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Consumer complaints and reviews about WageWorks

kentnormhr Send email
Mar 24, 2017

Technical issues not receiving transit commute tax deduction from company paycheck.

It seems that wageworks has trouble too often not receiving transit commute tax deduction from my company paycheck. Me and other co-workers experience this problem. This is not accecptable. You call their customer service and they have no clue of the issues. I stop my transit tax deductions because of wageworks.
user2 Send email
Mar 16, 2017

Still struggling to get my money back

I am contacting wageworks since the Dec 2016. For my out of pocket reimbursement
1) I mailed all the required documents i.e. the Commuter Card Special Handling form with all my out of pocket expense receipts
>> Since I didnt get any confirmation even after 2 weeks, contacted wageworks to check the status
>> they said they didnt get any documents from me
2) I sent out an email with the same documents on 11th Jan 2017
>> Contacted them to check the status >> they still didnt received my documents
3) I sent out separate emails with the documents for my expenses so that they can receive this time, on 10th Feb 2017
>> They confirmed that they received it.
But then After that I have called them 5-6 times, they haven't processed my request yet. Every time a new customer care executive is giving the same reason as we can see it, its still processing, etc.
>> Finally I received the amount but it was just $15 out of $182
I called again to check the status of my request for remaining $166, even spoke to their managers, she said she is going to add a note and take this on high priority. But its been over 2 weeks now still no response.

>> On 15th Mar 2017, that's today, I contacted again their cust care department and they asked me to send the my documents again.

Isn't it going into a loop, a never ending loop without a break condition? Can someone help me to resolve my issue or guide me to escalate it further. I am willing to go ahead and file more complaint as its almost 4 months now and even after continuous follow up I am not getting my money back. This kind of behavior not only spoiling the customer relation but also their business, by raising the question being loyal to their customers.
I am not the first one who is giving this kind of review but there are so many complaints like this.
EMC Send email
Mar 11, 2017

Impossible to get my FSA Dependent Care Reimbursement

I am having an exorbitant amount of trouble with receiving my FSA Dependent Care reimbursement form Wage Works for the 2016 year. I placed a claim in May of 2016 ($1,230.80) and another at the end of January ($1,855.45.) These amount total to $3,086.25 which is my entire contribution to this fund for 2016. There have been over 8 calls of about 1 hour in length to Wage Works since I never received reimbursement for these 2 claims that were approved. I have been given the run-around as to there being an incorrect address on their records, the check having gone to a similar address in Chicago when I live in NJ and the most recent one today was that the zip code was wrong for my home address. I have also tried to enroll for direct deposit and that too was rejected. When I went to my bank and met with my Branch Manager-she did not see any attempt on her system to verify my direct deposit request.

I have spoken to at least 3 supervisors, have taken the added step of calling with a HR representative on the line and have confirmed my address on every single call to Wage Works. I am at wits end and frankly this delay is causing emotional and financial hardship for me. I have asked about having the checks re-issued and sent Fed Ex to see if I could have them arrive through a trackable system and this and any other request has been met with a “we are not able to do that for you.” Today I changed my address to my work address, something I should not have to do, to see if I could possibly receive the one check that was not already re-directed. The other check I was told was already returned to me with the corrected zip code as of today. Bottom line is that I need to receive all of my funds-immediately without any further excuses!!!

Dealing with this company has been deplorable, draining and quite upsetting!
tickedoffmama Send email
Jan 27, 2017

I hate WW

I have had W handle my daycare payments since 2014 and each time I have had an issue, I have been misinformed or given illogical information. Out of possibly 10 times I have had to call, I have only had 3 great experiences. I get that its a call center and turn over is probably pretty high, but PLEASE PROPERLY TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES!!! When I called in December to switch providers, I was told that I did not need to cancel the claim for the old provider. Fast forward to today and guess what...they sent a check to the old provider so now there's not enough money in the account to cover the payment for the new provider so I have to keep paying $184.50 per week in addition to having the funds payroll deducted!!! IM PAYING FOR DAYCARE TWICE BECAUSE THEY MESSED UP!!!! I called CS and spoke to a very nice young lady who escalated my call. The next rep only offered a bunch of "I understand" and "uh huh" commentary which wasn't useful, in fact insulting to an increasingly irate customer. She "Set an expectation" of three business days to do the research and I in turn set an expectation of an expedited process because it was not my mistake. It seems to me that you would do what you could to keep your costumers happy and calm but Molly in site 103 wasn't interested. I guess my next step is to call corporate.
jleyva Send email
Dec 29, 2016

claim verification

I submitted receipt on 10/26/16. The receipt from the dental office was for 2 dates of service- both of which needed verification with wageworks. The receipt includes the date of service of 10/03/2016 for $20.20. The second was for 09/06/16 for $625.00.
The claim was denied and I again submitted the receipt on 11/15/2016. It was denied again on 11/17/2016 stating:
We cannot process this request because the receipt or other documentation you submitted does not provide the information we need to substantiate this type of expense. Please resubmit your claim with an appropriate proof of service that describes the exact product or service, the date it was received, the name of the provider or merchant and your actual cost

This did not state anything in regards to the receipt already being used to submit verification for another claim- which is what Tashanda D, a supervisor(spoken to 12/28/2016), told me was the actual reason why it was denied. I spoke with somebody on 12/08/2016 who assured me they would resubmit the receipt- that they did in fact see that all of the correct information was there. I spoke with another supervisor- Kevin on 12/21/16 who apologized for the delay in processing and stated he would sumbit it as urgent and call me the next day to follow up- which he did not. Each time I was on hold for a supervisor and it took 30 minutes to 1 hour to speak with someone.
When I spoke with Tashanda D. she states she will submit the claim again with detail so that they can take a more detailed look at the receipt. When I asked to speak with someone above her I was told that there is nobody above her- that they deal with complaints regarding receipts and just resubmit it to the claims processing. I asked for the claims processing phone number she states that there is no claims phone number, just a fax number. I have never heard of such a thing in a business.
It is unacceptable that money, which comes out of my paycheck is being withheld and there is nobody that can assist me in resolving this. There is no accountability for anything. I have dealt with many corporations and this is the worst customer assistance I have ever had to deal with. I will be submitting complaints to any and all complaint boards that are associated with this company. This is not acceptable.
frankforttour Send email
Dec 15, 2016

told 4 times expense was elig. then ? what.

so, get this. i decided to save myself money and do the right thing by buying a dental savings plan.... i called WW 4 times, get that 4 times to make darn sure it was covered and i was good to go..........."oh yes, you are fine and proceed" i was told.......... i purchase the plan which was going to save my family significant dollars. card was denied at purchase, i called WW to say hey what's up!!!!!! "oh that's a "pay be back" only purchase i was then told. so i say (pretty angry) , ok if i pay with my AMEX i submit the receipt I'll get a check ASAP. "sure sir that's right have a great Holiday"...............i proceed, guess what, now all the untrained associates at WW tell me it was never eligible and all the sudden they cant find the recorded phone calls they promote for customer quality purposes.............. basically i worked my way through the line and got this gem going by the name of DeAnna, she's a beut...............seriously reading off of a computer screen in a voice tone that i was sure was a recording.................total fail on WW. so i have already contacted the KY Attorney General office consumer affairs and insurance fraud division...............we will see if anything gets fixed.............WW went from good and decent to total scam and fail company over this issue. TRAIN YOUR employees and fix my problem.
PritiyGoel1974 Send email
Sep 28, 2016

WageWorks Lost My Claim/Date and now won't refund

Wage Works apparently doesn't have my submitted claim for reimbursement that I filed online on their portal to the tune of 585$. I filed it in March 10th 2016 for the year 2015 and now they say they don't see anything in the system !!!

Called them multiple times and no use - This is just insane - How can they dock people off their money ?!?!

Can anyone here help ???

Priti Goel
ctpurpura Send email
Jun 2, 2016

WageWorks cannot even confirm payments with Insurers

WageWorks is the benefits administrator for me under COBRA. WageWorks cannot confirm that my Insurer, in this case Aetna, has received their payment (WageWorks got my payment). Their technology and customer service are so bad that they have no idea whether Aetna got it or not. Now, when I call Aetna, they claim they don't have it in their system. This has now gone on for 3 weeks! Meanwhile, my health care provider is saying I have to pay for services covered under the insurance I've already paid for. Wageworks' entire value proposition is to be the benefit administrator of payments, for which they cannot do even basic payment verification. Absurd. If anyone else has this problem, please contact me. I'm thinking of a class action lawsuit.
upsetconsumer1 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

I think my commuter card has been hacked

On more than one occasions at different MTA machines, my money will be deducted from my Wagework card and seems to go on the metrocard, but if the machine is not giving receipts and I try to use the card, the money will not transfer to my MTA card.But it is still deducted from Wageworks.

I called customer service and they keep telling without a receipt the money can not be refunded. I told them this only happens to me when the machine does not give me a receipt. I was told there was nothing they can do, they can only issue me a new Wageworks card.

When I state getting a new card is not the issue over time over $200 have been stolen from my account.

I was told maybe something is wrong with the MTA machine, I told her it has happened at more than one machine, and only when the machine is not giving receipts.

I asked is it possible that someone hacked the card. She said she didn't know...

Later when I tried to use the card it stated transaction can not be complete... WTF So I had to use my Debit card to put money on my MTA card. When I spoke with someone from customer service I was told that they do not see that any transaction was rejected .....

I am at a loss, I will see about transferring out of WAGEWORKS.

Has anyone out there experienced this issue?????
Samsaine Send email
May 5, 2016

wageworks Claim Scam

I'm interested to know how many people have filed claim that lead nowhere with WageWorks.
contact me At patrick.boulan@outlook.com
Samsaine Send email
May 5, 2016

Wageworks Scams on Claims

I can't believe there is no Action suite related to so many brushed off claim!!!
My previous company used them for pre-tax commute/transit.
My first claim: lost the monthly pass, and they just brushed me off.
My second claim, I misplaced a monthly pass and found it after it was expired. I filled the claim with the MTA and they honored the claim, but the refund ($112.00) was issued to the card (wageworks card that I was using). I logged in into their site and it shows the refund under my account yet they won't give a pass nor the money back. I feel this is a benefit that I'm entitled to yet they still denied under the excuse that claims have to be made 90 days after you leave a job. I didn't find the pass until a year later and it was expired but never been used. This was a claim to the MTA and they honored it. You are a benefit administrator, Act like it and give the money back.
Kdamet Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Wage works GE

It's shocking to me that GE allows its employees to be scammed by this company. They can't process claims. They don't read dates of service and pay themselves back at every chance. I'm disabled and need Doctor care. They didn't tell us we can't use the card for medical until it was too late to change. Now we have been left without being able to get treatment and then the take our fsa mi ey we set aside for non medical such as vision and dental and leave us with nothing we set aside and planned for. They tell us it's for our own good because fsa doesn't roll over. How arrogant to think we are too stupid to know how to budget. We have trouble with wage works for years not being able to read, process or add, but this year is all time tops. They know they can't process so they made it where we can't pay doctors until the insurance completes the claim. Why are they sharing person health info with them, because they can't do their job. We have to get our medication from a particular pharmacy. We have no problem sending in receipts. But they still can't process. They took all the supporting receipts they asked for to support the payment, processed it as a new claim and made it where now my 1300 in receipts are no good and our vision claim they paid 85 cents if what was left in our fsa. It's a nightmare getting them to u de stand their mistake. They are putting patients in the middle of the fight the insurance companies want. Insurers are trying to prevent doctors from collecting any mo ey at time if service because billing is slow and claims even slower so you can pay a doctor what is owed,but if the dr dies t bill the insurer right away they use the date of the receipt of the claim and not the date of service. I've been prevented from getting my medical treatment and my husband shots he needs desperately because we can't pay both the fsa and Drs and have no health card this year. Only pharmacy, which hasn't done much good since they can't even process those. The last straw was when I had to remind the insurance company that our counselor visits to help us through the mess the wage works and GE created and our pain wasn't being included as it should have according to our plan. The insurance company corrected. However, in true wage works fashion they couldn't process. They didn't read the date of service and decided the one bill they paid us for was wrong and classified it as an overpayment. So they are processing the claims but reimbursement goes to GE leaving our Drs unpaid. The two doctors that agreed to wat for payment. All because they didn't or couldn't read. They take and scam your money. I talked to a supervisor a couple years back and ended up having to send her all my claims and she even told us every year, this shouldn't be this hard as your documents are in order and you even add up the charges for us. That's right, it shouldn't be that hard. They are certainly free enough and use our hard earned fsa money they way they want, and sure are stingy with the HRA funds GE "gives" us. And for them to say get your vision and dental first isn't always possible...so they decide how you can use your money. We are being processed out of our humanity. When will this company be forced to stop. Who regulates them? Where's our rights? GE has fallen down on the job here. You don't take a company who you get complaints about processing receipts and decide people just don't want to send them in, we just wanted real people to process and do their job. Not just decide the job they were hired for is too much so you find a work around. Bank of America and ADP used to be the claim administrators and rarely a problem ever. My friends work for other companies and the have ADP still and have access to pay Drs and have no issues in processing. These guys must be the cheapest around or something to get such a large company. I'm looking into options to get this company off the list of maybe given a consent order and be monitored. They have just as much fiduciary obligation to its members as banks. They are holding our money. If they decide we didn't meet their standard they will send irs notices and you will pay taxes apor have to fight the irs to correct these peoples mistakes. Nobody this incompetent should have this much power.
senior Send email
Mar 14, 2016

Wagework deposits payment in nonexistant bank account

For more than a couple of years our reimbursement for medical services was automatically going to our pre-authorized bank account. During calendar year 2016 I noticed that someone has changed my bank information without me knowing it and that I was not getting reimbursed. I know for sure I did not change bank information. Upon me contacting wageworks on the phone, they restored my correct bank information. That was back in January 2016. Now in month of march I noticed that my bank routing number has been changed without my permission. As a result, I am not getting reimbursed. I HAVE A STRONG SUSPICION THIS IS INTENTIONAL. WILL BE NICE TO KNOW IF OTHERS ARE EXPERIENCING THE SAME PROBLEM. SOME CORRECTIVE MEASURES ARE WARRANTED, By the way I am a senior citizen (70+). I will not be surprised to find out that other senior citizens could be experiencing the same problem and are not even aware of it.
spomasl Send email
Dec 1, 2015

Withholding my money!!

I have a claim filed on 10/26, they "printed a check" on 10/30, today is 12/1, and I still don't have my money that I requested. this company has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. every time I call them, I get told, "oh, sorry, that last representative lied to you, here is what is happening..." Every time I call they lie to me??? This is ridiculous! I asked for this money 6 weeks ago, and I STILL don't have it!!?? I have filed a complaint with the BBB, but I feel lost, and like they will never actually give me the money that I PUT IN THE ACCOUNT ANYWAY!! it's my money, why can I not have it!? I am so sick of this company and their excuses, I MAY get a lawyer.
caycemd Send email
Sep 15, 2015


I'm another example of WageWorks keeping my money. I had a commuter account with my former employer. I made a claim to reimburse myself for parking expenses before I left employment based on the recommendation of my HR representative. The claim was denied. Customer service told me to re-submit the claim, which I did and which was denied as it was for the following month and I was no longer employed by that company at that time. Each agent and supervisor I spoke with had a different explanation of the rules but the answer I"m forced to live with is that I had to somehow have a crystal ball to know how much I was going to spend on parking the following month and submit it well in advance of incurring the expense. For something that's driven by IRS rules and regulations, this seems like an asinine way to "pay me back" for parking expenses! Documentation from my former employer states "If you have any Pay Me Back elections that have not yet been reimbursed, you have up to 180 days from the last day of the benefit month to submit your request for reimbursement", which seems reasonable to me. Apparently WageWorks doesn't agree and is forcing me to forfeit the money in my account which is two months of parking costs.
chrstine barker Send email
May 20, 2015

refusal of payment for bill

wage works wants a repayment of 112.00 for a bill i recieved in march 2015 and payed by phone on 3-15. Wage works says because the procedure took place in 11-14 I could not pay by phone with card for 2015 and I needed to pay back own money. When I called wage works I asked the girl on the phone what my balance was on card she told me, then I said how much was rolled over from 2014 and she replied, you must use 2015 funds first and when that is gone then the remaing balance from 2014 would kick in, this made no sence to me at all and I guess I'am right because now wage work denies telling me that and is still denies payment of bill even though their employee gave me bad information why are they not held accountable
yetanothermike Send email
May 4, 2015

Deceitful practices

yetanothermike Send email
May 4, 2015

Deceitful practices

I was very disappointed working with this company. Let's start with the big one. They don't notify you if you have a balance at the end of the year. I had a healthcare provider refund my FSA and didn't know about it. WageWorks was more than happy to keep my money and not notify me. They will notify you of everything else. I'm sorry, but that is suspect behavior. Beyond that, working with their customer support is really bad. They usually can't answer questions and if you try to get a supervisor on the phone they won't easily do that. Even at the supervisor level getting an answer is tough. They are really good at giving you the run around. State insurance agencies should be taking a look at their deceitful practices.
dedwadsc Send email
Mar 7, 2015

enrolled in wage work dependent care by mistake

I accidentally enrolled in wage work dependent care, so I called them and let them know I made a mistake(which they said they had no record of).I thought the matter was corrected. At the end of December I got a letter from Dependent Care saying I had a balance of $2,700.00. So I called Wage Work and explained to them that I thought the matter was corrected and I had no dependent children of spouse and that I called earlier in the year to have this corrected. They told me I would have to write a letter of appeal and they would get an answer when my appeal was up for review. Well just like I suspected it was denied and I was told that no monies could be refunded to me. I was also instructed to submit any claims I had for reimbursement though the proper channels. I have no claims to submit because I have no dependent person to claim them on. Also, I had to include the full amount withheld from wage work as income on my taxes because there was no service I used to claim any of the money. I ask is there any other avenue I can take to get reimbursement for my money. I don't have money to give away and surely there has to exception to the rules or special circumstance when a mistake is made.
obbo Send email
Aug 9, 2014

Wageworks/Customer Service

When I went on line to pay some claims on the Wageworks website, the address of ER doctor I needed to pay wasn't listed so I sent it to an address on the statement which ended up being the wrong one but still a valid address for Sharp Healthcare hospital billing. Wageworks sent me copies of the "cancelled checks" but signature of "who" cashed these checks was illegible. The ER doctor's billing agency is sending me bills stating that they haven't been paid, so SOMEONE cashed these checks and I can't figure out who. I sent copies of checks with signature to Sharp Healthcare where these payments were originally remitted and they said that "no one there cashed them". Wageworks customer service has been worthless. They said they couldn't help me because they're a call center and they don't do that there. Within the last 2 months, I've called and spoke to two or three different people including a supervisor who said they can put a request in to have a different dept follow up, but NO ONE ever calls back or emails me. I even went down to the bank which handles their account and they were helpful. Even though the checks were written on my byhalf to pay my provider, it's not my account so they can't give me any info on who cashed these checks, they said it'd be no problem to tell Wageworks any and all info regarding them. They provided me with a contact name and phone number for a treasury relationship manager of commercial accts who personally handles their account. I passed this info on to Wageworks and 8 days later, STILL NOTHING! Just one phone call can resolve this issue! I'm still getting bills from ER doctor's billing agency stating my account is delinquent. I've spent countless hours on phone going in circles between WW,hospital, and billing agency and each one suggesting I call someone else. This is RIDICULOUS.
Beckey Send email
Aug 4, 2014


They are terrible to contact in person. You can't talk to a person and if you do, they don't do anything. This isn't fair. I want to complain about a claim person who processed a large incorrectly on July 3, 2014 and they will not give me the name of the person. They do not have the capabilities to pull up our claim so that we can discuss one or two items on it. Don't you wish you could run a business like this and be exempt from complaints and everything else? I want to know how to turn them in or where to complain to a CEO at?
Beckey Send email
Aug 4, 2014


We turned in $1,098.00 medical bills to be reimbursed from a Wageworks account. We received two checks one for 98.00 and another for 341.00; we wonder where is the other 700.00? We need this money. They wrote on their anal printout of claim that we didn't turn in receipts and for one, they said we turned in a receipt for index cards. Let's see we had 90 pages of receipts like original medical receipts, EOB's, proof of mileage like a Rand McNally printout of the mileage, we had a current script for each and every OTC. Our over the counters were highlighted in yellow. For example a receipt from Walmart for melatonin, antidiarrheal, etc. obviously would have other items on it like index cards, milk, etc. Of course, we didn't ask to be reimbursed for index cards, milk, etc. just the melatonin or antidiarrheal -whatever we have a script for. Are they really that stupid? I wonder if a robot is doing their work instead of a real person? They are ridiculous about their denials and it happens to be our money to begin that we are asking to get back, right? We even threatened to turn them into the IRS. Any suggestions? Last year we only turned in one big claim for over $1,000 and got any and all back and that wiped out our account. We wonder is Wageworks out of money or having financial problems?
Dissapointedcustomer12 Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Train Pass

WageWorks is supposed to make it easier for you to get your commuter train pass every month and for less money since you get it taken out of your paycheck pretax dollar. But since they process the pass for the following month on the 10th of every month, if you are not going to need next month's pass- they don't give you much time to really figure that out. GOD FORBID you return a monthly pass to get a refund they will not give it to you. I called and was told that if I returned my monthly pass that I would be sent a check for the money that I paid out of pocket (which for a 208 train pass it turned out to be 83 dollars I paid out of pocket). I was told I would get that money in my own pocket by two people - only to now find out today that the company does not give you any money back and all they do is give you a credit on your account (for me 208) for a future pass. ONLY PROBLEM IS - WAGEWORKS - IS THAT I NO LONGER NEED TO COMMUTE SO I NO LONGER NEED ANY CREDIT! ... don't see how they can't understand the concept..i paid for the train pass they send it to me - i send the pass back I SHOULD PROBABLY GET MY MONEY BACK. i guess the concept is too difficult for them to understand. They are morons and scam artists in my mind. I will never use the company ever again in my life and i do not recommend anyone else using them either. If i ever have to commute again - even if a company i work for uses WageWorks I will NOT be using them. I will find a different company that does the same thing but instead - have brains.
WageWorks Executive Escalation Team Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Train Pass

Dear WageWorks Participant,

Thank you for your communication dated March 9, 2012 concerning your account issues. Your feedback is very important, and on behalf of WageWorks, we sincerely apologize for your experience.

We recognize your level of dissatisfaction and would value the opportunity to resolve your account concerns. Please contact us at executiveescalationteam@wageworks.com for additional assistance.

Executive Escalation Team
NeverEverUseWageWorksHealthcare Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Claims Approval

It's almost impossible to get this service to cover anything. I sent in a claim last week, and here's what happened:

1) It was rejected because I didn't check some box on the form. I'm fairly certain that I did, but I resubmitted the paperwork, anyway.

2) It was rejected because "the date of service could not be determined." This was simply false, the receipt was clearly dated.

3) I called, and was given a new reason for rejection - that my receipt didn't prove I bought prescription contacts (as opposed to color contacts). At this point I asked to speak with a manager.

3a) I asked how anyone got anything covered, since a lot of independent doctors don't give itemized receipts with full product/service descriptions and serial numbers. I was told that it was standard practice to do this. I'm looking at 2 receipts from different doctors that don't have it. I guess I'm bad at picking doctors.

3a[1]) I actually had an itemized receipt from my dentist earlier this year, but that was rejected several times (first for reason number 1, then because it was handwritten). Handwritten receipts are apparently no good, because it's a lot harder to forge something that came out of a printer these days.

3b) I asked if I could send them a copy of my prescription, if that would adequately demonstrate that I was buying prescription contacts. No. The explanation was that I could have been trying to get non-prescription color contacts covered even though I had a prescription. When I asked why I would ever be buying non-prescription lenses when I CANNOT SEE without a prescription (and have written proof), he blamed the government (seriously).

3c) I asked him if I could send him the bar code from the contacts I bought. Not even a copy, the original. No. Not unless I get it signed by the doctor on his office's letterhead.

I'm actually going to do this, because I'm a sucker and think there is at least a tiny chance they won't find another reason to reject it.

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