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dave p Send email
Nov 28, 2017

rude unprofessional attitude

this is to complain about the walgreen pharmacy of being rude unprofessional and unwilling to help.

there have been several other times with the same pharmacy of their rude and unprofessional attitude towards

the consumers, I see no changes to train their employees to be more professional.

I buy lots of medications and give them pretty good business.

I may have to now look for other places where I can purchase my medication and further more

I will be more than happy to let all my friends and who ever, to know of my experiences at walgreens.

what a shame
MT Chrissy Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Overcharging of advertised sale items

It seems to be common practice for Walgreens to "forget" an item was advertised on sale; it happened to both me and my spouse at different stores in different states. They must find this deceptive practice profitable because they have gotten to the point when you discover their "error" they never even apologize for it. If they really wanted to treat the customers fairly they'd pre program their registers to give the customer the sale price. Bandits.
Atrevido Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Overcharging of advertised sale items

It's happened three times that I've caught it, who knows how many times I've been ripped off though - go through the check out line and they over charge for an item on sale. I usually don't catch it until after I'm done paying which means I have to go through the whole process of returning and re-buying. 3 times! Which to me means that they are either incredibly incompetent or purposely screwing us. The last item was last night - Nair pump was on sale - I was charged full retail, the sale price was ~ $ 2.50 less. I got the cash back but what if you bought a lot of things and didn't notice?
Jrb281 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

misrepresentation poor management

Holy Crap this is awesome I'm nice to everyone but if you're a b*tch then you need to shut the f*ck up and go to h*ll. If we lived medieval times you would have your mouth washed out with acid for being a woman and opening your fat racist mouth. Just because you spend money somewhere doesn't mean you deserve jack you crazy c*nt. S my d!
Sandy Beech Send email
Feb 23, 2012

misrepresentation poor management

After one problem was finally resolved that involved $1.00 ink-jet cartridge refills, advertised at Walgreens on "Earth Day"...then other problems popped up. Some more serious.

That's the problem with Walgreens. If you decide to shop there you can expect more problems arising from that one shopping experience. Their stores in San Francisco, especially in the Sunset District, cater to Asians. The stores are managed and staffed by all Asian. Isn't that discrimination? The Asian employees treat all other customers rudely, they won't help you if they can get away with it.

The store managers are just as bad, they mismanage these stores to the point of stupidity. Don't dare voice a complaint because it will be you that's seen as the troublemaker. This is because Walgreens is a deceptive corporation, there is no real customer service. They want customers to shop there and get out, if you don't like then don't come back.

There's no room for improvement at Walgreens. Corporate is worse!

So...I tried getting the $1 refills at the Daly City store in the Westlake Shopping Center. Behind the "photo desk" was this nosey Asian woman who demanded to know the details on how I got the $1 refills. I told her it was "none of her business" and to just do her job and refill the cartridge. She was argumentative and rude but this is expected at Walgreens. I rarely shop at Walgreens.

After dealing with this witch (for use of a better word), I got my refills.
I couldn't do an entire batch of 10 or more because of the initial confusion in trying to get this Earth Day special. I had the cartridges but after being told by the Regional Manager's snotty secretary that this special wasn't going to happen for me, I threw them away. I emailed the CEO (Greg Wasson) and things changed quickly. The snotty secretary changed and became so sweet. I'm leaving extra details out, like contacting the store manager (who is never there), the assistant manager who is careless and inept, the district manager who is evasive and unhelpful and the regional manager who is well hidden, pompous and refuses to talk to the customer. If I went into all the details the story would go on forever.

My problem was resolved with my request being honored for (10) $1 ink jet refills, so far so good. Now we go back to that store for more and this time we encounter the same woman and the same young man who is the assistant manager (he screened me thoroughly the first time I went there)...they are gossiping about me and my mother! We are standing right behind the assistant manager and can hear everything.
Once they realize this the young man rushes away and the Asian woman acts like nothing is wrong.

I report this crude behavior to Mr. Wasson and ask for compensation, more ink-jet refills and a Walgreens gift card...and why not? I mean if this were "medieval times" both employees would be openly punished in the town square. But we are civilized in the 21st Century so asking for some type of compensation is warranted. Where do these two idiots get off talking about my mom and me?


Mr. Wasson turns this NEW matter over to his legal dept. and now I'm harassed by another pain-in-the-ass so-called senior attorney who has violated my privacy rights by emailing me and sending me letters.
She states that NOTHING will be done for us because of this insult. She demands that I contact her ONLY.

Her letter states that she wants to talk to me. Sure she does, to get the facts about the incident. She writes, "You, of course, can choose to shop at Walgreens or not"...Now how's that for Walgreens great customer service!!!
Whythelongfaces Send email
Feb 23, 2012

over priced

Depends on whether the medication was part of the agreement Walgreens has with the pharmaceutical company as it pertains to your insurance. Just because one is cheaper than the other does not mean the other is bad. It means they have a different contract.
Barghouthy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

over priced

Dropped a Dr. prescription at their pharmacy i gave the insurance cards for blue cross, medical, ccs, came back the next day to find out that it will cost me
$99 .00 i had to refuse it at that price which was for Antibiotics bottle,
took the prescription to next door Target store in less than 15 min. i endup paying $15.00 for the same bottle is there any reason for charging 6 times the price .
RichardHead Send email
Feb 23, 2012

abusive store manager

Learn to use your spell check, you moron. You work at walgreens, how hard can you really be working?
Peter Brockman Send email
Feb 23, 2012

abusive store manager

Amen...or, train to work on a legend. The Harley-Davidson Program at The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute can help him get his foot in the door. Many of the leading manufacturers hire technicians trained at the Institute. Instructor John Raffi says, "Keep the legend alive." He should call someone at MMI today and get the ball rolling.
Armc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

abusive store manager

I'm a employee of this store, our store manager is a abusive : he treats us slave just like workers in the
third world/ if not thinks we are robots. I know that we are not going to win on this case b'coz he is been
back by the district. All of our employees has a low moral. He even threaten us that he can fire us on our
job. This a verbal abuse. If there will be an investigation we hope you just talk to all emplyees who are
the front liners.

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