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David284276 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Fathering children to speak openly like this on public forums what does one expect.

Social Media Experts? Anti-Social-Behaviour experts perhaps better explains their business plan?

Absolute disgusting.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The Social Media People targets franchisees - Net66 runs The Social Media People.

I was contacted by a recently cheated customer who described that there was a recent case where The Social Media People scam targeted its sales effort to a national franchise.
TSMP contacted individual franhisees and used the tactic of - others in the group have bought advertising, so it would be a good idea for them to also do so. There were sufficient disenchanted people in this group that the franchising 'head office' circulated an alert to all its members warning them to steer clear of TSMP.

Another example of the ease with which The Social Media People convinces customers (potential/existing) that it's foolish to employ its services.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Honesty is a mystery to Net66 and The Social Media People...

Net66 - No honesty or integrity, or good business practices.

Here is a letter sent to me in June on a Net66 letterhead. (Attached: Full page and with ‘magnified’ detail.)
1. It demands VAT for a ‘Statutory Item’ for which VAT is not due. (Breaks VAT regulations.)
2. It states a FALSE 'VAT Number', though Net66 was registered for VAT and had previously quoted the correct number. (Breaks VAT regulations.)
3. It states a FALSE 'Registered Company Number'. (Breaks Companies Act law.)
4. It fails to provide all legally required details of the company. (Breaks Companies Act law.)
5. It is one stage in Net66 (& TSMP Ltd, & TSNMC Ltd.) failing in their legal duty to comply with a ‘DSAR’. (Breaks Data Protection law.)

Net66 and its sister companies never fulfilled their legal duty to comply the 3 DSAR’s, therefore continuing to breach The Data Protection Act.
They know this because The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and I, have written to them pointing it out.

But Net66 knowingly and blatantly ignores its legal obligations – which is typical them.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Pathetic Net66 is SO dilatory it can’t get its own address right!

Did someone say "Yet another mistake."? Well, here is "yet another 'yet another' mistake!"

Net66’s ‘The Social Media People’ has frequently tried to hide its true location in Manchester.
Recently Net66 changed its Registered Office Address and recorded a FALSE address as the new location. That may have been a deliberate lie, or possibly a ‘schoolboy howler’ of an error, but the company has now corrected the false entry.
I guess that once Companies House became aware that Net66 had, once again, recorded false information with this government body, it ‘had a quiet word’ with the company to get matters corrected.

The only conclusion that could be drawn from this episode is that either:
* Net66 deliberately tried to deceive Companies House and anyone who needed to consult the information. OR
* Net66 is SO crap at doing anything accurately (including writing its very own, well established address!) that it just made a mistake.

It bodes well for anyone doing business with them – or not! - You decide.

Of course - they don't just 'make mistakes' - Net66/The Social Media People deliberately lies to, and cheats, customers; points well documented in published documentary and recorded evidence and not just unsupported assertion.
Bad Biz 2 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Yet another mistake. Well, they do keep making them.

This has got to be the crummiest company I have ever come across.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Careless Net66 insults happy customers!
We’ve heard from many unhappy customers of Net66 / The Social Media People, but it seems the company does have some satisfied customers.

Yet - even when Net66 has a satisfied customer who is willing to provide a testimonial, Net66 capitalises on the company’s co-operation - but includes an (intentional/accidental) insult to its customer.
Mr Myles Flood who runs an Irish company called ‘Limos For Less’, confirmed Net66 had done work for him, and he was content with the work done. - (, )

When Net66 published the testimonial it spelled the company’s name wrongly! (Impressive work Net66!)
The testimonial:
. . . [Limos4Less] used Net66 to develop our website. It is perfect and matches our specification exactly. I would recommend Net66 to anyone needing web design or SEO work. . . — Myles Flood, Limos4Less
The testimonial is there on Net66’s website today, so you can see for yourself. (& attachment here)

How thrilled would you be to see a supplier for whom you’d provided a testimonial couldn’t even bother to spell your company name correctly?
Class act! – Not.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The alias of Net66 – The Social Media People – camilla4785.
Camilla 4785 has recently been very keen to discuss the rights and wrongs of people changing their names. I am sure there are many reasons, and each person undertaking an official name-change will have their own.

HIGHLY RELEVANT to THIS thread – which is the Net66/The Social Media People scam – are the multiple ‘unofficial’ name changes/aliases adopted by directors etc of Net66.
We don’t need to ask the reasons for the many aliases, false characters and fictional departments, because it’s clear they are used to hide the identities of the people harassing and threatening customers; as well as to give the impression that the company is bigger than it really is.

Examples are:
The Social Media People USA office – fake.
The Social Media People Canada office – fake.

Steven Jackson – (Customer Service Director) – fake.
Amanda Jacobson – (Head of Legal Team) – fake.
Jonathan Barclay-Smith (Legal Agent) – fake.
Angela Fisher – (Legal Dept.) – both fake.
Claire Collins – (Collections Dept.) – both fake.
Tina Foster – (Collections Dept.) – both fake.

Tom Johnson - fake.
Caroline Stevenson – fake.
Elizabeth Jackson (Maybe the fantasy wife of the fictional Steven Jackson?)

You can hear 2 of these fictions in action (Aliases telling premeditated lies in order to intimidate critical customers) in recordings, at: - and - OR with a transcript, at:!128&parid=root

The Social Media People/Net66 and its directors: No honesty, no integrity, no ethics.
Net66/The Social Media People: Fake international offices, fake departments, fake phone numbers, fake testimonials,
fake ‘blue-chip’ client list, fake VAT number, fake websites, fake blogs, fake ‘Facebook friends’.

They're all-round dishonest fakers. If you want to help their enterprise, form a line, open your wallet and don't have the temerity to criticise them!
Manchester Misery Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Youv’e got to be suspisious about Camilla4785 when the posts always just slag off people, and she removed all the old posts of hers which she did in August. Why was she worried about them? Even then all the posts were just the same and never stuck to the scammers called Social Media Peaple.
Can Camilla answer a question. If you know that SMPs office in America isn't real, because you checked and said it here, why not accept that all the customers who say SMP is a scam are right? I was one and I got scammed. I tried to talk to SMP in the messages here, but they never answered anything.
If you want to have a go at someone else do it somewear else. It looks like Camilla really is SMP.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Scammer ‘The Social Media People’ still wants to distract readers with comment irrelevant to this thread.

I was going to say he's ‘lost the plot’; but the reality is that his plot IS to distract with irrelevancies, so perhaps from his perspective he's on target. Tom McVey still (deliberately) misses the point in this thread. The point is The Social Media People scam / Net66 scam, and it IS NOT whether a detached third party is good, bad, or has adopted a new name; nor what my knowledge or views on that third party are.

Except for his repeated agreement that TSMP is dodgy, ALL of his above self-righteous blatherings have no relevance whatsoever to the proven guilt of Net66/The Social Media People.

When he says I 'reverted to type' he presumably refers to two points:
1. That I stick to the subject, and don't try to sidetrack people with irrelevant comment.
2. I present facts and evidence; NOT (like him) relying on smokescreens, lies and unsubstantiated inuendo. (See yet another evidence supported FACT concerning his websites below.)

Yes, I hate The Social Media People's dishonest business practices, and I love the truth of the evidence which proves it's dishonesty. They are the points of this thread.
If he wants to present some evidence of something else it should be on a relevant thread, His side-issue questions don’t affect the truth that Net66/TSMP is dishonest and corrupt. His side-issue attains no greater relevance just because Tom McVey stamps his foot and says “You’ve got to answer my questions - because I say so!”

Tom McVey (using his ‘camilla’ alias) makes a 'prediction': "MY PREDICTION-- Within one year Steve Moss will have 2-3 websites built against YOU Tom F. Because he is a snake that has turned on everyone who has ever loved him."
A more likely scenario is that Net66's Tom McVey will construct websites intended to look like they were produced by someone else, so he can confuse the issue. Such a tactic is already in use by TSMP/Net66/Tom McVey - a fake a version of this forum -; so it would be no surprise to see more of the same underhand tactic.

That fake website, ripping off the copyright of another company, is on line now, and has been for months. The IP address etc led straight back to Net66’s offices. The proof is undeniable: it is there for all to see.

So- Camilla/TomMcV/TSMP: Stick to the subject in hand – the appalling business practices of Net66/The Social Media People.
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom F Reverts to type and cannot answer one simple question. Why Tom? Would your answer make you look bad?
If you will answer the previous question with either a YES or a NO (the question about criminality, remember YOU get to decide if the evidence is valid, )then I will answer one of your YES or No questions. Sound fair? You like fair right Tom. But you must answer the question before you get to see the evidence. Obviously I won't share the evidence if you admit up front that it will not make you waiver in your support of Badbizz.
I called the USA number and posted my findings even though it was against SMP. I just don't understand you Tom
Do you HATE SMP MORE than you LOVE the truth? All truth? You want to help people avoid a scam? OR is the truth that you know what a degenerate sociopath Steve Moss Jones is, BUT you don't care because the psycho is on your side.(For Now)
Tom F if you only knew how close you were dancing to the fire that is Steve Moss, you would run for the lake.
MY PREDICTION-- Within one year Steve Moss will have 2-3 websites built against YOU Tom F. Because he is a snake that has turned on everyone who has ever loved him.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Net66 directors close down one branch of its dishonest operation.

Up till August The Social Media People operated under the umbrella of ‘The Social Network Marketing Company Ltd’.
Then the directors changed horses and moved it to operate under ‘Net66 Web Services Ltd.’, a precursor to dissolving the company (TSNMC).

It is of little significance, as TSMP is just as dishonest now as it was then, but the blame is now linked to Net66.

Goodbye ‘The Social Network Marketing Company Ltd. – and good riddance.
Roll on the same fate for the others in the group.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The Social Media People's alias - camilla4785 - having confirmed in his previous post that TSMP is dodgy, reverts to type by re-introducing a subject irrelevant to this thread.
His desperation to divert readers’ attention with irrelevant side issues just further convinces everyone that he really does have something to hide – although the documentary proof of TSMP’s dishonest business is there for anyone to see.
If camilla (Tom McVey) wants to divert attention from his company's, and his family's dishonesty by discussing matters which have no relevance to this thread he should pursue the arguments on a different one: or he can speak to me on the phone as he has my number.
The title of this thread is:
“the social media people net66, England, Greater Manchester Complaints & Reviews – scam”

And in 9 months and over 50 pages of [posts he has yet to convincingly answer any of the myriad criticisms from genuine cheated customers.

The Social Media People is dishonest. Documentary/recorded evidence has shown it: and much of the evidence is contained in the original documents produced by The Social Media People. Banks get customers money back for them because of TSMP’s ‘non-delivery of service’.

The Social Media People is dishonest. Tom McVey’s transparent attempts to divert attention with smokescreens and irrelevancies has no bearing on the fact.
The Social Media People is dishonest. My knowledge or views of other matters have no bearing on the fact.
The Social Media People is dishonest. Whether or not someone changes their name has no bearing on that fact.

And The Social Media People is cowardly. It hides behind aliases. It doesn't even have the guts to attack and lie about people using its own name
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom F Poor defense of Stephen Moss Jones name change using the Pope as an example. The new Pope ALWAYS takes a new name. Therefore, using true logic, it is neither unusual nor suspicious. The same could be said for LADY GAGA. We all KNOW why she changed her name, because thats what pop artists/singers/actors do. So why does Stav need a "stage" name. Why did a non-celebrity, grown man, with children, change his last name? Who is he trying to hide from? What is he trying to hide? Hiding a criminal record.
Please answer me this TOM F- If it can be proven beyond any doubt (you decide) that Stephen Moss Jones is a convicted criminal, and I am talking SERIOUS offenses, committed as an adult, convicted and sentenced with time served, will you still recommend and contribute to his web sites?
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The ally of The Social Media People agrees that Net66/The Social Media People is a bad bet!?
I can't be certain, but it seems that after checking both the facts, and the phone number ‘001 917 3000 360’, camilla4785 agrees The Social Media People is lying about its USA operation. -
And that an implication of the lie is that it indicates The Social Media People is a bad risk if anyone seeks advertising services.
It is also good to see that camilla4785 is now discussing matters (i.e. TSMP/Net66) appropriate to this thread.

It is worth reiterating that:
1. The USA phone number has featured on The Social Media People website from the beginning of 2011.
2. It was pointed out months ago that it was a false or inoperative number. (So plenty of time to correct matters if it was a 'mistake')
3. The ASA has previously taken action against TSMP on this matter, during investigations into the website claims of the company.
4. TSMP has refreshed/redesigned its website within the last 3 weeks.
5. TSMP has revised the particular claim relating to the USA office within the last few days (to include the description 'Forwarding Address')

The above points are important because they demonstrate a continuing, long-standing critical focus on the existence (OR NON-EXISTENCE) of this USA office, and the company's familiarity with the concerns over the claim/website page.
So there can be no excuse that it is a forgivable, minor mistake: it is a premeditated, and blatant lie.
A lie, which alongside the litany of other lies employed by The Social Media People/Net66 further proves that the company and
its directors have no honesty, no integrity, no ethics. –
And of course – the PROOF of this is in the post by camilla4785, AND on a document (TSMP website) which is within the total control of the company: so no outsider could have tampered with or faked that evidence and proof. It is still there today!
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom F--I called the USA number and it is disconnected. It is the correct USA code for State NewYork, and the correct first 3 digits for NewYork City, BUT the number Is disconnected. This is unusual and suspicious, especially when considering SMP provide Advertising. How can the SMP direct customers to YOU (the purchaser of advertising) when they misdirect their own potential customers.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Does The Social Media people tell lies? - Does The Social Media People publish its lies in full view of everyone?

Well, yes. The answer to those two questions is: Yes The Social Media People/Net66 tells lies to customers and potential customers.

During 2011 The Social Media People claims to have a branch or office in USA. It recently updated its website AND UPDATED THE LIE!
What happens if someone tries to contact that office? Nothing! There is no office: therefore TSMP has lied (yet again)
Is there any evidence to support such an allegation? Yes. Whether phoning or writing it becomes abundantly clear that TSMP is not known there, and the phone line is dead.

Listen to a 1 minute recording of calls made in May and December at:!269&parid=4DD55FB3E5302996!268&authkey=!AAa_R0zhEgVUHu8
A letter sent to the office will be ‘Returned to Sender’ because ‘Addressee not known here.’
If you don’t believe me why not prove it yourself by phoning/writing? The Social Media People publishes lies/falsehoods/fallacies/fantasies.

The Social Media People caught out in yet another easily provable lie.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The scam of The Social Media People and Net66 still wants to divert attention from its corrupt, cheating, lying practices by hiding behind an alias and talking about something entirely irrelevant to this thread. The subject here is the appalling business prctices of The Socil Media People/Net66.
If TSMP/Net66, in its guise as camilla4785, is really concerned about a different scam it should take its moans to a new or different thread.

Is Tom McVey really expecting people to accept that if there is a bigger scam, then that therefore qualifies the TSMP scam for exemption from criticism? - In his dreams!

(Concerning people changing names, AND APPLYING TOM McVEY's logic we should conclude that Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger is a despicable criminal. I don't know whether anyone can confirm that, but perhaps if someone asked The Vatican why, in 2005 this man changed his name we could arrive at an answer. TOM McVEY's LOGIC results in the conclusion that Pope Benedict XVI is a criminal and is running a scam.)

Whatever has happened elsewhere does not change the facts that The Social Media People/Net66 and its dishonest directors - Grace McVey, Tom Mcvey and Neil McVey are running a scam which desereves all the bad press it gets. The proof of its dishonesty is there to see, and much of it produced from its very own computer keyboards, within the offices at TSMP/Net66.
No honesty, no integrity, no ethics and no ability to come to a sensible conclusion from a set of facts and half-truths.

And finally, it might be convenient to Tom McVey if I knew certain things that he thinks he can beat me up over, but he shouldn't presume to have any insight into what I do or don't know. He regularly presents falacies and half-truths as facts. I present verifiable evidence.
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tom F, You say you want to prevent new customers from being scammed by SMP. Fair enough, honourable even. Thats what good people do when they are scammed...they try to help their fellow man from falling into the same trap.
THAT is why I am so appalled that you would tout and introduce unsuspecting people to an even bigger scam ( ie Stephen Phillip Moss/Jones).
YOU have the cheek to act like you dont believe all the info offered up on SKSBCM Moss Jones, yet the info was gleaned from Moss's OWN WEB PAGES. These are not simply my opinion, they are Mr Badbiz's OWN WORDS and VIDEOs. His brother is David Moss. Steve calls him his brother in his rant against Birmingham Midshires after their mother died. He posted his letters to BM on his Badbiz site. His children have the Moss last name (ie SURNAME). Why would you pretend not to know that the guy changed his name to Jones. NOW, why do you suppose he would do this? Change his last name somewhere around 2006-2008?
Tom F, you exemplify the Law of Unintended Consequences--In your zeal to help save people from SMP you expose them to an even bigger risk- Stev Moss Jones. Is this ethical? I dont think so. Thus, poor victim Tom F could care less about other people getting scammed ( not a question of IF but a question of WHEN) after hooking up with Stav Moss Jones.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Dear alias of 'The Social Media People' (currently: 'camilla 4785') - Net66:
1. The subject under discussion in this thread is the appalling, corrupt business practices of Net66 / The Social Media People.
You have never properly answered ANY criticisms or questions on this thread, nor direct to the customers you cheated.
2. It is interesting to see you use the approach: "...look up the word surname in the dictionary." If you recall, this is a favourite trick that you, Tom McVey, adopts when unconvincingly trying to be clever whilst delivering an insult. Do you remember saying it to me on the telephone when you said: (QUOTE):"Are you near a dictionary? Check out the word ‘delusional’...”
2. Even though it is completely irrelevant to the fact of your scamming tactics I will answer your question to the fullest extent of my knowledge: (Although you won’t like the answer, because although true, it won’t fit in with your twisted view of things.):
'Steve Jones moved to USA to develop business opportunities/career, which proved to be a successful move.
I don't know if, or why, he changed name.'
There you are Tom, the question you were keen for me to answer is answered - even though it has nothing to do with your dishonest, un-ethical practices. Are you now in the mood to actually answer anyone's questions? Remember, you promised (publicly, here on this website thread, AND privately) to answer mine, but never did; and people will draw conclusions about your reluctance to answer and inability to keep your promise.
3. If you insist on trying to make a point about someone else's life or statements, why not do it on another thread, but also, and importantly, why don't you develop a correct understanding and interpretation of the facts you think you've assembled before implying a conclusion. Your poor comprehension of written English and inability to present a logical argument are risible.
4. I don't ask or expect anyone to feel sorry for me, so conclude that your inclusion of such a statement results from one (or both) of 2 reasons:
(a) Your comprehension of the situation, and of written English, fails you once again.
(b) You wish to influence others about my intentions to distract them from examining the documentary evidence which proves your scam.

The purpose of my interest in your despicable operations lies in doing what I can to prevent potential new customers getting scammed by you
(The Social Media People, Net66), and to assist your recently scammed customers find answers more quickly than it was possible for me to do.

The Social Media People, Net66, Tom McVey, Neil McVey, Grace McVey:
Cheats and liars with no honesty, no integrity, no ethics – and a solid trail of evidence to prove it.
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Hi Tom F, Please look up the word surname in the dictionary. Why would Stephen Phillip Moss move to the USA and return some 14 years later as Stephen Phillip Jones. Please Tom, if you answer only one question this week, answer that. How many 30-40 year old MEN change their last names and WHY. And Tom F, do you only hate people that scam you. Are you ok with scammers as long as they dont scam you. WHY. Why would you align yourself with someone like Moss Jones. Havent you read his other crybaby sites. Remember when he post a bank statement showing he has some 700, 000 or 800, 000 in his saving cheque account yet he claims that edwin coe destroyed him financially over a mere parking ticket. How could anyone feel sorry for you Tom when you only care about yourself. If you really cared about other people and saving them from a scam then you would refuse to add legitimacy to Moss Jones and Badbiz Badbizz..
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The Social Media People aliases are advertised by bragging.
It is strange that The Social Media People scam / Net66 draws attention to the fact that it has changed its name to camilla4785 on this forum.
TSMP has been caught out so many times using aliases, and now it seems to want to brag about it by telling us its using a different name - and yet, not surprisingly it still has nothing constructive to say. Just trying to divert attention by referring to an irrelevant side issue; it's not even a very good smokescreen.
Some of its other aliases telling premeditated lies can be heard here: - and - -OR with a transcript, at:!128&parid=root
Camilla4785 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Good Morning Tom F and Brian Are you still in bed with the ultimate scammer Steve BadBizz Jones AKA Stephen Moss. Are you both REALLY that ignorant. What do you think of the name change. Weird, unusual, suspicious. Why would a grown man change his surname. Running from a criminal record.
Tom Faulkner Send email
Feb 23, 2012


smeireland: If you paid by credit/debit card cancel/lose/destroy your card immediately to prevent further payments being extracted. Your bank will get a new one to you (same account, but new security details on your card).
Then you can decide what to do without the fear of your bank account being raided. If you decide you want to pay more money to them it is simple enough to arrange in a more secure (for you) fashion.
(Have a look at your 'Personal Messages' on this site.
Skin 80 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Smeireland, send a copy of the letter by Recorded Delivery so you'll have proof of the day they received it. Then if they take more payments, your card company will be able to cover you and claim back the payments.
Smeireland Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Can someone please advise what if anything I can do? If this isn't a genuine offer and I have cause to worry at this stage-not because I read these comments-things have happened since I agreed to do the advertising which caused me concern so I went online to find out a bit more about them.
I said on phone that I did not want to continue contract past 30 days. I also posted a letter that same day to the address they gave me to cancel it going forward and the card holder also requested that no further payment were to be deducted from the card. Is that enough or can I do anything more? Can I contact card company to advise I do not wish to have any further payments taken?

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