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Consumer complaints and reviews about avangate.com

Lawman Send email
Jul 29, 2015


I use Batch Word Find and Replace Lantech who use Avangate.
Last year after about 6 months it stopped working and as i could not get any help from Avangate/Lantech i just paid another subscription. I renewed Batch Word Find and Replace through Avangate in January 2015. It is now 29 July 2015 and i get a message telling me i am using a demo version and activation key no longer works.
This time i am more serious about getting help from Avangate but get no real help. They do give the appearance of a poorly organised or even a scam outfit.
garrett Send email
Jun 1, 2015

charged my credit never ordered anything

I got charged twice once for 52.61 on apr 20 and one other charge same day for46.17 . Im sure you know my credit card no so all you have to do is credit that card , and never charge that card again
compton Send email
May 21, 2015

Auto renewal

I am Terence Michael Compton. I unsubscribed to Bitdefender in Sept 2014 by following the on line instructions on your website. On the 24th April you made a deduction from my credit card for a renewal of your product which was not authorised by me. The details are as follows :

25th April 2015 £53.95 Avangate Bitdefender Amstelveen NLD. Kindly refund this amount to my account immediately as I unsubscribed to Bitdefender therefore no automatic renewal is applicable.

Please be advised thast you do not have my authority to deduct any monies from any bank account or credit card whatsoever in my name. my e mail address is tmcompton@hotmail.co.uk
compton Send email
May 21, 2015

Auto renenwal

You have deducted £53.95 from my credit card on 24th April 2015. I unsubscribed to your service in Sept 2014 when I emigrated from the Uk to South Africa. I downloaded the unistall instructions from your website and followed the instructions on how to unsubscribe. You are not authorised by me to make any deductions from my credit card as I do not use your services. Kindly issue a refund. T M Compton tmcompton@hotmail.com
shirlgig Send email
May 12, 2015

automatic renewal

I was using Bitdefender without a problem for 2 yrs., but this year, after buying the protection again, another charge came thru; after several calls, I found out they had automatically renewed my contract, but for $50 more than I had previously paid. They said the automatic renewal is checked, and if I don't want it, I need to DE-select it. I complained to Paypal, to Bitdefender and to Avongate.

They cancelled the Key and finally said I'd get a credit, but 2 months later, there still is NO credit. Bitdefender said that the credit was stopped as soon as I complained to Paypal. Paypal says I need to settle it with bitdefender. I had no idea there was so much trouble with these companies until I started searching this on the web . I haven't called the BBB yet, but since other people have done this, why isn't something being done to stop the outright stealing? From the complaints that I've read, it's been going on for years.
Lloyd Yoder Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Year dues paid but no program after only 6 months

I purchased the Avangate Secure for a year term but it has expired in 6 months. My order # was 1228817. What goes here?
ventre4 Send email
Feb 24, 2015

Investigating potential elder abuse

My 81-year-old mother was just sold a computer "cleanup" and lifetime identity protection package by Avangate. My sister and I were appalled at the $3000 in charges. They "fixed" her computer remotely and showed her the numerous attempts made by "Russians" to hack into her accounts. I looked at the rates for Lifelock and their most expensive protection plan is $330/year. Again, my Mom is 81 so, clearly, someone saw an opportunity to scare an elderly person who isn't tech-savvy. We are digging into this and Avangate will be hearing from us if not from her.
joseph atwood Send email
Feb 16, 2015

program not responding

product ID:4619036 perchest on 02-01-2015 not responding. No tec. support. No contact number.
jimmeep Send email
Feb 1, 2015

iolo technologies

I purchased this software well over two years ago and now Avangate has automatically, without my consent or acknowledgement, charged my credit card $39.95. This is fraud and thievery. Now I have to go and retrieve my own money that they stole. They don't make it easy either.

These folks should be charged with a crime and locked up. I guess this kind of crime is legal!!?? and pays.
dmcgnet Send email
Jan 27, 2015


I have recieved on my checking account four billings for items not ordered.Two date posted 11/18/2014 for $37.00 & 69.00 no description and on 11/262014 Identified as BULLETPRO for the same $37.00 and $69.00
Ihave contacted rhem by Eail no responce ihavbe notified my bank and They have listed a claim #3024437. I don't know what that means
cline432 Send email
Jan 6, 2015


On 12-15-2014 I ordered System Mechanic 15 Month order reference number: 33985791 And was charged 29.95 and can not
get it down loaded to clean up my computer. My Email address is ( billlewis1939@yahoo.com ).
Aztech Send email
Oct 31, 2014

Bitdefender and Avangate

I got caught up by the same unethical business practices that others have detailed about Bitdefender and Avangate. During the order process they do not inform you of auto-renewal or allow you to decline it when I bought their product last year. They then stored my CC number and charged it this year without authorization. I complained to Bitdefender and they cancelled my license key that I didn't want anyway, but kept my money. When I complained to American Express about being charged for a product that I didn't request and that also didn't work because the license key was invalidated 10 days after my supposed purchase, AE did nothing to help. AE told me to contact Avangate to request a refund and gave me their phone number, which was a disconnected line. The "order" that Avangate supplied AE as proof of my order did not show any auto-renewal authorization by me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BITDEFENDER. I discovered later that they are a Romanian company that obviously has questionable business practices. The first thing I do after buying a product on the internet is to login to the website and shut off auto-renewal. The Bitdefender website Account Profile does NOT have any method of turning off auto-renewal.
bary_leach@hotmail.com Send email
Oct 15, 2014


Avangate stores your credit card info and automatically sets up anything you buy on auto renew on that credit card for any subscription software. They make very hard to cancel or remove credit card information. Shame on Bitdefender for using such an un-ethical billing company. I will not ever use Bitdefender again due due to their association with Avangate.
BOB Send email
Oct 1, 2014


Tried to cancel bitdefender after one year. i was instructed t o go to website..AVANGATE.COM....this site is a joke...I is so complicated....it goes down...freezes up...just stops...goes back to start at any time..gives you a phone number from some foreign country...that nobody answers..or if you get lucky its all garble....they have an automatic renewal policy that just takes your money....I contacted my credit card company and finally had the automatic payment reversed..They had it reversed and disabled this software ....The end result is I was charged 89.95 on my credit card for something I cancelled and I have ..nothing now since..they made it DISABLED...I did some checking on tthe internet and discovered this >COM has THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS...i will fight this ..illegal charge...for the rest of my life....these guys are crooks....signed..NDZONK@AOL.COM....
lakhdeep Singh Send email
Jun 6, 2014

Aimersoft SoftwareLicenceCode Quality1

I ordere on line product video burner product on 2014 .5. 22 from Aimersoft Software licence code ,quality 1To Me
May 22

Dear Lakhdeep Singh,

Your payment for your online order placed on http://www.aimersoft.com on 2014-05-22 06:18:58 has been approved (order reference number: 28614816).

Your payment is currently being processed. Order processing usually takes a few minutes.

We remind you that orders for http://www.aimersoft.com are processed by Avangate BV as the authorized vendor of WonBo Technology Co., Ltd. products.

Please note that avangate*aimersoft.com will appear on your bank statement, instead of WonBo Technology Co., Ltd..

For your convenience, you can also check your order status online, at:

For any further payment related questions, please contact Avangate by email at support@avangate.com.

The purchased product(s)/ service(s) will be delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions published on http://www.aimersoft.com and agreed for your order.

Please keep this email for future reference.


Website: http://www.aimersoft.com
Order reference no.: 28614816
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard
Date/time: 2014-05-22 06:18:58
Order General Total: 49.00 USD

Product ID: 4611159
Product name: Aimersoft Software License Code Quantity: 1
Price/unit: 49.00 USD
Taxes (VAT): 0.00 USD
Total: 49.00 USD


Order subtotal: 49.00 USD
Order total: 49.00 USD

I have not recieved any product either on line or post.Kindly advice.
I am disappointed and worried

Billing information is:
jim cook Send email
May 13, 2014

payment taken without authorization

Two years ago I purchased Bitdefender and never renewed it but they recently used my credit card number to with draw another payment. I did not reapply to use them. They are a scam!!!
Yoseft Send email
Feb 28, 2014


To my surprise a pending Debit on my bankcard reading AVANGATE*BITDEFENDER.C REDWOOD CITY CA

I did not authorize this. I purchased Bitdefender 2 years ago but never renewed it or gave authorization for a renewal.

When I search the web about this company, there are many complaints about this type of behavior.

I ordered Bitdefender on Amazon 2 years ago from Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc

How did they get involved?

I am contacting my bank to reverse payment and I will contact Amazon about this.
PVMaro Send email
Feb 14, 2014

Avangate billed my credit card

In 12/2013, my credit card showed a charge of $159.95 from "avangate." I had never done any business with such a company and told my credit card company that. They cancelled the charge and contacted avangate. In 1/2014, they said that avangate had "documentation" that it was a valid charge and told me to contact avangate. After a LONG time on the phone with them, avangate said it was a charge for "bitdefender." Antoerh company I've never heard of until now. Now, I have to deal with the dispute department of my credit card company to try to resolve this.

With that information, I began searching for information about avangate and bitdefender. They seem to be infamous for cheating people out of money.

I have never heard of, much less dealt with, either bitdefender or avangate. This is pure theft.
ChristaSCH Send email
Feb 13, 2014

No Renewal of Kaspersky License

I have not ordered a renewal of Kaspersky but have now R449.90 deducted from my Credit Card and received E-mails with Invoices and Order numbers.

I no longer use Kaspersky or have it installed.I have never selected to have Kaspersky automatically renewed and this deduction will hamper me extremely.

I have send numerous E-mails and have not received any feedback or even a response.

I want my money back.
Njyotish Send email
Dec 29, 2013

They Receive payment but Product was not Delivered


I made a purchase through www.couponphp.com for USD 97$. I made the payment via Credit card the amount was deducted from the card instantly, however when I receive the code for the "coupoun" it was all Encrypted code and was unusable.

I called and wrote emails to the site owners, but they never provided support or resolution. I the code should not have been encrypted.

I totally feel like CHEATED and FOOLED. I want you to look into the matter and refund my amount back. Please let me know the way forward.

Thank You!
christopher simpson Send email
Dec 21, 2013


I keep asking you for a rebate of money you have taken from my account,this item was cancelled last year (2012) but they do not reply at all, this must be a fraud. the reference number is 22850968
Matshedisoseate@vodamail.co.za Send email
Mar 13, 2013

Bitdefender Total Security 2013

On March the 11, I bought Bitdefender Total Security 2013 on line at 10H37 for the amount of R499.95.using my credit card.
What I received from you electronically was acknowledgement of money for the good I bought and the Activation code and the link I may use if I want to download and install the product. I used that link but it takes me back to Shopping Cart page for billing and payment.
I was hoping to receive from you receipt indicating a reference number as well as key code which I can code when I wish to commuicate with you.
Please be specific about how to go about finding and downloading the product, my computer is at risk without Security
My e-mail address is in case you have forgotten it: Matshedisoseate@vodamail.co.za
Kind regard
Matshediso Seate
Cell: 0724635215
South Africa
doug chong Send email
Aug 23, 2012

credit owed to me by avangate.

my computer had a virus and would not accept the iolo soft ware, I was sold a two year monitoring of my computer but later requested one year. I have called the company at least four times for my credit. each time I was told the credit would appear on my credit card in twenty four to forty eight hours. It has been a full month and no credit has been given. If anyone has to deal with a computer issue, do not get involve with this company. they are a bunch of thieves.
If there is someone out there that has a solution for dealing with this issue, please contact me at= doug9ninja@aol.com
flyxjt Send email
Jul 26, 2012

Failure to Refund

I purchased an "Avertec drivers update" software program from Avangate on June 29, 2012 (order #12702033), because the trial version indicated that it would provide all of the drivers I needed for a laptop I had to factory restore. After purchasing the software, only 2 of the drivers actually downloaded.

I immediately requested a refund on June 29th, and again requested a refund on July 14, 2012, but still no refund.

I guess it is time for me to start my negative publicity campaign against this rip-off Company.
bsvoboda Send email
Apr 11, 2012

povrat 53,54 EUR

neovlašteno otuđivanje 53,54 EUR

Poštovani, dana 14.03.2011. godine tražio sam detaljnu navigacijsku kartu Republike Hrvatske za moj mobilni navigacijski sustav TARGA PNA-E3530. Tako sam došao na spornu stranicu media-crawler i oni su me tražili da platim 1,52 EUR za jednokratno pregledavanje a također sam odmah da ne želim pregledavanje za više puta. Nažalost oni traženu navigacisku kartu nemaju i time sam završio pregledavanje i zatvorio stranicu na internetu Ništa nisam kupio, ništa skinuo na računalo i to sam platio 1,52 EUR-a. Dana 21.03.2011. godine neugodno sam iznenađen time da me tvrka Avangate*media-crawler tereti za 1,52 EUR+53,54 EUR-a. Ništa nisam kupio, ne trebam kupiti niti sam nakon 14.03.2011. otvarao spornu stranicu. Nisam dao pristanak da mi se s računa MC 543778 skine još 53,54 EUR-a. Smatram to neovlašteno otuđivanje mog novca sa mog računa bez mog pristanka, za neizvršenu uslugu i nepostojeću robu. Problem sam prijavio mojoj banci Zagrebačka banka d.d. Virovitica, Croatia i trežim povrat otuđenih sredstava u iznosu od 53, 54 EUR-a.
Molim da me o rješenju povrata izvjestite na e-mail: bsvoboda.vt@gmail.com
S štovanjem
Branko Svoboda,prof.
33000 Virovitica
A. Mihanovica 71
Republika Hrvatska

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