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Sam Cima Send email
Sep 8, 2023


I'm having a challenge with Vodacom. I have trying to call the customer care 135 over and over since the 1st of July 2023. Been explaining the same story week after week, with different customer service representatives. Keep on getting assistance and some tried different ways but still same out come.

It started somewhere towards the end of June 2023. When I decided to call the customer service asking if I can change my 0714448879 contract that I was getting 1.2 GB, 100 minutes and 150 sms. To data only because I'm away with work. So I do video calls with my wife and kids. Since my wife is the one using that number and 1.2 GB wasn't enough for our video calls with my kids. Since I was using the 0662068544 contract of 30GB for R341.00 when I was calling them. So I was wishing if I can change those 100mins and 150 sms of that 071... at least things could be better.

So I called the customer service department and explained what I wanted. The lady that was assisting me told me that I would pay a little bit extra from what I was paying. And I already explained to her that I want something that would be in the same bracket that I was paying previously. So I what will be the extra amount, she told me that it would be estimate of R79.00. Then I said it fine at least R79.00 is not that bad. I took that deal. On the 1st of July 2023 that's when I got a shock of my life that I have to pay R1 111.00 for 20GB but every month I'm pay R341.00 for 30GB plus many bonuses.

So I've been calling the customer service department since with this matter. I won't allow myself to be robbed by Vodacom like this. If matters be, I'm also willing that law take it place if I'm wrong not will to pay that R1 111.00 that Vodacom wants to rob from me.
Sam Cima Send email
Sep 8, 2023


Sir / Madam

I 8405245953081 Mqokeleli E. Cima, I'm having a challenge with Vodacom. I have trying to call the customer care 135 over and over since the 1st of July 2023. Been explaining the same story week after week, with different customer service representatives. Keep on getting assistance and some tried different ways but still same out come.

It started somewhere towards the end of June 2023. When I decided to call the customer service asking if I can change my 0714448879 contract that I was getting 1.2 GB, 100 minutes and 150 sms. To data only because I'm away with work. So I do video calls with my wife and kids. Since my wife is the one using that number and 1.2 GB wasn't enough for our video calls with my kids. Since I was using the 0662068544 contract of 30GB for R341.00 when I was calling them. So I was wishing if I can change those 100mins and 150 sms of that 071... at least things could be better.

So I called the customer service department and explained what I wanted. The lady that was assisting me told me that I would pay a little bit extra from what I was paying. And I already explained to her that I want something that would be in the same bracket that I was paying previously. So I what will be the extra amount, she told me that it would be estimate of R79.00. Then I said it fine at least R79.00 is not that bad. I took that deal. On the 1st of July 2023 that's when I got a shock of my life that I have to pay R1 111.00 for 20GB but every month I'm pay R341.00 for 30GB plus many bonuses.

So I've been calling the customer service department since with this matter. I won't allow myself to be robbed by Vodacom like this. If matters be, I'm also willing that law take it place if I'm wrong not will to pay that R1 111.00 that Vodacom wants to rob from me.
Zamantuli Send email
Sep 15, 2022

Unpaid Refund

Vodacom has been promising to refund me, I am still wai since June 2022. They have been singing the same song since then. I even have lost count of the reference numbers I have been given and every time I contact them they give me a reference number and tell me to wait 7-14 days for the credit to clear. Today I was given another reference number and I was told AGAIN to wait another 7-14 days AFTER 4 MONTHS OF WAITING!!!

They don’t call nothing I am the one who always has to contact them with my airtime. I don’t even use any of their services. It feels like Vodacom scams people because this one time I called they don’t me they can see the debit and my details, however I don’t have an account with them. They always debit on the 1st of every month. I asked them to remove the DebiCheck and refund me even today nothing. I am so frustrated.
alletia Send email
Jan 22, 2021


I was contacted yesterday by someone called Josiah - saying he works for Vodacom, to sell me an upgrade on my existing contract. I was on a month to month payment plan as my contract had come to an end in October 2020. After some discussion to reduce my monthly costs, I agreed to change my package on the condition that my existing two additional data contracts be cancelled FIRST. The contracts are for 10 Gig on 0662434010 costing me R199 per month, and on 0646585816 for 5 Gig costing me R213 per month. He said that both would be cancelled with immediate effect, citing me these reference numbers: 1-3466390332 for cancelling the 10 Gig contract and 1-34890617654569 for the 5 Gig contract. Assured by Josiah that both data contracts had been cancelled, I agreed to extend my contract on my main number, which number ends in 6401. After the call had ended, I received a SMS to say my contract had been changed, and that I could call 082 111 if I had any queries. I immediately called the 082111 number to confirm the last date on which I would be debited for these 2 data contracts, but the number no longer exists!

I hunted for another number and finally found the number for your Cancellations department. I called and spoke to Chene at your Cancellations department to confirm that the deductions for the 2 data contracts would not go through for February 2021. First she tried to upsell me and refused to take no for an answer. After about 20 minutes she finally stopped trying to sell and informed me that the contract for 10 Gig data cannot be cancelled until July 2021, and she said and that I have been lied to by the sales rep who said he had cancelled it. She said she could cancel the 5 Gig contract, but her system was slow and she could only do this later. When I asked for assistance to confront the misrepresentation, she asked who I had spoken to, saying it is my responsibility to sort out the problem, as the person does not work for Vodacom. All I know is that he said his name is Josiah or possibly Joshua (the line was not clear) and he said he works for Vodacom. Chene said he works for a subcontracting company and that I had to find out which company he works for and follow up with them. She could not tell me who the company was and said i had to call Customer Service to find out.

The saga carries on - I spoke to your Customer Service where Lebo told me I had been sold a package by someone at Elite. She put me through to them but the number was for a totally different company. I called back, spoke to Kakane who gave me the number 0861 103195 for Elite - saying this deal I had been sold has nothing to do with Vodacom and that she could not help me. I had to call Elite.

I had earlier asked Chene at Cancellations to cancel the 5 Gig contract, which she said she would do - but she could not do this because the system was slow, and she said she would cancel it later and send me a confirmation SMS. The SMS never came.

I am devastated and feel violated to have been lied at and have no one at Vodacom take responsibility to fix the problem.

This is not the first time.

My contract 064 568 5818 for 5 Gig data had also been sold to me under misrepresentation 2 years ago and I have never used it, although it cost me R213 per month. Your Mondo representative masquerading as a Vodacom sales rep had sold me the 5 Gig 2 years ago saying the data could be transferred across devices - which turned out to be a lie. I tried unsuccessfully to get the contract cancelled at Vodocm and Mondo - to no avail. Vodacom said I have to pay for it until the contract end after 2 years. I have never used the data. It is 2 years later. I have been robbed by Vodacom.

I asked for this 5 Gig data contract to be cancelled AGAIN yesterday - before the new package can be activated. But Chene could not do that. I am still stuck with something I never wanted, never used and for which have paid R213 per month for two years. Well done Vodacom!!

Today received a SMS from you saying my parcel from a courier with order number K2382632 is on its way to me. I never ordered a thing! How do I stop what is now turning into malicious harassment and fraud from Vodacom?

I put it to you that you have lied to me, and repeatedly misrepresented your products to gain a contracts from me from which I cannot exit. You have made no effort to correct the matter, despite several calls and e-mails from me. You do not take responsibility for the actions of your staff and contractors. Your staff say they are unable to call supervisors for escalation.

Shame on you.

Call to action:
I expect to be compensated for the fraudulent representation of the 5 Gig line. I expect this contract to be cancelled immediately.
I expect the 10 Gig line to be cancelled because that is what was promised to me.
I will only continue with the contract I was sold yesterday again under false pretenses - if these conditions are met.

Alletia van der Zandt
+27 83 326 6401
Michelle_L Send email
Sep 30, 2019


I took out a contract on 6 September 2017 for a Samsung Galaxy S8, the offer included a Samsung J5 Prime as an added bonus for free. On 2 September 2019, my 24 month contract has been honored in full. There was no arrears, no outstanding balance due on the headsets. I called 0821958 and spoke to Tembiso, we did an upgrade where I opted for a Samsung A50 and we agreed that I would be charged R419 per month as of 1 October 2019 (Ref:1-34399991228543). This morning, 30th September 2019, I tried to make a call and I had zero airtime, zero sms, zero data. I called Vodacom and this is when I found out that despite repeatedly saying to Tembiso that I didn't want any surprises, I found out today that although I have a reference number for the cancellation of the J5 Prime and the S8, I am still being charged for phones which have not only been cancelled, paid for in full and are no longer being used but I spent almost 1 hour on the phone being bounced around from one department to the other, customer service, or disservice, which is more apt, upgrades department, accounts/billing, then back to upgrades again, each person more incompetent than the next, each time I got transferred I had to AGAIN regurgitate the same information, ID, bank details, postal code, date of debit, etc... When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that they first needed to know why and then after much debate was told that I couldn't speak to a manager/team leader because they were all in a meeting. It was 9am on a Monday morning! WTF!!! Why are ALL your managers in a ### meeting!!! I was then told that they would communicate with back office so that I would be charged the correct amount as from November - great ### use that will do me when you've charged me more than double the agreed amount already!!! R939, instead of R419!!! BEYOND INCOMEPTENT!!!
Charlsc Send email
Oct 26, 2018

No Internet Connectivity

I had my fiber installation completed on the 8th of October 2018. Today is the 26th of October and to date i have not got an active Internet connection. The Fiber line side of things is active, however the ISP side (Vodacom Fiber) is unable to assist me at this point. Each time i call the 082 1904 number i am advised it will be escalated. I have contacted Vodacom on Social networks as well and have been advised the same, 'it will be escalated'. Lastly i sent email to the [email protected] email address and just received a notification of a new Service request. No further feedback received.
I am unable to cancel my 24 month contract with Vodacom, but after 3 weeks of this service i wish i could cancel the contract with immediate effect. It scares me to think i am stuck in a 24 month contract now with Vodacom. My latest Service requests as follows: SR181026-057713 and sr181013-034130
LeonieP Send email
Oct 16, 2018

Breach of Contract / Unfair Conduct

"Without prejudice of rights"
The nature of my complaint is to inform you that Vodacom has been providing unfair conduct and breach contract in July 2018.
Firstly I have been a client with Vodacom since 2007, and believe that I have been unfairly prejudiced by the conduct of Vodacom.
On 12 July 2018, I phoned Vodacom and enquired about a premature cancellation on one of my numbers, being 072 516 8983. At that stage I had two contracts with Vodacom and specifically requested in writing that I wished to only settle the one contract. Vodacom then forwarded me the necessary documentation and I made payment of the full and final settlement amount given on the premature settlement. I forwarded proof of payment and awaited proof that the contract has been closed.
Vide a copy of the mail included as evidence towards my complaint.
On 27 July 2018, after not receiving an invoice for the other contract, being 072 488 9537, I enquired with the cancellations department and was informed by a consultant, Thabiso, that BOTH contracts were closed. Vodacom breached contract by closing one of the contract without my written consent and failed to do what was instructed.
I had numerous calls to Vodacom of which I have recordings, should you at any stage require same. I believe that Vodacom can also provide you with ALL calls to them. Vodacom representatives undertook to resolve this matter and re-open the account without any additional charges added. They assured me several times that they will ensure that the matter is resolved to my satisfaction however they need to follow procedure and I needed to wait patiently. Which I did. I received sms notifying me that my account has been credited and that the account is now open.
On 10 October 2018, I received my invoice indicating that my account is in credit with R8, 741.56 – consisting of the premature settlement amount of R 8520.64 from my other contract and one month charge of R221. How can Vodacom bring over a settlement of a contract towards another contract? Further Vodacom charged me R221 on the remaining contract. I disputed this with the consultant and they told me that was the package. I informed them that in 2017 when Vodacom first offered me the package promo they marketed the package of only R200.00 per month for 24months. Why would I after 1 year and a half only pay R200 if the contract was R221? It does not make any sense. It therefore means that Vodacom upon reactivation of the contract, of which they closed mistakenly and without my consent, added charges to my account after assuring me they will not do so as the mistake was from Vodacom closing the account.
This matter has been escalated to so many consultants and according to them “experts” however no one seems to know what they are doing as the account still remains incorrect. This is a principle matter for me as I am not satisfied in the manner in which Vodacom have been dealing with my account. How many other clients have been experiencing the same problems and Vodacom gets away with it. I am off the opinion that Vodacom does not value their clients and every time when they promise or undertake to provide you with feedback different consultants phone back and not aware of the history of the account.
Vodacom is supposed to have trained and professional representatives working for them how can it be that a client gets to think for them and after having to explain the whole situation and the history that they see the problem. If this is the type of service I have to look forward to I want nothing to do with Vodacom and reserve my rights to inform others of these type of service.
All that I want is to resolve this and that my account is rectified so that I know exactly what needs to be paid. Not being ripped off by additional charges added by Vodacom.
I trust that you will after investigation find the same frustration I had to experience with Vodacom. I have also logged Hellopeter complaints without any success. If you need any further evidence,kindly do not hesitate to contact me.
I await your response to this complaint.
Leonie Prinsloo
Contact number: 072 516 8983 – please note that the number in question 072 488 9537 is used in a router so it does not take any calls as I have pointed out numerous times to Vodacom however find it that they still keep on trying to phone me on that number.

Breach of Contract / Unfair Conduct Breach of Contract / Unfair Conduct Breach of Contract / Unfair Conduct

Yatho Send email
Jul 28, 2018

Returns and lies by customer service consultants

Good day.

Please see the attached files.

My name is Aphelele Mncwabe, im a student who bought a phone at statnz in PMB. I bought this phone to help with my studies and other things. What im trying to say is that im a person of little means but i know my rights and i know when im taken advantage of.

I bought a Nokia 2, not a week passed the phone would randomly restart while in use and would freeze. I returned it to the store and they told me it should be booked in for repairs, fine i did that.
A few day went by and it returned with a report that the unit was given a system update. The unit was hand with the expectation that it was going to be REPAIRED.

About three weeks later it started again, i returned it and this time requested a new one or a refund after i had a read on the CPA laws. I don't know about Vodacom though.

I was told that the unit will have to go to Johannesburg for assessment for a new one or a replacement, because really i can't keep a product that has not been with me for 2 months and its already giving me a problem.
It went to Johannesburg after i had made it clear to one of your customers service consultants by the name of Tumi and Melissa in the Durban office at (031 564 8610). This unit was now going to be assessed for a credit or replacement, as if i didn't make that clear the first time.

Now when i call I'm told that the unit was repaired and that i will not be given a replacement or a credit. I'm also told that the frist time the unit came in for repairs that technically that was not a repair and that if was a software upgrade. But than the unit did the same thing yet this time its considered a repair. So thus means that your people lied to me. Im told that i have no choice but to take the unit back, than what is the CPA for?

Your people are rude and truly I'm devastated at tge product your now imposing on me, i can't do my studys well and i now have to borrow from other people while I remember buying a phone, which i than remind myself that there was a manufacturer's default or else why was is repaired.

I can't own a phone that is less than 2 months and have it repaired because of a fault that is not mine but the suppliers fault. I don't trust your product and i don't trust your customer service consultants. They lie or they are incompetent, i don't know.

Is it true that if i were to call your customer services line and have not been helped, that i can't ask for a supervisor or a manager because that is exactly what happened today, im sorry but I didn't get that lady's name but i have now found a company that refuses to transfer customers to a manager or a supervisor, well done Vodacom that's grate business, well done....

Please help me to understand what the CPA laws say when it comes to these situations, and why did your people lie to me.
I.M.E.I number: 356039082183649
Lindie Van Straaten Send email
Jul 24, 2018

Returned goods not taken off my account

Good day,

My name is Lindie and I have ordered a Laptop from Vodacom. I received this Laptop on june the 2nd it was sent back to Vodacom the next day and it shows on the system they received this. It is now the 24.07.2018 and up to date Vodacom has not taken this off my account and still bills me for this.

I have phone this department numerous of times I have gone in to the Vodacom shop and still no one can help nie.

I am laying a case of theft against Vodacom because it seems that the Laptop was stolen in the interim and not taken off my account.

I received a email stating my account is in arrears of R 2000 otherwise they will suspend my account. I made a payment of a R1000 to try and stop them of placing my account in arrears.

Nothing is getting done.

This Laptop was stolen and incompetent people are working for Vodacom.

I have been with Vodacom for more that 20 years. This is disgusting.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Walton Send email
May 9, 2018

Out of Bundle failure to notify

On 19th April i landed in Seychelles. I received SMS that I was on Travel Saver
We had to use google maps to find our accommodation. Which took I believe around 20min.
634MB according to Vodacom on the 20th April , not on 19th when i used it.

The following day 20th April 2018, at 17:29pm received first SMS notifying current roaming at R2000, then 7 minutes later at 17:36 i received a further SMS that current roaming estimated at R4000

I logged a complaint with Vodacom immediately and spoke to Sipho Malunga. Have received no response and no complaint was lodged by him despite my request.

Today 9th May 2018 received the bill , R4606,04 I logged a further complaint and the number is being investigated. Vodacom refused to make a manager available to escalate the problem. S4-VA57A-AI6C. This is not VIP Red service or Corporate Support.

As a consumer I feel obligated to share this with all consumers, cell phone users and business travellers. I accept that I was out of bundle as I was travelling. I do not accept that notification of the amount which Vodacom is obligated to send started at R2000 for the first time when actually it was around R4000 already as the second message 6 minutes later indicated. This is tantamount to Fraud.
We will notify you with updates to your case, If you need to contact us in the mean time please quote CGSO05743

Out of Bundle failure to notify

Carmen Buys Send email
Apr 23, 2018


Good day
We paid our cellphone accounts, the full amount outstanding, but now they told us that we are not getting our airtime and data for all the months, BUT WE PAID the full outstanding total. This to me, is unaccepatable. Can you please assist in this regard.

Waiting for your response.

Kind regards
Carmen Buys
0795157704 or Husband 0823056075
[email protected] Send email
Mar 20, 2018

swim swap

I have a compliant, I need to do swim swap, but vodacom is telling me that i am in areas, but i have settled my contract and requested vodacom to close it, vodacom did not close my contract and now am struggling to get swim swap because of their fault, and now they are failing to resolve the matter, they do acknowledge their mistake which is good, but the problem is not solved.

please assist urgently.

Cell No : 0737143145
Ntshabs Send email
Mar 12, 2018

Contract upgrade

Vodacom upgraded my flexi 55 contract on the 03 August 2017. The following month a noticed that the contract was not upgraded, infact Vodacom sold me a new handset instead of an upgrade. Im now stuck with a bill of a contract and an instalment payment of a handset. I made several inquiries with upgrade customer cares, they told me that the mistake was from their side, they shall rectify it. Even by today the mistake has not been rectified. Everytime I do follow ups Im told that the mistake will be rectified.

I please pleading with the National Consumer Complaint to help me before I proceed to Speak out.

Please receive here the last two Ref numbers from Vodacom as follows: 1-34122708143054 and 1-34143501244178.

Thank you.

PT Ntshabeleng
076 411 5968
[email protected]
EllieH Send email
Feb 26, 2018

Dissapearing of Data

Good Morning

I have been in constant fights with my Vodacom service provider. My account number on Vodacom (I0837473) I am on a Vodacom contract where I receive R 350 worth of airtime per month (Uchoose Flexi 350 ), with that I buy myself a data bundle, which will keep me for the whole month, but until recently my data have been disappearing from my account. I have to buy data almost every second day now. all my apps have been disabled on my phone as well as automatic updates. I have uninstalled most of the apps as I'm only using Whatsapp and Whatsapp can't take so much data. I don't play games on my phone or have Facebook, twitter, instagram or messenger or YouTube on my phone, all that have been disabled. currently I have 15.78MB and R6.58 airtime on my phone. before I went to bed last night I had 30MB on my phone, no tell me where is the 15MB gone to while I was sleeping. this is not the first time that something like this happens. I phoned the Vodacom call centre and they tell me that there is something wrong with my phone and that is why all my data disappears, but really how can the phone make data disappear. I previously used the phone with an MTN number and the data didn't disappear from the phone then, and now they tell me that its the phone, please in what universe are they living in. This needs to be sorted or I will cancel my contract with Vodacom and move over to Telkom. You can get a hold of me on 083 399 2279
lisa.gething Send email
Feb 17, 2018

Failure to cancel contract

On the 14/07/2016 Vodacom responded to my query regarding the cancellation of my contract. The instructions given to me were as follows:

The cancellation can be requested using one of the following:

• Fax to our Cancellation's Department on 0115468006
• Scan and attach the copy of your ID to this email so we may load the cancellation as per your email request
• Telephonic contact to 082 1958 (Dialling this number is free of charge when dialled from any Vodacom cellphone)

In October 2016, I sent customer care a copy of my ID and a letter asking them to cancel my contract as I was leaving the country on a sabbatical. It is 17/02/2018 and my contract has not been cancelled. This number has not been active since August 2016 and they continue to charge me. Vodacom are refusing to refund me as they say I did not respond to an automated email, yet I have followed every step of their instruction. The monthly fee was roughly R600, which amounts to a significant amount of money which they refuse to pay. Now, not only will they not pay, but they do not respond to my emails either. I have tried calling, but the waiting times are significant and when calling from overseas this is not an option.

This is completely unacceptable.
Jtlagrange Send email
Feb 5, 2018

Poor service and mobile data not working properly

Really getting angry with the services... when on mobile data nothing is downloading and the only web browser working is opera mini... Only when i am on wifi everything works fine...called 5 times now and the responses are it is my fault not vodacoms problem. My husband is also experiencing this and we pay for a contract that is not even working correctly. Not even the vodacom apps are working...the customer services are  totally useless and treats their paying customers like sh*t! Really disappointed in vodacom. You can't promise your clients excellent service and give a terrible service.
abester Send email
Dec 10, 2017


I am having a very serious problem at this stage with Vodacom. It is not only me with complaints against Vodacom.

They do not help me at all, and this is since January 2017 and the previous complant was in January 2016. All they want is my bank account number, or I must pay first before they can investigate or close my account.

First, on 8 February 2016 Vodacom deduct an amount of R963.34 from my bank account for data used. I usuallly pay R149 per month as I never went over my data limit. You can check my details at Vodacom. I went to Vodacom in Bellville, Cape to complain. I was told that they would investigate the matter and will get back to me in about 14 working days. I never heard of them again and my account was not corrected. I did not went back again as I moved to Ladybrand in the Free State.
Vodadom took more than R2,000 from my daughter’s, who stays in Cape Town, bank account at the same time as well. She phoned them and also got a promise that they will investigate. At the same time a lot of other people were also billed wrong by Vodacom. She also never got her money back.

On 10 January 2017 Vodacom deduct R3,106.61 from my bank account. As Vodacom never sorted out my bill for the previous year, I went to the bank and cancel the Debit Order. I send them email to complain. See emails attached below. I can not attach them as email on the Live mail account.
Then on 7 February 2017, Vodacom deduct R3,513.22 from my bank account. In one month they had not sort out my account at all. I went to the bank and stop it again. When I phone they told me I must firt pay the bill before they can investigate. My daugther, Zelda Brits in Ladybrand was also charged over R3,000 for the same period. She uses ADSL from Telkom most of the time. Very seldom uses her Vodacom Data as it is there for emergencies as she is a Doctor. I also used the ASDL connection most of the time. My cousin Klarissa Bester was charged over R4,000 for the same period and a school in Brits were charged over R90,000 for the same period and the school was closed during the holiday. Karlien van Jaarsveld (the singer) was charged over R19,000 for the same period as well as a lot of other people had very high bills. These are just a few to mention.

The moral of the story is that me and my daugter and her family was on her husband’s parents farm ouside Clocolan during the bigest time of the holiday where there is NO VODADOM RECEPTION at all. Either people at Vodacom uses the data when they see that there are no connections on that numbers or Vodacom try to make up for bonusses paid out.

When I went to’s website I found that there were over 40,000 complaints against Vodacom and over 35,000 complaints agaist MTN. Now Vodacom want to sue me for their fault.

For months now I cannot open my statement send by Vodacom each month. They are also unable to help me with that query. I need to see what they put on my statement as the lady from the Attorney that I am handed over to, mentioned an amount that I owe Vodacom and I want to know how they get to that amount.

Please can you assist in this matter, I will appreciate it.
Troy18 Send email
Jul 4, 2017

Data disapearing

So.. i buy R55 vodacom airtime daily. I buy a 250 meg data bundle. And a night owl data bundle of 250 meg. I work night shifts. Today i loaded R55 as usual. When i wanted to buy the bundles it said insufficiant funds. I checked and had R23 . Phoned vodacom. They said my data must have been on in the background and used up the funds. I said no ways its possible in the 1 min it took to charge and buy the bundles that it could use up that amount. She said its posible. I left it there and loaded another R55 . Bought a 250 meg daily and a 500meg night owl this time. I was on the internet for a bit. Read articles. Googled a few things. From 00:00 to 01:00 ( night owl starts at 00:00). I receive an sms stating i have 45 megs left. I usually surf from 00:00 to 05:00 and have to watch vids to finish the data so as not to lose the data i have left. But tonight buying twice the amount of data 500 megs lasted me one hour. My background data is disabled. My phone only updates on wifi. So its quite obvious vodacom is ripping customers off.
BeataB Send email
Oct 11, 2016

Vodacom horro

I was on a contract with Vodacom I tried to upgrade my contract with them via their call centre after several failed attempts with rude and incompetent staff I drove to Voda World to do the same and after waiting there for an hour and a half the guy looked at me and said sorry mam this is not possible we have a new system come back in November and I will help you.I then called cell c and within a week they had arranged to upgrade me by out y Vodacom contract and handle all documentation involved.Cell C was quick efficient and very friendly. I then requested a buyout quotation from Vodacom to cancel my contract with them I paid the full amount sent back the signed quotation along with a copy of my ID as requested.I never received any feedback from them after that.Two months later I receive an email stating that I owe them over R 2000.I have once again tried calling their horrific call centre 5/6 times and noone can assist me and noone can confirm that I do owe money or why I would owe themVODACOM IS BY FAR THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED IN MY LIFE !!!!
sanshandrasender Send email
Sep 22, 2016

no detailed bill

Vodacom south africa has billed me a huge amount and cannot locate my detailed invoice...
moegsiem Send email
Nov 9, 2015

Billing rip off

I work abroad and I'm paying this account on behalf of my daughter. I reviewed my recent bank statement and noted that amounts of R 7,248.37, R 2,410.77, R 7,517.49 and R 5,300 were debited against my bank account over the past 4 months.
This is a total of approximately R 22,500 and prior to this, the history on the account indicates monthly billing previously equated to 6 to 7 hundred Rand per month. Post consultation with my daughter, she assured me that the data and cell phone was utilized with no excessive usage of telecommunications. No monthly statements from Vodacom received by myself, even though my contract states that copies be sent to my email address. I'm also aware that the data cap of 1gig data per month was agreed upon in January this year when I accompanied my daughter to the branch in Canal Walk.
Trying to resolve this matter from abroad is a nightmare. I've given my daughter the authority to transact on my behalf and she's been treated like dirt .
Schermandt_01 Send email
Oct 17, 2015


Good day,

On the 27th August I booked in my almost 2yr old Sony Xperia Z1 with the following comments
1. Line in left upper corner of LCD, but LCD still functioning properly
2. Whites on pictures taken with camera hazy, possible lens is dirty/glass scratched
3. Speaker grill missing - fell out
4. Rubber seal on charging flap broken and missing

I was expecting a quote, but to my surprise, it was repaired in warranty. When I went to collect my phone, the camera issue and LCD was untouched. So I booked in it immediately again (job number 11026214) without taking possession of the phone.

This time around my phone was assessed and deemed out of warranty due to physical damage. Upon querying the physical damage and out of warranty I was sent a picture of the corner of my phone and pointed to their Vodacom Website on Physical damage and warranties.
I did not take possession of the phone but according to Vodacom they could not work on my phone as it had physical damage and I was quoted R3300.
I complained and asked why the first repair was carried out and now quoted, all I got was a message to say it is under investigation. Then my phone was sent back without being repaired.
Again I sent it back as I want to get to the bottom of this issue and this time my phone was deemed in warranty again and my battery replaced??? without any communication and sent back..

Again I went in to collect my phone from Vodacom Parow and yet again I sent it back (17th October 2015) as the issue was not addressed. New job number 11135155.
The line on the LCD is still present. The camera is still hazy.

It was found on job number 11026214 to be repaired and was deemed out of warranty because of physical damage after the speaker grill and flap seal was repaired.
I was quoted R3300. After I queried the physical damage reasoning, I had to book it back in. Then it was under investigation.
Then without communication, repaired again under warranty (11105340), but not what was quoted under job number 11026214. Please get your house in order as this is becoming a joke and I feel like the butt of it.
I booked my unit in again this morning job number 11135155

Warranty Warranty Warranty

Pranesh Maharaj2101 Send email
Mar 12, 2012

legal department testing my patience

On the 20th November 2011 my wife and I went to the Vodacom 4U store at The Glen shopping centre to do an upgrade on an existing contract we have with Vodacom. The Salesman managed to persuade us in applying for a new contract. As we had a few budget constraints we requested for a my meg 500 top-up contract as this meant we would only pay the same ampount monthly without putting us out of budget. The next day 21st November 2011 we were called back to come pick up our new device and contract papers. That’s when all our problems started. Firstly we were given the wrong device than what we applied for and were promised as the memory was insufficient, thereafter when we went back were given a memory card to substitute the error which the device was not compatible using. On the 3rd corrective visit we were told that the error was due to the person being “dumb” which is a comment I had no words for. The next day the manager JANA from the store calls me and apologises for the issues and offered to substitute the device with the correct one at no extra charge which I was greatful for and went back the same day to collect. I was satisfied.
I then receive an invoice at the end of December 2011 for an amount of R 850 for a contract that was supposed to be R299 per month. I was charged data charges for R550 for the month although it was a top-up contract we signed for. I then phoned the store and they said that they would look into it and call me back. After a few days with no call from the shop I phoned Vodacom directly on their 111 number and they informed me that my contract was loaded as a normal contract of my meg 500 and not the top-up one and was changed as of the 1st of January 2012 by the store. I then called the store again and they said that they had made an error in loading the package but changed it timeously for the 1st of December 2011 but Vodacom failed to do so, they also promised to sort it out with Vodacom and keep me informed. I was then called by Vodacom Data division who informed me that they will investigate the query and get back to me within 14 days. Vodacom called me within the 2 weeks and advised that it was not their fault and couldn’t help me further, so I had to sort out with shared services division and the shop. On the 28th of February I received a call from the shop by a gentleman who said that the matter is resolved and they were going to pay the R550 into my vodacom account before the 7th March 2012. Today the 12th of March 2012 I received a statement from Vodacom that is not showing the credit of R550 at all. I then called the store and asked for Jana who stated that they never called me and said they are going to pay the money to my vodacom account and that the issue was with Vodacom to sort out. Upon calling Vodacom again they point the blame at the shop again and said that they are responsible as they are the ones that loaded the contract and not Vodacom themselves.I thus had to reopen the query at Vodacom.I have also been a victim of them invading into my privacy which I am furious about: someone at either Vodacom or The 4U Shop has requested itemised billing on my account without my consent or approval and still had the ordasity to charge me for it twice, an extra R45.60 on my current invoice. They have violated all my rights by doing this.
Octapus12 Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Someone keeps taking my airtime

I have exactly the same problem. Last month I bought 450 rand airtime bundle purchase from my phone, then I use the sim card. it in the computer.
I supposed to get 2.5gb, but after about 300 its finished. This month the same thing happened. I know the guy on the corner is a programmer and he sits on his internet all day as he is retired. so I dont know if he has hacked into my system and so on. Not saying its him, but someone is stealing my airtime.
I dont know how to stop it.
Mandieb2 Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Someone keeps taking my airtime

Hello, I have been buying airtime from Vodacom and it would dispair without me using it. I went to my closets vodacom store and they couldnt help me with the problem and I phone the vodacom careline and they were also useless.. in the meantime I am loosing money/airtime.. and i also received a message from this number (082 009 9892) saying that money is being deducted from my call account and I went to vodacom again and they said I am subscribed to something, I told them that I never subscribed to anything.. and they didny even try call the number to check, so when I phone the number it said " it does not exist" I mean seriously!!!
Vodacom has DISSAPOINTED me big time on time dilema.. I always thought highly of them but not anymore..


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