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EricPass Send email
Jan 17, 2019

Continuation of my in fact totally honest review of my first hand experience with Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency from November of 2017 to November

In my hundreds of letters to the woman that I thought that I was communicating with at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency from November of 2017 until November of 2018, whom I will again state, "Is absolutely not the person that I met" I never told her that I wanted to come to Ukraine to have sex with her, I only told her that I desperately wanted to hold her, something that I was told in letters would be absolutely no problem however the woman that I met was completely not interested in letting me hold her and did not allow that to happen.

All that the woman that I met in Ukraine and our ever present translators did while I was in Ukraine was tour the city of Kharkiv, go to as many restaurants as possible, because I'm huge on going to restaurants, and we went to several museums... I did not expect to get married during this trip and I did not even mention getting married during our entire trip, I only mentioned that I would eventually like to get married to which she replied innumerable times, "I don't know you." as though we had never spoken to each other at all, not to mention having spent a year exchanging hundreds of letters together, as a matter of fact, I asked her how many times she wanted me to come to Kharkiv before she would feel that she knew me well enough to get married and she squarely replied that she didn't know... She told me that she she does not like to plan things, she likes to do things spontaneously.

At absolutely no point during our 5 - 6 days of 4 - 5 hour meetings was anything done to frighten either the woman that I met through the agency or our translator and since I barely speak a word of Russian anything that I did say to her had to be filtered through our ever present translator and if I had said or done anything inappropriate to this woman or behaved improperly in any way the meeting would have been stopped and my contract of sorts with the agency, one of which was a signed appropriate behavior statement, would have been instantly terminated. However, since I both came to Kharkiv and left Kharkiv on good terms with Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened during my visit to Kharkiv.

The individual or individuals that were sending me letters for a year had me so convinced that the woman that I thought that I was talking to via paid messages through Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency's website wanted to get married that I went to the courthouse in the small town that I work out of in America and I got an official divorce certificate (which I left in Kharkiv with Sergey, who is the manager of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency) as part of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency's and likely The Ukrainian Government's policy of presenting documented proof that I was in fact not married to someone else.

I also bought a brand new car for the woman that I was so sure would be my new wife so that she would have a totally dependable car to drive, I toured apartments in both my own city and in nearby cities, I made arrangements with the local school board for an incoming non-native English speaking elementary school student and I (later very embarrassingly) told several people that I had a new wife that would eventually be coming from Ukraine, that is how absolutely and completely convincing whoever I was talking to on the internet through Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency's website was. However, the woman that I met upon arrival at Ukrainian Finacee marriage Agency's office absolutely was not the marriage minded domestic goddess that I had been deceived by for a year... As a matter of fact, she didn't even look exactly like the same person... She looked like someone who was weathered and years older.

As far as the totally hideous and horribly false claims that I treated this woman like she was a piece of property, there was in fact absolutely no time for such a thing to take place during my visit because we spent all of our time being chaperoned and we only spent about 2 hours alone together walking around a completely empty Gorky Park in Kharkiv, which is something that she said that she wanted to do, on the last day that we were together and then we went our separate ways and I haven't seen her since and there wasn't by any stretch of the imagination any conflict between us during those two hours of walking around together.

My only question is, how many years has this woman's profile been posted on this website to bait suitors and if the agency is so keen on seeing that people are properly matched and married then it is extremely suspicious that the agency's employees lamented about being kept completely in the dark about everything that goes on there, even the number of couples that are married?... In a normal legitimate marriage agency scenario that absolutely does not stand up to logic.

And finally, I said that this woman was a radical feminist because she kept going on about how she was a strong woman who could take care of herself and she told me that she, her mother and her grandmother were all single women which is multi-generational family dysfunction which is a common pattern of radical feminists.

She told me all of this at exactly the same time that she told me right out of nowhere that she wasn't going to have any children and I didn't owe her anything for all of the time that I had expended trying to marry her.

Even though Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency is trying to have my experience with their agency removed from websites like Trustpilot under the claim that I have made and untrue review full of false and abusive statements about a woman, in North America it has become very illegal for consumer information websites to remove non-positive or scathing reviews of businesses because doing so for many years in the past has cause people to lose their lives because they went to extremely dangerous hotels or resorts that had had bad reviews of their businesses removed for years by consumer information websites.

On the positive side, Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency met me at the airport and dropped me back off at the airport in Kharkiv and made me feel very well taken care of, even down to having a cellphone to call the manager if I needed to 24 hours per day.

The overpriced apartment that I was put in was well secured and near everything that I could possibly need in the city center and I felt that the agency at least made an effort to see that I was a happy camper and I was offered to meet any of the women on the website that I wanted even though I was only interested in the one that i thought that i had been communicating with.

I think that with the hundreds of women on this website it should be possible for someone to get married, if they're lucky, but I am also absolutely sure that in the interest of profit this agency is using individuals other than the women that you think that you're communicating with to keep stringing you along buying paid emails and gifts with innumerable completely witless bait questions and claims that you've both spent too much time and put too much effort into your relationship for you to quit the website when you are about to quit the site...

I can absolutely guarantee you that the woman that I met could have totally cared less if I had dropped dead during our time together, absolutely nothing about this woman said that she was the kind, caring, considerate, completely marriage minded individual that I had been exchanging letters with for a year.
EricPass Send email
Jan 15, 2019

This is an in fact totally honest review of my first hand personal experience with Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency

This is an in fact totally honest review of my first hand personal experience with Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency from November of 2017 to November of 2018.

My name is Eric and I spent a year being deceived into thinking that I was communicating with a woman on the Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency. I really fell hard for this extremely beautiful woman and I spent thousands of dollars sending paid messages and gifts for holidays and just because I wanted to buy her things off of the Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency Website.

However, a year later in November of 2018 when I finally went to Kharkiv Ukraine to meet the woman that I thought that I had been exchanging letters with through translators, though I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she actually did exist, as I had questioned several times during our innumerable hundreds of letters, I also discovered that the woman that I met and spent about 6 days of 4 hours per day marriage compatibility sessions with in fact absolutely was not the person, or I'm sure team people, that I had been exchanging letters with.

This woman's marriage website profile said that she was a designer however she was a bartender who was one of those people who drinks so much that she looked drunk even when she wasn't. Her profile also said that she smoked rarely when in fact that woman was a cigarette addict who couldn't sit for 30 minutes without having to leave and go and have a cigarette.

I also discovered that this woman absolutely was not interested in me at all, which was totally contradictory to the year long line of absolute and complete bullsh** that I was being fed by whoever was writing me letters nearly every day for 12 months.

After it was all said and done, between paid letters, gifts, plane tickets, and paying $300.00 per night for an apartment that came with an accommodation package that I'm sure didn't cost the marriage agency $200.00 per month to rent I spent about $15,000.00 US to meet a person that I had not really been communicating with and on the last of the 5-6 days that I spent socializing with this woman this complete dragon lady of a woman started ranting about how she didn't know me at all, she wasn't going to have any children and she didn't owe me anything for the year of time, effort and investment in trying to get married to her. To which I replied through our ever present translator, "Is this woman a psycho?"

When I asked my translators how many people were actually getting married through this marriage agency per year they both told me that that information wasn't shared with them and they didn't know because after they are finished translating for potential couples they never hear from them again... Based on my experience my guess is that less than 10 couples per year are actually getting married through this agency at best, if that many.

I told the agency that this woman absolutely was not the person that I had spent a year exchanging letters with and they told me that sometimes there are miscommunications during translation when in fact this totally beautiful lady was just posted on their website as bait to scam people into thinking that they were going to marry her when in fact this woman is a radical feminist who is totally not interested in getting married to anyone. She may be interested in getting someone to pay for her to mover to another country but she is totally not interested in marriage, not to mention long term marriage.

The agency reminded me that I didn't take their advice of communicating with more than one woman on the website (which would have cost a small fortune) just in case there were incompatibility issues and they offered me the option to meet someone else on my next trip to Ukraine, which I squarely refused because i had been scammed enough.
sksp1 Send email
Feb 20, 2016

This is a Fraud Agency with Unprofessional behaviour

All who are in hope to find an Ukrainian bride please do not go to Kharkov or even open UFMA site. Because you will be fooled like never before. This is totally unprofessional Agency I have ever seen in my life. This guy Sergey iwho is running this agency is a Crook and his job is only to make money out of you. He will lure you to come to Ukraine with all good stories he can and once you are there its all over, They will suck your money like anything. This guy don't have time to even talk to you after you pay him the money. I have not seen any person in my life who is so busy that he don't even have time to talk few minutes to a client sitting in front of him, I who work in a service Industry have never told my clients that I am very busy with others. Trust me these guys will not help you in any ways and all their letters to you are written by some Interpreters, Finally they will send you with a professional dater to spend more time, All others with whom you have communicated earlier will be either sick or disappear with whatever reason. Please don't waste your money on this Idiot. All their testimonials are paid. Even I got warning many times but I wanted to make a last try of my life and got scammed. Sometimes I even think of those ladies who have serious intentions of Marriage like me and these Agency spoil even their life and future.
The people of Ukraine as a whole are very good and helpful. But the Agency like these are just a piece of Shit and Junk.

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