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Consumer complaints and reviews about Cenlar

scotsando Send email
Jan 14, 2018

Escrow overpay/surplus cancelled

In my annual escrow disclosure statement I received a letter advising me that I paid too much in my escrow and that at the end of the year there was a surplus in excess of $5,000. They sent me a check for $5,000 and within 2 days of receiving the check I deposited in my bank account. One week after depositing my escrow surplus check of $5,000 I discover from my Bank that Cenlar cancelled the $5,000 escrow surplus check. I've been contacting Cenlar daily ever since and still I have no escrow surplus check and no explanation and even if there was a miscalculation on their part, (there isn't), my escrow account has not even been replenished by the dollar amount of the cancelled check. These guys at Cenlar are crooks!
Nick Bucci Send email
Dec 15, 2017

LIARS & Thieves

Same story as everyone the most disrespectful arrogant liars I have ever dealt with! Original mortgage was with Homebridge who evidently sold it to these scumbags! I have been fighting with them for 8 years about charging me late fees! They one change my payment date or put one payment to the end. I am retired and my pension check does not come until the 30th and mind you I have never ever been over the 30 day late period! You try and plead your case and they either belittle you or hang up on you. The only satisfaction I get is when they say the calls are recorded I tell them I am recording them also and boy do they get pissed off! Next step making formal complaint with Banking Commission!
raven6313 Send email
Dec 2, 2017

Insurnace Claim Service

I would not recommend Cenlar as a mortgage company due to there poor manangement skills in dealing with Flood Insurance Checks. Every call I make I'm told something different. It took me two and a half months to get my insurance check, then sent to Cenlar. In the time period I started the repair process, nothing structural only cosmetic items. The only structural item daaged was my kitchen cabinets, which were replaced by Home Depot. My inspection of repairs was completed on November 18, 2017 with all repairs completed, better than orginial. I sent in the wavier forms, intent to repair, and each time I give them what they ask, they ask for more or change something. Seems they are trying to keep my money which I have paid for all repairs, now will have to start paying interest due to Cenlar keeping my money. All repairs have been compeleted and has been verified by an inspector. Cenlar stated they would sent me one last form to sign, which I waited a week, never showed. I called repeately same answer we mailled out. Finally I downloaded the form signed the intent to repair as was requested, with a promose the funds would be released once they had the form, but again they want more items. Would not use Cenlar again, nor recommend anyone use Cenlar as a mortgage company and my next letter is to an arttorney.
raven6313 Send email
Dec 2, 2017

Insurance Claim Sevice

After Irma hurricane my house was flooded about 1/2', damaging mostly the kitchen cabinets, trim, some drywall, etc. I had flood insurance which paid me in the form of a check, issued to me and Cenlar, which took about three months to get. During that time I started the clean up, repairs, etc. due I could not wait three months. Once Cenlar got my money, wanted waivers, W9's etc. but was agreed due to the circumstances, I could be the general contracto, but would have a contractor provide service for the structural items, not the cosmetic items. I agreed. All repairs were completed, kitchen was updated better than orginial, all tile replaced, verses cleaning, all trim replaced and updated, painted two coats, etc. etc. Everytime I call Cenlar Insurance Claim service they tell me something different each time and keep changing what I was told previously. My house received a final inspection on November 18, 2017 all repairs completed, but still cannot get my money. I would not recommend ever using Cenlar as a mortgage company. Pay the higher fees, or whatever it takes to not be assoicated with this company of this disfunctional company. Seems they are intentionally keeping my money for the interest. Cenlar even told me that they were mailing me forms to sign, never received. I called and asked if they can email, no we'll mail was stated. I pulled the form they stated was missing off line signed sent back, now they want more documents. This is a scam and should not be allowed by the State. My next letter is to an Attorney.
Roselynet Send email
Nov 14, 2017


On April 20, 2017, the home I planned to purchase was appraised at $255K, $5K above the sale price. I closed on my home May 15, 2017, with a 5% down payment. My original loan agent was aware that I planned to pay down a substantial amount of the principal when my former house sold. And I did so on November 1. But my loan, by then had been transferred twice, ending up with CENLAR.
Fortunately my overnighted cashiers check was credited to my loan immediately, putting me at 53% LTV. Per advice from a very friendly and helpful CENLAR agent (phone conversation re how best to proceed with paying down the principal and removing PMI), I then emailed PMI. They replied that I would have to send them a $475 check for a FULL appraisal and that the cost might well exceed $475.

I contacted my original loan agent who said this made no sense and immediately contacted CENLAR. He was advised that I needed to apply to recast the loan. I did so, via email since, like PMI, they apparently have no phone number, explaining what I had been advised and why. They sent me a secure email (getting my ID validated to open it was yet another hassle) that said nothing more than that I needed to contact the PMI department about my complaints.

What a ripoff!!!!! Like other writers here, I’d gladly refinance with my bank if I could get the same interest rate. With all the runaround, my loan will be paid in full before I reach my original PMI drop date! Class action suit anyone???? I’ll be on board with that if I don’t get full satisfaction by New Year’s!
GoGetter Send email
Sep 20, 2017

Escrow Refund

I closed on the sale of my home on July 26, 2017. I was owed $ from my escrow account. The funds were not *released* by Cenlar until August 17, 2017. I called several times, and was told to wait "at least 2 more days" before calling again. I finally got "a supervisor" to stop that check and reissue a new one on September 5, 2107 - those funds were to be released no later than September 14, and then overnighted (so presumably, they would arrive in my mailbox no later than 9/19). Then, a check arrived in my mailbox on September 18...because it was just in a regular envelope, I called to see if this was the original one or the overnighted one. You guessed it: it's the original one. Where's the new one? Well, that release date of "no later than September 14" was actually September 18, and the check hasn't even been cut yet. I was told to wait until NEXT WEDNESDAY (which will now be September 27). That's a full TWO MONTHS to get me my escrow funds. What a crock of hooey.
Edoing Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Overpayment on escrow STOP PAY

Cenlar sent a check in 2014 for an overpayment on account. It was IN Our payment coupon, we did NOT find it until cleaning out that drawer. I tried to deposit it, however Cenlar STOPPED payment on it and it cost me $$. I sent them copy of check + bank statement showing it was cancelled and our account was charged! I requested that they send me another check since we it was our $$ on this overpayment! TO DATE, we have received NOTHING!!!
This Company is THE WORST for customer service!
etribbitt Send email
Aug 31, 2017

Mortgage Loan

Making my mortgage payments to Cenlar company where fine until about a year ago. There where cashing the checks but not giving me credit at all.

I have numerous of time spoken to customers service and they keep saying that they don't know where the money went after cashing the checks. I have prove that they cash the checks.

Now they won't take any payment unless I send them all the money they say I own them. I don't mind sending the difference but not all because they cash my checks and didn't give me credit.

I don't know what else to do. Can you please help me with this issue.

Thank you
Antonio Rodriguez
jreeten Send email
Aug 22, 2017

They refuse to work with anyone

I am a retired Firefighter and I fell behind by 2 months on my mortgage due to a Hospitalization and a 6 month tempoary Disability. I notified CENLAR of the problem and explained what had occurred and requested a Loan Modification by having those two months put onto the backside of the mortgage. The key puncher told me she could do nothing and told me to pay the two months in totality. I told her that I was still out on temporary Disability and did not have the money to do this. This person was getting nasty and discourteous with me after I told her I could not pay or get a loan as she insisted I do. I had to request a Supervisor 6 times over a 10 minute period prior to her transferring me to one. The Supervisor told me I would be receiving a packet to fill out and return to them for concideration for the Modification. He also stated I could make partial payments to try to catch up, however, I would be marked late every onrh until I was caught up. I told him we would be caught up by December's Due Date. The Supervisor stated that was fine, as long as I get the paperwork in.

I follwed his instructions, filled out the Paperwork as told, supplying ALL of the Documents requested. July's Payment was sent in with a third extra for one third of the missing May Payment. This was accepted by CENLAR. We did the same for the August Payment. CENLAR again accepted this payment and I contacted them to verify receipt of the paperwork. CENLAR Key Puncher stated the Underwiters had it for concideration. I met someone in front of our house while I was doing the lawn upkeep. She asked what the price was on the house. I said "WHAT?" She said she saw the house listed as a PreForclosure on the Trulia Real Estate site. I said that the house was not on the market! I called CENLAR asking what was up. The Key puncher stated we were in "Active Foreclosure" and she said to get out of it, "Borrow the Money you owe to catch up. I finally got a Supervisor after requesting one for 15 minutes. I was told the Underwriters didn't reveive anything from me. I told him that i was informed the Underwriters had the Paperwork. Again he stated the computer stated the Underwriters do not have it. I asked him for another packet. The Supervisor stated he would take care of this, and he did. I had a new Packet within a few days. This Packet asked for completely different paperwork than the first packet. I filled this packet out and sent it in to CENLAR. I followed up with another call, the key puncher telling me I was in Active Foreclosure. This one was a little nicer, she didn't make me feel incompetant early like the previous one did. She went through that prerecorded statement os get the money to fix it. I asked if the Paperwork was complete and accepted. She stated yes it was per the computer.

Within a day of sending the September and final May payment, I received this letter from CENLAR::::

Dear Borrower(s):
We previously wrote you in response to your incomplete application for any Homeowners Assistance Program(s) and provided you with a list of outstanding items we needed in order to complete your application. Subsequently we sent you a second letter, again requesting the outstanding items needed to complete your application. As of the date of this letter we have not received the outstanding items from you and your deadline to provide them to us has since passed.

In our earlier correspondence we explained that without the missing information we would be unable to complete your application and evaluate you for any Homeowners Assistance Program(s). Since you did not provide the outstanding items as requested, we will not be able to give further consideration to your request and will discontinue processing your incomplete application.

In order to avoid a negative impact to your credit rating resulting from late payments and to avoid foreclosure, it is important that you continue to make your mortgage payment by its scheduled due date.

Please send your payment in the total amount due to:
Loan Workout Department
PO Box 77408
Ewing, NJ 08628-6408

If you have questions about your mortgage payment, including the total amount due, please contact us at the number referenced above. If you have concerns about the evaluation of your mortgage for Homeowners Assistance Program(s), please contact us immediately at 855-836-5002.


Loss Mitigation Department

This letter is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

LM307 001 AG V1

I receive this letter from them after I send in 3 Complete Packets, accepted by CENLAR. My September Payment was accepted and cashed by CENLAR. I also accepted a letter from EVERBank in Florida. It said I could catch up by continuing with the partial payments. I followed their lead and maid October's payment, plus a third of Jume's payment. This payment was refused and sent back to me with a formal notice of being in acyive foreclosure. I received yet another packet from CENLAR. This packet wanted all information about me, not just Financial. I filled the request out, and submitted all documents requested. I was told by a Supervisor the following: Underwriting has accepted your compete packet and are reviewing it. This was the end of October. I was sent yet another type of request from CENLAR and it just keeps going as laid out in previous words.

To me, they are just running up costs to me and asking for more information and putting arbitray expiration dates on documents. Yrs, this started with me being late on two months, I made up one month, even though my credit repot shows I haven;t made any payments ast reported by CENLAR to Trans Union, Experion, and the others. They keep accepting docs, the sneding requests for more, then finally that letter stating the haven't received anything.

They need to be dealt with, because I am quite sure they have done or are doing to others, Fraudulently and Illegally!!! They are doing this by phone, computer, on their site, and by mail. Therefore this is Federal in nature.

John Eeten
Gagesmmy06 Send email
Apr 29, 2017

Worst Loan co EVER

My husband & I purchased our home in 2016. After the co switched hands to Cenlar its been nothing but problems! My husband is got laid off shortly after purchasing our home. We have went through several diff programs to help us with our mortgage because we've fell behind due to his layoff. Cenlar will NOT in anyway what so ever try to work with us to catch up our mortgage! The state approved us for several different relief programs, because my husband is a veteran-yet Cenlar keeps denying the programs. We busted our butt to get this home for us, & our 3 children, yet, Cenlar is doing everything in their power to ensure that we lose our home! They are the crappiest, most unprofeesional, and useless co weve ever had to deal with!
jleveque Send email
Feb 22, 2017

Customer Service

Cenlar is absolutely the worst place for any kind of customer service. First off, I purchased a bank owned property and the County had my taxes based on if the home was in perfect condition. I had no problem having the taxes readjusted, but Cenlar refused to even look at the escrow account as they hadn't had it for 1 year. So there is an extra $400 just sitting in the escrow account that I would much rather apply to principal. They also refuse to accept bi-weekly payments. It you send them in that way, they send them back. Last, I needed a form signed by them (the reason doesn't matter) I asked them to rush it as I was on a time limit. The reply I received after 10 days.... was that the form was not necessary. Like I said their customer service is horrible. If I could match my interest rate, I would refinance immediately.
maryfidu Send email
Jan 29, 2017


nyuhos Send email
Jan 25, 2017

Force Placing Insurance

Cenlar has been a nightmare, I own townhouse. I have renters insurance that covers the interior and my HOA cover the exterior. Cenlar continues to force place my insurance stating that the insurance coverage is either too much because they are looking at the declaration page from my homeowners association that covers the entire neighborhood or they are looking at the renters insurance which only covers the walls in. After MONTHS and HOURS of numerous calls, I am still dealing with it. Each time, I go through the process of them canceling the force placed insurance, I get a statement the next month with a new payment amount which includes a third insurance premium.

After calling again, I was told that they just need to run a new analysis and that I needing to make the higher payment until the escrow analysis was done, then I would get a refund. I asked for something in writing stating the same and they wouldn't provide it.
squiresj1 Send email
Jan 25, 2017

PMI removal request

Been with cenlar for 2 years now. This is one messed up company. Their reps are very rude and not very knowledgeable. My home was appraised 2 years ago when the build was completed. Appraised for more than we bought it for. The LTV is currently at 85%. Ok, I know that my home will appraise for more and this LTV will be about 78%. I called a week ago to see if I can get my PMI removed. I pay 178 per month. I was told that I qualify for a PMI removal because I was never late on payments and after they do an appraisal to see I am at 78%, I would then get my PMI removed. I was told to email the request in. Did that and got an automated response saying it will take 3-5 business days for them to respond. I called them yesterday twice and got the same answer: Your home is at 85% and doesn't qualify for a PMI removal. And I have to keep PMI for 11 years!! Really? I do not understand and do not know what to do. I asked to speak to the PMI department and was told they are email only! What a messed up company! Don't get me started on how they are making me pay back an escrow shortage of 2800.
mhowarth Send email
Sep 30, 2016

Improper Escrow Handling

Cenlar has been the servicer of my mortgage for almost a year. I can't get these folks to timely pay my property insurance from my escrow.

I have had cancellation notices for my homeowner's and wind and hail policies because of their actions. They are "less than honest" and have made every excuse... we don't have the bills, its processed, its not processed...Good job leaving a beach property without insurance during hurricane season. My carriers have faxed all of the requested information.

I have personally faxed all of the requested information. Their first level customer service call center is a joke and even escalation of complaints to a manager or supervisor hasn't been much better. Oh, and you can't talk with the insurance department directly unless you have a claim.

Oh, there will be a claim alright. PAY MY BILLS

P.S. I will be looking to refinance with someone else, but not until I file a complaint with the Department of Insurance. HEY. PAY MY BILLS
cnorman Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Worse company ever

Ever since our loan was sold to CENLAR, we've had nothing but problems. They lose checks, say they don't receive them, and they are very rude. The software that they use for us to make payments is very outdated. I tried to make two payments from two different accounts on the same day and was told that I cannot do this and that I needed to make one payment now and the other payment the next day. When I called the next day, I was told that they don't take partial payments. Why did they put the first payment in suspense if they don't take partial payments? I cannot wait to refinance just to get rid of CENLAR.
unhappycustomer40206 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Will not enter correct routing number

This must be the most archaic system. I spoke with my bank and they confirmed correct routing and account info and Cenlar cannot get the funds because they either transpose or add a number. Then the send a notice via snail mail of the issue. Like stepping back into time. I wish my loan would be sold to a reputable company. You cannot even set up future payments via the system. It is almost as if they want you to waste checks, stamps, time and not get your money. Horrible experience.
Nov 4, 2015

Multiple ACH Debits

All i have to say is that they are the worst, If you have been transferred to them you might as well refinance the loan and move over to someone else. None of the support knows what they are doing.. absolutely illiterate in their ability to handle any situation that actually involves servicing a load.
capebeau Send email
Jul 15, 2015


We got dumped by the holder of our mortgage into CENLAR's house of horrors. Everything was OK until we filed an insurance claim. When we got the check it was made out to us and CENLAR. They are holding most the funds in escrow and won't release them. Their inspector certified months ago that all the required work has been completed but they won't release the funds unless we comply with their convoluted "monitored claim" process which is obviously designed to inflict as much pain and misery to the unsuspecting homeowner that they give up and CENLAR keeps or invests the money. It's been 5 months since our house received substantial damage and they still have our money. We had to use retirement money and credit cards to get the work done.

Sorry to be brief but the details are just too painful to re live. Like a nightmare.
Mort Send email
Nov 23, 2014

Cenlar Mortgage - Problems already

Got a bill for my Property taxes and a bill for Home Owners Insurance - both of which are suppose to come out of my mortgage.
What were they doing with the money I sent them? It's only been a few months and it's already off to a very VERY bad start!
Doesn't anybody oversee this type of thievery? UGH!!
thomasalexfairley@Gmail.com Send email
Jul 16, 2014

Holding overpayment funds

We paid off our mortgage due to a catastrophic fire loss and the insurance company made check payable to mortgage and said they would have to refund us the difference. This company had held almost $100,000 hostage for over 20 days. We are now at risk of having a closing on a new house delayed and our new rate lock expiring all because these people won't do their job and issue our refund check. We have been told that the check is in the mail at least 4 times over a period of 2 weeks and amazingly the check never arrives. If I did my job this way, I would be fired! How are they still able to do this with no repercussions? Who protects the individual in that massive government of ours?
lmcalifornia Send email
May 31, 2014

Incompetence or fraud?

I thought we had it bad since Cenlar took over our loan in February of 2014, but after reading the complaint boards, I realize we have not suffered the worst of it. At least they are accepting our payments.

Here is my experience: The loan is co-owned by my wife and me, but only her name is in Cenlar's records. They have not corrected this, despite three requests over the past four months. Today, the customer service rep asked me to send them a copy of the signature page of our note, showing that I was on the loan. This jibes with every other experience I have had with them: what they should do, they require us to do.

The terms of our HARP loan include an escrow account to pay our insurance and property taxes. When the insurance came up for renewal last month, we got a threatening notice from Cenlar. I had to call them and tell them they were supposed to pay for it out of escrow and give them our agent's contact information. Yesterday, we received a notice stating that they needed proof of insurance coverage for two weeks in May and that their records show we have chosen to pay our insurance ourselves. I wish this were true! I am terrified of what will happen when our property tax comes due this fall - i don't trust Cenlar to make the payments and there are serious consequences for nonpayment of property taxes.

We had no trouble during the first 18 months of this loan, with our prior servicer. Whether Cenlar is just incompetent or is actually trying to push people into foreclosure because they benefit from the fees, I don't know. If at all possible, we will refinance, but I don't know if we will be able to get another loan right now, since I recently changed jobs and earn less than before.

Here's what I am going to do and I urge all others with complaints to do the same:
Report Cenlar to the New Jersey Secretary of State and to the Secretary of State of the state where you live.

New Jersey Department of State
225 W.State Street
P.O. Box 300
Trenton, NJ 08625
Email: Feedback@sos.state.nj.us

Report Cenlar to the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
P.O. Box 4503
Iowa City, Iowa 52244
Fax (855) 237-2392
Consumer help line:
(855) 411-CFPB (2372)
TTY/TDD (855) 729-CFPB (2372)
8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern, Monday–Friday
180+ languages available

File a complaint with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. Despite 147 complaints filed, the company still has a BBB rating of B+. I suspect D or D- would be more accurate.

Individually, Cenlar can mess with us. Together, with assistance from regulators, we may be able to make a change. Good luck to all who have to deal with this atrocious company!
mcdowell59 Send email
Feb 24, 2014

Alleged missing payment

Our mortgage was sold to CENLAR on Feb 3, 2014. On Feb 5 I sent our Feb payment by overnight Fed-Ex and received confirmation from Fed-Ex that the package had been received and signed for at CENLAR on Feb 6. CENLAR denies it was received! I have followed up with them 6 times and never received a response as to where my check is (it cost me $15 to send that payment by Fed-Ex) and all they can say to me is cancel the check and pay online. Guess what, their online system won't let me make a payment! I have never had a late mortgage payment and it seems that CENLAR are about as inept as it gets and are deliberately making it difficult for me to make a payment. They also had our mortgage insurance information incorrect in their system, alleging that it was due to expire in 2/14 when in fact we had made that payment and it is due again in 2/15. They also have not correctly recorded our PMI payments, alleging that the last payment was made in Dec 2013 when in fact our prior mortgage loan servicing company made a payment on 1/31/2014 (We have an escrow account). I am at my wits end trying to sort out this fiasco - and still 3 weeks after sending a payment, it has not been credited to my account. If I stop that check it will have cost me $30 to try and make a payment - it's like CENRALR is doing everything it can to not let me make a payment and then screw with me and my good credit. All that's left now is to call them and make payment by phone which I know I will have to do but it stinks to high heaven that no one is taking accountability for this unsatisfactory level of service. Most of my online and email questions to them have gone unanswered and those which were answered simply gave a canned response of "pay online or by phone"!
Crusader Send email
Mar 28, 2013

Cenlar - Fraudulent Business Practices

I used to work for these people - I can't say when or where but I can tell you that they are most certainly screwing you intentionally. I strongly advise you check your credit report immediately and get away from them as quickly as possible by refinancing or selling, even if it costs you money up front. They play the game very well, and their skills are honed - they are banking on the fact that you are an ignorant consumer, who cannot afford to have your mortgage audited or hire an attorney.

They make their money off of foreclosures, not modifications or forebearance. Helping the homeowner is of no interest to them - morally or financially. They care nothing about you, the homeowner; the only ones who matter to them are their clients, the banks that lent you the money in the first place who have now cast you away.

I've seen it all:

*Purposely delayed payment posting, creating false late payments and fees
*Erroneous charges
*Escrow enforcement and deficiencies caused in order to make your payment unaffordable
*Force placed insurance when there are 10 faxes in the system proving that you do in fact have insurance
*Foreclosures being pursued when a modification is pending
*Documents they claim are lost or never received which gives them justification to deny your modification
*The list goes on...,.forever!

I am desperately trying to find someone of authority to help me get an investigation underway into shutting these people down and helping the victims of their schemes. Anyone who can assist me with this quest should contact me ASAP.
Nice_guy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Bad business practice

is anyone else having any issues with Cenlar supposedly not receiving your payments

i had my mortgage with a different company for about 17 years. never missed a payment. i mail all my bills with time to spare. cenlar bought my mortgage 2+ yrs ago and in 2 of the last 8 months cenlar has not received my payment. This month i paid 14 bills mailed them in the same week and only cenlar did not receive theirs. i make about 30 payments/month and coincidentally in the last 8 months, 2 checks mailed to them did not arrive there. what are the odds of that happening?

For employees over there: have others had the same complaints; what controls do you have to ensure nothing is lost or caught up in something else?

So i'm wondering if anyone else is having similar issues with Cenlar supposedly not receiving your payments?

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