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bengal Send email
Nov 21, 2021

poor service & rude counter personal encountered at VErmont South Bunning

Bought online click & collect ( ORDER # 211420696-1 INVOICE RECEIPT _w211420696-1_99821693.pdf )

Booking to collect the item at 9.30 am Sunday . Arrived about 9.30 AM. at the pick up point Waited in the car for 20mins without any service .attendant .Rang the the # provided 5X without any response . Went into the store's pick up counter
.No attendant . waited for 2 mins Attendant appeared . Informed her what has happened to me with no attendant at pick up outside the car park space after waiting for > 20mins . Her response " I just arrived " & just threw the cable to me .

I am very annoyed .
[email protected] Send email
Sep 1, 2021

Refused Entry

Ive been going to Bunnings Dural at leat two to three times a week for over a year after I moved to the area. Today I was checking on with the Covid QR code and had my power pass ready for entry when a security guard came out and said I was not allowed entry and he accused me of being a thief ,infact he accused me and my sister of being thieves as he claimed he had caught us at the Marsden Park Store and Gladesvile stores stealing paint I belive , It was hard to understand him due to his accent.
I have been to neither store. Having pointed out that it was not possible he got aggressive, I said how can you recognise someone with a mask on , he and by then he offsider just decided to push home this fact, in front of staff and indeed other customers entering the store. I asked for the store manager, some random Bunnings guy who was not the store manager said too bad mate. They then said I was banned from the store permanently. So I asked them to call the cops m they refused. As I was actually buying goods for a project its cost me money and I feel like ive been totally abused for no reason. The actual duty manager almost accused me of being a thief too before he back tracked and offered to let me in but by that time its half an hour later and im angry and mortified by this. WTF is wrong with people, I think ill contact my solicitor
Hottuna Send email
Nov 20, 2020


Went to buy a security cameras for my property and found the one I was very happy with until I got to pay for it. On inspection I asked one of the members who work there if the price is correct he scanned it and yes it is correct.So I went over to the till to pay for the product and was shocked to find out that it was not the same price as the price it was marked at $670 for four cameras wow I asked if she is sure that she did not make a mistake and here reply was yes she told me that it was a different one but yet it was the same model as the one that was on the show. It seems to be that they are trying to rip me off
ROBB Send email
Nov 14, 2020

Sticker removal problems

I have spent lots of money at Bunnings and enjoy your shop here on the Sunshine coast .. I have no complaint's of your service .. BUT please, Please, Please BAN any sticker that is on any product in your stores that won't come off easily, meaning it should come off the product easily in one go .. a strong plastic label that doesn't have to be scrapped off with finger nails and turps .. This is a problem that all customers hate ..especially if you cannot start a job until you have scrapped all the glue and torn paper of the product you have bought .. My product and hands smells of turps now.. Please Ban all stickers on products in your stores that don't comply with a standard test .. to come off easy in one piece .. this includes old stickers, and ones that are sun baked on .. Thankyou
Peter Thomas Send email
Jul 14, 2020

Poor Service

At about 12:45 noon on Sunday 12.07.2020 my wife and I presented ourselves at the checkout counter with a trolley containing two large plants on top and two large heavy ceramic pots below. As usual I expected the staff behind the counter to helpfully hop out and scan the barcodes and not make us lift the heavy purchases on to her counter. As there was no such thing happening, I asked the staff member if she would kindly step out and scan the items for us as all other staff so helpfully do always at Bunnings. In response I got a mocking "No" from the staff member. we couldn't believe what we had just heard but my wife then proceeded to struggle with the heavy large ceramic pots and keep it on the counter to have it scanned. I am not able to lift heavy items due to a serious medical condition. The said staff member seemed to relish our discomfort and had a smirk on her face throughout all this. The Marsden Park Bunnings have been our regular and much liked store since the day it opened and everything in our backyard has been purchased from this store. Sorely disappointed.
Peter and Gail Thomas

( the staff member was Kylie )
maggie.aj Send email
Jul 11, 2020

Poor Customer Service

I was in Browns Plains paint department looking for grey fence paint the customer service person there named Richelle was busy so I waited but had to interrupt as it was taking so long for this other person just wanted to know where the paint was so I politely asked and was told where rather rudely so over I went. I was then joined by my husband who asked why I hadn't requested help when I replied she wasn't any help. She the proceeded to interrupt our conversation abusing us and telling us she was helpful blah blah blah I told her I was speaking to my husband. My husband told her we wanted 20 litres and she said well we are out end of conversation . We went to the customer service counter where she wasn't and waited for around five minutes and unfortunately she came up and served us unwillingly and we asked if we could have the painted tinted dove grey and she said what colour is that and was rude and unhelpful. Enough was enough so we said we would go elsewhere. So thankyou Richelle we got the paint $43 dollars cheaper at another store but Will Not be back to your paint department again
Trish Kelly Send email
Jun 27, 2020

Akai Split System

Hi i there, I purchased an Akai Split system in February 2020 from your store in Chirnside Park. I had it installed and it worked for approx 3 months and then started turning itself off. I had the electrician check it out, finding the fault was with the unit. I contacted the warranty people at Tempo and they took all relevant details , giving me a Case number of CS00399042. I emailed all paperwork, eg receipt certificate of safety etc, and I asked for this to be marked URGENT, and said they would contact me within 2 working days with the details of someone to come and see what was wrong. After 4 days of not hearing anything. (I brought a fan heater to get me through. I called Tempo again to follow up as this was my only form of heating.They then gave me a contact for me to call and arrange it myself to be looked at to determine the problem. As it was Friday before the long weekend ,it was the following Wed before he came and determined there was a component in the unit that was faulty and he would submit his report and Tempo would be in contact. I left it 24 hours and contacted Tempo again,as no one had called me, reminding them this was urgent again. It apparently was decided that the unit was not worth fixing and I could be refunded. The next Friday,I was given a number to return the unit to Bunnings for the refund. The clincher was that I had to take the already installed unit, off my roof, to your store to get the refund. After getting extremely mad and refusing to do this, as it was ludicrous, I was put on hold several more times while they contacted their manager for advice. They then, if this was a possibility, expected me to pay for installation of the new unit myself. That didn't go well. I had to get extremely mad again, and demand the unit and installation be refunded. I was told they would get back to me with their decision. We are now talking being without heat for nearly 3 weeks.(still urgent) I called again after a couple more days. After speaking to yet another person and being on the phone for approx 30 minutes, I was conveniently disconnected. I called back again,and was asked to send them all relevant paperwork again as they didn't have it. This I did, calling them back was told they didn't receive email. I was on my way to work, so sent the email again from my phone.I waited till following Monday, and after them querying the cost of installation, they advised both unit and installation would be refunded within 3-5 days, and faulty unit did not need to go back to store. I received the refund for both in my account on Friday, so can now purchase another unit. I got the original on sale so it has now cost me an additional $600 for another, definitely not an Akai, to be installed next week ( 4 weeks after initial contact with Warranty ) Although this is not the fault of Bunnings, I feel you need to know how your customer has been treated. I will never buy an Akai product again as it would mean dealing with this very unprofessional Customer Service department at Tempo.
Regards Trish Kelly 0400757453
[email protected] Send email
Jun 20, 2020

poor service

Went to Bunnings to buy timber, there were 2 (using the term assistants lightly) assistants there. Both of them knew i was there but
I waited approx. 20 mins.with no responce from either of them.
One was breaking up cardboard cartons and the other found that it was more interesting to look out over the car park.
I left to buy what i needed elsewere.

Back to Bunnings Seaford to purchase a wood heater. 2 employers were next to the heaters.
I waited for quite some time before one of them said YES,what did i want. I explained what i needed but they said they were there only to put up shelving, the person that looks after the wood heaters was away.What.( ? the world stops when someones away).
Going nowhere fast and very little patience left for these 2, I suggested that i was going to go to Bunnings Noarlunga.I Went to the other store and purchased the wood heater.

I will not return. there are plenty of other helpful hardware stores.
ian mack Send email
May 14, 2020

Bunnings Click and collect fiasco

Wanted to use click and collect, but eGift card is not a payment option (although it has a unique ID). Rang Melton and was put through to Click and Collect. Girl told she could not complete transaction for same reason as above. So I will have to shop there - which is precisely what I hoped to avoid because of coronovirus threat.

Dopey, dangerous and daft...
ian mack Send email
May 14, 2020

Pandemic concern

Couldn't use click and collect because unable to use eGift Card (which has unique ID no.) in part payment. Rang warehouse, was put through to ;'click and collect'. Girl said she couldn't help for same reason. So I end up having to go to the aisles and get items for myself.- exactly what I hoped to avoid. Dopey, dangerous (for me) and daft !
sarni Send email
Mar 19, 2020

poor customer service

Went out of my way to Bunnings to shop for a directors chair. Needed to know if there were others apart from the two that were on display. One friendly staff member who was busy carrying a ladder asked the woman at shopping desk to ph to find someone to assist.
she chose not to. I waited for another 10 minutes and then left.
It appears that some staff are not up with how to relate to customers and/or customer service. What a pity. I won't be coming back.

I will be going to briscoes or Mitre 10 from now on. Mitre 10 particularly has very receptive engaging staff.
heleng4 Send email
Mar 15, 2020

Ask me the customer what the price was

I went to purchase some fence pailings. I approached the trades counter as this is where you pay for timber. I asked for 40 1.8mtr pailings.
The Girl( young) said to me. "How much were they?" I said, " I do not know as I do not work here." She was looking on computer.
I said "Are there different sizes?" She couldn't tell me. But she charged what she thought they should be. $1.50 ea. Next I drove car into timber area. I collected what where the $1.50 pailings. I then proceeded to the exit. I opened up boot for guy to check with corresponding docket. He saw but didn't count. He said It looks like 40 and lifted the arm for me to exit. Not only does bunnings have lousy service in helping you find something you have to also figure out price and count for the staff. What are the staff there for? I can see this company going broke in no time. There are losses. Unbelievable.
accer Send email
Mar 10, 2020

Dogs in store

Arrive in store last Sunday and a customer with his dog walked ahead and in minutes the dog relieved it self which resulted in several customers walking in it and spreading it down the isle. A poor shop assistance had to clean up the mess which I feel is not fair to the staff to have to clean the mess. In fact the owner should be responsible for the mess.

If some one slipes and fall on a dogs mess who will be responsible for the injury...????

For the benefit of all there should be no dogs allowed in the store .

Good luck with this problem .
LynneB Send email
Mar 10, 2020

Bullying in the workplace

I was terminated from my position late 2019 (340770) - I had raised many concerns prior to this as a new job role was ****added**** to my existing one of which I did not have sufficient training nor ability to do,

Customers receive better treatment than I have - even though I had not complained about the significant amount of overtime that I had been doing.

I was not enabled to clear my own desk - I was treated like a criminal and when some of my personal belongings were received they were seriously damaged --- they were not labelled as fragile - there were no tracking details either. Lizzie Savvouldis along with her own coordinator Lisa K --- elected to to take no efforts to address this nor my concerns when I raised my initially concerns with them.

I have been through the "Respectful Workplace Policy" many times.
It appears that management do not require to follow business policy but they have terminated me and many others as to what suits them - this is utter discrimination at it's best.

And then there others that never get addressed seriously - they have a physical difficultly - accepted?
My mental health has been swept over - due to my disability - I was not equipped to take Resolution Calls - there has been no consideration given at all - although my previous coordinators Lauren & Bianca could foresee that this would be a difficult role for me, and this is not what I signed in for.

Bullying in the workplace Bullying in the workplace Bullying in the workplace

wpitros Send email
Mar 2, 2020


I have purchased multiple Ozito items from Bunnings and have no issue with the items except one which is the Edger, I have been taking the item to multiple store to replace to better one and they all have refused or rejected me request.

The item should not be sold as it is a very weak and can't even do the job in my garden which is only 6X5 sqm, I would like a full refund of this item or a store credit please.
Mandy12345 Send email
Jan 21, 2020


I purchase two tins off 4 Lts off ceiling paint .And finish the job with just one.I took the second tin back to Bunnings with the proof of purchase and this was two days later.ThereI was told that it cannot be returned due to a code was on the lid which meant it was tinted.And I explain it was not and we pick this up from the shelve.The lady was not listening to what I had to say and kept on saying it was tinted.It was my first hearing that a white ceiling paint can be tinted.After saying to her more than 3 times it was not and the tin is sealed she refused to take it back .I honestly and truly never got the paint tinted.My entire 6 room house as normal ceiling paint .I have shopping at Bunnings fir the last 10 years and that was my last trip ever again.Her altitude was just had no CustomNet support of had not prepared to listen to
My side of the story.Just continue to say its tinted wwhite .
AnnHornibrook Send email
Dec 14, 2019


I purchased Garden Fresh Baby Carrot Seedlings. Planted them in well prepared soil, using vegetable fertiliser, and they were well watered. I am a gardner so know what I am doing. After 60 days pulled up a batch of Corkscrew Carrots no longer than8cms long and all twisted together. Took sample back to the store where I was told by the welcoming lady she had had the same result, told she had not watered them enough. Not the case here. I took another batch and planted again, only to have the same result (see photo) when harvested at 57 days. Not Happy!!!! It is not the cost of the punets, but the time frame waiting, the water and the fetrtiilser and again the abject disappointment. Will not be buying this brand again, and Bunnings really do not seem to care. Change the supplier or at least go back to them!!

Ann Hornibrook


rob1750 Send email
Dec 10, 2019

No customer service

I have had enough of Bunnings cost cutting no more checkout personnel forcing us to use self serve checkouts.
Mitre 10 here i come i will not spend another cent in a bunnings store and i used to spend 10s of thousands per year with them.
Good luck with your cost cutting im sure other hardware companies are rubbing there hands together .
Delandvw Send email
Dec 1, 2019

Complaint at Check out staff member

Good day,

Yesterday, I went to Bunnings Perth at Canning vale. I bought 9 lawn sprinkles of different angles. At the heck out counter the female staff told me to separate the sprinkles. All the sprinklers are the same price. My comment, I am not there to do her job, I am there as a Customer and it is her job to sort it out. 'NOT ME".

Please teach you staff about Customer service and being responsible in her job.


Best Reragds
Deland V W
McGregor Clan Send email
Nov 28, 2019

Customers are an inconvenience to Bunnings staff

My husband and I went to get some potting mix and plants from Bunnings .
As usual no staff anywhere near any customers to assist.
We finally saw a man in a Bunnings uniform and approached him to ask if Bunnings stock Live XMAS TREES OR will have them soon

Much to our surprise the Bunnings employee turned around and said
‘Do I look like Fxxxxxxxg SANTA ? And then walked off-

Others shoppers witnessed this and we were all shocked .
Needless to say we left the items we were planning to buy went to a nursery to get the potting mix and a beautiful living Xmas tree.

Customer service in Bunnings in real life is nothing like your ads on TV
MadMax3180 Send email
Nov 24, 2019

Return of product without receipts

Went to return a few products some I had the receipt for and one item I didn’t which I’ve always been able to get store credit for which is one reason I shop at Bunnings but this time was told the item was to expensive and small in size otherwise they would have done a store credit as per normal and so I ask why and they went and told me because I could have stolen it which with all the items I had receipts for and returned and the amount that I purchased just that day let alone previously I found offensive and unfair considering on the website it says that it is fine to return items for store credit with identification like drivers license which I provided... guess I will have to take my business elsewhere in future unless it’s necessary to use your stores... poor form to make a loyal customer with no good reason feel like a thief I don’t even have any criminal record at all ... upset and discussed Bunnings..
Gallen Send email
Nov 23, 2019

staff attude and verbal abuse towards a customer

At this morning I walked into the paint section of the Kings Meadows store. A staff member was standing at the counter. Approaching him, as there were no others customers around I said excuse me can you tell me where the sample tins of paint are. Quite abruptly he replied.... under the counter. We mix them..we couldn't keep all colors in stock. I replied...okay thank you and proceeded to select a color. I then approached the bench where he was standing with the selected paint color. Handed the swatch over and his response... 250ml or 500ml..what do you want? A bit taken back, my reply was...500ml thanks. He commenced to locate I assume the code for the color when I mentioned I wanted exterior paint. His response was... interior only! . My response was I thought it said exterior on the website. His immediate reply... shaking his head. Na! suggestion I was wrong and he obviously was right.

At this point I felt his attitude wasn't as it should be towards Bunnings customers. So I suggested he may need to correct his attitude. He responded by telling I should do the same. By this time I had retreated from the counter towards the next paint isl. He then added another try and have a nice day. Turning around i too. With that he waved and said buy. Not the type buy you would make to a friend or family member. With that I turn away, continued on-into the next isl and to myself I commented "asshole". He obviously heard my comment, came running around the corner and said. What did you say.....I heard know what I'd ### like to take you outside. Stood for a few seconds then walked away.
I should mention I am a 70 year old pensioner.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 21, 2019

Product back up

Sometime ago I purchased a OZITO LBL-018 Blower unit. Having lost the Battery & Charger I attempted to purchase new ones at the Kotara Store, Special Orders.
Received a call today to inform me that these units for that model “ no longer available “
Made a complaint online to than receive a text to contact BUNNINGS SPARE PARTS. just to be informed the same answer, “ no longer available “ I than said to the girl “ so I just throw the Blower in the garbage!” No answer, I than asked “ do you care? “ still nothing.
I am preparing to commence a large renovation on my home, new kitchen, bathroom and family room, removing walls etc.
It is fairly obvious that BUNNINGS are not the business to rely on for support as they do not back the products they sell!
Especially if they are BUNNINGS BRANDS,
Very poor service!
vinnie Send email
Nov 14, 2019

Damaged goods

We purchased a Flexi Wardrobe with sliding door in slightly damaged cartons, (4). Once we were home I unpacked all components
and set too putting together. An excellent product, until we get almost finished and noticed that the back boards were slightly damaged (broken top side corners), not too bad. I fitted them in ok. The right hand side of the robe is damaged along the front edge and been hastily repaired, very noticeable and painted over, also two large scratches, painted over.
The cartons should have warned us to check the inside as they were taped all around with 2 inch clear packing tape. We will not be returning this product as I have completely assembled it and it fits nicely were we wanted it to go. I can repair this to satisfy myself.
Maybe returned goods can be checked a little better, or sent back to the warehouse and sold as seconds with out any loss to your selves,
I am very pleased with this product and would buy another if need, but I will check it out more before taking it out of store.
Thank you very much for great service at Port Macquarie, NSW. (Vince Padmore, 0414751704)
(I am not computer literate enough to put photos to the e-mail.)
Dixontopher Send email
Nov 7, 2019

Product availability

I made enquiries about the 'Ozito Power X Change 18V Brushless Mower and Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit; ref No: 0056622 on 4th November 2019. It's misleading! . There weren't any available by the time I got to Campbelltown Bunnings branch at 5pm. The shop assistant told me that Villawood branch has them. It's stated as Price $210 correct as at Monday 4th November 2019. I called both Bonnyrigg and Villawood branches, both confirmed this "we don't have them here"!

I'm very disappointed with Bunnings! Everything is now computerised, yet I was giving the incorrect information by the shop assistants there!

I have to go somewhere else to buy this product or similar to it.

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