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2Findanother Send email
Feb 2, 2020


Lack of ethics here; did not receive receipt as i had right to received. I noted their "Customer Service" desk was closed at exact time of incident. NO COINCIDENCE.
2Findanother Send email
Feb 1, 2020

anti-consumer record

Vons is very anti-consumer in there demand to BLOCK CoNSUMER RIGHTS OF (consumer) RECORDS in shopping reference. As in the receipts. When a VONS customer making a return/exchange on a purchased item; As There Be Additional/Unrelated Items, From Same Purchase, On The Same Receipt.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 14, 2019

Overpriced Bad Food Quality

People are always complaining about Vons high prices. Yesterday I was shocked at their tiny $10 Rotisserie unseasoned chicken, which is supposed to be a seasoned chicken. There was very little meat on the chicken, it was mostly bone. Walmart chicken on the other hand was under five dollars, and it was twice the size of Vons chicken. Walmart’s chicken was loaded with meat and it was perfectly seasoned. Vons has now lost my business. I’m going to do all of my shopping at Winco and Walmart from now on.
alsmith246969 Send email
Mar 29, 2019

VonS could Be better

well since our new store has opened on Catalina Island, its worse then ever. The employees are ALL over worked, the Bakery and Deli, are very VERY unpleasant to deal with, And more shelf space, yet we are sold out of items from anywhere to 4 days to 3 weeks at a time already....The first week open EXPIRED items already on the shelf. As a local resident here in Avalon for 20 plus years, I miss the Old Vons'. Me and dozens of other people. People in the deli, use to be pleasant at the Vons Express, Now Cranky as hell, Most of with only 1 day off. Alsom seems that there is ONLY 1 person working in the Deli, though there are 3 or 4. The Bakery the same.All my years here in Avalon,And a Ex employee of Vons, I have NEVER known them to be such "slave drivers". Everyone used to have 2 days off, they need it over here, because of how busy vons is. But the impersonable, rude Managers here at this store do not care.And the fact that more shelf space, and less choices,is amazing to me. They have now taken certain items off the shelves that my family has bought for years. Besides doubling the prices on most items, now they do not even carry have the stuff they used to.Now you would think that the store would be stocked properly, and not sold out ALL the time, (for days), and bring some selection back and give your employees proper time off. Well myself and others are starting to utilize more frequently, cause the prices and free shipping. A majority of YEAR ROUND residents, are forced to try and find alternatives. Its to bad, We here in Avalon 'were' Very excited for a new store, but unfortunately, we now really miss the old ones. We sure hope you guys get some decent managers, and start stocking that store, and giving those (now) rude employees a couple days off....
toeholder Send email
Jan 29, 2019

Catalina Island

A few things;
New store opening in Avalon on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, thank you...:)

Employees should avoid speaking Spanish between each other and also with customers. We enable our visitors to remain weak in the English language by speaking Spanish to them. I feel left out of the conversation while shoulder to shoulder in the produce dept. Also at the check out counter...:(

Some of the current cashiers are extremely slow... In our little town, many locals stand in a 6 person line just to avoid the slow line of just 2 etc...

I am very appreciative of the new store, thank you...:)

On Island since 1959...
Monique Johnson Send email
Sep 23, 2018

Employee Mary Benkirane store number 2861

I was checking out at VONS with my two young boys. (Ages 1 and 2) Mary who was not my cashier insulted and harrassed my family and I. I felt attacked and radically profiled. My son was being entertained by a food item while we were checking out. Mary snatched the item from my sons hand. He starts screaming. I took it back from her and handed it back to my son She then talks about my family with her customers saying I have a lot going on, my double stroller was in her way, and other comments about my family to her customer. She then turns around to me and says I need to hand the item that my son has to the cashier if I’m not going to purchase it. I told her very firmly to stay in her own lane. She made it seem like I or my son (1 years old) was going to steel a 1 candy when infact we were still checking out and I bought the item. Mary has no customer service skills. I filed a complaint in the store with one manger. I then called and spoke to another manger who said they have been having problems out of her. Mary had no right to touch my son or take anything out of his hands. Mary also had no right to continue to make comments to me about my son and family, and lastly my family should not be discussed with any other customer. I am a regular weekly shopper at VONS. Something needs to be done. Who snatches anything from a baby especially an employee. Mary should have no costumer service job. She’s putting a bad face on the company VONS.
Mary should have no costumer service job. She’s putting a bad face on the company VONS and causing good customer to not want to shop with VONS. Because of Mary interruptions I was not able to focus on checking on and getting my needs met with my cashier.
Mary should not be working at VONS or any customer seveice job.
Employee Mary Benkirane store number 2861
Bobbobby456 Send email
Jul 1, 2018

Sexual harassment and harassment by Robert Miller store 1756

Hi I am a employee at vons 1756 in clovis ca. I'm here to complain about supervisor robert Miller sr. He has harassed and racially and sexually profiled employees under him. I think it's time to put a stop to it and tell you guys about it. Some of the people are Darren, maria that I know about. Darren is a homosexual and called him fruit cake. Honey buns. He was talking about Maria's big breast and what hell do to them. Please please take action now. So we can have a safe workplace. It is rude and disrespectful I dont think anyone should be treated the way he treats these individuals.
maishahicks Send email
May 4, 2017

Horrible Customer Service

I had the worst experiences of my life at your a local VONS and I thought I should share with your corporate office what kind of image the people you are hiring have set for me. I have always shopped at Winco but on many occasion I have heard VONS has better quality/brand items I buy, so at the beginning of this year I decided to try shopping there. 1st time it was no different than any other shopping experience but every time after was absolutely horrible. The customer service employees were rude. Some look annoyed if I asked them a question while others would tell me thats not their department and would just walk away. And to add the employees look typically unhappy to be there if it means actually working, the managers Ive complained to showed no interest to do anything, and many customer service reps stand around and chat laughingly with co-workers when lines are long. Although there were many reasons for me to stop shopping at VONS the worst was a the last time I visited. I found a big container of laundry detergent with a price of 3.99 each and couldn't believe it so I picked up every one in the store. When I went to pay, it rang up at a way higher price. I told the register rep that it was listed at 3.99 and she asked my bagger to do a price check. I went with him and showed him. My bagger admittingly stated he knows it is listed at that price but it is a store error and should not be. Then when my bagger told the register rep the situation she said she would request that the manager approve one at that price. I explained my disappointment and she responded to say thats all they could do or I could just put them back. I asked to speak to the manager myself and when he came the register rep kept interrupting me and not letting me speak and the manager seemed more concerned with what she had to say than I. So I just waked out and left. As I walked away the bagger who did the price check was giggling and the manager just said "Hey, Sorry about that". I now shop at Winco again.
kenlynn818 Send email
Mar 4, 2016

Fresh Bread Guarantee

Store: Mission Hills, corner of Sepulveda and Devonshire streets.
At 4:20pm I went in to the store to find a French Bread for dinner. I know Vons has a guarantee posted with the breads that if it isn't fresh at 4, 5 & 6 then it is free. Well, at 4:20 I went in search of a fresh french bread. ALL the breads in the rack were stale. You can't tell me that if these breads were freshly baked at 4pm, then at 4:20 they were stale? Anyway, I took one of the stale breads to the cashier and asked if they still had a ring it up because it was stale and the sign above the bread clearly states: "BREADS FRESH AT 4, 5, & 6 OR IT IS FREE" so I just went to inquire if they had t o ring it up. The bitch at the register said the bread wasn't free so I had to pay for it. I inquired why and she replied because it was 4:20 not 4pm so regardless of stale or not I sill had to pay for the bread. This was ridiculous as only 20 minutes had gone by, how can a fresh bread be harder then a baseball bat in 20 minutes. I did not get my bread, Vons did not honor their free bread sign and I believe this is false advertising and not honoring their guarantee by making false promises.
complaintman Send email
Oct 20, 2014

unprofessional nonresponsive

.I went to the Von's in Las Vegas NV.89128 store #2392 .7530 W Lake mead all employee's at this location are unprofessional and sloppy in appearance They are rude to customers and act as though your not even there when trying to get some service or ask a question
This is not the way consumer's should be treated!! this is PISS POOR SERVICE.
these employee's need to be taught the correct way to provide customer service.
This is the second time i have had a bad encounter with their employee's
The employees at this location are poorly trained and need a course in public relations and sales
They also allow the lowest sort of customer into store IE panhandlers from outside the store & parking bums to bother shoppers


Angry Customer,
[email protected] Send email
Apr 15, 2013

Vons Deli

I went to the Von's on Clairemont Mesa Blvd Yesterday 4/14/2013 (In the Clairemont Square).I purchased chicken for Sunday dinner from your deli. The clerk said "We have a 8 pc for $6.99." I said OK.
When I got home I opened the container the chicken had been burned. it smelled like smOKe.
My children were not happy with the flavor. The chicken was coOKed fast because the inside was not done.
Because someone did not coOK this chicken properly this was a way to get rid of it!!!!
This is not the way consumer's should be treated!! this is PISS POOR SERVICE.
I will never get chicken from Von's again.
This is the second time i have had bad chicken.
The first time they gave me old chicken that had been sitting there too long. It was old and dry.
If this grocery store can not coOK chicken properly then they should not be selling it!!!
Stop trying to keep up with Albertsons.

Angry Customer,
Ms. Williams
[email protected] Send email
Jan 3, 2013

unprofessional conduct

I saw an employee from Vons in Brawley Ca getting high in the parking lot. His name was Jose Luis Garcia. he was in a green honda civic with no plates on the car. I told him I would report it to the manager and he told me to F '" off
ElleBou Send email
Mar 23, 2012

Employee Rudeness

I went to shop at Vons today and was asked, after swiping my debit card, if I would like to donate to the cancer foundation. I pressed no. I then was asked by the clerk if I would like to donate funds to the cancer foundation. I told him I was already asked that, he replied that he felt it was a good cause. My daughter explained to him that we had just lost her son to cancer and we do our share. he replied that he lost his mother to cancer and that it was a privilege for him to ask for money for the cancer foundation. I would like to point out that I do not go to Vons to donate to any charitable organization, I also do not go there to be asked by people outside your store for donations (which they do every day). On top of that I do not need a Supervisor (Michael) trying to shame me into donating money when I am spending what little money I have at Vons. I will be more than happy to go to another store.
Nothappy011 Send email
Mar 23, 2012

Employee Rudeness

I witnessed an employee by the name of Marcus at the vons in pasadena ca off of Colorado blvd smoking weed outside of the store in his Vons uniform and I complained to the store managers and nothing has happend because I seen him again doing it again in the same place weeks Later I refuse to shop at this store ever again!!!

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