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Ashford University

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Ashford University

lauralvdr@gmail.com Send email
Oct 8, 2018

unusable degree

Hello. My name is Laura. I went back to online school in 2009 so that I would be able to get certified in education. I live in Michigan and was told by a counselor that I could take the classes online and take the test to get certified for Michigan. Right before "graduation", I realized that my degree was actually called "Social Sciences" and that I wasn't qualified to take any sort of certification for education. I had previous college for education so the counselor told me that a lot of my classes would transfer (which they didn't). I just feel like I was totally lead astray. I do teach, but I teach preschool for a little over minimum wage. I can't even afford my student loans.

I would like to be a part of this lawsuit. I would like all of my student loans paid. This is ridiculous.
Lmartin Send email
Sep 13, 2018

Class Withdrawn/Transcripts Hold

I attended Ashford from 2008-2011. I graduated with a BA in psychology. I returned to get my MBA not knowing I would be scam to pay for a class that I withdrew from. I was hit with hurricane Sandy around that time and had no power. I emailed my advisor via cell and let him know I need to withdraw. He sent me a break form that I returned but they are saying that I still need to pay for the full class (1700.00) for 3 weeks of attendance. I also researched that the class was more than they quoted per credit hour of 541.00. I am not paying them, I will move forward in suing them and place my continuing education on hold.
alevan8541 Send email
Jul 9, 2018

ashford University

I got my Bachelor of Business Administration and Health care Administration(Master), no one would hire me because the companies think the degrees are no good. Cost for the degrees was high and very costly, can't get a job in those fields that I have those degrees in.( I have a high debt now because of Ashford lies about helping me get a job) THE DEGREES ARE USELESS.
Bmyers75 Send email
Jun 29, 2018

Wasn't qualified

Went to Ashford university online. I recieved my BA in organizational management in 2010 and was never qualified for a job in any part of management. Now my $25k for my piece of paper is over $45k. It's been a struggle to try and pay back. Most of the classes where just on ethics or irrelevant to management. Employers wanted me to have marketing, payroll, something viable to management. I wasn't even able to get in to an HR position because i didn't have an HR degree. I was sold a piece of paper.
8 years later and i can't go back because of my mounting student loans.
Expensive lesson. Promised a career and got nothing but debt.
If there's anyway to get out from under this I'd do it.
Jacqueline Geesey Wallin Send email
Jun 24, 2018

Multiple Issues

1st Ive had several employers tell me that they refuse to hire anyone that attended Ashford University because of the scandals involved with the school and because they are seen as a 'diploma mill' and that the degrees mean nothing.

2nd they sold information 'to the highest bidder' regarding my financial aid and now members of my family (contact information) are getting harassing phone calls, all the time, years now. I REGRET EVER GOING TO ASHFORD. My BA in LEA isnt worth the paper its on and that was 4 years that I busted my ass, kept an A average, stayed on the Deans List, and graduated Cum Laude honors, MEANS NOTHING.

shirleylenford Send email
Jun 14, 2018

Ashford University Student Loan Debt

I am a very dissatisfied former student of Ashford University. I was a single mother when I started Ashford University online on July 2010. At the time I was 44 yrs. old and unemployed when I decided to further my education. My desire was to teach then had a change of heart and decided to take Business. I enrolled for Associates Degree in Business and had future dreams to returning for my BA in Business. At the time of enrolling I was told by a advisor that I would receive grants for being a single parent and a minority. Neither the less, I did enjoy the fact that I could further my education and it not interfere with my job duties as a mother.

I found the courses to be interesting and enjoyable. But to be totally honest some courses seemed to be a waste of time and money plus there were over 20 class courses. And, I wondered what does this have to do with my business degree? My second year October 2011, as a online student of Ashford University, I worked as a teacher assistant and part time at fast food restaurant. Fast forward to present, the fast food was just 7 months employment.
However, since my graduation (My Day of Fame) was January 07,2013. I have applied for several jobs and attaching copies of transcript and degree. Meanwhile, having a Associate Degree in Business has not brought me any luck. Ashford University claim to be Accredited University, but name is unknown to many businesses. Then shortly afterwards Nelnet: Your Student Loan Service/ U.S. Department of Education was sending payment request of several loan forms. In the monthly amount due was $330.24 and Current Balance $35,667.66. I realized that my diligence to Ashford University curriculum has put me in tremendous and crucial debt. And, affecting my credit report status as delinquent. Also, I wrote to Nelnet inquiring of the Hazelwood Act but was inform that Ashford or Nelnet does not honor the Hazelwood Act. I am currently still with the school district as a paraprofessional / teacher assistant and again a single woman. I was hoping that furthering my education would be a blessing Not a Curse! Please assist me in taking part of this class action lawsuit all parties involved in the misleading of information and mismanagement.

Thank you,
murphylee402 Send email
May 31, 2018

school loans

I went to school from 2010-2014 for my Bachelors in Health and Human Services. I just recently started going back to school to notice how much my loans were from Ashford. I did some research and noticed that I got pretty much scammed. I was told that by the time I graduate the market would be in high need for social workers, which I specifically told them that is not what I wanted to do. I told them I wanted to work with the elderly and I wanted to do some administrative work. I was not offered an externship and I was never followed up with after my graduation. I was told that I needed to take out those loans to be able to go to school. I do know that I had financial aid, which I shouldn't of needed to take out all those loans. I have been searching for employment for almost 4 years with my degree and only get offers in social work, which is not what I wanted. I now am in the process of trying to buy a home and they seemed to notice I have mulitple loans and my question is why is there mulitipl? Alll loans should be consolidated first of all, and second of all I did not realize my payments were going to be so high. Which they told me my payments were going to be around $25-$50 a month. I just recently started going for my Masters and you want to know why? I am going so I do not have to pay any loans right now and because I was put on a forgiveness program until I started going to school. I recently noticed that the forgiveness plan does not help me it actually hurts me. I
vonnie4757 Send email
Mar 1, 2018

financial aid Scam

I was a student at Ashford University from 2015 - 2017. I transferred in credits but was told that those credits were not relevant to my degree. I continued on anyway. In 2016 I filed my FASFA, Ashford was aware that I had maxed out my financial aid, yet they let me continue classes , sending me graduation notice only to get a call from the business office that I owe $10,000.00. I disputed it they locked down my classes, access to my transcript. I became "Persona-non-Grata." It is almost a year since I have been out of school, no degree and still living below the poverty level.
Jackaro13760 Send email
Jan 13, 2018

Ashford Fraudulent Degrees

I've been fighting this battle for years now. After Storm Sandy Ashford began messing with me. They stole nearly 50k in over four years. I was an ideal student. I maintained 3.8 gpa and got excellent grades and no missed time for FOUR Years! These people liked, manipulated and Extorted Federal Government Money that I am now being forced to pay back. Three years of tax returns TAKEN, so not only was the Government Fraudulently taken, now these Criminal Scumbags are Stealing My Tax Returns to pay back the money they stole! Incredible! I'm sick and tired of this. I WANT My Money Back and I want a chance to attain A Real Degree from a Real School who isn't Using folks Desires to better their lives as a way for the Colleges to Pillage Money! It's Sick And THE Law Needs to Step Up and DO Their Jobs! We couldn't depend on a demoncratic administration to anything What Will This Trump Republican administration do? I Bet Nothing! TRUMP This Is NOW Your Mess To Clean Up! Hold these criminals accountable and get all their victims out of financial bondage! It's Thievery and it's Totally Un-America. President Trump Your going to let them getaway with this, will you just he added to the problem or part of the solution?
Bigrob50 Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Hiding loans

I attended Ashford 2010-13 with a degree in ELL. The week of graduation found out about a loan that with the school and unril it is paid for they are holding my transcripts and my degree, so I cannot continue my education or getting a job in education because I cannot prove that I have a degree
Hunterkenzie79 Send email
Dec 27, 2017

Screwed me over

They screwed me over bad after the loss of a child
dkorn92779 Send email
Oct 31, 2017

So much debt

I was about three classes away from getting my degree when I was told by my student adviser that I needed to make a payment to get my Ashford debt below 5k in order to be set up for payments. I was given different information from about five different people since my Financial adviser could not be bothered to answer emails not only from me, but from my SA as well!! I gave pretty much everything I had to get below the 5k mark and was scheduled for my next class. Just before the start of class, I get a call stating that I needed to get my balance to almost zero and was effectively forced into drop/withdrawal status!!! After trying to re-enroll, I find out that the curriculum is not recognized by my state and am now unable to finish classes!!!! I started with a debt of 50K to Nelnet for ONLINE CLASSES and even after making payments for about two years my balance is 55K!!!! I need help!!!!
Happy311986 Send email
Oct 26, 2017

Ashford University

How can I sue Ashford University??

I was enrolled with Ashford University in 2011, I went on a break to have my baby for two weeks, after I came off my break I was dropped from the University, and owe them 1,200 now, in order to get back in school I will have to pay out of pocket, I will like to know the name of the law firm people are using to sue this school..
Cle3506 Send email
Oct 11, 2017

Ashford University

This school is a scam. They say I owe money to them. I called FAFSA and they said I didn't owe the school nothing, that they paid for all my classes. Called the school, and they admitted they were paid. I asked for all my paperwork they had including my time clock, all they sent was a bill. They were trying to get me to retake classes I have already taken. I withdrew from classes because all you did was read, with all the classes, which I can do on my own, but the counselors said I didn't owe for them, and would not be charged. This needs to be shut down, I will never trust another online school after this experience. Don't do this school!
specialkny Send email
Sep 16, 2017

Class Action Law Suit

I too attended Ashford University and they refused to refund my tuition. Terrible school.
Redwoodscloud Send email
Sep 4, 2017

I want to sue ashford.....who's with me !!

I attended Ashford University from 2015 to 2017. I'm a single father and a care taker for my mother who has numerous medical conditions which made it impossible to go out job hunting or attend a on campus school. So I looked around and found Ashford, thought this would be an amazing way to secure a career in the future and I can do it all from home so I won't be away from where I'm desperately needed. I got approved for a grant and a subsidized and unsubsidized loan, my SA said that I wouldn't have to pay any money until I graduated or until I was done going to school if I chose to even further my education. I told my SA that I did not work so had no money and they assured me no money would come out of pocket. A year and a half when I was nearly half way through with school I took a course that no matter what I did the instructor did not like it, or said I did it wrong, even when I only did what her instructions said to do, either way I ended up failing the class and then was threatened that I was going to be dropped, I talk to my SA and the financial department because I was told I had to fail 3 classes in order to be dropped, thought I cleared everything up only to have them 6 months later tell me I owed them over 2,000$ for said failed class. How do I owe you guys anything when I failed only one class and haven't even retaken the class, on top of that 3 months after I failed the class I took the part 2 of the same class, same instructor and passed it with an A+ !!!! I had anxiety when I knew I was taking the harder version of the class I failed only to pass with flying colors. Long story short, after completing 2 years of school, I was dropped for failing one class, and feel like I've wasted all that time, they won't give me my transcripts because I owe them money. Does anyone want to join forces and take this fake a!& school down ?!?!?!
klv0420 Send email
Aug 21, 2017

krista marshall

This school is under going a class action lasw suit. I have credits from this school that will not transfer to anywhere else. I owe them money and they did nothing for me but take my money and my fafsa and grants and loan money.
Topperville123 Send email
Aug 17, 2017

Response to those that have NONE

According to the Federal Trade Commission. Schools/Universities which advertise continuously as Ashford University does online is considered to be a Diploma Mill. They make it sound like after receiving your degree, you can get a job anywhere in the field which you are getting your degree in. The truth is, there is no guarantee on anything in life, so making such "promises" is a definite red flag. Someone put the blame on the students if the "University" aided them in gaining more debt past the understanding when first agreed upon. First, that demeans the experience that these students have had. The truth is, Ashford does everything above board until you are close to graduation, had an issue in class, or become ill, then all of a sudden they want more money. Students are left to their own devices more often than naught. I am a student who was given the opportunity to have stipends or "let the college" keep the money. Since I was guaranteed by their continuing education financial department that I had more than enough funding left, I was not concerned about "running out" of money through my 3rd-4th year, that is until two months before graduation and I had to inform Ashford that there was a problem with the money they were claiming I had. My numbers said something different. After 4 phone calls, I finally got someone who admitted that "Oh, yeah, you don't have enough money. You are going to have to pay us if you want your diploma." Now, most people believe as I do that if placed in this position the pervious year I would gladly have allowed them to keep some of my stipends, or gained scholarships to aid in my academia. The problem is, the school has kept almost $27.000.00, even though my FAFSA claimed I was to receive at least $8.000.00 of that money. The possibility of this occurring was not given to me at the time of registration, nor was I notified during my career as a student that by the time all was said and done that there may be a balance owing. My point is, not everyone's experience is the same. Therefore, making a statement as to how a student should have conducted themselves in certain situations is not only ignorant but bias. It is difficult enough being a college student, worrying about financing and being taken advantage of should not be among our stressors. There should be a line drawn between providing an education and taking advantage of students who are trusting you to aid them in their pursuit of an education. As for me, I am very disgusted with this college, and if life had a do over button, I would be pressing the crud out of it right now!
bcsliving@yahoo.com Send email
Jul 24, 2017

I owe more even after having a zero balance

Was sure to pay any monies owed to Ashford outside of what was borrowed prior to graduation. Upon applying for graduate school not yet having my degree in hand and receiving an email that my degree was on its way I received a letter saying I now owe over $7K. Now AU is holding my degree and any ability for me to get my transcripts for a job. How is this even possible?
CB1 Send email
Jun 21, 2017

Ashford Stealing University

I can not believe after losing everything in Katrina. A university would steal money from me, my family members, and friends. Thanks Ashford University for stealing our American DREAM!
Tennessee 75 Send email
Jun 7, 2017

Ashford university

Was a online student of Ashford university when I had turned in a assignment and was failed for plagiarism by one of their student teachers. Brought it up to the instructor ( which took her 4 days to get back to me) told me it was a mistake on the student teacher, but yes I passed that week and could now start on the weeks assignment. Knowing I had 36 hours to do a week's worth of work she would not give me an extension and told me if I don't complete the weeks assignment by the deadline then I would fail, but for extra money I can repeat the course. I informed her if it wasn't for her teacher's aid messing up in the first place I would not be in this position and should get an extension for this reason. Needless to say I failed the course and still can't get any responses as to what I needed to do to get credit for what I did complete and still get calls about me still owing money to them.
ablkdiva4atl Send email
May 15, 2017

I owe who??

I attended Ashford and passed and completed all of my courses required to obtain a Bachelors degree in CriminalSocial Justice and Psychology. I filed all the paperwork for any balance to be paid to the school before i was issued a refund. Instead they sent the entire refund and are witholding my degrees saying i owe them $2500. If i get 3 refunds each over $2000, why was the amount not taken out like it was supposed to?? I completed in 2012 with a 3.88 gpa and i can't get my degrees?? I can't even get a copy of my transcript. How do i owe them when i have $40,000 in student loans just for Ashford???????? Im pissed cause i feel i wasted 4 years of my life to get screwed. They won't even take my calls or respond. What do i do????
dltshuler Send email
Apr 25, 2017

Ashford Billing

I completed my BA and MAED degree at Ashford. I did not complete a class and filed an appeal due to the fact that I was going thru some personal issues. Well Ashford is holding my transcript and my degree until I pay them $1900 when I have over $100,000 in student loans to pay back. I recently contacted them because I have not been able to get a job with my degree due to lack of prove and they told me that I have to contact a third party who is handling my account now. I have been unemployed since I completed my degree in May 2016. I have kids to support and can not get a job due to Ashford not wanting to confirm my degrees, but want me to pay them $1900. If any one knows of a good attorney that can help with this situation, I would really appreciate it.


Demetria Shuler
sassysandic Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Ashford University Fraud

I live in Alabama, I was recruited by an Ashford recruiter whom stated that I could get a bachelors degree in psychology and work in the state of Alabama. I later found that to work as a counselor in Al. you have to have a masters degree. I then spoke with my student advisor and found that the recruiter was no longer with Ashford. The S.A. advised me to change my major to medical social work and ended up with a lot of classes I never wanted to take such as algebra and communications classes.The recruiter also had promised that i would get help finding a job while obtaining my degree. I requested but never received such help. I explained to the recruiter that I wanted to operate solely on a Pell Grant but ended up with over 30,000 in student debt that I now cannot pay because I am terminally ill and cannot finish school. I wcould go to another school that will specialize in helping those in my condition, but cannot get my transcript from Ashford because I owe for a class that I failed due to my illness. I could not get this particular instructor to work with me at all. She was no help and neither was the advisor. I was told that I would be able to work at my own pace, I was told that my class time would be aprox 12 hours a week. All lies! I ended up staying in my office constantly working and having to hire someone to take care of my children. There must be something that can be done about this school and what they owe to those of us who were cleverly scammed. Thank you Sandra C.
Slrunge2016 Send email
Feb 25, 2017

Suing Ashford

Does anyone know where or who I can write to to get our money back? Maybe if we ALL do something they will listen? Go to the Iowa Education state leader (whoever that is) governor? I graduated with my BA in psychology. Was told from an interview that it's worthless! Now I'm getting my tax returns taken to pay my student loans back to this fraudulent college. Everyone of us that posted on here, let's get together and do something. Hire lawyers?
Stephanie graduate 2008.

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