we have eaten at cracker barrel for years, everything has always been delightful until the re-open after co-19. now, the gravy tastes like a store brand package (horrible) used to be very good, hamburger steak/gravy was my husband's favorite, they changed the seasoning on it and he couldn't even eat it. the prices have gone up, that would be ok, but the portions shrunk really bad, hash brown casserole is about 2 teaspoons, same with mash potatoes. ya'll need to go back to the way it used to be as far as gravy/seasoning etc...well, all the portions are small. we will not be back until it goes back to being worth paying for. mcDonald's is a lot better, and i don't like mcDonalds. please get it right.
Llewis8723 Send email
Nov 4, 2019

To go order

Placed a to go items and got home realizing that a complete order was missing. I have called for two days only to be told that a manager will call back. No phone calls or replacements have been offered.
Tammy Shuler Send email
Jun 17, 2017

Mix up

Not really a big deal I guess our server was having a bad day but I definitely love the food there always take my family there but on this occasion like for instance ordered root beer he brought out Colts order cottage cheese got a salad just little things that,... like I said he must a been having a bad day
lpainter Send email
Dec 29, 2016

double charge

I placed an order for Christmas Dinner sides online around the 17 of Dec. and paid in full by my debit card online. Upon arriving to the store to pick up my order on Dec 24 they tell me they did not have the cake i ordered and tried to talk me into taking Blackberry cobbler which I refused and got cash back for the missing cake. also I ended up waiting at least 30 minutes for them to prepare the rest of my order which was pre ordered and prepaid. After checking my bank account I notice that they charged me twice for that same order, so I called the store and was told to bring in my statement that shows that double charge so I did just that. When I got to the store and showed the manager my bank statement, she disappeared to the back of the store for a couple of minutes then she came back up front and spoke to another employee which gave me corporates phone number and told me I have to deal with them. I called corporate and waited on hold for 17 minutes for them to answer and tell me to wait even longer for them to investigate. What is it about a bank statement in your face that makes you think I'm lying to you about double charging me for some food that really was not even worth it after all!!!!! Still Waiting, and Not Giving Up!!!!
michael miller Send email
Oct 22, 2016


I have been a customer of cracker barrel for many years and never had a problem with the food. Anywhere on the map the food is always top notch. The help is another matter all together. My wife and I are a mixed couple and twice I have had the help spill either food or beverage on me. This happens at Frederick store across from Shockley Honda dealer. I think that corporate should look into this because the people that work there are running your business away. My wife is always exempt from this treatment so i am assuming that the some of the folks that work there are targeting me. Last night it happened to me again my servers name was (Will ) 10/21/2016. A nice looking young man but i noticed the whole time he was taking our orders he could not look me in the eye. After the incident he brought us two cups of coffee to go (on the house.) The problem with Cracker Barrel is too many (CRACKERS)

Sincerely Mr. Miller
MTO Send email
Jul 25, 2016


I have called this place 3 times, was told they'd talk to the manager and return my call --- they never return my call after saying they would address my complaint.
I parked my car in your parking lot at 12:05p.m.- third row on the end so it wouldn't get damaged by other car doors--(-2017 350 Black Mercedes)
Upon returning to my car at 2:00 p.m., the yard maintenance people were blowing furiously all the grass and debris from the
parking lot all over the place. The side of my car by the curb was covered with grass/pebbles and it would not brush off because it was wet.
Then I got in the car and there was grass on the windshield and a stone mark that cracked the glass. It was not there when I arrived, I can assure you. I have pictures of the incident and damage it caused. The manager or whoever is in charge should NOT allow the yard people to BLOW DEBRIS DURING the hight of business hours. .
Consequently I have to have my car detailed to the tune of $650 on the side and a new windshield for my deductible which is $1,000.00 This is very disturbing and I have forwarded the complaint to my lawyer, and want some compensation from Cracker Barrel
It is the fault of Cracker Barrel for engaging the service during the busy business hours. They should NOT be blowing off the parking lot when cars are parked!!!!!!THe blowers are powerful.
I have many business acquaintances that frequent your place and your reputation precedes you as in all businesses. YOur ethics and customer satisfaction are important, I'm sure.
I would appreciate some attention given to this matter in order to resolve it.
Thank you,
Marie O'Hara
616-710-2702 or my email.
Pathigh Send email
Jan 16, 2016

Food and service

Been eating at your stores every since they open back in Tennessee . Love there Friday cod , but the last few times we have been there
It has been awful , last nite was the last time. The cod ( if it was cod ) was awful, the service was awful . Ask to leave sugar off my sweet potato , they did not and it look like a piece of grab , send it back ,wife ask for chow chow she finally got it after we were done eating. Manager come by ask if everything was Ok ,I had to unload on him in a nice way . Said he made it right ( I was not trying to get free meal) last time I saw him, say all this to say it was a good place to eat , but not anymore! I sense some problems in management,not in store ,but higher up. I see lot of turn over in staff. When will these smart people that call themselves management learn to treat good help with respect, all the old standbys at our store have disappear . Come on Crackerbarrel wake up!
realfamilyman Send email
Jan 13, 2016


I just started and i was told that Manager and ETC have any inappropriate feeling for the employees but
Terri Lewis she keep grabbing on my private after i have told her a number of time to stop because am trying to keep my job but if something is not done i will have to seek legal action can"go to the manager because i don"want to get fired
larry slaven Send email
Jan 31, 2015

bad service and hair in food

we went this morn at cracker barrel in franklin Kentucky we have eaten there for years the last few times the food wasent good but today it took 45 min to get our food eggs bacon when we finally got it the eggs had a hair in it I showed it to manager we dident have to pay for food but this store is going down hill fast will never be back in there
johnnielocklear Send email
Dec 31, 2014

poor service and cold food

the service was terrible. the food was cold. and the tables werw dirty
GLHoover20 Send email
Oct 23, 2014

Dirty Tables -Poor service

went to Cracker Barrel on 10-21-2014 at 7:30 PM the Hostess told us the Kitchen was backed up &none of the tables was clean up and there was a 30 min wait ,I ask for the Manager was told he was on the grill .

Thanks for your Help .
G. Hoover
Baton Rouge ,La
jerseyboy072106 Send email
Aug 20, 2014

Poor Attitude, Poor Service

I have Frequently went to Cracker Barrel in several Places over the past 15 years and I have found the same thing in all the locations I have found them to be Nice Kind and friendly Thats why I am appalled when I hear that the Manager at the Venice, Fl Location Fired a 73 yr old Veteran.These are a few of the locations that I have been too.
I have been to your Altamonte Springs, Florida restaurant, as well as the ones in Bradenton, FL (Both Locations), Orlando,FL (both Locations), Venice,FL (Where in 2001, I was an Armed Security Officer at this Site) as well as the two locations in Tampa, Florida.
Please do not get me wrong, I like Cracker Barrel, but when I read that Cracker barrel fired an elderly Veteran for giving a homeless man a 50 cent muffin. I understand they company has a policy, however policies can be changed to reflect the changing times, I also Understand he had 5 warnings, but you do not fire someone take it out of his pay or ask him to pay for it. thats like firing your Grandfather, or great grandfather depending how old you are.
With me being a Disabled Service Connected Veteran myself I will be telling any and all of the veterans sites That I am a Part of to boycott Cracker Barrel or give Joe his job back with a raise...
Edmund Send email
Aug 12, 2014

Poor Service

OK gave Cracker Barrel a second visit and a second chance in the last two weeks, We had visitors that wanted to go there as they had never been to one. First off we were seated at a table with only two menu's and there were four of us so we had to wait to share menu's. I noted only two set-ups on table, after we ordered mentioned to server we needed two more. Drinks came and we ordered. One ordered soup and sandwich, sandwich came No soup, asked again for two more setups. Side salad came asked third time and the runner got them for us. I ordered the Sunday Chicken Special, Loaded with coating had to dig for the chicken which amounted to only enough chicken from two pieces to make a small sandwich, all batter very little chicken. When we went to pay our check, only one girl cashier, and 6 people in line. The whole place seemed understaffed. Men's room trash overflowing, paper towels all over the floor, no one had checked it in awhile. Needless to say we won't be back even though your less than a mile from our house. Two weeks ago we waited forever for our food but I realize things happen and maybe it was a bad night even though their wasn't a lot of people in the place. We will not be returning anytime soon or bringing guests there. We were there at 7pm on Sunday Aug 10,2014
scbarne Send email
Dec 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Stance

My family and I are very disappointed in the stance you have taken with the Robertson Family (Duck Dynasty). You may not like what Phil said, several people don't. I understand this.. However, the bible is God's word. What Phil said is correct. Weather you or I want to admit it. I don't understand how others can say things 10 times worse and no one says a thing. But someone speak out on Gay, Lesbian etc... and the whole world wants to attack them. My family and I will be reviewing this incident further. We love to eat at Cracker Barrel and do so often. Why Corporate Companies act like this is beyond me. I don't come to Cracker Barrel for you politics. I come to Cracker Barrel to Eat..... Now that I see what your politics are. I may not come back. Again, Very disappointed in your actions.
Herston Myrick Send email
Apr 8, 2013

Poor Management

I am a loyal customer of Cracker Barrel. My wife and I eat at our local one three to four times a week.
New management is destroying Greenvilles Cracker Barrel. All of our good servers are leaving or being fired.
I can see a decline in our local store. Service is at a new low, as is moral. Don't let my Cracker Barrel die because
of poor management. If something is not broke, why change it. We felt like family, everyone from greeters to servers
were always polite and happy. Where did the happy go?
User925571 Send email
Mar 30, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

black people are usually some of my best tippers. are you sure your perception is not getting you no tip or low tips. these types of guest can pick up on your vibes you know. a lot of black people are difficult to wait on (even all the black waitresses at my cracker barrel know this) because they try and change the menu around, substitute just about everything on the menu that most of the time can't be substituted. They just want to eat like everyone else and always want extra napkins lol. just go with the flow and be nice even though it is frustrating you will get a tip. don't act annoyed, i wouldn't give you a tip either if you acted like you couldn't stand waiting on me.
AlleyKat21312 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

I, honestly, have only eaten at Cracker Barrel twice, maybe three times. I just started working for them last month on the 27th, and I have to say that I've been behind thee lines of how they cook that food. Yes, sometimes it does get cold but, that's because we're either waiting for bread or one of thee servers have forgotten about thee order (which is usually what happens if that certain server gets sat again.) A GM will scream out 'We need a runner here' and they'll try to get thee food out BEFORE thee food turns cold. The GM is nice, thee managers are nice... I'm sorry.. I just figured I'd get on here and tell you what happens behind thee scenes... Also, for those previous employees: They now have their schedules online... So, please, don't knock Cracker Barrel... At thee one in Pearl, MS we don't have that much service, no, but, we do have thee best hospitable team possible... The servers go around and help each other, thee trainers try to make you understand what it takes to make it in thee restaurant, and I feel they really care about thee customers...
Cafegirl Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

I worked for Cracker Barrel for approximately four years, as a retail employee in their country store. Everything said here by otheir former employees is 100% correct. As a member of their staff you are treated like an inferior, unimportant, piece of S*** that isn't worth even the smallest amount of respect. I was one of the most responsible employees in their store during the time I worked there, and never called out, was never late, and the guests loved me. I knew all of the staff. all of the guests, (and am not bragging here-just telling the truth) an attribute to the company. I was told this repeatedly by one of my GM's, who unfortunately was fired 2 years into my working there (THAT'S a story for anotheir time-it was purely political in nature) and replaced by just anotheir arrogant, conceited, higher than thou GM who treated us all like dirt the way all of the other managers did. "Guests" do not come first, either. The idea is to make as much money as possible every minute of your shift. Employees are forced to keep a very close eye on sales percentages throughout the day, and if you fail to know the current percent for that hour (god forbid!) you are berated and put down. What an awful place!! Have a much better job now with bosses that actually respect their employees.
JEL1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

I was a manager for Cracker Barrel. I worked for them going on seven years. I have never called out and did what was asked of my to the best of my ability. Yesterday, I was fired on my birthday.
Ramelle Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

Aww... :( Happy Birthday JEL 1. *Hugs*
HannahMontana Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

As a child, I used to love this restaurant. It had goofy pictures on the wall, a toy section. And damned good orange soda. But the past few times I've been forced to return, have all been one giant ball of pain and suffering. These events have been the SAME in DIFFERENT STATES of which I've eaten at The Cracker Barrel.

In the time it takes to get your food, you could have just made the same damn thing at home, and saved yourself the 20$. Anywhere between 30-40minutes is the average wait time I've experienced. I am not going here in a huge group of people, demanding all 20 of us has our food out instantly. Oh no, it's just me, and my mother. Having a nice little lunch. But still, it's taken up to 40 minutes for TWO plates. We do not order anything special with our food. Just the run of the mill menu items.

For example: A chicken salad, ranch dressing. How long can that take? My mother even ordered THE EXACT SAME THING. But we sat around for 30 minutes while we got absolutely no recognition. Remember, this has happened at more then one restaurant, in different STATES.

So after 30 minutes of sitting around being ignored, we finally get our food. The first thing my mother says is 'where's chicken?", buried under the lettuce where a few pieces of chicken.As if it was an after thought.

It was painfully obvious the salads had been sitting around for a while, some of the croutons had turned SQUISHY from sitting on top of a tomato for to long. I was scared to even try the hard boiled egg, which was ice cold by this point. The chicken was luke warm, whatever little bit we received, one could tell considering the cheese beneath it was barely melted.And one can deduce that hot chicken would MELT the cheese, and cold ass chicken sitting around for 20 minutes, would not.

Every time I order a simple Coke, it tastes like dish water.
Yes, fountain drinks will vary in taste depending on the restaurants syrup to water ratio, but this was not cols syrup, it was DISH WATER.

On one occasion the creamer for my mothers coffee had CURDLED.

Honestly, I cannot stand to return to this place. As a child it was a place of wonderment and delicious orange cola, now it's a waste land of cold food and rancid milk products.

At one time, a table of 20 was served, and OUT THE DOOR before my Mother and I even got our food. And yes, we where there BEFORE the larger party arrived, and had ordered at least 10 minutes before hand.

These events are taken from various locations including: Michigan, Louisiana, and Texas. I travel a lot -_-
Wasted Send email
Feb 23, 2012

slow,bad food,poor staff

The Cracker Barrel is pathetic. Guests find roaches in their meals on a daily basis. The roaches come out when the company does their once a year spray/ pest control. "Gold Cards" come through the door on a regular because the guests here know not to complain or make a fuss at the tables. They wait to get to the cashier and call for a manager who belly ups to them and offers free meals to "apologize" for the bad service. Truthfully, they just don't want Home Office coming down on them. Meanwhile, servers get left shit for tips if anything at all.

I split a table of 12 with a second server and we both made sure we took good care of the guests, ( 2 parents and 10 kids, mostly under the age of ten ). Absolutes! Seat to Eat! Check back and Check down! Party of 8, bring a date! All this work and we both got stiffed. Not a dime! Yet they had the money to pay their nearly $120 check AND have money to shop the crappy cheap MADE IN CHINA stocked "gift shop" afterwards.

Oh yeah, and to make things worse, you have to claim a certian amount of tips per shift or you get a tiny " love letter " after you clock out saying you didn't make store average for tips claimed. You have to sign it, a manager signs it too. Enough of these letters and you get told you're not doing your job right.

The Cracker Barrel is the worst place I have ever worked. It's more concerned about lawsuits and racial descrimination more than their employees. The managers get bonuses for Goal Hours yet the employees ( cooks, servers, hostesses, cashiers, and retail ) are told that they "...get to keep their jobs" Believe me, these managers push Goal Hours like drug dealers push product.

Employee Appreciation is a joke. Hot dogs and pizza are how you "thank" the people who make running this restaruant even possible?? When the weather is inclimate, do you think Cracker Barrel Home Office contacts any of their employees and tells them not to come in because they are closing? NO, YOU GET TO WAIT UNTIL LATE AFTERNOON when Home Office decides they aren't making any money before you show up anyway and get told to go home.

The health care insurance plan is a joke. You are told even part timers get a chance to enroll. Only if you make a average of 28 hours a week and keep this average per month for several months. So, this only includes cooks and managers since I can't think of any servers, retail, hostesses or cashiers that average even 20 hours on average per week per month. Oh yeah, once you are enrolled, you have to keep the hour averages up or they cut you from the program.

The economy is rough, I'm looking for a new job and I won't be giving my two weeks notice of leave either. With the way Cracker Barrel hires new people each week, I am positive they will just split my 15 to 20 hours a week between the 8 people who share my position.

Even with 50% off employee meal, I don't eat here. I don't drink or eat of the silverware or dishes because they are nasty. No one scrubs anything here it just gets over loaded into racks and pushed through a hot water rinse. Servers have to roll silverware by the pound. So when you have had a shitty shift, no real reason to make sure your 14lbs tray of silverware is clean because you just want to leave!

Store meetings are gossip fests. I've stopped going because I don't want to sit in a hotel confrence room and hear about server X spitting in garbage cans in the kitchen, Server L picking his butt when working as an expiditer or how Server G is totally sleeping with Manager T. I work with a lot of two faced ghetto self proclaimed "divas" who think they are management when in reality, they are just pathetic losers who have stayed with the company for so long they are entitled whores.

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