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cpcorbitt Send email
May 3, 2016

property loss / insurance proceeds

wells fargo property loss

wells fargo conversion of insurance proceeds

I am currently preparing to litigate the set of facts below.

If you have a similar story, please contact me asap.

1. damage to house
2. insurance check written to home owner and mortgage company, wells fargo
a. wells fargo wont endorse check, so you sign and send to them expecting wells fargo to send the money back
b. after completing all forms, phones calls, no money sent back
3. home owner hires contractor to fix house
4. contractor fixes house and does not get paid because wells fargo keeps check
a. wells fargo is holding hostage potentially millons of dollars or home owners insurance money
5. contractor mad, contractor out money, contractor files lien on house for no payment
6. home owner distraught, does not have money to pay contractor

Please send me an email about your situation.

[email protected]
Janey Harrison Send email
Sep 10, 2012

Insurance claim check

Wells Fargo is holding our insurance claim check and keeps giving us the run around as to why it hasn't been sent back to us.
The roofer as already completed the job and we still can't get our insurance check because wells Fargo is holding it .
Will never do business with wells Fargo again !!!
Zell101a Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Crooks and liars

my grandmother had a similar situation with wells fargo. She had to re mortgage the house a few years back since my grandfather had a stroke and was unable to work again. They owed less then 30 thousand on the home they had been paying there mortgage on time everymonth but when the payments were sent in they held them and took a month to a month in a half to post them to the account obviously accumulating late fees that shouldn't have been there. Then to make things even more fun, every month they paid with money orders since they began the mortgage they sent back 6 money orders with a letter stating that they would not be accepting any more personal checks from her. Glad to know they don't know the difference between money orders and personal checks. For the past 5 months they have been sending the money into what they call a suspense account and threatened to foreclosure and gave her less then a month to come up with 1900 dollars that she had already paid. these people are crooks and want nothing more but to take peoples homes when they owe so little on the house. Good luck trying to call one will tell you what you wanna hear then shortly after if you need to call back the next person doesnt have a clue what the previous had said then they end up bullshitting you to the point of cursing them out and hanging up. These people are for one idiots. two obviously doing illegal things we had a friend of the family who is a lawyer look it over and say what there doing is punishable buy federal law. I suggested a reverse mortgage to my grandmother and we had gone and went through with it and things are fine now we had to do what it took to get a way from these idiotic assholes and will highly suggest for anyone considering to buy a new home or get any kind of anything with these people to turn and run. I suggest the only reason you call them is to tell them how much they are heartless jerk offs and that they should all have there homes and payments screwed with so they can feel the stress that so many people go through. If anyone knows of a class action suite against them please email me at [email protected] id be happy to help them file against these bastards
Birddog123 Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Crooks and liars

They say my escrow will be short by 5 dollars in November so they raised my house payment 30 dollars a month. They are crooks and theives. A rep lied to me in the fall and said if I'd send the 400. they said I was short at that time, that they wouldn't raise my payment. If we had a government worth 2 cents, something would be done about the crooked banks and wall street theives.
Kippele Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Wells Fargo stole money from me

On July 13th I was called by their Customer Service people, his name was Richard that I need to do a hardclose which would close everything because my account had been compromised. The guy at the bank that I spoke to was James Tunah. He told me that everything would be closed after I left the account the account that was closed was at 0.

The next day he called me he said there was some more money in my account so he transferred again he said that night everything would be closed. Two days later the account shows negative. Mind you I went around to the people I wrote checks to and paid them again thinking that the closed account was closed. They had let a bunch things go through that I had paid again. I have talked to managers and nothing is being resolved. They are not even trying to help me. They said I withdrew cash which there was never any cash exchanged. Something is seriously going on her. James Tunah made an error and they should be correcting instead they are trying to punish me.
Anti-SEO Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Wells Fargo stole money from me

You were trying to pass bad cheques and got caught end of story.
Jb6 Send email
Mar 3, 2012

Worst bank

If you have a Wells Fargo account, please consider switching banks. Wells Fargo has been charging me $2 to take money out of their own ATMs, not another bank's ATM, but Wells Fargo ATM. Another $2 to print checks I use to pay rent. And to top it off, I closed my account over a month ago, received a letter stating there were not sufficient funds to pay yet another $2 charge this past week, meaning they did not close the account when they said they did. And to top that off, they did not increase the credit on my card because they stated possible fraud...fraud they did not inform me about until I asked for an increase in credit. And customer service is not even in their vocabulary.
Whythelongfaces Send email
Mar 3, 2012

Worst bank

One question: what does the terms and conditions for your account state? The one you signed when you opened the account? As for closing your account, also in your terms and conditions it will say that account closures are done within a sufficient time to allow for any unpaid items to clear FIRST.
Magazinedisguise Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Illegal ACH

Here's how it works- The company of course has to investigate the claim.. Not to say your claim was false, but do you know how many claims the banks get? They used to issue temp credit right away until scammers took the money, we found out the claim was false, and then wells was out all of that money. Secondly, fees are accessed systematically. No one can stop it from happening. If you win your claim, the fee is reversed. We get thousands of claims per day. We need to give the merchant appropriate time to respond to be fair. I know it sucks, but it's that simple.
Princess Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Never use them

Not too long ago Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo. I was told nothing would be changed and everything would stay as is. They LIED to me! I checked my account online and come to find out that everything had changed!

I used to have 4 free withdraws from any location, as long as that bank didn’t charge a fee! Well I would always go to the same one and this time Wells Fargo Charged me! What a rip off! I didn’t have a problem until the money grubbers took over!
I don’t understand how Wells Fargo can do this! They also charged me for maintenance on my checking account! What kind of maintenance are they doing? I can’t see them cleaning a dollar bill. So what is this charge about? They made me pay 5 dollars to even have a savings account! How am I supposed to save if I have to give them money to use it???

This company is a joke! I have heard numerous people just empty their bank accounts with Wells Fargo and go elsewhere. I will be doing the same thing this week! I can’t believe they are doing this! The US government just bailed out these idiots and this is how they are paying us back???? NEVER USE WELLS FARGO!
Magazinedisguise Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Never use them

You forget that Wells Fargo TOOK OVER Wachovia.. If you sold your house, would you expect that the person who bought it would ask your permission to paint the living room? No. They can do what they want and they do notify you in advance.. That is the "Important Account Information" paragraph on your statement that no one ever looks at.
Mark Bad Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Illegal ACH

I gather you work for Wells Fargo?

Actually this ended up being resolved and rather quickly. I really do understand what you are saying, but after the fact when we looked at the whole thing, it was ultimately that everyone at Wells had a different story or idea of how things worked.
Doing things by the book as I was told to and then having the book change and the program change was frustrating and infuriating.
After 6 days someone finally saw a reference to this company where they were included in a stop payment order.
My funds were back the next day.

But being broke and not getting the feeling anyone gave a crap, made for a terrible time.

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