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alric3 Send email
Jan 16, 2019

What Benefits? SCAM!!!

They lure you with the claim of unique benefits that you're not able to view until you sign up. After you sign up for the trial, you see that most, if not all benefits they claim to provide are non-existent or are benefits that you are already entitled to from being on active duty or as a veteran. They just want you to sign for the trial in hopes that you will forget to cancel and they can charge you the remainder of the annual membership (yes. they will charge you the full annual membership cost, not the monthly rate) of $59.95. In my case, I emailed them to cancel 3 days before I was to be charged for my annual fee and they still charged me anyway. I had to call my bank to dispute. Any organization that is truly dedicated to veterans will refund your hard earned money. This company wants your money at all costs to the veteran and provides little to no services! Stay away!!! All these people making complaints is a huge red flag!!!
fladonn Send email
Jan 4, 2019


I did a lot of research on Veterans Advantage, and decided that for $60.00 a year, most benefits are bogus. Let me explain further.
I am a retired Air Force veteran. I have found that on all the so-called discounts offered, that they are all available to me as a retired military member. If you don't think this true,do the research. From what I can see, this is just another company whose whole goal is to make money from veterans, giving little in return. Perhaps, if you are a veteran, but not a military retired one, you may see some benefits. If you're retired and have a valid ID card, keep your don't need Veterans Advantage. Your ID Card will do the same thing.
gulfcoastdave Send email
Oct 18, 2018

Veterans Advantage - DirecTV offer is a Sham!

As a 23-year retired Naval Officer, I joined Veteran's Advantage for a month and tried to enroll with their website directed DirectTV provider. What a sham - they are contracted with some third-party reseller that offers DirecTV enrollment along with other perks such as a Visa gift card. The Veteran's Advantage website also states you will receive other benefits. I enrolled for DirecTV service, set an install date and waited. The installer never came - no call, text, email - nothing. I called DirecTV - they new nothing of the account. It took over 10 phone calls to finally cancel this service that was never installed.
I called and emailed Veteran's Advantage for help including the CEO - never received any response. They don't care!
Stay away from Veteran's Advantage - read the blogs from former employees. A family run business masquerading to help Veterans - it's a "sweat shop" operation.
gyoschak Send email
Aug 16, 2018

Dell discount - Don't be fooled

I signed up for veteran's advantage to get the "up to 30% discount" at Dell. Well, it's actually a penalty/disadvantage on the price if you use their discount code. Using Dell's normal everyday code for anyone at any time on the web, the prices are cheaper. I should have known veteran's advantage was a sham--they don't ask for any proof or verification of military service, nothing at all, so anyone can pay for "veteran's disadvantage."
Rick Oswald Send email
Mar 6, 2018

Not worth joining

I tried this for 30 days . What a mistake! Discounts are no better than my AAA membership. At least with that membership I get auto roadside assistance, towing, lockout service and free road maps and tour books. I’ve tried to cancel this last year and and just got renewed for another year at 99 bucks. No one answers the phone they always rollover to leave a voice mail which I’ve done and they don’t call back. You can’t cancel membership online. They don’t leave you any options. This was a link through Delta I checked out Feb of 2017. This is getting ridiculous. I believe this is a travel company scam.
Rick Oswald Send email
Mar 6, 2018

Impossible to cancel this

I tried this for 30 days . What a mistake! Discounts are no better than my AAA membership. At least with that membership I get auto roadside assistance, towing, lockout service and free road maps and tour books. I’ve tried to cancel this last year and and just got renewed for another year at 99 bucks. No one answers the phone they always rollover to leave a voice mail which I’ve done and they don’t call back. You can’t cancel membership online. They don’t leave you any options. This was a link through Delta I checked out Feb of 2017. This is getting ridiculous. I believe this is a travel company scam.
drifter Send email
Oct 24, 2017

No Discounts As Advertised

Have not received any discounts at three different places advertised on the Veterans Advantage website. I went for the trial membership rip-off. Stopped further membership charges I hope, by chat with customer service rep.. We will see if now I have to protect myself from Veterans Advantage...hope not.
feeltaken69 Send email
Jul 21, 2017


I requested a membership and was charged well over the membership amount. i tried to contact someone to no avail. I am by no means rich and cant afford what was taken from my account. I checked a friend that has an account and compared the hotel rates to the ones they published and they were the same amount no real discount. also the airlines give issues when trying to use this membership as if it doesnt exist. I feel so taken advantage of and now out of pocket and it has affected bills i currently have to pay. this is no veteran advantage it is taking advantage of struggling veterans and their families. haven't we suffered enough? i feel so sad right now.
Harold ferch Send email
May 1, 2017

Stealing money from my bank account

I applied to Veteran's advantage seeking to get more benefits after the first two months I discontinued my account and without my knowledge they continue taking 5995 out of my account for the last 8 months I want my money back
reneros Send email
Apr 3, 2017

Refund of membership Fee

I sent a mail requesting for refund on my membership on 3/27/2017, together with OUR membership ID Dal4272326.We can not use the rewards because some vendors including United Air Lines do not accept the rewards. Please my refund and acknowledge this request, thank you
aprillegros Send email
Nov 9, 2016


So I called to cancel because I really couldn't use this or take advantage of their savings. trying to save on airline ticket was worst experience ever. I was told it was cancelled and that I had to go on line and print out their form and MAIL in... who the heck mails anything nowadays, but I did as they told me to do. YOU CAN NOT GET ON TO THEIR WEBSITE FOR THIS FORM... I am contacting my bank and reporting this. Every time I try to get this form that they say has to be completed, it tells me the website is not available. Funny, it was available when I signed up.
Dotti Send email
Apr 26, 2016

Cheated by Veterans Avantage


I purchased the Veteran's Advantage membership last year. As I did not use it, and there are specific directions as how to cancel, I used their listed e-mail addess to request cancellation when my due date arrived. You are required to cancel 31 days in advance of renewal. I was unable to send an email and received an "invalid" notice when I attempted to use the e-addess listed on their wesite. I promptly sent a letter through the mail requesting my membership not be renewed at the renewal date. Because their e-mail did not appear to be legitimate, and the complaints I read online, I telephoned this morning, (31 days before end of term) and after waiting on hold for 10 minutes was told by "Keisha" my membership was cancelled on April 20th. Now how can a membership, paid in advance, be cancelled prior to its term? My membership was to expire on May 28th, but was terminated on April 20th. That is 38 days left on a prepaid membership that I could not use if I chose to. It seems the 31 days ahead to request cancellation is a way of cheating Veterans out of a month of prepaid membership. What a SCAM! I should receive a refund for those 38 days.

Veterans Advantage says they believe complaints are not legitimate because the same complaint appears on multiple sites. The complaints are legitimate. Like me, the Veteran want to make sure their complaint is seen so they post on multiple sites.
Seanseansean Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

Hi, I am thinking of getting a Veterans Advantage card. I live in Europe (stationed here), but going to the states in July for a belated honeymoon. I have been reading and rereading about the services and it seems to me that the 200 dollar purchase for five years is worth it - because a 15% discount on my one-week hotel stay would make up for the membership fee right away! Also I figure I will travel back to US at least three more times in the next five years and this would give me savings on rental cars, and hotels. I realize I am a little different than most on this site because they probably have family they can stay with - I actually don't have family or friends I would feel comfortable spending more than two-days with because I am big on not imposing. I have read the complaints here. I don't care about the $5 processing fee complaint or DVD. The complaint that this is a "glorified book of discounts" pointing you to specials that already exist may be true - but that was refuted by another person that said looking for all those discounts takes time and like them I am not a person that can dedicate hours on hours to coupon hunting! Someone said they get more benefits from the American Legion (but did not elaborate - please do if you think the Legion offers better benefits - I want to know about them)! I see no one has refuted the free accident and death insurance - those sound good to me, not exactly chump change! Anyhow I would just like someone who is dissatisfied to really give a credible complaint that makes me think twice before buying this card. Convince me this would be a mistake! I plan to purchase this card soon if not. Sincerely - Sean. ps- No, I am not an employee of Veterans Advantage (lol) - just very interested in purchasing this card because the deals sound good - but I don't want to have buyers remorse. Also, if you are like me, comfort me in making my potential decision to buy it. Cheers.
Member Services Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

Veterans Advantage has been a membership fee supported benefits program for over 10 years, founded by U.S. military veterans and represented by a board of distinguished and highly decorated veterans. The member fee model has long been in existence for other veteran and military organizations, even those chartered by the U.S. government. See more details at member fees on our public web site:

We wanted to address your questions below, as we continue to monitor these boards, reminding members that we do have web, email and toll-free support to answer your questions on all subjects directly and promptly:

1. Companion airline certificate: This is a benefit provided free with your membership which has an average value of more than $200, good for travel throughout the Continental United States. We are sorry that you somehow never received yours, since this is a very popular benefit. We encourage you to call our toll-free call center: 1-866-VET-ASSIST (1-866-838-2774) to review your account history and resolve your issues promptly. Unfortunately, because this forum allows anonymous postings, we cannot respond to you regarding your issues, even though you acknowledge it is a two-year old case that may not have been brought to our attention. You should also have received your membership Welcome Kit with printed color Benefit Directory, which fully details how to contact us to get support on any of your membership questions by toll free phone, by email or by mail as well as contact information for all our benefit partners.

2. Free benefits: We agree that there are benefits you should be receiving because you earned them from government supported programs. We want our members to fully understand them and take advantage of what they deserve to get. Our program delivers information services to inform you what you are entitled to receive in Federal, State and Local benefits, and unique editorial content of interest to our members. We also provide regular updates on your benefits from Washington, and information on charitable programs that have established their own unique benefits to help military and veteran families.

3. Benefits of a paid Veterans Advantage Card: Our card members save much more than they pay in annual member fees. We offer the opportunity for 30-day trial of the program, which allows new members to test the benefits and get savings over a full month from all our benefit partners. We have highlighted some of these valuable benefits below:

* Included with membership: Over $800 in Bonus Benefits that do not require members to make an additional purchase --$55, 000 in travel and accident insurance coverage, prescription discount plan, complimentary financial planning, free Club O membership which provides free shipping and 5% savings from Overstock ($20 Club O fee savings annually) which are described on the home page of our website,

* Leading providers that give back: Our benefit partners provide discounts that are special thanks for serving the country and are easily accessible everyday savings on the web, via toll free phone or in store locations. For example, Continental/United Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is a benefit partner providing 5% off on an unlimited number of tickets annually with no blackout dates, and Verizon Wireless service discounts for voice and data -- for a smartphone user, that saves a minimum of $125 a year – far in excess of the annual member fee. There are many other valuable discounts from the nation’s top patriotic companies including Dell, Apple, Greyhound, Amtrak, Foot Locker, Overstock, Orvis, and Wendy’s among others, across categories that include travel, entertainment, shopping, health, and financial, and more than cover the member fee, often with a single purchase.

* Savings newsletter: In addition to full Welcome Kit containing instructions on how to access our benefits, we also find specific discounts for you and highlight them in our regular “Benefits Alert” e-newsletter, another benefit of membership to remind members of the tremendous savings their membership benefits afford. Listed below is but a handful of the valuable discounts we’ve recently highlighted in our newsletter, or heard have benefited our members:

$243.23 on a Dell XPS 15z Laptop
$50.00 on a round-trip Amtrak ticket, Stamford, CT to Lynchburg, VA
$30 on your tax preparation with Jackson Hewitt $100.20 on four ski lift tickets, Canyon Resort, Park City, Utah
$40 on Eight AMC Gold Experience Movie Tickets at AMC Movie Theaters
$35 on a $300 purchase from
$60 on an EXO Hardside 2-piece Luggage Set
$90 on a Set of Taylor Made Burner Irons, Graphite Shaft, from The Golf Warehouse
$30 XM Onyx Vehicle Satellite Radio Kit $29.80 A Pair of Men’s Hunting Boots from
$230 On a MacBook Pro 15” notebook computer from Apple with Apple Care plan
$33 On a pair of 6-inch Timberland Scuff-proof Boots from Foot Locker

As you can see, the program provides the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars annually. Once again, please contact us at 1-866-VET-ASSIST. We look forward to helping you and delivering the respect, recognition and rewards you have earned with your service to our country.
Dixidude Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

Appreciate all of the comments. Hard for me to see enough of an advantage to shell out $60 a year. Maybe if VA provided
specific info on what discounts to expect from each corporate member (or the prominent ones at least), I'd listen more carefully to their pitch.
Bills Fan Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

I joined Veterans Advantage when they were offering a free companion airfare through them. Well believe it or not i DIDNT get the companion airfare!! I could never get a hold of anyone to help. This was about 2 years ago. So my complaint is late, but nonetheless, i would and have and will RECOMMEND that people save their money and dont join! I have stopped people from joining and feel good that i am saving them money. Hope no one else falls into this trap!!
Gitmo234 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Why do veterans have to pay for a discount?
Jeffvaughn Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Cannot get a refund on my account. The wounded warrior project signed me up for this program. I recieved my card in the mail then went on their website and accidently ordered a new membership. I called and explained what I did and was told I would be refunded 59.95.
Well its been a month and after numerous calls still no refund. My packet was "lost in the mail". I was told this morning I would get my refund in 7- 10 business days. The BBB has over 70 complaints on this company. Watch out, They are a ripoff. I rate this company with Silverleaf resorts.
Gitmo234 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

Why do we have to pay for a veterans discount? I thought the point of veterans discount were because we've paid enough.
Unhappy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card charges

Veterans Advantage charged my credit card $4.95 for shipping charges of a packet I never requested or received. I did not find out about this charge until I noticed it in my credit card statement. I am appalled at the unethical practices of this "Military Veteran friendly" organization. When I called and proceeded to cancel my membership, they tried bribing me to continue my membership. In return for my continued membership they were going to contribute an unspecified amount to a military charity organization. I recommend that anyone who is debating to become a member really think twice. There are numerous complaints also filed with the BBB. Unfortunately, they all have been resolved and they continue to use the same practices.

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