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forrestkris Send email
Oct 31, 2016

NFL broadcast

I wish you would fix the sound on your broadcast so we can here the anouncer it was ok tell this year.
sarahlynmaria Send email
Oct 30, 2016

Racist Cleveland Indians

I would like to send a formal complaint for tonight's game with the Cubs vs Indians. At the top of the 2nd inning how dare the Indians chant like Native Americans do during a war call during the 1st home run from the dug out. I have no idea how no one else is offended by this. I am from Michigan originally and grew up on a reservation and know the real struggle of the natives. And I do find this highly offensive to a strong people who had to endure so much. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you for your time.
rcaranddo Send email
Oct 29, 2016

MLB World Series

Pete Rose stinks...get him off the air. He does nothing to help your image. His appearance and comments are obnoxious!
In my opinion he totally brings down the professionalism of the other announcers that you have.
You could have chosen someone better to represent you on MLB World Series pre-game.
Very disappointed that you have him as a representative of your network!
dorth28 Send email
Oct 27, 2016

content of ads

I sat down to watch the 2nd game of world series at 8:19 pm and an advertisement for a k-y long lasting condom was on. This commercial should not be on at this time, let alone a world series game that started at 7pm est. I am sure there are many younger fans tuned in. Parents of younger children should be outraged. Mother of a 20 and 18 year old boys. and an avid sports fan. Very disappointed in Fox.
rja Send email
Oct 10, 2016

commercials during football game

I am watching Broncos game on FOX right now. There have been MANY more commericals today than I have ever noticed on CBS or NBC. Why????
woodman114 Send email
Oct 4, 2016


On fox, why do i have to wait 2hrs to see PRO stock cars or has it all wrong,showing me how drivers got to the finals when I watched the first 2hrs, already know,and then show winners on a stage,I know won.SHOW more racing,not what each car/bike is on EVER show.Never forget when you kill time for a hour or two we all know the race is rained out,fox VERY bad for NHRA........Some one please fix it.......
PettyFan Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Wisconsin Truck Race 8/27/16

According to scheduling the NASCAR truck race was to be aired. The race was delayed due to rain. Around five you left the race making it look like it was about to start. Come to find out, the race had run while you showed a documentary on the day Dale Earnhardt was killed in the Daytona 500 and then showed an abbreviated version of the 1979 Daytona 500. After showing these, you made it appear that the race was about to start. You then went to a sports center format. Come to find out when my wife checked to see if the race was going to run on 8/27 or possibly Sunday morning to find out the race had run. I do not feel it was fair to race fans not to see the race as it was run or as a delayed play. I saw something about it was on FS2. As I watched I never did see any indication that the race was on a different channel. All you did was run across the bottom of the screen that the race was under a weather delay.Not only did you screw race fans out of the race you also did the same thing to any fans that may have tuned in at three to watch the Dodger Cubs game. This was the worst coverage I have ever seen and it appears you do not care what the viewers think.
ah1956 Send email
Aug 13, 2016

Comment on FS1 senior golf

Who is the jackass analyst on FS1 who had to interject his comment about Donald Trumps comb over this has nothing to do with golf and equal time should be given to Hillary's corruption ! but this is how the left tries to smear everyone running for office that does not agree with taxing the middle class out of existence to give it to the people who want all the free handouts that her party are willing to give just to keep a voting block for them to ruin this country.I was a registered Democrat until earlier this year when it was apparent that the democrats would go to any length to assure the queen her throne and i for 1 as a white middle class taxpayer have had enough of Washington as usual and this comment on the senior golf tour is something that FS1 needs to do something about at least an apology but i think more severe actions. Also seeing the post that was on when i came to this website about NHRA that person is The only thing on this channel that is ever replaced or not allowed to be completed is NHRA and of course you move it to FS2 that no one carries or you put it on at midnight in the east where people are in bed.YOU REALLY NEED TO ADDRESS THIS AS NHRA IS A SPORT THAT MILLIONS LOVE TO WATCH AT A PROPER TIME AND COMPLETELY NOT HOW YOUR STATION THINKS IT SHOULD BE BROADCAST>
don bee Send email
Aug 8, 2016

nhra racing

Watching race at seattle wash, Down to finals an fox left the air what the f is wrong with your programming .said to go to fs1 yhere was soccer an soccer.This is not the first time. You are losing people watching because the way you let other sports break in on nhra racing . fix it bla bla bla bla bla
bow Send email
Nov 15, 2015

NFL Football

Why would someone put on a "Washington"- "New Orleans" game when the Eagles are playing? We are in PA aren't we????? I will no longer watch Fox television if this happens again. I refuse to watch this station for the rest of today as it is. If the Eagles were last in the division like the Redskins might as well be I would understand. Prioritize games with some common sense. Which from what I have noticed this station has a hard time doing.
Jrocks2704 Send email
Oct 30, 2015

The announcers for World Series

You couldn't pick any one better than Joe Buck and Harry Renolds. They are freaking the worst, someone neutral would be nice. You guys don't have a clue.
adiodc Send email
Oct 24, 2015

A-Rod on FS1

I can't believe FS1 would even consider having him on their broadcast. Thoughtless and classless. He has personally tarnished the game, the league and people's careers with his horrendous lies and actions, but FS1 is blind to any of it. Unbelievable. They should just have a show with him and Armstrong call is Role Models. Worth changing the channel every time he's on. FS1's morals and character is about as solid as his. Ridiculous!
billd4 Send email
Jun 20, 2015

fox coverage of us open

joe buck knows very little about golf.a constant review of tiger woods troubles on the course seems to go beyond normal coverage and seems to me that
someone has a gruge against him. The short piece showing tiger falling backwards is shameful.
Retcop Send email
Jun 19, 2015


A Major US golf tournament and they have minor league announcers. What a shame!
Dick5123 Send email
Jun 6, 2015

KC Royals/Texas Rangers Game

The KC guy doing the game is way too partial to KC. He is so bad I had to mute the TV and listen to the game on the radio. If he says once more that its early in the game and Texas is only leading 4 - 0 I'm going to puke! Fox needs to carefully pick announcers who are not partial to a particular team - this is really, really bad!
douglas2948 Send email
Dec 29, 2014

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

I never experienced such a poorly officiated and broadcast game in my entire life in reference to the Detroit-Green Bay game presented by Fox Sports with the so called professionals : Jack Buck and Troy Akman
Both of them, throughout the game, showed such outrageous bias against the Detroit Lions past history, progression to the championship game and validation for being in the North Divisional Championship game; while interjecting crude comments throughout the game concerning past Lion players; resulted which in both me and 10 of my best friends watching the game wondering what was going in the broadcast both. We could not believe the attitude of the announcers openly attacking everything about Detroit while bragging about how great GB and Rodgers were. It made all of us, even our Packer Backers , wonder what was going on . The broadcast was so bias, it made some of us sick wanting to turn the game off and listen on radio instead of TV. We considered Red Zone it was so bad over the entire game broadcast. This made me and my son sick to our stomachs and ask where Fox Sports found these pathetic individuals. Fox Sports should examine this broadcast and ask themselves if they should place these two idiots behind the microphone in front of millions of viewers again. There actions, based on lack of professional judgement was demonstrated in this broadcast. I found the game both offensive and insulting in terms of watching sports for over 50 years of all types. As for the NFL officials, the game looked as phony as a WWF Championship match and this game should also be reviewed by the NFL for poor officiating. The sports fans of this country deserve better than these two characters broadcasting a game of this magnitude in such an unprofessional manner.
Jack Buck , along with Marty Brenneman , are two worthless, mouthy, card reading individuals armed with crude arrogant personalities. They received their jobs based on the past accomplishments of their fathers. Bucks father, after watching his sons play by play, definately is still rolling over in his grave wandering if he taught the kid anything about manners and professionalism.
Apparently, nothing !!!
Bucks bias attitude, along with his tone throughout the game acknowledged ;" to a level of nausea", the greatness of Rodgers coupled with his smart mouth attitude. This can be related to the cheap shots on Suh by him and Aikman when Rodgers was on the ground and they were eluding to past attempts by Suh to hurt other players while Suh was innocent with his back to Rodgers. That was a low blow!! Aikman did the same repeatedly while making ignorant comments about the ability of one of the greatest Lions, Barry Saunders , stating he was just an "average player" . Aikman in my opinion, wouldn't be allowed to shine Barry Saunders shoes on a cold day in hell.
The "A" man, repeatedly made stupid comments throughout the game, with that dumb look on his face about how the game was over with 3 minutes left after a questionable safety call. Then Detroit scores, and makes the game close while failing on two point conversion that was even more questionable than the safety while both defended the controversial calls while only showing any of the replays while earlier they defend a bad call on a fumbel by the Green Bay while running it over and over !!!
They even attacked the Detroit coach on this same fumble beraiding him on national TV repeatedly asking for a replay which is an option to all coaches.
Its truely sad jerks like these two are on TV. Airkman , with his men's shower room, background along with sports feeling sorry for poor little Jack Buck, because of his father's legacy, NOW TRUELY HAVE TO SUFFER with these to idiots every Sunday or playoff game. It truely detractes from fans that know the game!!!!
Edsflintstone Send email
Nov 22, 2014

commentary re soccer

To whom it may concern.
It is with great disappointment I have to even bother typing this letter of complaint.
During an awesome game of soccer "Melb vrs Syd FC" I could not bare more then half time, I just had to turn to another station as Ned Zilch made the game sound more like Steve Erwin describing a new found species of Croc.
His voice is extremely irritating & the fact he tries to make the game sound more exciting the tone of his voice is just simply unbearable. When something good happens in the game he brings up shit that has nothing to do with the game. I would have thought his job was to describe what just happened & how it happened rather then carry on about rainbows.
Please please please , get him to call just the game & to stop trying to dress it up with his voice tone.

One last chance.
Hank Send email
Nov 17, 2014

Cutting away from the GB/Eagles game

This is the second time this foot ball season that Fox Sports has taken away our liberty to watch "America's Weekly Game" they call it. When a score is such that Fox Sports feels the viewers will go elsewhere they flip-flop to another game. This is totally unfair to people across the country who prefer to watch a team they grew up with or support, like the Green Bay Packers. This is something Fox Sports is rather good at...limiting our basic freedoms as American citizens. How about letting the viewers decide what they want to watch? It should NOT be left to the"higher powers" at Fox Sports and their one-sided, opinionated hierarchy.
NashvilleTodd Send email
Oct 19, 2014

Going away from GB/Carolina game

One of the only time all year I get to see my Packers play and what does FOX do - they go to another game because "it's not competitive". Two NFC division leaders and you switch to an alternate game between scrubs. Up yours FOX
jay the yellow dog Send email
Oct 15, 2014


I have been keeping up with Baseball for over 60 years. I pay over $80 a month for my Dish network. this year I can not see the NLCS. I can see the ALCS because TBS is carrying the games. The worst fall for baseball ever. I own and operate a local business in my home town. I ask my customers if they can see the NLCS. More than half are like me they can see the Royals but not the Cardinals and Giants. You sure hurting your ratings there are a lot of people who would be watching Fox right now if the Baseball game was on. Many of us can't get this Fox S1., And why should we pay more to see the games . Just put them on TBS and we could see them right now for what we already pay for programing. .
Chevy Send email
Jul 1, 2014

Unfair Coverage

Nationwide Series: They are at Daytona this week 7/1 to 7/3 2014. And NO PRACTICES ON TV. You could show them instead of showing the truck race, which has been on before. What's with Fox Sports........... Nascar wants fans to follow racing, but you are doing a good job KILLING, why don't you open your eyes and show viewers you care about them. If not then would like to see the SPEED CHANNEL back on the air. They were all Nascar and all racing...........................
hlambert Send email
Feb 24, 2014

Daytona 500 race

The TV coverage of the Daytona 500 on 2/23/2014 was THE worst race presentation I have ever seen. My list of complaints are:

Derrrel Waltrips race analysis is a joke. He has lost touch with reality. PLEASE get him off of this show.
The EXTREAM amount of time spent on commercial breaks.
The terrible driver position presentation. Go back to the scroll across the top of the screen that gives position intervals and lap down info.
We are SO SICK of hearing Waltrip's "Boogity, boogity, boogity". Too stupid.
SHANMOTY Send email
Mar 10, 2012

Score box off the screen

I had this problem when I first got Dish. After sitting on hold for god knows how long finally a rep came on. There is a format button (same as * key) bottom left of numbers. Try that. Hope it helps ya out.
Ken Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Score box off the screen

Fox Sports TV events such as baseball and football recently show the score box in the upper left hand corner of the tv screen and it is too far left so you only see half of the box and as a result do not see the scores. Do they know this or do I need some new technology tv to get only Fox tv sports?
Husker66 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Score box off the screen

Fox Sports has not corrected this error as of January 2012. I have been trying to find a way to contact them but have not found an address to contact them by a regular letter, phone or E-mail. Would writing to the FCC help? I have a 16:9 ration screen and a 4:3 TV and both only give me half the score. No problem with ANY other network. I am watching on DISH network. Can some one help explain why they only want us to see half the score on either baseball or football?

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