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Dave A Send email
Aug 5, 2021

Breach warranty

Same issues. Poor windows and doors. Weathershield will not honor the warranty. Instead they offered to sell us a sheet of glass. What are we supposed to do with a piece of glass? No choice but to consider suit for breach of warranty and fraud.
Brenda Miller Send email
May 12, 2020

Window seals failing

We purchase the True Divided Light window back in 1999 when building our home. We were sold these with the warranty to replace for Life.
. We started having problems right away.
Some were replace before we moved in and a few soon following years.We paid over 100K for these windows and they are crap. Additional Charge for Sun R-rating to prevent inside from fading out, which was a big false claim. Total fail on all Warranty.
We have now been told we would have to pay for the cost of the window and labor...we now have around 25 separate panes that are white and cant see through them.
In the Den area the window have black spots in between the panels and look spotted all the time on every window.
. The ones that have been replace in the past the tint on them do not match and you can see where the labels were attached to them . it won't clean off. I cant find anywhere else to get the replacement windows other company make that kind of individual panes.
The local dealer is no longer in business. We were unaware that a class action suit had been settled, so I guess we are out of luck.
We definitely can't afford to replace the entire house of windows.
I would never recommend Weather Shield Windows to anyone. or pay the price like they charged us.
MLRess Send email
Jan 4, 2020

Weather Shield windows

I have been trying for 3 years to get some replacements for my windows in a addition that I had put on around 2000. Little to no condensation problem, but the seal (I assume) has failed and my windows look dirty. Now I see why no one responds. My original windows lasted 88 years before I replaced them. I did not think that I would have to replace them any time soon in the addition.
Rkelly1972 Send email
Jul 19, 2019

Windows turning PINK between glass

I have noticed that several of our 50+ Weathershield windows installed when we built this house are clouding with some pink
gunk between the glass panels. Anyone know what causes this or why this happened? When we bought the Weathershield
windows we were told they were top of the line windows. They have been for almost 20 leaking...nothing rotting...
but the pink gunk is getting so bad that you can't see through them! Not what we paid for indeed! I would join a class action
suit if I knew of one. Anyone?
Ron F Send email
May 30, 2019

Weathershield Windows

Bought 12 year old home in2017. Did not realize weathershield windows are such a defective window! I wouldn’t of bought house
If I would of knew. Have replaced 14 windows and 3 more coming. Not only is the expense for the windows a lot to deal with but the
Water damage is very expensive to fix. If your considering buying a house with these windows you better
consider cost and problems to replace.
ryanh Send email
May 17, 2018

Poor quality

When I added a large addition to my home I thought I would go for top quality windows. I got the best clad windows Weathershield made. As soon as my warranty was up I lost the seal in a window and got the old we will supply you with a deal at half price for a replacement. I waited due to labor of installation and over time I have now lost 7 windows.

When I first built my house I used an inexpensive cladded window by Corradco and guess what? Never a problem with any of them. So why the problem with all these way more expensive Weatehshield units? Looks like I am not alone.
Boilerstoker Send email
Oct 9, 2017

Horrible Weathershield windows

The biggest mistake I have ever made was to purchase weathershield Windows for my home.

First problem was their e glazing and argon sealing. The e coating oxidized due to atmospheric penetratration. In other words, the argon was not sealed in and air and moisture entered the double glazed space. This is what I was told. Truth? Who knows.

THE company did replace about ten or twelve pains, but they did not tell me about the class action suits or other problems with these Windows. Since the warranty on glass is only for ten years the other twenty or so failed Windows are not covered. They claim that they will sell me glass for half their price but that is higher than the local high quality glass and some of their replacement glass has also failed.

The other worse problem is that screens do not fit and there are other access holes for flies, lady bugs, yellow jackets and other bugs I don't know what to call.

All this is in house which I have been building for almost twenty years, some rooms are not yet used so I was not aware of these problems.

Some Windows were built out of square and even double glassing seals are crooked.

If this was a reliable company, they would have recalled their defective products, or at least notified customers to watch for the known problems.

I did get these Windows cheap, true, but the real cost is enormous, they all need to be replaced.

It was my fault for buying from an unknown manufacturer. I could have gotten Milgard for about 10 % more; and I knew Milgard was good.

I have purchase other brands to finish my house. Milgard, very good. Crestline, excellent. Jeld Wen, very good to excellent. Atrium, very good to excellent. - - - - - - - -

And Weathershield, very bad to disastrous, horrible experience.

Oh well. Live and learn. Its not as bad as a bloody car wreck.
gen Send email
Jul 14, 2017

Vetter Windwos

I have all vetter windows on my house that was built in 2003 - and several have the seals failing. I see tons of complaints about Vetter, weathershield, etc. Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit regarding them not upholding their warranty claims?? I would love to get some money back to help offset the cost of the new windows
gen Send email
Jul 14, 2017

Vetter Windows

Does anyone know of a class action that has been filed regarding Vetter (and the other subsidiaries) not keeping their warranty promises?? I have all vetter aluminum clad in my home that was build in 2003, and several have seals that are failing.................. I would love to get in on some type of compensation for the replacement of windows.
Tim7676Clem Send email
May 15, 2017

rotten window frames

Weathershield claded windows have failed on every view of my home. We purchased 33 windows from a local distributor in 2013 for a large home and every widow within 4 years has rotted through the window frame. We contacted the company and demanded that they resolve the problem with nothing but refusal. Stay as far away from weathershield products as you can. I made a $27,000 mistake trusting the warranty and sales that these window were the best on the market. I hope you don't make the same mistake.
Rod Sharka Send email
Apr 5, 2017

Not honoring warranty

A Wausau home built in 2002 came with Vetter, casement windows that supposedly had a 20 year, thermopane glass warranty. All south facing casement thermopane windows lost their seals during the winter of 2014-15. At that time, Weather Shield was handling warranty and provided new replacement thermopane panels delivered to a Home Depot store 50 miles away. I had to pick them up and pay a shipping fee, then hire a local installer to replace the my expense. Now, I find that my east and west facing windows have also lost their seal and fogged, as well as one of the south facing windows that was replaced in 2015. After filing another warranty claim to Weather Shield, I received a letter from Peachtree Companies, Inc., stating that SNE Enterprises, Inc, the manufacturer of Vetter brand products ceased doing business as of Dec., 31, 2008. Thus, the warranty is no longer valid as SNE Enterprises is no longer able to provide warranty parts. Essentially, I'm on my own. Seems suspicious, since they had no problem obtaining replacement glass in 2015.
It sounds like Vetter, Peachtree, Weather Shield, SNE Enterprises, are all the same company. They make defective products, offer excellent warranties, and then go out of business or change their name to avoid honoring their warranties. Great business plan. From all of the complaints listed above, it sounds like a need for a class action lawsuit.
DLALEZAEI1 Send email
Nov 19, 2016

vision 2000 weather shield

I have vision 2000 widows installed in my house and they need some repairs.
the closing device , crank shaft,etc are not working.
I didn't find somebody to repair them with a reasonable price.
please help me.
Loparch Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Fogging Windows

All windows on the South facing side of house failed.
Weather Shield refused to honor warranty because I am the 2nd owner of the house.
Their product is inferior to others on the market.
dhmcdole Send email
Jul 11, 2016

Windows and doorwalls

Our builder installed Vetter windows and door walls in our cottage 12 years ago. Have nothing but trouble with them. not working properly and leaking. They are truly a PoS product.
Wylie Basham Send email
May 9, 2016

Leaking Weathershield Casement Windows

We spent many thousands of dollars with Weathershield for all windows in our new home in 1994. They were top of their line aluminum clad wood casement windows.

For years now somehow water has gotten inside them and the inside wood at the bottoms has apparently rotted. Several times we replaced the screws on the bottom hardware and sealed around them. That did not help at all.

We have had to replace sheetrock and baseboards and carpet below the windows 3 or 4 times now.

The dealer we bought them from no longer carries Weathershield and was not the least bit interested in our problems. I have tried to contact other dealers, as well as Weathershield, but had no response.

We need some expert advice on what we can do to solve our problem. We realize we cannot count on their warrenty.
youngiam Send email
Apr 14, 2016

Vetter windows

Wow - from reading all the complains above - looks like we are screwed. Our Vetter window are loosing their seals one by one and clouding up. Looks like rotting of the sills will be next according to the above complaints. We are retired, we purchased this home 3 years ago. From what I know it is a Wasau home and was built in 2004, which should be well within a warranty. We thought we were buying a house a quality needing few repairs beyond replacement appliances. We certainly were not planning on replacement windows. Let me know if there is a class action suit going on.
EHEBLE Send email
Mar 21, 2016

Weathershield seal failure

Weathershield is a JOKE. Our home was built in 2007 with all new Weathershield casement windows. The seal/glazing on nearly all of them has failed and there is significant leakage with any direct rain. The "local" technician that we were referred to by the manufacturer took a brief look and reported that, even though these are less than 10 years old, the necessary repair would be considered labor only and would not be covered by warranty -- then insisted on a consultation fee!
KarenStuttgen Send email
Jan 23, 2016

Weathershield Vision 2000 product line

We built our home in 2000. From the first year, we have replaced widows because the gas escaped, clouding the view. We have lost track, but I estimate we have replaced 15+ windows.This year alone, six more windows lost gas. I tell everyone stay away from Weathershield. I asked the rep once if this is problem (lie), she said it was due to our house settling. Guess it's still settling...not!4
marsha mondry Send email
Oct 24, 2015

weather shield service

I have three Weathershied sliding glass doors which have held up well as they are 27 years old. Four years ago had parting stops and weatherstrip replaced on one. Recently contacted company as another door needed these replaced. They were no help and even
though the replacement parts catalog lists what I needed they said they no longer carry the item and referred to some window
parts companies that might have the parts. They were not much help and said the doors were too old. Not happy with the outcome
and can't locate the part anywhere.
Gary1522 Send email
May 29, 2015

Vetter Window and Doors

I had a home built in 2002 with Wausau Homes. They used Vetter windows and doors for all of the windows. I have had a few replaced while they were still in business. Last year I replace 6 windows at my own cost and this year plan on replacing 9 more. As so many of you have stated they will not honor the warranty they gave for 20 years. I have no recourse but to do this at my own expense. Wausau Homes will do nothing, Sterling Homes a division of Wausau also will not do anything. There are about 10 to 15 homes in our subdivision that have been built by either Wausau or Sterling Homes and I am sure many more homes have the same issues. I have tried many times to get this resolved. The estimate I just received is another $2,000 out of my pocket and this is just for the glass not for the install. Last year I spent over $1,000 and next year I will have the others replaced that will cost me at least $1,500. It is not right that we are left footing the bill for defective products that we had no choice in picking out the manufacture of these windows. If there is a class action law suit, I would be in, in a second. Anybody out there know of one or will a attorney please take it on.
Contact me at: [email protected]
ThebigDerral Send email
Jan 28, 2015

No argon gas installed

Lookin for back up I. Personally had a positioning quality control and KNOW of no argon gas being placed in glass. Yes. Lead person turned his back and a peek a boo around the corner from the employer who was supposed to do the job. Quote. Get them numbers out. Wasn't long after that I a cussed of braking. The tester. Ya right
Laralyn Send email
Dec 8, 2014

Vetter Doors and Windows Warranty Not Honored

Our windows and doors were installed in a new home in 1999. We cannot find out who warranties these windows now that different company owns the previous Vetter company. It appears that is Crestline Windows and Door Company. According to the PWD Service supplier, they are not responsible for warranties so the manufacturer is the one I guess we need to uphold their warranty which should have transferred when they bought the company.

Cannot reach anyone by phone and do not have any idea how to get this warranty honored. I guess (especially after reading that we're not the only ones) we are going to have to get their attention. To do so may require a lawsuit. We are now taking our issue up through the regulatory complaint system. If no resolution, will proceed with lawsuit. Time is wasting and before our windows and sliding patio doors completely fall out from rotting and leaking, we are taking action. Enough really is enough.
dac Send email
Oct 7, 2014


Every one of their windows failed in my home, Company refuses to stand by the warrantee. I would join a class action law suit in a flash. Something needs to be done about this unethical company
2bfree Send email
Feb 7, 2014

Warranty work not being honored

Most of our windows failing and rotting. Weathershield is refusing to honor warranty and stating it was our fault.
I have started a FB page under Weathershield.(windows and doors)

To see if some are interested in a class action suit.
Thank you !
Larry Gunkel Send email
Jan 27, 2014

Vetter windows and doors

I had Vetter windows and doors installed in my house in 1999. Sense then they have leaked and rotted the wood and screws out of the bottom opening mechanism. This causing the windows to not close properly further enhancing the problems of leaking. This has endangered anything below with the imminent possibility of breaking and or falling off with any kind of wind while open. The top seals on all the windows and around the sliding glass doors have now deteriorated to the point that they all need replaced due to the fact they are no longer doing there job, all 38 casement windows and 8 sliding glass doors. If anybody has any suggestions please contact.

Bummed in Indiana

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