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Linda Thorp Send email
Apr 5, 2021

Fraudulent Sales

We believe that Wyndham completely oversells their products KNOWINGLY. They paint a different picture to each individual they bring in,just to get that money in their pockets...then they leave us “owners” alone and out to dry, without help when we come to them about how we cannot use the product. They ham you up by offering you a meal and building a relationship with you before taking you into the sales part of their meeting where they throw around these grand ideas and confuse you with a bunch of different numbers, estimates, costs, etc. The idea they paint is being able to plan an amazing vacation in a nice resort whenever and wherever you wanted for a huge discount. THE TRUTH IS that if you DO get a trip (which is rare) you’re usually settling for a location. We have gotten rooms that smell like fish, carpets that leave your socks black and one location infested with palmetto bugs (roaches by another name). When we complained it fell on deaf ears. No satisfaction! We have settled just so we don’t lose our points...because we can't actually use them where we want and Wyndham offers little to no assistance. We keep paying and paying for something we’re not able to use and we have paid enough! There is no discount when you have a lifetime of increasing maintenance fees.This is a prison sentence and NOT a freeing way of vacationing! Mark our words. We have tried to get out of it and they just offer financial hardship...another trap. No, we can pay but we aren’t going to for something we CAN'T use.
wyndcomplaint Send email
Sep 22, 2017

New Mandatory charges

Wyndham just changed their policy to get more money out of their customers. They now charge for the privilege of using the points we already paid for. I started under Fairfield and they never played these games. Now I am captive of the Wyndham money pit.

We now get 2 "reservation points" a year -- so if you have points left from those reservations, now you have to pay to use them. No choice but to pay -- or lose the points.

THIS IS A BAD POLICY, WYNDHAM. This is extortion!

Every year, there's a new reason for regretting ever getting involved with this endless nightmare.

Tip for others -- RUN!!
[email protected] Send email
Sep 30, 2015

Inventory lies and crappy rooms in a gorgeous resort

We bought. Then, we upgraded to VIP. Why? Because owning a deed were the only way to ensure we could get rooms at BC. I have a bad back and neck and we bought this because their rooms were amazing. The Presidentials are the only rooms in ANY chain that do not kill my back. In 2012 they created club "Access" and Presidential Reserve. 800 rooms became unavailable to us, including all the Presidentials. The room we have this week is HORRIBLE. I'd be more comfortable at a Howard Johnson. No wifi, the bed is hard as a rock and my back is killing me. The couch is just as rock hard as are all the chairs. The jacuzzi didn't work and the breaker keeps tripping, there is barely any water pressure. We have been lied to multiple times over the years and they will not buy ours back, even though they could make 37k more scamming someone else due to the price increase. Vacation in hotels people!!! There, they are about service and they make things right. They have not switched my room and instead brought me an extra comforter to put on top of the mattress. They "fixed" the jacuzzi only to have the breaker trip 10 mins after they left. Do NOT buy a timeshare by Wyndham. The sales people felt horrible for me at our owners update, but admit it is all about the numbers and Wyndham doesn't care about the owners. If they wish to prove me wrong, they can get me into a presidential today or send someone out to buy a mattress pad and electric blanket to try to fix my back from their self-admitted rock hard furniture. Our room number is 1492. Great view of a parking lot.
akjesb Send email
Mar 14, 2013

Scammed by Wyndham

Had two "week" time shares. Panama City Beach sales office offered to convert the Palm Springs Plaza into 154,000 points using a PIC contract IF we purchased another 70,000 property, giving us 224,000 points per year. Liked the idea of the points flexibilty. Spent $8,300 for the third property. AFTER the sale and payment, when we tried to deposit our 154,000 point we learned that that property was NO LONGER ELIGIBLE FOR PIC. Paid $8,300 for 225,000 points, got 70,000. Numerous contacts have gotten us NOWHERE. Ripped off and angry...
User930199 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Scammed Lied to and fraud

Agree totally. Went to a meeting and tried to convince us "AGAIN" to upgrade to benefit us. Sales Rep act like they are your best friend and treat you ever so nice until you say "NO THANK YOU!!" Then you become their worst nightmare when you disagree or refuse the offer they are trying to swindle you with! We stood our ground and barked back at them and refused to upgrade. Our 45min guaranteed meeting turned into a 3hr meeting on our vacation time trying to convince us to put more money into Wyndham timeshare. Then on way out we were sent to another sales rep that started in again writing all this jibber on paper of numbers that would end up saving us from paying maintanance charges if we bought more points. (yeah right, then here we go again, our new payment would be going through the roof if we upgraded) We've had enough of the bull and are never putting anymore money into this timeshare. Sorry now we got swindled into buying in the first place. We were promised all these benefits when we bought 5 yrs ago, still waiting. You end up empty handed and paying outrageous payments forever. Don't get ripped off like we did, keep away if you value your dollar or you'll end up losing it to a timeshare that drains your bank account .
User382970 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Scammed Lied to and fraud

went to Atlantic City Wyndham said they could show us a few things . we already were owners . A salesman said Wyndham would buy back are three other timeshares form other resorts . and have no maintenance fees . and only have to deal with Wyndham . Yes it was Great Well let me tell you No it was a scam Fraud Bait and Switch . Mr. L was a high salesman in Wyndham . he took me and my wife for a ride 6000.00 dollar credit card charge not authorized by me and also now instead of one time share with Wyndham they say I now have a new year one be sides my legal every other year one .. and to make things worst Wyndham did not buy back the other timeshares than was explained to me and my wife on June 18, 2009 And NOW THE THE SALESMAN THAT TALKED TO US IS NO LONGER THERE HE BOSS IS NOT THERE AND ONE OF THERE TROUBLE SHOOTER SPECIALISTS IS NOW GONE TO ALL AT THE SAME TIME I THINK THEY HAD THERE HAND IN THE TILL .WELL THIS IS THE TRUTH AND WYNDHAM DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT . WE PEOPLE WHERE EVER YOU GO LET ALL THE CASINO RESORTS TO KEEP WYNDHAM OUT OF THERE PLACES LET THEM KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO PEOPLE THE CASINO LIKE TO RUN A ABOVE BOARD ESTABLISHMENT THERE NOT LIKE WYNDHAM LIE AND CHEAT BAIT AND SWITCH AND FRAUD . LOU FROM PJ
Nobleman Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Getaway Scam

Go to update and learn about new stuff about Wyndham Vacation and will give up $100. It would only be 30 minutes. . BS I was there for 3 hours, trying to escape. If I ever made a mistake in my life it would be buying the stupid timeshare. I go $100 for going to their stupid update but I had to act like a retard before they let me go. The whole time the sale person was trying to sale me more timeshare for another $15, 000. They ripped me off $23, 000 and still want to ripped me off again. SCUM! SCUM LOW LIFE IS WHAT THEY ARE.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Getaway Scam

Wyndham owners, do you get calls every day from Wyndham. Did you answer and they were offering you a discounted getaway to learn about how to manage your pts, better utilize your timeshare? Thats me...

I have a confession:

I currently work for Wyndham Vacation Resorts in their bring a friend dept. The sales reps who call the owners and sell discounted packages to owners to bring a friend along are liars. We use creative ways of telling the owner that they are not going to a sales presentation, rather it is education on how to use their timeshare.

We knowingly mislead owners daily in order to sucker them into buying the package and bringing along qualifing guests (who we have no interest in selling...yeah right) on the false promise of helping them better manage their points, get into the resorts they want to visit... Put them in a position of strength as manager Maurice Brooks says. But, it is lies. We all know they will get nothing more than a 2hr beat down to purchase more pts. But there is no other way to sell the packages.

I feel bad for all the owners travel plans ruined by our false pretenses.
JCarol Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Misrepresentation, Scammers

My husband and I went to what we thought was a way to get our questions answered. Well, instead we were hard-selled into the points system and not only that, "they got us on the VIP" program. All to find out at the last minute, it was twice the price they first said. Then they acted like we should be so thrilled, etc. etc, and we have such good credit rating. Well, that's not the case any more and we've wasted more than $2k trying to dump the thing.
Pasif Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Misrepresentation, Scammers

Was the salesperson Kathleen Kennedy-Cook? I had a similar issue where we were told that our MF were going to be "annualized" and we would save money. She showed us a bunch of figures and it made sense. That all changed after the first bill came rolling in...
Latosh Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Misrepresentation, Scammers

I've been a owner at Wyndham since 2004 on our recent vacation to the Skyline Tower in Atlantic City my husband and I went to a Owners update that ended up being a scam and now we may be in a position to have to foreclose on the property. We were lied to by the sales person saying that are maintenance fees are going to increase by $200 dollars and in order for us to stabilize the fees we should join the Wyndham Access program. We thought that was the right choice at the time until we started receiving inflated bills over $300 more than i had to pay. I contacted the sells rep and she said it was a problem with the paperwork and she would correct it and for me to give her a call back. Needless to say she avoided all my calls and didn't respond to any of my emails. Owner Services was NO help either. Its a tag team situation. I did contact the better business bureau and im waiting to see if this matter could be resolved. I wish i would have taken advantage of the internet because now i see that im not alone in the web of lies and decent on part of Wyndham. People please don't attend any Owners Updates it just another scam.
Yourdave Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Time share

You could probably give it away on TUG ( timeshare users group) especially if you are willing to pay the closing cost and resort transfer fee. How many points do you own, and where is it? How much are your maintenance fees? Don't give any company money upfront to sell it for you those are all scams. If your hope as to make money of even get some of your money back you will be disapointed. Timeshares go unsold every day on Ebay with a $1 asking price.
Whythelongfaces Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Time share

What Mrknowitall said. People always love contracts and agree with them until they no longer want to abide by what they agreed to. Then the contract becomes unfair.
Blane Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Time share

DON'T LET WYNDHAM RUIN YOUR CREDIT RATING. I bought a "time share" and paid the total price in cash up front. Now, several years later, I am unable to sell the worthless thing. But worse, I called Wyndham to tell them I no longer wanted to participate in their "vacation club" and pay the ever increasing yearly dues and fees but they told me I COULDN'T GET OUT. They said I could simply stop paying the fees but they would turn me over to a COLLECTION AGENCY and this UNPAID DEBT would go on my CREDIT REPORT. What a scam! What a rip-off! This is the first time I've ever heard of a "club" you couldn't get out of! Whatever you do, DON'T BUY A TIME SHARE FROM WYNDHAM because you'll go to your grave owing them money.

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