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Consumer complaints and reviews about Ashford University

bcsliving@yahoo.com Send email
Jul 24, 2017

I owe more even after having a zero balance

Was sure to pay any monies owed to Ashford outside of what was borrowed prior to graduation. Upon applying for graduate school not yet having my degree in hand and receiving an email that my degree was on its way I received a letter saying I now owe over $7K. Now AU is holding my degree and any ability for me to get my transcripts for a job. How is this even possible?
CB1 Send email
Jun 21, 2017

Ashford Stealing University

I can not believe after losing everything in Katrina. A university would steal money from me, my family members, and friends. Thanks Ashford University for stealing our American DREAM!
Tennessee 75 Send email
Jun 7, 2017

Ashford university

Was a online student of Ashford university when I had turned in a assignment and was failed for plagiarism by one of their student teachers. Brought it up to the instructor ( which took her 4 days to get back to me) told me it was a mistake on the student teacher, but yes I passed that week and could now start on the weeks assignment. Knowing I had 36 hours to do a week's worth of work she would not give me an extension and told me if I don't complete the weeks assignment by the deadline then I would fail, but for extra money I can repeat the course. I informed her if it wasn't for her teacher's aid messing up in the first place I would not be in this position and should get an extension for this reason. Needless to say I failed the course and still can't get any responses as to what I needed to do to get credit for what I did complete and still get calls about me still owing money to them.
ablkdiva4atl Send email
May 15, 2017

I owe who??

I attended Ashford and passed and completed all of my courses required to obtain a Bachelors degree in CriminalSocial Justice and Psychology. I filed all the paperwork for any balance to be paid to the school before i was issued a refund. Instead they sent the entire refund and are witholding my degrees saying i owe them $2500. If i get 3 refunds each over $2000, why was the amount not taken out like it was supposed to?? I completed in 2012 with a 3.88 gpa and i can't get my degrees?? I can't even get a copy of my transcript. How do i owe them when i have $40,000 in student loans just for Ashford???????? Im pissed cause i feel i wasted 4 years of my life to get screwed. They won't even take my calls or respond. What do i do????
dltshuler Send email
Apr 25, 2017

Ashford Billing

I completed my BA and MAED degree at Ashford. I did not complete a class and filed an appeal due to the fact that I was going thru some personal issues. Well Ashford is holding my transcript and my degree until I pay them $1900 when I have over $100,000 in student loans to pay back. I recently contacted them because I have not been able to get a job with my degree due to lack of prove and they told me that I have to contact a third party who is handling my account now. I have been unemployed since I completed my degree in May 2016. I have kids to support and can not get a job due to Ashford not wanting to confirm my degrees, but want me to pay them $1900. If any one knows of a good attorney that can help with this situation, I would really appreciate it.


Demetria Shuler
sassysandic Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Ashford University Fraud

I live in Alabama, I was recruited by an Ashford recruiter whom stated that I could get a bachelors degree in psychology and work in the state of Alabama. I later found that to work as a counselor in Al. you have to have a masters degree. I then spoke with my student advisor and found that the recruiter was no longer with Ashford. The S.A. advised me to change my major to medical social work and ended up with a lot of classes I never wanted to take such as algebra and communications classes.The recruiter also had promised that i would get help finding a job while obtaining my degree. I requested but never received such help. I explained to the recruiter that I wanted to operate solely on a Pell Grant but ended up with over 30,000 in student debt that I now cannot pay because I am terminally ill and cannot finish school. I wcould go to another school that will specialize in helping those in my condition, but cannot get my transcript from Ashford because I owe for a class that I failed due to my illness. I could not get this particular instructor to work with me at all. She was no help and neither was the advisor. I was told that I would be able to work at my own pace, I was told that my class time would be aprox 12 hours a week. All lies! I ended up staying in my office constantly working and having to hire someone to take care of my children. There must be something that can be done about this school and what they owe to those of us who were cleverly scammed. Thank you Sandra C.
Slrunge2016 Send email
Feb 25, 2017

Suing Ashford

Does anyone know where or who I can write to to get our money back? Maybe if we ALL do something they will listen? Go to the Iowa Education state leader (whoever that is) governor? I graduated with my BA in psychology. Was told from an interview that it's worthless! Now I'm getting my tax returns taken to pay my student loans back to this fraudulent college. Everyone of us that posted on here, let's get together and do something. Hire lawyers?
Stephanie graduate 2008.
TammyTrotterBeasley Send email
Feb 17, 2017

Dropped from enrollment for what?????

I am working towards my bachelors in Journalism and started Ashford in 2016 on my 45th birthday. What I thought was going to be a goal achievement in my life has turned into a headache. I have had 4 advisers since I started in June (2 of which NEVER contacted me to introduce themselves or to informed that they were my new adviser). I have tried to contact financial services about questions, numerous times, only to be left with more questions or to not be contacted, at all. I was placed on academic probation after I started because I didn't have high school transcripts. I understand that and had no problem but once I was released from that probation, I was placed on it, again! The financial aid disbursement is done when they want to and will not match your disbursement date, at all. I found hidden fees that should have been included in the overall price per course. I have a 3.9 GPA and have worked extremely hard and long hours to maintain my GPA. I have a stellar academic record but when I tried to log in yesterday to complete my assignments, I found out that I had withdrawn from the program. I never did that. I FINALLY got in touch with a live person and was told that I hadn't submitted copies of my identification to prove I was eligible for financial aid. Last month, I sent in a verification form that had to be notarized. I read the form and I was not required to send copies if the form was notarized. Without any contact from my adviser, I was dropped from enrollment. Now, I miss out on my current class and will have to take it again. My degree process is on hold and if I transfer to a new school. I lose the financial aid to pay for it since it has already been dispersed to Ashford. I am stuck, in limbo, until this is fixed. I am furious and upset that all of my hard work was for nothing. I have to track down old marriage and divorce papers to prove I am who I claim. It has been ridiculous! I will be transferring schools next semester. Please, be aware of EVERYTHING and stay on top of all financials even if they do not contact you.
AbbigaleLyman Send email
Feb 8, 2017

Ashford University Student Loan Debt

I am a single mother who started at Ashford University in August of 2010 in environmental studies. I at first was distressed that they had thrown out over twenty previous credits from other schools, but still I attended my classes, and still managed to have two jobs to support my children while I attended school. I overlooked this a part of the process, because “studies show I can get a better job if I have a college education”. I liked being able to work late at night while my kids slept, and on weekends, though after a major injury that required surgery, I was told I could not attend for five weeks which would affect my financial aid, and I would have to pay it back right away if I did not come back to school. I had very good instructors for the most part, and diligently put in every assignment to complete my degree in 2013.
Throughout my whole time of 3 yrs attending Ashford, I had kept a close eye on my financial aid situation. It had been only $27,000 in my last semester, and then, all of a sudden, after I had received my degree, my bill had turned into $42,000, and no one would accept my degree as a graduate in my field of study! I was deeply aggravated and sad. I did receive my transcripts, but the only job that I have been able to find besides farming since then, is in substitute teaching, and as an assistant at my children’s schools. I have applied to many jobs in my field over the past three years, which I am mentally and physically qualified for. No environmental institution (private or public) or Government agency has even considered me, and I feel like the education may have been a complete waste, especially after facing my debt, which in my current job situation, I will never begin to repay, or make payments that are above $100/month, therefore, putting my debt paid back possibly when I am in retirement, or dead.
My hope is that Ashford can assure students who stayed and those who left are satisfied with their choice of schooling. I am not satisfied with this situation they have put me in financially, and I cannot afford a lawyer, but I know that being dedicated to my personal learning process while I was at Ashford is what distracted me from noticing that there was ever a problem. It wasn’t until after graduation that I saw that my diligence to Ashford’s curriculum put me into serious debt that is still feeling like a deep hole of mud I cannot escape.
Dkempkens Send email
Jan 25, 2017

Defrauded by Ashford

I too took Ashford's online Bachelor course for Business Administration. They kept my student loan money that was supposed to have been deposited into my checking account. I have one class left that I've already taken twice and they claim I owe them $2700 also. I have wasted 4 years with this place and literally have nothing to show for it. I would be very happy to participate in a class action lawsuit after reading everyone's complaints. They did the same things to me. I have them sll documented also. I had so many advisors I never knew who it was. I actually started my last class then the advisor did something and I was kicked out after the first day. Then supposedly they returned my financial aid which I did not see go back to the Feds. They can't be allowed to get away with this.
mitchbound09 Send email
Jan 20, 2017

stole my student loan

I wish i would have never attended. I took out students loans and they basically took all of my money. I was told from my advisor i was getting a grand total of 1700 back out of $4000 plus in loans and $2000 in pell grant. in the end this school stole all my money besides $200. This is the far most worst decision i have ever made. I began school back in Sept. Finally got awarded on Dec 9th and Now im stuck having to pay for classes i never ever took or planned to take. I am going to pursue legal actions with this school. Thank god i kept all documents to and from my advisiors and instructors. This school is an complete scam... I can go Troy State University Online for Half the cost of this school. They never process any paper work on time. Have you resubmitting docs that have already been sent. The staff is very unprofessional. Only reason i chose this school in the first place is because the enrollment advisor did his job and sold it to me. For the first month of school he was calling and emailing like everyday to ensure "i was ok" yeah right. He was basically trying to make sure that i didnt change my mind about attending while in the little "3 WEEK INTRO FREE TRAIL" period. This school is at the bottom of all schools and thier graduration rate is joke. I had to withdraw and go to a real school. People please dont waste your time, effort, or money. I have plenty of friends that attend Strayer University and love it...And you will see your money. As students we take out loans to help us while we attend school not for you guys to take what you want without letting us know or our consent. thats stealing and we have to pay that money back not the school. I just want people to be aware of what they are getting into and i also posted a google review. peoplePLEASE BEWARE!!!!My best friend started a week before i did and recieved the exact amount as i did after her ledger statement had $2000 she only got back A little over $200.
Jadingama Send email
Jan 10, 2017

Ashford lied and tricked me

Ashford is the absolute worst school I have come across. They lied, and lied, everyone I speak to says something totally different than the one before, and all swear it's them that's correct. I enrolled and started and after I start my second class I receive an email saying they never received my diploma, or transcripts to other schools, one of which I never attended and the second I told them the credits were not transferable. When I started I was told by my advisor that I had everything in needed. When I received the email saying they didn't receive these things it said if I didn't get them in right away it would change my status as an active student. I called and talked to an advisor who said I needed to get everything in, or I would be withdrawn from class. I was beyond upset. I had no way to get these things, and was lied to when I started. I requested a manager call, which I never heard from. Soon I started getting collection calls, every one claimed I owed a different amount. I told them I was not going to talk to them about money until I figured out why I was screwed and lied to. They literally lied to me, tricked me, then made it impossible for me to continue school. I finally got a call from a man. He claimed that the email and lady had wrong info and I would not have been kicked out of class for not getting those documents in. This really upset me. Then he goes on to say if I pay over 2000 now he could get me set back up. From my calculations I owed 1300, which I feel should go back to the company as I get money from my employer for schooling. He gave me an address to mail my mom eye order, and I did that for the 1300. I received another call saying they received it, now weeks later I just received another email saying they didn't receive it?! I am so frustrated. They can't even tell me about exact amount I owe, and why should they be paid when it's their fault I am not a student. I feel they do this to a lot of people to make as much money as possible.
cheri1669 Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Defrauded by Ashford University

Ashford University will not release my transcripts (which is required by the Department of Education), which is keeping me from continuing my education from a properly accredited, properly behaving educational institution. I "owe" Ashford approximately $2700, which I cannot pay due to disability. When I started at Ashford, I informed them I was permanently disabled and had learning disabilities. After complaint after complaint, they finally helped me after two years. Then I was so stressed out they were rushing me to do things I couldn’t keep up with. Academic advisor after academic advisor this place is a joke. I owe them $2700 in missed classes. They put a hold on my account. They will not release anything.
I talked to an academic advisor and they told me they had full accreditation, which they have been around since 1951 which now I found out is complete bull. I told them how much I was willing to spend and that was 20-25k for a bachelor's and keep in mind I have all this information, printouts and everything they assured me it would be far less than 25k for it, Turns out now they neglected to tell me they were for profit, prices increased in the first month, courses overpriced for classes not even my local community college understands. I was deceived, the advisor called me over and over to get me onboard and on the road to my high paying career, and that has yet to happen, my degree lacks credibility and I would like to give it back. I was defrauded and I hope someone can help me join the class action lawsuit.
SADAVI7623 Send email
Jan 6, 2017

Financial Aid SUCKS At Ashford University

Since enrolling in August 2016, I've been lied to and mislead the whole time by EVERYONE at Ashford University, with the exception of my student adviser Jamie. I've been called multiple names by the faculty in the financial aid department and told to " aye shut up and let me talk" . I understand that the tone of voice I used made it difficult to carry a conversation but there job is to help me, not cause more of a disturbance. I've mislead for the part four - five months on my financial aid paperwork and what I will be awarded. Do not tell me i will be receiving $1233.00 on a specific date but then send me an email I'll only be receiving $77.00 and then want to tell me to " shut up " over then phone. I am now seeking legal action towards Ashford University for the financial struggle you have now caused me, my time spent dealing with you fraudulent people, and most of all putting my education on the line.
PennyLayne85 Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Financial Aid Scam

I keep getting screwed around in my financial aid, this is my first year, and was told from my advisors and friends who also were attending this school online that Financial Aid doesn't take too long, two months at most. Well I am going on month 3. I was sitting with everything satisfied and was told everything was being packaged up, only to get an email claiming I need to send in W-2's, I marked on every statement that I did not work 2015. So when I explain this to yet another financial aid advisor, she wants me to submit another statement, the last one through Cam Scan they suggest was a pain, could have taken a better photo scan with my camera, and their cam scan took up so much space I literally had to delete all apps, and photos and videos off my phone just to use it, what I thought would be one time. In addition to the statement on W-2's they wanted me to submit, they also wanted yet ANOTHER verification because for some reason they claim I never sent mine. Turns out, I have my photo of my confirmation and tracking number from my UPS receipt. I also found out that within your first three weeks, you can back out. I tried and was pushed to stay, I didn't know then I actually had that right, but they pushed me and refused to let me out. I just wanted to delay my official start date another month or two to get my family situated as starting college was sort of a spur of the moment, all I wanted was info, and next thing I know my phone is blowing up so much that I was enrolled before I even realized what I was even doing. and honestly I have gotten a groove for school, I enjoy it, but not with every dirty thing I keep finding out additional to my issues. I went to their FB page to write them a bad review, found 30 more people from Nov 2016 to Dec 2016 who had complained and gave them a 1 star for the same issues I was having, and others have even worse scenarios going. We've started a group, and we are going for a class action law suit!

Feel Free to join!
ikt0075 Send email
Jan 3, 2017

Dropped from course in last week

I went to submit my final assignment for my next to the last course with Ashford only to find out the instructor submitted the paper I submitted for week 3 for plagiarism. I mistakenly left off a set of quotations even though I had the reference cited correctly. The instructor did this after I questioned him about a grade for another post stating I did not complete the post when I clearly did. I was given and F even though I had an A in the course and never had any issues. I am seeking legal counsel. Ashford is money hungry and unfair! They over charge for everything!
ajford74 Send email
Dec 20, 2016

Classrooms and high loan amounts

I was told that Ashford was online and I could work at my own pace to complete weekly homework. Into my 2nd year, teachers started demanding to have homework done each day. With my work schedule all over the place and working sometimes 15-28 hour shifts, it became impossible to keep up with that kind of deadline. I talked to the teachers and my point of contact to no avail. Had to quit after my 2nd year from an all A-2 B grade average. Last class I had an F. They would not let me retake it unless I paid for the class again, so I refused to go back. This is absolutely ridiculous. Now I have to repay this loan that is extremely high for a education I did not receive from a college that LIED!!!!!
ssgtpore Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Fraudulent practices

I attended Ashford while serving this beautiful country and as a veteran I was misguided to believe that I was getting ab quality education and only got a high debt. No job placement only deceit and dishonesty. I am almost embarrassed for allowing myself to be behooved
badams1971 Send email
Nov 29, 2016

Ashford University

I was an online student from 2008-2016 at Ashford. I am thousands of dollars in debt with no transcripts for my degree. It seemed like every time I get my owed amount down to a couple of $100 they would add more money saying, "I was over paid." I asked them I could just pay the balance for my BA degree and they basically blew me off and told me to contact another department. I need to know why is the lawsuit just for Iowa students. When all online students are victims and left with no degrees and thousands in debt. Thank you and have a nice day!
Poohbeartif Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Ashford University Class Act Settlement

I attended Ashford University from 2010 - 2014 (graduated with a Ba in business/ specialising in Operations Management. I am working, but not in the field of operations management! I must say through, during my time at Ashford I had some good professors, who really had a genuine interest in my education!

I recently found out that I owe 13 lenders (But I was filing through FAFSA each year), needless to say my loan payment (having graduated almost 3 years ago) is a little over $60k! I feel scammed and humiliated- and here I was thinking I'm making myself more marketable! I can't afford to hire a lawyer, therefore I wish there was someone to represent the out if state students, NOT just the in-state (Iowa) students! And what about the many branches of the US Military services that attended!!!?
buddabob623 Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Joining class action against Ashford University

How do I go about getting some settlement from this class action lawsuit? I owe still over $17000,
Alan Calhoun Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Financial debt/bullying techniques

First off let me say that my health is in poor shape.When contacted by Ashford U. I explained that I had not worked for over 10 years due to spinal injuries in my back and constant sickness the drugs I used put me through.They were informed that I could not sit too long nor stand too long.They advised me that I was a perfect candidate for their program.I told them I did not know how I would pay back loans and they informed my doped up head that most all of this would be covered by the GOV. to get me back into school.I attended and my courses were fine but they seemed to have little to do with the degree I was seeking.I continued anyway,for the first few months I wondered how a phone call asking me questions got me into college.They moved very quickly.When my health took a bad turn I began missing weeks of class.I was bedridden and began having difficulty concentrating.I tried and tried to continue to no avail and had to quit before I had one year in.Now I owe over $7000,with no income and they want their money.The only way to stop this was to return to school but because of missed classes I would not recieve a stipend for moths and lets face it without internet you cannot continue school.With as many complaints and I know there are more people out there there has to be a lawyer with the balls to take them down for their pushy techniques and over charged 6 week courses.In 6 weeks I learned nothing of value in the classes I aced.So what gives is there a lawyer with a pair that can get this going?
B.Williams6697 Send email
Nov 19, 2016

Ashford has Financial issues

To get to the meat and bones of the issues Ashford has been getting paid by the Department of Education every single term and yet charges me for a "failed " course they had been paid for and financial aid has paid for the retake of same said curse. When I finally inquired as to how the Department of Education and I both pay for a "failed" course, course withdrawn from too late, they can never explain at first. To compensate they will start to say that the financial aid I receive every term pays for the next term or next set of classes not a "failed" course. Well that may make sense if Ashford was not receiving the same amount each and every term.They have literally from financial aid alone to have paid for every class I have taken and with the classes I have paid for at least one other term.
More financial issues, I left Ashford eventually because my medical and home life had taken an insurmountable toll, i was giving the amount I owed Ashford based on the payments I had already made. A few months later I called because as I was going through my account I had seen the amount jump about $400. The man in financial aid could not explain it just kept saying that is what I owe. Later I talked to someone else they said I did not owe that amount and I had only owed what I had been told at first. Well eventually I leave it alone because financial aid never fixes anything and when they do it is usually an increase for whatever thing they come up with.
The other issue, I am prior service and receive VA education benefits, around the end of my second year I had stopped receiving my correct amount, the VA explained that it is because of how they verify attendance. Then I started owing the VA because if you withdraw instead of fail a course you have to repay the amount you received, which was encouraged by Ashford. Yet, Ashford also have you pay for the course that financial aid paid for and pays for the second time. More VA issues, I stopped verifying my attendance with the VA so I would not use my VA benefits because they go by months not amounts nor add months for months you repay. It had always been I would have to call in and verify attendance, so I wouldn't, yet, this term I have not called in but one time and I was still getting benefits each month. When I called to inquirer why they said Ashford had done so. In prior times Ashford would verify my attendance and unless I did a verification a payment would not be sent. I inquired further because to my understanding it was an issue with the VA, come to find out Ashford had been verifying for me which I did not tell them to do. Especially since they had me to change my form to say I was not VA primary but Financial Aid primary.
Yes, when I started Ashford my form said VA primary and this term they made me switch it to financial aid primary.

I have been failed in classes not because of my work but because of me dropping a course due to medical and personal issues that were totally unavoidable. However my biggest issue is all the financial issues. Currently they have not done my financial aid and keep kicking back every form I send in and increasing more documents I supposedly need, most of which I have never ever had to do. I understand the independent student verification sheet, my FAFSA, the institutional financial aids form (which I never had to do before), but on top of all that I now have to submit three other letters written by me to explain I did not work (which is already verified on my FAFSA), where my money goes (on my FAFSA and independent student verification worksheet), how I support my daughter more than half even though her address is different. . So currently I owe over $4k and it is climbing every time I log in, yet, the line items are the same just different numbers.
EarlineHightower3 Send email
Oct 29, 2016


I attend Ashford University for years I was on my last class in the Master's Program and the instructor said that I committee plagiarism on my paper. I know I didn't. That made me feel so bad I'm under the impression that this was an awesome University I had many of my co-workers and family members to attend Ashford and I feel like a "fool" that these people have robbed us of our life. I'm 54 years old now and how will I repay all of these loans. I'm now renting a home because all of these loans that has been taken out because I was told that Pell would not pay. I had to take out the loans in order to finish my degree. I was getting ready to take the GASE to become a teacher. What a downfall you putting your trust and confidence in people and they are stealing you blind and you thinking all is well. I know through it all God got this and all the Universities that's misleading people who's trying to better their life by going to college to future their education. I owe 25,000.00 or more to them and their sister school. This need to handle because we have a younger generation follow behind us and they need to be warned about these Universities. Justice will be done!
Ckoulback Send email
Oct 20, 2016


My experience at Ashford was great. Your job as a student is to stay informed and on top of cost and do touch base meetings with staff. Also Ashford does not get you jobs. You get you jobs. I landed a great job after I got my degree at Ashford. Thanks

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    I am an unfortunate victim of Sono Bello as well. I am...
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