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NAC Send email
Mar 31, 2018

Address Needed

I need the address to send correspondence regarding what I now know was an illegal repossession. I need the information to send to WFDS and credit bureau.
USER1414 Send email
Mar 2, 2018


vegabrenda0107 Send email
Nov 11, 2017

Lender Placement of Auto Insurance

Wells Fargo Dealer Services purchase for you without your knowledge or consent third party vendor Auto Insurance Policies from National General Insurance Company. The Insurance Premium Cost added to your Auto Loan has % Rates that vary each month, also added to loan balance. Wells Fargo then applies your Contract Auto Loan Interest Rates to the balance of your loan. When making your Monthly Auto Loan Payment as agreed in your contract should be applied towards Principal and Interest On Loan. Wells Fargo Dealer Services applies your Monthly Payment to National General Insurance Premiums purchased for you and applies your Monthly Payment to Insurance % Rates and Premium Increases first. Any Monthly Payment amount remaining then applies to your Loan Principal and Loan Interest. There is never enough remaining to apply to your Principal or loan interest so the unpaid amount then is called Payment Variance and another % Rate applies and Late Payment Charges Added. All these Additional Charges are applied to your Loan Balance and Loan Contract Interest Rates apply to that as well. In short your Monthly Payments increase and your Auto Loan Running Balance Increased Too!! Wells Fargo also has a hidden Auto Loan Daily % Rate applied separate from the Auto Loan Interest Rate. The Daily% is variable and can be found on your Monthly Billing Statement in small Text. The Daily Rate % is multiplied by 30 days and added to your Auto Loan Balance. If you are a Wells Fargo Auto Loan Account Holder: Look for Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), CPI% and (MDI) which means Insurance Increase Adjustments to your account. In Summary Wells Fargo Auto Loan Account Holders are in Default, Delinquency and Repossession Status even though a monthly payment has not been missed. Contacting Wells Fargo Dealer Services is a joke. Representatives are college students making minimum wage. Call " Office Of The President" Wells Fargo at 877-250-2265 and a college student will answer, but your account gets case number assigned and the Case Representative is not a Wells Fargo Employee Rather a CPI Specialist ( no conflict of interest) hired by Business Commerce Governance. Government Regulated Business Practice that is assigned to and is now taking Wells Fargo Dealer Services to Court on a Third Part Fraud Business Practice Suite. It seems Wells Fargo is a Bank Lender not an Insurance Broker.
Gb75 Send email
Oct 15, 2017


Repo man found me. Wells fargo does not understand hardships.
lst63074 Send email
Aug 8, 2017

False claim

Wells Fargo Dealer Services fraudulently filed a claim with my insurance claiming there was damage to the car when they got it back. There was no damage at all tow truck company towed it if there was damage it was due to them or wells fargo. Wells Fargo never called, emailed, text nothing to ask about said damages they just filed a claim without me knowing i found out a month later from an email from my insurance company.
CRUZE Send email
Jul 30, 2017


HarveyDent Send email
May 26, 2017

Fradulant Business Practices

Wells Fargo Dealer Services has been and is operating fradulantly under Uniform Commercial Code (that is the law you live under) relating to the sale of negotiable instruments (your wet-ink signed loan document) and continuing to collect on the debt, charge and collect late fees and repossess cars (ILLEGALLY) because they are no longer the lawful holder of the note. The holder of the note is due payment

So they sell the document the borrower signs for the full value of the loan or close to it very soon after the deal is done. Keep only a copy which they use as their proof of claim and what they use to pursue legal action if the borrower defaults, yet the whole time they are OPERATING IN FRAUD. This is BIG BIG BIG people. It's time to lift the veil on CROOKED ASS WELLS FARGO.

Watch what they JUST tried with me
Dory Send email
May 18, 2017


I went to refinance with Wells Fargo Auto from Wells Fargo Dealer services, and it's a good thing I did. When I refinanced my vehicle the pay off amount they transferred over was way to high. I have been trying to rectify this for about 3 years, now. They were putting half of my payments in interest instead of principle. I have spoke to the customer service reps to no avail. Then I have sent 3 certified letters with a copy of the payment and interest history (that they were willing to send me, but not be accountable for the errors on it), to a couple different places. No response or refund yet. I will have to take them to court and of course that will be my out-of-pocket cost, my time, and my energy. Banks used to have a high standard of ethics, laws and accountability, now they are allowed to steal from people.
memily Send email
Mar 3, 2017


My car was repossessed in November. I knew that I had screwed up and I accepted what had happened to me. I was told by the rep that I talked to when the car was taken that I would receive a letter in the mail when the car was sold that would detail what I owed and what the car was sold for. The rep specifically told me to wait for the letter in the mail and it could take a month or two. I waited and nothing came. I am trying to get my life back on track and get over the hard times that I have had in the past. Things were going great until I finally called to ask what the deal was. NATALIE from the repo line is my rep now and she could not have been more rude and condescending. She kept telling me that she could not hear what I was trying to tell her but that was because she interrupted EVERYTHING that I said. and for some reason they didn't have any notes on my file or anything about the constant phone calls I had made to them before the repossession took place telling them why I couldn't pay, making arrangements and explaining my situation. I was in constant contact with these people. I understand that I owe them money and I have no problem paying what I owe. I have never been treated so poorly in my life!!! it was disgusting. Does anyone know if I am able to change my rep there and work with someone who i can respect as a person? She refused to tell me when the first letter was sent out and only told me that she would send another one. I feel sick about the whole situation. aren't there laws about the correspondence you're entitled to when something as important as this is happening?? These people are THE WORST!!!!
maryesthr456 Send email
Mar 2, 2017

unfair repossion

I was at my and laid off call them told Igot laid start drawing unployment and said contact with them and and try to say did not have oinsurance had full coverage and repo call them can't get to return phone any one no lawyer I can get
DarthFargo Send email
Dec 28, 2016

Process Equivalent to a Colonoscopy

Whatever you do, do not get your car repossessed by Wells Fargo, bro. This is a warning to all who are thinking about putting that ol' car payment off - DON'T DO IT, MISS CELIE. Once your vehicle is repossessed, Wells Fargo will pretty much tell you to go piss up a rope for the next 24-48 business hours until the man behind the curtain decides whether or not you can reinstate your loan (meaning you pay to get the vehicle back and they let you catch up the payments and pay the repossession fee rather than pay off the balance of the loan completely) OR redeem your vehicle (meaning they no longer want to do business with you and they make you pay the entire balance of the car if you want it back). My family and I went through absolute raw unlubed hell the week before Christmas when mine got picked up. Everyday we called about 6 different departments and spoke with 50 different dickweed call reps, some who laughed at my situation like any Good Samaritan trying to collect a debt a few days before Christmas, and who reminded us that I would not be in this crappy situation if I had just paid my car payment on time. OUCH! My issues were a little different as there are 2 people on my loan and the other tried to screw me over severely in this little process called a divorce. Do they care? Absolutely not. The only thing that talks here is patience and money. Lots of both. Let me back up a minute though. Whenever you call Wells Fargo, you usually get the collections department who would be the culprits to put the car out for repossession in the first place. HOWEVER, they do not know who you are all of a sudden, they will not help you much, they cut you off and tell you you should have communicated with them WAY before now. Keep in mind it does not matter if you have payment arrangements or how many times you have spoken with them - you will NOT get a repo notice, a warning or anything. So now that you called the regular Wells Fargo #, you are instructed to call the darkside: the dreaded, the unholy, the evil Redemption Department. These Redemption Dept people are cruel and sadistic. They have this Joker sense of humor and probably watch hospitals burn and take candy and puppies from small children in their spare time. Definitely takes a special kind of miserable shitbird to be on the receiving end of these repo calls. And don't even get me started on which department opens at what time and on which days and the Pacific Time Zone BS. If your car gets taken, be prepared to give Wells Fargo a good solid business week of your blood, sweat, and tears, and some family members' hard-earned, borrowed small fortune. The repo fee alone is going to cost you around $500. And aside from the Redemption Department, you have to stay in contact with some other Wells Fargo affiliated department who communicates to the actual recovery company, otherwise known as your Repo Man. Good luck finding out where your vehicle is actually being stored, too. WF will really make your blood boil when they tell you that at any moment your car can be transported to another state for storage, or sold off at auction. If this happens, you're S.O.L., my friend. My Repo Woman was "nice" enough to tell me that she would get a 24 hour heads up on any movement on my car but the whole thing is a rat race to beat the clock of the great unknown about your car's fate because this transport/auction crap could happen at ANY time during this process. Luckily, I called in a large favor to Jesus and paid to reinstate my loan on hour 50something (day 2 ... when they FINALLY made a decision on what they wanted to do with my car/loan) and I was able to get it back after the Recovery Co. opened up the week after Christmas. So let's recap. Call Wells Fargo - call Redemption Company - call third party company affiliated with Repo Man - FINALLY get Repo Man's #. And remember, if you do actually get your car repossessed, you will be feeling like a lousy son-of-a-bitch for a few days if you intend to get it back. Another commenter said he was "hot as da devil" about this process and I have to agree with him. Have to laugh to keep from popping open a vein in the bathtub because the run around is absolutely noteworthy here, otherwise I could not give a damn about what anyone else does with their car payment, but I thought maybe my words would encourage people or make you feel more like lighting yourself on fire to escape this chaos like I felt after reading this message board. A raging inferno is better than dealing with this process. Anyway, you come up with the money to settle your score, you find a Western Union who will send money to a company specifically "to pay a bill" (CALL WESTERN UNION BEFOREHAND), you call Wells Fargo back to give them the confirmation # that you just paid them a ton of money, they wait 4-5 business hours to verify your funds were received, then wait some more to send the release to the third party repo people, third party repo people take about a day to send the release to the repo company, and lastly, repo company tells you they wait another 4-5 hours to process releases and now you're on their time as far as making an appointment to take back possession of the vehicle you paid for days ago at this point. Maybe others out there have the patience for this crazy shit, but it took about 10 years off my life. I would rather owe money to the Russian Mafia than to Wells Fargo. If I had nuts, I would sooner risk them being removed by a butter knife than ever have to deal with this finance company again. Please Lort Jesus, help me pay off what little I owe on this car after 6 years now and be done with these evil bastards.
sjbarns Send email
Aug 18, 2016


My husband and I bought a new vehicle in July 2015. We own our own company, so when we made big purchases, there was no since in running both of our credit reports, so we just ran my husbands. Thus the loan was in his name. He passed away in Dec. 2015. On August 13, 2016, they came and got the vehicle. The repo guy said they put on the order "default payments". Not true the payments were up to date and insurance current. In fact the August payment was August 16 but had been paid August 03. So when I called them, they said it was because my husband's name was the only name on the title and they would not allow me to make payments. We had been married for 41 years. I have had my probate attorney talking with them but are getting nowhere. These banks got bailed out with our tax money and they refuse to help the consumer. I do not understand how they can get away with this type of theft. They said they sent me a letter but I got nothing. I asked them to email the letter but they said they can't do that either. Now I am left without a vehicle that we had paid on religiously on time and they still took it. This just blows my mind.
Paulsond Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Phone time , Fax time

When you call Wells Fargo it takes 3 departments to get to correct dept. After giving same information to all 3 then you have to wait 20 minutes to talk to someone just to see if they received your fax requesting info be sent to DMV then it takes 5 to 7 business days for them to send requested info to DMV??? I call Geico my insurance company they with 1 phone call fax & email requested info while on phone with them Pronto! Take a tip Wells Fargo no excuse they are just as big if not bigger & receive just ad many requests all in how effect you want to be ai guess hmmmm????
[email protected] Send email
Jun 17, 2016

repo my car

just got my car repo for 2 payment behind, because i lost my job and car broke down it cost me $1800 to fix my car., Welsfargo never send me any notice. same night they send me 5 emails, which was already late. i called welsfaro all day to find the amount to in bound my car. around last hr of business one gentleman told me $1365.00 and today already got late so do it tommorow. i was frusted to bring $1365.00. to mange 1365 i sold my bose tv which i paid $4200.00 i sold fr 750.0 i had old coin collection i sold all coins than i was abel to come with 1365.00.
Next day around 9:00 am i called them. gentleman told me i cant get my car no more unless i pay off. i told them some body told me yesterday $1365.00. the gentleman told me sorry fr that but hat was mistake.i didnt had any choice beside talk to upper level management peoples. i request the manager n wt she said to me pay off n take yr car.i told her if i ve that much money don u think i make my car loan payemnt. she told me if cant pay offf than we don want yr business anymore........look at her answer. i would like to request every one pls stop doing business with this bank..... lets make a sucess.
thank you
Who Cares? Send email
Jan 7, 2016

Poorest Customer Service in History

I received a notice in the mail from Wells Fargo on a Tuesday and then again Wednesday with a completely different amount. It was at this time, my wife called Wells Fargo Dealing Services and talked with Joshua. He gave her an amount that was needed to correct the problem with my telephone account payment. The payment was returned for whatever reason and then was processed again and it cleared. I called and talked with Karen and she gave me a completely different amount and I must make a payment of $503.00 and another one due in two weeks. I talked with my wife and she was a totally upset about the situation and we went to the Wells Fargo Bank here in Waco, Texas.
We talked with the Banker Person, AnnaMarie and she called the Customer Dept at Dealer Services and after making about five attempts she finally reached someone (Never gave their name; she was female). This person was the most rude, angry and just hateful. I tried to get her to talk with my wife about the situation since she handles the finances in our family, but she refused and was very rude again and became more angry sounding and short in her responses. I tried to explain what I was confused about and she simply talked over me and didn't talk with my wife as I suggested. I told her I let my wife handle the finances and she stated she would not talk to anyone but me and proceeded to talk over me again and again. I realize we were having difficulty with my bank about delaying the transfer of funds and causing the payments to not only be late but they were sometimes returned and reprocessed the payment cleared. The point is I am a Human Being, a Customer and a Vietnam Veteran and I am retired; I have never been talked down to and I have never been so disrespected EVER!! I want to be perfectly clear, I DO NOT WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A COMMON CRIMMINAL, DEADBEAT, ETC. IF THIS PERSON HAD BEEN IN MY PERSON I WOULD HAVE WRAPPED THE TELEPHONE AROUND HER NECK AND TELL HER TO STOP BEING SO RUDE AND COMPLETLY BUTTING IN WITHOUT LISTENING TO ME OR GIVING ME SIMPLE RESPECT. IF THIS IS THE WAY YOU ALL OPERATE THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMPANY AND I WILL SPREAD THE WORD IN ALL MY AREAS NOT TO D BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMANY!! IF YOU THINK I AM KIDDING, JUST TRY THIS AGAIN AND YOU CAN HAVE THE CAR!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO TELL THE DEALER ABOUT THE "WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE" I HAD WITH YOURT COMPANY AND I HOPE THEY WILL STOP USING YOUR COMPANY!!!!
lizett Send email
Nov 4, 2015

Wells Fargo

Back in 1990 I had my car repossed , the bank was Wells Fargo. My daughter at the time was diagnosed with cancer and I had to stop working. I did stop makeing payments. My complaint is that in 2003 my husband and I had to re-finance to clear up some debt we had from that time and the car repo was included and was paid ( 16,000) Mind you I lost my daughter in 1995. We recently went to refinance again and found out that Wells Fargo put a lien on our home back then and even though they were paid still have not taken it off. I have been going thru one of their offices in the Midwest and was under the impression that I would soon receive a letter of release on the lien to give to our lender and now I receive a call today after 3 weeks saying that they can't do anyting unless I know
the original account # from when I purchased the car! they don't have our account # but they were able to put a lien on our property!
The lawyer that the funds went thru back in 1990 to pay Wells off in no longer in business and on the documentation that we have with
the seal and proof that Wells was paid off doesn't have the orignal loan # with Wells on it. For such a large Corp Wells Fargo is the worst customer service organization I have ever have experienced-- I don't know where to go at this point-- Once again they have a lien on our property but can't find us in their system!!!!!!
nicolep Send email
Oct 26, 2015

Going no where

Just got my car repo for 1 payment behind, I have been calling wells fargo all day to try to figure out how much more I will need to get my car back and go figure they state there is nothing in there system yet, and call back tomorrow. You would think EVERYTHING would be in there system and be able to tell someone how to go about getting there vechile back. I spoke to a greg last week who told me to make the 325.00 payment by Wednesday and nothing would happen so on Wednesday I paid 350.00 and Sunday my cars gone!!!! I will never deal with this company again!!!!
cbell0121 Send email
Apr 30, 2015

Will not accept payoff of auto loan

I have attempted to call Wells Fargo Dealer Services regarding the payoff of my auto loan. It is past due so they have sent it to collections and will not respond to my telephone call. I only owe approximately $1,600 and went to the Wells Fargo Bank to pay my debt in full and they told me that they couldn't accept my payment. I have spent most of the day attempting to talk with the collection department with no response. I believe they want to repo the vehicle instead of accepting my payment. Please give me a call at 310-721-0121 or write me back at my email [email protected] and let me know what I can do. Thank you, Charles R. Bell
Judith Send email
Apr 24, 2015

Redemption of repossessed car

I am an attorney trying to redeem a client's car that was repossessed. The information provided to the consumer is not accurate, and after talking to at least 6 people and being given 3 fax numbers, I still do not know how much money to send to the Redemption Office to redeem the car. There is absolutely no interest in working with consumers who want to do the right thing, pay what they owe, and get their cars returned. I am appalled that customer service throughout the Wells Fargo organization is so ineffective.
rbenavides Send email
Mar 25, 2015

terrible service

If wells fargo is here to help me succeed financially...who can I speak to for help in expediting closing of a loan on a home I'm selling that has already been delayed by wells fargo twice? Wells Fargo seems to be famous for dragging their feet on closing of home loans and it is about to cost me the sale of a home. I seem to get no help or commitments from anyone in your organization. How can you possibly stay in business with that kind of customer service? The lack of service and lack of commitment on clear to close on home purchased is a joke at best. I cant tell you what a bad experience dealing with wells fargo has been. Totally unbelievable !!
Alex12345 Send email
Sep 27, 2014

Redemption dep

Yes it was my fault for non payment so my car got repo ok called them no answer so I caught up with the repo company n it looked like a tv show what I have done. As I caught up to them to I blocked them in repo driver gets out n repo passenger locks his doors all scared lol all I wanted to know is where n how to get the car back ok so he wrote down the towing company name witch had a different logo on truck no problem I use to deal n work with towing company back home in New York I know the scams they pull. Next day called redemption up at 1888 937-9992 waited 45 min on hold for someone with no name to tell me it takes 24 hrs before they can release info I said ok. Called Wells Fargo some Hispanic guy name Adrian nice guy but no fucing help either. Went to bank well Fargo were I do make my payments and again no info bec it was out of there hands. Called back California redemption dept n again n again these times 53 minutes n 58 minutes till I got thru with an agent with a number longer then her abc n very rude no help there. Now at this point in time it's been the 24 hr period called again n got the amount I owe with the repo fee n could only be sent by western union or money gram I said ok . So I spoke to the at 11 am n went to send money an hour later at 12 noon n called back again this male operator no name n no I'd number I gave him my reference number for the wire transfer n he told me the release papers will be sent via FAX to the towing comp. which only take a phone call max maybe 10 minutes. N said it would be 4 hrs for the to get to the towing comp. I go to the towing company by 4:10. Pm n ask what time they close n they said 5pm so me thinking hip hip horray ima get my car back n they said no release papers came in. At this point in time I'm fucking hot as da devil so called bac n redemption had no clue of me reporting my payment reference number to them since last phone call I made at noon. Mind u after second attemp with me giving redemption my info for the second time she said wait another 4 hrs till the papers get fax at this time towing comp is close so the guy saids from towing comp call him in the am around 1030 to see if release papers came in so I did n again nothing from GOD DAMMMM REDEMPTION so there for I'm three days into storage fee going on 4 cause they close on Sunday . DO NOT DO ANY BUSS WITH WELLS FARGO DEALER SERV NOR ANY AFFIATES THAT HAS THE NAME WELLS FARGO THEY RUN AS FAST THERE LOGO FUCKING HORSES N CARRAIGES VERY BAD SERVICES ONCE I GET MY CAR OUT I PLANNING ON REFI WITH ANOTHER BANK DONT DO WELLS FARGO THEY SUCK ASS ALL DA WAY AROUND I RATE THEM 00000000000
lisa1268 Send email
Aug 26, 2014

Repo vechile - false claim- I have full coverage

My vehicle got reposed yesterday due to lack of insurance coverage that Wells Fargo falsely claims , I have provided the declaration page from my insurance carrier, I have had full coverage insurance since the start date of the loan, Wells Fargo Insurance department Wanda ph# 800-368-6805 spoke with my insurance carrier yesterday Monday,25,2014 and notated the account Amax ph# Jessie 210-922-8822. I have had full coverage I have faxed the declaration page and so did my insurance provider. I have called and talked to several departments including the reinstate department/ redemption department 1888-937-992. For some reason Wells Fargo dropped the ball and failed to verify my insurance coverage and reposed my vehicle, on my daughters first day of school. I can’t tell you what a nightmare this been. I am hoping you can assist me or please forward to someone who can. My vehicle is at South Texas ph# 210-590-2621. I need my vehicle since it has been reposed due to lack of verifying insurance and the lack of communication between Wells Fargo Insurance department and Amax (my insurance carrier). There is protocol and procedure and this is a nightmare, Wells Fargo stole my vehicle and is very negligence. I am following this with a complaint to the BBB ph# 512-445-2911 fax 512-445-2096. This is unacceptable behavior. Its been 2 days and no assistance. I am current with payments and full coverage.... this is a nightmare!
Paulimom Send email
Jan 19, 2014

Heart Surgery Patients car taken

Wells Fargo dealer services is the most terrible outfit. My husband who is 41 suffered a massive heart attack in June 2013 and had to have open heart surgery and a pacemaker a few months later. I being the wife was the only one working with two children maintaining our home, utilities and food was most important. I got two months behind but took a loan from my boss to pay it up. then i was able to make a few on schedule, i missed one and just as the second was coming due i called them to tell them in the next 10 days i would have it current because my husband was awarded disability. I was told rudely that it would need to be approved by a manager, I waited two days called back and was told they had not made a decision then one day later i came out to my car being gone. Now tell my why ... i called them to tell them details, i never avoided them or tried to get out of a payment. They could have said hey, we cant make that arrangement and i would have returned it but to just take it ? my 16 year old daughter had bought me a jacket for Christmas from her own paycheck and it was in the car. I know i will never see it. I never lied to them did they really have to lie to me ? i live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and Angelo in Tampa is a liar and Carma is a B.
amscode Send email
Feb 6, 2013

Unbelievable run around

My daughters car was taken last night/this morning. Wells Fargo apparently only operates on west coast time any time before noon east coast time.

Multiple multiple calls between different agencies. Mostly all horribly hateful. But they did say that it is NOTED in the file that a payment arrangement was made and that we are six days shy of when that payment was scheduled to be made. No explanation why that wasn't honored.

Let me say right now, that this loan did NOT originate from Wells Fargo but was SOLD to Wells Fargo by my bank, without any input from her.

The car is 300 miles from our house. They keep suggesting we drive there and drop off a key. Then wait for a letter to arrive. They've even said they have no idea the cost to get the car back, that the TOW Operator will determine that. I asked for a pay off amount. They cannot give that either.

The Recovery Company that Wells Fargo hired is out of Georgia, we live in Virginia. The Virginia company is a 300 mile trip.

No one knows anything, no one can tell us who can figure this out. So, it's basically a whole day lost work for her, a day lost pay for me (to take her there but that's not going to happen) and now they say it could be a few days before they can figure this out.

They've also informed us that the car can be taken to auction anytime, including before we get the "letter" to tell us how to pay, and what to pay. It can be a considerable distance from our home. Even another State, BUT if she pays she can still pick it up at the Auction house within the next ten days but they can't guarantee where it will be located.

They won't even give a pay off amount. They can make her pay the whole life of the loan even without getting her car back, even though she's tried to pay over and over AND had an arrangement with them. She wasn't even two months behind.

They can and will do this to anyone. BEWARE. If you have an CHOICE do not use WELLS FARGO for any reason.
marley12 Send email
Dec 27, 2012

Customer Service

The individuals - Brandon, Luis, Melissa - all in the Portland office, have to be the lowest of the low when it comes to integrity, compassion and deriving any good feelings about themselves when it comes to the work that they do. Wells Fargo Dealer Services is by far the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with and I intend to spread the message. Got behind one month in a payment, have consistently made payments for the last 20 years that I have had car loans and WFDS had zero compassion or desire to find a solution to get my payments on track. I was pressed by Luis on why I missed one car payment - I attempted to explain, as Luis spoke over me, that unexpected expenses came up - including pet bills, and Luis told me I should have paid my car, right? As I have to get to work? I stated no, I actually ride public transit to work. He immediately jumped to the conclusion that my car should be re-po'd then. I asked to speak with someone above him, in hopes that we could have a rational conversation - as Luis's slimey vibe was dripping through my phone, and I got someone even more awful. Brandon. Brandon wouldn't let me speak, Luis was yelling at me in the background. I was completely bullied. Brandon told me I have 10 days to get things on track or I would lose my car. Mind you, I had initially called Luis to make a payment. This company is horrible. I can't find the right words to sufficiently describe how awful my experience was. Melissa was the final person I spoke with today. She was smug and full of fluff. Telling me that Luis had never received any complaints but Brandon has - because he's in collections - like it's okay and to be expected. News flash WFDS, being nicer will get you farther. Deciding to bully your customers - whom I am guessing are a lot like me - professionals that have found themselves in brief periods of financial strain for various reasons, will get more money in your door and likely cost you much less time responding to complaints and/or paying for legal services in defending your awful decisions, as well as your repo men and their trucks. It's not rocket science. I honestly hope that this company goes under and all their horrible employees face the same difficult scenarios and importantly are abused by people who think they hold the power - you Brandon, in Collections. Disgusting.

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