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Raildog27 Send email
Nov 29, 2021

Troy Aikman

Please, please, please get rid of the two goof balls Troy and Joe. They are so terrible that when the game is on, the volume is turned off. I cannot stand to look or listen to either one of them for any broadcast. Take a national poll, they S#*K! Take donations to buy their contracts, please get rid of them.
Donsusans Send email
Nov 15, 2021

Fox 4 Sports Announcer

The announcer for Fox 4 sports Kevin Burkhartt is obviously an Atlanta fan because he is constantly belittling the Cowboys team with the way he is talking. The other man has been totally fair to both teams. I have heard Kevin do this before and I hate when he is the announcer! Very low class announcer and boring!
kpryan Send email
Nov 2, 2021

Joe Buck

With all of the top quality professional broadcasters in Fox Sports, WHY in the World does Fox have Joe Buck first doing football with Troy Aikman and then the World Series? He has never played anything and says the stupidest comments trying to be funny or pretend like he knows what he is talking about, he knows NOTHING!!!! I have to mute the TV when he is talking he is that bad. They both should have been fired a while back for their comments on the Military fly over and yet their still here.. Disgusting!

[email protected]
bifftex Send email
Oct 20, 2021

MLB American League playoff announcers

The announcers for the MLB AL are terrible. They are so biased against the Houston Astros. The heap so much praise on the vintage teams like the Red Sox, White Sox, - and continue to be anti-Houston Astros. Alex Rodriquez is by far the worst. The need to quit this bias and be fair. They are broadcasting a national game, not a local game. Disgusting.
Mikeinavon Send email
Oct 18, 2021


I cannot hear commentators over crowd noise. Turn crowd down or commentators up. I do not need pumped in noise as it does not add to my game watching enjoyment. Neither NFL or MLB.
I end up muting
banker07110 Send email
Oct 12, 2021

Troy Aikman

My complaint is about Troy Aikman, he was very unprofessional as a Fox broadcaster.
If he is a Dallas Cowboy fan he should be in the stands not the press box. On numerous occasions all he did was ridicule the NY Giants and tell us how great the Cowboys are, As yet I have not seen the Cowboys winning anything.
He should be fired and banded form being a sport caster, who are supposed to be in partial.
Plenty of sport casters on TV do games without the constant insults to organizations. What amazed me is how Joe Buck wasn’t any better and should have controlled him.
breaddaddy Send email
Oct 11, 2021

Aikman and Buck

They are terrible why does fox continually use them on their "quote unquote" Game of the Week....buck should stick to baseball and all an has no clue....and if the military comments are should be ashamed
Bob Serio Send email
Oct 10, 2021

Troy Ackman

When an anouncer shows his bias over the years for his former team on air, which Troy has it becomes a hard listen. Then when he uses a radio show to show homer mentallity disparaging the other team he undermines the integrity of your broadcast.
I suggest you represent your Dallas games with a better team that has a bit more even handed way of broadcasting. Fox has a number two team that can provide a much better product. Think about your product, and how the game deserves unbiased broadcasters.
Two Can Send email
Oct 10, 2021

Awful video & audio.

The October 9th game between Iowa and Penn State was awfully aired on FOX today! The camera view was too far above the field to to see comfortably and the announcers kept yacking throughout the entire game! My wife and I are very disappointed with this show today!

Awful video & audio.

Sharil Send email
Sep 27, 2021

Ajib Talib

Yesterday we watched the Arizona Cardinal's play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Gus Johnson and Megan Olivi are professional announcers and a pleasure to listen to. On the other hand we turned the audio off because of Agib Talib, He has an irradiating voice, talks much to fast, and his grammar is horrible. He does not deserve to be on the broadcast and is not up to your high stands. Please replace him with talented announcer so we can turn the audio on again.
Sharil Send email
Sep 27, 2021

Ajib Talib

Yesterday I watched the Arizona Cardinals play the Jacksonville Jaguars and we had to turn the audio off. Gus Johnson and Megan Olivi are professionals and a pleasure to hear speak. On the other hand Ajib Talib has an irritating voice and uses horrible grammar. Please replace him with some one up to your high standards. How did he ever got hired for that job in the first place?
Roger Lougy Send email
Sep 27, 2021

Background noise on football broadcasts

I'm an avid football fan, however the last few years of Fox Sundays NFL has been impossible to hear. You pay the commentators a lot of money to telecast the game but you can barely hear them talking. A lot of times I end up turning off the game because of all the noise. It's too bad
stash u Send email
Sep 20, 2021

Aqib Talib

I was trying to watch and listen to the Cardinals /Vikings game. Please get Aqib Talib or however you pronounce his name off the air, He has no business being a tv commentator, very poor language ans speaking skills. I had to mute the tv. He has to be worst the announcer in history.
bsaberi Send email
Jul 11, 2021

baseball instead of soccer? really?

To the moron who decided to show baseball instead of the beginning of the copa america final, please tell them they are a moron.

Justcallthegame Send email
Feb 1, 2021

poor play by play announcing

January 31st Fox's first try at women's college basketball didn't go well. UCONN vs. DePaul. First of all, not sure which lady was the play-by-play, and which one was the color commentator. Lisa Byington and Sarah Kustok. Neither of them made any attempt at keeping up with the game and telling the viewing audience which who was making what play. Unless you personally kept a roster list in front of you, then you would only know the number of the player, not her name, very frustrating! Also, the constant talk for the sake of talking has got to stop. All this conceptual pontificating about coaching styles! Uggghhhh. Just call the game for Crying out Loud! It should sound something like this.
"Williams has the ball, she drives to the center and dishes it off to Edwards whose shot gets blocked by number 23 Johnson."
If Fox is going with these two announcers for their women's college games, then they need to have a serious talk with them.
michael S. Hickey Send email
Nov 23, 2020

very talkative and one sided in his review

Mr. Vilma must be new at broadcasting. During the Minnesota/Cowboys game he would not shut up and continually talked over his co-announcer. His comments appealed to an individual with limited if any knowledge of football. He obviously favored the Cowboys over the Vikings. After about 30min, I put him on mute. I like conversation by announcer, but Mr. Vilma's was insulting and too much.
Mr. Vilma may be a good athlete, but he is not an announcer. Tony Romo is excellent. Mr. Vilma should be assigned to sidleline interviews; high school games; doing ads for Fox. He is one of the worst sports announcers I have ever listened to. I wonder how many listeners put him on mute.

Michael S. Hickey, M.D.
plma19601 Send email
Oct 24, 2020

Big Noon kickoff in Columbus Ohio

Why is it the old coach from Ohio is allowed to announce the game we all know he is VERY bias and it is not right. We all know he works for Fox now but still he should not be allowed to announce where he coached let alone play no coach should. Won't be watching
plma19601 Send email
Oct 24, 2020

Big Noon kickoff in Columbus Ohio

It is just not right that the old coach from Ohio State is announcing at the Ohio State game and yes we knw he works for Fox but they could have went to another game he just should not be announcing. Don't remember when Desmond announced at a Michigan game
NFLSUCKS Send email
Oct 22, 2020

Aikman & Buck Bash Military

As a daughter of an Army vet who is now passed and a proud and thankful patriot, I demand Troy and Buck be fired for their insensitive, hateful speech towards our military heroes. There is no room in the broadcast booth for anti-hero, biased, hateful sentiments towards the heroes and their families who sacrifice so much for America - even ignorant elitists like Troy & Buck. Because our military fights for our freedom of speech, these untalented (when we used to watch the NFL, Troy's mundane, monotone commentary put us to sleep (literally - we always joked - if we have insomnia - turn on Troy) and Buck's sycophant behavior towards Troy was nauseating - every other breath, "The Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman!") elitists are able to bash our heroes, but that does not mean they should be able to keep their jobs. The NFL continues to alienate their fans - we said "BYE" years ago starting with Kaepernick's pathetic, disgusting kneeling. And BUCK, you DO NOT ever speak for me - I am thankful that our tax payer dollars fund these training sessions - if you had any intelligence about the subject, you would know that our military is training during these fly overs and many other fly overs. We, as patriotic Americans enjoy, celebrate, love, admire and respect the patriotic display! I guess you support spending tax payer money like Obama/Biden did - including $2.5Million on teaching Chinese prostitutes to control their drinking more during their work. Now, that's value for our American tax dollars! Troy, your ego is as big as your head and the orbit that surrounds it and Buck, your intelligence and spine are as small as your stature. #FIREAIKMANBUCK
JNortonaol Send email
Oct 22, 2020

Aikman and Buck Bashing our Military

As the daughter of an Army Vet who has now passed & someone who loves our country and appreciates the sacrifices that the heroes, our military people & first responders, have sacrificed for us to have freedom of speech - even ignorant, hate speech - I find Aikman's and Buck's comments completely indefensible. I expect them terminated immediately. Their intolerance of our heroes cannot be supported or tolerated. In our home we joke that listening to Aikman is like taking a sleeping pill - boring to the point of putting us to sleep when we use to watch the NFL. Buck is so "enamored" with Aikman, it's sickening - what a sycophant. As stated above by another person, the military uses these fly overs as training practices - they also fly over many other events and places - we always consider it an honor and a joy and a thankful sign of our patriotism and strength. Hey, Buck - do NOT speak for me - I appreciate my tax money going to something useful and beneficial like training our troops - I guess you enjoy the wasteful spending of Washington spending OUR money on training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job & more important things like that - your ignorance and elitism is breathtaking. #FireAikman&Buck
suzyhassomethingtosay Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

That was absolutely abhorrent what Troy and Joe Buck were saying during the flyover. They owe everyone watching an apology. It is ridiculous and a slap in the face to every military family.
J_Smith Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Aikman & Buck

Can't begin to express the disappointment in hearing Aikman and Buck mock a military flyover. Until I heard their comments, I actually respected them. When I used to watch the NFL, I thought they were pretty good in the booth. Now I have more reason not to return to NFL football. Even the color commentators and play-by-play guys don't really respect our military and all that it stands for.

I'll keep watching college football instead.
Fighter Jock Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Buck/Aikman Derogatory Toward Military

I have refused to watch/listen to any broadcast where Joe Buck is involved in any way. That includes Super Bowls and The World Series. Now, I am including Troy Aikman for joining in with Buck over their derogatory comments regarding military flyovers at sporting events. These flyovers are incorporated into normal training missions so their cracks about it being too expensive show a lack of understanding and a definite unpatriotic attitude. To make matters worse they brought their political views front and center by hinting that such flyovers would not happen in a Kamala/Biden administration inadvertently or deliberately placing the radical San Francisco senator before the presidential candidate.

Fire both of them lest you want to follow ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN into the left wing cesspool.
gmcmahan Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Buck and Aikman flyover comments

Last Sunday was the last time I will watch an NFL game on Fox! Unless, of course, Aikman and Buck issue a heartfelt apology for their disrespectful and political comments made about the military flyover. WTH Fox?! Is that where we are now?! Making fun of a military flyover? Just lost all respect for both men. Disgraceful!
GeneralWan Send email
Oct 20, 2020

Football Sportscasters

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are bad Sportcasters. Never could stand listening to them. I never watch unless the Chiefs are playing on Fox. When they do I listen to Chief's radio because I can't stand to listen to their drivel. I never complained until now, because I think they crossed a line.

Their comments about the Flyovers is to much. I understand it wasn't broadcasted and was simply a hot mic. Still, if they have disdain for that, they absolutely don't deserve me to even watch any FOX programming at all. Those Fly Overs are meant for respect towards our Military. Not only does it allow them to Experience Seeing a Crowd cheer for them, but it also shows us Tax Payers what those taxes have provided. It's a Proud time or should be. But according to the two clowns in the booth, it's a laughing matter and not a big deal they want to make Political saying. "That stuff aint happenin' with the Kamal/Biden Ticket" Yeah, he's probably right. Because they are pieces of shit that would enjoy watching our Military be dismantled.

I will do all that I can to make sure I do not support FOX in anyway Possible while these two jack ass's chuck it up in the booth about shit like this. Imagine being a Veteran and having to listen to that drivel. Here's the Hot MIc, which I'm sure you already know about.

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