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Consumer complaints and reviews about UDR Management

ROSMITH1958 Send email
Sep 21, 2018

Faulty indoor air condition unit

Ever since 9/6/2018 around 5:30 am my air condition unit went out.Put in a service request.Maintenance came right out.Said the problem was the indoor unit went out.Maintenance man went and brought me a window unit.That did not cool my entire apartment.On that following Monday the 9/10/2018 The management called and said the new unit was in.They said , they could not install unit do to rain.From 9/13-14/2018 no rain.No installment, No contact from management.The rain stopped Wednesday the 19 - 20. No rain.Just arrived home from work.Called the Office, no one is responding to my calls.Please someone install my unit.Please reply back.Thank you.
devpp Send email
Jul 3, 2018

Overcharging and denying apartment

I need to file a law suit against udr property, specially the community director and her deputy in marina del rey westerly lincoln. Karen Tishkoff and kaitlyn are running a horrible service at the property. They are denying the apartments at will (even after being approved for apartment, just couple weeks before moving they denied my application and asked me to pay cancellation fees when i asked them i need to stay longer due to this last minute cancellation. They used there position to extort more money by not only charging me extra money for no false of mine but also asked me to renew the lease at a much higher rate even though i asked them continue with my prior renewal rate)
Jinay Send email
Jun 23, 2018


I live at the Arbors At Lee Vista in Orland FL for over a year now. I'm not one for complaints but recent parking situations have gotten out of hand.

When I first moved in a year ago, it was difficult to find parking because everyone wanted the spots located where there was better lighting and I don't blame them. We had numerous car break ins, rims being stolen and cars being vandalized in some way.

However, in the past 3 month if I arrive home past 6:35 pm I have to drive to the other side of the complex to find parking and to me, this is ridiculous.

But you know what's worse?
Having to park at the shoping plaza up the road, walking close to 10 minutes in pitch darkness with a child to get into my community, past 5 buildings in yet again more darkness just because I worked late and made it home 4 hours past the 6:35 pm crazy parking situation.

I witnessed 3 other cars driving in circles prior to me finding parking elsewhere so I'm sure this situation is worse than what is being acknowledged.

The parking at the wash bay is supposed to start at 9pm and residents are supposed to move by 8 am, yet people parked there as early as 6 pm, 7 pm and don't move until 10 am or later. The reserved parking is a joke and there are more reserved than what's actually being used. And $25 on top of what's already being paid is not a price many are willing to pay for a reserve spot that's 1 to 2 buildings away.

The staff that currently work at this location is not at fault for the extreme lack of parking. The property was built before they took over. The staff is pleasant, maintenance is always on the job and they all make things run smoothly. But someone needs to try much harder than what they have to insure residents are safe and able to park in the same community they live in. I pay over $1,200 every month before the due date for a 1 bed room and I don't even feel safe coming home because I don't know if I will have to walk 1 min in the dark or 10 min in the dark just to get home.

Instead of spending money on these pointless gates that need to be fixed every 2 weeks, why not simply take them out and invest in creating more parking? Its a not like the gates are stopping anyone from entering or mo nitoring any critical activity. They are not making a difference in the community.

The tennis courts are never used if they do get used its by a mother and child walking in circles or a dog owner walking their dog. This unused cort would free up at least 10 more spots.

Maybe hold a community board meeting so the office staff along with those above their pay grade are made aware of the frustration we have to live on a daily basis.

As a single female, mother, employee and student, I don't have time to sit around and complain. But this situation has become stressful and unsafe not only for me but for my child.
Something needs to be done and I'm hoping and praying that someone will care enough to listen and help make this change.

Improve enforcement and control of parking regulations, and address any spillover problems that occur
Improve parking facility design and operation, to improve user convenience and safety, and reduce negative impacts.
Take time out to redesign the parking dynamic per building
I do understand providing solutions to parking problems bring indirect costs due to parking facility expansion, such as increased management costs, and even reduced pedestrian accessibility, but our safety comes first
girlfriday Send email
May 25, 2018

OVER CHARGES, unresponsive, harrassment

HI ,
I’m A resident at one of the properties in marina del rey that Felice runs . I’m reporting Harassment to corporate headquarters . This is effecting my quality of life. I have told her higher up of the same situations with my account that keep not getting dealt with and I don’t get emails till days, weeks or even months later and nothing has been done about my active building not showing my balance since dec of last year I have email proof reporting it. I am then held accountable for late fees etc even though I haven’t received any amount. I requested all of our conversations be done over email , she kept asking me to come into the office to talk to her when it was time to renew my lease this last time 4 months ago. I put all my coplaints in . She executed none of them fully . And I also requested getting a ledger of some sort at one point every month which I guess has been denied. There are all kinds of extra fees apparently trash is $40 a person or more? My electric (LADWP is charged on my account ) . I’ve asked her to remove it and it keeps showing up. and my balance keeps showing as 0 until I log on either the 3rd or the 18th of the month. I pay an extra $50 a month to pay rent 2 x a month instead of 1 lump sum and the amounts don't even show the I get charged a late fee . i'd bring a check but my checks have been misplaced and i've been charged a late fee on top of that. Im also being double charged for trash and several other things. I’d like these things broken down in email to me. This is one of the ways I feel uncomfortable in my living environment not to mention it reflects in bank accoun with overdraft and late fees in active building. (example 1of broken quality of life ) . This is one of many issues particularly with late fees and techniqual issues on the active page building side of payment and posting payment and payment not showing up on the till the 3rd or even later keeps happening. I also pay on the 15th and it never showed up till either the 18th or at all. She keeps reporting me late and charging me even though this issue has been brought to her attention multiple times and nothing has changed not even a follow up email . . Anything to do with my account financially continues to not get dealt with until weeks later with no follow up leaving me wondering, anxious and now a disconnect notice and me overdrawn on my bank . Ive actually set up a bank account particularly just for house hold fees from the jefferson to prove to myself that there was something wrong and the overdraft fees show it. . She also told me I can’t park in the front of the building (many people do this because the building is large to get their mail or drop off a package ) and the other day she was parked there’re herself pulled out and waited and watched my boyfriend and I as I pulled up (so he could help me get something out of my car since it was heavy and I live right next door to the spots we put our emergencies on for 3 minutes) and she stared at us. When I parked there before she put a sticker on my car that left residue and refused to clean it and made me clean it and I had to pay a person to specially clean it because theres tint on my windows and the house hold cleaners she suggested would have ruined that. she also never offered to clean it off and has never once apologized for anything I've ever had to deal with even if it was her mistake. I’m a paying resident, since her rein she has charged me late fees and has not acknowledged anything financial which puts me in a state of low balance on my bank account. I have one account for just house and bills . It has insured me multiple fees including over draft because she wants to take a vacation instead of getting back to me about where we are at with the whole being double charged for electric and all of the other matter .

I’m requesting to deal with someone else regards my account from now on . I don’t trust her I feel like I have been scammed and its now effecting my emotional state where I’m having panic attacks, I actually had to go to a professional to deal with the anxiety this is causing me. I get it now every time I have to pay my rent because I have to deal with her. I would have given a check but I got charged a late fee for a check once that UDR’s staff lost themselves . Still haven’t been reimbursed. It’s like you can’t win . She basically held my apartment for ransom unless I paid the total amount including the electricity( LADWP )even though Im still getting a cut off notice from LADWP and she still sent me an eviction notice even though she knew about all of this . I reported this a week ago and nothing has been done. I also reported the same situation months ago and the situation is still happening . And Im getting multiple bills from Jefferson, aum, ladwp and they are also tagged on to my account with active building. I have recorded a total of 15 hours of my time just this time (and mountains of emails later) to record , write emails go through bills to get nothing but an email response that she is on vacation . The reasons I’ve been late in the past were due to staff either losing a check or extra charges being on there or being double charged or not being able to see my balance due to the technology UDR uses. Felice continues to add on late fees and all kinds of electric bill fees and I’m already getting a bill for electric . She is forcing me to pay the rent even though the discrepancies havent’ been dealt with mind you with a cashiers check because its late because their amounts don't show . The amount she told me 3000 and change was the amount of the check. My account now shows a credit of 4 dollars and change. I was told by one of her other staff members prior to her telling me I owed over $3000 that what I owed was closet $2600 but then felice changed it last minute to $3000. She also forced me to pay for a cashiers check and then when she changed it I had to buy another one . A total of $16. . This is totally unethical . And I feel like i’m being discriminated against . Theres too much proof to post here but have it all printed out and in a file on my computer and am happy to show it to you .I need something to be done about all of this please.
Very unhappy resident .
dericg98 Send email
Oct 27, 2017

Jonathan - Foxborough Apt Orange

We have been complaining and requesting service for our Wahser/Dryer for a long time and have not gotten any resolution. We literally created 10 service requested for it since it takes 3-5 times to dry one load.

Today, the dryer started smoking and smoke filled our apartment. Called the manager and requested service. We also requested a new or newer washer/dryer and was told NO. He said that it was a perfectly good working appliance and that the service manager will fix it. ??????? The same service manager who we have been reaching out to and just closing our service requests. I also asked them if it's possible to just buy one myself and have it installed and he said not sure.

Short story, our unit nearly burned with my wife and kinds inside and this Manager is still confident that we should continue using this appliance.

This is just one of many things this apartment/leasing company does. Dont move here. They are crooks.
Daisy123 Send email
Sep 12, 2017

Rude Service, Unresponsive

I received shockingly terrible and rude service from UDR billing and unresponsive service from on site management. I was given incorrect information about applications, application deposit refunds, phone calls not returned, and when i finally got someone to call me from billing to discuss my problem, I was spoken to rudely, put on hold to "deal with other customers," and the agent all but refused to even listen to my concern. I would NEVER rent from any complex managed by this company and advise everyone to STAY AWAY to send a message. Thoroughly Disgusted. I've complained to Better Business Bureau.
pressmdp Send email
May 3, 2017

The Breyley - Utility charges - OVERCHARGING

Email sent to:

Jennifer R at The Breyley. Her response was that I would be assessed a late fee and no calculations or allocation of cost would be sent to me. I contacted the corporate headquarter for additional help.

Email to the Manager:

Dear Jennifer R:

I agreed and do agree to pay a share of the utilities based on cost and I am trying to work with you to get accurate amounts or to better understand how you are allocating these cost to me. Due to the large amount of money your are allocating to my unit I am requesting you to show me your calculations based on cost.

Last week I contacted the utility company and they provided me the most current monthly cost for water and trash and number of units at the complex. I was told that the water cost was $9,949.44 and there are 209 units which totals $47.60 per unit. I was told that the trash cost is $2,004.79 and there are 209 unit which totals $9.59 per unit.

The per unit basis is not the best way to calculate as the 2 and 3 bedroom would pay slightly more due to the size of the unit.

I suggest that we meet and review the calculation to make sure that we both agree. Otherwise please consider the billing amounts in dispute and I will not pay these amounts until you provide me with supporting backup to the cost and the procedure of the allocation of the cost.


Michael Press, 1818 Unit A

Actual Amounts for May
Based on telephone call on 04.28.17

Trash Invoice $ 9.59

Water Invoice $47.60
Total $57.19

Breyley Apartments
1520 Sunset Point Rd Total

1520 Sunset Point
Water costs 9,949.44
727 562 4600

# of units 209
Per unit cost 47.60

1520 Sunset Point
(727) 562-4920

Trash and Compactor costs 2,004.79

# of units 209
Per unit cost 9.59
angiecarter Send email
Apr 5, 2017

Bed Bugs

Dominion Middle Ridge is the Absolute worse place I have ever lived in. My lease will be up in 3 months and I can not wait. So many issues here from day 1. 1st incident was when I moved here, 2 days before moving they call me and tell me that they rented me to an apt. That was not ready to vacate. So after getting all of my utilities set up, I had to disconnect and start over. Then they have some program here that allows people whom are just getting back into society live here & one particular man from that program killed 2 of his social workers and dumped one of their bodies in the back of our building. The grounds are raged & unmaintained, the breezeway has people's trash out everyday. The neighbors are loud and now we have Bedbugs which are coming from somewhere & since I called it in, they're charging me $400 for the treatment. And they're not even bothered about trying to see where they're coming from! And,,,,in 10 months I've seen 4 new property msnagers! This place is total trash & I wouldn't recommend my worse enemy to live here. And the staff they are rude and lazy and very unhelpful!
SalinasSucks Send email
Feb 1, 2017

simple Internet and cable TV dont work!

I wish I visited this website before I applied for a lease from UDR Laurel Tree apartments.
I would never recommend this community to anyone!
Bimini Send email
Jan 18, 2017

Garage parking

The lease and sign above garage clearly states that cars must have the given hang tag or be towed at owners expense. Approximately 75% of the cars have no tag. Residents have no spots but other residents take up two and three spots allowing Non residents in garage. This has been an ongoing issue and management does nothing. Management sends out an email stating they'll tow but NEVER does. Poor management . There are cars of non residents parked for months at a time and antique cars with covers being stored . All this while my elderly parents pArk on fifth floor and live on first. They shouldn't be inconvenienced carrying their groceries all the way because of lazy residents and lazier management. Nothing is ever done about this ongoing issue that receives many complaints. I've called corporate office and still nothing is done.
mckinneyjacqueline979@gmail.com Send email
Dec 17, 2016

Deneen Moore, Calvert's Walk

Deenen Moore, so called property manager at Calvert's Walk in Belair Maryland is now being sued; multiple charges and lots of national press coverage too by many agencies. Stay tuned. Deneen Moore lies, caused additional injuries to already disabled person at Calvert's Walk and to hurt disabled person more, Deenen Moore make refused to come to their aid and demanded no one in the Calvet's Walk help disabled person. Hope she looks great in orange jumpsuit and stripes. Deenen is about to be buried in so much medical, legal and data evidence...stay tuned.
Sheristella Send email
Nov 20, 2016


I have been living with rodents (squirrels) in my walls, ceiling , & vents for 2 years. I have sent countless emails & phone calls about this to the office. They send an exterminator out who puts traps in ceiling . But they never fix the problem which is where they are coming in. They keep my daughter & i awake night after night. Its awful. When i asked for some sort of compensation for the inconvenience, i was told NO, thst they have made EVERY ATTEMPT to fix the problem.... REALLY!? In two years you coukdnt fix this!? And it was thrown in my face that I renewed my lesse after a year! WHAT!? So noe its my fault im kept awake every night cause i shouldnt have renewed my lease !? This company has THE WORST management team EVER! They could care less about the residents! I have put a complaint in with BBB , & now im here ...... WHAT AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE! DON'T EVER RENT FROM UDR!
abademosi@yahoo.com Send email
Sep 13, 2016

Scam- Kiss security deposit goodbye

I rented from UDR Ellicott Grove MD, I lived in the unit for 3yrs and at move out I cleaned the whole unit, cleaned the entire unit back to the move-in condition except the carpet. UDR in-spite of the unit being so cleaned they insisted on charging for carpet thus I found out that their practice is not to return security deposit. They claim that they would keep it to replace the carpet. I lived in the unit for 3years , so what happened to wear and tear?
They used the carpet as an excuse since they couldn't find anything else wrong at move out. After living in the unit for 3years what did they expect that the carpet will be brand new?
They also, charged me for two additional days after I had returned their keys and they are in possession.

Worse apartment complex I have ever lived in. Horrible customer service and do not care about referral.
donalee.bechtel@gmail.com Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Management is awful

We have had nothing but broken promises from the first time we went to rent. I had to call and follow up on available units even though we paid money to be on a waiting list. We were told 5 level in parking garage is extra parking. We went to sign our lease with the moving truck loaded and we were told we have to pay for an extra parking spot at $75 a spot. None were available at the time, but you can park across the major street on the street. This is not luxury. If it wasn't for Lisa, the manager at the time we wouldn't have signed the lease at all. She at least made accomadations for parking until a spot became available. We then moved to the 4th floor about a year later because of the noisy neighbors above us and we were outside the clubhouse that people rent and another outdoor area people rent. Because of the style of complex everything echo's and people are just inconsiderate. Our rent went up to be on the 4th floor. We got a patio storage about the size of coat closet so we had to rent extra storage. So now our rent went up plus storage. Our unit on 1st floor had a nice size storage unit. Moving into the 4th floor unit was a disaster, no follow up from lady in office. She was terrible and we didn't matter to her. She was not real bright and could care less. There are so many people that revolve in this office it is ridiculous! I had to tell them when a unit was available because I knew I wouldn't hear anything from them. Since Lisa left as manager the place has gone downhill which only adds to the frustration. Bikes on patio's, people parking motorcycles in front of other vehicles so vehicles stick out too far. This garage is already tight. People storing other items in front of vehicles. Tenants using guest parking instead of paying for an extra spot as we were forced to do. Cabanas and bbq's in pool area were free to use when we moved in, shortly after they made the ones in the pool area rentable at a cost on the weekends.... There is nothing luxury about this place anymore. There are 2 brand new complexes next door, maybe that is why people are moving out. We now rented one of the rooms and were told, just leave deposit check, we wont cash it, if you don't destroy the room we will just give it back. Well, needless to say another broken promise from this unprofessional staff that lacks follow up skills and professionalism. Our $500 check was cashed... We are paying considerably more than where we used to live not to have these problems and then we increased that when moving to the 4th floor. Flooring in first floor near elevator has been getting repaired for at least 6 months. Handles broken on doors, complex not as clean...garage is filthy. We are not suggesting the place be perfect, but don't call it luxury and certainly don't charge for luxury when it isn't. Very dissatisfied with the staff at this complex including the manager. We are being overcharged.
Slupton Send email
Jun 25, 2016

UDR is only after your money!

UDR is nothing but a scam business. We rented from them last year and had to move down the hall for this year. Once in our new apartment, they charged us all kind of fees, kept the security deposit and made us pay to replace the carpet. And we were only there one year! So this year is no better! Our heating bills are sky high. The AC doesn't work and no matter how many times we complain, they don't respond. They towed my car from my assigned space, just because they couldn't see the sticker. 250$ later I got my vehicle back. Read the lease! No where in there does it say they will tow you from your own spot. It talks about no tags, inoperable vehicle ect. but nothing about towing from your own space! Now that we moved out, they keep saying we owe money. And the amount keeps changing. They even took off the move out credit so that we would then owe a 171$ late fee. Now they are billing saying we have to replace the carpet for $487 dollars. They do nothing but scam money out of people and then refuse to answer the phone when you call to discuss. In addition, they tried saying we never told them we were leaving. They are so shady in their management. I agree with one of the other complaints. They need a class action suit brought against them. I would never recommend renting from UDR again. If any manager cares enough about their customer service and dissatisfied residents they can call me to discuss. However, I won't hold my breath since I was just on hold for 15 minutes and then got hung up on.Anyone filing a class action law suit in Maryland count me in!
Lulabell123 Send email
May 16, 2016

UDR worthless

This company is in major trouble for discrimination against my disabilities and my service animals. Never had issues until a new ignorant manager Keri Reynolds became the manager in March. She's the most ignorant and rude person! It's funny I was sent to their attorneys for complaining to the corporate office I can't get anything done in my unit. Toxic fumes coming up thru the pipes in the bathroom. Oh and this idiot manager has now gotten UDR a nice lawsuit in Federal court for violating the ADA and California fair housing act of 1988. Funny I lived here nearly a year and never had issues until I complained. It's also called retaliation. Don't rent from UDR. They are idiots!
Peace4 Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Brought 1155 Ripley Street

I did live at UDR property Protico, they are terrible and I have seen (3) manager leave within a few weeks after being hired. This building was nasty trashy property. A resident was over my head and they allowed her children to skate board over my head in the apt. Had to call police several times and after several time they advise me to move. Trash room was nasty I had to spray each time I took my trash. It was bad and I moved out in 2014. Live there from 2013-2014, they are terrible and when they took over 1155, I got up out of there didn't resign my lease and they gave all resident (2) water bills all in one.

They want resident to pay them rent after you paid home properties. All the employees left after they took over and now they call themselves suing me saying carpet need to be replace they do this to everyone so that they can keep your deposit, the carpets was already a mess when moving in. This company is going to be sued one day, and it maybe a civil lawsuit they truly take people money and never want to fix anything at all. They never talk to you and never call but would send you a bill in a mintue. Ther accountant/Manager, knowing she not a manger. This company have broken all kind of laws if residents doesn't know they law take there butt to court. Montgomery County, need to fine them and inspector for The County, should really take a stand the distrust attorney need to take action. Stay alway from these properties they own. 1155 Ripley street and Portico and Esst West Highway, they came in and resident started living. We all should file a civil suits against this company and there fraudulent business practice. Never rent from them people that is reading these comments take it serious. This company want money only. Have anyone ever meet these folks......they are hiding behind walls or something.👎🏽
Joe25 Send email
Mar 6, 2015


Do not RENT from UDR Management. Very poor maintains No snow removal. No Drop box for Rent.So so bed lair office stuff.
chica81 Send email
Feb 24, 2015

The Portico has gone downhill...

When my husband and I first moved into the Portico in Dec 2013, it was run by a lovely community manager. A new community manager started in January 2015, and she is terrible. I have written emails about simple requests, and have not received a single response. We are leaving after our next lease is up. I would never recommend this building to anyone.
shaina.jenkins Send email
Oct 30, 2014


Horrible company! Horrible management. They are trying to charge me $1000 for 3 stains in the living room! Their excuse is that they now have to replace the carpet in the entire apartment as a result of having to replace one spot and wanting all carpet to be the same. Excuses! Then they overcharge for water! They charged me $200 one month and then erased the charge on the bill so that when corporate got it they pretended that they never overcharged. Save your money! I was paying $1209 for an extremely small 2 bedroom and the management sucks beyond sucking! Very rude and snobbish...in addition to that they took the rent drop box away!
Wendy De Vreugd Send email
Dec 30, 2013

UDR (Unresponsive)

We moved into a UDR community 18 months ago as the first resident in the newly renovated community. We pay high rent (about $2900/month) and the apartments are listed as "luxury." We acknoeldge that we enjoy barbeques, pool, and the exercise center. However, there are many items I (and other residents) have complained about that never seem to be fixed. We understand our options do include moving. It is interesting that Corporate UDR NEVER responds and contacts us, inspite of the management office telling us that they forward our issues. We have lived off & on at Pinebrook for over 35 years and never experienced such problems. Moving to the Villa Venetia side (now called 27 Sevently Five) has proven to require many, many "work-arounds" to live here.

1) Heating system is insufficient. The system only heats the living room, not the three bedrooms at all. This has been looked at over 3 times. Nothing apparently can be done. With less than 40 degree winter nights, this is not right...and my heating costs are higher when we must keep the heat on to force air to back bedrooms. NEVER HAS BEEN RESOLVED
2) We cannot cook in our kitchen oven over 350 degrees - or it sets off ALL the smoke alarms in the apartment. A nuisance. Even the dryer caused the smoke alarm to go off. So management a) moved some smoke alarms in the hallway and then b) removed some smoke alarms from the hallway. NEVER RESOLVED. In summer we can use the barbeques downstairs instead, but not in winter.
3) Oven frequently did not light to heat. After 4 complaints the maintenece man finally removed the bottom of the oven and found a DISCONNECTED and OPEN gas line. Now fixed...but WHAT A DANGER for all those months!!

More Minor, but still not "luxury" living:
1) No storage compartments
2) No garage is given with a 3-bedroom (highest cost apt), (however a 1-bedroom next to us gets a garage). No rhyme or reason to this.
3) Insufficient parking for guests on the property. A real problem. Most Guests have to park off the property and walk in. I have purchased 1 extra parking slot, but still a problem when family visits. We were told when we moved in that they were building a parking complex where the tennis courts are. That didn't happen - we were then told that they "ran out of money"
4) No linen closets. the only place one has to store towels and linens is under the bathroom sinks.

Ok - have been very patient -but now when these things cannot be resolved - these issues are not reasonable at this level of rent.
arizwldcat27@ymail.com Send email
Dec 20, 2012

Circle Towers: Manager professionalism

Hello UDR,
First of all I'd like to say Happy Holidays. My complaint is focused about Circle Towers' manager. My Husband and I just moved in about a month ago from Germany, hence that we came from a military overseas tour. We love this place and look forward to many years in Circle Tower's community, but unfortunately, we recently had our vehicle towed by a local towing company from here. Our temporary parking permit was expired and we just had gotten our permanent tags from the DMV a day prior and planned to get our permanent Circle Tower parking as soon as possible. On that very next day, we had found our vehicle missing with no clue of its disappearance. So, my husband and I had call the Police department and found out that the vehicle got towed. Moreover, I spoke with the manager why Dominion towing Company takes residents vehicles. The Manager's attitude was rude and unprofessional. With no greeting, did not introduce herself her respond was this “We cannot check 900 vehicles every time and it’s the resident’s responsibility to get a parking permit and renew it if expired". I said we were focused on getting our registration so we can get the permanent tags. I was frustrated and emotional about the incident and the manager’s rudeness added to the problem. She even stated that we are late in our payments without checking our accounts if she was mistaken, she apologized with a sarcastic voice though but infuriated me more. She should not be adding to the fire. I was just giving my opinions how unsafe it is for a resident like me that just move in barely a month ago and got my car towed in a private residential area that is my residence. I accept responsibility that my parking permit was expired for barely 2 days and I am not making excuses for myself but I was just saying a warning note or a ticket is better than towing my car and scared me thinking at first my car got stolen. We are new to this area and do not know the parking policy, maybe they told me when they gave us the key and showed us the house but like I said, we just got here from Germany and we just got our things 2 weeks ago. My focus was to get my registration done to get a permanent tag not thinking about renewing a permit. My point is about security as well, if these towing company just comes to the area every night, coz that’s what the towing company told me, they come check for expired permit at 12 midnight and tows 50 cars a night within the area and of course we have to pay $150 to get our car back which I am thankful for the manager for refunding me the fees, which means they are free to roam around the area and who knows what their up to, that’s a lot of unhappy residents. While a warning note, to renew an expired permit is cordial and may take an extra step but eliminates frustration and stress for both parties. That was my point trying to express that to a manager that told me "aren’t you the tenant that was late on your payment, a military couple on the townhouse that was helped by Louise? That was uncalled for and by the way, we were not late on our payments. She apologized with a sarcastic voice though.
I got the permanent parking tags now and I hope this will not happen again to us or anybody.
How can I recommend this place to my colleagues in the Military if my experience barely a month is like this? Security was our main concern when we came to this place and they told us it is pretty safe and secure but towing company checking on expired permits on private residence does not sound secure to us. I am very happy on how things are going on our move to the States, this small incident gave it a bad taste but life goes on. I just want to let you know about your manager's attitude towards frustrated residents. I hope Christine practices professionalism next time to any other resident.

Thank you for reading and making sure Christine gets my point of view.

Mrs. Rosemarie Hernandez
Circle Tower Townhouse Resident #9449
Anonymous123 Send email
Jul 20, 2012

Never TRUST management

I would like to second most of above comments. My first suggestion would be never ever trust the management. They will speak of many things at time of lease but wouldn't fulfill any of them unless until stated in lease terms. If you are vacating they will screw you like anything. This has become a routine thing that I found where they will arrange bug inspection and will charge you over $1000 even though you haven't experienced. Problem with management, parking, security,street lights, lease terms etc.,. Several issues that you may not imagine. All I can say is beware of everything here. Even recently there were was robbing including man handling. Watch out people..
Merru Send email
Mar 5, 2012

Don't rent from any of UDR properties

I had the same thing happen to me around that same period of time UdrVictim (it must have been a site wide problem) -

Only I "paid" my rent a few days in advance...The 1st rolled around, and I was concerned because they hadn't taken my money, and it was still in my bank account as well.

Just like you, I called my bank and was also informed that they didn't even attempt to take my money. I was told the EXACT same thing you were, albeit I didn't think that their "it takes 24-48 hours" mumbo jumbo was acceptable, so I pressed the envelope.

I ended up getting it straightened out with the leasing office by calling their corporate office to complain about it.

As far as what everyone else is saying - Yes, I too have had a bad exp. with UDR.

The property in which I reside in Florida is terrible - walls are thin, bug problems (ants and roaches mainly), plugs slip / are loose, they didn't bother to change the carpet before we moved in, the water heater leaks on occasion, and both toilets were running when we moved in... the counter tops in the kitchen are warped, and the appliances are anything but "updated" they're models from the '80s albeit in nice condition... the neighbors are terribly noisy, and the crime is RAMPANT - and they NEVER catch the perps, you can also often hear gun fire at least once a week.

In fact, we just got another gate because the cops rammed down the last one with their cruiser. This complex has a bad problem with muggings and carjackings - never mind the lady they found bound and gagged behind our building after being raped last year.

I want to break my lease in the worst way, but don't want to pay the termination fees even though I fear for my families safety. Thankfully our lease is almost up (we have to give 2 month notice in writing by May 17th - otherwise the lease AUTO RENEWS!

That's another thing to watch out for...If you don't give them 60 days notice from the end date of your lease that you won't be renewing it will auto renew - and who knows how much your rate will go up.

I think 60 days is excessive and auto renew is ridiculous...They can't keep people in this place...I watch people leave in droves, and I can't wait to be one of them.
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Feb 27, 2012

Don't rent from any of UDR properties

I rented from this company and it was a living nightmare. They care nothing about you. All they care about is keeping a unit occupied. I wrote letter after letter, called the police on numerous occasion because of noisy tenants and I was told I needed proof that they were noisy. The tenants below and beside me slammed doors all hours of the night and played very loud music and the rental office did nothing. Very thin walls, you can hear your neighbors talk. They billed me for .09 cents after I always rounded my water bille UP to the next dollar. I finally asked to be let out of my lease. Then the kicker. They tried to charge me $100.00 for a satelite dish that was there when I moved in. They put my notice to vacate on the noisy neighbors door. They won't respond to calls or emails. I went to the regional office in Alexandria after moving out and the satelite ordeal and the regional manager Scott Hobbs would not come out to speak to me. Jerome Best and his assistant Antoine at Dominion Lake Ridge are the worst. I thought I was the only person there with problems. I have spoken with neighbors and they are moving to due to poor customer service. One neighbor is being charged for water damage because the valve on the toilet broke overnight while she was sleeping and they said she dropped the back of the toilet top on it. The toilet top popped off due to the pressure when the valve broke. She had complaints about the same noisy neighbors as they would leave my building and go above her and make noise. And I needed proof. Don't move there. Don't rent from any of UDR properties!!! You will regret it.

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