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bashirs Send email
Apr 3, 2018


Booking No: FM5G7J
Booking Date: 26 Feb 2018

Saya telah membeli bagasi sewaktu booking flight 80kg dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kuching dan bayaran telah dibuat semasa booking online.
Dan tambahan untuk bagasi telah dibuat pada 28 Mac 2018 pagi di KL Central iaitu 60kg. Semasa hendak daftar masuk bagasi yang berjumlah 80kg tiada lagi dalam booking flight kami.
Disertakan Itinerary & bagasi 80kg semasa booking online, Itinerary untuk tambahan bagasi 60kg dan Invoice untuk tindakan tuan selanjutnya.


Sue Elliott Send email
Dec 14, 2017


Perth flight QZ535 Oct 15 to Bali.Cabin crew panicked/screamed, oxygen masks dropped, plane descending.

No intelligible instructions and no assistance given initially. Flight returned to Perth. Have had to initiate contact and continually harass to get any response. Two months later and offered a $50 credit toward AirAsia flight.

Seriously, what a joke. I would NEVER fly with them again. Letter of apology (ha ha) said cabin crew followed protocal.

There are videos on mobile phones of their appalling behaviour.I very strongly recommend you do not fly with them as the staff cannot be trusted with your life and the airline does not accept they are at fault.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund of both flights and accommodation, holiday ruined, as compensation. Full apology needed.
P.K.Nair Send email
Nov 27, 2017

Stale food

Myself and my wife booked Airasia flight from Pune to New Delhi by I5732 on 26.11.17. While checking in at Pune airport, the checking in staff (a lady) asked whether we would like to pre-book dinner at the counter. She informed us that Hyderabadi veg biriyani is availabe. When I asked her whether there are any other item she can offer, she said this is the only item available on board and we were , in a way, compelled to book Hyderabadi veg biriyani. However, when we boarded the flight, we could see that the flight attendents were offering many items to passengers. We had no other choice but to eat the veg biriyani. After reaching home in NOIDA my wife started complaining about stomach pain and vomitted at least 6 times. Now she is taking anti-biotics for stomach infection.

We strongly feel that the Hyderabadi veg biriyani was stale food which was forced on us by the checking in staff. Otherwise there was no need for her to tell us that there are no other item available on the flight. I would like to have an proper explanation from Airasia management on this issue and compensate me adequately for the medical problem my wife is facing. If I do not get an satisfactory explanation, I would be forced to approach Consumer Complaint authorities.

NOR AIZAT Send email
Nov 20, 2017

Damaged luggage

My beg luggege torn off.
danielee70 Send email
Nov 17, 2017

Airasia AK6128 flight need to be replaced!

#airasia AK6128, 9 out of 10 times the plane get delayed. And today it happen again!! 1st retime from 5:50pm to 6:30pm, and 2nd announcement came in after 6:30pm - the plane are having some technical & operational issue as informed, after all passengers waited for more than 40mins in front for boarding....delayed until further notice!! Very disappointed with #airasia 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
danielee70 Send email
Nov 17, 2017

AK6128 frequently down with technical problem

#airasia AK6128, 9 out of 10 times the plane get delayed. And today it happen again!! 1st retime from 5:50pm to 6:30pm, and 2nd announcement came in after 6:30pm - the plane are having some technical & operational issue as informed, after all passengers waited for more than 40mins in front for boarding....delayed until further notice!! Very disappointed with #airasia 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
sam to Send email
Nov 13, 2017

Bad Services and staffs arent responsible

Airasia has a bad check in counter in Langkawi. Almost everyone.who came to the airport have no idea how to check in their bags n bikes.
At first we were queueing at the counter awaiting checking in my bike. Then they asked us to print boarding pass n bag tag. So i went out and printed the tag. After printing the tag we thought we could proceed to normal line however.they asked us to requeue again. My flight on 2.55pm and 2.00pm Im still.queueing. OK fine.
Finally its my turn the staff only check in my bike and leaving all my luggages to my own to check in wth. if so you should have told me earlier to check luggages separated earlier instead of asking me to queue.
ok fine i checked in my luggages myself. she asked me to move to another belt to check in while others are using. Hey, staff do i look like a ball? For you to passing here n there?
Lastly, because of their unhelpful services two of my bookings left a total 15kg allowance separately, while i am having one 15kg bag to check in. They said i.have to repack and buy the weight.
Fine i repack and wanna pay for it. She just asked me to queue to another long queue. WtF. MY FLIGHT 2.55pm. AT 2.30pm im still outside queueing in the line. Well done bravo. what a great services.
Seriously, when your staff come across problem they just kick us to another staffs. Bravo.
Sudipta Mandal Send email
Nov 10, 2017

miss guide the guest and give wrong information and charge

I am Sudipta Mandal I have book ticket for my parents traveling from kolkata to Bagdogra there traveling date is 12/11/17 and the Booking no is QQUQVK .and the customer care call on 10/11/17 from this no 8046681400 and tell them that you haven't book the seat for that the call .and asked the choices and my parents reply is it extra charges then they inform that no but if you take food that will changeable and after that they told that you will pay Rs 912 after that when my parents asked his name then the call dissconnect.
this way they miss guide and charge wrongly to the customer .
please look into this otherwise they have return ticket booking no OWUHGA i will think and i will cancel if it hapen again
look into this matter and solve it as soon as possible.
Thank you
Sudipta Mandal
Imran1982 Send email
Nov 9, 2017

Poor Service

I am a regular customer of Air Asia and I am very happy with their fare and other things but when we talk about the customer service and responding time, they are the worst of all.

I have made a complaint to Air Asia which is regarding my Payment issues on the change of Flight. I have been contacting Air Asia since this morning (09/11/2017 6.30 AM) but my complaint been dragging until now without any positive feedback. Actually the payment policy is very stupid, If any changes made without the payment confirmation should resume back to previous confirmed booking status but Air Asia is changing the status to "Pending", even we don't wants the changes to be happen and travel under the previous booking, we are unable to do so until we clear the pending payment.

My changes is actually happened on the return flight but for now I am not able to Fly even on the my 1st flight which doesn't have any issue at all.

Attached here the complaint references which they have given to feedback to me but until now I don't get a feedback Air Asia. So, I have decided to book for another flight ticket and complaint about Air Asia to the media.

Old Booking REF which is under problem: OWLIMQ
New Booking REF which is booked due to no response from Air Asia: SQ4KSN

- Imran

Poor Service

ezah halid Send email
Oct 15, 2017

AK 1775 29 September 2017 9.45am Kch - Sin

i was so pissed off due to my baby’s stroller was not being handled with care. The rim went off and there were big permanent scratches everywhere!!! This is definitely unacceptable! I hope the management of Air Asia can do something about it! Pls take action to your unresponsible staff! You shouldnt hire this type of person. It will definitely ruin your reputation. I hope I will receive a reply from you and pls take action to those who’s responsible for this!
Ikakecik Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Staff want attack me

Im Muhammad Syukri Bin Roslee want to make a complaint about one of the staff airasia worker wanting attack me. The airasia staff has raised his voice to me and acted to attack me for being dissatisfied with me. I have made a police report on the actions of the staff as a reference by the company. I hope the company will take actions against to tje staff.

Staff want attack me

Ikakecik Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Staff want attact me

Im Muhammad Syukri Bin Roslee want to make a complaint about one of the airasia staff wanting to attack me. The airasia worker has raised his voice to me ang acted to attack me for being dissatisfied with me. I have made a police report on the actions of the staff as reference by the company. I hope the company will take action against the staff

Staff want attact me

madelaine1 Send email
Sep 22, 2017

Luggage tampering

We traveled from Manila to Siem Reap on Saturday the 16th of September. We were on flight number Z2942 and connecting flight AK540. When we arrived at our hotel, we found that our luggage was tampered with. One bag's zip was open on the side (with the locks still locked) and our things inside our bags were moved around and looked through. Some smaller bags inside were also left open.
We find this unacceptable. Our bags were locked with TSA approved locks and yet they were tampered with and looked through. This surely does not make us feel that we can entrust our belongings in Air Asia's hands.
Sky K Send email
Sep 2, 2017

Poor cooperation

I booked a flight from GAU to BLR, I was late by 10 minutes due to some family issues and they didn't let me enter. They are so uncooperative and rude and they even tore off my baggage the last time I travelled. Disgusting and poor service! I will never ever travel through this flight. I have even warned everyone, no one should travel by Air Asia
Fly Send email
Aug 20, 2017


Air fare for Darwin to Denpasar with jet star $151 return ( as advised by Trip Advisor ) month of October. Air Asia lot higher plus $10 if not paid by PayPal. You need to revise things if you want bums on seats! Thanks bruce
randycychua Send email
Jul 28, 2017


Case No: CAS-19191517-1XVJSB CRM:0244496
I have written a letter on July 12 seeking a refund on medical grounds to your Customer Care HQ in LCC Sepang with backup records of my medical situation. Todate which is now July 28,2017 I have not received any response whatsoever from anyone in Air Asia. I would appreciate if you can contact me at randycychua@gmail.com asap.
Matac Send email
Jul 5, 2017

Stolen camera and cologne

I booked a flight from Siem reap, Cambodia to Denpasar with a layover in Kuala Lumpur. Between the time I checked in my bag in Cambodia to the time I received my bag in Denpasar, someone had open my luggage and taken my Samsung camera (with memory stick) and my Versace cologne. I went straight to the ground handling office and disputed my case, at this point there has not been any update and everytime I call them they give me the run around. I think it's very upsetting that one of their staff may have taken my belongings and the management has no sense of attention. I'm sure your numbers will not hurt with one less flyer but I'll definitely spread the word to others about the poor morals the airline has.
dhachainii Send email
May 18, 2017



DATE: 18/5/2017
TIME: 10.25AM

AirAsia Send email
May 15, 2017

Customer Care very unhelpful

I am sick to death of the chase around crap Im receiving from AirAsia's customer care service team. After trying to get info about getting a refund after booking flights I mistakenly book in my name for both flights as my Loyalty member ID paged prefilled both booking in my name, I still have no refund over a week later. All they keep doing is asking for info that is not needed. I've explained the situation amply times and I sick of it!

I would appreciate this issued looked into so no one has to go through the stree I have.
Barconcepts Send email
May 9, 2017

Air Asia Check-in at Chennai Airport

We are frequent travellers on Air Asia and always print out our boarding passes. At Chennai Airport, we had to go to the Check-in as self printed boarding passes were not accepted. We queued up and presented our boarding passes for check in. We only travelled with hand luggage. The woman at the check-in asked to weight the luggage. It was 8.5 kg. She informed us that according to new regulations only 7 kg were permitted and we have to check in the hand luggage. I told her that I will not check in my laptop which contains important information. She insisted. I asked to speak to the supervisor. Mrs. MG Geetha arrived, talked with the check in girl in Tamil and repeated the same thing. Check in your luggage or you will not board that plane!

I told her that I will not check in the luggage, but I will take out some of my cloth so that the weight goes down to 7 kg. I opened my small hand luggage and took out some cloth to wear it. She told me that I need to step aside as she has to check in other passengers. I replied quietly that I will not step aside as I wont queue up again. She then called security which came running. The security yelled at me to immediately step aside. I kept my patience and told the supervisor that I do not accept the security yelling at me, trying to grab my arm to pull me away from the Check-In counter. Moreover, I told her that there are several other Check-In counters available.

Mrs. MG Geetha began then to threaten me. She told me that we are delaying the flight (there was still 1.5 hours before departure) and because of my behaviour make things horrible for other passengers. I asked her, why all the Indian citizens on the same flight were permitted with hand luggages which looked like they were clearly over 7 kg without having to weight them, but only us should pay. She refused to answer my question. I asked her if we were singled out because we were Non-Indian?

I had put on some cloth and my luggage was exactly 7 kg. (When it was 7.1 kg, she still insisted that we have to pay). She continued her threats saying that at the gate she will be there and that there is another scale and that there they will take away even my computer. I answered her that I have quietly complied with her demands and want my boarding card. She issued it to me.

But as it was my friends term to check in, the same procedure started. The weight of his hand luggage was 9 kg. As the security was still beside the check in counter and Mrs MG Geetha and the check in girl were at the same time yelling at my friend to pay or get out of the line, he broke down as he was scared and agree to pay.

We were immediately whiskey off the counter and had to go to another counter for payment, where the staff informed us that the credit card machine is not working properly, so they will write down the details by hand as well. I told them I dont trust this system but as we had no cash money, I had to agree.

FOR 2 KG EXTRA AIR ASIA CHARGED 4400 Rupees, which are appoximately 70 USD. After payment we had to queue up again. My friend was so upset by the whole episode, the yelling, threats and impoliteness of the Air Asia staff and the security that he was crying. Of course Air Asia didnt care and just told us to better go to the flight quickly or we miss the plane.

Of course at the gate, neither the supervisor, nor the Check-In woman were present. No scale or hand luggage check. Some Indian travellers who had noticed the problems at the Check-In came to talk with us and were upset. They showed us their hand luggages and at least 10 passengers confirmed that theirs were not weighted nor anyone had to pay extra charges.

We had been selected because we are a Western and an Asian person.

We strongly condemn racial profilling. Either Air Asia decides to weight the hand luggage of every passenger and makes them pay even the weight is slightly over the limit or none.

We consider not flying with Air Asia again and ask Air Asia in Chennai to have a talk with Mrs. MG Geetha and the woman who had duty at counter 40 on Friday May 5th for flight AK 12 from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur
kishoorvani Send email
May 9, 2017


On the 7/5/2017@1230pm was my flight to singapore AK713, but I missed the flight due to the Air Asia employed no experience and useless staff who even don't how to communicate and plan action for the customer. The worst ever customer service i ever faced and unforgettable experience
I was at the gate which to board the flight @ 1220hrs but the boarding gate closed, and the airport take such long way to reached there. just imagine i already there but none of your staff can help me to to let me enter the flight. which the flight still in gate Q11. The flight take off almost after 15 mins I'm there. very very disappointed of the staff attitude.if flight delayed Air asia GIVING A LOT OF REASON BUT TO CUSTOMER A LOT OF IDIOT ANSWER
Only one miserable, stupid and helpless staff are standing in the Q13 just next window. I approached him to help me to call the staff who standing insides Q11 along the walk way but he just denied people who expect to board on the plane.Hence telling ,you late so we unable to allow U to board . what her nonsense service was this. PLEASE VIEW IN CCTV ABOUT THE INCIDENT.
I was very rushing to important work to Singapore just imagine what was happen.
Furthermore your staff can said your go and buy another ticket and customer service which i approached and was very expensive.NO announcement done . Only One staff at the Q11 ,how Air ASIA GOING TO-GIVE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE rather lock to people in difficulty when the person at the gate and flight still there.hence unable to board.
NO COMPROMISES, STAFF VERY BAD ATTITUDE, AND RUDE BEHAVIOR AS HE KEEP TELLING ME YOU GO WAY. I feel like slapping him on his face but I just control my self as Rushing to Singapore. Some more it Sunday no management people can help us.It is irresponsible and recklessness and carelessness behavior with customers which cause financial loss and mental agony.Please update the action and I expect an explanation on this matter.
My email abx3398@yahoo.com.
ANGELINE1608 Send email
Apr 14, 2017


I had travelled on 13Apr17 on AK1112 from JB to Jakarta. I bot checked-in luggage 30kg for my cloths +etc (which weight around 25kg) except my laptop backpack & handbag. When I was about to board, your airasia staff stop me & ask me to weight my laptop backpack + handbag. After weight yur AA staff say is overweight pass 7kg & I told her which one u wan me to check in as luggage cos all my cloths oredi check-in & now is my computer + handbag. I don mind if you can guarantee lost & damage, I will check-in all but still your AA staff say cannot, so can AA management teach me how am I to travel using AirAsia flight to travel from JB to Jakarta for work cos I travelled almost 6 times / year & I m not on holidays.
To me it is not logic cos my laptop alone with cable & the bag oredi weigh around 5+kg & my handbag with handphone x 2, keys, coins, purse, passport, powerbank, lipstick + compact powder + the handbag alone oredi weight +5kg.
If AirAsia scare of overload, then why not implement weighing individually up to a maximum weight & any extra to be charged ? No logic at all if u can picture 1) a fat lady about 70kg + 7kg allowance = 77kg & me only around 52kg + 5kg(laptop)+5kg= 62kg so how do u explain in this.
2) Maybe AirAsia trying to prevent those ppl avoid paying luggage so look into this matter on the 7kg allowance. This 7kg shld focus on either laptop or luggage handcarry, so if u r carrying laptop then u need to buy check-in luggage. This is fair to everyone but not laptop + handbag = 7kg.
I will like AirAsia to explain to me how can I travel with AirAsia flight which needs to bring my laptop & handbag cos AirAsia cannot guarantee the safety if we check-in our laptop & handbag. Unless there is no alternative then I have to use MAS back cos I have been travelling to & fro Jakarta/JB since Year 2008. U can check my record whenever there is direct flight fr JB to Jakarta I will support AirAsia.

Looking forwards to hear from AirAsia on the solutions. Thank you
Bernie8 Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Refused to take the flight

Air Asia is expanding too fast to take control of the people who work for that airline. I totally agree when Air Asia customers say that Tony Fernandes (CEO) should take care more about his stuff members than expanding more and more. Actually you should shut down this airline!!!
I booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland for 2 persons + sports equipment. On the check-in counter they refused me to go on that flight, as they considered my passport as damaged. My passport detail page has a torn on the top page which is not too big.
It is still intakt, no photo damage, no detail damage, you are able to scan...
But the stuff on the check-in counter from Air Asia has been really naughty, she send me to the Service Counter. At the Service Counter the stuff member were all overchallenged as other people were standing there to complain. All the stuff members just could say "you cannot fly, your passport is consider damage"! Thats all? Are you kidding me?
They were sending me to one manager at another counter and i was talking to him. I have been telling all of them that since i travel i never had any issues. But this manager didnt care and said the same like the others with a really rude attitude. They dont give any other explanations, they just dont care and they treat you so bad! They way how the manager and stuff member talk to you is super rude and naughty!!!
As Air Asia is a low fare Airline i think they dont give a fuck how to treat people. How is this even acceptable??? Why do they treat customers in the way they do? What gives them the right? For me, its all out of reason.
The way they treat you makes you angry, pissed off and you are in the situation to fight because of their manner/attitude.

I have been traveling to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal and back to Malaysia without any problems with my passport and the torn on the detail page. No one of the Customs or even Immigration of each country has mentioned anything about it. Plus...In my opinion, the Immigration or Customs could easily let you know if your passport is considered as damage.
What do you do with your passport? You hand it over every single time you enter a country. The people on the Immigration have a close look on it, scan your passport and flip through. Also in hotels your passport get used for scanning. Of course if you travel a lot, your passport get wear and tear. So you should actually get a notice from the Airline or from the Immigration that your passport has a torn. BUT NOT A REFUSE to get on the flight. Why do they refuse you? Because they are afraid to pay a fine when it comes to the Immigration in the other country.
Of course they dont want to pay a fine, Air Asia just want to soak up your money because you dont get a refund back, its your fucking problem of the passport. Seriously?

After some research i have found out there are existing more bad reviews than good ones.
I do like to travel budget but there is no reason to treat customers like that. Surely in future, i will pay more for my flights but have an excellent service.
sara_2014 Send email
Apr 5, 2017

Sharifah Shaheera, the crew of Air Asia made a false report

The chief crew of the flight my fsmily and I took, Sharifah Shaheera made a false report. My family and I did not get the Extra Seat Option (ESO) which we purchased from Option Town. The seats assigned on the boarding pass are single standard seats. When I queried about it, Sharifah Shaheera apologised for the mistake and said that a refund will be made on the matter. After landing, when I lodged a report on the matter, my request was rejected. Sharifah Shaheera denied the mistake and no refund on the ESO was made. Please dont purchase from Option Town as they are afflilated to Air Asia and both have cheated me. Thanks
cfwong Send email
Mar 24, 2017

Stupid and helpless customer service

The WORST ever customer service i ever faced. Having a duplicate booking by the system and submitted an query via eForm of airasia. They replied saying confirm on duplicate booking and processing my refund.

After a month, the refund wasnt done. I check bank, bank replied impossible for them to trace anything which is still floating or pending which is logical. I turn to airasia asking for the status and information. AirAsia replied is approved and submitted since 3 weeks ago. Since this is submitted 3 weeks ago, i proceed to ask for more detail about the refund. One of the customer service officer told me something wrong with my refund which I didnt include any bank information on my query.

I was shock, how on earth are you going to refund if there isnt any bank information. Follow up again at live chat airasia provided which is extremely long queue and waiting time, I was told my refund is processed, being process, still under investigation. What the hell i was thinking. Each and every officer told me a different story.

If there is anything wrong with my query shouldn't you straight was alert the customer, instead of process and treat it as invalid item fight?

I has been a week with airasia customer service on live chat but still nothing new to update. All the customer service agent was robot alike, replied with some copy and pasted information. Finally what they could tell me to do is wait for few days again for the last case to be processed. Or wait till the due date with a 30 working days if the refund still undone. Sent in another eForm to complaint again. I wonder how many 30 working days i need to wait again.

Brilliant!! Superb service! Speechless !

Anyone who is trying to take AirAsia out there, please be careful. Make sure you booking wasn't having issue, else you will be stucked and seems like there isnt anywhere out from it.

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