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DivineMB Send email
Aug 27, 2021

Poor Product Quality & Customer Disservice

This past year I noticed a radical change in the so-called quality of Zerowater products. First of all, they had to replace my dispenser TWICE as all three fell apart. Like, who is manufacturing this - China? Then, they had to replace my filters which lasted a record 2 weeks. Then, I STUPIDLY purchased the faucet filter which never worked. They replaced it once, it was crap as it didn't work - and I returned the original. To top it off, their customer service blew me off more than once when I complained about the 2nd faucet filter. Their attitude is - we gave you 2 free dispensers and a shitload of filters, so the heck with the faucet filter. I thought they were a good company, but evidently they're not. After research, I found another company that does back up their advertising with science and wasn't sued like Zerowater was in 2010 for false advertising. This is a lesson for me - I should have done my research.
Health nut Send email
May 31, 2021

Tastes like fish

I have read various articles about this. They all say to replace the filter. Fine. Why does the zero water tester show .00 then?

What am I putting into my system when I inadvertently take a big swallow of this fish water ?
NobodyCares Send email
Apr 19, 2021


Bought ZeroWater filtration approximately 1 month ago. Today the filtered water smelled fine, but tasted like plastic-like-gasoline. My well water tasted like its usual self... sediment. I read the reviews and problems and thought that water smelling lemony would be great! But, I got the plastic-gas filter unfortunately. Don’t know where I’ll go from here, but buying a $30 filter every month is not the answer.
cartermac Send email
Feb 27, 2021

Fishy Water Smell

I am throwing this crappy Zero Water Pitcher away tonight. I have spent the last day & night trying to figure out why my zero water pitcher and coffee/tea brewed in Expensive Krups pod coffee maker smells like fish. I have cleaned and recleaned. Changed filters before needed. changed refrig. filter. Now changing water softener. All the complaints and explanations on-line finally gave a truthful answer. fishy Smell common Issue!. Faulty misleading Product. Waste of time and money. Garbage!!!!! Scammed.
hannah12390 Send email
Feb 7, 2021

Zerowater pitcher sour taste

I bought the Zerowater pitcher about three months ago. The water tasted great at the beginning, but the disgusting taste started to show about three weeks. I have searched online and found it a common problem with the product. This blog article I found online explains the problem quite well:

To solve it, you need to replace the filter. I did the replacement, but it didn't last more than three weeks to show that sour taste again. From both economical and environmental perspective, I've decided to switch to a reverse osmosis system and hope the system would be a better solution for our family.
Twoprsrv Send email
Feb 4, 2021

Musty taste and smell

Bought from Target a 6 pack of filters to replace my expired filter in my Zero pitcher, bad move as the new filter tastes and smells like a musty basement. Same smell I've noticed on some restaurants paper napkins. Will try another filter but sure is an expensive deal. Guess my old Brita filter system will come back into use and I'll see if I can return them for a refund but will probably not be accepted for return.
ConAlp Send email
Feb 3, 2021

Horrible taste

The water tasted okay with a new zero water filter. When it reached 10 microns, the water started to taste bad. My brita filter with 200 micron of impurity still tasted good. I do have a nice water softener, so is not the hardness of the water. I got so frustrated I bought a Kinetico full house water system. I did the math. It is cheaper in the long run and the water taste awesome.
Redjay Send email
Dec 11, 2020

Lemony tasted water after using for 1.5 weeks

Purchased zero water pitcher and filter 1.5 weeks ago. Water now has lemony taste. How can I return this pitcher. Filters are very expensive and cannot be putting in a new filter every week. Brittany much better.
iSteve Send email
Dec 11, 2020

ZeroWater is junk

The filters keep air-locking. I have tried everything to keep this from happening. Our city water does not run very high about 140 to 165. I let a water pitcher sit for about 1/2 hour to dissipate any air and then fill veeery sloooly. Every 4 to 6 gallons the filter will not let anything flow thru(air-lock). This has happened across the last 6 filters over 2 different purchases.

I am done with Zero Water and will add their product to the world plastic pollution and go back to Brita. At least their filters aren't so ridiculously expensive.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 4, 2020

Water filter

I bought the 30 cup unit to sit on the counter. First filter lasted 2 months. Bought a two filter pack from Amazon, ZeroWater was seller. Replacement filter 1 only lasted 2 1/2 -3 weeks. Water still tested okay but filter stopped up or something. So I put the second replacement filter in. After 3 days it has stopped up and is not filtering.

Checked the return policy. This purchase was over 30 days ago. So these expensive things are really not worth it
Onoren Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Lemon / Acid taste - 193 on meter

I called the Zerowater customer service line at ‭+1 (800) 503-2939‬ To complain about a lemony, acidic taste to the water with a filter I just recently installed. The TBS meter said 193, and our normal city water measures at 223. Normally I have a zero rating when the filter is installed. They were very nice and shipped out to me four replacement filters free of charge. They said to make sure to buy the filters directly from them because they have had complaints from customers who bought filters from other places, like Amazon for example. Very pleased with customer service. Will take 7 to 10 business days to arrive.
myus3rname Send email
Apr 19, 2019

Terrible tasting water!

I bought a ZeroWater 23 Cup Pitcher. Our house uses municipal water, not well water. I can't drink our tap water because it is disgusting. It is highly chlorinated and has off flavors of other chemicals. I opened them box, washed the pitcher, insert, and lid, and screwed in the new filter that it came with. I filled the pitcher (over about an hour or so) with tap water. I then poured some of the filtered water into a fresh, clean cup. I tested it with the included meter. It read 000 as promised. I smelled the water, and it smelled like tap water! It shouldn't have any odor. So, I tasted it. It was gross. It tasted like our tap water but with an added flavor of something which I simply can't describe. Some reviews say "fish" but that doesn't fit quite right. Definitely chlorine and something else, bad. I want to say it kind of tastes like a hint of rotten fruit.

So, I dumped the 23 cups of water and re-filled the pitcher in the hopes that it was just a new filter problem. Nope. Actually the taste got worse. I can't bring myself to drink that water. It worries me by how badly it tastes.

Our cold tap water had 230 ppm dissolved solids per the meter that came with the pitcher. I'd honestly rather drink our tap water than the ZeroWater purified water.

I'm going to remove that filter, and put in the second new filter that I bought when I bought the pitcher and try that one. Perhaps this filter is bad, but I'm not banking on it. I will likely return this pitcher and extra filter as defective and purchase a different brand.
Hoggitywa Send email
Jan 6, 2019

Zero Water

Bought a zero water system for my 93 year old mother. Less than 3 weeks I returned to her home to find a strong lemony/acid taste to the water. I changed the filter, water then seemed fine. I stayed with her for 3-4 days and had to change the filter again. She is now on her 3rd filter in less than a month. This must be most expensive system ever invented.
She is on city water known to be pretty good.
nozrydr1 Send email
Oct 8, 2018

water tast like lemon

I loved my zero water, but after about 2 months the water taste like lemon. There's only two people in my house only used for coffee.
so that's about 2 cups a day.
hobs Send email
Jul 13, 2018

short life of filter

Mine ZeroWater filter starts to taste bad after about 2 weeks of heavy use in very hard tap water (250 PPM, Southwest US). I suspect the foul taste that gradually gets worse is the iodine that is present in most water purifiers. It's a disinfectant that prevents bacteria from colonizing the carbon granules. I dissected my filter once and found that it was just a thin layer of black spheres (presumably carbon) on top of a bunch of yellow plastic spheres ("ion-exchange resin"?). I didn't notice any membrane or barrier separating the two layers. If you count the metal screen at the top, the hole in the plastic at the bottom, plus the "settling tank" above the filter, I think that would count as the "5 stage filter" advertised. purchased mine in bulk on Amazon. I wonder if those sold retail at target (especially those that come with a new pitcher) have more carbon beads, to improve the life of the filter for the first use.

short life of filter short life of filter

jonesy Send email
Oct 8, 2017

Fishy Smell and Taste from filtered water

We have been getting diarrhea and pains in the stomach after eating food cooked with zero water. It was not until after we cooked and ate that we smelled the fish smell coming from the water. We cleaned everything and filtered water again wit the same result, a nasty smell and fish taste. We have only had our Zero Water filter for a month.

I will not be buying a few filter! Looks like we purchased a very expensive cool aid container.

Very disappointed considering we filter all of our water for our 9 children and pregnant wife. NOT HAPPY!

jonesy Send email
Oct 8, 2017

Fish smell and taste

We have been getting diarrhea and pains in the stomach after eating food cooked with zero water. It was not until after we cooked and ate that we smelled the fish smell coming from the water.

I will not be buying a few filter! Looks like we purchased a very expensive cool aid container.

Very disappointed considering we filter all of our water for our 9 children and pregnant wife. NOT HAPPY!

merylopez Send email
May 3, 2014

Adress registration products

I bought recently a Zero Water filter. In the registration field doesn't provide to Puerto Rico buyers. Please add us. Thanks.
chadfusa Send email
Aug 14, 2012

Funny Taste when expired in Zero Water

So I bought the filter in later February and kept using it till August when my calculations showed I should have stopped using it in May. I figured what could happen, the water is still cleaner than from the tap. Well, the water started to filter with this metallic taste like putting a nickel in your mouth. So I ended up changing the filter and the new one works perfectly. I highly recommend Zero-Water.
User930051 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Zero in your wallet

The fear of Fluoride is as absurd as 'nuclear panic". Both are a matter of inferior knowledge in a community that refuses to learn about the facts. The natural fluorides in Colorado water protect the citizens from poor teeth (aka; cavities). {by the way, use a grammar checker, spell checkers can’t tell the difference between To, Too and Two}
Using a water filter is a smart thing to do, especially if you are using ground water. All water is contaminated be agricultural chemicals, to some degree. Water softeners can also be healthier.
Chadfusa Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Zero in your wallet

I just bought Zero Water because I'm paranoid about Fluoride and stuff in the water. Sometimes the water tastes like a chlorinated swimming pool here in Iowa. I used to think the only way to eliminate the Fluoride was through reverse osmosis but I kept having to fill up gallons at Walmart with the Cullegan Machine and bring in 2 to 4 gallons to my work desk every week. With the zero water fillter I just use the water fountain tap and fill up regular water bottles, bring them to my desk where I can slowly put them through the filter, and it stays cold too. I also didn't buy the zero water picture, I just bought a very large drinking glass at Walmart that the filter fits into perfectly and I can drink right out of the glass, pretty sweet. I usually drink 60-80 oz of water a day or 2 to 4 gallons a weeks so this is going to be a great time and money saver, and a huge convenience!!! Thanks Zero Water!!!
LittleNDude Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Zero in your wallet

Again, to those who seem to conjure this notion that this company would actually taint their own filtration product... You have to seriously consider the logistics of that charge. The consumer is inevitably going to have to replace the filter NO MATTER WHAT. The *filter* is their patented product. Why introduce into the system this complicating timed, foul odor inducing mechanism, that will theoretically have the customer needing a new filter after three weeks no matter WHAT? How would such a mechanism function inside of a plastic-encased mutli-stage water filter... which anybody willing can dissect?

The ZW filters just take the purification to a level beyond what the more common BritaPur filters can provide. These are typically activated charcoal and ion-exchange resins as these substances help remove odors, minerals and other solids. ZW filters are more a intensive 5-stage design. Each filter is capable of effectively accumulating a certain amount of dissolved solids.

So the life of your filter and the quality of filtered water after x weeks depends on the quality of the tap water you put into it. When I was using ZW filters lasted up to a couple months(the tap water going in was 50-70 ppm).

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