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farrukh52 Send email
May 9, 2019

Pharmacy selling insulin out of sealed box

I have diabetes and I been using Insulin for almost 12 years. Yesterday I was asked to pick up my refill of insulin "Lantus Solostar Pen Inj 3ML" It comes 5 pens in a factory sealed box. But I received this time in a reusable plastic bag 5 open pen. I complaint to Pharmacy Manager that this comes in a factory sealed box why you open the box and put them in a plastic bag. This is not safe to use. May be someone inject poison in them. He laughed and said no one come in side the pharmacy except staff. I said how I can trust you or your staff and why you do that. He has no answer for that and keep arguing that we open boxes and sell like this. And refused to take them back I said I can use insulin like this. I told him that I will send them to FDA and will ask them to cancel your and your pharmacy's license. He replied you can do that. Well I complain to FDA and the manufacturing company about this yesterday. And I like to inform you as well.

Walgreen Pharmacy

9000 Greenwood Ave, Niles, IL 60714 Ph. 847-298-3050

Store #02721 RX # 3872569-02721
WGBlows Send email
Nov 4, 2018


Management here lives under a false sense of entitlement. Everyone deserves a chance whether you like how they look or not. Look around you people are dying in the streets and yall want to overcharge for insulin while having cokes 3 for 10. These companies make me sick along with the puppets who want to dictate whether you can pay taxes like everyone else or not
Chitra Rajan Send email
Sep 22, 2018


I bought a Blood Pressure Monitor at the Schmale Road Walgreens since my BP was irregular and I was admitted to the hospital twice
for treatment. The Monitor wa supposed to help out the variations in the BP and take action.

The variations were very large . Particularly when they were compared to those taken in the Doctor's office and by a Nurse at home. The variations became so bad that the readings were of no help at all

I am wondering whether this is another case similar to the Theronos Blood testing experiment of Walgreens. I have stopped using the Machine because of the wide variation The Monitor is distributed by Homedics LLCin Michigan

I would be grateful for guidance

jumer Send email
Jul 17, 2018

switching narcotic medication to useless drug

I had my supply of norco narcotic pain medication fill at this walgreens store in Midland Michigan and noticed later after taking them for a week that they tasted sweet compared to my others I had taken. I asked my wife if the pharma had changed brands like they have done to me before. She called and they said no. So I kept taking them but noticed that the pain wasn't being relieved at all. I complained to my wife so we looked at the pills again and noticed that they broke easily compared to when i would break the real norco pills. My wife looked at the number on the pills and they were different so we took them to the phrama and they said that they were a different drug for constipation. All 280 pills had been switched. My wife and I had the only access to them and kept them hid as we had been shorted before to see if we still ran out early. We did at times. So now it made since, a pharmasist obviously taken them. Of course they said they didnt carry the pills anymore so they couldn't of done it. But nothing could stop one of the pharmacist from having them at home and switching them. Walgreens said they ask their employees if they did it and what do you think they said yes we did, not hardly, no one there did it so that was their big investigation. Probably nothing can be done since we took them home they told us. I will be call FBI and state police anyway and make out a report. SO PEOPLE CHECK YOUR PILLS FOR THE RIGHT PILL NUMBERS ARE ON THEM BEFORE LEAVING STORE. How often this goes on is why our epidemic is get so bad. A real good scam they have going, quite fool proof unless we all start checking. Becareful so you don't get a deadly pill switch with yours.
Kross Send email
Mar 5, 2018

Bathroom policy

I have recently become aware of Walgreens new bathroom policy. Allowing people to go into whatever bathroom fits their gender identity that day. This is absolutely disgusting!! Apparently you have no regard for the safety of women and children as well as men. I have been a rite aid custome for years, but thanks to you will no longer use them because they are becoming Walgreens. I am taking my business to a store where I feel safe. My family members are following suit. I will spread the word about your despicable policy to everyone I know. Hopefully this policy will hit your pocketbook when People stop patronizing for company. I cant understand why you would cater to 1 percent of the population while expecting the rest of us to put up with it. I feel sorry for your employees. They have to do it or lose their jobs. What about their safety?
gwpappas Send email
Feb 26, 2018

Bad pharmacy service

The Walgreens pharmacy on the northeast corner of Vanderbilt Beach Rd. and 41 Tamiami trail is under distress. There is only one employee covering the front desk line (6-10 deep), the drive thru (5 car minimum) and the telephones (at least 10 on hold). I was on hold a minimum of 45 minutes last week three different times and nobody ever answered. Our whole neighborhood, all of our friends and family will be leaving Walgreens for CVS this week unless the manager is fired and new help arrives.
StrnRon Send email
Sep 26, 2017

Bad customer service

I have been going to Walgreens for years and utilities the pharmacy very much so in fact I once needed a print out and while looking at it i realized Walgreens gets at minimum $10,000 from me alone in a six month period for my regular meds. That's not to include any non-regular meds I get prescribed when sick or what not. And that's not including my children meds. Well they're customer service has been steadily declining. Very rude and unprofessional!! I went there with an internet printed coupon that was very rudely refused by the "night manager" Daniel. Corporate has a coupon policy in place that is NOT followed. I think i am going to go ahead and transfer all scripts to another local pharmacy and take all my other business elsewhere. I am not even going to buy my cigarettes there!! I will also be asking my extended family members and friends not to shop there as well. Explaining to them how I wss treated by them. I'm sure they will NOT have a problem taking their business elsewhere. This is ridiculous when you have to go extra miles just because the store near you doesn't know how to do their job in a professional manner. I mean come on you work in RETAIL which means customer service should be at it's best. Customer relations entails your revenue outcome. I hope they shut down and put a store there that is going to care about their customers and run it properly so we can shop there. I don't know what happened to this store it use to be so well run. Sad, sad, sad is all I have to say. Bye-bye Walgreens
toadfarm Send email
Mar 27, 2017


Tried to change email address and it took some time to even find where to accomplish the task. After finding it, and going about changing my email address, the form then required a change in password. I admit I am very tired and not feeling well tonight, but I never was able to accomplish this as it wouldn't accept any password I tried to use with numbers and letters etc. I have several government accounts which I thought were bad, but Walgreen's is horrible. No worries, I will just change pharmacies at first chance. Their loss my gain.
jim pat Send email
Jun 4, 2016

treat pain paints like drug adficts6

Bottom line is walgreens got fined 80 million for over ordering pain meds and corporate decided to run off patients on pain meds even disabled people like me..They have pharmacist now playing doctor and they never had my pain meds or didn't have all of them and if you take less you can't get the rest and they won't tell you when they will have them while the whole time talking down to me or once making fun of me while the speaker was left on in the drive through ...I have a neurological disease for 26 years and don't need any stupid crap any more from walgreens.I now go to BENZER 10 miles past walgreens to a drug store who always has my meds and treats me like a CUSTOMER / PATIENT and I don't have to worry about being sick or having anxiety just going to the drug store..They can all kiss my ass and go broke..The truth hurts and walgreens hurt themselves.
Dr Charles Send email
Jan 23, 2016

Pharmacist Refuses Error Correction

Walgreens (1/22/16) My issue with Walgreens isn't complicated. On 1/18/16, I got a prescription of Tamsulosin filled at the Enumclaw, WA, Walgreens. I picked up the Tamsulosin at the pharmacy counter. I examined the contents. I found the pharmacy gave me 90 pills instead of 180 which the prescription called for.

I pointed out the error to the pharmacist himself. I had a feeling I should talk directly to the pharmacist. He checked his computer and agreed a mistake was made. He told me the prescription would be corrected.

I returned on 1/22/16 to pick up the Tamsulosin. The pharmacist told me that he gave me 180 pills on 1/18/16 and refused to give me the 90 missing pills. The store manager would not help and refused to fill the 90 missing pills.

My daughter counted how many pills I actually received on 1/18/16 and I only received 72 pills in total.

This would be a “he said / he said” situation except my caregiver was with me on 1/18/16 and heard the pharmacist admit to the original mistake. She heard him promise me he would correct the error.

This is just one example of the errors the Enumclaw Walgreens Pharmacy has made with my prescriptions.

chrisgilroy1231 Send email
Jan 19, 2016


Trying to refill my prescription that Walgreens has been filling for years. Now they keep call the wrong doctor and cant seem to figure out how to blame me. Once (2 days later) they got it resolved... they're out of the drug and need me to drive to another location. This is pretty much the norm for this Walgreens.

Moving my scripts to Kings Soopers.
Lordbmills Send email
Oct 23, 2015


The main Evening Pharmacist at the Walgreens in Rantoul, Il. is the worst and scummiest unprofessional personnel that I have ever talked to. My Dr. prescribed me 20 zolpidem pills per month to aid my sleep apnea. What he does in a 5 month period is he gave 20, 20, 30, 20 pills per month and 10 the final month. Clearly not what the Dr. orders were. He was very loud and started to yell at me. He wouldn't admit that they made a mistake, but blamed my dosage amount on my Dr. WTH??? He prescribed me 20 per month! That' when I lost it. I called him a stupid MFer and said it either him or one of his staff that gave me 30 pills one month. So what they did was that they gave me 10 pills for the mistake that they did for giving me 30 pills. What a bunch of BS! Oh he then said you can't talk to me like that. I said I can do as I like when you are yelling at me. What he does is he puts it on speaker and said look how this guy is talking to me and yells my name out loud. Really? I said I didn't make any threats and you started it by yelling at me. He hung up. What a worthless piece of crap.
nelsonx6 Send email
Oct 3, 2015

Always out of generic Accolate

It seems that every time that my generic accolate 20mg x 2 daily has to be refilled Walgreens is always out of the medication.They
generally have it ordered and filled within 3 days or less.This time it's pushing 7 days as of tomorrow.Although it does make my
breathing much better,to hell with it.The cost of the mess is un-realistic.It's more than than the name brand used to be,and no,I don't
want to hear,well every thing cost more these days.Prescription medications are a rip off.Hell,Al Capone must still be alive setting
the prices on this stuff.Yes,I have to have my blood pressure pills,or I'll end up like Mom with a massive stroke.But these companies
know this and they are punishing us just to stay alive
Back to the generic accolate.I will train my body to go back to pre-accolate conditions of which I was still alive,not dead,just a little less endurance,a little more trouble breathing.I will no longer be at the mercy of the manufacture of accolate or Walgreens sitting
around on their sorry behinds,taking their sweet time about getting this medication.If they knew from from the past,that this trouble
existed,why didn't they attempt to begin to order it long before it began to get in short supply on their shelf?
Of course,you'll say I'm crazy.That's fine with me as I no longer care or give a dam$.But as of tomorrow when I call and they tell me it still hasn't come in,I'll tell them to forget it and throw the prescription in the trash.Everyone have a beautiful day!
Robert Faust Send email
Sep 21, 2015

Pharmacy staff (Pharmacist)

On Sunday, 9/20/15 in the early a.m. my wife and I went to the store on Princeton Drive in Huntley. Prescription for Trifluridine was electronically submitted and the store had received same. About 25 minutes later, pharmacy staff stated they did not have the medicine and to go a mile north to other Walgreen's as they have it. While just exiting store, loud speaker summoned us back to pharmacy as the other Walgreen's does not have the medicine. Staff informed us that pharmacist was calling other Walgreen stores to find the medication. Some 20 minutes later, unable to locate required medicine. Spoke with manager who stated Walgreen's phone system is very slow? As a result of an extended waiting period, suggested that the staff check across the street at the Wal Mart pharmacy. Sure enough, Wal Mart had the medication which was provided within 15 minutes. Very frustrating dealing with the Walgreen's pharmacy on Princeton Drive in Huntley. Will take future med's business to Wal Mart..........................................................................................................
FthatS Send email
Aug 19, 2015

Horrible Application Process

Man I'll tell you....I spent hours with the online applications, multiple tax credit surveys, and no less than 5 assessments! As you can imagine, it is very frustrated spending half the day on one application for a retail job!! The best part is all the distractions and quite frankly way more important things you have to ignore whilst in the weeds with this damn application process!! All for the very end of the long, arduous and ridiculous last survey....a box pops up that says "Thanks, but Walgreens can't offer you a position at this time". WHAT?!!! I will never set one foot into any of their dumpy, cheap-ass, smelly locations EVER AGAIN!!!!!
Loyal Customer Send email
Aug 16, 2015

Photo services

Ordered photos to be copied and enlarged online through web service. Ordered 4 hours before going to the store and 2 hours after they said they would be done. I went to the store and I was meet with confusion. They knew my name but didn't know where my photos were. The manager was called ovet by the sales associate and told him there was a problem. My photos weren't processed or even printed out. TWO hours after they were supposed to be done! Should have gone to Walmart! Know I know for next time. Biggest disappointment was the manager who didn't even want to tell me the problem. He made his sales person tell me. Walgreens that is not Managemwnt or Leadership. I have other choices and it won't be your stores. Everyone makes mistakes but not dealing with it properly made matter worse!
[email protected] Send email
Jun 25, 2015


Currently I am out on workman comp. My doctor prescribed a pain killer which I was to use as little as possible. When I learned it was $1800 for a thirty day supply, I made 10 days worth stretch over a month. Had a call about Walgreen mail order, said fill the next 10 days worth at the local Walgreen pharmacy and they'd send the other 10 days. Well, because I said that was ok, they took another prescription for a 30 day supply with two refills and sent me a 90 day supply, $5000+ worth of pills which they won't take back. They said they only fill 90 days on mail order and didn't care that it said 30 days. I'm so disgusted with Walgreen I can't take this medicine and their local store where I had filled the original prescription refuses to help.
I will never spend another dollar with Walgreen for the rest of my life.
Axes Send email
Jun 22, 2015

Playing God

The pharmisist I had been speaking on two medications I have been on for sometime she has not nor came across with me the customer in mind at all. All it appears is she is going to direct my doctors on how to prescribe my meds. 1st I had my primary dr. Call in my ADHD med. on Saturday 6-20-15 at which time they informed me they would order the med. it will be in on Monday . I had no problem with that. To further our conversation on the 2nd prescription 8mg hydrophone according to my pain doctor and ins. Company I could pickup on Sunday the 21st. FOR SOME DAMN REASON THIS PHARMACIST THINKS SHES GOD, SHE KNOWS NOTHING OF MY MEDICAL HISTORY AND FURTHER IS NOT AND I REPEAT IS NOT MY PROVIDER. SO SHE CALLS MY DOCTOR AND GETS HER WAY POWER SEEKING BITCH ...... AND I MEAN IT...... SO NOW I PICKUP MY SCRIPT ON THE 27th just LIKE SHE WANTED FROM THE BEGINING. WHEN I HAD ASKED HER ABOUT THE FENTANYL PATCHES THAT FELL OFF LAST MONTH 4 WHOS RESPONSABLE FOR THOSE . HER COME BACK WAS WHEN THEY SOLD THEM TO ME ,
Romanov Send email
May 25, 2015


My dog is getting a second knee surgery tomorrow at 8 am. The vet gave me a prescription for a patch they put on him after surgery. I dropped of the prescription and everything was fine. When I returned however I was informed that the pharmacy did not feel comfortable with filling such a high dosage of medicine for me. I had this same prescription filled at the same store a month ago. They claimed they called me but I did not receive a call. I understand the concern over high dosage of pain medicine being prescribed but nobody asked the circumstances of why I need this and as far as I know nobody called my vet to ask him why he would prescribe this amount. Now I have to find a pharmacist that will fill this prescription by tomorrow morning and it adds more stress to an already stressful situation because my dog needs the patch when he gets out of surgery.
omarollie Send email
Apr 17, 2015

red nose

I'm an employee and I'm dreading red nose day. I'm going to feel like an idiot wearing a clown nose my whole shift.
tim1tim1 Send email
Apr 15, 2015


Oh and by the way, I never had a problem for 10 yrs picking up 240 norcos a month at least 3 days early every time. Seems so silly that I have to struggle to get bunavail filled. Its a goddamn sham.
tim1tim1 Send email
Apr 15, 2015

bunavail, uneducated pharmacists

They messed up my savings card by thinking a 14 day supply was 14 films even though my script is for 90 a month. Then I had to go back 7 times in one month to pick up partial films. Asked them to order, said they would. Went to pick up yesterday and they had 6 total films, a 2 day supply for me and said it'd be a week before order would be in. Obviously they have no clue what the medicine is for and that waiting a week for it could easily lead to someone's death. I will never go there for anything ever again. Addiction is a desease and proper treatment shouldn't be so hard. I paid more out of pocket than the total for the month with the savings card. What a sham. And to top it all off they were rude to me every fucking time.
asv10121 Send email
Apr 13, 2015

Very disappointed with pharmacy

Walgreen's does suck! It's a shame that they have been able to get away with so much and for so long. I unfortunately have had the last of bad experiences. I kept thinking to give them a chance because after all every store is different and with different personality employees but today I went in to pick up an antibiotic and specifically requested this antibiotic but the pharmacist gave me two prescriptions that included the one I had requested. When I got home, I realized that I was given one I had not asked for so I went back to return the second, 45 minutes later. After being told to wait (after 15 mins), Daniel Min Pharmacy Manager of the Walgreen's on 5201 Belt Line Rd., Dallas, TX rudely told me that there was nothing that could be done and that I needed to get out of my vehicle and go inside. Then he began to "argue" and talking over me saying that he didn't know what he wanted me to do, that supposedly "by law the prescription could not be returned" even though I had just been deceived into buying it, given that I had told the pharmacy tech what I was specifically picking up. Daniel Min stated, "we just assume"....totally unacceptable behavior, response and customer service. Mr. Min was very condescending and offered no other options, in fact, he just refused to even listen or take any accountability, blaming the doctor and the patient. Walgreen's and Daniel Min show proof of such an unethical business and practice. SHAMEFUL!! A business should never "assume" as Mr. Min stated. Good customer service entails giving the customer thorough information so that the customer can make a choice of what they need to purchase. It seems Mr. Daniel Min just manages his techs as 'paper pushers' and not responsible service providers. He himself takes no accountability for their own mistakes which only demonstrates proof of terrible management. It is very disappointing.
SKIPPY Send email
Mar 30, 2015

Bait and switch

The prn floater is emailed with an emergency request for assistance at a store 80 miles from base store to work an 8 hr shift.
Thepharmacist cleans up, packs a bag and drives does, the shift. one hour before finishing the shift, district office calls the pharmacist stating that they could not find someone to fill the next shift, so they tell the pharmacist that if he doesn't take the next shift, the store will have to close the,.pharmacy

The scam is that the shift was originally a 12 hour shift in which the market scheduler couldn't find someone to work so she only advertises an 8 hour morning shift to sucker someone to commit to the store thus blackmailing the floater into working a 12 hour shift with no break and no lunch This scam is done around holidays and when prima donna salaried pharmacists want a special day off. This practice is high prevalent in Alabama districts One Alabama district has been routinely pulling this scam since at least 2007 Due to the rapid turnover and burnout, Alabama WAG continually has to recruit and train new pharmacists
This unfair play and dishonesty is poisoning the district with anger and bitterness.

It's called integrity do the research get rid of district management. Also remove salaried pharmacists robbing WAG by coming in 2-3 hours late and leaving early OOO/XXX SKIPPY
Worthlessgreens Send email
Aug 21, 2014

Walgreens, at the corner of Greed and Profits

The people who currently mismanage Walgreen's on the corporate level have spent the last six years making the absolute worst possible decisions on the future of the company. The pre-Barack Obama Walgreen's DOES NOT EXIST. This company is run by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin. There is now only 25% of the merchandise selection in a Walgreen's store than there was six years ago. The tenured employees.... DO NOT GET ANNUAL PAY INCREASES. There is nothing more for the thousands and thousands of tenured employees that make up the heart and soul of Walgreen's. Nothing for them. This company put in place a "pay cap" that the tenured employees reached years ago. The place is now staffed by people with ADD and OCD, because "they need jobs too." Good hiring logic right? Simply put, this company has been destroyed by unbelievably bad business decisions. They intend to siphon their annual profits out of the pockets of the people that work at Walgreen's. Have a complaint about it? There's the door...... They will purchase an entire chain of stores in the U.K., however they will not give pay raises to their tenured employees. The most unbelievable bunch of lying phonies in retail. The people making decisions at the corporate level have never set foot in a retail store. If I have to work there until I am two hundred years old, I will see them close down the entire worthless chain of stores.

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