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tiffanycox Send email
Dec 28, 2015

Timeshare Scam

Timeshares are never a good purchase and timeshare owners need to be cautious about this. There are lots of timeshare scams. I recommend you to read a good article with good information about timeshare issues:
jgrow826 Send email
Aug 25, 2015

False Sales and Offers to Sign

Our timeshare was paid in full at purchase. They took $14,000 from us and are denying us our moneys back.

This timeshare was presented to us as "different from all of the rest". We were told "for the first time, as something new, you can do unlimited getaways for you and anybody you want to include."

We were very open and honest telling Alma that we do not do full week vacations but once a year and that alone is like pulling teeth to get my husband to step away from work. We told her that we have been to many timeshare presentations and that I grew up on timeshares. We never signed with timeshares because we only go away for long weekends. We are a weekend get away family and getaways are what we do. Last minute getaways.

Alma explained to us that that is why this "different and new get away practice" was a perfect match for us. That the getaways required you to purchase a full week but that you could split it into 3/4 or 4/3 and use it all the time. She explained we could do weekends in San Antonio or Austin and live our life the way we always do. That we can do our weekend getaways for such a better way and include more people on it.

She went on to say how this unlimited weekend getaway would be so great for my company. "Let's say you wanted to send your clients away while you do the install on their home, they could go away for the weekend with their families on your account while you prepared their home for a welcome home surprise. And you can do this multiple times any time, as well as give them 3 days and have your own family use the other four some other time. Wouldn't that be fantastic to be able to offer your clients?"

We told her how this was very appealing as we had a family reunion weekend coming up in July in New Orleans and she told us we could book spots for everyone. And the unlimited getaways would be perfect...

None of this, we come to find out after paying IN FULL, is true. We spoke to a representative from the getaway weekends who informed us this has never been a policy, we can never book a 3/4 or 4/3 and will never be able to. When I presented this to Alma and Lucy we were told there is nothing available in New Orleans because summer is the busy season and we have to book a year or more in advance to get a spot more or less three or four on the same property. We have to plan. Then we were told we can do a 3/4 split with our timeshare week which we only have one of (not unlimited weekend getaways).

First of all, summer is New Orleans' worst time of the year for tourism. It is considered their slow season. That is not true. Secondly, why would be be told unlimited weekend getaways, right away New Orleans is perfect and we can do getaways all summer with our then be told we can only do a 3/4 s p lit with our timeshare that we can not even use until 2016? We knew we could not use the week timeshare til 2016 but we were ok with that because we were told unlimited 3/4 or 4/3 weekend getaways that perfectly suit our family.

Now we are being told just pay for a whole week and only use 3 or 4 days. How convenient for Interval. Then we were told "go online, I can show you deals to Italy for $250 for the week" Well that would be great if my family of 5 was planning our weekend getaway of 3 days to be spent on a plane to Italy to turn around and come home.....WE HAVE THREE DAYS!!!

My husband and I were not sold what we were told we were being sold. We have since gone on four weekend getaways, $1000's out of pocket, unable to utilize a program we were sold because it does not exist.

I would like my money back.

Finally, Alma called me personally in late May or early June (I can pull up the phone records if you need the exact date) stating, "It is very clear you are not happy with us. Someone from higher up will be calling you to help you get out of this." This too has not happened.
dhonra Send email
May 18, 2015

False sales tactics

I believe we've all been tricked, scammed, and lied to into signing a timeshare contract with the villa group. I signed a contract with Villa Del Arco (Constructoras Los Arcos, del Cabo S.A. de C.V.) on May 1st, 2015. After being pressured into signing the contract, I read through the details and it was definitely not as proposed by the sellers.
We ended up buying one week of a studio unit and paid a down payment of $5,638.00. We were explicitly told on multiple occasions that we could not back out of the deal once it was signed. To emphasize this they pointed to a 'liquidated damages' clause. They had my partner and I initial specifically at the liquidated damages line, and they stated that that part was the most important part, because once it has been signed, the deposit would now be non-refundable.
I had big time buyers remorse the next day, but we were under the impression that we could not cancel the deal. So I thought maybe if I could just pay it all off, I could be done with it. Once we returned back to the States we reviewed all the documents, including the 'Membership Purchase and Security Agreement'. While reviewing this document I came across a clause for 'cancellation rights'. This was on the backside of the contract, which coincidentally didn’t require a signature, and consequently we were not aware of it. Of course the sales representative and the 'verification officer' repeatedly lied to us that the contract could not be cancelled. They also lied by telling us that we would lose our deposit if we tried to terminate this agreement as specified in the 'Liquidated Damages' clause on the front side of this document.
As it turns out, we had a right to cancel without penalty under Mexican law and that this cannot be waived regardless of what the resort representative said. We then tried to terminate this agreement. Unfortunately we were not able to prevent my credit card company from paying my down payment to Constructora Los Arcos del Cabo. Now I am reaching out to you in plea of helping me get out of my timeshare contract and to get my deposit back. Had I known that I could cancel within the 5 day period, I would have talked to the sales agent about cancelling the timeshare account rather than trying to pay it all of rather than to deal with it. I hope you will be able to shine some light on the matter. Attached are some documents that may help. I have tried to dispute the downpayment charge with my bank and they are also working on it. They said it will take another week or so. I have been trying to cancel my timeshare but have not been able to contact anyone other than the seller, who gave me her e-mail address when we met for presentation. She said that the VLO named Aldo will be contacting me, but he hasn't contacted me at all.
tiffanycox Send email
Mar 26, 2015

Villa del Palmar

Villa del Palmar’s Sales Practice has a well recognize reputation for the lies, scams and most likely to misrepresented the contract at the moment of signing. Villa del Palmar sales associate like any other sales person will tell you all the wonders you want to hear to make a purchase, most timeshare presentation last 90 minutes, but at Villa del Palmar you can be up to 4 hrs in there. There is good information:
ross327 Send email
Feb 17, 2015

Buyer BEWARE of the Villa Group - UVC

hi i have the same problem with villa group.. i purchased a timeshare and all the information that i was given at the presentation are just mislead and not as describe by my salesperson. i was told i couldn't cancel the membership,and if i do so i will be penalize by forfeiting the down payment which was 2000. it is almost a year and it has been a nightmare to rent the unit to someone else and i even have to pay a transfer fee and marketing fee to do so.. i was "given" a free week, but apparently i have to pay maintenance fee to use it and i cannot combine it with my other week, so convenience for them in charging me $1000 for maintenance fee, which will be much more than purchasing a vacation package all inclusive in the same hotel and run through a travel agency.. i am really tired of this situation, is there any way somebody can help me on thin?
handiboe Send email
Dec 19, 2014

Won't let us cancel within 5 day period

My partner and I recently bought a time share at Villa del Arco. We got home and were supposed to receive the welcome call on the 3rd, on the 5th we never received it. We decided that wasn't a company we wanted to be involved with and also financially we needed to cancel. We were still within our 5 day period of being able to cancel. So, I called member services and they said they couldn't help me because I didn't have my member number yet and directed me to call the welcome call center. I gave them a call, asked a few questions and then asked her how I would go about canceling. She said she would email me the info. I got the welcome package info but nothing about canceling so I emailed her back and she told me she couldn't do anything on her end and I needed to call the resort.....I got connected to Emmanuel Galicia the cancelation manager. I started asking him how I would go about canceling but he cut me off and said he couldn't do anything because I called the welcome call center and activated the account and they put in my file that I was happy and didn't have any questions. He wouldn't believe me that that wasn't the case and told me to call them back to change it. So I again called the welcome call center and was told the Supervisor sent out an email about my cancelation and someone would be in touch with me and I need to email member services to tell them that I wanted to cancel and the reason why. I of course did. I also emailed my agent and asked her how I would cancel and she told me I could send her an official email stating that I want to cancel.

I later get an email from Emmanuel explaining the proper way to cancel the contract and then pointed out that he hadn't heard from my partner and would need to confirm with her that she was aware of and also wanted the cancelation. She of course confirmed it. We later get an email from Emmanuel saying that the request was invalid because I did not CC my partner in the email to member services. No where does it state on the contract, any of the emails from my agent or Emmanuel, and nothing was said on the phone when I was told how to cancel that CCing my partner had to be done for it to be valid.

Anyone have any suggestions on who I can call or email to get this situation resolved?

Thanks so much!!!
danielle_elliot Send email
Oct 28, 2014

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

Villa del Palmar’s Sales Practice has a well recognize reputation for the lies, scams and most likely to misrepresented the contract at the moment of signing. Villa del Palmar sales associate like any other sales person will tell you all the wonders you want to hear to make a purchase, most timeshare presentation last 90 minutes, but at Villa del Palmar you can be up to 4 hrs in there.
mandlosangeles Send email
Jun 28, 2014


Our contract was finally cancelled by UVC / VILLA GROUP by the co-ordination of CHASE BANK [most fined bank in
world history.]
the UVC et al, refused thereafter to return the deposit.

action pending
mandlosangeles Send email
Jun 28, 2014


OUR CONTRACT WAS cancelled by the UVC / VILLA by the co-ordination of CHASE [most fined bank in world history]

Thereafter, the uvc et al refused to return our deposit.
sjunge1 Send email
May 19, 2014

Villa Group Fraud

We cancelled our membership within the 5 business day limit allowed by Mexican law. We confirmed our cancellation via email, telephone, and certified letter (U.S. and Mexico). 3 months after cancellation, Villa Group charged our credit card almost $5,000.00. We have not had any contact with anyone from Villa Group or Interval since our cancellation. Zero communications via mail. Nothing...

Any suggestions as to how we can get the charge reversed? We have an attorney in Dallas and we have contact Profeco. But we're not making much progress. Very interested in legal action that may have transpired since the earlier threads. Thank you.

[email protected]
millerhobbs Send email
Nov 29, 2012

Incorrect Maitenance & Loan Billings

My husband & I were duped much the same as other Villa del Palmar owners were into upgrading to the points system on 12/06/11. We've been battling with the San Diego office since mid-December 2011 with incorrect billings and paperwork. At first we were not that upset with our upgrade, but after having gone thru almost a year of bullshit with no response from either UVC or ResortCom, and then to be sent to a collection agency by the Villa Groups because of their own incompetency has pushed us over the edge. I'm ready to go to the California State Attorney General with my story and take these crooks including their collection agency down.
Jalves Send email
Sep 18, 2012

Buyer BEWARE of the Villa Group - UVC

I just spoke Marchelle at the San Diego office (619)-683-3415 wanting to book 3 days in October, 4,5,6, 2012. I was informed it was all sold out. However, checking Expedia I could book the same days right now. I asked her how can a members only resort sell time through Expedia and not offer open dates to members? she said the resort owners may be doing in it... WTF? how can a resort that is sold as a members only resort sell time I asked again and got nothing but innuendo about Resort Com managing the resort but now owning it and the "owner" is doing it and not them.... again WTF.... Like all on this site it seems their actions don't meet their sales pitch. Never been so upset and I just want to GET OUT!

I want IN on the lawsuit and just want to get my money back and RUN from this nightmare!

[email protected]
Mere123 Send email
Mar 23, 2012

Buyer BEWARE of the Villa Group - UVC

I have documentation to prove unethical business practices. I would be VERY interested in joining a lawsuit against Villa Del Palmar Cabo. I was billed 2x for our 2011 maintenance fees. We paid to avoid late penalties and now we are in communication in regards to a refund - they are not showing any overpayment even though we have 2 payment confirmation codes and bank statement showing money was paid to them. I have emails documenting all communication. It is a relatively small amount, but in the business world damages for this type of behavior is monumental.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Belle2 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Buyer BEWARE of the Villa Group - UVC

My husband and I had a very traumatic experience with the timeshare sales staff at Villa del Palmar in Cabo san Lucas in November, 2011. We approached the Canadian Consul's office and were told that we had five days to cancel our contract. Another horrible day of Villa del Arco meetings ensued and we were told that contract cancellation was impossible - they claimed they have an iron clad contract, obliging us to continue with what we agreed with when we were under extreme duress in the initial sales event.

We want to join in a class action law suit. Can Canadians join the American action or do we have to start our own? Are there other outraged Canadians who are willing to band together to end our contracts and hopefully get our money back?

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