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durgesh Send email
Apr 24, 2017

bus came after 3 hrs

hello board,
i am durgesh, a passenger from railway station, i started waiting for 9C no bus at 4:15 pm and wait till 5:45 pm.
i have not found any bus. on the other hand 9C counter part 9A (reverse route) came 4 times between the waiting period.
i have call at 9417196862 in CTU workshop, they have told me another no 0172-2655028. on this no they have said it comes under the traffic inspector so i have asked for traffic inspector office no. they have given me another no 0172-2679255. when i have called
10 times on this response were received.

at last 6 pm i have reserved auto and come by auto.

I think the board should look at the job of traffic inspector and also upgrade the traffic system so that public can assess the bus timing and number like indian railway.
NS Baghel Send email
Apr 4, 2017

Violent and Arrogant behavior

Dear CTU Team,

This is strick complaint against Bus no 7744 .Incident happened between Mani Mazra and Mansa Devi Complex.

I took pass from Tau Devilal Stedium and change the bus From housing board and again change the bus from Mani Mazra for Command hospital.Date was mentioned of 4-4-16 right one year before and i didn't check the date and the pass into my pocket.

I show the pass to conductor and tell him that this is today's pass and show the pass to Sawaris they all were considering that this is today's pass not before one year but he become arrogant by the behavior while the arguments and snach the pass. he use me abusing language Bus driver and Conductor were voilent and didn't return the pass. i wanted the bus pass so that i could complaint against Bus conductor and driver.

my contact no is 8146503338 i want justice
Veena chander Send email
Apr 4, 2017

Rash driving

I would like to draw attention the rash driving i alongwith my mother were crossing the road in front of bus terminal sec43 a speeding bus oig A 5098 on 2nd april 2017at 11:35 hit my mother very badly even road was completely empty my mother got many injuries and stiches.we were going to delhi forgetting everything we rushed to hospital driver has no sense of driving dont know how he got the lisence of driving .It is request to you that a strict action should be taken against him otherwise he might be kill other people.i hope you must take it seriously. Regard veena chander new delhi
Reenu lather Send email
Feb 9, 2017

Rude behave of passenger

M reenu c 767. Aaj 7025/216 pr duty kr rhi thi .ek lady passenger singpura stop se chdi mne ticket k liye bola to boli ek dera bassi Dena.mne ticket katkr de di but unhone pse ni diye.jb mne pso k liye bola to kahti dera bassi Lena. Mne bola kyo waha kyo kahti ticket b wahi de deti mujhe. Kahti bus me jgh to h Ni pse pse kr rhi Teri aukat kya h dhkka maar kr gate se neeche kr dungi
Coders Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Bus never on time

Route no 4A never be on time in morning.bus timing at Mohali phase 6 is 8:20 but bus always come after 8:35 am.
Rajeshwar Sharma Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Special UT Secretariate employees bus driver not following the bus rout

Driver of special employees bus number CH01A-5337 starting from UT secretariat is refusing to follow the allotted rout. The rout is from UT secretariat to phase-11 via Phase- 3 & 7 crossing/lights. He is refusing to cover Phase-3& 7 lights and insisting to go straight to Phase-11 directly from YPS crossing, skipping Phase-3& 7 lights.

He follows the Phase 3 & 7 lights rout as & when one lady from home department is there in the bus. This has posed a great difficulty for me to reach my home in Phase-4 Mohali.

More over there is no bus from secretariat to Phase-4 Mohali after 17.0 hrs. There is only one bus number-242 from PGI to Sohana covering Phase-4 which leaves Matka chowk by 16.30hrs which is of no use to us since our duty off time is 17.0 hrs.

Action should be taken against the driver of bus number CH01A -5337 for driving the bus as per his whims & fancies, not covering the phase-3 & 7 lights or we should be provided with another option of covering the rout via Phase-4 Mohali.

Shashi Sharma
Jr.Astt- Electrical Divison-1
Stack Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Rude behaviour of conductor

The behavior of the conductor of bus number 205 is very rude. I took the bus from sec - 43 bus stand and the conductor was very rude with every one. This is not the way to behave with anyone....... The of the conductor was Honey....
ripudaman Send email
Nov 2, 2016

ctu bus passes not being issued

I got a receipt no 163013254 issued for issuing a bus pass for my wife dtd on 18/1/2016 by paying Rs 500/- at Mauli Jagran
Sampark Centre .but till today i.e 02/11/2016 no pass has been issued by you .No conductor is accepting the receipt issused against the payment. why the Public should suffer on your lapses. If you are not in a position to issue the passes due to some technical snags .what is the hitch to accept the receipt .Due date of delivery of the pass in this case was 2/10/ either extend the validity date of the pass or refund the money.otherwise i have to go to Consumer Court to get redressal.
Himanipuri Send email
Oct 4, 2016

Bus timing Issue - 9C-9A Route sector 67 to Manimjra - Evening Slot

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring your kind notice that I and my colleagues/friends, stays in Manimazra, other stays in panchkula and kalka. We all do job in Mohali sector 67.We always take 9A in the morning and 9C in the evening. We all have same office timings I.e 9 am  to 6 pm. Earlier we reached office in 9A around 8.45 am and in return 9C we got bus around 6 to 6.15 pm (max). We all were comfortable in that timings as we are girls few of them are married so its not possible for us to reach late at home, and now yours timings of buses hasbeen changed. We didn't get bus on time sometime when  bus did not arrived then we were in great trouble.  we get our bus around 6.33pm day before yesterday. Yesterday bus was not arrived and infact today we are tensed about bus and its already dark outside so we took cab. 

We request you to please change the timings as we and other people who arrived on the same bus will not suffer.

We all know busses are for public convenience but we all are suffering due to change in timings.we didn't get bus easily. We all request you to please change the timings of busses especially 9A and 9C for those persons who are working in Mohali where no other transport worked except these two busses.

Hope you will do something good while considering the safety of girls from Mohali location.

This request is on behalf of others peoples too who discussed with us and travel with us.

Suruchi Send email
Sep 29, 2016

poor behaviour

Pls let me know if complaints submitted here are listened to or not? only then there is some point in raising
aman singh Send email
Aug 31, 2016

driver not stoping bus

the driver isn't stop the bus the bus was 5a number 5002
in morning 8:20 am date -31/08/2016
we are hare around 8-9 people suffering in the shining sun and getting late for office

So i kindly request you to take strict action against that driver

I shall be very thankfull to you sir
NIDHIt Send email
Aug 29, 2016

balance not return

respected sir,

It is to bring to your kind notice that i am daily going in 39A bus ind. area phase 9 mohali to bus stand 43. ticket is rs. 15/- but if i give 20 then conductor never return 5 rs. balance if i ask about balance then he say "khulle nhi hain" every person how gave 20/- face this problem . Submitted for your kind information and necessary action please.

Coders Send email
Aug 19, 2016

Bus timings

Route no madh marg never on's happening from last 5 or 6 day..
palak sharma Send email
Aug 7, 2016

harsh behaviour of driver

I was in a bus no. CH01GA5063 as i visited chandigarh for the first time and was not aware of the busses routes and timing i sat in a bus whose route was of isbt43 and the same was displayed on the board of the bus .........but the driver behaved very rude and started argumenting with us sayng that ths will nt go to 43..... This was really unexpected from a city like this.... Where it is said that rules are always followed.!
BRPAUL54 Send email
Aug 3, 2016


I applied for monthly Bus Pass (all buses) for the month of August 2016 under Senior Citizen Category on 28/07/2016 at E-sampark Centre ,Sector 47 by paying Rs.390/- thereat. I went to collect the pass on 30/07/2016 but was advised to come on Monday the 1st August,2016 as they had received bus passes applied for on or before 26th July 2016. Accordingly I re-visited the E-sampark Centre, Sector 47 to collect the Pass. On receiving the pass No.92588062 (Centre Code 108 ) I observed that it is valid from 31st July 2016 to 30 the August,2016 whereas August consists of 31 days. Who will compensate for one day I may please be advised.


Baldev Raj Paul
32 chd young dwellers comples
sector 49 A
Email : [email protected]
Mobile :9779587055
Jun 15, 2016




Coders Send email
Jun 9, 2016

Dictator driver and conductors

Bus no 35 driver and conductor act like dictator...they stop buses on stoppage.
Rahul Sinhmar Send email
Jun 4, 2016


Dear Transport in-charge,

I would like to draw the kind attention of concerned authorities towards reckless driving of CTU Bus Driver details Given

Name - sanjeev kumar
Bus no - CH01 GA 7080
Accident occur at MANIMAJRA Near Police Station
Timings - 7:30am
Date - 04-june-16

after the incident, on complaining the Driver instead of accepting the mistake he behaved very rudely with me & my wife,
Vikash23 Send email
May 18, 2016

Not change the display bord

Dear sir
I would like to draw a complaint against root no 24C. They are not change the display board while go to 17 sec to 43 sec it was displayd only sect 43-sec 17 so please ask to driver to change the display board every stand so that we can understand that where the bus going to
Mob no 9780891310
yogesh Thakur Send email
Apr 30, 2016

Complaint against CTU Bus no. CH01G-A 5012,Bus route no. 5A

Respected Sir,

I would like to draw your attention Complaint against CTU bus no CH 01G - 5012 ( 5 A ) timing 8:55 . The bus is not running in mentioned time always they delayed the bus timing due to this the passengers face many problems. We ask many times to same the bus driver and conductor but the behavior of the concerned persons is very rude.

Hope you would understand of our problems & do the action against this complaint.
we awaited of yours positive response and give us feed back at my e-mail

[email protected]
Phone No. 8591274497

Thanks $ Regards

Yogesh Thakur
bakhshish Send email
Apr 29, 2016

No bus service

CTU authority

I Bakhshish Singh writing to you on the behalf of daily Bus passenger of yours CTU Bus which is scheduled at 7:10 AM from Nurpur Bedi to Chandigarh but I am unhappy to say that this bus service is no longer available from past one week. I would like to tell you that this bus has 52 seats and daily at least 50 passengers are travelling by this bus service. As per this we are facing alot of problems and I am sure CTU also getting loss by this.

I am trying to contact with Duty Inspector, Depot No. I (Long route operation) Mr. Jasvir Singh by telephonic(9872094381) and he told me CTU has lack of BUSES and after that i was contact with Duty Inspector, Depot No. III (Long route and sub urban operation) Mr. Lakhvir Singh by telephonic(9815658395) he reply me CTU staff of the same route is on leaves but I found nothing with that so please its our humble request to CTU please provide us the bus same service asap.

We will request to look into this at top priority.

Bakhshish Singh
MB. No. 9855294421
Route. Nurpur Bedi to Chandigarh
navneet Send email
Apr 23, 2016

corrupt conductors also drink alcohol during his duty

Dear sir i want to draw your attention toward corrupt conductor he is fully drunkened during his duty and also behave wrong manner he uses abusive language.and gave wrong tickets even he ask for more money and did not gave money back. so its my humble request before you take strict action against such type of people because he put the money of CTU in his pocket.and regular checking is also very important to handle such type of problems.the bus route sec17 to khizrabaad. number40 .timings today 6 p.m from sec 17

i hope sir you will taken action on this issue

Thanking you

your Faithfully
Nidhi Send email
Feb 12, 2016


The bus is scheduled to move after every 20 minutes from its stops i.e. sector - 20 panchkula and PGI. I am a regular traveler and face a lot of problem waiting for the bus, sometimes for an hour or so. This is the only CTU bus to sector - 20 panchkula and that also hardly moves on time. Even in the late evening the bus does not move on time. Who is responsible for this irregularity? Who will be held responsible for the safety of females satnding at the bus stops in late evenings, just because the bus which is so called scheduled to start after every 20 minutes take an hour or so to start. Today i.e. 12th Februray, 2016, the bus conductor and driver of the bus which starts at 8:05 pm from PGI refused to take the bus to sector - 20 panchkula giving the excuse of their shifts. Now are we passangers reaponsible for their job hours? Atleast there should be some concern for the female passangers, how are we supposed to reach our homes at 9:00 pm?
Singhvipul892 Send email
Nov 23, 2015

Had to leave bus before I reached destinatiom

I was travelling in ctu bus number was ch01 GI 7546. I was sitting near driver. He told me not to sleep. Second time he again told me not to sleep I told him I was not sleeping. He said don't argue otherwise I can make things worst for you. Then I decided to leave bus. I had to catch other bus. The main thing was that there was one more guy who was taking nap. He did not say anything to him coz he was known to him that's why he was sitting on conductors seat. This was shameless for Chandigarh transport undertakings.
My number 8727969026
Vipul singj
Rajveer Singh Send email
Oct 11, 2015

Very rude behaviour of conductor of ctu


C.T.U authority,
Subject: Very rude behaviour by conductor .

I extremely sorry to inform you that one of yours
Ctu bus conducter , it 's bus no. Is ch01G-1-7521
And route's dharmsala (Hp) to Chandigarh 43. Sec. I got that bus 10 oct. 2015 and time nearly 01:15pm and asked to conductor for ticket for Mohali six phase , but he issued for 43 sec. When I replied I need for six phase Mohali he started to use dirty language and abused me in front of all so I requested to you take any serious action against him even he don't do that again.
Thanks regard
My contact no. Your faithfully
Rajveer Singh
Mob. 9872097439

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