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Ticked1976 Send email
Sep 9, 2020

HORRIBLE Insurance Company

Lightning storm: check
2 HVAC systems down : check
Called HVAC company: check (the day after the storm)
* Despite 5-6 calls, cannot figure out why the AC is not working
Large deductible: check
Reported to USAA: check
USAA agrees event covered check
Piano damage found: check
Alerted USAA to piano damage: check
Policy confirms covered: check
USAA denies you after 50+ years of being a customer: check
USAA fails to adhere to laws requiring denials: check
Presidential complaint made: check
Middle Level Manager at USAA hangs up on you: check
DOI complaint made: check
Director at USAA denies you: check
Make a BBB complaint: check
Out $4,000: check

USAA IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY AROUND. Their commercials with soldiers holding babies doesn't mean anything. They do NOT have your back. They misread their own policy, don't follow State guidelines & simply screw over their insureds. STAY AWAY from this company. They may be a good deal but you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for with these people
JWPmd Send email
Aug 31, 2019

Catch 22

I have been with USAA for 50 years. Much to my ALARM I just discovered that USAA does not offer a means to hold 2nd level supervisors accountable for their decisions!!! Who would not like to have this job???? Try to make a complaint and you hit a stone wall. NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! they work for the government,client, or using undeserved prestige to market? This is extremely disappointing...makes one wonder.
for9396bma Send email
Aug 7, 2019

Customer Servcie / No service

I have tried since 2015 to obtain USAA services. Every time I call I am given the run around as to why I can not have USAA services. No one can provide me with any explanation. I am either told to call back or someone will call me back. I called again on August 7, 2019, and was finally told I was listed as CAD and it had to do with something from 2010 and they could not tell me why. And again I was told to call back after holding for over 30 minutes. How is it my father can serve over 20 years in the military and my bother can obtain services but I can't seem to get an explanation as to what is going on with my request. I am beyond disappointed with this banking entity and the level of disrespect I have been given. I have never had an account with USAA bank. I believe I deserve some answers regarding an issue that USAA caused.
RudeGyal81 Send email
Jun 2, 2019


I am a active duty service member on deployment and USAA decided to de active my debit card right in the middle of deployment without notice, leaving me with not access to my funds. I called and notified the agent about my card and she seemed unfazed, like it was not her problem or her fault that I am gone on deployment and what like what do I want her to do about it. I asked her is there anyway that I can access to my cash while they can get a card expedited to me, she was like ma am I cant guarantee you that, besides it has to go to the mailing address that we have on file. I asked her again, like why did you guess stop the card, she was like I cant tell you that, ( SCREAMS !!!!)
rmarvit Send email
May 14, 2019

non renewal homeowners

i was notified that my homeowners will not be renewed after 50 years. we have a service dog who is tethered to the property. an unannounced person came and despite visual and verbal warnings proceeded on the property. he had a minor puncture. he immediately hired a lawyer. this was a bogus claim and i did not want the homeowners policy to pay. i was also covered by a seperate carrier. who were to work together.
this dog is not an aggressive terror but the product of a k9 trainer specifically to protect my wife who has a disability. given all the years and premiums i have paid to usaa and my years of service to be arbitarily cast off seem contrary to the stated policy of the company.

i am a retired physician and know what health insurance companies to, i thought usaa was better than that.
spiritrunner04 Send email
Jan 10, 2019

Very Poor Customer Service

I contacted USAA on 1/7/2019 to get information about my insurance premium renewal for the January 2019 - July 2019 term. The amount was raised from the previous cycle rates by more than $300. One lady I spoke with suggested I retrieve the results of a previous claim from January 20, 2018, that caused the raise in rates, from Lexus Nexus. I asked that the increase be lowered back down to the rate it was at for the previous cycle, and the next man told me that they could do nothing about the raised rates, because a previous arbitration decision was binding. I am not able to represent myself in arbitration, according to the information USAA gave me, so anyone who represented me in arbitration in the Fall of 2018 did so on my behalf, unsuccessfully.

The perceived incident that occurred on January 20, 2018 involved a legal pass around a car that was stopped and not moving in Dana Point, near the baby beach harbor, at the base of Cove Road. I passed this car safely on the left to get to a volunteer activity I had been invited to that same day. Signage around this road states that people are not supposed to just stop in the road and remain stalled. The woman in the car who was stopped/stalled, who I passed around, proceeded to follow my car to the parking lot I went to, get out of her car next to a red fire lane, yell at me that I hit her car when I did not notice any damages or feel any impact, and attempted to prevent me from going forward with the activity I had been down in that area that day, to participate in. In later conversations regarding the case, the woman claimed she was trying to turn left into the parking lot, while I passed her on the left, going no more than about 10 miles per hour. Therefore, if there had been any impact, she would have hit me from the right, while she was attempting to turn left into the parking lot.

The activity I was participating in was a boat ride for volunteers. I proceeded to get on the boat and leave for the activity, after parking. About an hour into the boat ride, I received a phone call from a cop, who told me this lady was accusing me of hitting her car/running and that there were damage marks on my vehicle. When the boat returned to the dock, I went back to the area where my car was parked in the lot, and the lady and cop were both gone. I contacted the number on the card for the sheriffs and was told by someone to send my insurance card into their offices. I waited about a half hour at the scene for the cop or lady to return, and neither returned. About a week later, the results were sent into my auto insurance company.

I was contacted by someone at USAA who told me they had received the claim information I had submitted. I told them I did not submit any claim information, and shared the story with them about what had happened. USAA fought the case on my behalf, took pictures I had submitted of my vehicle, as well as a statement from an auto body shop, and proceeded to represent me in the arbitration. The auto body confirmed with us that there were some dents in my car, but that they were too old to be attributed to a recent accident. I was sent a letter on September 24, 2018 by a USAA claims adjuster that found me 0% at fault, even though the arbitrator decided to side in this other ladies favor. I was also told by my claim adjuster that I would not be penalized in the next renewal cycle for my auto insurance.

The supervisor, Andrew, I spoke with on 1/7/2019 told me he was escalating the matter to another supervisor named Kyle in the claims department, who handled my case. The two other representatives I spoke with on 1/7/2019 said they would not remove the penalty and that the original claim adjuster from September of 2018 had made a mistake in the letter he sent me, by stating I was 0% at fault. Andrew told me they would send another letter to me to correct the error, which I did not receive.

I sent in another letter response on 1/8/2019 explaining the incident again, including more pictures of the dotted yellow lines that legally allowed me to pass on the road I passed the woman on, and additional explanation as to why I was not at fault for this lady's actions.

When I followed up again on 1/9/2019, I was transferred to a policy representative who stated she was the wrong person to have the case be transferred to. Kyle, who had transferred me from the claims department, told me the policy department claimed that the fire damages in California influenced their decision to increase my policy rates and that I was living in an at-risk area, so the rates had to be increased. Another representative I spoke with took down information, and then the call was disconnected. Another representative asked me for my security phone password, and then said he would need to change it. Another representative transfer told me to submit a complaint to Lexus Nexus and then said someone there would get back to me within 2 business days. The next representative told me I should go down to DMV, tell them that I was 0% at fault, and then get the information back to USAA, so that they could adjust and change my policy rates. Another representative told me that my discounts for being a good driver were removed and that they would not add them back, because of this incident. The final representative I spoke with, an Issac, kept repeating the arbitration results, stating they were binding, and that their policy decisions were based off of those results. He then proceeded to read to me verbatim, the Part A - Part D parts of the policy which I already knew, claiming he was trying to explain why each part increased. He never explained why the different parts increased, but just kept reading down the list the information that was already evident to me. Bodily injury, medical concerns and motorcycle uninsured are parts of the policy that do not pertain to any auto incidents I was involved in for 2018, so it is still unclear why those portions of my policy were increased, when they were not connected to any auto incident I was in for 2018. Isaac kept repeating the results of arbitration, stating the outcome was legally binding and that they could do nothing about it. He must have repeated this about 7 or 8 times. He also said the policy rates were appropriate for me, and indicated that he thought I was at fault and responsible. Since a USAA representative represented me in the case, I told Isaac that the person must have not done a thorough job, because there was no reason why they should have lost, when I was not at fault. When he repeated that the outcome was binding and proceeded to try to read down his list again, I told him to stop acting so cruelly, and expressed how uncomfortable I was with his responses.

No one shared with me how discounts could be applied to my policy, or how I could reduce my policy rate to something more appropriate for my situation. I still believe I am not at fault for this incident on January 20, 2018 and that I should not be penalized for it, but USAA has done little to amend the situation. The rates have still been increased. Some of the employees on the other line even laughed at me.
SPH Send email
Sep 21, 2018



Northof60 Send email
Aug 10, 2016

Cancelled Auto Policy due to Business Ch 11 Bankruptcy filing

I have been a steady USAA customer for several years, one fender bender in 2012. My policy was abruptly cancelled after having to file Ch 11 Reorganization for my business. I have always paid my premiums. I'm under enough distress right now. This is not a Personal Bankruptcy, and USAA has nothing to do with my business. Please explain this to me.
morrisovich Send email
Jan 5, 2016


I am a disabled veteran and have a checking account, 2 investment accounts and 2 vehicle insurance policies with USAA.

I have been depositing the same weekly payroll check via the USAA mobile app into my USAA checking account, for the same amount and drawn on the same corporate bank for over 2 years without problem. My funds have immediately been available to me in the past.

USAA has begun to "hold" my checks for the entire deposited amount for 8 days before releasing and allowing access to my funds. Just yesterday I deposited a payroll check so that I could pay a car insurance premium and was stuck with a "hold" on my check until next week. I had the same thing happen on a deposit in late December, 2015. The hold is placed on the deposit for 8 days and then the funds are made available.

I had been in the VA hospital and my auto insurance policy is about to be cancelled so I needed to pay it after depositing my check. Now thanks to USAA I will not be able to do that and after speaking with them there is nothing that can be done to reverse this "deposit" so that I can cash my check somewhere else and conduct my business.

USAA customer service and product policy has become very customer unfriendly to the point that I am cancelling all of my accounts (auto, investment and checking) with them.

If you want reasonable and timely access to your hard earned money you should avoid this "bank" and deposit it into a real bank that has a real branch near you. Meanwhile, I am stuck waiting for this smug "bank" to release my money.

If USAA had a reasonable hold time, i.e., 2-3 days, I would not have such a taxing issue. Furthermore, the fact that this hold policy is random, and for varying amounts up to the entire amount of the deposit the customer has no idea as to what degree the inconvenience will be and, as such, cannot make an informed decision whether to make a deposit into USAA.
Dr Mrlezo Send email
Jul 18, 2015

Close credit card and bank account bad practice -illegal

After a hail damage claim USAA close all of my credit card and a bank account. This a person that been with them for 16 years and never been late on a payment. They said it was my behavior for filing a claim but if you are fort Carson from 4 June and 5 June 2015, we had a major hail storm. The lady on the phone ask me did see the hail storm coming..( don't make sense). Then the insurance knew it was an hail storm that hit my car ( oh by the way I had hail storm coverage sine I join).. said it is a fraud because I hit the wrong date. I hit the 6 instead of the 5 and I have police report. Their adjuster came to the house and I got the total. I don't understand this , why would the insurance company shut down my credit card and bank account and this is my very first claim. This is a class action law suit. For any body that been denied insurance pay , I take on together and sue the company. I ask to speak to the president of the bank. The denied me.
gigif13 Send email
Jul 22, 2014

Account Access

I have been a customer with USAA for at least 10 years. Now that I am divorced and having financial struggles, USAA has not been there for me. I have informed them about my financial struggles, and requested a extension on my Loan and Credit Card payment .... they denied me.....Then a couple days later, for over a month ago, I started receiving this message when I tried to log on. "According to our records, you have unresolved charges with us. To obtain limited access to existing accounts you may log on by clicking proceed below. In order to resolve your charges and gain access to, please call toll-free 1-800-331-2454." This is my checking account, IRA, Auto Insurance, and Credit Check Monitoring(which I did pay $5.50 a month for). The accounts I owe money on is the reason for USAA to deny access to any of these other important accounts, which should not have any connection. BBB is aware of these horrific circumstances, and as long as I am denied full access and if anything else comes up, there will be more actions towards this company because who knows who else is having this issue
User928656 Send email
Apr 8, 2012

Alienation of Products

Sad Spouse,

Did you claim bankruptcy on an USAA loan or credit account? Unfortunately they may not want to do business with you if that is the case and will close your accounts down. Your lawyer should advise you of this.
Sadmilitaryspouse Send email
Mar 22, 2012

Alienation of Products

A few years ago my husband was injured in the line of duty with the military. Of course, we faced financial difficulties. We fought it for several years, but finally had to file for bankruptcy over a year ago. We have been long standing members of USAA and with us filing for bankruptcy; USAA has shut us out of their website and refuses to offer any new products to us (insurance coverage). This is really unfortunate since USAA claims to be there for their service members and their family.
JEShearer Send email
Mar 22, 2012

Alienation of Products

I have been with USAA for over a decade and recently my wife (Honorably discharged vet) got into some trouble and had to do a few months in county jail, USAA said that because she went to jail (for a minor assault) they can no longer carry her on the policy. This is prejudicial and overly biased. They cited a moral clause, well how moral is it to condemn a veteran for making one mistake in life.
Cwc Send email
Mar 15, 2012

not refunding my $50

I wrote this email below to USAA ([email protected]) and never got any reply at all! If you're considering signing up with USAA, try sending this email and see if you get any response. That will give you an idea of their customer service. They promised to reply if we send to that email address. Here's the promise:

Dear USAA,

I signed up for USAA banking account (savings and checking) on June
9th 2010, and I paid the $50. It has been 3 months now and I am still
not allowed to use my account. I was told there is "investigation" on
my account.

I do not mind at all if there is an investigation, but three months is
unreasonably long. At least let me know how the "investigation" is
progressing. What result are they waiting for? What step is slowing
them down?

Or, refund my money. Isn't my request perfectly reasonable?

Thanks again,

Bad Buisness` Send email
Mar 15, 2012

not refunding my $50

I also opened up a USAA Free Checking account and am now going throught the same thing. They are refusing to refund my $500 unless I send in my ssi card, driver licencse, utility bill, marriage license & divorce decree faxed or email. The nearest USAA center is over 600 miles away. They are telling me the only way the will even close the account unless they have the requested documents. I am at a lost.
Bad Buisness` Send email
Mar 15, 2012

not refunding my $50

Single mom of 2 now out of money needed
Retired Navy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassing collection

I just got off the phone with harrassing USAA agent and I have experienced the same 15 or more calls a day, and I mostly ignore, but my Dad called me and said they were now calling him and he is 83 years old and doesn't need this. There is got to be a way to file class action lawsuit against this type of harrassment. I'm retired military and have been with USAA for more than 20 years. ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH USAA! CONTRARY TO WHAT THEY ESPOUSE THEY DO NOT SUPPORT OR SERVE US SERVICEMEMBERS. I intend to divest all insurance, banking, etc. business with them as soon as I am past my current situation, and I advise all current customers to do the same. If you are even considering home mortgage, car, life, home owner's insurance or any business with USAA-DO NOT DO IT!! You will regret it after one incident. It's truly a sad state of affairs. I wonder do the retired Flag Officers that comprise their Board of Directors know the extent of how they really treat their military customers, or maybe they are the one's leading the charge to harrass. Any attorney reading this and the many other harrassment complaints against USAA, you probably have a very solid case for joining us all together and filing a class action lawsuit against this reprehensible behavior!
PatandTasha Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassing collection

I have on average 12 calls per day from USAA from the same exact department which is their collections team for credit cards. 10 of the 12 calls I sit there and say hello until is disconnects and then I get the loud EH EH EH EH in my freaking ear. One time they called me for a week straight and my stupid bill was not even due yet! When I finally picked up and chewed a butt off they said that they were called to see if I was going to pay it.

They start calling my home with 3 sleeping babies at 8am and they sometimes calling into the night after 9pm, but of course those calls are the hang up and get my ear assaulted off by the EH EH EH. They even call and hang up in my ears on weekends... Sunday included! But if you try to call the number back it says that they are closed. WTF???

Four months ago we paid one of our USAA credit cards off in cash... 12000.00 and yes... I have the right amount of zeros.. 12, 000.00 in cash and we had a remaining balance of 150.00. I was called 3 weeks later wondering where the payment was!!! I asked if the 12, 0000.00 was not enough and they said I still had to make my monthly payment!

I have tried being nice, yelling, cursing, and using the cease and desist and they laughingly told me that being in Texas they do not have to follow the cease and desist law. One time they had the balls to ask me... I am no kidding either... they had the balls to ask me why I wasn't working, then another time they told me that I needed to take better care of my finances. Like how... you can't get blood from a turnip! We have been through hell over the last 3 years from my husband getting a total now of 6 paycuts, 1 hurricane that causes 30, 000.00 worth of damage to our home, and 2 flood that costs us thousands! (and yes... we have all the insurance... but those deductibles are 1000.00 each occurrence not to mention that there is no way around their depreciation taken out of the amount needed for repairs.) Sometimes you just don't have the money to pay a credit card when the month is tight and nowadays with our income cut by over 40, 000.00 per year... we just can't pay their insane late fees and high interest charges for being late.

I have been harassed non stop for years from them and if there is ever a lawsuit please please contact me because I want to be in the top 10 on the list! Email me at [email protected]
PatandTasha Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassing collection

oh one last thing... I live in their state so their calls past 10pm and on weekends are against the law. I have been a member of USAA for over 18 years and last year after the harassment started I closed all accounts I could (obviously not credit cards) and found new banks and credit unions to give my business too and I am not the only person I know who has done this.

ps... The customer service SUCKS bigtime since the new CEO took over. They used to be AMAZING and now they are calling ATnT or something.
PatandTasha Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassing collection

One last thing. Stealth... I hope you never have to have hardship put upon you like many many of American's have in the last 3 years. I hope you never have to chose between the roof over your head, utilities, and food for your children instead of paying a credit card bill. I hope whomever you work for never cuts your pay in half when you have three kids to feed, and I hope you never see how much your words can hurt those like my family that sucked it up and paid down all the credit cards month by month by working extra hours and NEVER spending money on anything other than food and bills. We could have just filed bankruptcy... we could have cried to the government for aid and food stamps but we stood strong and sucked it up. We may pay late but we pay.

Lastly... of all the things I hope you never have to go through... I do hope you find some class and a bar of soap and clean your mouth out. Geeze... use slang like WTF or WTH at least. A 10 year old I am watching for a friend was reading over my shoulder and saw that!
Mama2zandl Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not sure about USAA... denied hail damage

I'm considering leaving USAA after 18 years with them for auto, some renters and home owners for the last 7 years. They denied our roof had hail damage, after sending out their own inspector. I should have pushed it more and gotten our own inpsection done, but I was trusting USAA. It turns out that everyone in our neighborhood who has replaced their roofs in the last couple years has had it paid through their insurance. Kind of funny how ours is the only one that wasn't caused by the storm... I know that they're crappy roofs that didn't have much life left in them, but everyone else is getting theirs fully paid for, except for small deductibles (not 2% and they didn't figure out how much life was left in them...) I'm a little irritated b/c we paid for our own roof (8K) and everyone else is getting theirs for free! And from reading things on here, I'm now worried about how much we would get if we were broken into or had a fire. I always assumed it would be the amount listed on our policies (for replacement value and amount of personal property), but it sounds like you have to pay for the amount they tell you to pay for, but then you have to prove it. Grrr!
Woops88 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not sure about USAA... denied hail damage

[email protected] I hope you are still checking this site. I would like to know how it worked out. I am having the same issue with USAA and I have been with them for over 20 years. I am definitely leaving them. Every house around me had hail damage. I can't understand how my house was spared. My roofer was appalled. I am disgusted. What else can be done?
JustMe Send email
Feb 23, 2012

HORRIBLE Mortgage Servicing

I have been a member of USAA since 1953, so I never thought I would be complaining about them.

I refinanced my mortgage last year, not knowing (and not being informed) that USAA now uses US Bank as its mortgage server. Based upon years of experience as a commercial customer of US Bank, I want nothing to do with this customer-UNfriendly bank. Had I been informed in advance that US Bank is the mortgage server for USAA, I would NOT have gone through with the refinance.

I have had nothing but trouble with this loan. Never in my life have I been required to pay my property taxes and homeowner insurance into an impound account. USAA now requires this of me. Worse yet, according to US Bank, my annual homeowner insurance premium is $800, when in fact it is only $400. I am being charged double for this error and no matter how many contacts I have had with US Bank, the record is not corrected.

Last month, without legal basis US Bank demanded that I pay $1, 000 additional into the impound account, in order not to increase my monthly mortgage payment. I sent my check immediately - intending to resolve the errors and get a refund later - and it CLEARED MY BANK 4 days later, on December 12th.

Mortgage Statement received yesterday (dated January 16th) reflects NO record of this additional payment, and my mortgage payment has been bumped up, in clear violation of the instructions I received from the US Bank Mortgage customer "service" rep on December 8th.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE mortgage "servicing, " unless one enjoys being a target of extortion.

After researching complaints of this type, I realize that this is not an isolated incident -- it is the norm.

I urge you NOT to borrow from USAA!
Ms. Disappointed Send email
Feb 23, 2012

HORRIBLE Mortgage Servicing

I am very disappointed with USAA. I have been loyal customer for over 20 years and have used them for car loans, renters insurance, credit cards, mortgage, home equity loan, and homeowners insurance. I just expected more out of the company. They are unwilling to modify or refinance my mortgage and we've never made a late payment. In fact, I've never made a late payment to them on any of our accounts in 20 years. We had to move because of my husband's job change and the house didn't sell before we packed up and moved. I did the right thing and called USAA to start up renters insurance while the house remained on the market. USAA was the lien holder and also was the insurance company yet they cancelled my homeowners insurance due to non-occupancy. We were able to secure renters and have insurance reinstated. I just got a call from USAA and they told me their system showed the home was vacant. I sent them proof of renter occupancy over a year ago! I am very concerned about their data retention and privacy practices now. I may start shopping around to move all my accounts somewhere else.

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