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Consumer complaints and reviews about avangate.com

geoffrosenhain Send email
Dec 31, 2015

avangate tweakbit

I had $112.97 taken out of my account on 10/11/2015 which I never agreed to, as I only live at home by myself, and sent you an email telling you to stop and cancel what ever you thought I wanted, because all I want is for you to credit my account with $112.97. I don't even have any software on my pc, so please confirm this email.
I did not know until I received my 3 month statement from my bank, but it's money taken from me by mistake, I hope so, and at the moment give you the benefit of doubt, but time will tell.
I have tried to contact you with all my details but it won't go through. Thanks Geoff.
mockycarrie@yahoo.com Send email
Dec 11, 2015

Froze my computer then charged me

I hate to admit that I was scammed but I just had my computer fixed and I thought it was my tech support from HP; I was very tired and ill at the time so I thought they were on the up and up. However after agreeing to purchase anti virus as I didn't want windows and was going to order anti virus Kaspersky and they said theirs was better; I have to admit I thought this was legit as it was a well spoken man who stated he was in West Palm Beach Fl and he seemed kind. He already seemed to be in my computer as he took control without me changing the controls which I had to do when I had a friend who was a highly trained computer person so I had no idea he was already in my computer however looking back I didn't give him permission. Unfortunately he told me that he could install a good antivirus program and quote twenty eight dollars. I just had a new wireless printer and since I was in another room I didn't see the cost till after the phone call. I then found out he charged me 474.75 and then I knew it was a scam. I remember that he said he was from microsoft and he quoted a company called virus defender. I noticed that there was no anti virus put on my computer and I still had windows defender which came with the computer. I have to admit before the exchange with this company "national Support Services" and Avangate was on the bill and I had very simple receipt from stating the price. I then realized I had been scammed and called my credit card company and asked for a new card. I then found this man had done a history and search of all the known credit cards that I could possibly. I have had a struggle as they put their names on my computer constantly and I remove them. I also have them removed from my controls but they have a way of hacking in and they give themselves permission to go into my computer...one way was saying I approved of guest browsing and another was giving them control/permission to go into my computer. I have had to remove them constantly. I spoke with the credit card company as well as US Bank. Since I the charges reversed and knew they would be renegotiating with my credit card and bank I wanted to know what I was up against. I then googled them and found out they had quite a set up stating they are microsoft affiliates and a very clean set up stating how American they were. The girl who called me and for the first time I spoke to since I knew they were crooked I went ahead to see who they were and she would not give me her last name. She also seemed educated and quite confident; she said they were all Americans therefore were not crooks. I then saw their their site on computer under avangate and national support services stated that with a large American flag to let older Americans and unfortunately people who think that Americans cannot scam. She also would not give me the address of her office saying they people with guns could come and shoot them and for security reasons they are not allowed to give out their names or addresses. However the curious part is there is an address listed with avangate and obviously they are getting paid for credit cards and banks. This outfit is very slick as if they are selling products that are overpriced it's legal but they didn't not sell me anything as I did not received any products. In addition they had no permission to go into my computer and change the settings after this happened which they did on a regular basis. They also have no right to enter my computer as well as call me many times using several different phone numbers. I am not sure what they wanted but I do know they wanted to gain further entrance into my life and finances since they did a history of credit cards that I was able to find and tried to delete the damage. I have to pay now for credit cards to be safe and called credit bureaus to make sure no further charges are put on my credit cards. I had to cancel and get a new card and hopefully they will leave me alone but I have my doubts. The girl who I spoke to from National Support Services I did take their phone number and she did email me a credit. I found it in my e mail and it was funny as I didn't give them my email address. They still had access to my computer. I had only let them print up the bill back on Nov 19th but I didn't give them my address as it wasn't necessary. I do know this girl spoke as she thought this company was legit; I asked her in what world did anti virus program cost $474,00 and she said well Best Buy charges you two fifty to repair computers. I said this was a new computer which had worked fine except for the hacking into my computer. That is when she did state she would refund my money; strangely I never told her I had my charges reversed and she never mentioned that as well. She didn't ask me for my credit card as she would of had to if they followed what normal business practice is as they are not supposed to keep your number on file I don't think but I do know this was one of the strangest encounter as their site does not in any way reflect what one would expect.. they obviously are well organized and have the support of people in the business world with their ultra patriotic stance . This girl as well told me if she were to tell me where they were located people with guns could come and kill them all. I then wondered if she knew how this company was operating or if she was stable. Of course as I stated she would not give me her name for her own "security" but she was able to get complete access of my identity from my computer. I don't think she could comprehend the irony of that.
I can see that this should be very important to the FCC as well as crime in our country. I am sure they prey on the elderly as well as interfere in the privacy of our citizens. I would hope that Microsoft would make them take off the information that they are microsoft certified making this outfit credible. As well the banks and credit people will not protect you if you do get overcharged for anything I was told. If there only way is to gain access is to hack into people's computer and put malware on them or even just deceive them into thinking their computer is not operating correctly I would think this would be a scam and not legal. It would be like a repairman fixes your hot water heater after damaging it or turning the controls and making the people think it needed fixing for safety reasons. I can see it's very hard for the system to go after this kind of theft and it makes low income and the elderly an easy target for abuse.
I hope that further investigation be done on this so clever web page of Avangate and National Support Services. I did note they had complicated information listed I am not sure most people have any idea of what it means. I will have it investigated by those that are very bright and worked for google so I can find out perhaps how they are operating.
BACKES Send email
Dec 1, 2015

unauthorized debit via VISA-CARD

Received today monthly debit-report of my Visa-CARD
and find a debit of 69,95 € labelled "AVANGATE*BITDEFENDER Amsterdam"
Please refund this amount i m m e d e l y , as I never authorized this debit !
Should you not arrange Refund within a fortnight, this will end my BITDEFENDER affiliation !
9, route du Vin
L-5405 Bech-Kleinmacher
Gtmii Send email
Sep 30, 2015

Potentially Fake Activation Site

On September 30, 2015, I renewed my Advanced SystemCare Pro subscription for three machines. As soon as I authorized payment, I was taken to another site that informed me that I had to call 855-491-2544 in order to complete the renewal. I did so.

If this is a genuine Avangate call center, it shouldn't be. With every word the rep at the other end spoke, my suspicions grew. He said he needed to look at my configuration, and when he did so, he pointed out a number of services I had stopped. The then told me he could save me $400, blah, blah, blah.

That's when I ended the call.

Is this really part of Avangate?
Sep 22, 2015




Sep 22, 2015



judiwar Send email
Sep 15, 2015

unauthorized charges to my account

Avangate and Bitdefender (a Roimanian company) have charged me twice for a product I did not like, did not renew, do not have and do not want. They won't give me a credit even though I discovered the latest charge of $90 on the day it was charged and immediately asked for a credit. I have lodged a dispute with my credit card company and will send this to the Federal Trade Commission and perhaps the office of the Attorney General of MA.
Sep 14, 2015

Payment made Key Code INVALID

I purchased Tunes Cleaner through your company and a email receipt was sent back with a key code and all the support info, I thought i needed. It wasnt! the key code did not work. I recieved an email saying that it was Tunes Cleaners fault and to contact them. I have contacted them and you again. NEITHER HAVE REPLIED. FULL AMOUNT PAID NO SERVICES OR SUPPORT RENDERED. AS OF NOW I WOULD SAY TO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PURCHASE ANY SOFTWARE THAT IS TIED TO AVANGATE IN ANY WAY! TOTAL SCAM! IF YOU PLAN ON RECTIFYING THE ISSUE MY EMAIL IS shane@outrightentertainment.com and reference number is 42184789. DOUBT ILL HEAR ANYTHING FROM EITHER OF THE PARTIES THO.
Allan Send email
Aug 16, 2015

Charged Twice

Avangate has debited my Visa twice $92.44 on the 31st July 2015 for Tweakbit!! Please arrange a refund
SeanMc98 Send email
Aug 10, 2015

Avangate and iolo.com

I have been billed by Avangate for an un-ordered "renewal" of iolo.com's product "System Mechanic Professional. Although I have been a long-time customer of iolo.com, I did not receive any (Electronic or paper) notification of Avangate's involvement with iolo.com.

The first notice was the unauthorized billing to my credit card for iolo.com's product. When I had originally supplied that card number to iolo.com, it was touted as "secure". I have NEVER given iolo.com authorization or consent to divulge ANY personal or financial data to ANY third-parties.

Since I have never authorized the release of my information to Avangate, I have forwarded all material to my credit card company as well as to the Office of the Attorney General for the State of New York.
Lawman Send email
Jul 29, 2015


I use Batch Word Find and Replace Lantech who use Avangate.
Last year after about 6 months it stopped working and as i could not get any help from Avangate/Lantech i just paid another subscription. I renewed Batch Word Find and Replace through Avangate in January 2015. It is now 29 July 2015 and i get a message telling me i am using a demo version and activation key no longer works.
This time i am more serious about getting help from Avangate but get no real help. They do give the appearance of a poorly organised or even a scam outfit.
garrett Send email
Jun 1, 2015

charged my credit never ordered anything

I got charged twice once for 52.61 on apr 20 and one other charge same day for46.17 . Im sure you know my credit card no so all you have to do is credit that card , and never charge that card again
compton Send email
May 21, 2015

Auto renewal

I am Terence Michael Compton. I unsubscribed to Bitdefender in Sept 2014 by following the on line instructions on your website. On the 24th April you made a deduction from my credit card for a renewal of your product which was not authorised by me. The details are as follows :

25th April 2015 £53.95 Avangate Bitdefender Amstelveen NLD. Kindly refund this amount to my account immediately as I unsubscribed to Bitdefender therefore no automatic renewal is applicable.

Please be advised thast you do not have my authority to deduct any monies from any bank account or credit card whatsoever in my name. my e mail address is tmcompton@hotmail.co.uk
compton Send email
May 21, 2015

Auto renenwal

You have deducted £53.95 from my credit card on 24th April 2015. I unsubscribed to your service in Sept 2014 when I emigrated from the Uk to South Africa. I downloaded the unistall instructions from your website and followed the instructions on how to unsubscribe. You are not authorised by me to make any deductions from my credit card as I do not use your services. Kindly issue a refund. T M Compton tmcompton@hotmail.com
shirlgig Send email
May 12, 2015

automatic renewal

I was using Bitdefender without a problem for 2 yrs., but this year, after buying the protection again, another charge came thru; after several calls, I found out they had automatically renewed my contract, but for $50 more than I had previously paid. They said the automatic renewal is checked, and if I don't want it, I need to DE-select it. I complained to Paypal, to Bitdefender and to Avongate.

They cancelled the Key and finally said I'd get a credit, but 2 months later, there still is NO credit. Bitdefender said that the credit was stopped as soon as I complained to Paypal. Paypal says I need to settle it with bitdefender. I had no idea there was so much trouble with these companies until I started searching this on the web . I haven't called the BBB yet, but since other people have done this, why isn't something being done to stop the outright stealing? From the complaints that I've read, it's been going on for years.
Lloyd Yoder Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Year dues paid but no program after only 6 months

I purchased the Avangate Secure for a year term but it has expired in 6 months. My order # was 1228817. What goes here?
ventre4 Send email
Feb 24, 2015

Investigating potential elder abuse

My 81-year-old mother was just sold a computer "cleanup" and lifetime identity protection package by Avangate. My sister and I were appalled at the $3000 in charges. They "fixed" her computer remotely and showed her the numerous attempts made by "Russians" to hack into her accounts. I looked at the rates for Lifelock and their most expensive protection plan is $330/year. Again, my Mom is 81 so, clearly, someone saw an opportunity to scare an elderly person who isn't tech-savvy. We are digging into this and Avangate will be hearing from us if not from her.
joseph atwood Send email
Feb 16, 2015

program not responding

product ID:4619036 perchest on 02-01-2015 not responding. No tec. support. No contact number.
jimmeep Send email
Feb 1, 2015

iolo technologies

I purchased this software well over two years ago and now Avangate has automatically, without my consent or acknowledgement, charged my credit card $39.95. This is fraud and thievery. Now I have to go and retrieve my own money that they stole. They don't make it easy either.

These folks should be charged with a crime and locked up. I guess this kind of crime is legal!!?? and pays.
dmcgnet Send email
Jan 27, 2015


I have recieved on my checking account four billings for items not ordered.Two date posted 11/18/2014 for $37.00 & 69.00 no description and on 11/262014 Identified as BULLETPRO for the same $37.00 and $69.00
Ihave contacted rhem by Eail no responce ihavbe notified my bank and They have listed a claim #3024437. I don't know what that means
cline432 Send email
Jan 6, 2015


On 12-15-2014 I ordered System Mechanic 15 Month order reference number: 33985791 And was charged 29.95 and can not
get it down loaded to clean up my computer. My Email address is ( billlewis1939@yahoo.com ).
Aztech Send email
Oct 31, 2014

Bitdefender and Avangate

I got caught up by the same unethical business practices that others have detailed about Bitdefender and Avangate. During the order process they do not inform you of auto-renewal or allow you to decline it when I bought their product last year. They then stored my CC number and charged it this year without authorization. I complained to Bitdefender and they cancelled my license key that I didn't want anyway, but kept my money. When I complained to American Express about being charged for a product that I didn't request and that also didn't work because the license key was invalidated 10 days after my supposed purchase, AE did nothing to help. AE told me to contact Avangate to request a refund and gave me their phone number, which was a disconnected line. The "order" that Avangate supplied AE as proof of my order did not show any auto-renewal authorization by me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BITDEFENDER. I discovered later that they are a Romanian company that obviously has questionable business practices. The first thing I do after buying a product on the internet is to login to the website and shut off auto-renewal. The Bitdefender website Account Profile does NOT have any method of turning off auto-renewal.
bary_leach@hotmail.com Send email
Oct 15, 2014


Avangate stores your credit card info and automatically sets up anything you buy on auto renew on that credit card for any subscription software. They make very hard to cancel or remove credit card information. Shame on Bitdefender for using such an un-ethical billing company. I will not ever use Bitdefender again due due to their association with Avangate.
BOB Send email
Oct 1, 2014


Tried to cancel bitdefender after one year. i was instructed t o go to website..AVANGATE.COM....this site is a joke...I is so complicated....it goes down...freezes up...just stops...goes back to start at any time..gives you a phone number from some foreign country...that nobody answers..or if you get lucky its all garble....they have an automatic renewal policy that just takes your money....I contacted my credit card company and finally had the automatic payment reversed..They had it reversed and disabled this software ....The end result is I was charged 89.95 on my credit card for something I cancelled and I have ..nothing now since..they made it DISABLED...I did some checking on tthe internet and discovered this >COM has THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS...i will fight this ..illegal charge...for the rest of my life....these guys are crooks....signed..NDZONK@AOL.COM....
lakhdeep Singh Send email
Jun 6, 2014

Aimersoft SoftwareLicenceCode Quality1

I ordere on line product video burner product on 2014 .5. 22 from Aimersoft Software licence code ,quality 1To Me
May 22

Dear Lakhdeep Singh,

Your payment for your online order placed on http://www.aimersoft.com on 2014-05-22 06:18:58 has been approved (order reference number: 28614816).

Your payment is currently being processed. Order processing usually takes a few minutes.

We remind you that orders for http://www.aimersoft.com are processed by Avangate BV as the authorized vendor of WonBo Technology Co., Ltd. products.

Please note that avangate*aimersoft.com will appear on your bank statement, instead of WonBo Technology Co., Ltd..

For your convenience, you can also check your order status online, at:

For any further payment related questions, please contact Avangate by email at support@avangate.com.

The purchased product(s)/ service(s) will be delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions published on http://www.aimersoft.com and agreed for your order.

Please keep this email for future reference.


Website: http://www.aimersoft.com
Order reference no.: 28614816
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard
Date/time: 2014-05-22 06:18:58
Order General Total: 49.00 USD

Product ID: 4611159
Product name: Aimersoft Software License Code Quantity: 1
Price/unit: 49.00 USD
Taxes (VAT): 0.00 USD
Total: 49.00 USD


Order subtotal: 49.00 USD
Order total: 49.00 USD

I have not recieved any product either on line or post.Kindly advice.
I am disappointed and worried

Billing information is:

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