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Consumer complaints and reviews about A&E Factory Service

CMcManus Send email
Aug 29, 2017

poor repair service

I purchased Sears Home Warranty Plan & a & e appliance repair company was the subcontractor for my washer repair. I set up the appointment for 6/6/2017 tech arrived told my husband it was a transmission, he would order it and rescheduled our next appointment for 6/16/2017. We received a call a few days prior to our appointment, we were told that the tech could not make it and rescheduled for 6/22/2017. Tech arrived that day, took the washer apart discarded the bolts when he went to put in the new part in he didn't have the right tool. He then called for someone to bring out the tool, no one brought it; he then proceeded to promise us that he would go to Melville get the tool and be back the next day, he promised to also inform his supervisor & dispatcher regarding the plan. But he had to give us a new appointment date for 7/6/2017, this was NOT acceptable I was having out of town guests the next day & could not have this machine torn apart. We thought he was coming the next day; well at 3:30pm I called Sears Home Warranty Plan they told me that my next appt. was for 7/6/2017 and nothing could be done. I became so upset I demanded to have someone come out sooner to repair my washer, I was given an apt for 7/20/2017 that was an unsuccessful appointment. One 7/29/2017 sent two repairmen Aubrey & Marley (aka Heckle & Jeckle ) the first one called my on the phone & I asked if he had the tool to fix my washer he said he hadn't been here before and he had to look at it first . I tried to explain that a special tool was needed to do the repair, he disregarded me. The other repairman was very rude to me and then demanded that we had to remove the handicapped bars off the commode to do the repair, I had had a repair done to the washer before and did not have to remove anything. They also left and would not put the washer together. Finally a FEMALE tech with a helper came out and fixed my washer. To be honest I still have the same problem I called for but not as often as before. I WILL NEVER USE SEARS HOME WARRANTY PLAN AND A & E APPLIANCE REPAIR.
emgirl3 Send email
Jul 6, 2016

A & E Factory Service

Did major work on a oven in Dec 29th 2015 including replacing hinges on the oven. The hinges have broken again 6 months after the repair. Their warranty is only 3 months and as it turns out I had a Kitchen Aid rep look at them and was told they used USED PARTS! Which is probably why they broke. When I call, I can't even get anyone from America on the phone. I get people from the Philippines who say nothing can be done. I would have my Credit card file a dispute except that I paid via check. I will NEVER EVER USE A & E again and will tell all my friends and neighbors to stay as far away as possible. And now that I read all the only dissatisfaction, I wish I had seen it all before I ever hired them in the first place! They should stand by their work and their parts. Obviously,3 months is not a valid warranty period. They probably do shotty work so they will get more business.
Lori5456 Send email
Jun 29, 2016

A&E Factory Service

This nightmare began in March 2016 with the first call to Sears Home Repair. They sent A&E Factory Service (contract company) to make the repair. It was the compressor, $617.32. It has since taken 4 technicians to make the repair to the compressor on my refrigerator. The second technician put the compressor in and was on the phone with another technician because he couldn't get it to work. He then proceeded to me it was the wrong compressor. When the third technician arrived to install/correct the second technicians mistakes, we pulled out the refrigerator out and the floor was soaked, and had been leaking since the second technician put it back together and put the refrigerator back into place. Wood floors were buckled and damaged. Note: The refrigerator had NEVER leaked prior to these technicians working on it and we have lived in the home for 12 years. The second technician had wired it incorrectly, but I was told it was the correct compressor and gave me the number to file a claim for the damage to my hardwood floors. I filed a claim for the floor damage. The refrigerator still didn't hold the temperature in the freeze, even though he "charged" it with Freon, and it took a 4th technician to come and he once again charged with Freon and informed me that we may have a leak, which we didn't, the forth technician corrected the problem. So I have concluded, the second tech had no clue, then the third tech was still incompetent, because he couldn't even it charged with Freon correctly. The claim processed through Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., which informed me I needed two estimates, which I complied and sent, along with pictures of the damaged floor. They then sent an General Adjustor to inspect the damage and he verified the floor needed to be replaced due to water damage on his visit on April 28, 2016. Since then I have been getting the runaround from Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. and today I was told they would not cover the claim, as they can not prove it was their technician that did it? Do not let these people in your home!!! They are incompetent and can cause more damage than just to your faulty appliance. Hopefully this review will not be deleted so all those researching for someone to come into their home to make a repair will be for warned.

A&E Factory Service A&E Factory Service

Selewis3 Send email
Jun 24, 2016

Bad customer service

This is the FIFTH time A&E technician has been to my house to fix my oven. Each appointment, I have to block off my entire day because they tell you to expect the technician between 8am and 5pm! Thank goodness I am home with my two kids, I don't know what I would do if I worked full time. It is ridiculous for them to expect someone to take 5 days off from work! They are supposed to call and give you a more narrow time frame; that happened 2 (maybe 3) times. I have called to get a better idea of what time to expect them and twice they have been later than the 3hour window they gave me earlier! This would not be a problem if they called and gave me a heads up that they were running late!
I understand that it can be a guessing game sometimes to figure out what is wrong; but there is no excuse for poor customer service! Techs have been very friendly and polite upon arrival to service product in my home. Online/phone support is horrible! Need to retrain employees or fire contracted crew.
Unfortunately I have their warranty so hands are tied. Will go with a different repair company next time
exhausted Send email
Apr 30, 2016

Dead end cycle

I have been trying to get my refrigerator repaired since March 30th. We purchased an extended warranty through Lowe’s and they have a contract with A & E Factory Service. Today was the third trip for a repair person and today the tech said it was the compressor. He claims to have placed an emergency order for the parts and they will arrive tomorrow. A & E won’t reschedule until the parts arrive and the next date is May 13th. I am beyond frustrated with the lack of customer service from Lowes Executive Support and A & E. They have a script they read and do the bare minimum and at this point a light bulb should come on for someone that this needs to be escalated to someone who can get the frig repaired. I even contacted Mr. Robert Niblock, CEO at Lowe’s by email and phone only to get shuffled back to Executive Support. Lesson learned never buy from Lowe’s, don’t use A & E, and Executive Support and Mr. Niblock don’t care. Poor Service ‪#‎Lowe‬’s ‪#‎A‬&E Factory Service ‪#‎Robert‬ Niblock
Bweiss06 Send email
Mar 24, 2016

Repair no show

We scheduled our washer to be fixed at the earliest appointment they had which was today
March 23, we waited over a week for today and we took off to be available for the repair person. I received no phone call by 3pm soo called them. Rep says yes they will be there by 4 pm. We receive a call at 20 after 5 the repair person was not going to make it. We call the "customer service" we explained our circumstance and they could care less and tried to book us for another week out. I stated that they should make an exception and we should be first appointment tomorrow. We spoke to a supervisor "Charlie"
He did nothing for us and could care less . Completely unprofessional.
I'm gonna file complaints everywhere possible
Fravent Send email
Mar 12, 2016

Outrageous charge

On March 9, 2016, my elderly sister had service to repair a burner on her gas range that was not igniting.
The technician from A&E Factory Service walked in and immediately diagnosed that a tiny port leading from the igniter to the burner was clogged. The technician stuck a tiny tool in the port and immediately cleared the clog. The burner worked and the whole process took approximately 3 MINUTES! He then went to his truck and came back with a bill for $205.77. The charge was $189 for the service and $16.77 tax. She questioned the amount but was told that's what a service charge costs.

When she told me what she had paid, I called the Customer Service number and asked what the charge was to repair a burner on my stove that was not igniting. I was told that the charge was $109 plus tax. I then said that I wanted to discuss an overcharge and was told I had to call another number. I called the second number and was told that to dispute a charge I had to call another number. I then called this third number and explained what had happened and said that this had to obviously be an mistake and requested that the charge be adjusted. I explained what had happened and that I had called to confirm what a charge would be for a clogged burner and was told $109. The woman then stated that the $109 was just to diagnose the problem and did not include the additional charge to fix the problem. I was told by the person that the rates are established by Corporate and no adjustment could be made. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that she was a supervisor and there was no one else who could help me. I then asked where I was calling and she said she was in the country of Colombia. I requested to speak to someone in Corporate Headquarters and was told "no one there will pick up." I asked how I could speak to someone in Corporate Headquarters and was told no one there would speak to me and that she could give me the address in San Antonio, TX and I could write a letter.

This company is a disgrace and I hope that anyone who reads this will know never to use their services and to tell everyone they know as well.
rcherry76 Send email
Jan 29, 2016

Sorry Customer Service

This company is HORRIBLE. BBB will be contacted as well. Service call was on 01/24/2016. Technician was there for two minutes and stated he could not repair the refrigerator and charged me for the service call. Once he left I noticed that the receipt stated "customer refused diagnostic or repair". Which I didn't, I was beyond irritated!! I called the customer service # and asked for a supervisor. I simply wanted to complain on the technician and wanted a refund. The supervisor I spoke to Kevin, employee ID# 75374, stated he would research and call me back within 48 hours. He never called back, so I called on 1/29/2016. I asked to speak to him, he did not notate the account, did not remember talking to me and did not even open an account. He did not remember talking to me. He then stated that he would not refund the money. I advised him that he should have called me back, he stated he didn't remember talking to me or our conversation. I asked to speak to his boss and he refused. DO NOY USE THIS COMPANY!!!
annette7 Send email
Jan 4, 2016


Robert A. Niblock
First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: 704-758-2084

Mr. Niblock,

Frustrated and angry! I have had enough! I purchased a Samsung Stainless steel refrigerator and have had issue since. My big issue is the ice maker. I have called in four (4) times for repair which equates to at least EIGHT (8) DAYS OFF OF WORK. I say "least" because:
when the tech arrives (without the part) he says huh it's your ice maker we need to order the part
the part arrives
another appointment needs scheduling 4 HOUR WINDOW - MISSED DAY OF WORK - NO PAY
Tech is on his way - "Sorry Ms. Rion, the techniciian had an emergency
Another appointment scheduled - 4 HOUR WINDOW - MISSED DAY OF WORK - NO PAY
Replaces the ice maker
Ice Maker craps out AGAIN
Schedule another appointnment - 4 HOUR WINDOW - MISSED DAY OF WORK - NO PAY
Which brings me to this minute right now at 5:59 pm on Monday, January 4th. I had ANOTHER 4 HOUR WINDOW TODAY 1PM-5PM. NO ONE HAS SHOWN UP YET.

In addition, I was told that because my repairs are not a month apart, I can not get a new refrigerator. I was also told by the technicians that "the Samsung ice makers consistently go bad", I wasn't told this on the sales floor in Lowes

A&E repair and Dependable Appliance Center are the "repair" companies Lowe's has chosen to do business with. The service needs to be looked into to say the least. I have seen the A&E truck pulled over on the side of the road ...sleeping.

I was the director of Telecommunication for a large brokerage firm and understand customer service.
There is a large problem here. Please rectify my problem as well as the problem existing with the repair companies Lowes has aligned itself with.

I eagerly await a response from you.

cc: A&E Executive Solution
1560 Cable Ranch Rd.
Bldg. A
San Antonio, TX 78245

Best Regards,
davekris813 Send email
Dec 15, 2015

Fridge Repair

We purchased a Kenmore Elite Fridge/Freezer from Sears back in the Spring. About 2 months later, it stopped cooling. Contacted Sears--they sent a tech (A&E) out a week or so later. He had no clue what he was doing-said I needed a compressor. Had to order it-it would be shipped and they'd come back out..ANOTHER WEEK OR SO LATER. Part arrived about 2 days after he left. Next tech showed-he found there was a restriction somewhere-compressor wasn't needed. Said fridge should start working. It didn't. I called back. THIRD tech showed another week or so later (mind you, it's been almost a month now without a fridge). He repaired something-not sure what-but fridge started working again.

Here we are--Dec. 7th. Same issue. First available service appt was today. He showed bright and early (turns out, he was the 2nd tech I had during last issue). He detected a leak in coil. Ordered that b/c they can't keep them on their truck b/c they get bent and what not. Also ordered a new condenser or compressor or whatever as well to head off any future issues. He's a nice tech. I have no ill will against him. But, earliest they can schedule us is Dec 22nd. ANOTHER week later. Seriously, at that point, that's 3 weeks without a working fridge. Top it off with the holidays rolling around--I don't have time to wait!

The customer service reps are useless. They don't care about how much your fridge is needed. Or how you're sitting without one for such a long period of time. I'm so ill over this whole issue. I thought I'd be thankful it was under warranty, but I'm not! The length of time to get it fixed is unbelievably ridiculous.

We've purchased quite a few appliances from Sears and never had issues with anything. This lemon of a fridge (that cost a pretty penny) has become my least favorite thing.

I will NEVER buy from Sears again. Knowing I may have to deal with A&E Factory Services to repair something leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'll do whatever I can to steer friends and family away from making their purchases there or ANYWHERE that A&E may be connected.

I've never been so disappointed in service in my life.
JenB Send email
Sep 9, 2015

Samsung dryer service

Tuesday of 2 weeks ago. I called for service on a dryer I have a warranty on. I was told that someone could come out that Thursday. I waited all day Thursday. No one came. I called A&E and they said that someone will be out Tuesday. Not one apology from them for the inconvenience. A technician came on Tuesday and was not able to fix the dryer because he did not have a part. They would not allow him to go get the part at the store and fix it. They had him order the part and reschedule for next Wednesday between 8-12. The part actually came the very next day via UPS. So its Wednesday and I called A&E this morning to confirm that someone is coming today. They said they are not able to make the appointment today. I spoke to a manager there who told me that they didn't know the part arrived so no one can be out for another week. They ordered the part and UPS orders can be tracked by them so they're just thinking of excuses. I called Samsung and filed a complaint with corporate about this company they use for warranties. The manager of A&E basically blamed me for not confirming that the part was received. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. No customer service skills at all.
cjemach1 Send email
Aug 7, 2015

SErvice Truck

The driver, who was servicing our neighbor, drove his van onto our newly sodded lawn. What an unprofessional company, and forget about trying to get in touch with a competent person to explain the situation too. Never will I use this company, and urge you to do the same!

Van #23900
richie512 Send email
Aug 1, 2015

water heater

refusing to install parts before aug.19.2015. we have had no hot water ror 3 weeks now .the 19th .would be another 19 days. when called on the phone.the supervisor hung up on me.after i was pressing him for a sooner date. when i called back they refused to give me his name.and hung up on me again.
divinelydirected Send email
Jun 19, 2015


For the last month give or take, I have been working with A&E to get a technician in to do some warranty work on my Samsung washer; which I had less than a year. To give a little background, my washer one night "decided" that it wasn't going to cycle through any wash option and/or fill with water. After going through the basic trouble shooting, Samsung agreed to pay for the warranty work. They provided me two companies and A&E Factory Service was one of them; I went with A&E to my detriment.

The first technician showed up and saw that my machine was unresponsive and he could not get it into self-diagnostic test. He had to open it up and do some other work around. Not being a technician myself, it was clearly evident that something has gone wrong with the mother board. The technician’s diagnosis was, "soap sud build up". I immediately scoffed at such idiotic thing as my machine threw no code and the implication that soap suds would cause an extreme electronic malfunction means that Samsung’s engineering team really really screwed up. His argument was that we use "too much detergent". I asked him why did the machine not warn us like it specifies in the manual, and his response was that the sensors are a "hit and miss". He also said the door lock needed to be replaced and so he did so and ordered the parts for the pump, which delayed my machine being repaired another week.

The second appointment comes and a new technician shows up. This technician was very very knowledgeable about the machine and did his own diagnosing. When I told him what the other technician said about the soap suds and pump, he gave me the same face I gave the other technician. This second technician checked all the same stuff and immediately recognized that my machine was unresponsive. He tried 20 or so times to get the machine to go into self-diagnostics and even called for help which was a blow to his pried. He finally gets it to self-diagnose and nothing popped up as an error. What took him so long was that he found that the schematics were missing which he needed to troubleshoot; that the other technician must have taken them which rubbed me the wrong way about the other lousy technician. The second technician also checked my old door lock and didn't find anything wrong with it because it didn't work due to signal issues and not mechanical issues. He also concluded that the problems with my washer has NOTHING to do with the suds, that the machine will try to clean itself a few times before locking up which in that case would throw an error code. He told me upfront that he can fix the pump, but that's not going to fix the machine because the problems he found had to do with a communication issue between the electrical components. So he schedules an appointment with me to come back and orders the parts. I told him I may not be available then and he said just to call in and request a reschedule. All I needed to do is give them his tech id.

Now starts a new nightmare. So at this point it's been roughly a few weeks or so that our washing machine has yet to be repaired; an avoidable delay had the first technician been more knowledgeable. After scheduling another day and calling twice to confirm with A&E that they will send the same technician, I get a phone call on service day and it’s the wrong guy. So I apologized to him and said that he isn't the tech that I requested. I call A&E back and asked why did they send me a different tech after I called multiple times to make sure they ONLY send the same tech. They looked into it and said the tech I request called out. Ok not A&E's fault this time and luckily I didn't miss any work. Just was disappointed that yet we have to wait again.

So I schedule yet another appointment with A&E, this time taking 4 hours of my limited sick leave. They tell me the time is 8 am to 12 pm and confirm with me that they will send the correct technician given that he doesn't call out etc. Today 6/19/15 was the appointment. I call at 8am to get estimated ETA and they tell me between 11:30am and 12pm and reconfirmed for me that the correct technician has been assigned. I was a little mad about that because I felt like how can a technician show up at the back halfe of my window given the work that needs to be done? Ok so I was ready to deal with that and had to work out something with my employer. I get a call at 11:20am and its the WRONG technician telling me that he is an HOUR away and another customer is ahead of me making his arrival time TWO+ HOURS?! At this point I am very upset because this appointment cost me sick leave and A&E wasted it without any respect or regards for me as a customer. I called A&E very upset, and all I got was "I'm sorry" and they sent me to their resolutions team. Now I have to wait another week! And was given another promise that the right technician will show up this time. I felt disrespected and unappreciated by this company who carelessly wasted my limited leave. I asked them what is the point to giving customers 8-12 and 1-5 time frames if they don’t honor them? I asked them would A&E pay for my time I wasted waiting for nothing? I told them that driver should have called me at 8am and told me it isn't realistic that he can make it out by then, or the call center lied to me and made up an ETA without checking first with the technician. Whichever is the case, I deserve something from A&E for such disrespect, psychological stress they have caused me, and a lack of regard for my time. If this is how they treat people, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend them to anyone. I was better off calling someone on Craigslist. At this point, I need to report them to Samsung that they are an insult to Samsung’s credibility. It’s bad enough my $800+ Samsung machine broke down on me with less than a year ownership.
dhenzylle Send email
Apr 3, 2015

Tech and scheduling

I have placed a dishwasher repair 3 weeks ago and tech came by to look at the issue and ordered the part. Same tech that initially came by was the same tech that was suppose to show up last week but his truck unfortunately broke down and they had to cancel my appointment and I already took time off. Needless to say I was then scheduled for this past Wednesday and we specifically ask to put us at time pass 3PM. Same tech guy called me at noon saying that he will be at my house by 1PM. I said no and he said he will call me back later that afternoon to give me a time when he was done since he will be in the other side of town. 3PM we called the tech and left him a message that we are home and awaiting for him. We waited patiently but there was no call from the tech. We called their customer service and talking to someone from another country as their customer service is the worst. We called numerous times and said that the tech was in route from 4-5 then 5-6 then 6-6:30 then again 6-7. I ask customer service if they know what time it is right now as it was 7:20PM already and they dont even know what time it was where the service is suppose to be rendered. VERY UPSET and I frankly don't like being look upon that I am making this up since the tech even said to dispatch that he was at my home and no one was home. We talk at noon and like he said he was going to be at my house by 1 and I said no come later. I called customer service again today to find out what the status is and I already have an appointment again on Monday but there is no given time and once again no guarantee as to what time can they be here at my house. THIS company is the worst who cannot take responsibility to their actions and cannot make exceptions to the case that they clearly made a mistake on. Miss communication and unprofessional up to being incompetent employees and technician. THIS COMPANY IS SO BAD and BEWARE!!

I ask to speak with someone who can make some decision and I was told that there is no one and that they dont even know their own chain of command much less who can make any type of decision.
carolyn lightfoot Send email
Mar 23, 2015

broken washing machine

On January 5th 2015 i called my service contact 888 481 4849 to report my maytag washer was not working and making a humming noise. They told me some one from A&E would be coming out on Jan 14 2015. Technician came and looked at it and it needed a timer and motor drive. He ordered parts and setup appt. Jan 26 Inwhich he cameback and put parts on machine. It worked for a couple of weeks and then stopped again. Called for appt. and couldnt get appt until Feb 27.technician. cleared blockage and ran it through cycle with no clothes in it. After he left about 15 minutes i tried to wash aload of clothes.it filled up and stop and started to hum agian. Called technician back.didnt answer my call. I called A&E
and complained yet again.another appt for March 16 and he was not able to fix it had to order more parts. Another appt was give March 23. Technician came out and put on new parts said machine was working. He could not stay to let it go through full cycle.after he left i tried washing a load of clothes and it got to the rinse cycle and stopped and the humming started again. I reported this to the warrenty company yet again. Now i am waitingfor another appt. This is not fair to me. I have been real patience but this is enough. I totaled the repair tickets and it came to 978.32. They could have given me anew washer for that amount.
If i dont get any help or satisfaction from you my next step will be to go to 12 on your side TV station to report what kind of service i am receiving. I have been without my washer machine since Jan. So i had to put out money at laundromat. Need to be remembered for that.
teddy Send email
Oct 18, 2014

Terrible Company

October of 2013, A&E came out to fix our LG refrigerator left side door that was broken. After ordering the wrong door 4 times and many phone calls - some for over an hour long…they FINALLY sent out the right door. The shelf that fit on our old door didn't fit on the new door and was told thats because it was an updated door and they would send out the right shelf. Well, we got 4 shelves that were ordered incorrectly, all the same to fit our old door. (which come to find out, they lied, and it was actually a discontinued door they put on our fridge and thats why they can't get a hold of the right shelf.) Now we are talking a year later. They send out another door that the shelf will fit and the door is a total different finish. The right side of my fridge is a glossy finish and the left being a buff. So I told Gary (who is a whole different story of unprofessional, rude…..) they needed to do something with the new door plus there is a dent on the top left corner of the door. Gary ordered another door and guess what!!!!!!! ITS THE WRONG DOOR….AGAIN.
Called Gary and was told they are done - not going to fix it because its cosmetic and the warranty doesn't cover cosmetic. Since when is a dent cosmetic…..unless I bought a scratch and dent; which I did not. I bought a $2300 fridge. Our next step is to contact the BBB and the Consumer Protection Bureau. They are the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I will not even deal with them anymore and their 'repair guy" is not welcome on my property or my home ever again. 1st stop, Home Depot where we bought this fridge and there terrible warranty.
mikezumpano Send email
Jun 19, 2014

A&E service

a&e came to my home to put a switch in my otc microwave. the tech never unplugged the microwave and this distroyed the motherboard. After wainting for the mother board to come in, i was informed thec also blew out the powere supply. after 5 visits the microwave now works when it wants to only.
I am trying to file small claim suit and cannot find a adress in nys to serve them.
bigdaddy19 Send email
Mar 22, 2013

Lack of accountability

NO accountability!!!! Sears uses this company as a repair subsidy & admit they have no control over what they do! This repair company too over 7 weeks to fix an issue! This was after waiting 3 weeks for parts, then someone supposedly fixing the matter... it only took 4 loads to really break this time! Then I get a another diagnosis & a statement from their tech that the first diagnosis was wrong! My wife stays home from work for the corrective fix (3rd visit to my house) and they NEVER CALL or show up! The next day I'm suppose to stay home again... Then when I ask for a supervisor & the names of the individuals who messed up my repair for 7 weeks I'm told NO.. The mgr will handle it. I was NOT given tech #'s so that EVERYONE can be included in my certified mailed letter to Sears Higher up & A& E higher up! I rather buy all new appliances before I let these crooks in my house again!

I am not able to rate less than 1 star... If so I wouldn't give them any at all!
Tom4261 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor serbice

I took a job with A&E service. I had very little experience working on appliances, But was told I would be trained. The training was a joke. All I was trained to do was take a guess at what part is bad, order it and leave. When the part gets there, Install it and leave and hope it works.After 2 weeks of this, I resigned. This is not how you treat people and if thats all they allow you to do, I want no part of it.
Brenda Germano Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor serbice

I bought a brand new Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer at Lowe's. I purchased the extended warranty at the same time. The set had to be ordered. The set arrived about three weeks later. There was a smell in the dryer which continued to get worse especially on hot and longer cycles. A&E were contacted to set up an appointment for someone to check the dryer. From the first use of the dryer, I noticed broken lines running through the digital output on the window. There was also part of the lock outside the front panel between the panel and top of the machine.

The smell became so unbearable that I had ceased using the dryer and was sending my laundry out. I had discovered that mice were in my dryer due to some droppings following a time we were out of the country, and our pets were in a kennel. I suspected that was why my dryer was making me gag. That was why the digital output on the controls panel had broken lines. The mice were chewing on the insulation and wires.

The A&E technician came out yesterday. He smelled nothing and continued to deny there was any kind of smell. I turned the dryer on for him, he smelled nothing then he took the top off the dryer and just stood there spinning the drum for awhile. Eventually he jammed up the drum and it wouldn't unlock. I watched in horror as he pulled and shoved the drum. Finally he turned off the electricity, and the drum unjammed. He was fiddling with the controls. He didn't seem to know very much about a Fisher & Paykel dryer. He also didn't want to work with it. He kept insisting that he couldn't smell the odor while I'm standing by him smelling a pretty powerful odor. I insisted he take the bottom of the dryer off and check. He found dog food. Then he insisted that I was smelling burnt dog food.

He kept telling me that he could repair the mother board. I told him the mother board was not the priority. However, chewed wires and insulation were a fire hazard. I told him I needed to have the machine replaced as I couldn't use it with odor inside that was actually smelling up the entire laundry area. It smelled like dead mouse and mouse urine.

His parting words were "I'll just report that you don't want the repair done then". What repair? The problem is not a mother board that has broken lines rather it is a dryer that needs to be replaced.

I can't remember ever dealing with such an incompetent repairman in my life. Training? I don't think he had training at all. His job was to lie to me by denying he smelled nothing and try to settle the issue with a new mother board.

Lowe's should find a better repair company. This one is absolutely awful.
A&E Solutions Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible service!

To bluethunder12,
I came across your post and I wanted to reach out and offer our assistance in getting this unfortunate situation resolved. We’re very sorry to hear about the service you have received from our team and we apologize for the frustration this has caused you. My name is Stephanie and I am part of the A&E Solutions team. We understand your frustration and do want to see how we can be of assistance to you. At your convenience please contact our office at AEservice@aefactoryservice.com so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the washer is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name bluethunder12 in your email for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Stephanie L.
A&E Solutions Team
A&E Cares
Bluethunder12 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible service!

a&e is a joke, they don't know what they are doing, they lie to you and then say they will hang up on you if you get pissed and raise your voice at all. they have come to my home 4 times to repair the same problem with my washer, the 1st time, was a no call, no show and then the other 3 times it was always something else wrong with it. then they where a no call, no show again yesterday and said it would be next week before they could come out, told them to cancel some ones else's appt and repair my washer and they said they couldn't do that, i would have to wait. after i saw all the other complaints about them, i know that it happens all the time. they need to be closed down. planning on contacting sears and the bbb this week.
AO'Brien Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible service!

There was a time when Sears sold appliances that were dependable and reliable. It was a pleasure to own an appliance sold by Sears since they were relatively problem free. If there was ever a problem, it was fixed right away. They would send out a Sears repair representative who would wear a Sears uniform with pride.
Sears has changed and not for the better. They sell appliances that are anything but reliable and they sub-contract their repairs to A&E Factory Service who doesn’t know the first thing about customer care. Evidently Sears doesn’t want to be associated with this outfit and I can’t blame them.
How unfortunate that a great name like Sears is no more.
I’ve had the worst experience attempting to get a dishwasher that is under warranty repaired or replaced for several months. Sears subs out repairs to A&E. A&E lies about scheduled appointments and the only thing they know how to do is frustrate you into oblivion so that you are so discouraged, you will stop bothering them.
I sincerely doubt that I will purchase anything from Sears again.
I completely agree with the comment above: "For your own sanity - DO NOT USE A & E FACTORY SERVICES...better yet don't buy anything from Sears or any other company that relies on this type of repair service.
Toallthebabies Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible service!

You all need to stop crying like little self centered babies. Get over it people you live in an electronic age a cheaply made electronic age at that! Things are designed to break so that you have to buy new sooner! It may not be right but that's the reality whether you like it or not!Grow up! And if you have a window of 8-12am and are in the shower and don't answer the door its your fault that you don't know how to tell time.you must be available at all times in your window. Then if the tech is late it is because some one was in the shower or ran an errand and called in crying about how the tech didn't come when they expected so they demand the tech come back.Now the tech has to try and adjust all the people that don't want to be adjusted and who will probably post on here how life is not fair because they had to wait! Oh, the crime...Please people!

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