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painintheaxxx Send email
Jul 12, 2012

Social Media People Net66 is a SCAM. Avoid at all costs.

They promise the world and deliver only hassle (and typographical errors, incorrect information about how facebook works, false promises about their services and NO advertising). They took my money for the free trial, provided nothing except for when i chased them (and then i had to do it all myself anyway) and then they conveniently began to chase me for more money. Not interested in customer satisfaction, only in attempting to trap you into contracts for more payments. CANCEL your card because they will charge it without authorisation and SUE them in small claims court for a refund. The more people who do this, the more chance we have of shutting the criminals down. AVOID at all costs!!
User756526 Send email
Apr 9, 2012


It looks like MonkeyFish is not linked to Net66.

(See thread: )

But how does that reflect on Mr Collins who owns
In the past few days he was in contact with one of our group of ex customers of TSMP/Net66, who reports that Mr Collins says he doesn't work for Net66. And yet his ex-employer says he does.
To be sure if you look at the website it LOOKS like it was written by Net66.

Who can clear up the confusion?

So as always it all comes back to Net66 looking bad, but this time with a new twist.
User927754 Send email
Apr 9, 2012


The link has been found and it is through an ex MonkeyFish member of staff that is now working for Net66.
User756526 Send email
Apr 7, 2012


Net66 deserves no sympathy when another SEO company – MonkeyFish – tries its very best to disassociate itself from the Manchester scammers. Even though the other company is just a few miles from the Manchester base of The Social Media People/Net66 it says wants to have nothing to do with them.
It’s very revealing: If MonkeyFish is an honest company they fear their reputation will be ruined by association with crooks at Net66. If MonkeyFish does have something to hide it just shows that even a questionable company doesn’t want to be seen as ‘in bed with’ Net66.
But that doesn’t explain one apparent link, at: -
which seems to be run by MonkeyFish AND promotes Net66 as follows: “Net66 are remarkable in arrange of services I believe a company that does SEO and Web design has an advantage over anyone else in the industry. Net66 is a company based in Manchester...”

So is Net66 independently dishonest, or does MonkeyFish Marketing assisting?
User927752 Send email
Apr 5, 2012


I can confirm that MonkeyFish Marketing have nothing to do with Net66. If you think we are connected for any reason, please let us know how so we can remove any related information. In no way, shape or form have we ever worked with Net66 and are disappointed that as a reputable company we have been dragged into this matter somehow.

If you'd like to speak to a director at MonkeyFish Marketing, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 228 9090.

Kind regards,
The MonkeyFish management team.
User880923 Send email
Apr 5, 2012


I'm lead to believe MonkeyFishMarketing or Monkey Fish Marketing is a company working closely with Net66.

Monkey Fish Marketing, MonkeyFishMarketing, Net66, The social Media People.
User727695 Send email
Mar 28, 2012


ASA rules against The Social Media People / Net66 – AGAIN!

Net66 / The Social Media People is publicly exposed.

On 28 March 2012 the ASA published the result of Investigation A12-187948.
See attached extract from ASA website page:

So for the 4th time the ASA has investigated and publicly ruled that
Net66/The Social Media People is NOT ‘Legal, Decent, Honest, Truthful’ (the ASA ‘motto’).
(Many of us know the awful truth of that from our own bitter experience!)

On this occasion Net66/TSMP eventually complied with the requirements of ASA by removing false and misleading claims from its website – namely addresses/phone numbers of international offices, and the flags and world map which accompanied them. If it hadn’t complied the consequences would have been even worse.
(And this adjudication also explains the recent changes on the website . TSMP changed the website at the insistence of ASA; and also gave written undertakings not to repeat the offence.)

This most recent ASA judgement against Net66/TSMP follows earlier interventions by such bodies as The Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection Act), Companies House (Companies Act), Trading Standards (misrepresentation).

The Social Media People and its parent company Net66 repeatedly and persistently fails
in its obligations to customers, the law, and regulations. There is no honesty or integrity from the company nor its directors.

Why on earth would anyone who’s not yet been fleeced consider giving Net66/TSMP their business?
Net66/TSMP: Legal – NO. Decent – NO. Honest – NO. Truthful – NO.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Mar 22, 2012


Potential Net66 customers reviews.

Note to all the potential customers, queuing up to hand over some hard-earned money:

If you want expert, accurate information about websites etc, have a look at the attached ‘samples’ from the Net66 website.
Once again, Net66 has its finger on the pulse and only got the date wrong by a month.

They profess to be the experts! – But when they’re not telling lies, they’re making mistakes.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Mar 21, 2012


The Social Media People dishonest ambitions shrinking.

Last week Net66’s ‘The Social Media People’ withdrew the fake international addresses from its website.
This week The Social Media People further reduced the dishonest claims it makes, and removed the ‘map of the world’ image from the ‘Contact’ website page (

It may be possible to contact TSMP by letter, at its back-street HQ in Manchester, but several people have reported that attempts to contact the company by sending a message via the website ‘Contacts’ page never brings a reply.
Perhaps that too, as with so many things at The Social Media People, is just misleading and a fabrication.

(See image of current ‘Contacts’ page, attached.)
Tom Faulkner Send email
Mar 18, 2012


Net66 scammers The Social Media People - forced to climb-down again.

What dishonest tossers they are at The Social Media People / Net66.
For over a year now TSMP has maintained the pretence of being bigger than it is by including fake ‘International Offices’ (addresses & phone numbers) on its website.

* The Social Media People’s lies have been ‘outed’ on several occasions, and it made changes to ‘dress up the lie’.
* ASA has investigated before, & changes were made. TSMP wouldn’t want to risk any more judgements against them by ASA.
* TSMP revamped its website last November, and ADDED new lies to these preposterous claims – by newly including Canada and Spain in its ‘International Locations’ map/addresses. (See attached.)
* Now, having been yet again exposed as liars, TSMP has withdrawn the pretence of the fake offices, by just showing that from certain countries it can be contacted – by postal a letter to Manchester, UK. (See attached.)

And the funny thing is that although TSMP can be contacted from anywhere in the world by letter to Manchester, M1 2WX; if you’re in the UK the company STILL asks to be contacted at its PO Box in London. (AND the address shown is also FAKE, as the PO Box isn’t on Great Portland Street)

The Social Media People/Net66 - Tossers! - Dishonest tossers!
Tom Faulkner Send email
Mar 18, 2012


Net66 Closing Down? (See attached image.) The Social Media People

The world would be a better place if this was true! This is what Net66 had on its website on/around 17 March 2012.
But even in that short announcement there’s a problem:
If a company is supplying SEO and advertising services, both of which require a continuing input from the supplier to be of any value, how could they sell the service - AND provide/maintain it when they’d shut-up shop?

The Social Media People/Net66 – No honesty. No integrity. No ethics. No accuracy. Cheat their customers.
Camilla4785 Send email
Mar 6, 2012


A big hello to 5RB and Edwin Coe
Fran687 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Sod them lol they can come to my door ;) I very much dare them to. xx
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


There are now several cheated ex-customers who've received 'debt collector letters' from Daniels Silverman Ltd.
It seems that Daniels Silverman has no compunction working for the proven scammers at Net66/The Social Media People.
Many, if not all, the recipients are in contact with one another to discuss their responses etc. to the unjustified demands.
Fran687 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Just got a bullshit debt collection letter through from these scumbags, when will they ever cease!!! Anyone had any comeback from this?? Fran xx
The Social Media People Disaster Dept Send email
Feb 23, 2012


People have called The Social Meida People a scam. We at Net66 have redesigned the logo to make certain it gives the right feel.

To see it properly please click on the image below. We hope you like it.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Yes - The Social Media People is a scam all right, and is part of Net66.

Aliases? - Oh yes:
* Steven Jackson, Customer Service Director: Has told many lies on this forum, as well as directly to customers.
- On his fake Facebook page he used the photo of a male model as himself.
* Jonathan Barker, Solicitor, Adshead Goddard LLP: No trace at SRA. Not a solicitor.
* Jonathan Barker-Smith, Legal Agent: Asked customer to phone back to speak to him, but was never available.
* Amanda Jacobson, Head of Legal Department: Writes threatening emails like a 9 year old child who’d like to be a lawyer when she grows up.
* 'Anonymous' threat making caller. - Anonymous, but whose voice sounds uncannily like that of the director.
* 'madgem': The pseudonym used by Grace in her posts on, when she faked up supportive customer comment, and in the process stole the identity of one of Net66's customers.
* Claire Collins.
* Tina Foster.

And who knows how many others!

Listen to 3 of the above aliases on recordings, and notice that all 3 have the same voice. In under 2 minutes you can hear a director at The Social Media People/Net66 make threats & tell premeditated lies to customers: - . and . - - .
- OR with a transcript, at:!128&parid=root
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom, I neither hate, nor despise you. Those are too strong of emotions for someone I have never met and never spoken too directly. I just think you are an idiot and that you are leading others into the lions den that is Stephen P Jones aka Moss. Again, with unabashed ignorance, Tom you assume to know who I am. Hey Tom, here's an idea. Anybody who reads your evidence against SMP would likely conclude you were why not post the evidence that I am SMP. Tom, please, show at least a shred of evidence that I am an alias of the SMP. But, hey, don't forget when I made the international phone call and confirmed a previous phony number SMP was using. How does that jive with your assumption? I remember another little movie you could use a lesson from...(ANYONE who can name the movie with get a High Five from me, a little US flick that propelled Sean Penn to fame) Never ASSUME anything! When you assume there is the potential to make an AS* out of U or ME= ASSuME.. FYI the Kinison reference came from Kinison's cameo in a Rodney Dangerfield flic---I don't know anyone with even a scintilla of humor who does not laugh when teacher Kinison goes off on an ignorant student..thats why I though it a good reference for you Tom.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Even 'camilla4785' agrees that Net66/The Social Media People ripped me off!

So even if anyone believed that C. isn't TSMP, the fact is that someone who hates, pities and despises me actually agrees with me that Net66/The Social Media People is a scam. Well done camilla4785 for that.

Judging by the tone that TSMP adopts in its persona of 'camilla4785', and its declared desire to be compared to the loudmouthed rantings of a dead (by drugs and car crash) comedian, perhaps we should refer to 'Preacher Camilla'.
But 'Preacher Camilla' doesn't even have the redeeming feature of occasionally being funny.

What a joke that The Social Media People /Net66, and the driving force of its corrupt directors, can't raise even a shred of evidence that it is anything other than a despicable scam, and needs to hide behind multiple and easily exposed aliases.

The issue on this thread is The Social Media People and its scam.
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom F As I said above, resign yourself to a lifetime of being scammed because you are not able to think intelligently. You got scammed by the SMP and now you are setting yourself up to be scammed by your new buddy Stephen p moss Jones (as well as anyone else who follows your advice and seeks help from Badbiz).
The funniest thing is that you have labeled ME as the social media people. That how truly daft you are. Once again, you think you KNOW something that do Not know. That's called incurable ignorance Tom. When you don't know, and you don't know that you don't know. Incurable. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge.
How ironic--you think I am SMP but I am not, while you think Steve Moss Jones is a consumer activist that helps people when the reality is that he is a con man with a criminal record. I don't know about you Tom, but I DO NOT knowingly associate with Criminals. You do. Say it Tom. Taste how nasty it is to say to yourself out loud-- I, Tom F., like to associate with criminals. SAY IT! SAY IT! {and just for humor imagine I am yelling at you in the voice of Sam Kinison).
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The Social Media People reports again - using its alias of 'camilla4785'.

Well, it seems that Net66/The Social Media People just can't resist trying to divert attention from the subject of this thread, namely the lying, cheating scam that is Net66/The Social Media People.

The single, relevant comment made by Net66/TSMP, is that it ripped me off. Oh yes, I certainly got ripped off by Net66/TSMP!

However, as my bank pursued a claim against Net66 for me, and I got my money back because Net66/The Social Media People - with all the facilities, staff and documentation available to it - couldn't persuade Barclays Bank that it had done its job.
And linked to that, the intervention of Manchester Trading Standards 'helped' Net66/TSMP to improve its procedures to bring it into line with good practice. The downside of that may be that Net66 becomes a 'better scammer', which would be a tragedy for the unwitting small businessman who has yet to be victimised.

The issue on this thread is the appalling, dishonest business practices of The Social Media People/Net66, its absence of integrity and ethics.
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I for one have never defended the SMP. I just didn't rally against them because the threat of Badbiz Badbizz Stephen Jones Moss is a much bigger threat to the public than SMP. Not to mention, It really made me angry that TOM F in his zeal to attack the SMP was giving legitimacy to the biggest con man I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Basically, Tom F gets ripped off so screw everyone else. He pretended to care about other consumers--horse manure! He only cares about himself. He aligned himself so fully with Moss that after a while, when efforts to get through to him failed, I started thinking---GOOD! If somebody is going to get ripped off, well, , , lets just say it couldn't happen to a better person. Tom F you are responsible for exposing many an innocent person to a criminal with a criminal record who masquerades as a savior to the downtrodden! For shame Tom F! You didn't investigate Badbiz any better than you did the SMP. So, Tom F resign yourself to a lifetime of scams because you seem incapable of discerning promise from reality.
Trmn8r Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Thanks for the update Tom!!
CloseCall48 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am delighted a forum such as this exists. Have fallen into the snare of a different UK based company called Stormmedia myself a few years ago. As a result, every time somebody contacts me regarding web based advertising I hear alarm bells ringing. Glad they did this time too. - Phew !!!
Reprise Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The Social Media People’s (Net66) early posts on this forum. Number 4.

Once again, ‘just for the record’, below is the full TSMP post – its fourth. This time from 11 May 2011.
The post was later removed along with many more of TSMP’s contributions. TSMP must have been SO ashamed about them!

This post followed the first one from Tom Faulkner a few days earlier. He'd just registered on ‘Complaintsboard’ saying he was an ex-customer, willing to have TSMP expose details of the way their business had been conducted.
Instead of taking the opportunity to show him up, TSMP confirmed he was indeed a customer; and launched an attack, but provided no supporting evidence.

Unedited TSMP post 11-05-11( As always, ALL typos, grammar & spelling errors are as originally written by TSMP's Director TSMP):
"Steven Jackson 0votes
To All,
As previously stated, earlier comments on here have been written quickly whilst tensions were high, and on reflection could of maybe done with more planing and a thorough check. Having said that, my, and the companies number 1 prioty is existing customers. This is what takes up most of our time and to be honest coming to this forum to defend ourselves from ridiculous comments is not as important as deailing with, and assisting any of our customers questions or queries.

Tap in to google most of trusted and/or household name and the word complaint on google & you will find a complaints.
As previously mentioned, when you have as many clients as us, you are bound to have a handfull of unhappy ones.
I can not stress this enough!!!
It pleases me that the only valid complaints against us are of a grammatical nature. Again, even though I speak for the company, I am a human bieng, and guess what, we make mistakes occasionally. I could list errors on other post on here, but that is not the point of my response. I am meirly trying to get the truth out there about us and grammatical mistakes are not as relevant.Yes, there is 1 or 2 accusations, but we are yet to see any proof.
May I also re-iterate:
Now, whilst I would like to sit and respond to these comments/accusations/requests more regularly, Hobby Horse is correct, I am a busy man.
We have a large customer service team and and many, many clients to stay in contact with. Our existing customers are much more important than anything else to us as a business and I will NOT jepordise our level of service for anything, so my responses will be limited.

Lastly, and rather worryingly, we recieved a call today from an annoymous individual who knows Mr. Tom Faulkner . Mr Faulkner also has commented on here as "Elemental" (he has admitted to this on a recorded telephone call & neglected to mention it on here for some reason. To read his post, it's as if its his first involvement) .
It transpires this individual may be somewhat dangerous as we have had Numerous clients ring to say they have had contact with him and I'm sure by the sounds of it, he will have been contacting members on here. Whilst I am happy to do my best to ensure everyone's experience with us is the best humanly possible, and I may get frustrated with ignorance when expaining certain aspects of business, we would never take anything personal.
After all, in life people disagree, It seems this individual may actually be obsessive. The caller also forwarded me to a group on Facebook called "Faulkner Fans" which can be found:!/group.php?gid=31152303899
on which there is many young men, maybe jesting, but commenting on various things. I am not making any insinuations as to the integrity or the credibility of this individual, I am merely warning people and presenting facts for you to initiate your own opinions.
It seems he has ruffled a few other peoples feathers in the past with his actions, and whilst we are pursuing this individual for legal reasons if he is contacting any members on here, I would advise you do not meet this person, as we have had some information brought to our attention by a local man who knows him that is cause for concern. (although we are only passing on information that may or may not be true. The Social Media People Ltd (UK) has no opinion and would not wish to commit lielous stements about any individual and/or company. After all libel is a serious offence and comes with VERY large penalties.)
He may seem to be getting his integrity well and truely tarnished, but he is the only person to consistently question our integrity, both with comments on here and over 50 emails & phone calls to date. I cant seem to find any information on companies house for this company. Also there is whats know as unethical anchor text on the website: <- The text at the bottom is anchor text soley to try to rank well on google (unethical/black hat search engine optimisation)Also I have just done a search on Registered ADI Instructors in: BN41 2TE, which I happen to know is the catchment area of Mr. Faulkner as he has listed it on the internet. Have a look for yourself. am genuinely sorry to have to stoop as low as to question peoples laurels & integrity, but as an honest man wqorking with good & honest people, anybody who wishes to insult our integrity will proven wrong and we will question theirs. Rightly so I beleive, as I have previously mentioned, question or website colours our terms, or even our grammar BUT DO NOT QUESTION OUR ETHICS AS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT WE MAINTAIN THE MENTALITY AND ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OUR BUSINESS IS BUILT ON.

PS. Hobby Horse, I will enquire to the exact date as to when our number was changed. It is a central switchboard number. As customer service agents we have direct line's and departmental numbers we usually give to clients.
Our main number is issued in public domains and on websites so we do not have to use account managers lines as it may hinder the level of service we provide.
Again, if any body would like to learn more about our products & services, or to get help with your account with us get intouch, we are happy to help.

Warm Regards,
Steven Jackson
The Social Media People Ltd (UK) (Customer Service Headquarters)
Office 404, Floor 4, Albany House, <----------------- ( You were quite right, aplogies)
324-326 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
Telephone: (0844) 272 3783 email: [email protected] web:"

That’s the rubbish and lies TSMP wrote when customers 1st started exposing them.
What a crap, disgraceful company!

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