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Consumer complaints and reviews about Bunnings Hardware

R Devine Send email
Apr 22, 2018

Dogs in Bunnings

As a regular customer of Bunnings I was very surprised to see dogs being walked through the aisles by their owners. Not all dogs wers ssmall, two large dogs were fighting, making it very uncomfortable for the other customers if not dangerous. Not a good idea to allow dogs in the store as I will think twice before returning
Beach Send email
Apr 18, 2018

Employee Complaint

Dear Management,

I would like to raise a complaint about one of your employees which is Antanya Rossetto. I found her extremely incompetent, unreliable and fake. her knowledge about Bunnings products is extremely limited and inaccurate. When I was talking to her I felt that she was very disinterested and very distracted by everything what was happening on the floor. She made no eye contact and everything I asked her it felt that was too much for her. I strongly believe that she need some serious disciplinary letter or she just not suitable for this job!

Your loyal customer
Beach Send email
Apr 18, 2018

Staff complaint

Dear Management,

I would like to raise a complaint about one of your staff embers which is Antanya Rossetto. I found her extremely unprofessional and unreliable. Her knowledge about Bunnings products very limited and fluffy! Not too sure how can she be working in a such a big store with very limited know-how. Perhaps she require some training or she is just not smart enough for this job!!!!!

Thank you,
Your loyal customer
R.b.hide Send email
Apr 15, 2018

Keys cut that didn't work

In last 6 months I have had 4 keys cut 2 never worked,on the first occasion I had 1 key cut it never worked so the following weekend I returned to the same store to have it recut expecting not to be charged as the first key did not work unfortunately for me a different staff member was doing the keys .They said they would recut the key but at my expense and when I questioned the decision the staff member was very curt so I just left that shop in discussed vowing never to enter that particular store again.on the second occasion and in a different store I had 3 keys cut and to my dismay only two worked but after the way I was felt with the first time I just threw it in the bin not wishing to have possibly the same treatment again
padma nair Send email
Mar 28, 2018

Lawn Mower Victa

I have been delivered a Victa Lawn Mower 2 stroke 160 cc 46 OMM Hurricane through a special order which was an insurance replacement.This was delivered on 15/03/2018. I have tried to use the lawn mower on the same day. Started of well . Half way through, the mower stopped and the pulling chord was not pulling and was getting stuck. I rested the machine and after a while it started. On Saturday the 23/03/2018 I again used the mower. Half way through the machine stopped. I tried pulling the chord at least 15 times. I would not start. The chord is stuck. I took the machine to Bunnings Manukau in Auckland on Monday 26/06/2018. I mentioned that I am having two stents in my heart am unable to pull the chord repeatedly for 15 times or more which puts a lot of strain on me. The staff at the counter said that a man witha heart problem should not usea lawn mower with a chord. I was offended and surprised to hear the comment. However I did not respond. The person at the counter send me to A1 Lawn Mower Service to get it checked. The Manager there said I have to pay 40 NZD To get it checked. Fora machine which is only 10 days old from purchase I was no t willing to Pay 40 NZDcfrom my pocket. I went back to Bunnings and they are sending me to another Service person.
I mentioned that I am ready to even get a cheaper mower or something close to the price of the mower. If Extra I am prepared to pay.
I realize that this model is obsolete and I cant even senda feedback to Victa online. I also found another customer on their review men tioning the same complaint as me..I would like to hear from Bunnings at the earliest. My number is 0064 278011613. Email padma.nair@goodmanfielder.co.nz
Aqueduct Send email
Mar 26, 2018

Brainless load mouth register operator

At the time and date on the attached receipt i was subjected to a loud mouth know it all female , checkout Operator at bunnings bundamba who claimed because i was out shopping and not feeling well after she asked me how i was , which i told her I didn't feel well , the loud mouth said in a threatning manner stating "i think you are lying and I don't believe you" because i was shopping.

Brainless load mouth  register operator

littlemiss15 Send email
Feb 13, 2018

Special Orders

I would just like to say how annoyed I am with a flat pak kitchen I ordered through special orders at Bunnings. It was a Kaboodle kitchen, the designer came out from bunnings he left the design the same which was ok. He said to me you should have a saucepan draw, But who wants 3 x 900 mm draws at the end of your bench, I thought the draws would be nearer to the sink area. Then the panel doors were the wrong size panels sent for the cupboard doors, so now I have to wait 4 weeks for them to be made. The island panel I did not need as I have cupboards backing onto each other. Then they said to me you have to cut the island panel to fit at the end of my cupboards. I have to cut it and take the chance of chipping all the Charcola colour and gloss. At this stage I am very angry, hense to say that I have already been back to Bunnings about 4 times with these issues. But there is more. The designer had a microwave cupboard designed to go on my wall when we put it together it was white on the out side and Charcola on the inside. The Kaboodle rep said we cannot reverse the panels, who wants a a white box sticking out when you have grey cupboards. And now the electrician has run the power through the wall for the power point and I cannot have it on the wall because it is so heavy. These issues have been too much, I am a single person trying to improve my kitchen but it has been a nightmare. And on top of it all I have had to pay an extra $900 for my cabinet makers to keep coming back for all your stuff ups!!!!!!!!!! I have paid $5500 for this kitchen when I think I could have done it a bit cheaper. I would just like someone to get back to me in regards to this.

Sherene 0417897337
littlemiss15 Send email
Feb 13, 2018

Kaboodle Kitchen

I would just like to say how angry I am with the Kaboodle flat pak kitchen I brought. things started to go wrong when my cabinet makers started to put it all together. The designer who works for Bunnings came to design my kitchen, and kept the design the way it was which was ok. The nightmares started they delivered wrong door panels that did not fit so now I have to wait another 4 weeks for them to be made. The designer said I would be better off having a sauce pan draw for my pots ect...... So there were 3 x 900 draws at the end of my bench!!!!!!! which I did not ask for. I had to take them back and get more serviceable cupboards and draws. Some of the panels were incorrect. And now the microwave cabinet that he said to get is white on the out side and Charcola on the inside, Hense to say it is made to put above a wall oven in the cabinet space designed. Who wants a white chip board cupboard when you have grey cupboards all around the kitchen Now the hole has been put in the plaster and the cabinet is too heavy to have mounted on the wall. I have been back to Bunnings about 5 times with all these issues. There are 3 staff members that have been really nice but there has been one that has been a cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would really like to get my money back as I had to pay I the cabinet makers an extra $900 for basically wasting their time when It was Bennings and Kaboodle that has stuffed me around. I paid nearly $5500 for this flat pak kitchen when I could have had it done a little cheaper.
I would appreciate it if someone could get back to me about this matter.
Builders and Gardhers Send email
Feb 6, 2018

Truly poor poor help

Just visited this store with another exceptionally poor service and help .first stop a elderly man staff member and asked for the knees and thread nylon for sewing shade cloth he kept walk and said shade cloth is in 13 , did not help at all. Then went over to buy a hose looking at gardenia highest end hose and nylex could not see a difference between them except for burst pressure rating both 10 kink resistant could find burst rating on gardenia but not on nylex so asked someone walking by a man was asked to come by another staff member Matt was his name I asked him to find out what the burst pressure was on the Nylex he said he did not know so I asked him to call the company so instead he calls someone on a break he did not know said he shrugged his shoulders and said could answer the question I asked him to call the company again he refused to , so I asked to speak with a supervisor I state a few things to him while he was calling for a supervisor . I stated if I had gone to Mitre10 they would have not gestitatef to have found the info and given me good service instead I have to fight to get information out of this store. Matt said good on them and laughed I replied it is fascinating to see that staff get paid to be unhelpful and rude to customers he laughs again. By this time he is speaking to a Sharlene he stated I wanted to talk with but hestitates to actually come and see me . I can now see that it is far to much stress and trouble to shop in this store . So I purchased a product I could not get in Mitre 10 no Jose and walked out . Matt became abstruse and chirpy by saying have a good day . Soooo bloody cheeky I replied , glad that made you happy . I drove to Mitra10 brought gardenia 30 metre top end hose. I used to love Bunning’s I now try and avoid coming into your stores I now buy all my timber elsewhere and all my bolts etc .from a simpler repetitive experience . How to win people and influence them not happening in Bunning’s . Not only did you miss out on a sale but again reinforced not to shop in Bunning’s really feel I have wasted my time writing this as nothing changes in your stores .
Adrina Pester Send email
Jan 13, 2018

Very poor quality of timber

I am a long term customer of Bunnings but am no reconsidering this. I purchased some timber (from Chile?) for making a table with drawers. I should have realized up front it was going to be a problem For both leg timber, support timber and the timber panels I had to dig through a lot just to get straight pieces. The main panels (600 x 1800) are the worst. I finally found a flat piece but after a couple of days at hope it bowed badly. I should have returned it but another one would be the same. I persisted with the table but had to hold down the top with 50 screws just to keep it flat. That was not the end! When I painted it the grain stood up in places and the finish is not the best as a result. I settled in my mind that a 'grainy' look perhaps is not too bad but the final straw is this morning - a week after finishing the table there is now a crack in the table top. I have put 5 coats of paint on this!!! There is two weeks of work in this table and this is really upsetting. This timber - which came from Chile I think, is just real rubbish timber. I know Bunnings goes for 'best' prices but this is just rubbish - especially when it is advertised as suitable for internal use. If Bunnings can't at least offer some reasonable quality they shouldn't have this in stock. Its not like an item I can take back for a refund now so I have just wasted a whole lot of money and time. This has put me off Bunnings in a big way and I am not happy and really slacked off. It would be nice to think Bunnings can admit to stocking rubbish and do something about it but I won't be holding my breath!

I even had trouble trying to find where to lay a complaint - there is nothing obvious on the website so I am hoping this gets to Bunnings and is not just a gripe board. There is contact to feedback how Bunnings can improve things, well complaints (and taking them seriously) is also a pathway to improvement.
123tile Send email
Dec 18, 2017

Discontined item

Have been working on and off on a bathroom/laundry project, as you do, for the last 3 months. Went to buy one more packet of floor tiles only to find out that the entire range is now deleted, across every store and there are no extra packets. And I have a tile, smack bang in the middle of the room I need to replace. Thank you so much. I now need to spend time and effort I do not have to solve this problem. Why do you stock things and drop them so quickly? The kicker is that the tile displays still showed the same brand and tile I need.

I then go to buy a shower screen. I had done my research and knew the make, model and price of what I wanted. But nothing on display is labelled or priced and it's a mess. So I ask a lady employee if she can point out the one I want because I do not want to lift up and move the wrong one. She's is extremely rude about it, assists, but it's all very unpleasant.

My experience at Bunnings today was woeful. The only problem is that in this country we have limited options. So sadly, we have to queue up and put up with nonsense like this.
Robbitybob Send email
Dec 7, 2017

Bunnings product of poor quality

Purchased a Holman 30 metre Retractable Garden Hose through Bunnings. The Hose only lasted a couple of months before it began malfunctioning. It was still under warranty so took it back to Bunnings and got a replacement without any issues. Set up the rep,a cement only to find that it was faulty also. Holman Garden industries seem to manufacture products of a poor industry standard and after this experience one will never buy another of their products again. Bunnings need to review this manufacturer and their products standards as they do not meet this consumers expectations. I will be returning this product...again and will buy a more reputable brand or ask for a refund.

Bunnings product of poor quality

jack123456 Send email
Dec 4, 2017

faultly products

Bought a victor whipper snipper that after only a few uses started to lose all its screws to vital parts of the machine such as the pull start and the trigger control. Still under warranty though They tried to fix in store by putting screws from their own infantry that clearly didn't fit. (not sure yet whether that has caused any damage) Took my details and told me if really wanted it fixed to take to a lawn motor shop around the corner it would cost 2 dollars. Well didn't take to that particular place to get fixed but another shop near my work which pretty much told me that it would be the minimum service charge to repair including any parts and I would have to leave there. So for near $200 piece of machinery that's still under warranty I would say that's as porr as service you can get. Needless to say I wont buying anything from there again
Thorp_edo Send email
Nov 25, 2017

False Packaging

I painted my room about 6 months ago and I recently got a neon light rope and so my mum and sister went to Bunnings to get some Christmas’s lights and they also ended up buying some small clear hooks to stick on so we measured out everything and went through a long hard process but finally got it and we went to stick up the hooks but there was no sticky things to stick the hooks on with so now I have wasted a good 15 dollars of my own money to buy a neon light and I don’t even get to use it and so my walls remain empty!!!!
kerrie Send email
Nov 24, 2017

Lazy Staff

I went to Tuggerah Bunnings in my lunch break to purchase a drill bit as I was putting screws into a brick wall for Christmas lights. I started in the Tools department and was told to go to isle 10 for assistance as needed to buy plugs first so that would determine the size of the drill bit., I went to the isle waited and then someone came and assisted, he was helpful. I then had to go back to the Tool department and buy the drill bit. The male gave me the drill bit as well as a drill despite the fact I had already told him that only want the drill bit.
I then asked how to use the item's. He rattled off what I had to so fast that I had to asked him to slow and down speak clearly twice..
The point is customer service is very important? If your going to hire young staff then train them because with out your customers maybe there won't be a Bunning's one day? I go to Bunnings quite often and have experienced lazy service or staff just standing around having a chat. The only departments that I can praise are the garden and paint staff - great work always helpful and warm.

Not all of your customers are tradesmen and some will require product knowledge and advice to complete the task at hand. Your younger staff don't seem to have the appropriate training for this and there are never any tradesmen employed by you to ask.

Your customer service is severely lacking!

Bunningssucks Send email
Nov 17, 2017


After a particularly frustrating experience at my local Bunnings store, I went online to tell them about my experience. I don't think it's a coincidence that my submitting the form was unsuccessful, even though I filled out all the fields correctly. Obviously they don't want to receive any 'disatisfied' comments. So I will post my comments here:
After years of dealing with mostly unhelpful staff at Bunnings (usually the old-timers are pretty helpful) I tried yesterday to get 2 staff members to help me with an item that is usually on the shelf. Because the system said there were 3 in stock, there were none on the shelf so apparently I was out of luck.
(When asked for suggestions) You need to do something about the attitude of your staff - aren't they being paid to help customers? I am not leaving my contact details because I'm not interested in hearing from anyone - I would happily pay more if necessary to buy products anywhere else but Bunnings.
KathleenM Send email
Nov 14, 2017

Horrible customer service.

I have been dealing with Emily from Bremdale store. I have found her to be rude, not friendly and a severe case of "no customer caring". I am deplored on how she has spoken to me and although this complaint will fall on deaf ears I know that who eve oversees this complaint (and knows the person in concern) would know that her shocking personality should not let her have any customer dealing. Give her job to someone who is deserving of it and has some customer compassion!!
pmhouse71@gmail.com Send email
Nov 11, 2017

Staff Behaviour

On the 10 Nov 17 I visited the Joondalup store to buy some cable. I was looking for a staff member to help me when i came across a lady that said that she was busy but could help. We had to cut off 30m of TV cable from a roll. I attempted to help here since I actually experience with these things. She was blunt and rude and would not let me help her. She had a particular way of doing the task and stopped to talk me down when i tried to help. It was as though her intention was to prove a point. This made me feel very uncomfortable and was unnecessary. The customer that was in the isle when this happened was also noting the behaviour. I then had to wait for her to find her handheld device so she could action the sale. I hope that this was a one off as it will make customers think twice about returning is they are treated with contempt when are simply displaying good intentions. I will be thinking twice about going back to that store as I may have to deal with her again.
Kind Regards
sibooz Send email
Oct 31, 2017

replacement of product under warranty

Yesterday 30th of October I went to Bunning located at Islington, South Australia to have a rotary tool (Ozito) I bought last year to be replaced or repaired under the term of the 3 years warranty. To my surprise I was told that it cannot be replaced as the disposable bits that comes with the rotary tool were missing. This disposable bits get used and replaced and are not kept. I called Bunnings Mile End and has been assured that the product can repaired or replaced without those disposable bits. An email has been sent to Bunnings Islington by Bunnings Mile End (apparently the Head Office). I hope to receive a reply soon and that my issue can be resolved. But not a good experience at Bunnings Islington.
prodreview123 Send email
Oct 16, 2017

Racism in store

Today we shopped at Bunnings West Gosford. Our experience may actually leave you surprised and disappointed.

While we had great help in choosing the items, what let the entire experience down were the 2x cashier ladies who decided to bring it on themselves to target us as we had a Muslim lady with us.

Not only did the Bunnings Cashier staff point to us, whisper something to each other about us and then proceed to come over and go through our trolley of items, they start scanning the items for us as if we were incapable all whilst we were in a self service section. This is a major intrusion and not what we wanted.

The two women scrutinised every item, opened every box and then started to ask what the door bell was for. After all items had been scanned under the supervision of 2 ladies standing over us, they then question if we had scanned two light bulbs or three.

These acts in the name of Bunnings Policy were taken too far and we were completely degraded and treated as criminals all because we had a Muslim lady with us.

We have been buying from Bunning for over 15 years and were quite regulars to Bunnings, this has not been our experience in the past but it sure changed the moment we had a Muslim women with us.

When we questioned the 2x Cashier ladies what the hell they think they are doing we were fed the Bunnings Policy crap where they inspect peoples items as they are being purchased.

However I did point out that the 3 people before us were not treated the same and the 6 people after us did not have a single item checked including the receipt. They received a simple nod and good afternoon.

It’s simply clear that we were targeted due to having a Muslim women with us. It is not acceptable or professional under any circumstances.

We do understand making basic checks, but this was too far and no one else before or after us were subject to these checks nor were they degraded for no reason.
lycanthrop Send email
Sep 23, 2017

poor customer service

A few weeks ago I needed to purchase 12 x ECO DECK QUICK FIX 137mm Greystone - decks.

My first stop was Bunnings at Cranbourne, being the closest to where I live.
They have not had this product in stock for over a year and told me to go to Narre Warren.

Here they had a pallet on the top shelf so I asked them if they could bring this pallet down.
After waiting for 20 minutes nothing had been done and I had to leave due to other issues.

This Saturday I went early in the morning to Bunnings at Narre Warren, the pallet was still on the top shelf so I asked again if they could bring down this pallet.
While Bunnings employees where about to do this, I noticed that the saw was out of order and was told by Bunnings employees that it had been broken for over a few weeks now.

They directed me to Bunnings at Dandenong. Here I found what I was looking for and when I reached the cutting area, I was told that they could NOT CUT these ECO DECKs.

I drove back to Narre Warren, asking them if I could bring MY OWN electric saw. The guys here told me that they had no power points where I could plug my electric saw and my only option was to use a manual saw to cut these 12 decks.

It has been a waste of time and petrol due to a very poor customer service at 3 bunnings store

very angry

Vincenzo Bonsangue
Joe2017 Send email
Sep 8, 2017


went thru 6 interviews to be accepted with bunnings whakatane,as a yard hand..was told by supervisers/managers that we would get payed for all trainning we done,2 days at the mount maunganui store, 2 days at the whakatane store that was even before we could get on the floor to work,done the walk thru,fire doors,exits,exvcaution points,etc..while on this spotted a bunnings employee giving a customer a rolled up tin foil.,which the customer placed in his pocket shook hands and walked out the main doors,.I declined the job offer returned my uniform,and letter to manager stating I was not the right person for the position,..its been 3 weeks since,.I have recieved only $15.84 classed as Salary from bunnings when its meant be round $300 for the hrs of trainning,.Piss poor running of a bussiness,.I will never shop at a bunnings store,A good friend here in whakatane has pulled his builders account with em value $300,000 yr,I will shout it out to people not to shop there,they think that majority of there customers are theifs,if you feel threatened,or uncomfortable with service make a complaint,.
tammybga Send email
Aug 22, 2017

special orders

Not Happy Bunnings Went into Ellenbrook bunnings to special order this shed below for our pool filter system, I rang store on Sunday to order over the phone but... was told to come in to the local bunnings to place order and to pay for item, so today being Tuesday 22nd August I make the trip to place order and pay but only to be told NO you cannot have this item for $209 as it states on website but I would have to pay $ 399.??? Well to my shock I said what no way I was told to come in and order in person as IF I had known that the item was going to be increased $200 overnight I would have come in on sunday... we are a regular business owner and have the power plus card for business but after todays episode I wont be dealing with bunnings again, the staff member was rude and just did not give a care in the world to my complaint, to the point he made me feel like I was the one in the wrong, all we wanted was the item for $209 as it was advertised for on website on sunday 21st August then to be told to visit store in person to pay and order and then to be told NO it is now $399 and we wont give it to you for $ 209..I would just like to mention that another supplier is selling these sheds exact same as bunnings for $ 199 are you not supposed to be matching less 10% anyway if customer finds the same item??? So you have lost a business customer for the sake of a few dollars...see bunnings website extract below of item, price and note the date 21st August 2017......I have forwarded my complaint to ACCC for their investigation in to bunnings policys etc and will post to social media on my disappointment of Bunnings as a whole. When this could have easily been rectified by telling me the correct information on sunday rather than misleading me to come in person and pay for item then order I could have purchased this item at the price of $209 and then today Im told I Have to pay $399 for the same item??? What BS

Absco Sheds Pool Pump Cover - 1520mm x 1490mm x 1520mm Silver
I/N: 3310425
Price correct as at Sun 20 Aug 2017 1:15:14 PM
Volume – Width x Height x Length/Depth (mm):
Colour:Silver, Woodland Grey
Classic Cream Silver
Pale Eucalypt

Not all products available in all stores
Special Order Icon
Special Order
Contact your nearest store to order
Get It Home
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Product Description
Product Details

The Absco pool pump cover is an Australian made storage unit made from superior quality BlueScope Colorbond steel, designed to cover most domestic pool pump and filter systems.

Absco Sheds are the leaders in outdoor storage and garden products throughout Australia. Using the patented SNAPTiTE assembly system, Absco are the quickest and easiest sheds and storage units to assemble. The system reduces screws by 75 percent and assembles 80 percent faster than competitors.

SNAPTiTE assembly system
30 year written warranty
Australian made and owned
BlueScope steel construction
Pre-drilled holes for fast assembly

special orders

Karen veness Send email
Aug 22, 2017

Poor service

The Bunnings store in Esperance has the worse customer service I have ever seen, just recently I visited our store to purchase salt for my water softener, now they come in 25kg bags, i had a male staff member stand and watch me carry the bags to my car, not once did he come and ask if I would like him to lift them into the boot of my car, this is not the first time this has happened, I have also been standing at the service counter waiting to be served while three women stood behind the counter ignoring me, my elderly father and myself were down an aisle looking for something, two employees were down the same aisle, I went up to them to ask for help and was totally ignored while they talked about their plans for the weekend.
Esperance is a small country town and Bunnings is the only place that we can go to get hardware stuff, the staff and management need to take a good long look at their service
Motor Send email
Aug 19, 2017

Poor service at armadale western australia

Well busy time and one manned checkout open. And the all 4 self service checkouts either closed or waiting for staff to to correct the screen .this was at 1210 on 19th July 2017 ended up just leaving the goods at checkout and walking out. Very poor if Bunnings think it is ok to keep their paying customers waiting. Luck for them they have no rivals.

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