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Consumer complaints and reviews about Aspen Dental

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Apr 20, 2019

Pricing bait & switch

Was quoted a treatment plan for $9800 for my wife and I to obtain dentures. Now after 6 months, $10340 later, I show up to have my permanent dentures made, I was told it would be $950 more. Needless to say I walked out, neither of us have permanent dentures, and they will undoubtedly try to charge my wife more when her final appointment is due.
John Coleman Send email
Feb 15, 2019

john coleman

went to get 2 teeth pulled and your dentents said he had to pull all my teeth ,, well guess what I found out after he pulled my teeth that they didnt need to be pulled ,, so ### u and im not paying u guys shit ,,
jannsummerlin Send email
Jan 25, 2019

Aspen dental

Worse experience I had ever with a dentist went to have a tooth pulled and they did that but they also cracked one of my front tooth and they never offered to fix the problem and now they have a whole new staff would not trust any aspen dental they will just mess your teeth of smile up
susanbucci Send email
Dec 28, 2018

customer service

This place is a total Scam. Very unprofessional dentists and the Office Manager is incompetent to say the least. She is rude, irate and has no customer service skills whatsoever. After making an 11am appointment to have my front tooth bonded I got there early at 10:40 am, signed in and waited till 12:15 to be called, they did x-rays and sat me in a dental chair and I waited till 1pm to be seen at which time I was told I needed to talk to the finance department before they move forward. He leaves and 20 minutes later the Hygenist comes in and tells me I need a cleaning first. I said fine. The the Finance department comes in and tells me it will be $400.00 for the cleaning.and I said what? She said very abruptly well you can't have the bonding done unless you have the cleaning so you either have to pay for it or you have to sign a payment contract. I refused the cleaning and . stated I came for the bonding. They said NO they would not do the bonding unless I paid for the cleaning. I got very anxious and stressed and asked for the manager, a heavy set woman comes in with a nasty attitude and basically looks at me and says you need to lower your voice. I said lower my voice, I am not yelling I am upset because your office is trying to take advantage of me, talking about everything from braces to $400.00 cleanings to telling me the dentist will not see me unless I pay for the cleaning. The office manager who should not in any way be dealing with your patients or any type of customer relations is very ill-trained and basically blew me off by saying well Miss if you don't pay for the cleaning your not getting the bonding. She without doubt needs to be replaced. i told her and the dentist and the Hygenoist that they have not heard the last of me and now will do everything in my power to contact everyone necessary to make sure this does not happen again to anyone else. once I returned home and after reading hundreds of reviews most of which were complaints from overcharging to doing unnecessary work, to poor customer service I am contacting the corporate office, the Better Business Bureau, ther news channel and any other site I could possibly add a negative complaint. I basically took time away from my Christmas holiday and my family to have my front tooth bonded because it chipped and literally spent three and half hours in the Stroudsburg office for nothing. Beware of Aspen Dental they are a complete farce, they are unprofessional, they are incompetent and they have no customer service skills. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves taking advantage of people the way you do. I am contacting the American Dental Association immediately.
mary fielding Send email
Sep 14, 2018

Aspen Dental

My wife and I both needed work that after X-rays and consultations were quoted at $4000.00. When I asked about our balance I was told we had over $200.00 in credit because the insurance company had paid more than they originally had stated. When my wife's work was completed she was told we owed an additional $500.00 and the only explanation she was given was "some one messed up". While I waiting during one of my appointments, I witnessed the same situation with two other patients. Additional charges when the patient believed they were all paid up. No concrete reason other than a mistake was made. My job revolves around making and writing estimates for repair work. I work for a reputable company hat sticks to their quoted prices and many times bite the bucket when they run over. I question their honesty, professionalism and the quality of the work they preform. I am very unhappy and will never return.
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Sep 10, 2018


Nightmare experience with an absessed tooth. Went in after two days on antibiotic and the tooth was still infected. I wanted this tooth out asap because I was afraid of complications from the infection. I was switched to another antibiotic. They got me in asap to get the tooth extracted but I tried to do it with just novacaine. Absolutely could not do it after at least 7 full shots of novacaine which felt like a a fiery inferno going into the spot where my tooth was infected. We had to stop the proceedure becuase I almost went through the roof when the dentist started to wiggle the tooth loose. They could not set me up there with a dentist who could do sedation oral surgery for over a week. Nor enough staff for emergencies and people with infections and sky high pain from these infections. Dont get me wrong, these people did the best they could but the kicker was, I was in more excruciating pain then when I walked in and ibuprophren alone was not going to put a dent in this pain and inflammation They said they could not prescribe me even 1 pain pill because I had not ACTUALLY HAD A PROCEEDURE Can you believe that folks. I am standing there crying and swollen and obviously in Intense pain.. I swelled up like a balloon on the side of my face where all these injections were place and I think I had a hematoma from the needle puncturing a vein. It got so bad the next day, that the swelling and fluid form the novacaine came straight down the left side of my neck and I was having problems swallowing. I went to the ER and they admitted me and did a cat scan.I had extensive tissue damage and swelling from too much novacaine. They loaded me with antibiotics and steroids Two days later I am still massively swollen. This has been one massive ordeal. They did their best, but the I cant give you any pain medicine for this was ABSOLUTELY nuts.
Melody Send email
Aug 29, 2018

Aspen Dental

Okay I paid Amsterdam NY Aspen Dental 4,000.00 and change for extractions and Dentures. I got my temporary dentures and then my son was involved in a MVA and I had to come to NH to help him recover. I am now living in NH. I called the Amherst, NH Aspen Dental to see if they could fit me with my permanent dentures, and they want to charge me a 125.00 fee to go there. I bought a package deal. I live on a fixed income and cannot afford the 125.00. They should not be able to charge me for something I already paid for.
jack6060 Send email
Aug 23, 2018


My treatment began all the way back in late April early May 2018. I paid in excess of 1100.00 for dental care in the Dedham Mass 02026 office. I paid this because one of the clerical people in the office told me they checked ( I don't know why, I was not a first time patient) and that i did not have my dental coverage anymore. So I paid everything out of pocket. Then on 5/31 I begin to get notices from my DENTAL insurance provider that check were being cut to Aspen dental. Total amount paid almost 1300.00 I then got my teeth cleaned and was told I owed nothing. In early July 2018 I called the office manger and told her I wanted all my money refunded to my bank account. She said she would refund 240.00 immediately, but that 1200.00 was sitting in 3 pending solutions and she could not refund. I have never received the 240.00 refund and i want all the rest of the money refunded to my account. You have been double paid for all these services. Added to that, I went home on day 1 and, because your office said I no longer had dental insurance, I paid an additional 275.00 to buy an Aetna dental savings plan to help defray some of the cost. I cannot afford to lose in excess of 1100.00 for any reason, and you have no right to getting a double payment. My next stop on this issue will be London Agency, Providence R.I. (they manage my insurance) and the Massachusetts Attorney General office Margaret A. McGlone patient/account #6904583-0 [email protected]
JMillican Send email
Aug 22, 2018

Taken advantage and mislead

I feel I was taken advantage . They financed me for 3000.00. Barely 4 months at my Part time job and with no prior work experience in 10 years. The Finance Manager did not discuss my vfinancial budget with my income. They mislead me in thinking I was getting permanent parcial. Had a deep cleaning done and over charged with their high pricing. After they received my 3000 they informed me that it would be an additional 1700.00. My temporary never really fitted my mouth very painful on my gums. Constantly had to go get repaired. They were not friendly towards me anymore I was always their last priority since they already received my 3000. I was corsed into accepting the loan offer. Knowing I am not a aggressive person. Talked me into a high amount loan that I cant afford. 3000.00 and I have nothing. Not a great smile like I thought I was getting. Been paying each month for nothing.
Ladyd22 Send email
Aug 13, 2018

Waste Of Damn Money

Good Morning Please take it from me stay the hell away from Aspen Dental. They just look for money. I fad a balance of $265.00 . Three month later I got a bill for 1,796.00 I said what the hell is this. Somebody don’t know what the hell they doing. Every time I went I made a payment. I have never seen nothing the insurance paid. This shit is a rip off. The thing about it that talk with you and tell what it will cost now 6 month later her come another price. Bull Shit
tomkat Send email
Aug 9, 2018

Expensive Dentures = JUNK

My future husband lost a tooth from his dentures. The dentist who made them 15 years earlier had passed so we looked on line for a local denture specialist. After searching he unfortunately picked Aspen Dental in Newark, Ohio. He went in and opted for the most expensive dentures ($3000.00). He didn't have to wait long and they seemed good, a few minor adjustments. A month later he was eating a normal meal (nothing crunchy) and one of the front teeth fell out. He was out of town at the time and he got an appointment two days after he was back in Ohio. About a month later he was again eating a normal meal and another (not the same one) fell out. Both times it was the whole tooth not a piece of one. Now irritated he went back and told them he was considering asking for a refund .They made another impression of his upper plate and told him to come back in an hour. They then gave him back the same plate with the tooth glued back in. Another month passed no problems. Again eating lunch and we heard a loud pop and I asked if another tooth feel out. NO the upper plate CRACKED. When he would bite down the crack would open and catch his gum in it. So another call to Aspen Dental and they made an appointment later that day and he informed them how unhappy he was and he hoped this was the last time he ever had to see them. He was taken back to be seen and the tech asked for his denture and she dropped it on the floor and it broke in half !!!!! Unbelievable! They again told him to come back in an hour. We went back and they gave him a new upper plate. (I believe it was already made from the impressions they had made earlier and didn't give to him. After looking at new plate it has a metal reinforcement on the roof of the denture. If he ever has to go back he will get his refund. Rest assured.
pwarner422 Send email
Jul 29, 2018

Aspen Dental

I had two crown procedure done at Aspen Dental and have experienced pain over the last 6 months. When I returned to discuss the pain that I had continue to have doctor sent me back to the doctor that performed my root canal. That doctor found nothing wrong with the root canal but replied that the crown needed adjusting. I returned and they said I either needed a new crown or extraction with a new partial. They wanted me to pay for this new procedure and never looked to see what the problem could be. I later went to a new dental facility and low and behold the doctor at this new dental facility found that my bite was off and the pressure that was put on the two teeth with the crown caused the pain. The doctor adjusted the bite and I now feel better but Aspen Dental should have caught this problem themselves. Stay away from aspen dental facility because all they do is milk you and then lie to you and do not have the decency to face you when you have questions. Very disappointed and would never step foot into another Aspen Dental office.
Rectifiy Wrongs Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Aspen Dental

Pain, sores, poor fitting dentures, neglect, will not rectify issues or return calls. Refusal to address pain/bleeding sores/denture issues in a timely manner. Stating the soonest an appointment can be had is two weeks, even when I was facing surgery and needed it handled before then. Before the procedure they were VERY attentive and caring. Once they received the bulk of the money, things changed. The 90 day money back guarantee has been a joke. They put you off long enough, the 90 days will have expired. They have used deceptive practices.

BREECH OF WRITTEN CONTRACT... before procedure this was written. They agreed to accept flex payment left, the total flex amount to be deposited four months later, and the balance paid in monthly installments, to them, until paid in full. Once the two flex payments were received, they refused to honor the written agreement. A demand letter, for immediate payment of balance, was received. Then, notices from a collection agency began to arrive. I went in to the office, saw the office manager, and showed my contract. I was told the contract was no good. Aspen, and that office, did NO financing. The former office manager had no business writing that up as it was NOT their policy or practice. In fact, that's one of the reasons he was fired. Also, I was responsible for full payment before the procedure, and he let me slide on that, which never should have been done either. She said the owner and corporate representative would be in the office the following Wednesday. She set me up an appointment to talk to them. I went in and was told they would NOT honor that contract, I owed NOW, they could NOT stop collection proceedings, they would NOT wait until taxes came back, etc. It was due NOW. I said I could sue them as they were in breech of contract. Their response was basically, "go ahead" we aren't honoring that and the "corporate" woman walked out of the office. I told them I had to have treatments that cost upward of $1000. each. Please let me finish paying the agreed upon plan. It didn't phase them one bit. Now or else. I had to put off medical care to pay them. Heartless, lying, negligent vultures... that's what I feel they are. I'm out thousands of dollars, can bite, barely chew, have a LOT of pain, dentures cut into my gums, and I can't leave them in my mouth for very long without health issues/pain. My heart goes out to the innocent, helpless people they are hurting. Every time one of their "caring" commercials come on television, I cringe!!!
lrobertson97 Send email
Apr 6, 2018

Fraudulent charges

I went in the office in November of 2017 and was prepped for a crown. I called a few months later to schedule appointment to have said crown put in my mouth only to find out no crown was even ordered. I started to receive bills for services that I never received and began the calling the office and was always told I would be called back but never was. i finally went in the office and found out there were several things that had not yet taken place, such as the processing of my insurance for the work being performed. i have since requested a refund of said monies and was not issued a refund as of yet.. Please DO NOT GO INTO THIS PLACE TO EVEN HAVE YOUR DOGS TEETTH DONE THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND WILL NOT RESOLVE ANY ISSUES YOU HAVE
hrcdavis Send email
Mar 12, 2018


I called on Friday to explain that my husband had a wisdom tooth that had broken and was barely hanging in, but he couldn't pull it out. I explained that he travels and will need it pulled that day. Never once was I told that only an evaluation and x-rays would be done that day and he would have to reschedule to have the tooth extracted. So after x-rays and being told how much dental work he needed, and two hours of wasted time, he left with the dang tooth still hanging. This place is a total scam to get you in and try to get more business out of you. That's fine, but when someone comes in with a tooth hanging, you need to at least pull the tooth or advise them ahead of time that you have a consult and then come back for the work. I thought this was a box dental chain that could do same day services. Not so. Don't be deceived.
tas51012 Send email
Mar 6, 2018

complaint sent 3/03/18

I sent a complaint about the dentist not keeping appointments and being rude when he did. I paid in advance for service not not rendered and requested $2000.00 plus refund.
kathlelande Send email
Feb 27, 2018

Serious Billing Issues

I had 9 teeth pulled on 7/4/17. They gave me temporary dentures. Before the work was done I had a fairly long meeting with the billing person at the Oneonta, NY office. She told me the amount that I was going to have to pay for the work being done and that I would be given permanent dentures in around 6 months. I paid approximately $2,500. I also paid another $1000 for anesthesia. I was told by the billing person that I was paid up for all the work. These services were done in 2017 but I did not get the permanent dentures until Jan. of 2018. I expected that Aspen would bill the insurance company for the permanents after the first of the year. Instead, without explaining this to me initially, they put in the claim for both dentures in July of 2017, when my teeth were extracted and I got the temporaries, way before I got the permanents. This way of submitting claims caused me to go over my $1500 allowance for insurance coverage. NEVER was this explained to me. And again, I was told a number of times in 2017 that I was paid up re the money I owed them. This situation is complicated (due to glitches with the insurance co.) but I found out in Feb. of 2018 (from UMR) that I basically HAD to pay for the dentures entirely myself because the insurance company could pay nothing for them because if the way Aspen submits claims. The insurance company (UMR) asked them to re-submit the claim so that the permanents were billed for the "seat" date, in other words, at the time I actually received the dentures. They refused to do that so though UMR would have paid for the cost of half the dentures. "This is the way we always submit the claims - both dentures at the same time." Many things are shady about this. First of all, they should not have given me the information that I wouldn't be billed for more money. Second, they should KNOW, as anyone does who is in the billing dept., that there is a cap on benefits and normally there can be claims at the start of the next near to cover some work if it is done then. I was treated well until I was told that I owed them more money. Then, they were not so helpful. My permanents did not fit well and my gums were sore so I wore the temporaries until I could get to the office to have them adjusted. However, the temporaries, which as super cheaply made, cracked for about the fifth time. They refused to fix the crack unless I paid out of pocket because though I could not wear the permanents, they said the temps were now not covered for repair, only the perms were. I would have to pay $100 for the small but enlarging crack out of pocket. Keeping the temps is a way of having a cushion so that if something happens to damage the perms then I have teeth to put in my mouth. I explained that since I couldn't wear the dentures for a while and wore the temps that I had no choice in the matter if I wanted teeth. The billing person would not bend on this and the crack was not fixed. So, now after being told I was paid up, I am going to owe them perhaps thousands more dollars. I find the billing person very passive and not pro-active when it comes to making sure that the insurance company pays the claims. I am furious since I have spent many many hours on the phone with the insurance company trying to work this out, something I believe is the billing person's job. I never would have gone to Aspen if I knew how they operated. My husband and I are senior citizens on a fixed income and cannot be, excuse my language, jerked around regarding their fees. But, no one should be. I asked the billing person what the permanent dentures cost but she could not tell me. She said that when someone has no insurance they cost is about $900. Other than that she would not tell me what the cost is or how much they bill the insurance company for. Seems to me I should have a right to know the answer to that and it indicated that it is likely they would charge UMR more than they charge someone without insurance. Very shady to me.
Jillian Send email
Feb 15, 2018


Went to the dentist, had 2 broken teeth pulled. My insurance covered 1500 of the dental work but I had to pay 644.44 in a week or my surgery was cancelled so I doesn't have an option, I paid full cash a week before my surgery an was told I was fully paid up. Had my teeth pulled, went back for dry socket an was still told I was fine. I got a bill in the mail for 252 dollars which I haven't paid because I was told I was paid up. Get up this morning an check my bank account as it is payday an I see a charge from aspen dental 4 months after my dental surgery for 252 that I did not authorize, that just screwed me for the week on bills. Car payment due an phone bill. Thanks Aspen Dental, I will not be returning an I will be calling the bank when they open to tell them I never authorized that payment an to take it off an give me my money back an I will fight it. BULLSHIT SERIOUSLY, STEALING MY MONEY WHEN I PAID IN FULL!!!
AlicaC Send email
Jan 27, 2018


Thought I would show my teeth a few month before all this happened.Also thought I would share I did call Aspen he department.

They wanted to know how they could fix the problem that was caused. I stated give me teeth. Teeth I can wear and use. That was the last time i was ever talked to fro them I have tried and tried to find someone to take my case but dental suits are impossible.

Btw thought I would share the reason I even went in. The worst thing is I went in for a tooth ache under a bridge.. after seeing g a few dentist a few this all say my mouth won't ever fit dentures if I want teeth I need some for of a bone graphed and implants.

And me living on disability and making 680 a month wont ever be able to afford them.And will have to live with regluing them all day.

Original review posted by user Jan 08
I was told my teeth needed to be pulled and needed dentures.I trusted Dr.

Related: Aspen Dental is going down!

Lee. Instead my 1-2 appointment became 5. Sometime during my extractionstay Dr. Lee slipped and the tool she was using into the back of my jaw.

Pain was out of this world. After massaging the pain in my jaw and temple she went back to pulling teeth. I have no clue how many shots of novicain I had just know I needed more and more to not feel the pain. Which she tried to tell me was just pressure.

I am 50 years old and a high pain tolerance I know the difference between the two. Fast forward my next visit I let her know my jaw and temple still hurt really bad and then she denied doing anything. Wait what? I explained how the dentures didn't fit as well and was told I'm still healing and again I didn't know what I was talking about.

They were flexing in my mouth and the upper teeth didn't even touch my bottom teeth they fitted wider the my lower. My lower are still my natural teeth. Fast forward next appointment same complaints along with letting her know my front lips don't touch because the dentures sat way up behind my nose pushing my top lip up. I couldn't close to even sucks on a straw my lips don't touch.

She at that point got very rude telling it will be better when I am healed and in a month would put my soft liner in. She couldn't care less how much pain I was in. I had enough found a new dentist he gasp when he saw my mouth. At that point I knew Dr Lee had messed up.

And the new dentist agreed with all the issues I was having. He asked to see my exrays and was shocked he said I did NOT need dentures. I cried. Went home talked to my husband and decided I would have this dentist be my new one.

In the meantime before the big swith my upper dentures finally flexed for the last time and shattered . Now fast forward Aspen refunded my insurance the cost of my denture but my secondare insurance they turned around and billed March 3. They didn't Bill both of my insurances. Just one explains why it cost so much.

They robbed me of my smile. They robbed me of money. They falsely Bill my insurances procedures they didn't do. Over Billing my insurances.

Dr. Lee shouldn't be a Dr. I could keep going on but I think you get the point. And as far as Billing even their corporate headquarters was falsely billing.

My mouth is so bad with the bone loss of her cutting it out. I need snap in dentures or something. I don't have enough bone for a full upper denture. I am a T.V.

Extra and am missing out on work because I have no teeth!!! I could go on and on. I can't even find Dr Lee at Aspen anymore. I am now a year later and I have a flat roof of my mouth because she cut all the bone out of the back of my mouth.

My dentures won't stay in because there is no bone for them to really form too. I did take pictures every time she stepped out thank goodness. Even though she told me I couldn't.

Warning graphic.Here are a couple


Jrobhart Send email
Jan 20, 2018

Terrible dentures

I paid over $3281 on December 7, 2017 for new dentures. Today, January 19, 2018, they finally arrived, but are terrible. They do not fit my mouth, there was one long tooth on the side that they had to file down. I was in the office for nearly two hours with them trying to fit them and they are painful, plastic and awful. The doctor said they could get another set for additional money. I am so frustrated. What a rip off.
Brilar Send email
Dec 27, 2017


When I first had my teeth pulled and they gave me what they told me were my healing teeth, I tried to pay my bill in full, The girl told me oh no just pay this amount today , the $722.00 balance is paid when you get your permanent teeth , I got a bill from Humana , for the balance , I asked her again do I need to pay it , again she said that is just an itemazation of what was dne and you pay the remainder when you get your permanent teeth , then I got a bill from Aspen ...again girl told me ignore it till yu get permanent teeth , then one day out of the blue a few days after I had a fitting done on temp teeth , which I cant even bite through a sandwich with cause teeth are not long enough to go through it or sharp enough , some guy I never heard of or spoke to before calls demanding the money, I told him I tried to pay three times , and was told for months these were just healing teeth and that gums wouldn`t heal all the way till December.... when they`d do permanent teeth , Well I was put in collections in late October , then told these teeth are my permanent teeth , I had a meeting with the guy , showed him these teeth he agreed to make another pair , 40 minutes later I get in back for last reline on temps and the woman making the teeth tells me again these are my permanent teeth , that she`ll redo acrylic they are set in but the teeth themselves are my permanent teeth , the girls telling me they were healing teeth said the reason they don`t work well is the bottom and top don`t match, there is an over bite , they rock on bottom cause mouth is still healing .....But here I am now in collections.... it`s December and am not paying $722.00 dollars for teeth that don`t fit , or look right , don`t allow me to eat right , I want what I was promised from day one and to be taken out of collections ...I want what I was promised till this new guy came into the picture.
rharris9 Send email
Oct 11, 2017

Charges that were not appropriate after I had paid the full ammount.due.i


Carrie08 Send email
Oct 9, 2017

Damaged my gums beyond repair at 27

I've had Dental issues since I was 10. My doctor put me on a medicine for kidney disease that ate my teeth. They said the best thing to do would to be pulling them all and getting dentures. I have not been able to wear the bottom of set and I'm only 27 and Toothless. They have tried multiple times to smooth my gums and have damaged them to wear as I'm comfortable to wear my dentures. I'm now terrified since I paid good money to get them all pulled and to even be put to sleep while they did it all to have wasted my money dude still not doing it right. I've had dry socket since I've had it done my jaw bone is visible. All I do is keep doing oral surgery to it and my gum gets there and thinner with the Bones still poking through. I do all the instructions they give me. They say the work is free after they do it since it's their mistake yet they do not put me to sleep even though I paid to be put to sleep the first procedure due to high anxiety novicane not working I now owe them 7 Grand I paid 3 Grand up front. And feel like I've been ripped off and have suffered pain since March and it is now
Frank Enos Send email
Oct 4, 2017

poor work, didn't even address what I went to them for

I went to Aspen Dental because I had 2 teeth that I knew had very large cavities. My regular dentist had retired and I just did not care for the new dentist that had taken over for him. It had been awhile since I had had a check-up and I thought that I might just be better off with dentures. The dentist who saw me first said "oh no, your teeth are good for at least 15 yrs. He turned me over to a technician who cleaned my teeth and took my x-rays. After all of that, another dentist came in to start my treatment plan. He put in one filling and said that one of the teeth they thought could be saved was too far below the gum line so it would have to come out. I asked if he was certain and he assured me he was right so I agreed. It took an hour of chiseling and hammering before he finally succeeded. He told me took see his business manager and she would lay out a treatment plan. I was covered partially by my wife's Delta Dental plan and that the rest would have to be taken care of before I could schedule the rest of my treatment. I said I had understood from their ads that they could set up a payment plan. Then she proceeded to rattle off procedures and fees and my plan covered this and I could set up payments for that and the financing would be handled by Care Credit. By this my anesthesia was wearing off and I was starting to hurt pretty bad so she said I could sign the documents and we could go over the rest of the financing when I came in for my next appointment. A few days later I received a credit card and contract from care credit saying they total was 8000$ and my insurance was paying 4000 and I was responsible for the other 4000. Also due to an arrangement with my insurance that they were only being charged 1800$.I contacted Aspen and told them that I was dissatisfied and they would have to reimburse Care Credit for the work remaining and after they had made the refund that I would talk to them about the unsatisfactory work. They told me I would have to take up any refunds with Care Credit. Care Credit just turned me over to a collection agency. Still Fighting and Mad
Rtress1 Send email
Sep 11, 2017

Aspen pulled the wrong tooth while i was pregnant

Aspen dental pulled the wrong tooth while i was pregnant and kept telling me nothing was wrong. Infection spread to my bone and caused health problems for my baby. They took my money and refused to fix the Problem. My son now has health issues because off the massive amounts of antibiotics i had to be on. I got so sick i had to quit my job and move back home to ohio. I'm in debt now and my son and i are still dealing with health problems because of this. My insurance now will not cover the work for the damage aspen caused me. I just had another dentist appt. With a different company and can not afford the work they have to do. Someone please help

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    23/5/2019 Pengurusan Kredit & Kutipan Telekom...
    cbse - Complaining about revaluation
    I'm Shreyansh Agarwal and I had once got my copies...
    POS LAJU - Late delivery
    Item shipped on the 18th May 2019. Consignment dispatched...
    apple couture kebaya lateefa - Barang belum terima
    Barang saya belum terima sehingga sekarang Tracking no...
    Microsoft OneDrive - Unauthorized access to OneDrive
    This evening, shortly after 20:00 someone accessed my...
    MasterCraft/French doors - Leaking
    I bought a set of outside French doors for my kitchen...
    Nor Cal Truck sales - reseller
    A re seller of Google services has contacted me and has...
    Tele- Aid by Mercedez Benz - discontinue service and refund to credit card
    Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to discontinue the tele-...

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