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Drive Time Credit Corporation

United States,

Consumer complaints and reviews about Drive Time Credit Corporation

NicolePugh84 Send email
Aug 28, 2018

Drivetime sold me a lemon

I got a car from drivetime in 2016 and 3 days after getting it everything went wrong......
Add me to the list too
Rolisha Walker Send email
Aug 7, 2018

Not a happy customer add to lawsuit

I having a complaint with DriveTime an silver rock I purchased my car in September of 2017 by October 17th of 2017 my car radiator went all the way out so I have to get a new radiator for the park within two weeks of getting ready to replace the heater core went out since then and still no heat in my vehicle and it's 2018 my car was in and out of the dealerships in the shops and was never completely fixed ever and I just can't afford to keep my vehicle in the shops and in for rentals I don't have money for rentals and insurance for the rental coverage
LisaLisaP Send email
Jul 23, 2018

Drive Time

Please add me to the lawsuit!
I purchase a Nissan Sentra 2014 this pass December 2017. May 2018 the car needs a new transmission. My whole life has come to a halt- I drive for a living and DriveTime will not address my concerns. I dont have 4,000 for a transmission- and of course they are still wanting a payment from me.
Im sending thid car back and sueing them for deception. Im completely exhausted in talking with this company!
Bmiller504 Send email
Jun 2, 2018

Drive Time

I purchased a 2007 Lexus from drive time 2 years ago for 15,000 to this day, I still owe 15,350. My payments are automatically drafted every 2 weeks. I was in a bad car accident and had fair credit. I need a car to get to work and drive time took total advantage. This is happened to so may people. Drive time need to be shut down a
ASAP!! Please add me to the law suit.
Viennasmith.1@gmail.com Send email
Mar 17, 2018

Tranmission in 2011 traverse

Car run bad and I brought all this extra if it break and get the run around about fixing it
Sayahopes@gmail.com Send email
Mar 9, 2018

Horrible add us to your lawsuit

My son and I purchased a car from DriveTime in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It ran well for a month yes I said one month and one month only we have contacted the dealership we have contacted Silver Rock the Warranty company and they have given us the running around time and time again tires oil changes brakes rotors so on and so forth. Speedometer and odometer meters totally broke and there is no one in this area outside of a dealership who can do the repairs Silver Rock and drive time again keep giving us the run-around about this and the car sits in the driveway. Unfortunately due to some Financial situations we are we do pay as we are able and have made arrangements with them. Arrangements with them every week. They prey on those who can least afford it yes we knew we would be paying higher than most people because of credit.
Yes I realize we are now two payments behind but we have set payment arrangements up. There is no need to be rude and nasty..
The still does not explain why this car that is not even a year old does not work and continues to have problems. Perhaps I wouldn't be behind if we didn't pay $500 each monthOr more on repairs every month
Rose37 Send email
Jan 5, 2018


A very stupid bussian need to be sued I had the same problem
hismanda1993 Send email
Dec 2, 2017

Lemon Sold To My Family

On February 5, 2016 my husband purchased a 2013 Chrysler 200 from Drivetime. At the time of purchase he also bought the Gap coverage $795.00, the Motion GPS plus SilverRock warranty $695.00, and the most worthless of all; the Aeverex protection plan $2,895.00. The car ran good at first and then the check engine light came on so we had the Chrysler dealer in our hometown to check it, they could find nothing wrong. This continued for several weeks and the last time it was taken in for diagnostics was the same as initial visit. In any case we treated this car like it was our prize possession as it is the only way we have of transportation. On September 13, 2017 I'm coming from a short trip and the car while stopped in traffic began making this horrible noise, but no lights or warnings are showing so I then proceed to try and pull across the 2 lanes of traffic to get to the roadside, while attempting this the car starts reading hot oil message and goes dead. Keep in mind this I in about a 2 minute span of time, just long enough to change 2 lanes. Thank God for Samaritans as 2 strangers helped me to push it the rest of the way off the road and my way out of danger. I immediately called Bridgecrest who instructs me to call Aeverex, I did so and was told that our car was still under coverage for the transmission, drivetrain, and engine. At the time I spoke to them this was assured to me due to the mileage on the car and in line with our contract. It was taken to a local mechanic under agreement with Aeverex, once the mechanic checks our contract he then has an inspector/adjustor from Aeverex come look at the car because the papers say he can't touch it until they do...It is found to be the engine, doesn't just need work, needs a new one. I couldn't believe it as this car had been treated so well by us and we were assured at Drivetime it went through this spectacular inspection prior to bring sold...evidently not as Aeverex has denied the claim for a replacement engine on an only 4 year old car which we were assured was covered. Shocker! We call Bridgecrest to have them pretty much tell us that they can't do anything, we call Drivetime and this person named Jordan (who refused his last name) tells us maybe they can get Aeverex to approve the claim, it may just take a few days. We wait. This has been almost 3 weeks now since we've heard from anyone at Drivetime or Aeverex and there have been 0 emails or voicemails as I check daily. This is beyond ridiculous to be allowed to treat the American people this way all the while claiming to offer aid to those who have like us had many medical setbacks and have had their credit suffer because of it. We would LOVE to join a class action suit against BOTH of these tyrants if industry who seem to feel free to walk all over the little working men and women of this country. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Frankie42601 Send email
Nov 30, 2017

Car problems and ridiculous interest rate.

I purchased a 2012 Hyundai sonata the from drive time about 2 or 3 weeks after I purchased it the monk the engine blew up it was a recall through Hyundai. The whole time the car was getting fixed I had to make the payments plus I had to pay for the tow when the car blew up and they didn't reimburse me for the rental while I was renting a car from the time it blew up until that time Hyundai got it to their shop. Now my health has gone very badly I have liver failure and I'm having problems making my payment and they're just being ridiculous they did I just my payments and put them to the back of the loan but now my payment went from 189.00 to 211.00. Please put me in your lawsuit.
Hershey75 Send email
Nov 19, 2017

Rip offs

I got a car from drivetime...2007 Chevy cobalt back in February in of 2014. This was my first time purchasing a car. So I really had no clue...how things are handled. But anyway after all the paperwork was done...they were so nice. When I finally realized I would be paying 19,000 for an 07 Chevy Cobalt. I begin to have some financial issues...I’m still currently behind on my payments. I’ve told them my situation continuously. They have threaten to repo my car that is only worth about 2100 or less. They have called me on my job. I told them over and over again...don’t call me while I’m at work. They have called and harassed my parents. I told them to never ever...call my parents harassing them. They have threaten me numerous times about my car getting repo. I have had representatives call and talk very rudely to me. They are ripping off poor people...who’s desperate to have a car. Please add me to your lawsuit. Chan141975@gmail.com
SLJ30 Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Problems with car

When i got the car there were problems. I went to the dealer by myself i desperately needed a car. I have all the problems reported to the shop that fixed on my car. All kinds of lights are up on my dashboard and ive reported them. I got my car Nov 2015. I have receipts of out of pocket expenses that ive paid. Ive gotten my brakes changed over 6 times this year alone. Aeverex warranty company picks and chooses what they want to repair. I have a lexus is250 and the car sounded like a race car. I drove around for a month like this. They should not be allowed to sell cars at all. They were very unprofessional. They call from fake local phone numbers...their customer service center is very intimidating...i took my car payment money multiple times and fixed my car...they threatened to come and get it. I said thats fine its a piece of shit anyway. The interest rate was the maximum that Maryland allowed meaning they are really greedy. I have 16,000 left to pay on this car and i feel like I'm in a ball and chain relationship with them. I even wrote on the BBB website and they told me to call in to get help and that was just to keep me from writing more embarrassing reviews. I called in and they basically told me there was nothing they could do. I would really like to get in on this lawsuit as i have mounds of information and receipts.
jacked & pissed Send email
Aug 27, 2017

Predatory Lending!!

Purchased a vehicle and if I had not checked my credit report for a new job I would not have known that I was mislead and defrauded by a company who I thought was on consumers side because of how they advertise. The vehicle is worth, worth (as I stated twice on purpose) below $10000 according to Kelly Blue Book value, by the time it's paid off in 5 years will total.....Wait for it...over $32,000!! I would love to get in on ANY class action lawsuit for Drive-Time and let the world know they are predatory lenders and they need to be stopped!!! I want in on the LAWSUIT! I'm looking online for where I sign up and get in one ending this shameful lending!
lanette Send email
Aug 5, 2017

lemon had only 4 mths

I've only had my vehicle for months out of the four months I've had the vehicle it's been in the shop almost two of those four months they've sent me to 405 different mechanics when you call them on the phone they give you the runaround they offer you a rental car or rental reimbursement but as of today I would have been paying a month-and-a-half worth of rental they don't come with solutions they claim they may be able to lower your payment but if it's going to make all my other payments higher then what are you really doing my mechanic said it was the engine he told them that weeks ago they argue with him and refused to work with him again and sent it to two more shops and as of today my vehicle went to a dealership repair facility I'm overly frustrated my vehicle has cut off on me on the highway while I was driving it has 18 known recalls DriveTime is a nightmare I wouldn't suggest anybody go there and if there is a lawsuit please sign me up
Lei2 Send email
Jul 23, 2017

Sold me a lemon

I went to drivetime bc I was in desperate need for a car. Every other dealership had a high down payment. So I ended up getting a car from drivetime. I got a 2013 Dodge Avenger on Oct 13, 2016. Maybe after 2 weeks of having the car it started to shut off on me. November 27th of 2016 my kids and I were driving on the freeway and boom it shut off wgike in the middle of the busy freeway. Luckily for me there was a AAA begind me that helped me to the side of the road. I called Drivetime and they gave me a number to Averex which were in charge of my warranty. They tell me because it has already been 30 days past due they were gonna charge me for everything if something was wrong with the car.. anywho my Husband and I got a repo bc we couldnt agford the 400 monthly payment on top of paying for the damages. Now they send me a letter thay I owe 8,900 for the remaining balance. They sold iy for 7,000. Blah blah blah. Add me to yoir lawsuit plz. #### drivetime. #######. Hope they run out of business.
hatedrivetime35 Send email
Jun 24, 2017

11 recalls found on my car that I had only for a year as of June 18 2017

anela Send email
May 23, 2017

RUDE company LEMON cars

I went to DriveTime to get information on a vehicle that my husband who had passed away left to my son. We needed pay off amount and how to transfer everything to my son's name. I was also in need of a car and was vulnerable at the time seeing as how I just lost my husband. They talked me into buying a 2010 Chrysler 300, offered me no down payment and to split my payments in 2 each month. Sounded good at the time. They also told me that ALL there vehicles come with extended warranty, they gave me all the info to there warranty company. A few months into having the car I was having a hard time starting it. Went somewhere to have it looked at and they claim nothing was wrong. Contacted the extended warranty company only to get the run around due to them switching warranty companies and not telling their customers. Finally get a number, they tell me to take it to Ted Wiens and they will pay for the diagnosis. Well so not the case, I had to pay for the diagnosis as well as for them to fix my car. So please tell me WHY I have this warranty when they won't ever help you. Well a few more months go by and I have more problems, I contact the warranty company and they tell me to take it to Sears. I get there only to find out Sears NO longer services DriveTime vehicles. Call the warranty yet again and was told to go to PepBoys. Well once again I have to pay for the diagnosis and my deductible. A few months later I have more problems, per PepBoys there was a list of problems and that they would bill the warranty company. Luckily I told them NOT to do any work on my car till they got the approval from the warranty company because it was $1200 worth of work. Well surprise surprise they deny the claim and PepBoys had my car for 2 days. I get it back and take it elsewhere and pay out of pocket. I asked DriveTime to work with me on my payments due to me having to come out of pocket for the repairs and they said yes but expected me to pay MORE monthly to "catch up". I don't think so! So I get harassed every day with calls and emails but I ignore them. Well here I am again with transmission issues and they once again won't help me. So then they send a detective to my house with repossession threats so thy take my car. PLEASE sign me up for this and any lawsuit!
Lauraparsons89 Send email
May 2, 2017


I got a 2013 Ford Fiesta from Drive Time on 9/11/2015 and on 4/21/2016 7 months later I took the car to Bill Collins Ford because there was a Hole in the transmission they found the bearing at the rear of the transmission on the output shaft came apart and busted through the rear case , metal shavings throughout the transmission, Damage to the gears and synchronizers. Recall on latch replacement . On 11/21/2016 7 Months later again the Vehicle was having trouble starting , when we got it to start it wouldn't pull. they installed a module in the transmission . then a recall for reprogramming the module in the transmission . I had to get a rental through the warranty til 11/25/2016. Then 3 months later on 2/9/2017 I had a door latch replaced. Now 3 months again May 8 2017 I'm taking the car back to Bill Collins ford Because the car keeps shuddering, jerking, and making noises, the back hatch lock has to be replaced . I have paid 9,281.39 in car payments and drivetime won't refund me it back. This place is a joke.
Chapple Send email
Apr 13, 2017

It should be a law against drive time

Need help from drive time
Nikki036 Send email
Apr 4, 2017

Was sold a lemon

I was in a bind with my credit I was a home health aide I needed a good car for.me to be able to transport my clients to where they needed to go. So I seen a ad for drive time and went in I got a 2014 mitsubishi mirage es In February I have made every payment in time since I had it up til it went to the garage cause it was not running right, first it was told to us by Aeverex to send it to pep boys,. We had to pay the tow there was told by Aeverex and consumer relations that we would be reimbursed back for the tow up to $75.00,That was a lie Pep boys couldn't fix it so Aeverex told us to have it towed to the Mitsubishi Dealer 2 miles down the road and we would be reimbursed that tow fee also, That was a lie,The car has been in Mitsubishi garage for.a no.th now and Aeverex is refusing to pay to have it fixed even though I purchased extra warranty for this.pos car..Within th month the car has been in garage I have lost my job due to not having transportation,and we put out close to $500 for car rental.and we were they would reimburse us $25 a day for the rental but now they say nope were not paying you back for it..Then I tried to send it back but they won't even take it back unless we pay $600 and some change to Mitsubishi,when in all Aeverex should be responsible for the fixing of the vehicle not me..It's bad enough I'm out of a lot of money with car rentals and tow fees,And lost my job over them..And I need my income my Fiance' has congestive heart failure and other heart issues and I wasn't even able to get him to where ever he had to go..Please add me to the Lawsuit.. These people need to pay for what they.have done!!!
watchmen101496@gmail.com Send email
Mar 30, 2017

Lemon Car

I was a naive 19 year old they took advantage of. I was a caregiver, had to take patients places. My current car was dangerous. Saw a commercial for drive time saying they would give you a car with no credit. Not many places do that. I had no credit or anyone to be a cosigner so I felt it was my only option. They sold me a 2006 Ford Focus. My understanding when they were selling it to me was that it would be 186 a month for five years and the cost would be a total amount of 9,000 something....I had no idea how payments worked or how loans worked....they gave me answers I did not understand. My car is only worth at most in the 3,000's on Kelly Blue Book. By the end of my 5 year loan term I will have paid 23,000 something on it!!! I could have got a new car with the payements I'm making. I'm breaking my back just to make car payements. Not only that but they sold me a wrecked car!!!! In the "car fax" they have me there were no reported accidents. However, I've had 3 mechanics tell me the from end had been totaled and it has all replacement parts. They sold me a lemon!!! They lied about it not being wrecked. I had a ton of work done on this car...seems to be new problems every month. I wish I could just give them the car back and end the payements but they don't allow that either! The loan company Bridgecrest they go through also keeps changing my payoof amount, as well as daily interest. I have multiple screenshots. I make all of my payements on time, In fact, 6 days early!

Lilonne Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Repossessed but payments were made

I would like to be added to the class action lawsuit. I consigned a 2009 Chevy Impala for my son on September 27, 2015. According to Drive Time there were no payments made on the vehicle as of 10-07-16 and they repossessed the vehicle on 01-20-2017. However, according to his bank statements payments were being automatically withdrawn every two weeks. I faxed them proof of payments and I have not heard back from anyone. The vehicle was sold after it was taken to the auction house. I need help with this issue and having this vehicle removed from my credit report. I would also like to know what happened to the payments that were made. Please contact me at mntay0422@gmail.com
Tkb Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Drive time lemon additional info

I just sent an email to classaction.org lets get the ball rolling everyone please do the same! Share your stories with them lets make them aware that there is a major issue with this POS company.. Fill free to send me an email and I will keep you up to date with whats going on with my complaint I filed with them.
Tkb Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Drive time LEMON

Total lemon.. ill keep this short and simple. Within the 30 day warranty I had close to $2000.00 in repairs at their expense got a 2011. The car needed a oil change baddly . New breaks rotors and calibers. 3 weeks into having the car the heat in the car stopped working . New thermostat required still didnt fix the problem needed a new temp acculater... and im now out of warrenty and need a catalytic converter the sun roof stopped working and the defrost coils are defective so ill need the back window completely replaced all at my expense.
Lydia13 Send email
Feb 28, 2017

Lemon car

I have had the car for a year now I am dealing with the same thing that I am reading now smh . I bought the car in September 2016 and 2 month later I took it in because the batter was bad . In October 2016 I took it in and they told me that the throttle body messed up and that they had to wait for approval. I kept calling the mechanic they send me to and still have not helped me . Now it's February 2017 and I still have a messed up car it broke down and I oew 20,000 for a car that's worth 4,000 and have to have it take it in for repair . I took it to pepboys and they fixed the starter and they told me nothing was wrong with the throttle boast that the mechanic that told me that was wrong and I got a wrong dignostic. I don't want to go back to them and Aeverx the insurance that I am paying for no reason told me I have to get my refund back from them beacuse they miss diagnosed . So they fixed the starter not even a mile away from pepboys and it won't start any longer I already got 4 tickets and now they still ask me to make payments. I am sooo done . I need help .
Add me to law suit
lopez808gillard Send email
Feb 13, 2017

Overpriced Lemon

I bought a 2007 vehicle in 2012, 5 years later and I still owe more than what the car is worth. I have had to get a few extensions for payment due to very expensive car repairs. I drive only 28 miles rounds trip, 5 days a week and I have to bring my car in for repairs almost monthly. I don't trust the vehicle to get me to distant places so I have to buy a rental car if I take a vacation somewhere. I can barely keep up with the car payments and repairs, also I think they do not have my total pay off quote correct. I bout the car for $22k, 5 years later, I still owe $10k...? Makes no sense.

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