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chazitting Send email
Feb 8, 2024


We were SCAMMED like the rest of you. Doing a little research, I found that they have been scamming people for a lot of years, since at least 2008. There have been numerous lawsuits filed against them, but I couldn't see any that won. HOW DO WE STOP THEM from scamming other people for many years to come? I'd gladly join a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. I don't see how they can keep getting away with this for decades.
JLW414 Send email
Feb 2, 2024

Vallarta Gardens

We purchased at Vallarta Gardens in 2021, and there were a lot of promises that the marketing company, Allianz, was going to send us a certain amount for the rental of our unit, but the funds never came. A new company, Capital Marketing, bought out Allianz and said that they didn't realize that there were any outstanding payments due. They rewrote the contract for the amount that was due us and promised that they would pay us within a year, which will be up in June. Since that time, we have tried to contact them, but no one returns our calls, so it is looking suspicious, and especially after reading all of these comments.

We also would be interested in possibly joining in on a class action suit to recover funds invested in the resort. Any advice would be appreciated.
BNDavis Send email
Jan 24, 2024


We also fell for this scam. Yes we are interested in joining a lawsuit. Our story is much the same as everyone else’s. Any ideas or phone numbers or names we can contact to get help?
We were sold ours by Harry Williams, 322 200 1661. He will not respond.
Thank you.
BNDavis Send email
Jan 24, 2024

Vallarta Gatdens

We also fell for their scam. When we call they will not help, just repeat call your marketing company which, you guessed it, Allianz. Promise after promise. Now they will not answer their phone nor will they respond to our request on their website.
Anyone have any luck or idea how we can get help?
Thank you
sarred0318 Send email
Jan 3, 2024

Vallarta Gardens

We paid 75% of our payments through a new Credit Card (Barclay). 25% of membership fees we financied with Gardens) for 24 months.
Capital Marketuing is obligated to pay 6 weeks of rental proceedings to us as owners at end of every year.
I was emailsing them past 3-4 months and they were all set to pay on due date.
But on due date they said that ExhibitC could not be located which is a proof for full payment to Vallarta Gardens memberships.

So if i have to get my yearly proceeedings i have to pay the 25% amount i financed right away.

What are your recommendations? Should i pay full amount due against membership and ask them to pay me yeary proceedings? Will they pay? I lost my confidence after seeing all yoir complaints.

Also is there anyway i can stop repaying my Barclay creadit card balance(75%) ?
sarred0318 Send email
Jan 3, 2024

Vallarta Gardens


we paid 75% of our payment through credit card. Balance 25% we finanaced with Vallarta Gardens for 24 months. This is membership fees.
Meanwhile Capital Marketing was suppose to pay yearly proceedings to us from DEC 2023 and they did not execute this payment and asked for ExhibitC from Vallarta gardens which means i have to do full payment now.
This is something new which was not discussed for Capital Marketing payments as a pre-condition.
Do you recommend that we should continue making full payment to Vallarta Gardens( or should we STOP everything?
Also is there a way to stop paying the amount we owe to credit cards(75%) against this?
[email protected] Send email
Dec 27, 2023

Vallarta Gardens

Like many have already posted we also purchased in the spring of 2021. We also were promised huge benefits with the Marketing options. We also have not received any funds from AMS. We also have not received any support from the resort. We also would be interested in joining in on a class action suit. We are really not familiar with how to proceed with that.
Advice would be appreciated.

Scott Gwilliam
[email protected] Send email
Dec 27, 2023

Vallarta Gardens

Like many we also purchased at Vallarta Gardens with lots of promises of marketing through AMS. We have not received any of the funds promised and have now been switched over to Capital Marketing. Still waiting on them but am not optimistic that they are any different. the resort refuses to accept any responsibility for the marketing side of the contract.
We would be very willing to join with others in a suit and recover the funds invested in the resort.

Scott Gwilliam
Mharper Send email
Oct 26, 2023


We purchased a unit here as well we delt with German. And we're promised the world of corse. Rental payments for our property would allow us to stay for free basically. Allianz Marketing has never come through with any money stated in our contract. They don't respond to emails at all. I have sent over 30 emails since may of this year, NOTHING!!! Our first rental payment was due January 15th 2023 it is now the first of November. I have contacted Villarta Gardens and of coarse they say they have no affiliation with Allianz Marketing. When I ask then why do we fill out a contract when purchasing our property that garintees rental payments from Allianz Marketing??? Long story short my wife and I will join the rest here that have been ripped off. I do not get how this business can keep going and be allowed to continue to rip people off. If anyone can shed light on how to get our money back or fight this let is know.

Michael Harper
PattiDBC Send email
Oct 4, 2023

Vallarta Gardens

I guess you can put us on the list of those that have been scammed as well. Too good to be true. Our financial company was Allianz Marketing Strategies but of course have not come through with any of the promised agreements in our contract. How they can still operate is a mystery. Heard awhile back the Mexican government was going to look into matter????? Anyways we would agree to join others in persuing a law suit or whatever else it would take.
jeanbutler Send email
Sep 23, 2023

Vallarta Gardens

Hello! Is anyone interested in joining together to initiate a lawsuit against Vallarta Gardens and their marketing companies?
Racecar Send email
Mar 12, 2023

Vallarta Gardens timeshare scam

Beware of the sales department . When you arrive they will tell you that you need to have a RCI credit card. You will wonder why, but when you get home a week later you'll find out without your knowledge they will somehow get the card activated and charged before you leave that same day. They will tell one thing and do another. You have 5 days to resend but they know by the time you get home its to late. Please read all their bad reviews on the different vacation sites. Be very aware of the criminal sale tactics. They'll do anything to make a sale that you won't even know it happened!!!
jcatkinson68 Send email
Feb 9, 2023

Arrow Marketing Group/Vallara Gardens

Completed transaction in January 2021 and Arrow Marketing Group has not paid me for the 5 weeks they were supposed to rent for me. Just sent in my request for them to repurchase my property as explicitly stated in the agreement and I don't expect to hear back from them. No phone numbers are being answered and no voicemails are allowed to be left with AMG. Vallarta Gardens is denying all responsibility. I would be interested in joining any lawsuit or speak with any attorney's to try and get my investment back.
HLohstro Send email
Dec 17, 2022


Vallarta Gardens along with Pila, Arrow Marketing, and Cromley Berkeley are all Scammers. I purchased at Vallarta Gardens in Oct 2018 with all the same promises that everyone else got. Nothing that they promised has been fullfilled to date. When you call Vallarta Gardens they think that they do not have any ownership in the breach of Contract. The sales person that I dealt with was Ricardo Sanchez, he has not responded to any of my calls or text messages since December 2019. Vallarta Gardens needs to be stopped, before any more people get ripped off by them.
On top of the breach of contract, Vallarta Gardens and their marketing people have sold my information to more scammers in Mexico, I get calls almost daily now.
This is bad business and Vallarta Gardens need to be out of business, maybe the next owners will operate it legit. Anyone who wants to join together to try and stop these theiving scamms, Im in.
[email protected] Send email
Mar 13, 2019

Vallarta Gardens, Boutique

I llike all the other complaintees have been scammed by ASCOM and Saltsman -Garcia. No more contact from them after wiring a significant amount of money to them. Written to PROFECO, Departmentamento de Conciliacion a Residentes en el Extranjer/Conciliation department for foreign residents. No response after a complaint mailed 1/25/2019, multiple phone calls and reposting of initial complaint. We dealt with a Joseph Bauer, and Angelo Baltista. I hold Vallata Gardens liable for the funds due to they partnered with these disreputable entities. The Boutique gardens is lovely. But their marketing/sales is fraudulent. I am interested in sueing the Vallarta Gardens Anyone care to pursue a class action suit. Cynthia
jolinda Send email
Jan 13, 2019

Saltsman Garcia

Do not have any communication with the Saltsman Garcia company, they will scam you!! I wired them $15210. Last February, 2018 and they never completed the sale of my time shares or returned my money, which they guaranteed that they would after the time share transactions had been completed. They will not return phone calls or answer email messages. Stay Far Away from this organization !!!
jolinda Send email
Jan 12, 2019

Saltsman Garcia

I purchased at Vallarta Gardens October 5, 2016. They were going to sell two of my time shares at Vidanta and Manhattan Club. Of course, ASCOM did not complete this sale in 300 days and then earthquake hit in September, 2017. Angelo Bautista started calling on January 10, 2018. He was going to have everything sold in 30 days. I had to wire $11,410. On February 16 for closing costs, then they needed more, $3800 for fees, etc, which I did on March 8. Then Joseph Bauer started calling, stating they needed one more wire for $9600. I refused to wire any more. It is a scam, do not talk to Angelo Bautista or Joseph Bauer, or anyone from Saltsman Garcia, they will take your money and you will never hear from them again. They will not return phone calls or emails.
William Haas Send email
Oct 31, 2018

Vallarta Gardens and ASCOM

Was told if we purchased from them they would guaranty to sell our MAYAN and DIAMOND time shares through ASCOM in December of 2016. They were to be sold by November 2017. Now it is a year beyond that point and ASCOM is supposedly still working on the sale. We also dealt with Rosalinda at ASCOM who acted very helpful but now won't answer our calls or emails. We were also promised marketing of two of our three "additional" weeks, but were told that couldn't happen until the time shares sold. Now I read all this and wonder if there is thought of a class action lawsuit since this seems like a fraudulent operation.
mikemkenz Send email
Apr 19, 2018


Well, like most of the people here, my wife and I were on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

We own at Villa de Palmar, and owned at Westgate Vacation Villas. We were staying on the VDP property in Puerto Vallarta in Nov, 2016, and we went to the Marina to a restaurant called Banana Fajita,( wasn't great :(), and we met a guy named Gustavo who told us about Vallarta Gardens, told us how it's boutique, it's not a timeshare, blah blah blah, we told him that we don't need another property, and he of course told us that they buy timeshares...honestly, we've heard this before, but then he offered us $500 dollars U.S., which once we got to the property it turned into $6,000 MXN :(

The property IS beautiful, the breakfast ...wasn't!

We got a very High pressure sale, with guarantee that we would MAKE MONEY!!, by renting our weeks, plus they would buy/sell our VDP and Westgate, honestly, we didn't want to sell the VDP, but were happy to get out of the Westgate's $1,467 a year maintenance fee. Plus they offered us more tan we had paid.

It turns out that it was ASCOM that was supposed to sell the properties in 300 days or less, that time passed, and nothing, supposedly $1,500 of our $19,000 purchase of a Studio at Vallarta Gardens went to ASCOM for our listing fee. We also got an email that ASCOM had gone out of business because of the Earthquake, but honestly, nobady had ever answered their phones anyways, nor at Vallarta Gardens.

And then March of this year, we got a phone call from Mr. Joseph Bauer at Saltsman Garcia S.C. He told us that they were now in control of our Contracts, and ready to close in 30 days, They needed us to resend our Proof of Ownership, which we had already sent to ASCOM, but he said that it was to make sure that we were who we said we were. So, we resent the papers that they asked for, and a few days later they sent us an email with documents about the sale and the bank, etc.

We were going to receive $77,800 USD, but the bank was asking for 15% for registration, security, and transparency, etc. $11,670...we couldn't do that, plus my wife had looked them up, and this page of reviews popped up.

We spoke to Joseph Bauer, who DID ANSWER his phone, and told him that we couldn't send him this amount of money, so he said that we could start with just the transfer of the Westgate, which was over half of the amount that was in the account for our transactions, but we were still going to have to pay a bank fee, but we would get it reimbursed.

LONG STORY SHORT! We paid $5,782.50 for the bank, we waited, very impatiently, and stressfully, for almost the full 30 days, but just 2 days ago we received $44,332.50, which included the reimbursement. We are EXTREMELY HAPPY!! and now we are about to try and sell the Vallarta Gardens Property for $26,000, since they never answered our calls, and we didn't want to sell the VDP in the first place.
Vrawlek Send email
Feb 27, 2018

Time share staff

We went there with the understanding that we would have to sit thru a presantation. That was fine with us. The day arrived, and we checked in. Right of the bat, they asked how much we paid for our other timeshare that we had No intention of selling, and it should not have been a factor in any case. They too offence at my husband saying that it was none of their buisness. The head guy came over to our table in the middle of the restaurant, speaking loudly, waving the paper at us that said we would attend the presantation, and if we Did Not , we could get off the property Right Now! Never at any time had we said we would not. That settled down, he then brought over a Canadian host to talk to us. Things were going fine, the lady said, why not grab some breakfast. Which we did, sat at the table once more, he came storming back saying that we Insulted his Host, chased the lady to another table and plunked down a man!! Like what the ferk?! We were dumbfoubded! The man, I asked what was That all about, he did not know either. We went into this presentation with an open mind, could have gone either way, but after what that yahoo pulled off, there was no way in hell we would even concider taking it! Ironic however, the next day, we could say good morning to each other, and all was fine. Also, they had never had this happen to them in the Concieres (sp) office. My husband was going to sign for our room, but had wanted to read the fine print on the contract. They had never had anyone request that and were a little non plussed. They Did comply however, and all was well. Other than that, it is a lovely spot. Very very clean, food on the All Inclusive repetative, but Well made and Tasty. The staff were super. Agustina in the Conciers office was my fav. And Paulo, Jorge and Daniel in the restaurant were sweet hearts too. A special note about Jesus, the Director of the Operations. What a super nice guy. One complaint everyone seemed to have, was the lack of a shuttle to town, as the Resort is far out of town. They could have one and charge the people taking it, as they did in Can Cun. Only caught a glimpse of housekeeping once, so can't remark on that, but the rooms were real real clean. Would we go back? Yes, but, although convenient, never All Inclusive thx.
elainea Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Vallarta Gardens scam

My story is the same as others: In 2016 I bought a timeshare at Vallarta Gardens with the promise of selling my existing time share and being able to rent out units for income. The promised sale of my timeshare by ASCOM never happened. I called the number, etc., no response and the phone stopped ringing after about 10 minutes. I browsed internet and saw statements of others who have been scammed the same way and realized I had just lost a lot of money since I was all paid up on the Vallarta Gardens time share.
Two weeks ago, I received a call from Angelo Batista at Saltsman Garcia, saying they had taken over the ASCOM contracts since ASCOM was out of business due to the earthquake. He was saying something about Federal government giving them only 30 days to distribute the funds. He said he'd send me an email with what I needed to do to claim my funds. I was just leaving for a week to recuperate from surgery and told him I wouldn't be there when the email came. He said not to worry but to send in the documentation as soon as I could. When I returned a week later, I sent in the documentation he requested: proof I fully paid the cost and maintenance on my old time share. I sent them in as these were exactly what I had sent ASCOM. I also asked about any fees or other needs. He called me a few days later to say the only thing missing was proof I'd paid the $1880 IVA (value added tax). I did not want to send any more money so I called my existing time share and explained the situation to an officer, who told me there is no IVA on my time share since I only purchased a "right to use" and not an actual property. Has anyone responded to Saltsman Garcia with any luck? Any advice?
Pueblovolk Send email
Jan 16, 2018

Vallarta Garden Timeshare Scam

My wife and I purchased a timeshare at Vallarta Gardens on 6 December 2016 with the provision they purchase our existing timeshare. Additionally, they agreed to use 2 of our 4 weeks for marketing and would pay us for those weeks. Neither of these have happened as of 15 January 2018. The contract said they would purchase our existing timeshare in 300 days (by 2 Oct 2017). I stayed in touch with Rosalinda from Asesores Comerciales y Asociados (ASCOM) on a regular basis during the 300 days and was assured that the process was happening. Almost all communication was thru email. Noone ever answered the phone when I called the number that was provided to ASCOM. Disappointed but not surprised!!!

I copied every email to our sales person at Vallarta Gardens who also claimed he was working with Rosalinda. When the October 2017 date came and went he claimed the September 2017 earthquake destroyed ASCOM offices. Rosalinda did not respond to emails and of course no one answered the phone. (I still don't believe this is true.)

On 14 November I received a phone call from a Mr. David Fuentes of Saltsman Garcia S. C. who informed me they were now the official liquidation company. The same day I received an email from SG with instructions on documents they will need. I merely forwarded emails I had already sent to ASCOM. They assured us the closing would occur within 30 days. Silence. I called on 27 November and left a message. (A real phone number.) The same day I received a phone call from Mr. Angelo Bautista who talked, or rather babbled, on about all kinds of things that were meaningless to me. Somewhere in the middle he slipped in that there would be a 15% 'refundable' fee (yeah right). I sent an email SG telling them if you looked up SCAM in the dictionary Mr. Bautista's picture would be there. Within an hour after my email SG send me an email with documents to sign and return. Sure enough there were various fees that were unexplained. I responded with questions about the various fees and charges and told them I would not send any more money. Funny how I haven't heard from them since.

Lo and behold, on the same day I sent my email to SG saying I'm not paying any more money, I received a call from Rosalinda from ASCOM. She assured me she would again work my case but it would take around 90 days. (90 days = late Feb 2018)

In January 2018 we used our week at Vallarta Gardens. (It really is a wonderful location with wonderful facilities and great staff. We had a great vacation.) During this trip I spoke with our sales rep and his supervisor. Both made extensive excuses for ASCOM and claimed they could do nothing for me. They offered me two options to upgrade by purchasing an additional month. They said I could use the additional weeks for Marketing and pay for the upgrade within a couple years. I told them I had no confidence in their ability to honor contracts so why would I add insult to injury. They also offered to release me from their obligation to sell my existing timeshare. (Again, disappointed but not surprised.)

I am still making payments on our membership so today I quit making payments and am sending letters to the Vallarta Gardens telling them they won't receive another payment until they fulfill their contract. We'll see what happens.

Looking for any suggestions on how to proceed.

Keisch Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Vallarta gardens ripoff

My complaints are exactly the same as JudyKK. Everything she says including the 1 winter week,3 anytime (yeah right) weeks, the promise of selling an old timeshare for us and the additional cost of almost $8000.00 U.S. to do that, and apparently have PVG (probably the same company they hooked her up with) market our weeks.(ALL LIES) . They made this deal sound like we'd be stupid not to take it and pretty much told us that. Turns out we were stupid to believe one friggin word of it. They are not to be trusted in any way and their bullshit contract does nothing but cover their asses. They accept no responsibility for anything verbal that was said. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY CLEAR
JudyKK Send email
Apr 7, 2017


DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE FROM THESE PEOPLE! It's the worst financial investment we have ever made. They made promises they didn't honor. They said they would buy our old timeshare and this did not happen. In fact. they contract with another company that wanted money from us 3 different times in order to sell. We paid them $6,000, they didn't sell it and won't refund our money. Also, we were sold a "summer" package with one summer week and 3 other weeks that could be used anytime. Turns out we are required to wait until 11/1 to make a possible reservation for winter. Suprise, suprise, when we called 11/1, there was no availability. Also, the "guarantee" to rent out our weeks did not happen. We paid an extra $1,200 for this.
JudyKK Send email
Apr 7, 2017


DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE FROM VALLARTA GARDENS!! It is the worst financial investment we have ever made.We are two relatively intelligent people and we can't believe we did this.There are multiple issues. 1). We live in Minnesota and bought a "summer" package with one summer week and 3 other weeks. We told the salesperson that we wanted to go there in the winter. Asked about the"summer" label and were told, don't worry, you have 3 other weeks that you can use in the winter. You can rent out the summer week. We tried to make a reservation for winter 2017 and were told that we needed to wait until 11/1/16 to make the reservation because we had a summer package and the winter package people had priority.. The other 3 weeks are only available when there is space. On 11/1/16 there was not availability Jan- April. So, the short of this is we most likely won't be able to use this timeshare in the winter months like we wanted. 2). They mislead us on buying our other timeshare and offered a too good to be true price. As it turned out it wasn't purchased and another company is contracted with to sell our other timeshare. In good faith, we gave them money 3 different times to sell it for various fees that amounted to $6,000. Long story and very upsetting. We signed a form saying that we could get our money back. They won't honor this form because they said the person that gave it to us did not follow procedure. And, then came the threat to take us to Mexico court because other sales were included with ours and this would hold them up for selling. 3).The "guarantee" to rent weeks never happened. We paid $1,200 for this option when buying the timeshare.

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