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Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares

ScammedByWyndham Send email
Feb 21, 2018

Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Rooked into what I thought was a simple conversion of my fixed week into a point system and now the very unhappy owner of TWO timeshares. They claim it was a straight on purchase yet I have a document reflecting that my converted week had already passed and credit card receipt clearly marked for $189 "conv fee".

I elected to convert expecting it to be the easiest way to remove my ex-husband from the unit and was told I'd need a power of attorney since he never returned the paperwork sent to him, obviously no animosity in this divorce.

Just shy of a year into it and I'm STILL fighting this with no relief.

I was provided with the phone numbers for two agencies that sell time shares, no help there from Wyndham either although I clearly understood it to be an option. Both calls led to "extremely difficult to sell" and "usually $100 or less". One even said it'll probably cost to unload the fixed week. In both instances it's because Shawnee units just don't sell. I personally like the area or wouldn't have reconsidered but not the way they did it now I just want to be done with Wyndham and never have to deal with them again I'm so disgusted by the way they've done this non-conversion.
bouhadda3 Send email
Nov 22, 2017

How I Dissolved My Timeshare Contract

I’m so frustrated with my timeshare. I paid out tens of thousands for mine only to find out that there aren’t any vacations available. I bought a timeshare 2 years ago. This book saved me thousands in legal fees and time. It’s a short book, but tells you what steps to take to legally get out of a timeshare. Don’t pay companies to get you out of your timeshare. They are scammers, too! I hope this book helps you, too.

wyndcomplaint Send email
Sep 22, 2017

new mandatory charges

Just called to schedule a vacation. In the past, I could always book multiple vacations during the same phone call (in fact, I could call back any time during that day). That was with Fairfield - Wyndham changed it so you now have to PAY to use your points. I often have extra points left after booking 2 vacations and now have to PAY for the privilege of using the points I already paid for!

BAD IDEA, WYNDHAM! This is extortion!
jmgaume Send email
Jun 5, 2017

Club Wyndam Customer Service

I have been on hold now for 45 minutes. Recording keeps telling me 60 minutes or more...
I so regret buying this time share anyway. Most of the properties are not that great that we have stayed at and very difficult to book.
If you are reading this don't buy a time share.
It's my top 5 financial regrets for sure.
jlbrowntwo Send email
Apr 21, 2015

Wyndham Vacation Resorts sales pitch

Attended a sales pitch and didn't buy...very reticent about providing incentive and still have not received Spend a Night on Us rebate...without boring you with details, have attempted to contact for resolution multiple times...resent docs after being informed of fictional list of missing documents, etc...multiple attempts...clearly trying to avoid issue and hoping we simply go away

Additionally, the package appears to be designed in such a way as to discourage anyone from actually claiming the incentive. Not only are instructions vague and contradictory but package submission time limits and requirements for reservations are obfuscatory...get the terms and conditions (if they will give them to you) and read them in detail BEFORE PAYING for any package....note the vague terminology that they can and will interpret to their benefit...

Sad to say these difficulties affirm overwhelming online opinions of timeshares in general and Wyndham in particular...my next step is to add my comments to the lists...all for a silly $100...
tiffanycox Send email
Apr 7, 2015

Timeshare Scams

There are many solutions regarding unwanted vacation properties. Most people try to sell it, but they find themselves into a dead end after they realize the resale market of timeshares is not robust, and never has been. Consequently, the best way to get out of a timeshare membership is by cancelling the contract. There is good information about Wyncham: http://www.timesharescam.com/
conjohnson Send email
Feb 17, 2015


I purchased my Wyndham points initially in Las Vegas, Nv about 8 years ago. Of course, I thought it was a good idea. Subsequently, I purchased additional points at a later sales update. Every year at the informational updates, the sales representatives pressure you to get you to buy more points or upgrade to the newest scam to get more money out of you. The sales pitch is always what you have will be worthless if you don't upgrade. The sales force are vicious an unprincipled and slant the truth. I have avoided the last updates at my vacation destinations because of these 90 mins meeting that can last for hours. Recently, I was advised that the monthly maintenance fees must be paid by AUTO PAY. I have been billed a $8.00 fee each month eventhough I made the payment before the due date. They rationalize that the payment must be received two weeks before the due date to stop the billing. This is utterly ridiculous. I think this is another opportunity to get extra income. The representative further states that this is their policy and no one can change it. I am fed up. I would like to sell my points now.
Ghost Send email
Nov 13, 2014

Wyndham's deceptive sales practice

In August 2014, I attended a timeshare presentation at Las Vegas Nevada. I was told that the presentation will last only 90 minutes to two hours. It lasted more than 6 hours with a sales person named Martin Tenekedjiev. During the sales meeting, we repeatedly declined to purchase the timeshare. The sales person would not take for “No” for an answer and brought another sales person (possibly a sales manager). The discussion lasted well past lunch and became hostile, especially between my wife and the sales person when my wife showed no interest. At one point, the sales person presented hostile attitude towards my wife and my wife responded by yelling at the sales person. Eventually, the situation cooled down. It became apparent that the sale person will not let me leave unless I review and/or some kind of contract. I reviewed and asked the sales person if I had a few days to think about it. The sales person replied no. There was no mention of the increase of the fee in the future. The sales person stated that this is a good value.

Unable to think clearly due to fatigue from such a long meeting and under the assumption that it is a good value, I paid over $14,000 for 7000 annual points using my credit card. Thinking there is no cool-off period, I reviewed the contract in a few days later. It turned out that the value of points that I purchased was about 10 times higher than the fair market value. I also found out there was a cooling-off period. (If I were given correct information regarding the cooling-off period, I would have reviewed right away and cancelled it). About 3 weeks after the signing the contract, I called the customer service to see if they can cancel the contract stating what I was told was not the same as what was written on the contract. I was told that they can not cancel the contract. Then, I wrote a letter to have the contract cancelled. Again, the request to cancel the contract was denied.

To summarize, the sales person misrepresented the monetary value of the timeshare. The true market value was much lower. He also misrepresented the cooling-off term of the contract. The presentation and sales meeting lasted more than 6 hours straight, which they initially told me that it will be approximately 2 hours. I signed the contract when I was not able to think clearly due to such a long meeting.

To report the deceptive sales practice, I have filed complaints with FTC, BBB (central Florida), and CA state attorney general, where I reside. Also, I have filed complaints with FL state attorney general, where Wyndham headquarter is located. I am in the processing of filing complaints with NV state attorney general where the transaction took place. I have listed the places where you can file complaints. If you have similar complaints please use these links below to report the issue. I hope you find these useful.

Where to file a complaint:

FTC: (On-line form)

BBB: (On-line form)

State of California Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General
(On-line form)

State of Florida - OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: (On-line form)

(Print the form from here)
Then send to:

100 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-684- 1100
Fax: 775-684-1108
555 E. Washington Ave., #3900
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: 702-486-3420
Fax: 702-486-3768

List of Media:

Consumer Advocate:
read story: http://elliott.org/blog/time-share-sales-hard-sell-or-scam/

Law firm:
Fred Clausen Send email
Mar 1, 2013

Loss of usage rights (taken by Wyndham)

Wyndham is changing use years and moving points usage start forward six (6) months leaving us without our points to usgae in the this time period. I have a 1000500 points in Presidential Reserve that were supposed to start July 1, 2013 but now they do not start until 01/01/2014. I am losing six months of use opportunity on these. I believe this is a breach of contract since we were assigned usage years on purchase and now Wyndham is changing it at there will without any reason.
Cindy Johnson Send email
Feb 20, 2013


My father and stepmother bought timeshare 20 years ago. Divorced 2 years ago and my father got the timeshare and found a buyer. Deed was drawn up, signed,motorized, attorney was involved. Paperwork was taken to registrar of deeds in Nashville tn and filed. Certified copy of filed deed was sent to Wyndham. They sent my father a letter saying deed was received and transfer would be made to new buyer. Next day he receives another letter saying the first letter was a mistake and he would need to pay $299 to Wyndham for the transfer. After consulting with his attorney who tried to speak to someone at Wyndham my dad sent the $299 check. Wyndham refused the check saying he now owed the maintenance fee for the 2 months it took to get the check to them. He is refusing to pay it and they'd keep adding the maintenance fee each month, calling him regularly, and refuse to recognize the timeshare has been sold! What in the world can we do? He is afraid to send the $1,000+ they say he now owes because they keep coming up with reasons to not let him unload this timeshare...
donna.russell22@gmail.com Send email
Aug 20, 2012


The call transfer position is a very unfair position and I don't recommend anyone to apply there. You are hired and trained by uneducated staff, where they don't share how important is the conversation and not the sales. The conversation is for the month, however they are evaluate weekly and you only a few days to recover. The next write up is the following week. What do is write you up , listen to one call and tell you that you are wonderful and they are sorry that you are not hitting your production. They also say that they are going to have another training meeting and nothing happens.
They hold against your production when the customer don't qualified, they are not the over 28 years old, they have credit card, not a debit card, and don't make $75,000.00. Therefore that is held against your productation.
Every week they have large training classes, and told that they don't have to worry about their production till after 30 days, so on the 31 day the cycle they can be wrote up and just wait to ushered out the door.
So if you are looking work don't apply at Wyndham Vacation , Orlando, FL
Lifesgood83 Send email
Mar 19, 2012

Scam promise!

With all of these issues against Wyndham, why hasn't an attorney picked this up for a class action suit? We bought through Fairfield, in Newport, RI. We have a week, not points. We have traded that week for weeks in various places. We are constantly harrassed that we will not have any trading options unless we buy points. From this forum it sounds as if points don't work all that well either. Why don't all owners join in a class action suit? If the federal government can regulate ladders and baby cribs, why haven't these unfair trade practices become an issue? We are consumers; we should be afforded some rights.
Aussie Jumper Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Scam promise!

Totally agree with all victims here, and it happens in Australia too! I got scammed by the representative at the Sydney office - name is Roy Chen - and manager's name is Stuart Harvey. Got the runaround from many people working in accounts, finance and customer service. Totally sick of it!!! And, not once did I deal with someone with an Australian accent!!! Trying to figure out how to get out of it, selling is probably the best option... Biggest load of crap EVER!!! Don't do it!
A.NM Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

Ticked Off M Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

After reading many of the Wyndham timeshare complaints, yes, we have experienced most of the complaints. We even went to a meeting with a company that helps you get out of the timeshare. Bottom line, they wanted $9, 000 to get out the time share. Another scam! Wyndham representatives are liars and very deceptive. We pay a lot of money each month for the infamous maintenance fees. Each month we continue to kick ourselves for signing into this deception. Thank you "English Ian" for the very useful info.
Every time that we go to a resort, we are barely checked into our room and they are on the phone trying to have a representative meet with us to do a "survey" and give you a free restaurant voucher. This is a ploy to get you to make another appointment so they can sell you more points. These meetings last 2-4 hours. We are on vacation!! We do not want to be in an office on our vacation!!!
We continual to use Wyndham but it is difficult to make reservations. Most of the time if you want to go to a popular location you have to book at least 6 months to a year in advance. Occasionally, we get lucky and get in on a cancellation, but that is rare.
We are getting close to retirement and we do not want to be burdened with monthly maintenance fees on a fixed income. For the money that we pay annually we could go, with a little more money to an exotic vacation spot.
Airline Ticket Scam Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

My wife and i have been through these presentations before, so when she mentioned going to the Wyndham Resort presentation, I was skeptical. I asked her to verify whether there were any blackout dates or restrictions on the tickets. The person assured here, there were not. We went to the presentation, thought hard about buying, but in the end didn't. When we got home and looked at the airline ticket vouchers, I found that they were almost useless. You could only fly to certain destinations, we were okay with this, because it included a few sites in Europe. The catch was that you not only had to stay in specific hotels, the cheapest being $100/night, BUT you also had to stay for a minimum number of days at the hotel. The least amount of days was 6. I know people who have and enjoy timeshares, but I recommend you read every detail and think it through hard. I'll never go back to Wyndham because of this bait and switch.
NoBiggie Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

No Need to buy books.. Just do this:

STEP 1 - Write a letter or email to the FairShare Plus Plan Manager. The Plan Manager is currently Deanne Gabel. Her email address is: deanne.gabel@wyndhamvo.com

Her mailing address is: FairShare Plan Manager
Attn: Deanne Gabel
8427 SouthPark Circle
Orlando, Florida 32819

You can alternatively fax your complaints to Ms. Gabel at 407-370-6375.

Click here for an example letter to send to the FairShare Plan Manager

STEP 2 - Write a letter or email to the FairShare VOA Board of Directors. At a minimum, you should at least provide each with a copy of the letter sent to the Plan Manager. The current Board of Directors and their email addresses are:

Brian Keller, President brian.keller@wyndhamvo.com

Gary Byrd, Vice President gary.byrd@wyndhamvo.com

Peter Hernandez, Secretary and Treasurer peter.hernandez@wyndhamworldwide.com

Their mailing address is: President
FairShare Vacation Owner’s Association
Attn: Brian Keller
8427 SouthPark Circle
Orlando, Florida 32819

Click here for an example letter to send to the Board of Directors

STEP 3 - Write a letter to Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Write a letter or email to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Wyndham Vacation Ownership, currently Franz Hanning. At a minimum, you should at least provide him with a copy of the letter sent to the Plan Manager and Board of Directors. His email address is franz.hanning@wyndhamvo.com

His mailing address is: Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.

Attn: Franz Hanning, Chief Executive Officer
8427 SouthPark Circle
Orlando, Florida 32819

Click here for an example letter to send to Mr. Hanning

STEP 4 - Submit a formal complaint to the Arkansas Attorney General. Our timeshare ownership interest has been assigned to the FairShare VOA, which is a non-profit Arkansas corporation, governed by the laws of the state of Arkansas. The Arkansas Attorney General is Dustin McDaniel. His Assistant Attorney General who is responsible for consumer complaints and inquiries relating to corporate fraud is Bradford Phelps.

The Office of the Arkansas Attorney General has an online complaint form that can be accessed at: http://www.arkansasag.gov/complaints_consumer_online.html

If you do not have the time to fill out the online complaint form, at a very minimum, forward their office copies of any letters sent to the FairShare Plan Manager, VOA Board of Directors, and/or Mr. Hanning. Add a note to Mr. Phelps that you would appreciate the Attorney General’s office investigating this matter to see if there is any evidence of corporate fraud.

Send via email to:

bradford.phelps@arkansasag.gov and oag@arkansasag.gov (send to both addresses)

His mailing address is: Office of the Attorney General

Attn: Bradford Phelps

323 Center Street, Suite 200

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Click here for an example of a completed online complaint form

Click here for an example letter to send to the Attorney General

STEP 5 - Submit a formal complaint to the Florida Attorney General. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. operates out of Orlando, FL. They have appointed themselves as our FairShare Plan Manager, VOA Trustee, and Board of Directors, without allowing any input, feedback, or disclosure to or from the owners. Any information to help enlighten Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum about what this corporate giant is currently doing to their owners should be of great importance to him. Again, at a very minimum, forward copies of any letters sent to the FairShare Plan Manager, VOA Board of Directors, and/or Mr. Hanning.

His email address is: ag.mccollum@myfloridalegal.com

Optionally, his online complaint form is at: http://www.myfloridalegal.com
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His mailing address is: Office of the Attorney General

Attn: Attorney General Bill McCollum

The Capitol PL-01

Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Click here for an example of a completed online complaint form

Click here for an example letter to send to the Attorney General

STEP 6 - Submit a formal complaint to the Florida Division of Timeshares. Since there are so many timeshares in Florida, they have a special government agency that monitors their activities, called the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshare, and Mobile Homes. You need to download their timeshare complaint form at:


Then mail or fax it to the Florida Division of Timeshares. Sorry no online submission.

Their mailing address is: Department of Business and Professional Regulation

FL Div of Condos, Timeshares and Mobile Homes

1940 N. Monroe Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399

You can alternatively fax your complaints to both 850-488-7149 and 407-317-7230.

Since many of you prefer email, you may also want to drop an email to the Director, Michael Cochran at: michael.cochran@dbpr.state.fl.us . We have had responses from one of his Administrative Assistants, Shelia Fields, so you might want to copy her on any correspondence as well at: Shelia.fields@dbpr.state.fl.us

Just as before, it would probably be a good idea to forward copies of any letters sent to the FairShare Plan Manager, VOA Board of Directors, and/or Mr. Hanning.

Click here for an example of a completed timeshare complaint form

Click here for an example letter to send to the Florida Division of Timeshares

STEP 7 - Submit a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC deals with issues that injure us economically, which Wyndham has clearly done. They are the only federal agency with both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in broad sectors of the economy. If they get enough complaints about any one company, they WILL investigate and force the appropriate authorities to take action.

The Federal Trade Commission has an online complaint form that can be accessed at: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en

Click here for an example of a completed FTC complaint form

STEP 8 - Owner Awareness/Membership Drive. There are over 360, 000 timeshare owners who belong to the FairShare VOA. Ultimately, it may take a 75% vote of the ownership to take action against Wyndham. We need a serious effort to spread the word to as many owners as possible about what Wyndham has done to our ownership and what actions they can do to help. There are at several simple ways to do this:

Word of Mouth – when chatting by the pool on your next vacation, let other owners know what is happening and invite them to this website to obtain more information.

Business Cards – before your next vacation print out the business cards directing other owners to this website. Pass them out to other owners you come in contact with during your stay. Also, before departing, be sure to leave any extras in a public area at the resort so even more owners get the word.

Click here for printable business cards with this website information

Flyers – before your next vacation print out copies of the “Wyndham Owner’s Beware” flyers. Pass them out to other owners you come in contact with during your stay. Again, before departing, take a few moments to tape some in the elevators, leave some at people’s doors (in the USA Today is a great place, because you know that room is a Wyndham owner), and in any other public area where they might end up in the hands of other owners.

Click here for an example of the front of the “Beware” flyers

Click here for an example of the reverse, which is list of lost benefits to owners

Internet – Spend an hour or two browsing the various consumer advocate website and leaving comments to frustrating and complaining Wyndham owners. Show sympathy for their situation and invite them to join this website to learn more about how to get the most out of their ownership. It would be a good idea to also direct them to the “Wyndham Timeshare Owner Tells All” video at: http://wyndhamvideo.com .

There are literally hundreds of websites out there where people are complaining or discussing Wyndham timeshares – investment websites, ripoff websites, blogs, etc.

It won’t take too long searching with Google before you find some new potential owners to invite to our website. Blogging is very popular these days and there are many vacation, investment, general interest, local interest, and newspaper blogs out there that will allow you to add comments. Make your point, then leave a link to this website.

Even a simple thing such as adding this website link or the one for the video above to your email signatures will help to spread the word.

Owner Updates – Only for the truly bold and/or angry owners. Go to the updates and share the business cards with other prospects as well as salespeople. Also, if you are in a single-party consent state, tape your conversation and see if they are continuing to pitch the benefits that Wyndham has taken from us as an incentive to purchase more developer points. Before leaving, have some fun and ask if they’ll put in writing that you can rent your units, make some money, transfer your points, have unlimited free guest certificates, sell your timeshare and have VIP benefits transfer, etc., etc.

Picketing – This needs to be a coordinated and collective effort. Each jurisdiction has differing laws about how to legally picket. For multiple owners who live in close proximity to a resort, we can start to coordinate for days to picket, research the approval process (if applicable), and coordinate for local press coverage. Banners and signs at the entrance to a resort or near their sales area will make Wyndham very unhappy, even if there are only a few picketers. Also, we need much video of this. The more locations we picket and get video of, the more likely we are to get network news interest in our situation.

STEP 9 - Write a letter to Wyndham Worldwide. Write a letter to the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, currently Stephen Holmes. This was put so far down on the list, because it is very unlikely Mr. Holmes will ever see anything mailed to him, but if you have already made it this far and taken all the other steps, what’s one more postage stamp???

His mailing address is: Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

Attn: Stephen Holmes, Chief Executive Officer

Seven Sylvan Way
New Jersey, NJ 07054

Click here for an example letter to send to Mr. Holmes

STEP 10 - Become Active with Your POA. Each resort that you own at has a Property Owner’s Association that manages it. Many of these are managed by Wyndham and have at least a few Wyndham employees on the POA’s Board of Directors. Every year, all owners should receive notice about POA Board Meetings. No matter what the composition of your BOD, it is important to make them aware about our discontent with Wyndham’s management of the VOA and recent changes. Consider running for the BOD yourself and lobbying from within the POA to voice our concerns to Wyndham. If you decide to attend a Board meeting or even run for a position on the BOD, announce it on this website so other owners know to provide their proxies to you.

Other actions to take. If you’ve really made it this far and taken each of the above steps, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve a pat on the back before continuing.

The below list of additional locations to submit complaints or publicize our efforts will be updated frequently. Please advise if you have a consumer or government agency, newspaper, radio or television station, or any other recommendations to help Wyndham owners get the word out and/or take actions against Wyndham for the theft of our vacation ownership.

Here is a website with a list of the Attorney Generals for each state. It would only take an extra few moments to pass on the same information provided to Arkansas and Florida to the Attorney General from your state. http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/stateattorneygenerallist.php

Here is a list of the governors, senators, and representatives for each state. Again, it would only take a few more moments to let your elected officials from your state know what Wyndham is doing to owners from their state.


The Orlando Sentinel seems to be sort of biased towards timeshare companies, but Wyndham Vacation Ownership is headquartered out of Orlando, so it won’t hurt to drop them an email or carbon copy them on emails sent to others. If they see just how many owners are affected by Wyndham’s actions, they are certainly going to get involved.

The Managing Editor is Mark Russell – email is mrussell@orlandosentinel.com

The Tourism Journalist is Sara Clarke – email is skclarke@orlandosentinel.com

Their website is http://www.orlandosentinel.com

Here is a website for Tom Martino, a consumer advocate who has a nationwide-syndicated radio talk show. He is very anti-timeshare and might take an interest in our situation with Wyndham. http://www.troubleshooter.com

The longest running publication specifically for timeshare owners is Timesharing Today. If they received enough complaints from Wyndham owners, they would likely publish an article about the situation. Send your complaints to the editor at editor@tstoday.com or if you want to submit an article for consideration, email: articles@tstoday.com . Believe me, this is one publication that gets the attention of the entire timeshare industry. Their website is: http://www.tstoday.com/
English Ian Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

Blimey Limey... stay away from time shares
Cancelitnow Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

You can get out of your timeshare! Go to www.howtocancelyourtimeshare.com You don't have to pay an "advocate" or "cancellation expert" thousands to get this done. Also you can read this book:


available on amazon.com for $14.97! It contains letters from owners who got refunds!
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

I am completely appalled by what I am about to tell you. Purchased a timeshare from Fairfield Fairshare Plus Resorts currently doing business as Wyndham Vacation Resorts, RCI, Cendant Inc (parent company). Being skeptical about the ease and worry free vacation promise, they promised big vacation savings, convenience, flexibility, and great customer service. All false. My main contention for buying this timeshare was my inability to use it yearly and lengthy advance reservations. “No problem, you can bank up to 4 years of unused timeshare, ” They preached. I have called several times and have not had any unused timeshare banked because I called to early, too late, on time and they still miss handled it. They told me if I ever need to stay in a hotel call one off the list and use my vacation points to get a room. That sounded good, so I tried that by calling their hotel number for a reservation 16 days in advance. They mail a certificate to use in about 14 days. I left and the certificate never arrived, how convenient is that, shouldn’t it be click, click and in the mail? I asked to have it emailed and I will print it out, or let me right down the numbers needed to check in. What a hassle. I had to pay for hotel, and never got reimbursed by Fairfield. As it turns out, they embellished, lied about the ease of getting a hotel if I am traveling by car and need to stop and get a room.

As a bonus for being a new wonderfully appreciated customer (sucker) I received a free vacation week. I found out 2 years later by a Fairfield sales person, that Fairfield was charging me maintenance assessment fees for the free vacation time. According to a Fairfield sales person, and a Fairfield customer service representative, that should not happen. Not resolved.
Fairfield’s timeshare costs about $600 per year in maintenance fees for a week vacation. And in addition, a $5 monthly service fee for mailing a monthly bill. Fairfield’s scam begins by calling me to give them a credit card number for an automatic maintenance fee withdrawal to eliminate the $5 per month service fee for mailing the monthly maintenance assessment fee. I refused twice, and gave them my credit card number for the automatic withdrawal the third time they called.

The scam continues with a letter saying my maintenance fee is two months over due. I called customer service several times over several months. Their responses were first, you’re all set up and we have been making withdrawals, we’ll research this and get back to you. Second, they said we’ll remove this, it may take a month. Two months later I call customer service after receiving another late payment letter, and explain my previous calls, to resolve this mistake. Now customer service tells me to disregard future letters, we have your information, we will take care of this. Now a collection letter arrives. I call and explain previous conversation and also request an audit of my maintenance billing including the over charge of maintenance fees. I demanded to find out where my payments were going in a detailed monthly, itemized break down. Then in a later phone conversation they tell me I must pay a fee to get that information. I told them this is your mistake, I want to know where my money has been going, and I am not going to give them any money till they send me my requested audit in writing.

Wyndham, formerly Fairfield, then send collection letters from their Assessment Recovery Group, with mounting monthly fees. In 14 plus phone conversations with these people, they refuse to send me any information in writing. They tell me they want payment, but refuse to put it in writing. They refuse to direct me to anyone else. They refuse to send me a written letter detailing why this is happening. I have written two letters getting no response. In one conversation an ARG representative told me what was on their computer screen, I asked to print that out and mail or email me. They refused. I commented to the Wyndham customer service rep. that it sounds busy there; do you have to call a lot of people? Their response was, Thousands. That sounds like a scam to me when the incentive is to avoid resolution for greater monetary gain.
I am appalled at Wyndham’s lack of effort and avoidance of a detailed and written explanation why this has happened. As it turns out, Wyndham manufactures high revenue from me and apparently thousands of others. I would like to hear from the thousands of others that are on Wyndham Assessment Recovery Group’s call list, if their situations were created by Fairfield/Wyndham for profit. What do I do next?
FrmrWyndham Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam promise!

Hey there, I am a former employee of Wyndham and unlike those still drinking the cool aide and working for this company, I completely agree with those complaining. I'm sorry but you have been scammed. As an employee we were trained to sell the product but we as lowly sales people were only given the same information you were as consumers. If you ask questions you are told not to worry about it it doesn't mean anything to you or your sales etc. A few months in to working there I began receiving phone calls from my owners asking for help using the system and took it upon myself to attempt to figure it out for them. The more I learned the, ore I understood that what the customer is told is a vastly distorted variation of the truth. I actually had one manager tell me that I need to check my morals at the door if I feel so bad making a living and to keep my mouth shut. Furthermore I was disciplined numerous times for "blowing out deals" by telling the truth of how the product works and was told that I spread bad morale to my coworkers for imparting some of my new knowledge to them. All in all THERE IS A WAY TO GET OUT OF IT!!! Tell the company you were lied to threaten legal action and document all correspondence. I know this works because it is called a charge back to those of us who work for the devil. If a customer claims they were lied to the deal is severed even after the 7 day recission period has lapsed, I've seen it happen MONTHS after the deal. Just be honest and tell them what you were told that was false or what was left out. The commission the sales person got from your sale is then " charged back" from their checks. It sucks because the majority of them were as clueless as I was so it will hurt them but it will hurt you more. The average "lifespan" of a sales rep is a few mo this to a year mainly because they are being scammed too. I left, and on behalf of myself, I am sorry.

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