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Renjac Send email
Jul 8, 2022

Loanmart ripoff

Has anyone actually took loanmart to court? If so what was the outcome? I too have a loan with them that after a year of payments my balance due is higher then when it started. How is that even possible. If anyone can help or is taking them to court please add me to list. Thanks
kborncamp Send email
Sep 29, 2021

LoanMart Scam/Ripoff

I took out a title loan with LoanMart in summer 2019. I was involved in a domestic abuse marriage and needed funds. I took out the loan with all intent to pay it back. I have been paying monthly on an original loan amount of $11,127. I have paid over $16,000 dollars back and currently going through a terrible divorce and cannot afford to pay this loan anymore. I have contacted them and they are not willing to help me. They technicall yown this vehicle and I am surrending it. They said it's not in good condition; therefore, they won't take it back to sell. Instead they want me to pay the balance of over $12,000 left on my loan. This is a terrible scam and I regret taking out money with them. The finance/interest charge is more than the amount I borrowed. I have asked for help and they are not working with me. Please help me in this matter as I have this car I can do nothing with and cannot afford. They have to be able to get the car and work out payments for me. Don't get involved with company. They are BAD news.
Jenniferplant Send email
Dec 4, 2019

Criminal company

We got a $2500 car title loan and was given a payment plan of $398 a month and the loan would be paid off within 12 months. After never missing a payment, one late payment, and one month I made 2 payments totaling over $4000 I've paid into the loan and my balance is almost $3000 now. They will not work with you at all. I am less than a week late on this months payment and already being threatened with repossession. When I contacted them they informed me I should've read all the details and refuse to give me a copy of the audio recording of our initial call. This company is literally screwing over hardworking individuals and continues to get away with it. Please add us to the lawsuit [email protected]
TTaylorNoLoan Send email
Jul 9, 2019

Loan Marts Dirty Tricks

Anyone who is putting together a claim please let me know. This company is ridiculous and will only try to nail you to the stake. I took out a $2,500 loan and have already paid over $8,000. The loan amount still reads over $4,000 - funny how this total never moves. Please add me to any Class Action Suits. [email protected] 805-298-2846 TTaylor
marcosparra85 Send email
Mar 25, 2019

LoanMart Title Loans at ACE Cash Express

We should try (Top Class Actions)
Lynnrad Send email
May 16, 2018

Loanmart Excessive interest rate / Predatory Terms

I too am a victim of Loanmart. I have read some of the comments listed in this thread. One disturbing comment is that we signed the paperwork and were told this is a short term loan.. I call foul on that statement...the title companies are well versed and have had years experience perfecting there game and have perfected praying on us. They are not here to help, they are here to make the maximum off of the poorest.

I have had a loan with them for 3 years, I took out a loan for 16K..payments slightly over 1k per month. I have now paid 29.5K and my loan payoff is over 16K. The balloon/due date in lump sum is coming next year 2019. Although my intention was short term with this loan, my unfortunate situation in life has brought this to a long term loan. I am not late with my payments but struggle and stress every month to make my payment. I called customer service and asked if they offered an exit plan at a lower interest rate and at least some of my monthly payment going towards my balance. They do not offer anything to help there customers in this situation. I find this unethical.

I plan to do what I can to reverse my situation and could use any help anyone is willing to provide, or anyone that is wanting to jump on board. I am going to complain to the consumer boards and I have an appointment to talk with an attorney regarding what I feel is a predatory loan and situation.

We all don't need to feel stuck with a bad decision for years. Enough is Enough!!!!
veynor Send email
May 7, 2018


if you are in need of any service on hacking exploits, don't hesitate to contact QUADHACKED (at) GMAIL (dot)COM. He is a skillful and reliable hacker who has helped me on 2 occasions. i have happened to write several goodwill letters to have some old late payment report deleted , that has been serving as hindrances in getting a mortgage loan . i tried all efforts all to no avail. no till i read on a commercial blog of a hacker that could wipe blemishes off credit report and guarantee you a +200 in a month, and there are people out there with similar case or other credit score and report issues. as i am if not even worse. i'm looking to help someone with bad credit out there. just reach the hack team via their email. Q U A D H A C K E D @ G M A I L . C O M .
Pirateslifetat2 Send email
Apr 21, 2018

Loanmart refused my payments and won't respond and explain or email me

This message is in regards to my account. You have transferred my account based on false accusations such as no communication communication on my behalf that you have not heard back or received any text or emails from me. This will be documented

This is a list of each person that I have communicated with so far and on April 11th no one responded to my email of how I got in this situation in the first place from loanmart not accepting my payment. Without my consent or knowledge loanmart set up a bank account that was not mine as they claim. I've been asking for loanmart to provide me with proof that my first payment wasn't fact used with my personal bank account because in fact I never had a bank account to begin with so how are they going to deny or refuse my payment based on the information they have in the computer claiming that's not the bank account that they have on file? Which has caused this whole issue loanmart refuses to receive their customers payment is that my fault that loanmart accepted my payment method the first payment then decides not to accept it on the second payment so that is why I'm in the situation where I've paid over $5,000 but not one penny has gone to the principal because of Walmart hacking into my freaking account putting false information down that's fraud and I will be taking this to court. This is a fraudulent company and I have been constantly harassed friends and family have been noticing people driving by taking pictures and I've already had my car repo twice all because of loanmart not accepting my money when I tried to make the payment. I never gave any loanmart employee a bank account in my name. Since the first payment I used a prepaid card that loanmart accepted. Loanmart refused my prepaid cards the second payment why would loanmart refuse their customers payment method money's money is because loanmart is a fraudulent company it's a scam how can I take $5,000 of my money when I've been paying and say zero of it has gone towards the principal how is that not a scam and why won't you guys answer any of my questions and prove me wrong? I will be seeing loanmart in court real soon

This is a list of loanmart employees that ive been communicating with and nothing has been resolved my questions have not been answered and that one penny has gone to my principal after $5,000
Valerie Fitch
Jose Chinos
Wendi Sanders
Andrew Barbero
Cheyenne Loviano
Oscar Centeno
Vianey Guillen
Eswin Marroquin
Ruben Moreno
Valerie Ybarra

On Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 4:30 PM Andrew Barbero <[email protected]> wrote:
May we please review account for all possible escalations?
•Account Delinquency: 77 days
•Date of Last Payment: 01/25/2017
•The customer has failed to provide the location of the vehicle and the vehicle has not been sighted (possible concealment)
•We offered a double extension to bring the account but the customer refused to sign the form
•The customer is no longer responding to contact attempts

All documentation for legal escalation can be begin immediately as soon as you provide approval.


Toll Free: 888-700-9266
Fax: 818-285-2416
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 8am- 7pm, Fri: 8am-6pm Sat: 8am-12pm PST
Whytewrabet Send email
Mar 1, 2018

Loan mart rip off

I didn’t even want to loan mart. I applied for a title loan with another title loan company. The next day I started getting up to 10 calls a day from 1 800 loan mart. They kept saying we can give you the loan, we can give you the loan, we can give you the loan, after about a month of this I finally gave in and said OK what do you have to offer. They were very high pressure and predatory in the way they were approaching me. Before I knew it they had all kinds of personal information on mine and had signed me up for a $2500 loan. And the payments were going to be somewhere around $10,000 over three years, four times the amount of the loan. They didn’t give me any paperwork claiming that they were doing paperwork reduction and everything was to be done on a computer it wasn’t even a computer it was actually a an iPad. The first month I was a few days late with the payment because I had a back injury that left me paralyzed for about a week. When I called them The person I spoke to was very rude and said they were going to repossess my car and hung up on me, I was shocked because I was only 4 days late. After speaking to a supervisor I was able to get approved to be able to go to the fifth day for making the payment but even the supervisor was very predatory and seem to have an attitude like well we will get your car next time. This company is very predatory in the way that they do business. I am very interested in any class actions that may be against them you can contact me here [email protected] or by Replying to this complaint
bgriff55 Send email
Feb 9, 2018

Criminals taking advantage

Like many of you, my family was in a tight position and needed a loan. We don't have great credit so we had no options. We knew LoanMart would charge us an arm and a leg for interest but never did we think that this would happen. We got a $3,000 loan and our payments were $390 a month. We received our first bill and less than 3 weeks later, since we were behind and had not yet made the payment, our car was repoed. We did not get a phone call, email, or notice of any kind before the repo. I looked over my contract and saw that our $3,000 loan was going to cost us nearly $14,000 for a car that is worth $7,000 on its best day. This company takes advantage of the fact that they know if you are contacting're in a tight spot and most likely don't have many options. I recently contacted an attorney after seeing how many people have had similar experiences with this company. If this attorney says that we have a case, I would like to add as many of you as possible to the case. If you are interested please send an email to:

[email protected]
r_m992 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

our fault (not Loanmart)

contract says its a high interest loan!

were the stupid ones for not reading the terms.
r_m992 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

our fault (not Loanmart)

our fault contract says its a high interest loan.

we agree to the terms .
r_m992 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

our fault (not Loanmart)

Our fault contract says is a high interest loan.
r_m992 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

our fault (not Loanmart)

were the ones with the problem because there contract clearly says is a high interest loan , but we didn't bother to check that right ?

I'm mad at loan mart they help me because I had an emergency and needed the money but I sign this my self and with my signature Im agreeing with the terms.
Rolondab Send email
Oct 26, 2017

Title loan rip off

3000 loan - will end up paying over 9k after its all done. They apply payments to interest only, not principal.
Robera Send email
Oct 19, 2017

Paying to much interest

I got 8000.00 title loan in 2013 and still today October 2017 paying 647.00 a month I have paid over 20,000 dollars back and I want to sue
MarAma84 Send email
Oct 15, 2017


Same here, pay triple the amount of our loan with them and our balance remains the same, I don't understand how are they getting away with this. Now failed to pay a month and they are threatening to pick up my vehicle. Loan Mart is a fraud. Please help. [email protected]
Dgardner Send email
Aug 18, 2017


I took out a title loan for $2500 and paid on for 2 years. My car was in accident and when i called for payoff they agreed to pay off for $3000. Wow what a rip off. When the insurance agreed to pay they back out of written agreement of $3000 and demanded $4000 from insurance claiming the payoff can not come from a 3rd party. There was nothing in the written payoff to that effect. They have gotten more than the $2500 I borrowed and they still want more. IM OPEN FOR ANY CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST This COMPANY. SIGN ME UP ASAP.
Earizaga88 Send email
Jul 24, 2017

Rip off

Got a loan from them back in 2015 and it was the worst ever. Instead of them helping you they put you more behind with the 98% intrest.. I got a loan for 2500 and i couldn't make the first months payment so i called to get an extension. Apparently they didn't do extensions so o had to take out more money on my loan. The following month i paid the payment and recieved my statement and it just went up. I had no hope and thought i was gonna lose my car. I had to borrow 4700 to pay them off right away before i was paying all intrest. Now at the time when i had a phone consultation i heard the representative tell me interest rate was 8% so thats why i proceeded. Come to find out after i signed i got home and read all the papers the interest rate was at 98%. This company shouldn't even be in business with intrest rates like that.
fmorken Send email
Jul 19, 2017


My daughter took out a pink slip loan 1 year and a half ago for $5000.. Today her pay off I'd 15,389.00... How is this company leagally open!!!! They should be closed down and arrested!!! I gave her the money to pay it off...but you can't pay them off in can only do it in small mounts so they can continue to charge the $50 a day interest we have to get a money order..mail it 2 day have it certified for our protection....and wait for all the interest piling on while they process the payment....they won't let you pay it off on line!!!!! My daughter made a huge mistake!!! I'm sure so many other innocent people have....these people should be in prison....I'm calling the better business bureau .....monsters are what this company is....

This world is so damaged and greedy!!!
KDM Send email
Feb 28, 2017

I Really hate I took a loan out

So when my car got towed I decided to let loan mart keep the car thinking I wouldn't owe them any more money since they have the car now but I was wrong. Long story short they pick the car up from the tow yard and sold my car and then harassing me for even more money im a single mother living in a low income apartment it's really killing me right now if any can help me or have an class lawsuit going on please contact me. [email protected]
Deevelas6 Send email
Jan 4, 2017


I took out a title loan with them of $2500, NOW after a year ibowe $3600 , they say due to interest...Problem Is..I will be paying them double or triple the amount i borrowed. All i have been paying goe to Interest has not even touched my loan amount. This is RIDICULOUS...Can Anyone HELP???
I don't want to lose my vehicle, Plus i am no longer working and it IS A STRUGGLE trying to make this payment monthly.
djones93552 Send email
Oct 29, 2016

Rip off

I wish I knew how to get a law suit together for the ones who have gotten ripped off.
djones93552 Send email
Oct 29, 2016

Rip off

Loan mart is a complete rip off. You are paying for your car twice then want its worth after they get through with you. I was under the impression that my payments are paying off the debt after 5 months they come telling me its all interest first then you start paying the loan. They repossessed my car and i swear I thing they put in a tracker on my car cause they started following me around. But I fixed they ass I refused to let me have my car for free so I traded it in and got another new car. They thought they were so smart, but I was smarter. Ain't no way they were getting a 13000 car for 5000 such ass holes and gave
Letslv4evr Send email
Oct 26, 2016


When I signed on to take a car title loan from Loan Mart, I was under the impression that if I did not pay the monthly amount on time, my car would be repossessed and that would be the end. Well, I surrender my car already and now Loan Mart is still coming after me for more money, threatening to send the bill to the debt collector. How can this be possible or how can the business bureau allow this type of practice? I will seek litigation to save my credit. I had to surrender my car since I recently lost my job.

...If anyone is serious about a class action lawsuit against Loan Mart, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.


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