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Apr 28, 2021

UEI Houston Scam

If anyone is going to get together to sue please let me know [email protected]
jrod4561 Send email
May 19, 2020


I have the same issue as everyone else complaining. They literally begged me to enroll at first. They just want you there for the 2 weeks so they can get their money and after that they can careless if you go or not. 12,000 in debt for this is ridicoulus!! You have gang members and other sketchy people drinking and smoking in the parking lot. Its just ridcioulous for 12,000. they have no good teachers or lectures, anyone that can put on a tie can teach here. They couldn't even find a teacher for the business office administration program. They had us up and down no classrooms. I find it unfair that they do the most to get you to sign and enroll and cant even find you a job. Isn't there a lawyer or some sort of help we can get to stop this?? Imagine all the future people that they're gonna scam. this a serious matter
Diazb Send email
Mar 18, 2019

UEI worst decision I made

As a single mother I wanted to get my medical assistant certificate which I did receive but it was good for nothing nobody wanted to accepted And not to mention that where I did my hours it had nothing to do with medical assistant and to top it off I found out I was working in the office where the doctor was not even license anymore And the only reason why I found out about this is because I felt uncomfortable one day and when I was doing my hours One of the girls told me that he has a history to Google him so I did And they found all his history and why he lost his license I went straight to Uei complained and let them know how I felt and what he had done they told me to finish my hours just so I could get my certificate by the end of the day that certificate means nothing nobody wanted to hire me even by this day I am not hired for what I went to school for total waste of time went to school didn’t get the career I was promise If anyone knows if there’s another class action in 2019 I would appreciate it because having two kids it’s hard and having to pay loans that didn’t help me at all in life is bullshit
kervs Send email
Jan 20, 2019




[email protected]
username5621 Send email
Jan 19, 2019

This “school is the worst!”

I’m totally distraught with the way this place has gotten away with all these students debts like they literally took advantage of so many people “innocent” people who were believing all of their promises lets win this battle against this corruption!!!
Deme CellaMinella Ellis Send email
Jan 16, 2019

Worst school ever

This school ruined my life!! We went without a teacher for months, and they also canceled the program while me and others were still attending. I started in 2009, they did not help with a job, no one in the staff was able to help my class get placement because the whole original staff was fired! Very misleading and money hungry school, I want out of this student loan debt now!
Rina88 Send email
Dec 19, 2018

Student debt for years no help job searching

I was 22 or 23 I didn't know any better so I got into the DA (dental assistant ) program they don't care or even help you. They just want money and will lie about grades they just want to pass everyone one. We took the state tests and only 3ppl passed I was one of them so what did they do let everyone retake it and pretty much gave them all the answers like wft really? Screw UEI I haven't made a payment in yrs now I owe 13,500 so much for the 10,000 supposedly we borrowed even after making arrangements . I am willing to join whoever wants to sue them again I went to school in 2011-2012 how can we all get in contact?
jose.bernal89 Send email
Dec 13, 2018

UEI biggest mistake ever !!! Regret it so bad

it was back in 2013. 9 months program for criminal justice that i took i graduated in December of 2013 all for what ? to have a ### loan on my back after graduating they did help me on finding a job they send me to a security company they told me go to this company and apply and you will start working which i did i went to apply and i had a job in few hours this job would pay me 9 hrs this was back in 2013 after few weeks i realize this job was not going to take me no where i went back to the school to ask for help to find a new job a better job i was ignored after few weeks of being ignored i just looked for a new job where i could make more money i try to look for another job in the same field but all security company are shit they pay the minimum i was ignored when i ask for help to find a good job but when it was time for me to pay my month bill i was contacted by the school remind me to pay and when i did not pay a month i would get calls everyday that i needed to pay. Today 2018/2019 after years i work in another field i still have the loan i have a family now bills to pay and i still have to worry about my loan its so frustrated. Please if you reading this dont do the same mistake i did. i wish there was someone out there that would read all this comments and realize that uei is a scam they promise so much bs and at the end we dont get anything just the debt, every time i drive by uei-Gardena CA i regret it so bad.
ay_ellie Send email
Oct 12, 2018

Let’s close down UEI and have our loans erased

I have the same story as everyone else. I attended and finished the BOA program in 2015 but didn’t get a job. I added the school to my resume and it didn’t help me get any jobs worthwhile. What needs to happen is another class action lawsuit where the school is completely closed down similar to Everest/Corinthians colleges and have the loans forgiven. The people who work at these types of schools have a special place in hell for them. UEI is the worst mistake I have ever made and it’s ruined my credit. I’m interested to know if the school can be sued again.
TryFinger Send email
Oct 10, 2018

UEI is trash lmao

This school is absolute and utter garbage. Im currently attending in 2018 and am on my last mod with BOA (Business & Office Administration). I can tell you coming to this school has been THE most depressing thing I have ever been a part of. It has taken a serious toll on my mental health seeing all of this women and men (A lot of them are really poor and are also looking for opportunity) and I just know this is something that is going to hurt them like I know its going to hurt me.

They are all people that feel as if they are doing something great with their lives! Turning their lives around! They don't see it yet. They don't know what I know. And it's absolutely disheartening and dizzying to be overwhelmed by the sense of regret and shame I've been feeling knowing I was stupid enough to fall for this. I think I was just being lazy and looking for a way to get my mom off my back with her "You need to have a job or be going to school" rants. But more than that I was also hoping to turn my life around and right my wrongs. I never graduated high school and my only job prior to coming here was McDonald's. From the moment I signed the financial aid papers and gave them to my financial services rep I knew I goofed hard.

There was a girl who actually printed out petitions and taped them to the vending machines at the school stating multiple things about the school that were very embarrassing to staff. The petitions mentioned how in the contract we sign, $10,000 or so goes into student meals and student housing, I don't see dorms or cafeterias at this school which is definitely something I'll be bringing to any lawsuit I take out on this sheisty school. She also did tests with 2 members of the staff here who actually give a rats ass about the students that showed there are traces of fecal matter, urine, and other things on the computer keyboards and the mouses here in the computer labs among other insanely nasty things. The campus itself is terrible. The security guard literally doesn't do anything about any of the loiterers or homeless people that walk around the campus or the several people that smoke weed in the school parking lot during break times. Needless to say the petition was taken down in maybe an hour or two.

The program itself is terrible. I've been coming here for 7 months and haven't learned a damned thing about business. The basis of my knowledge since coming here is all common sense. "Social media is important for business!, Sexual harassment is bad!" And for some dumb reason we had to learn grammar as one of the mods. This is the most dumbed down version of education I have ever seen. Its easier than any class you will take in high school, including drivers ed. And we are expected to pay upwards of 18k for it? Im surprised we didn't get a PE mod, or a Drama mod.

The teacher is a great guy stuck in a shit job. I love him to death, he is great at motivating, and he genuinely cares for his students and their well being (My brother is diagnosed with Lupus nephritis and is also attending with me in the same class and my instructor is always helpful and understanding of this and helps him out with absences and work he may miss.) and thats just one example of how great of an instructor he is. Its just sad to me that he uses that talent for genuine care in teaching here at this school.

The Director of education is meant to help us out when we are going through tough times and not able to attend, but he is a pompous dick and is so unapproachable that I refuse to talk to him after our first encounter even though he's the main support person that is meant to help us. His name is Bustemante by the way. Somebody fire this dude, please. My administrations rep Sophia spoke to me for like a week after I started and then outta nowhere dipped off the face of the planet.

This school is an insult. It's an insult to our intelligence by spoon-feeding us these dumbed down middle-school level classes for the easy price of 18 grand, It's an insult to our wallets in that same respect, It's an insult to us in general as people that are trying to accomplish something great in our lives only to end up pushed down further under these sleazy business men. I genuinely hope each and every one of the heads of these schools gets their identity stolen hundreds of times over, all of their certifications and lost, their high-school diploma somehow gets thanos'd, and they then have to start back at square one needing to graduate high-school to go to college. I guarantee none of them would attend their own school. They're conartists with half-witted employees and fat pockets with 0 moral compass.

Get bent Bustemante you arrogant dick.
Yessenia08 Send email
Sep 15, 2018


Big mistake i regret coming to this school.. I thought that after doing the hours they will help us right away but no. Now they ask for 1-4 yrs of experience i hope they forgive our loans and someone to help us pleaseeee
Yessenia08 Send email
Sep 15, 2018


So i attended uei college for DA big mistake i thought they will help us out and no. Everybody is with a big loan. Its hard they always want experience 1-4 years. I hope our loans are forgiven. I regret it we need someone to help us. I would literally thought that after we did our hours they would hire us but they didnt i hope someone reads all of this
loolabunny78 Send email
Aug 7, 2018


I attended uei in 2008 I was young stupid and naïve. I was getting into a lot of trouble at the time and one day while I was going to the market the had a tent set outside my local market to recruit students. I was with my dad at the time and they stopped us and advertised all this stuff to us claiming that going to the school I would benefit from getting a career and turning my life around. that they would help me find a job after and that if I didn't have money to pay for school I would get a loan. they claimed that I would for sure get a job and if I didn't they would get me a job because they had connections with employers. they also said I would make at least 14.00 an hour which they claimed was going to be more than enough to pay for my loans every month. I passes my medical assistant program with a 4.0 gap best in the class. now ten years later I never worked in my field of study and have a 15000 dollar loan on my back. I work as a security guard barley making end meet because the cost of living is so high. now my credit is bad because I don't make enough for my living essentials and to be able to pay for my loan. I heard that uei was sued but I was never reached out to fill out a form of sort so I missed out on petty money that's not enough to pay for anything. I want to try to get my loan forgiven through borrowers defense but not sure if its legit has anyone had any success with their loan being forgiven or have any info that will help please email me at [email protected]
moins5000 Send email
Jul 5, 2018

Crooks with Money Making Business

I bought furnace and water heater in 2016 which was financed through UEI financial Services. UEI offered no interest for 6 months. I settled outstanding of $6000 10 days before expiration of no interest period(22nd May). Called to validated if they have received agent said no to a UPS next day courier service. I called again after a day and they said NO again after 4 days (26th May). Faxed Airbill number and got confirmation on 5th June that envelop was sitting on someones desk and it will be processed next working day and since it is a check it will take few days to clear.

I was being told since payment was processed after 1st of June that is 6 month after free interest period i have to pay interest from day 1 + one month installment which came to around 700-800$ and they kept withdrawing money from my bank account which i was able to get it reversed with the help of bank

Than starts the harassment and ill business practice and money making tactics which i see now how they do it. They blame consumer for delay and charge 24% interest every month. I started getting collection and harassment calls and now Agent says i owe $1500, Manager says $1300 but i can settle if you give your credit card information for $500. No deal if you send check or interac or even no secure website where you can process credit card...It has to be credit card information given over phone and on top of that you dont get confirmation of payment since we will process your payment tomorrow. It is fishy top to bottom.
Cillamarie5454 Send email
Jun 27, 2018


i attended UEI in 2012-2013 i was promised help with getting a full time job.. That never happened every time i went i got blown off. i never recieved my certificate of completion so i could use it in my portfolio when applying for jobs i was told that i need to pay off my loan before they could give it to me. so i have nothing to show for in the class most of the time was food parties and stupid quizzes im VERY DISAPPOINTED i have nothing to show for but a 13,000.00 loan and bad credit because of them...... wish there was a way out!! trying to better my life by attending UEI and it just screwed me over
Diamond1300 Send email
Jun 4, 2018


Man uei is a big scam I went there for criminal justice and for what to be struggling for a job but yet they are quick to mess with our credit score and charge. I wish the same way they were are charging students they were good enough to place us in a job because what they promise and everything is lies.
Mossa001 Send email
Sep 7, 2017


I agree with all the negative reviews that people are posting for UEI college. I was young and naive was living the moment and got exited when I found out I can have my dream job as a MEDICAL ASSISTANT in 9 months and will get the appropriate resources to find that job. I completed my semester and quit my full time job so that I can do my internship and guess what even though I pass with A'S was not higher in my intern clinic . When I ask for help to find jobs through the school they were always booked and no one was able to help me no appoiment no phone calls to follow up if my training worked or anything.
I finally gave up on M.A and had to find a job in any fild out there. 10 year have pass know went back to college and the bill of $14,000 follows me so I can't get the help of FAFSA every unit and class has to be paid out of pocket I wish I had done more research on this school they are full of LIES PMEASE DON'T FALL FOR THERE FAKE PROMISES . They don't care about your future if you get a job all they care for is there commission and there founds from the government !!DON'T FALL FOR FAKE PROMISES PLEASE!!!!!
tiplovesherkids Send email
Aug 17, 2017

UEI scammed me

I went to the jacksonville location on emerson and phillips hwy and i asked them before i ever got a grant or anything if i was going to be able to work in medical billing in coding with the charges i have on my record they told me yes so i went ahead and did it well i completed it and when it was time for me to do my internship no one would let me do it and since i didnt recieve my intern hours i didnt get my diploma now i owe 12,000.00 for nothing i have three kids and now there garnishing my wages how can i fight this does anyone know what i can do they screwed me just to recieve money and i am not the only one they do this to many people and i think it is crazy how they can get away with this they need to pay that back i didnt get shit and that school is a ####ng joke seriously
Catyizzy27 Send email
Aug 1, 2017


I never received help with ever finding a job never got a diploma at all and on top of that I'm stuck with this $5000 bill and have two children to raise and have no money to pay the $5000 student loan.I wasted 12 months of my children's life to get nothing but a big ass bill if there's anybody out there that could help me please let me know.
Maggie2424 Send email
Jul 24, 2017



I a single mother of 4 beautiful children. I when to school, to stop working in a warehouse. To provide my children a better finacial, living style of life. NEVER HAPPEN... I first attended to the one in San Bernardino 8/2011, wich they close down before I got drop out. Therefore, thinking that UEI was the way to suceed in life how my consulor advise me and reasure me I sign up with them again in the Riverside,CA Campus in 2014 for z medical billing/ Insurance coding finally graduate, but with no job placement help. My job placement coordinator will be constantly a different one they assign me one and before I knew it, it was another one, that seem to be confused, alwasys gave me the runs around to job placements. Now stuck with a $18,000 thousand loan, that is destroying b my life, not only mine but of my 4 little one too. This is very disappointed, unprofessional, false advertisement.

I even fell for that UEI loan forgiveness, for low income people paid them $400 HUNDRED dollars to cancel my loan NEVER HAPPEN, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR ANY MORE SCAM WITH SCHOOL EDUCATION. NOW WE DON'T KNOW WHAT REAL AND WHAT'S NOT.

I also didn't even get noticed about the school law suit with Cardova vs. UEI NEVER got the $1,000 dollars that many people received.

Please if anyone, can give me any information in regards on how to get my loan cancel or information of the attorneys that won the case of Cordova vs. UEI I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my story.

Contact info.
[email protected]
marilynsghost Send email
Apr 28, 2017

UEI 2011

I completed the CphT program at UEI San Diego. My only regret in life was attending this school. I am still paying off the student loan. I have the same complaints , of my whole class only 4 are working in a Pharmacy, and 3 are retail, which is not worth the 10- 15grand. I am not one of the people working in a Pharmacy, I would have been able to work in the CVS which I did my externship, but I was not fluent in Spanish. As far as "job placement assistance" The counselor hleped put together my resume, and was given a list of pharmacies in the area, every place I contacted was not hiring, So there was no job placement assistance, and they were handing out the same information to any others in the program. Basically, I paid to go to school for Pharmacy, to work in Aerospace. I had to move out of S.D. as I could not find work. This School is a Scam!! The least they could do is close them all down, so that nobody else trying to make their lives better fall for this scam.
I also was a part of the Class Action Lawsuit, but was not notified of the decision / settlement as promised ( I still have the initial paperwork sent ) Now, I have been screwed twice. For anyone who decided to opt in to this suit, are we able to take part in another? I feel at the least, the student loans should be forgiven and paid for by the school, and anyone who has paid any of their loan should be reimbursed. Any information would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
ayang951 Send email
Apr 23, 2017

I got screwed...

So I went to UEI in 2013-2014 graduating at top of my class in the Computer System Technician course. UEI said that they will help me get a career within that field of study. I went into an extern which I found on my own, and once I was done with the extern I went o volunteer some time with the court house system and hospital system. At the end, I was not hired there at either place because they said UEI diploma is not a document or degree that they accept. So I spent another two years looking for employment in the field of computer technician (IT) work to none available of same circumstances of UEI degree not accepted. I paid all my monthly bills this whole time working as first a factory laborer then now in retail again. I went o UEI to get out of these types of jobs, but now I am forced to work these types of jobs because of the bills. I never once missed a payment to my school loans, neither Navient or Universal Guardian, but one day Universal Guardian disappears from its website and nowhere to be found, not even the phone number I used to have for them worked. So I called UEI and they told me that they will call me back when they figure out what happened to Universal Guardian. Fast forward to today now, my credit score is SHOT DOWN almost ONE HUNDRED points because I did not pay that loan. How in the world am I suppose to pay a loan that a company did not exists at all? UEI never gave me a call back at all about this. I was already unhappy with this whole situation but now, my credit that I worked so hard to build is screwed, I went from a 740 to a 622 overnight! This is some bologna and I want my voice to be heard because UEI could not give me a definitive answer to the loan and now I am screwed because it's in collections now. Let's sue this school for the criminal activities that they are practicing, this is borderline LOAN SHARKING.
MyAngelBabies Send email
Mar 23, 2017


Seems like the majority of us fall victims to this unfortunate circumstance. NOT ONLY with UEI, but with the recent law suit that took place as well. I was one of many involved in this recent Cordova v. UEI suit, that NEVER was even mailed a claim form. So unfortunatley i am now out of luck on even $1000 which was issued to others in this suit. The only notice i recieved was back in 2016 i believe, stating if i wanted to opt out of the lawsuit i would have to fill out the paper work and submit it back, but if i wanted to proceed then WE DO NOTHING, and we shall automatically be entered. Well go figure i never even recieved a claim form, or any other info regarding the status of the case. Until i spoke with my fellow classmate yesterday and she asked me if i recieved my compensation because she had already recieved it in December 2016. This is absurd!!!!!!!!! IF ANY OF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME SITUATION AND ARE WILLING TO MOVE FOWARD WITH LEGAL PROCEEDINGS HERES MY EMAIL: [email protected] WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND GET OUR VOICES HEARD, BECAUSE THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL.
mountaineer2017 Send email
Mar 16, 2017

Class action suit

All of you here who were all victims of UEI, Please go to court and type in Cordova vs UEI. They just won that Class Action Suit against UEI. I know the Lawfirm who can represent us . And if we won we will be able to provide and present it to the Department of Education. And might be able to be approved for the repayment defense. I just paid them $628 as they offered me 50%of the amount of the private loans thru them of $2515. I am ripped off by it as their transcript is not transferable at all! Here is my number if you all will contact me I could provide the Atty info. Thank you . [email protected] Send me a message.
Mar 1, 2017

sueing UEI


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