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JohnB Send email
Sep 25, 2017

social injustice protest comments

Thank you for this forum to tell you how I feel.
I tuned into the pregame show this Sunday and was dismayed by the reaction to President Trump"s unfortunate comments. I just want you to be aware that I don't care how sports people, athletes or commentators feel about political comments; and further don't agree that athletes or team owners protesting during the national anthem while the flag is being displayed is a very tasteful way to draw attention to yourself.( as an educator I would be fired for doing so) I also don't agree that this complicated and controversial topic should be seen as someone's right to protest (not to disrespect the flag) when that's exactly what they are doing in order to protest. The fact that Villanueva had to go out to show respect for his fellow soldiers while his team mates wouldn't even appear during the National Anthem shows how complicated and divisive this whole mess is and is becoming more divisive as it is magnified because it is totally inappropriate in the first place.
I am dismayed that now instead of intently viewing the football experts to weigh in on upcoming games, I am weighing in on the way they commentated on the President's remarks and agreed with the protests. Who wants to do that when they want to escape for a few hours the enflaming topics that we have to endure that everyone knows about anyway? Do you think no one knows about the police who were assassinated or the unarmed men who were shot? Stick to football commentary- it's the reason people watch in the first place. Let us work out the racial stuff as we interact in the workplace person to person, where reason usually prevails. John
rchas Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Complete bias

I am watching the Giant game , I cant believe the complete and total bias of Joe Buck and Troy Ackman. They say nothing good about the Giants and then an Eagle player blatantly almost takes Backman's head off and not a word! They make me not want to watch football! Time for new unbiased commentators!
Rjwest Send email
Sep 16, 2017

Clay Travis

Is it Fox Sports policy to hire underage workers like the teenager Clay Travis?
His reference to "boobs" in an adult interview is very telling of the continuation of berating women at Fox!!! Its not OK!!! When will you learn???? Oh, I suppose when you lose money or GROW UP!!!
Shame on all of you!!!
mvgoetz Send email
Sep 10, 2017

Web Page Design

In this age of videos, the FoxSports website has sunk even lower into the abyss; for adults who are still able to read they are better off watching the Nickelodeon channel for intelligent content. Even when I find a video to watch, yes Colin Cowherd you are an exception to my opening remark, it's next to impossible to expand to full screen without a series of lucky clicks. Web design is by far the poorest aside from the fact you hardly make any effort to update your Golf tab.
Kandcm Send email
Sep 4, 2017

Nhra announcer

Mellow yellow coverage is terrible. Dave Reiff makes so many mistakes every time there is coverage. Maybe they should put in a racer who understands and can remember names. Today he was calling Brittany ...Courtney. He also said Courtney was looking for her first win. Should of said this season. Big mistake dropping Mike Dunn he knew what he was talking about. Reiff getting worse as time goes by. We have been watching nhra since early 90's.
Katzwisdom Send email
Aug 28, 2017

Hiring of Michael Vick

I can't believe Fox Sports hired Michael Vick, the animal abuser and promoter of dog fights. I don't care about how many insincere speeches he makes or public relations interviews he has made, the only thing he is sad about is that he got caught!!! I will not watch any show that Michael Vick is a part of and I plan to contact your advertisers too.
gone Send email
Aug 23, 2017

political comments

I just deleted Fox Sports webpage from my favorites. I am finished with your constant political stance. Most people I know are leaving sports, particularly the NFL, behind. Turning you OFF.
edmocon Send email
Aug 17, 2017

political opinions

Hey, think you should maybe join CNN or MSNBC. I watch sports to get away from politics. I am an American first although my family has much minority blood in it, we relate to being American. When there is a brawl outside my house I call my local police, not Stephen A. Smith. Lebron is a joke. He lives like his moniker a king, yet complains about injustice. I have made 50k in the last 5 years combined and worked hard doing it. He wouldn’t take a urine break for 50k.

I have sworn off Comcast sports, ESPN and now FOX sports is on my banned list. Have no problems getting rid of NFL network and NBA network if they become like ESPN and Fox. Fox sports is now on my banned list when Shannon Sharp is ranting, and if others follow suit I will eliminate them completely.

I am one person, but if enough one persons unite we can make a difference. It is disgusting that if I took all my income for the last 5 years I barely could have 2 floor seats for one NBA game, or 2 seats to World Series. I am almost through with sports. Back in the day people fought for minority rights but also fought in wars. The entitled athlete today fights to not have to attend classes and be educated in the least, they not only don’t participate in military, but urinate on the military, police and the flag. They depict in cartoons of police as pigs. I have had bad experiences with some police, but have been served by the police greatly for many years. I am sure everyone at FOX has had a rude checker at their grocery store, but pretty sure you still shop for groceries.

There are bad people in all walks of life. Ray Lewis either killed or watched a man being killed, yet is a major contributor in NFL. I even like him and am willing to give him a break. People rape, kill, steal, are rude, inflict major violence upon others yet we all forgive and watch. Talk about that, no wait that doesn’t sell. There are also athletes that are targeted by people and the athletes get a bad break.

I don’t expect a change as how can I compare to billions of revenue. I know my viewership will not be missed at all. They say attendance at football games was down and they suspect it had to do with Kap. Maybe so, but my lack of viewership is due to ESPN and FOX. Finally one suggestion, quit pretending and pair Shannon Sharp with Al Sharpton and call it Sharp and Sharpton. Quit skirting and just go all out with it.


Gayle Edmondson

Email is [email protected]
3594jb Send email
Aug 8, 2017

FOX sports

I stopped watching ESPN because instead of getting sports commentary, I got political opinions. I was glad Fox sports was gaining momentum. Now I have to quit watching FOX as well. After working all day and wanting to catch up on sports, I get politics instead. If I wanted politics I would watch FOX news or CNN. You guys don't get it. Sports is supposed to be unifying and it often is as long as nobody listens to you guys. So its been a year since I turned on ESPN and today is the last time I turn on FS1. So your aware, many of my friends feel the same way. You guys know your audience I guess and who am I to tell you what sells. I can only tell you what I buy. Consider trying to unify instead of alienating a hardworking sports loving American.
Sweeper Send email
Jul 15, 2017


The defending champion is Brittany Lang and she is 2 under par today. They have not shown her hit a shot yet. Terrible coverage!!!
NASCAR_fan Send email
Jul 14, 2017


According to promos on Fox Sports 1 NASCAR Race Hub the Camping World Truck Series race is to air on FOX BUSINESS 7/19 @ 9pm. The listings in my area do NOT reflect this. Please fix and air as advertised.
johnny be good Send email
Jun 29, 2017

about jason whitlock on FS1 network

this guy jason whitlock on FS1 the remarks he made about poor people he insulted a lot of people i will not watch that show as long as he is on there.
KeithBrown Send email
Jun 19, 2017

Golf (US Open) Coverage

I am not prejudiced against non-American commentators, BUT: the Brit named "Ken" was basically just annoying. A number of times I could not understand what he was saying, especially when he was keeping his voice down.

Also, while I am sure there are worse people to serve as the "anchor" than Joe Buck, he just does not cut it. Perhaps Jim Nantz has set too high of a standard, but Joe Buck is not a challenge to him.
noggin Send email
Jun 19, 2017

aircraft noise

I have noticed the past couple of years while watching a golf match there is constant drone of a small aircraft engine, this happens no matter who is broadcasting. Watching the US Open on Fox it was annoying to point of competing with the announcers. I think Fox (or whoever is doing the broadcast) hires an aircraft to provide aerial coverage of the course, fairway or greens. However you get 5-6 hours of engine drone for 5-6 seconds of aerial coverage. It adds nothing to coverage, like listening to the broadcast inside a beehive. The course microphones are so sensitive the noise is always there. Perhaps the noise could be filtered out before broadcasting the sound. If it continues I will no longer watch golf on that network
[email protected] Send email
Jun 18, 2017

Fox Golf

You have got to be nuts rolling out that big titted bitch for the US OPEN. Tell us what value she added with the inflated breasts and slightly m legs. Absolutely obnoxious.
hein1961 Send email
Jun 17, 2017

Fox presentation

The commentators other than Buck that baseball/football is his things are fine. Did you not learn that bouncing around with random shots not even giving they're scores is totally wrong for a golf major tournaments. Let the other's do this and stay with what you know.
Jillk Send email
Jun 17, 2017

H Saunders indescent attire for family golf

I can't believe she is allowed to dress this way for a sport that stresses adults and children play. Even when she first started with Fox she wore skin tight shirts and skirts almost up tooooo high!!! She is more interested in showing off rather than anything that has to do with golf. Plus she wasn't even a professional golfer, she played in college. I'm am positive that there are many more people than me that are upset with her attire and her ulterior motive.
kbt Send email
Jun 16, 2017

Golf commentary

To Whom it may Concern,

You need to get rid of Paul Azinger and Curtis Strange as golf commentators. They talk to much during the broadcast, their comments are always negative and to opinionated and are in general just poor golf commentators. Especially for the US Open and other Major tournaments you should get quality commentators and these two are not good for golf. There are allot of retired pro golfers that don't make good commentators are these two are the worst of the bunch.
I am always disappointed when Fox Sports gets contracts to cover major golf tournaments because you use these poor commentators and ruin the coverage of the event for the fans.

Kurt T.
Anniston 75 Send email
Jun 5, 2017

Remove Jason whitlock

I was thoroughly disgusted with me Whitlock comments that as a black person or minority that you have to be poor to experience race hate.. His insensitive remarks are very harmful and to the wrong ears listening can insight more hate. It also makes the victim feel like their suffering doesn't matter please remove him from the air. I will no longer watch your show or network of he stays employed.
tonya24 Send email
May 12, 2017


PLEASE start showing the racers do burnouts. You cheat the viewers with re-runs of what we just saw two seconds ago.
cheat hater Send email
Apr 9, 2017

michael the cheat waltrip

I could handle keeping DW he is not as bad as his pathetic cheating brother. We fans do not deserve to be insulted by hearing, seeing and smelling his kind ever again. Nascar should ban such filth from all tracks. It actually makes me glad for NBCSN coverage because they do not employ cheats. Bring back Brad Dougherty maybe.
Mattfan20 Send email
Mar 20, 2017

Darrel Waltrip

Can you get rid of DW he is annoying as Floyd the barber in Andy Griffith. His boogity thing at the green flag is about enough to watch the Kardashians. He think he know everything and he thinks him and Michael ar the best. I listen to the radio broadcast when possible. Put out a poll and I bet the majority vote no to DW.
Bonntyme Send email
Feb 15, 2017

westminster after show

I just saw a youtube video of the FS1 after show of the Westminster Dog Show. I'm glad you think it is alright to to so blatantly ridicule and laugh as an event and that many people take very seriously. The fact that you thought it was okay to repeatedly show and laugh at a dog handler that tripped and fell is so appalling. I don't know what instructions you were given on what you were to do but I certainly hope it wasn't to make fun of what is the oldest and most respected Dog show in this country.
football fan Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Troy Aikman & Joe Buck

I absolutely love NFL football. I can't stand when Troy & Joe are calling a game. They are so pro cowboys that all they do, is talk about the cowboys. They are so pro-cowboys that they do not make the calling of the game fair. They need to be a little less biased about their opinion and be fair to the opposing team.
sima Send email
Oct 31, 2016

Joe Buck

Joe Buck is so anti-cubs. Get the guy off the TV. He is such a Cardinal Fan and anti-Cub that he shouldn't be announcing these games at all. Every other comment is negative Cub. He is terrible. Get him off or change his play by play calling.

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