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Gman91 Send email
Jan 4, 2020

Channel 7 and there sporting broadcast

So you say that your the most passionate sporting broadcaster of all games live and ad free channel 7 that also what you said about cricket When you brought the rights from channel 9 but truly you couldn’t give a shit about the cricket! You better do what is right and give the rights back to channel 9 or else you will get the worse whiplash ever that will kill channel 7 for good like these fires are in Australia!! The biggest game of the big bash and you aren’t broadcasting live as you have proudly advertising about your love of sport!! I’m Australian and I’m appalled by your actions. Get rid of a lot of your sport broadcasting especially your cricket broadcasting or you will be the death of sport like cricket in Australia!!!!
Darryl B Send email
Dec 27, 2019

Inappropriate and offensive actions

This advertisement was screened twice during the Judge John Deed episode on Channel 7 2 on Thursday 26/12/2019.
The advertisement implied sexual activity and included scantily clad women in a demeaning way.
This is most offensive and an insult to decency in human relationships which are private and personal between consenting adults and not to be used in the public arena in an advertising context.
As shareholders in 7 Group Holdings we are offended and disappointed with your ethic standards regarding what you permit as advertising on free to air television.
Yours sincerely,
Darryl and Robin Beitsch
Dasher Send email
Dec 27, 2019

Test commentary team

Smith was dismissed on a no ball, the bowlers foot slipped over the line prior to him letting the ball go.
Dasher Send email
Dec 27, 2019

Smiths dismissal

It was a no ball, the foot had slid over the line by the time the ball left his hand. Ken
janette1906 Send email
Dec 20, 2019

BBL scores

It would be greatly appreciated if you could change the print from white in the information box to black. It is extremely hard to work out who is playing and the score. At the moment we are watching The Heat (blue) playing the Melbourne Stars (green).
lindsay hosmer Send email
Dec 14, 2019


It looks like you are as bad as 9. When you started the cricket you told us every match, every over, every wicket etc etc. What a load of hog wash.What happened to all the womens games. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Never compare STEVE SMITH to Sir Donald as he is a cheat and a liar. If he gets the captaincy back i won't be watching cricket any more.Your commentry team should know the difference between morning and afternoon. In the pink ball tests they refer to the first session of play as the morning session,pretty dumb if you ask me
loulou4 Send email
Dec 7, 2019

Language on My Kitchen Rules Adverts

I strongly object to the word 'mole' being used to describe a contestant in the current adverts for My Kitchen Rules. I think it is disgusting that anyone would produce an advertisement and use a footage and sound of a male contestant saying 'mole'. No doubt this comment was directed to a female contestant.
A small reminder that the male contestant is calling a female contest a whore, prostitute, woman of ill repute.
If that is the standard of what this season will be about, then I will not be watching such gutter language.
What are we going to see next, a male contestant and/or a female contestant calling any of the other contestants wankers, cocksuckers, tossers and these are directed at the male contestants, after all fair is fair.
Di Send email
Nov 28, 2019


The AFL season finished with a Grand Final in September. Why are we still being bombarded every night in news with who is being drafted to which club next year, being shown players "in action" of games long gone or, just as bad, showing players at training sessions running around the oval, doing push ups & passing or kicking a ball to each other. There are many other sports in action in Australia & around the world - just to name a few - THE WORLD GAME (or Soccer as so called Aussie sports commentators like to call if) tennis & of course cricket. Speaking of which Channel 7 "coverage " is diabolical to say the least ! You managed to somehow grab the rights from Channels 9 & 10 but have failed miserably to show many games. Even coverage of the Womens BBL has been disappointing. Come on 7 lift your game !
SuzyDj Send email
Nov 12, 2019

Translink QLD

What a money grabbing organisation this is. You can transfer money from one go card to another but if you don't travel within a month or so you lose your credit. Noone tells you this as you should read the entire pamphlet when you buy your go-card as it is supposedly stipulated there. So I owed .68c on the card. Got $9.72 transferred to it from another card I had. Didn't travel on the card so I am back to owing them .68c. What a great money making scheme! Shouldn't the money expire when your card expires! Oh but hang on...there is no expiry date on the card so who knows when that is!!!!!!

Who does their maths for them. It is still my hard earned money.

Imagine how much money they have collected from all the go cards
[email protected] Send email
Nov 11, 2019

steve smith

the people fighting the bushfires are heroes, the police, fire and ambulance services are heroes, the men and women serving in our armed forces defending us here and overseas are heroes. Steve Smith is NOT a hero, he is a cheat and a liar who should have been banned for life from cricket. Take this ridiculous ad down stating that he is a hero, it is an insult to the real heroes in our community
[email protected] Send email
Nov 11, 2019

steve smith

The people battling the bushfires are heroes. The police, fire dept and ambulance who serve us every day are heroes. The men and women in the armed forces defending us here and overseas, are heroes. Steve Smith is a cheat and a liar who should have been banned from cricket. He is NOT a hero. Please remove the ad stating this as it is an insult to the real heroes of Australia
marionl Send email
Oct 30, 2019

Media attention for criminals

I am writing in disgust the media coverage that has been given to serial killer Ivan Malat in the last few days.
I think the Australian public would like to forget this scumbag for good without having to watch coverage about him on TV.

Also Shappelle Corby on this afternoon a drug trafficker please!
Havent you got anything else to report except these pair of criminals get over it.
Report good news for change.
Givenup Send email
Oct 27, 2019

Over advertising programmes

Thank you channel 7, another tv series ruined, this constant over advertising of the next episode to be shown or “what’s coming next” during the show makes it impossible to enjoy any tv series any more, showing the crucial parts of the programme totally ruins it, with no point in watching, happens so many times, this time it literally ruined “A Confession” all mystery gone, I won’t be watching a series on channel 7 again, it’s just not worth it :( thanx
Swimschool Send email
Sep 29, 2019

Women’s T20 cricket

Women’s T20 game on all 7 channels and then when the visitors from Sri Lanka had batted for 10 overs channel 7 switchers to Home in WA .

Great programming

Wouldn’t happen to men’s cricket
mcmahon Send email
Jul 2, 2019

Wimbledon coverage

Why why why would you make us endure Nick kyrios game when the amazing world number 1 is playing!!!!!!! How ridiculous to think that anyone would rather watch the worst behaved Australian athlete over the brilliant Ash Barty. All that is needed from that game is to have his score in a corner while we watch a fantastic Australian number 1. She is amazing for our 12 and 14 year old to watch not the toddle tantruming kyrios!!!!!! Stop playing him over Ash Barty
Feno Send email
Jun 21, 2019

AFL Coverage on 7Mate

I am disgusted with 3 out of the 4 commentators who covered Eagles and Essendon last night. Xavier was the only one doing a reasonable job. Basil, Brian and Wayne please stop the the endless chatter about statistics, events from100 years ago, JKs illness and that bloody taxi..stop and call the bloody game... The garbage chatter is common every week but last night was a disgrace...almost taking the level of waffle down to Dermot's standard of chatter being ground zero. The camera work was woeful, quality of the broadcast below standard and overall a terrible coverage. Just for the record I am not a fan of the Eagles or Essendon...just Luke's good game if football and to hear it called properly. Please lift your game commentators and Channel 7.
Tricia Send email
Apr 30, 2019

Max Fucher

Can you please replace Max Fucher as the main newsreader on the 6pm broadcast news in Brisbane. He seems like a very nice man and I believe he is a good journalist, but his delivery is terrible and it makes listening to the news irritating.
Max has a strange, halting delivery which lacks fluency. His phrasing and intonations are wrong and the impact of the words is often lost. It is a relief to have Kaye McGrath read the news on the weekend. Her smooth delivery shows her experience and capability as a newsreader. I can no longer tolerate Max and have turned to channel 9, where Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes, present a much more enjoyable viewing experience. However. My preference is actually for channel 7, just can't put up with Max Fucher any longer.
pegasus Send email
Apr 30, 2019

1st leaders debate

You bloody left wingers should be ashamed of yourselves.We thought only the ABC was in bed with chairman mao and josef stalin!
But to stack the audience with commos was doing just what aunty does all the time! Anyone watching at home with half a brain[so that rules out the 51% that seem to want free money that the lib/nat voters will have to provide] know that scott Morrison won it by a country mile!
The leftie stooges were clapping before the goofy grinning red bill even spoke!
Why do you want a left wing govt when now,more than any other time in history ,thanks to the internet are more global than ever! And every wage rise will send more companies overseas and have more unemployment with fewer & fewer people working to get tax off!I lived in sweden in the late 80's and at that time a third of the population was working,keeping 2/3rds on some sort of pension! BLOODY DIISGRACEFUL!
Booma Send email
Mar 28, 2019

tv coverage

Channel pathetic are still at it, no more Afl games than last year,Cricket since taking over the coverage is near non existent, golf is gone, absolute ALP (billy short on brains ) bias on news, gutless wonders bullying Pauline Hanson. Does channel pathetic have any new ideas on the horizon to better the free to air coverage of any of the sports they have stolen from the public or is the money that is so important that they just do not give a shit unless there is a dollar in it? The coverage ( if any ) the commentary, the time slots it is all crap. Ten and seven had done a fantastic job in comparison. The Australian public deserve a much better deal than you money hungry thieves are offering. The only thing LIVE AND FREE every ball, every game, (bullshit.) on this big headed network are the adds that you constantly air for your own shows coming up. You really are pathetic 7.
Ivor Thompson Send email
Mar 20, 2019

David Koch's Interview with Sen. Pauline Hanson

I think it is high time that David Koch be brought into the HR Department and had a reality check about his behaviour on the Sunrise Show.

The nicest thing I can say about David Koch is that he is a grub. Koch and his mate Derryn Hinch attacked Pauline Hanson like a pair of Rottweiler dogs who hadn’t been fed for 7 days.

The pair them were disgusting as they went on their attack against Pauline Hanson. Koch must have felt very empowered that he had a fellow assailant with similar views to him so the pair of them could tag team to stop her saying anything to defend herself from his highly offensive diatribe.
Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning are expressing the views of most clear minded Aussies. Why should they be attacked for their views.

Koch came across as a big time BULLY and left me wondering if this is his true self.

He didn’t come across as a TV presenter or a journalist. He came across as a self-serving misogynist. He either needs counselling or shown the door.

Shame on David Koch. Shame.


Ivor Thompson
darryll Send email
Mar 20, 2019

Bullie-lake of respect

I watched,and was disgusted with the interview, I don't agree with every thing Pauline Hanson, has to say. but to be bullied, not debated to,in a respectful way, to me Koch and Hinch , were no better, in their reaction, than the argument or point they were trying to get across, to make people hate her, she is the only one who does stand up and talk about problems in our country,that should be debated, they talked about the head dress stunt in parliament, wasn't there a police officer, charged with assault, nearly lost his job, for asking a women to remove it, only lucky he had his camera going, talking about the wast of money with ADSIC, when certain tribes gave themselves more and others got nothing, look at Richo going to a camp out west,under labor,to find a disgrace, and a aboriginal asking when they would see some relief, crying his eyes out and promising change, he resigned 2 weeks later, she is the only one to fight for the last 20 odd years, for changes in Family Law, which kill and maim, thousands of children and family's every year, funding the law society members to the tune of$40 billion per year? X-PM Howard, denigrating her stands on things, only to quietly pass a lot through, when they got rid of her through her own naivety, how many politician stay true to their conviction and how many lie though their teeth and as for this mornings episode, she at least had more balls than them, to sit there and take their a salt, and still wright or wrong, stick to her word, racism is well used by ignorant people, who have no better argument to make a counter discussion, she at least gets an issue talked about, not like some of the other gutless wonders, who only want to do nothing, drought, water, pollution, farmers, aboriginals, people on the streets, some 6500 over 65, woman and children etc, and who, of these polite unassuming lot,have any forward plan to build this country and take real care of its people.
PS. If as on the news, you said she agreed with that other asshole, were did she say it, Kochie and Hinch implied it, when she said she wouldn't vote, it would go no were, even the other party's agreed, let the people vote, what a load of mongrel's you have made yourselves. APOLOGISE TO HER, IF YOUVE GOT SOME DECENCY IN YOU.
Mikez Send email
Mar 18, 2019

David Koch dismissal

I strongly condemn the program featuring David Koch,Senator Pauline Hansen and Senator Derryn Hinch on the channel 7 Sunrise program today Monday 18th March 2019. It was an absolute disgrace Senator Hansen was bullied by these two men and I believe that David Koch should be sacked from the Sunrise Program. I have had enough of the constant bullying by the media of interviewees by interviewers. David Koch needs to be dismissed !! - Bully !!!
Michael (Perth)
Caz1 Send email
Mar 18, 2019

David Koch Sunrise Program Channel 7

I strongly condemn the program featuring David Koch,Senator Pauline Hansen and Senator Derryn Hinch on the channel 7 Sunrise program today Monday 18th March 2019. It was an absolute disgrace Senator Hansen was bullied by these two men and I believe that David Koch should be sacked from the Sunrise Program. I have had enough of the constant bullying by the media of interviewees by interviewers.
Thank you Carole Wilson
Reprobait Send email
Feb 22, 2019

MKR Advetising

Why is it that channel 7 once again bombards ever channel under their control with offensive advertising in relation to this show. Again this year I am frustrated that the disgusting advertising lead by Manu's behaviour is broadcast at times when children are viewing the vial behaviour?

Yet again its time to boycott channel 7'

yarravalley Send email
Feb 7, 2019

Fuel prices

When showing Petrol prices on Channel 7 news could you please also mention Diesel prices. So many people have diesel vehicles it now it would be helpful if you could as diesel varies so much.

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