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Consumer complaints and reviews about Care.com

taleea30 Send email
Jul 17, 2017

I am sick! I have 3 clients that are getting my termination email

I am so embarrassed and can not for the life of me why! I am being terminated! I call and they sick with the lingo, they are not allowed to give me the information as to why to was "terminated"
I have clients that I have had for years on here and just ridiculous!
If someone is doing a class action LAW SUIT PUT ME IN!!!!
Clearly its not about the KIDS, and CARETAKING!!!!
Mari_dvieira Send email
May 25, 2017

I'm trying to cancel for 6 months already!!!

I am trying to cancel my membership for about 6 months already! Last time on the 02/23/17 I went to care.com and putted (no) for auto renew it! Everytime I do the same thing and you guys keep charging my credit card for 3 months!! Do you guys want me to sue the company??
Do me the refund otherwise I will call an lawyer to help me with it,
Customers service is a shit, never answers! I'm on hold for 1hr already!!

My account is petchicpage@hotmail.com
chelswest Send email
May 11, 2017

care.com account closed

how long did it take for them to notify everyone?
chelswest Send email
May 11, 2017

care.com account closed

How log did it take for you all to be notified? I have been trying to log into my account but it just tells me that the email is invalid or not found, on both the website and app. I am so upset and confused? I was active on it even less than an hour before I could no longer log in. I tried calling the 1-800 number but they are closed for the day. I am so scared that my account has been terminated like all of yours but for the life of me cannot figure out why! Can someone please help me?
gshepp86 Send email
Apr 22, 2017

Closed my care.com account

Care.com had closed my account as well. They had told me that I didn't meet the eligible requirements. And I think it had to do with my background check I only had a traffic violation on there from 6 years ago. And I have no points on my license to this day. I am a nursing assistant and do Home Health Care and have been one for several years and I have gone through many background checks and BMV checks and this has never been a problem. Does care.com tell the families that you have applied to on there why they have closed your account?
Sotelodomenique Send email
Apr 21, 2017

Not happy

I would like to be apart of this my account has been terminated as well and that is a job I love
To be a Nanny I am so upset
Sotelodomenique Send email
Apr 21, 2017


I have got kicked of it is a good income for me I would like to be a part of the lawsuits against them.
concerned dad Send email
Mar 10, 2017

cancellation of account

care.com emailed me saying per your request we have closed your account. I called and asked who closed my account because I didn't and they have replied saying I am ineligible to use the service. they followed up saying I can no longer be a member, I had another account that was closed for cause and the decision is final and irreversible. I'm kicked out and cannot figure out why. I am a member looking to hire help, not like most of the others that are caregivers complaining about the boot, so its curious. Has anyone figured out what is going on?
kieraruthhh Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Account was closed for no reason

I had my care.com account since 2011 or 2012, and just a month ago they decided to close the account for no reason. When I email them, they don't email back. When I call, the customer service rep says theirs nothing they can do, and when I ask for a supervisor they ALL say they don't have anyone to speak to right there and that I'll get a call back. I NEVER get a call back and have called over 5 times requesting a supervisor, also emailed 4 times asking for a supervisor to call me. How is it that there is no one able to fix these issues? Why are they closing peoples accounts for no reason and not contacting back about it? What kind of company doesn't have an available and ready supervisor to hear out a customers concerns? I don't understand it. I had successfully gotten NUMEROUS nanny jobs and pet sitting jobs off of that site, and now because they want to all of a sudden close my account for no reason, I can't use the site anymore to get a job anymore? Not to mention, NO ONE WILL HELP OR EXPLAIN WHY? I'm so livid. How is this company still open? Why're we unable to do anything about this. I spent YEARS, perfecting my profile for nanny seekers, and never had an issue getting a job. It took me forever to build my account and profile! I had reviews from other people and everything I needed to attract nanny seekers. I'm so frustrated and want to know what I can do about this. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.
Kara Send email
Jan 29, 2017

Terminated for reporting my boss to CPS

I was recently terminated from care.com, and I'm livid. The first family I originally worked for was great. They gave me a raise when I was offered another a job, and never complained about my work. I stayed with them until the children were old enough to be on their own, and still visit with them.
I started with a new family last June, and as time went by I realized how abusive the Mom was. Unfortunately, I had to report her to CPS. I lost my job, obviously, and have been kicked off of care.com. I'm being punished for doing the right thing.
This is so wrong!!!
I would love to be part of the lawsuit.
elizabeth37 Send email
Jan 28, 2017


I just tried to log into my account to find that I could not. I checked my email to find out they terminated my account. I am having the exact same response as everyone else. I am a great nanny, I have found all of my the families that I work for on Care.com. I have always given them great praise on how everyone should use them. Now this is how I am treated? Seems like they would at least explain as to why. I am so upset.
azgunslinger Send email
Dec 27, 2016


I was a care.com member, paid for a subscription so I could submit a paid want ad for services. I posted my ad and I first received notice that my ad was posted and the next notice I received a millisecond later was that my account was revoked. In my ad were the lyrics to the "PERFECT NANNY" from Mary Poppins. In that Disney song are such objectionable lyrics as "must not smell of barley water", "must not have warts" and other childish things. I said in my ad that if you knew where this song comes from, you might be a good fit for our family. I immediately sent them a ticket complaining about this, but after reading this site, I am not too optimistic. I will be reversing the charge for this stupid company if they don't reinstate me. Even if they reinstate me...they're still stupid. I suspect someone who speaks english as a second language and perhaps never heard of Mary Poppins (which should be required viewing for this type of site). I would think this is on them, not me.
DontCare Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Account deleted with no reason!

I'm yet another unsuspecting care.com member who has had their account mysteriously deleted for an unknown (if there even is a) reason.
I, like the rest of you, am pissed to say the least! 😡
I have been a care member since 2008, and wanted to offer services. I created a new caregiver account as the site's help pages instructed, and applied to nearby jobs I was interested in. I was excited to check the site earlier today, hoping I'd have a lead or two. I was instead frustrated by not being able to login. I knew something was wrong when I tried to reset my password and the system didn't recognize my email addy. I "put it on the back burner" to continue my day, and only found out that the account was deleted when I checked my email hours later.
I think it's really sad that a site of their size and popularity feels it's okay to throw their members under the bus to make themselves look better.
I hope in the end this practice turns around and somehow bites them in the ass!
Okay, rant over lol. So, what was the other site people are switching to? Sittercity? I offered housekeeping also, is there another site for that anyone knows of?
TeeMama Send email
Dec 1, 2016

Membership Termination

I just received an email stating that my care.com membership had been terminated. Here's the thing...I never knew I had one. I don't recall ever signing up nor have I ever utilized this service. I had to go online to even see what type of industry they were. Just curious if this has ever happened to anybody else and whether or not I should bother contacting them to see if somebody is using my information. Please advise.
Angie1976 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Banned from site

My complaint mirrors that of most others on here in that I have also been banned from Care.com. After inquiring why, I too received a generic email stating that they do not have to state why the decision was made and that it was final. I am an LVN in CA. I've had ever background check you can imagine. There is no good reason for their action and I'm quite upset about being treated this way.
Novastormufo Send email
Nov 15, 2016

Account cancelled

Add me to the list of people that have had their account cancelled/closed with no reason or explanation. I also had a premium membership paid up through next month. I'm still currently babysitting for two families that found me on Care.com, but it looks like I won't be getting any more from there now. I went through their list of reasons and the only reason I might have been cancelled is if somebody complained about me applying to a job? It's sad that the "best" babysitting site out there has now banned me... I guess I'm off to sittercity now.
NLBNP Send email
Nov 2, 2016

Removal from care.com community

I've only hired one Nanny from this site. I've had my job posted for a while but ended up utilizing a different service that was located in my city because they are consistent and you will always have coverage for your child. It's super expensive so I was still trying to search for a Nanny on Care.com
I opened my email to find a subject line that read "removal from Care.com community." I called and asked why I was removed and was told they did not have to tell me why. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she said she would take my name and number. I searched on Google to find out what criteria I might not meet and it just confused me more. The email was signed the "safety team" and they don't have to tell me why? They don't have to explain to me why they're bashing my name by sending emails to anyone I corresponded with?
oink oink to Care Send email
Sep 17, 2016

Account Closed/Terminated

I don't know where to start. After 4 years of successfully making tons of money on Care.com working for 300 plus families maybe more doing date night with 5 stars and great recommendations for my services my account was closed. I called 877-227-3115, press 1, press 1, press 3 and finally 4 to speak to a human this took about 15-20 of holding for a human. When I finally got a person on the line, they said I’m not eligible to use the website. When I asked why? He said that Care.com is not required to release specific details as to why an account was closed. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who did not call me back but emailed me and said that:

“As per your request I have reviewed your case and unfortunately the decision to close your account is irreversible.”

I now have a Sittercity account and just like I had no issues with my background check or my DMV report. I have informed all my clients that I have moved to Sittercity.

I think someone else mention it on this comment page. Sittercity does not have one million clients that I’m use to on Care but I need to move on and I have plenty of clients that are now my clients that will still use my services. Also, on Facebook there a secret pages for Nannies. You need to know someone. I texted my clients as soon as I realized after not being able to log in to my Care account (only to find out after a phone call to Care that I had been kicked out or removed or terminated) about the decision of Care to terminate me for God knows why reason. I don’t think my clients received an email saying not to touch me. Well I’m not sure if they did, none have said a word about an email stating not to touch me or use my services.

I don’t know why I was terminated or removed? That bothers me. I would like to have an idea of why but I can’t think of anything and I’m a pretty smart individual. My only thought is I’m very popular so maybe someone was jealous of how successful I am. Regardless, of this terrible news and decision from Care you have to move on and if someday there is a class action law suit, contact me as I would love to join in.
RF406 Send email
Aug 3, 2016



I see that there are a lot of people on here that have a similar complaint to what I have. What I would like to find out is if Care.com continued to send emails to any of you after closing your account. I am getting at least one email every week from care.com. They have closed my account and now sends me emails. I can not unsubscribe because their subscription is tied to the account. I would like to file a class action lawsuit against care.com for multiple reasons. Please contact me if you have gotten emails from Care.com after your account was closed and now you can not change the subscription setting on that closed account.

Also, Care.com informs all members that you have contacted about why they closed your account. Generally, this communication goes out as a character defamation technique and putting care.com in a more righteous light. This a bad practice of care.com for wrongly closing members accounts and then sending emails to all the other members that you have contacted. Telling the whole world why Care.com closed your account but not letting you know. How is that protecting your privacy?? Their privacy policy is unjust and unfair.

This character shamming without good investigation, spamming and harassment without cause and discrimination without reason is unlawful. Most of all, Care.com is committing a crime to wrongly defame a good parents reputation in the community. I would like to ask for damages from Care.com for character defamation and harassment after closing my account without providing the cause and more so, I want to put the bricks back in the right places in and remove bad business practices like what Care.com is following.

Please contact me if your account has been closed. I am not a lawyer. I am just another parent who is pissed off that care.com treated me like dirt. I want justice.

Who wants to join me in serving justice to Care.com?

Montesluv Send email
May 12, 2016

Closed Account

I upgraded to premium and paid for background check in the morning. I received an email 7 hours later that my account has been closed. Really?? Did I violate your rules by upgrading my account? I've been a member for 2 years. Scammers
Ld1217 Send email
May 11, 2016

Account terminated

I had my Care.com account for 2 or 3 days and then it was terminated for no reason at all!!!! I dont understand this and now that I can see I am not the only one it is very unsettling.
Alisenx3 Send email
Apr 20, 2016

Account terminated no reason

After having an account for 4 years I upgraded to a premium membership. After taking the money out of the account they terminated my account. I have no clue why. I've made 4 phone calls. They will not let me speak with a supervisor. They will not tell me why. This company is unethical. They will not get my business ever again. My word of mouth is GOLD There will be repercussions for this company.
leah22 Send email
Apr 15, 2016

Care.com is unethical

I was harassed by this crazy woman on care.com. We had been corresponding through care.com, so I cancelled the same day we scheduled interview, about 2 hrs later. The interview was scheduled for 8:30 p.m. at her home - I cancelled about 3 hrs ahead of time, and on top of that, the interview was scheduled very last minute that day around 3:00 p.m. Between scheduling and canceling, there were about 2.5 hrs. She then calls me around 9:00 p.m. that night, yelling and scolding me, that 'I was supposed to show up' ... Excuse me? I have the right to cancel! What's even more crazy is, I was doing her a favor - I told her that I plugged in the address when traffic is in process, and it was not going to work to commute everyday. She said that I confirmed - yes, I did, around 3:00 p.m. - then I canceled, I have this right. I was kind in my email and thanked her for her time. she was just angry because I rejected to interview with her. Now -Care.com does nothing. They terminate my account. I have a clean record, etc. - they allowed a woman to harass me and get away with it. They do this and take your money! STAY AWAY FROM CARE.COM. GO TO SITTERCITY.COM - THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH MORE ETHICAL. NANNIES: STAY AWAY. Also, there are crazy nannies hired from care.com - they ended up abusing the child(ren) and one murdered a child..look it up on google.
L.Jones Send email
Mar 28, 2016

Very poor company

I was a longstanding member of Care.com

I had passed a background Check when I started using their service as a tutor.

I had not used the site for several years and went to update my information and update an expired background check.

I was then informed that my account was terminated.

I sent an email requesting clarification on this matter and was ignored; I then found a call number and the person on the end of the line told me they have the right to terminate ANYONE for ANY REASON and are not required to tell me why. The deciosion is irreversible..

This is absurd. There is nothing on my record that was not there on the first background check I passed. I have nothing criminal in my background. I have only a misdemeanor reckless driving charge and completed all court requirements YEARS AGO!

(I have passed a background check for my school district and to work for the state of Florida)

They are a terrible company and Do not understand how they can stay in business with such blatant disregard for its paying members.

Do not give them your money or time!
njoseph99! Send email
Mar 3, 2016

less than 8 hours - terminated

Yep - my wife asked if this was common when I told her we were "Terminated".
Low and behold, I find this website and more. I paid my monthly subscription, started looking for someone to help clean the house once a week. less than 8 hours later I get an email that my account has been terminated. I've contacted support but from the sounds of it this isn't a mistake, this is a practice of theirs. I doubt I'll get an answer or my money back.

This is a jacked up company! Don't use their services.

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