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U.S. Bank Car Leasing

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about U.S. Bank Car Leasing

JESSY Maricopa Send email
Apr 21, 2017

US BANK Scamming customers

I am curious as to what the end result of my situation will be with US Bank. I received a bill for 2 excessively worn tires at $237 per tire and $125 for gouges on the rim plus a 7” scratch on the rear passenger door for $90. The car was in pristine condition when I turned it in. I argued with the rep at US Bank about the tires AND I am refusing to pay the other 2 charges as I did not drive with bubble wrapped around the car. She stated she would reference my account "refusing to pay" and hung up. I traded in my 2014 SRX Cadillac to a dealer so that I could get into a new car. The GMC dealer bought the remaining lease however US Bank states that I owe for excessive wear and tear on the vehicle. I never had this problem with any of my prior leased vehicles. I am still dreading the mail to hear about the $395 termination fee. If any of you had success with them would you inform me. Or if you need me to stand with you, reach out to me and I will. The power of many !
hurted_feelings Send email
Apr 19, 2017


The end of lease advisor is very rude and she disrespected me she addressed me very very offensively. Ms “Angela” typical answers “you never owned the car, this is not yours”, “you are speeding”, “you cannot evaluate the excess” , etc
US Bank wants up to $737 in excess wear and tear. US Bank wants $237 per tire and $125 per wheel/cover for scrapes on the edge of the rim where the wheel meets the tire.
When I tried to dispute the charges I was badly insulted and my feelings were gravely hurt that my blood pressure went up to 19. I almost died !!!

peterdux Send email
Apr 12, 2017

lease end charges

us bank charging excessive wear on tires despite Landrover inspection confirming tires above the required wear level. They did not pick up grounded vehicle for over a week at dealership and are trying to charge for extra month's rent. Will never use this bank again . Have gone back to Chase! The end of lease advisor very rude!
kathybell2 Send email
Mar 7, 2017

US Bank charging a termination fee for not purchasing vehicle

I also have a dispute with U.S. Bank on charging a termination fee for not purchasing the vehicle after fulfilling the requirements of my lease. Two months after turning in my 2014 Jeep in November of 2016, I received a bill from U.S. Bank for $426.60 for termination fee (not early or late termination, but standard termination at the end of the lease term) because I did not purchase the automobile. After leasing Jeeps over an 11 year period, I have NEVER been charged a termination fee for not purchasing the vehicle. I wrote them 3 times before they provided an explanation. I disagree with their procedure of including this termination fee in the contract as it is not obvious to the individual that this fee will be charged above and beyond the normal monthly payments required by the term of the lease. I believe it is U.S. Bank's approach for 'squeezing' customers to get additional money from them above and beyond the agreed upon monthly leasing payments. Thank goodness I did not get the 'excessive wear and tear' charge that many on this blog have received. I am resisting making this termination fee payment based on principle. I am planning on contacting the NYS Attorney General to have them look into U.S. Bank's leasing practices as I believe they are taking advantage of customers with these bogus charges for termination without purchase, excessive wear and tear, and missing keys. Never have I had this experience with any of my other leased vehicles and I will make sure to publicize to anyone who will listen to NEVER use U.S. Bank for leasing or any other banking purposes.
Mlutz445@aol.com Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Excessive wear and Tear

I am currently in the same situation as all of the previous reviews. I turned my vehicle in November 2016. I just received a letter that I owe approximately $1800 in excess wear and tear damages. I also have leased vehicles in the past, as well many other family members have. I never had an issue returning a lease vehicle. This company is charging me almost $700 for work that was completed on the car by a body shop referred by Geico Insurance Company. They are complaining that the repairs were not completed to their standards. I paid a $1000 deductible to the insurance company and am now being told I have to pay for the repair work that they claim is substandard.

Like most of us I cannot afford to pay the money that US Bank is demanding. Does anyone have suggestions of what I can do if any? And what happens if you dispute their findings.

Please email me mlutz445@aol.com with any information or suggestions that might be successful. Thank you!
KTX1234 Send email
Dec 28, 2016

I Will Never Lease from US Bank Again

After turning in my leased vehicle, 7 weeks later I received a bill from US Bank for $200 for a missing additional key. I had the key in my possession and asked if I could send the key to them and have the $200 taken off my termination agreement. The customer service representative I spoke with told me that I had to reach out to the auction facility that had the car and send my key there. After a few weeks of trying to get a hold of the auction facility I found out the car wasn't there nor could the auction company help me - they informed me it was US Bank's responsibility. I called US Bank and tried to speak with anyone who would know how to help me. The only response I received was "since you didn't return both keys, we cannot help you". Had I been informed 2 months earlier that they needed the additional key, this could have been resolved. Also, no where in my lease agreement did it state I had to return both keys. I will never use US Bank again for any future lease needs and do not recommend them. Poor customer service and employees who could not answer my questions along with more charges for "wear and tear" than other lease companies.
My issues seem very similar to previous responses. I wish I would have read these before I signed any lease agreement with US Bank. Awful.
msunickb Send email
Nov 15, 2016

Excessive Wear Charges, Chevy Volt

Well, I have now spoken with US Bank three times since last night to see if they'll do anything about the $3,135(!!!) excessive wear charges we just received to no avail. I reviewed all of the photos provided in the inspection and I have to say US Bank is using the term "excessive" VERY loosely. This is a vehicle, that they leased us, for 48 months. How some of the items (that were literally invisible in the photos) were considered beyond "normal" wear and tear has be baffled.

Has anyone had any luck negotiating with them? Any tips? My next course of action will be to submit a dispute via writing but since they've auctioned the car already I can't even go see the vehicle for myself or have an inspector look at it.

Very frustrating!

I'm finding it mildly amusing that a Google search for "lease turn in excessive wear charges complaints" almost all of the top results are related to US Bank.
Trixierc76 Send email
Sep 17, 2016

Car Loan Thieves

I just got the bill for my 2013 Volt for over $1400 and it matches what everyone else is saying. My car was 5k under in miles and without a doubt did not reach the normal human definition of "excess".
sherlok54 Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Overcharging for BS excess wear.

Just turned in a 48 month lease (I know dumb move) on an Acadia and US Bank is billing me for two scratches. One was faint and under the credit card size standard and the other was not there when I left the car at the dealer. The sales manager inspected the truck at drop off and told me the truck was super clean and that I should have no issues regarding excess wear and tear. It's such a scam because they wholesale these cars out and the dealers who buy them always replace the tires and brakes and detail the vehicle prior to sale. I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Perhaps the $35 to file for small claims court is a good idea. This is why you should always finance through the manufacturer and spend the extra couple of bucks a month for damage insurance.
weswjohnson Send email
Aug 12, 2016


I loathe US Bank! I had a 2012 Buick Enclave and took great care of it. I even spent $800 on brakes right before turning it in. I get a bill for $860.00 for excess wear and tear on the tires and a $400 "early termination" fee because the dealership didn't buy the vehicle from them. I would rather walk than have to lease from these clowns again. They are committing fraud and they are ripping people off. I will never do business with them again under any circumstances. They are shameful and despicable!
Krist1220 Send email
Jul 20, 2016

Over charges

US bank charges $2000 in "wear and tear" over charges! The vehicle had no scratches, no dents, and never was in an accident! Mileage was under! The dealership stated that we should have no problems with the return of the vehicle. This is a complete scam! Anyone out there in the same situation and found a solution?
AXOUL Send email
Mar 28, 2016

USBank Leasing

I recently returned my leased 2013 Cadillac CTS. My dealer set up the original lease thru USBank Leasing. The lease was a 3 year / 30K mile lease. I thought the car was perfect; 25K miles, no scratches or dings, I even paid extra for a twice a year detailing service. USBank billed me $200 because the owners manual was not in the car. I took it out due to the glove compartment being so tiny. I called US Bank and told them I had the manual and would be happy to mail it...nope, give us $200. I said, don't you think in the interest of customer relations, you could waive that?....NOPE.
So there you have it.
Trixie S. Send email
Feb 18, 2016

Dishonest Employees

I leased a vehicle and did not receive my payment notifications and knew I had a payment due according to my contract. On a Saturday I walked into our local US Bank to try to make my payment. It was staffed by only two bankers. They asked me for my drivers license but stated they could not find my account and asked for a second form of id. Meanwhile they stalled and said they could not find my account, The girl called the other banker over to help her and they pretended to be looking in the computer. Finally after 30 minutes I left. Two days later I received a call from my credit card, the same one I had given for ID at US bank saying someone had used it to by $700 worth of jewerly and taken $2000 cash back from the card at a US Bank in a different city. I asked how that was possibe without id and she said they did show ID. So then I thought back to the delays at the bank that Saturday and discovered the bankers were most likely up to no good while they were delaying me and saying they could not find my account, they were either copying my ID and making the transaction to withdraw the $2000. Luckily, I was not responsible for the fraud as I had just used the card out of town so they knew I was not in the area. When I returned I went back to the bank to tell the manager what had happened but she swore her employees would never do something like that and wouldn't even acknowledge that it happened. I am now making my last payment with US Bank and will never do business with them again. I am turning in my leased vehicle and after reading these reviews assume I will be screwed by them again.
uribel Send email
Oct 12, 2015


I leased a GMC Acadia 2012 that I retuned this year 2015. NEVER again will a lease a GMC because I will don't ever want to deal with US Bank. Once I turned in the vehicle I got a bill from US Bank for $1,521.29 for "excess wear and tear" for worn out tires and scratches on the rims.. I tried to dispute the charges but they basically disagreed and still billed me. Has anyone been successful at disputing the charges?
Im surprised there's no class action law suit.
HAL Cassidy Send email
Jan 30, 2015

US Bank Cheats

Returning a leased Volvo S60 with 35k miles so still under warranty and have had all covered maintenance done by dealer. Car is in excellent condition. However, US Bank wants over $900 in excess wear and tear. One of the items is for oil at $75. They want $237 per tire for two tires that are right at 4/32". They want $125 per wheel/cover for scrapes on the edge of the rim where the wheel meets the tire. To see these scrapes you would need to be squatting to get close enough. The brochure on lease return provided when acquiring the car referred to wheel covers not wheels yet on inspection they list it as wheel/cover. One would call that deception. Evidently, I was not expected to actually use the car during the 3 years it was in my possession. I thought about contacting my elected representatives, but the relationship between government and banking has been made pretty clear in the bank driven financial collapse. Our form of government should be renamed corporatism. I will never do business with US Bank in way ever.
steveyardleypa Send email
Sep 8, 2014


I turned in my leased Volvo S60 to a dealer where my good friend is the manager. He got the car ready for turn in through their detailing department. All that was needed was a good wash and buff, there was never any damage, or accidents, etc. My friend tells me that the US Bank "representative" was some homeless looking guy from a 3rd party who they sub-contact to. My friend actually did the walk through with the guy, and the feedback was that everything was within guidelines. Then, when I get the bill for final turn in, there is a $500 "excess wear and tear" charge. When I called they talked about their "high standards", ,and my response was that they should have sent me to a training class. Then, they referred me to their website to look at pictures, and the pics appear doctored. I see all of these complaints about US Bank and I am interested in starting a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them. Please contact me at steveyardleypa@yahoo.com with you contact information. If we can get at least 3-5 people who are willing to go up against these thieves, we can teach them a lesson that they cannot continue to bully the consumer.
cosmopup1 Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Scammed me for wear and tear

I've been in the car business for over 40 years, so it is no doubt that I can smell a scam. Turned in our 2011 Chrysler Town and Country van, had 38k miles, my heart was already broken when I had to put 4 new tires on it at 36k miles, then new rear brakes at 37k miles, now I get THE LETTER from US BANK for $700 for excess wear and tear on a 3 year old car, pointing out ONE CHIP in the windshield, no crack, and 3 small scratches that my dealer of 20 years, said I should not bother doing anything with because they will buff out in 2 minutes. I have had many, many leases and turned in some horrific looking cars in the past and never had an issue with excess wear and tear, but this is the first AND last US BANK lease. ANYONE WITH ANY US BANK ACCOUNT OF ANY SORT NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF THEIR CHEATING AND SCAMMING AND GET AWAY FAST BEFORE THEY ARE EATEN ALIVE.
downwithbadco Send email
Jun 27, 2014

US Bank is beyond horrible

Let me tell you how my nightmare with US Bank started. I moved to the Sacramento area so I called US Bank to update my address since I have a Chevy lease with them. Little did I know that the rep that took my information put in my address incorrectly so I did not get the new car payment. Days passed and I was wondering where it was so I called US Bank. They had told me that I missed a payment and that I was charged an extra $25 for a late fee. I informed US Bank that they updated my address incorrectly so they took a payment over the phone and waived the late fee so I thought, "ok not a big deal." On June 2nd 2014, I made my car payment on their website. I saw a confirmation page saying that the payment went through and I later saw that US Bank took that payment out of my checking account so I thought everything was good. I have made lease payments through my credit union before using their US Bank's website with no problems. I get a call from US bank collections on the 12th of that month at 8pm letting me know that I am late on my car payment. I told them that I did make it on time and that it shows US Bank taking the money out of my checking account in my bank statements. The rep tells me that transaction never happened since the account information was rejected. They tried to convince me that I must have put in an incorrect number when I paid online but than how could US Bank take the money out if that is the case? The rep did not give me a concise answer. I told her that I had to investigate this so the next day I went to a local US Bank branch down the street. The personal banker there Curtis told me that the amount was rejected and should have returned to me already but that never happened. Believing that I would eventually get credit back for this, I called US Bank collections and made a payment with them over the phone and got a confirmation number. US Bank sent me a letter stating that I had authorized a phone transaction and had already debited that amount from my checking account but from my statements they actually did not take the payment out until 6/16/2014. Now I have made a double car payment but fortunately I did get a credit back thanks to my credit union on 6/23/2014 for one of the car payments so I thought we are good and even now. I get a call from US Bank collections on 6/26/2014 around 7:40 pm stating that I still have a car payment for June that I have not paid. I told the rep that I already made a payment to them and I have a confirmation number. The rep tells me that a confirmation code is not proof that the payment was made and that it just records you attempting to make a payment. That does not even make any sense! Why would you give a customer a payment code if it did not go through? I went into the same local US Bank branch from before and they are confused as I am about what is going on. I show them documentation and written testimony from my credit union showing US Bank taking that payment twice but when they call the collections department to tell them that, they claim they never received it and that the payment keeps getting rejected. Well someone from US Bank is taking my money but not applying it to my account. The reps at the local US Bank fax the documentation showing that the two transactions did clear out of my account and that US Bank already took the car payments. I did this early in the afternoon so I waited until about 4pm to call the collections department to see if they got the faxes. The lady I talked to Cari tells me that they never received such a fax. I confirmed the fax number with her and she does confirm I have the right fax number. She tells me that most likely the rep that faxed the information did not add a one before dialing the fax number. Are you being serious? So there are personal bankers working at US Bank that do not know how to use a fax machine? Cari and I talked to the branch manager Sam who told me that if I come back today, we can try faxing it again. Before I go down there, I asked Cari what her work ID is since Curtis at the local branch mentioned to always get a name and ID code from them to verify you did talk to a specific person about this. However when I ask her, she tells me that no such ID code exists. Wow, pretty convenient. I immediately go back to the local US Bank and explain what happened. They apologized and try faxing it again. Sam, the branch manager, tells me that there was no notification that the fax did not go through the first time. I tell them that the rep in the collections department mentioned how the reps at the local branch must not have faxed it correctly trying to spread blame to another department. Curtis looks back at me with a surprise look stating that he knows how to send a fax. This all happened on a Friday so I need to wait until Monday to get this resolved but with the level of incompetence and negligence on their part, I honestly do not see how this will be resolved. Sorry this post is so long but I had to point out a lot of this company's failures so that no one else ever does business with US Bank. I leased cars before in the past and I never these types of issues. I have read a lot of bad complaints about them going back as far as 2008 so nothing has changed with this bank despite all these complaints. 5 star experience my ass. Seriously, everyone that is reading this post, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH US BANK. THEY ARE CROOKS AND NEGLIGENT!
adrianah13 Send email
Jun 24, 2014

Early termination fee-BS fee to get more money

My sister leased a car with US Bank and decided to turn it in for another car that suited her family size. She then got a letter from US Bank stating that she owed a termination fee because she traded it in early. When she sought out to fight it, they sent her the contract to prove she signed it. In very small print there is a little one liner about a fee for early termination. My car guy and anyone I ever spoke to has never charged a fee to trade in early. What a BS fee to charge a customer. I know she will never use them and I won't either. I am going to facebook it and I told her to go to the BBB and file a complaint about it. I know real estate offices used to do this and complaints came up and most offices removed their fee because they could not justify it. I think these banks better get on board FAST.
JACKGM Send email
Mar 6, 2014

US Bank Lease termination charges

I am on my 3rd US Bank Lease Termination statement because they started at $4,568.67. Dropped it to $2,355.77 after they found a check for the payoff that they had 6 weeks earlier. Now they are acknowledging their error on trying to charge me for a missing key which was found. They will send me a third statement for $2,143.77. Their examiner came in 2 weeks after we turned the car in and comes up with pictures of my vehicle. The dealership and I don't believe the tire tread pictures but if they want to stand by their measurement. I would like to see it for myself. Too late the car was sold. Since the bank and I do not have an accurate settlement the vehicle should not have been sold. The tires are still under manufacture limited extended warranty but with the vehicle gone so I have no opportunity to apply the warranty. No millage statement was provided at lease turn in but they want me to trust their pictures. By their own acknowledgement they cant even give me an accurate termination statement but they want me to trust me now.

Like a lot of you I have leased cars for 25 years and never paid a dime in termination charges. These guys are robbing consumers blind. Run from them as fast you can.
Ylong1963 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

I will never lease a car from U.S. Bank again

I will never ever do any business with US Bank anymore. I have leased about 8 cars in the past and I never got any termination fees from GMAC and Ford Credit. But, my latest one was from US Bank, and I was charged over 900$ for termination fee and excess wear.
Melsteroani Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I will never lease a car from U.S. Bank again

Wow, if I had known then what I know I never would have leased through US Bank. I was a very good customer to them- all payments on time and regular maintenance done, I took care of this car, and the thanks I got was to the tune of $2000 in bogus "excessive wear and tear" charges. Their customer service post lease maturation leaves a lot to be desired, and I am just furious at the way they are sticking it to me. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and small claims court. I am also going to post a sign in my car window that says US BANK CAN SUCK IT! If there is a class action lawsuit against US Bank, I'm am in for sure! I'm tired of these big corporations treating the consumer so poorly- It has to stop!
PBOCOP Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I will never lease a car from U.S. Bank again

I just googled US Bank Lease complaints to see if anyone has had issues and this pops up!! I just had the inspection for my lease and got the report from an outside contracted vendor for US Bank. $1680 bill. I paid them $1500 a month for this LS460 and this is the thanks I get? I called my dealer and they said they don't use US bank anymore due to too many complaints. I guess they never learn!!
Marc Hage Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I will never lease a car from U.S. Bank again

I am 52 years old. My wife and I have been leasing two cars every other year for the past 27 years. Never had a problem, never had a turn in charge, never had an issue... until we leased from US Bank. We treat our cars with exceptional care and they are always in excellent condition at turn in time. When I turned in my Cadillac CTS in to US Bank at lease termination, I was SHOCKED to get a subsequent for over $1, 700. There was a $395 "contract termination fee, " a $500 charge for "mismatched" tires (I purchased new ones from the Cadillac dealer 7, 000 miles before turn in, $350 for "scratches, " and a $400 charge for a windshield (even though I had the very minor stone chip professionally repaired). The contract termination fee is ludicrious. They charge you this if you do not buy the vehicle. First of all, if i wanted to but the vehicle I never would have leased it in the first place. Secondly, US Bank turns right around and sells your vehicle at lease termination anyway. They sell it regardless and make you pay anyway. I was furious with all of these charges so here is what I did. I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also filed a formal small claims lawsuit in my home town (where I leased the vehicle). I also e-mailed there heirarchy telling them of my extreme dissatisfaction. One week later, one of their lawyers and their Operations Manager called me and told me they were dropping all of the charges. They said a "mistake" had been made. They told me I would still have to pay the $395 contract termination fee, which I reluctantly agreed to do. It is in the original contract and my attorney advised me to pay it. That was all I paid. The other $1, 300 was dropped and I never would have paid it anyway. My credit rating is near 850 and I did not want this to affect it in any way. US Bank counts on my people blindly paying these charges and this is how they make a good deal of profit. Not I and neither should any of you. I will continue to lease vehicles, but never from US Bank again. Lesson learned. I had a horrible experience with US Bank and would not recommend them at all. You do have an option though. Smalls Claim Court and the cost was only $35 to file, which I gladly paid to be vindicated of this nightmare.
Drew_almighty Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I will never lease a car from U.S. Bank again

I am in the same boat as many of you. I haven't had my car inspected yet, but I've got a few scratches and dings that are going to cost me $$$. My father's US Bank lease is up this month and he got nailed for $200 in excess wear and tear plus the $395 fee. But of course that could go even higher when the "real" inspection is done, OFFSITE and WITHOUT THE LESSEE PRESENT. What a total scam. I called for a payoff because I am 8, 000 miles under, and they quoted me the payoff amount plus sales tax and a $350 purchase fee. What a sec, there's a $395 lease turn-in fee if you don't purchase, yet there's a $350 purchase fee??? Another scam. While the $395 turn-in fee is in my lease docs, the $350 purchase fee is not. It just lists my buyout price and then says: plus any applicable fees, taxes, etc. I guess they are masters of covering their butts with vague verbiage. I'll never lease with US Bank again. If you are doing a GM lease, go with Ally. No turn in fee and so far no issues with them.

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