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CLG22 Send email
Mar 30, 2021

GE built in oven

I had GE's service my oven a couple of weeks ago because the temperature of the oven was 70--100° hotter than indicated. I paid $500 for a new motherboard which took 2 weeks to get installed because at least 3 times the technician never showed up. Now the oven won't heat up past about 150°
I called GE to schedule service and they said that well parts and labor will not be charged there will be a charge for the service call. That's a new one on me. The labor is free but how do they "define service" call? I'm sure next day will put in an hourly rate for the technician's travel time as well!
GE service is trying to win the awards for hubris and subterfuge!

keeping my fingers crossed that a technician will come out and successfully repair the oven
wayne fredericks Send email
Mar 5, 2021

ge not honoring certificate of good will rebate

bought a ge air conditioner that is defective. contacted ge consumer relations and was issued case number 05108826 and a certificate of good will rebate #468894. It has been over 2 months and no refund check and after contacting GE, they can not find status of refund relative to their own case number nor rebate certificate number and won"t resolve issue nor contact me. I am out $414 and have a ge ac that does not work.
Gina Saieva Send email
Mar 5, 2021

GE Refrigerator Service

We purchased the GE Cafe Refrigerator originally in Nov 2019. Within 2 weeks the refrigerator stopped working. The store that we purchased from was great. They replaced the refrigerator immediately. This complaint is for the second refrigerator that was delivered 12/19. We have had this refrigerator for less than 2 years but did purchase an extended protection plan from Best Buy at the time of purchase. The refrigerator is no longer running at the correct temperature. Best Buy scheduled our repair with GE under the protection plan. We had to wait 1 week for a technician to come out to repair. I also call GE to talk to a technician in advance to explain the problem but was told there was no one I could talk to. The day of the scheduled appointment we received a call from GE to say the technician called out sick and they would have to reschedule until the next day. I asked if they could assign another technician and was told, no because 2 technician had called out.
The next day Jose (shirt said Jorge) showed up during the window specified. He walked into the kitchen and said he had brought the part that he thought was broken. Then he said, oh I thought this was the same as my refrigerator it is not. (A little odd since you have to give your serial number and model) He ran test and said oh I see you need your Thermamist replaced. I can do that.
Great. Then I told him that the voice on the door was not working. He then said oh since you need that sensor I can't do any of the work today. I have to order the the other part and then come back. I said so you have the part to fix the cooling problem but can't do it because of another part that is un-related? He said because if that sensor is put in my truck and I am not the tech to come back out there will be a problem. (That sounds like a GE inventory problem) Then he said that my insurance would not pay for them to come out a second time so he had to do all the work at one time. I said I wanted to call my extended warranty insurance. He said he was going to call his supervisor and went outside to do so.
He came back in with lead on the phone Jesse Black. I then spoke to Jesse and he agreed that it didn't seem right so he was going to check with his boss. Then Jose/Jorge started to say well you need both parts for it to work. Maybe one won't work with the other. I keep asking him, didn't you say it would work earlier? Then he started to change the story. Both my husband I got mad because he would not answer the direct question. And again he said it was our insurance who would not pay for them to make 2 trips. Plus the second part (which had nothing to do with the cooling of the refrigerator was on back order.) He got mad because we were challenging him and said stop yelling. He was changing his story, nothing was making sense. My husband said we are upset. This doesn't make sense. You said you have the part right there but not going to install it because of the door problem and you do all the work at once because the insurance won't pay for another call out?
He walked out the door talked to his supervisor and came to the door and said, I am not coming back inside and not fixing your refrigerator. In fact, GE is not going to fix your refrigerator. Call you service provider (insurance) and they can get you someone else. We called our insurance and they said that is not true. If they have to come out twice, they pay the bill.
The technician and his lead flat out lied to us. We then called GE customer relations and they said, it is GE policy not to do the work unless they have all the parts. My husband kept repeating to them, so you had the part to fix the cooling system but instead are going to make us wait at least 3 week because the part for the door alarm sound is on back order. We could be using our refrigerator but have to live out of an ice chest for 3 weeks. The answer was yes, that is our policy.
So it wasn't our insurance policy is was GE policy.
Customer relations also said that they would not help us or come to service our refrigerator because the tech refused to comeback out. So the tech lies to us about who is going to pay them and we are penalized. All customer relations did was document what we said but offered no help. They said call your insurance and have them get another company out there.
We had purchased both the GE Cafe stove and Oven back in 2005. They clearly do not believe in customer loyalty.
To have the part in your had and refuse replace ot because an un-related part needed to be ordered and lie about our insurance would not pay for them to come out twice. When if fact, that is GE policy. Terrible. Now refusing to fix our refrigerator. I guess, GE's policy to to allow their tech to lie to customer and then expect customer not to get upset and then say nope we won't help you. Terrible service, company policies and will not let you talk to anyone. Customer relations is a joke. When you finally get to someone all she could do was document it.
EDD Send email
Feb 27, 2021

non existant customer service

I have had to call GE several times in the past 2 months regarding issues with a new $1200. stove. The automated Customer Service (CS) line strings you along with no options to speak to a human. The automated system even hangs up on you after running down the christmas tree lighting array of options to push #2. Unless you are an expert at navigating the roadblocks you will never get a hold of the presidents office who has no direct line, no email address, and is extremely well guarded. You can spend up to 45 minutes on hold with the common excuse of "due to Covid". The CS employees try to help and are aware of the roadblocks management sets up. The best way to get GE attention is by filing a BBB complaint. Keep filing, keep demanding what you want until they respond. DON'T PURCHASE GE.
awkeir Send email
Feb 1, 2021

GE Convection Stove

We bought a new GE Convection Self Cleaning Stove in December 2019. When it was delivered we noticed trim on the top of the door was coming off. We called for service and they ordered a part and when it was repaired. The next problem we had was one of the big burners quit! Again, we got it serviced and it took a long time but finally the part came in and it was repaired. Now the same burner is gone again! Only the outer rim will heat up! I have never had so many problems with a brand new product!
We paid well over $1200 for it! Very, very disappointed! We will never buy another GE product again!!
Frogge58 Send email
Jan 24, 2021

GE Dishwasher GDT695SMJ2ES

Purchased this dishwasher in 2018. Leaked a bit once in a blue moon but couldn’t figure out why. Thought we put dishes in wrong occasionally and the door didn’t close right.
Recently got worse of course after the warranty. Figured out it was the door vent seal and set up. Isn’t properly attached inside the door and the vent cover would pop off. We originally thought it popped off while opening the door because it wasn’t screwed in correctly. Found out it was popping off during service and water going inside the door. Poor design and set up. Will never recommend or buy again. This is not a cheap model to buy but sure was one to own.

GE Dishwasher GDT695SMJ2ES

PSPANO Send email
Jan 22, 2021



I bought a GE dryer from my local home depot and from day one it did not work. The dryer was purchased in November and delivered about 5 weeks ago. That is how long my family has ben without a dryer. I work 12 hour days in a busy Emergency Dept. And I cannot hold on the phone for a representative to answer and when I get home that is the last thing I want to do.
So my dryer was delivered as soon as they left it kept shutting off after 15 minutes of running .The next day it kept blowing a fuse in my house. I had to PAY out of my own pocket thinking I needed to change the fuse that supported that outlet.
He changed it and told me ok start the dryer it still blew the fuse. Called GE they gave me an appointment I left work early ant they never showed.. Made another appointment said they would come after 4 since that is when I would be able to leave my work. They of course called me while I was at work at 3pm said if i didnt show up within 10 minutes they were going to have to leave. Rushing home because I didnt want to miss that appointment the GE repairmen said it was a burnt wire that he would have to change and i am thinking a burnt wire number one thats scary number two the dryer is brand new. Ok it works for one day after a few hours again it started to stop after 15 minutes and I just plugged it out because I felt like it was going to blow the fuse once again. I called GE once again the women tells me that she is going to file and they will call me back this past Tuesday to let me know if they decide to give me a new Dryer and she reassured me that I was probally going to get a new one due to the circumstances. While at work Tuesday night I get a text telling me that I missed the service call and they had come to my house WHATTTTTT noone ever said that a repairman was coming. I need an answer or I am filing this in the courts department. I will never buy a GE product ever again and I will put this E-MAIL ON EVERY CONSUMER WEBSITE i CAN FIND. I am looking foward to your prompt response my case number is 05143586. my cell number is 718-344-9711.
IHATEGE Send email
Dec 31, 2020

New Washing Machine Doesn't Work

I purchased a new GE washer and dryer on October 2, 2020. I was told they would be delivered the next week. Of course, only AFTERWARD was I told that they were on back-order. I finally switched and got a different color, same appliance, and the washing machine was delivered on November 6th, 2020. (It is now December 30 and I still don't have the dryer!) But then my troubles were just beginning! First of all, the delivery people gouged out my wall in two places while delivering the washing machine. Then it turns out that the automatic dispenser didn't work. I had to call GE because the company where I purchased the pair refused to help. After being put on hold for an hour, I got cut off and had to start the process all over again! I had to wait at home all day (sometime between 8 and 4 was my time frame!!) for the repairman to show up--he came just before 4 pm. He "reset" the motherboard and left without even checking to see if it would work. It didn't. Another 2-hour phone call later and they were trying to say I just wasn't giving it a chance. I had to get my gram scale up and weigh out the remaining detergent for an entire two weeks so that I could prove that it really wasn't working. Then they again wanted to schedule for me to wait an entire day for another repair man. Unfortunately I can't waste another day as I've finally gone back to work and they don't have weekend people in my area. Finally, after I threatened to return the washer AND the dryer that I don't have yet, the agreed to pay for a local repairman to come fix my washer. Except now I have to get authorization for parts, and I've waited on hold with GE multiple times for 2 to 3 hours at a time, and can't get anyone to authorize this. I am so fed up! I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase a GE ANYTHING ever again!
fridge Send email
Dec 2, 2020

GE Service

We purchased a GE French door Refrigerator on 8/1/ 2019. Model GNE25JSKKFSS Serial MM312257.
About a month after we bought it we felt it was running too much and had a GE Service come out to look at it.
The tech said it was fine and that it was normal. We called a second time about 11 months later 7/2020 for the same issue.
Again the tech said it was normal.
On Friday 10/30/2020 the Refrigerator stopped working. The Manufacturers 1 year warranty had expired and we had to rely on our extended warranty.
The service tech was here on Monday 11/2/2020 and said the compressor was not working and the cause was either the main board or the relay.
He looked up the replacement part no. and commented that is was odd that they show 8 available but they were also backordered.
He ordered the part and said it would be delivered to our house directly and they scheduled the next service for that Friday 11/6/2020.
The tech called back on Thursday 11/5/2020 to see if they had sent the part. I told him they had not.
I called customer care and was put on hold for over 40 minutes twice. They said the part was no longer available and a new superceded part no. would be shipped to us. They rescheduled the next service for Friday 11/13/2020.
I called GE service on Monday 11/9/2020 and the part had not shipped out yet. They said it would ship today or tomorrow.
When I did not receive the part by Wednesday 11/11/2020, I once again called GE customer service to see when the part would ship and was told that the part was backordered and the could not give me a delivery date.
We contacted the Store where we Purchased the Refrigerator and talked to the Manager. He said he would contact GE and provide us a loaner if there was an issue. Within 30 minutes he called back and said a loaner refrigerator would be delivered the next day Thursday 11/12/2020. It was delivered.
Also on Thursday 11/12/2020 GE Business out of Georgia called and said the part we were waiting for would be shipped out that day and the rescheduled once again for Saturday 11/14/2020.
The part was delivered to our house on Friday 11/13/2020.
The service tech (Jarod) was here on Saturday 11/14/2020. and opened the box that was delivered to us to discover 2 main boards were delivered in the box .He replaced the main board and the relay on the compressor and everything started working. Jarod did a fantastic job and was very professional, knowlegeable, and truthful to us. We have no complaint with him.
Since The repair, the refrigerator has been running far less than it did when it was brand new. That suggests to me that the Refrigerator was defective when we first got it. It also shuts off when it is supposed to.
Also we were compensated for our food loss.
However for all the hoops we had to go through, the phone calls, the inconvenience, GE not knowing if they had the part or not, and goin for two weeks without a refrigerator I will not purchase another GE appliance.

Steve & Mary Wagner
avocahannan Send email
Nov 12, 2020

Very Poor Customer Service

See email string below. I cannot believe this is how GE treats its customers. Canned responses are an insult

Hi Peter,

I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your e-mail. Our records indicate that you have been in contact with our customer service office by phone or chat since sending this e-mail and your inquiry has been addressed.
Thank you for contacting GE Appliances Store! It was my pleasure assisting you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via chat, email or by calling 1-800-432-7167, Monday-Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm EST. Have a great day!
GE Appliance Store
--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: GEA Support [[email protected]]
Sent: 11/9/2020 6:12 AM
Subject: GE Store - Post Purchase Question [Case Number: 04744693]ref:_00D4PxZeh._5004P1IMbu1:ref

Thanks for reaching out to us. A member of our support team will reply as soon as possible. If you'd like to provide any additional information, please reply to this email and your case will be updated.
Case: 04744693
Subject: GE Store - Post Purchase Question
Question: When placing this order it was scheduled for delivery today 11/09. I was supposed to get a message yesterday scheduling the delivery. Is everything still on track for today?

Tue, Nov 10, 10:36 AM (2 days ago)

to General

GE Support,

Thanks for your reply. It is appreciated. I would like to voice a major dissatisfaction with GE's service. I don't think you realize the repercussions of misleading your customers.

1. I ordered the freezer and at that time was given a committed delivery of November 9. Based on that I ordered half a cow to be butchered this week. At the same time I informed my neighbor they could have my small freezer.
2. Monday morning the 9th I checked the order status via GE's phone support and received a commitment from GE that it would be delivered at 2:00.
3. We then proceeded to remove the old freezer and prepare for delivery.
4. I checked the order status several more times and all confirmed 2:00.
5 Finally after 5:00 I decided to wait for someone to talk to. It was at this time that I was informed.
A. There are no freezers in stock whatsoever.
B. It would be at least a month before a freezer is even available, perhaps longer.
C, The 2:00 commitment is a standard default message given to everyone, what a joke and blatant lie.

It is quite obvious to me that GE intentionally misled us and is now causing us harm. Both myself and now my neighbor have immediate need for a freezer that was committed and there are none available. I am very disappointed in GE's Service. I would think that a company the size and stature of GE could do better.

General via

Wed, Nov 11, 6:52 PM (13 hours ago)

Hi Peter,
I am very sorry about this. Sometimes we do get a few in but as soon as they are sold out, the rest of the orders go on backorder. I apologize you were not informed prior to 11/9 about this. I show this is still on backorder and we will email you once this come available.
Right now we have a very high demand on all appliances and are doing our best to provide all models as quickly as possible. If a model is in stock, that stock is very limited and we fill all orders on a first come first served basis. Your order was placed after we ran out of stock but before we could change the status on the website.

I am very sorry for the confusion on this.

Thank you for contacting GE Appliances Store! It was my pleasure assisting you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via chat, email or by calling 1-800-432-7167, Monday-Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm EST. Have a great day!
GE Appliances Store Specialist
SANT Send email
Nov 4, 2020

Rebate Claim

I had a service technician come to my home to service a microwave Model JVM3160RFSS serial number FR219199 in the month of July 2020. Service technician recommended replacement since repair would cost more than replacement. He said we will get a rebate up to 100 USD and website also carried the same rebate. Service technician could not print a receipt on the spot and told us we will get a receipt in an email. We received a service receipt in email and we purchased a new microwave from best buy and installed. We submitted a claim for rebate with GE in the month of July 2020 along with the purchase documents from best buy and the service receipt we got in the email. Claim Reference #MGSC9RKMDT

We spent over 50 hours calling the claims department over 20 times. They insisted they can't accept the service receipt what we got in email and asked us to submit something called long receipt ( I am still trying to understand what the long receipt is).

They were asking us to call a different number for help. When called, they forwarded the call to some one else..... story goes on and on.... We still have not received the rebate ( I would get 50 USD ) even after spending over 50 hours on phone.

I guess we had done a huge mistake in selecting GE.
private user Send email
Sep 2, 2020

GE Profile Model # PVD28BYNFS 4 door bottom freezer

GE Profile Model # PVD28BYNFS 4 door bottom freezer
Looks good, nice lighting inside, ice maker worked reasonably but liked to spit ice cubes all over the floor if you didn't hold your container up high. These are the (only) good points.

One of their service techs named Steve # 537 plain flat lied to me as to how to take a temperature reading in the main food box. The unit never got to 34 degrees which is the lowest setpoint available, would do 37-39 constantly. The middle drawer had temperature swings that were from 26 to 41 depending on what setpoint was selected. It never controlled close to desired temperature. The freezer would go to zero, but if a slightly higher temperature setpoint of 1 or two degrees was selected I observed wild swings up to 15 or 20 degrees.

I have requested online twice additional information as to how I should proceed, only to be ignored for over a month now.

After having to call for the 4th time in less than three months for the same problem I'm demanding my money back. The fridge constantly fails to defrost and of course that ruins a lot of food.

They will not overnight a needed control board. Possible 5-10 business days.

Fortunately for me I bought from a local dealer and he is coming tomorrow to get this worthless product out of my house and has agreed to refund my purchase price.
manardj2 Send email
Jun 10, 2020

Unrepairable Microwave

We purchased our GE Microwave DVM7195EK4ES in December 2019. We had issues with the unit overheating and shutting off from the installation. We have had repair service out many times on this unit. Each time, they would have to order parts and come back. The internal parts have been replaced three times. I cannot heat a cup of coffee within a minute. I was cooking eggs in a micro safe dish for 9 minutes which was the suggested time. They were not done inside. I then cooked them for 11 minutes and the micro fan went on and then the micro shut down and has not come back on. This has been happening from day one of using the micro. I would cook steam vegetables and they would not cook in the time they should and would have to repeat the micro time. This has also caused the micro to shut down. I do believe we have a lemon and I want GE to replace the micro. Each time I call on this the service department tells me that the tech has to declare it a lemon. I feel this should have been done with the first company that came out. They were supposed to and then GE sent out another company. They replaced the same parts that the first company did. I requested the second company to come out and look at the micro because they know what is going on with it. I was scheduled for June 9th. This company called me a day before the schedule appointment and said they will no longer do warranty work for GE so I am stuck with the first company. The second company was familiar with the situation with the micro. Now I have to wait until June 15th for an appointment. GE should know the history of this micro and I should not be burden with this issue. REPLACE THIS LEMON!
Betty Patrick Send email
May 17, 2020

Bad Washer Model #GTW335ASNOWW

I have no use for this washer. Its Impossible to wash a full load of clothes in a half tub of water and instead of actually washing it starts spinning the water out. Clothes come out just as dirty as when they went in. Whoever thought this was a good idea never washed laundry a day in their life. I bought this washer in January 2020. I've hated it since the first load I threw in. This washer is worthless and expensive. I've started taking my clothes to out to wash just so I can have clean whites and dirt free colors. I will never ever purchase another GE. I bought a new GE electric range and the matching dryer to the washer. I bought a Kenmore frig and I wish I had just gone to SEARS and bought all Kenmore products. I would have saved a little money and still had a washer that actually filled the tub with water and gave me clean clothes.

Unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or agree there is something wrong with your product, then this washer and dryer will leave my home to be replaced by Kenmore or Whirlpool and I will never recommend GE to anyone.
Ricbec Send email
Feb 4, 2019


I purchased a GE miciwave 4 months ago, the unit quite heating your service technician replaced some parts and it operated for 4 day did same thing again. The technician is coming back out on 2/6/2019. My question is if it's the same issue how can I put this on the lime law to get a better quility microwave?
giustino Send email
Jan 7, 2019

lack of responiveness

I have registered a complaint at least six times over the past month explaining that a replacement vegetable drawer ordered through a service technician for a ge refrigerator had arrived damaged. despite all of these calls, it was not until last Wednesday that I was told that there was a special department that dealt with such orders-i was promised a call back the next day. that never happened. I called again this morning and was transferred to the 'right' department-which of course it wasn't I now have been on the phone well over an hour, once again waiting to be transferred to the 'right' department. it is no wonder that ge is facing business is clearly deserved. I will never buy another ge product.
gs23116 Send email
May 7, 2018

poor quality

Purchased a ge profile fridge oct.2014. close to a 3000 dollar price tag.. 3 and a half years later may of 2018 it died. Thats right quit working. I called the appliance store where i purchased it and they worked me in that day even though they were busy. Tech replaced a service fan kit only to find out that another computer board had also gone bad. He would have to order it. When he told me that ge supplied them with this service kit because it was prone to fail. Kind of like a recall but customer pays for everything. Looks like Ill be out another 400 bucks and the worse part is I have to wait at least a week for the part since nobody stocks it. WR55X23123. I thought I was paying good money for a superior appliance. Does'nt seem that way now. Also all my other appliances were ge profile. Am I glad I replaced the dishwasher with a meile not a ge. I think Ill do the same from now on.
dfeighery Send email
Apr 26, 2018

GE Cafe series range

Purchased a GE Cafe series range /dual fuel dual oven in summer of 2013 for new home. December of 2016, the lower oven would not heat. GE had no person in our area but we found a repairman that replaced ignitor in lower oven. December of 2017 the ignitor went out again and we had it replaced again paying repairman but part under warranty. When turning oven on, immediately heard a very loud noise but wasnt sure what happened (see pic attached) and oven stopped working again. replaced again and then told repairman about loud noise and he removed plate under oven. (see pic) This now burnt out not only this plate, but the ignitor and the control for lower oven. tried to contact GE because they have new plate for this oven so they know about this hazard but they are having ME purchase the new plate. Tried to put review on GE appliance site and it wont allow.

GE Cafe series range

karbiz03 Send email
Apr 23, 2018

ice maker noise

Purchased a GE side by side fridge in 2003 from Home Depot. The ice maker has been replaced 2 times under warranty. I have contacted GE and provided pictures as well as a video of the noise. The issue is, ice drops behind the ice maker "bucket". The freezer motor or ice maker motor fan is directly under the ice maker. It has a plastic cover underneath the bucket that covers this motor/fan. Ice that drops behind the bucket makes this motor/fan "buzz" so loud you can hear it on the other side of the house. I have to get a butter knife, knock down all the built up ice that is BEHIND the bucket, knock any ice that is atop the place cover down, take my fingers and pull on the cover using the little vent slots in the cover to make the noise stop. About once a month I have to empty my freezer and get all the dropped ice out of every shelf and bottom of freezer. Ice is everywhere. GE offered to send a tech out, at my expense to look at the issue. No thank you. Bad design, even the last GE tech made the same comment but said nothing he could do but replace ice maker with the same one that's already in there. Extremely dissatisfied with this fridge and with GE.
Marilyn Shadid Send email
Jan 19, 2018

GE Refrigerator Freezer defect

We purchased a GE refrigerator through Home Depot 2 1/2 years ago for our home. Recently 2 sides of the freezer panels cracked for no apparent reason. I contacted GE and an appliance repairman came to inspect the damage. He said that he had never seen this happen before and his only explanation was that it was an insulation defect. His inspection revealed that the back panel was also cracked. After speaking with the service department he was told to put a silicone sealer on the cracks so that the freezer compartment would be cold enough to keep the contents reliably frozen. I do not believe that this is a satisfactory solution to our problem. GE offered me a deal for a new refrigerator discounted from retail to a price that I bought the unit 2 1/2 years ago on sale. I am quite dissatisfied with the customer support considering the freezer has been compromised and I believe that it is not unreasonable to expect GE to replace the appliance.
ShellyR Send email
Dec 5, 2017

GE Cafe Refrigerator Customer Service

My first call to GE regarding the hot water being disabled on my Cafe refrigerator. The display supplies the phone number in the message. It's not the correct number, but the parts department transferred me and was very polite. After holding for almost 11 minutes, a man answered. I explained that the hot water was disabled (this terminology is GE's not mine) and he said I should call a plumber. WTF? I told him I was going to pretend he didn't say that. He sighed then asked if the hot water was on. I asked to be elevated to his superior. After a few more minutes, "Jim" answered. He wouldn't give me his last name, an ID number, a call back number, extension, or any identifying information. I'm pretty sure "Jim" was the guy that originally answered my call. I explained the issue to him THREE times. I gave him the model number and he asked if I was sure it's a GE appliance. At that point, I lost it. I'm not sure if it's a man-woman thing or if he's just an ass. At any rate, 30 minutes later, after he literally read the manual to me, we fixed the issue. I then asked to speak to his manager and he told me they were really busy and there was no time for that. I told him I'd hold for hours if necessary. He then told me that the call would probably be disconnected if he tried to transfer me. I asked for a phone number and he said he couldn't give me one. As soon as he transferred the call, it was disconnected. I'm sure he hung up on me. No more GE appliances, electronics or anything else!!
ijtvreeke Send email
Nov 6, 2017


my complaint rides from having to change my water filter but really having to shell out 58 dollars twice a year so your company can maintain a nice stream of money! I paid a good price for this refrigerator and feel that I would not have purchased this brand knowing the high additional costs involved! I should have done more homework but i have owned many many GE products in the past and highly priced water filters were not part of the deal, so I assumed the same for this brand? You have lost a very supportive customer..will not buy GE again! Very disppointed in your company!
Barbara Troia Send email
Sep 26, 2017

G.E French Door freezer unit.

We have had much problems with the freezer unit on our French Door refrigerator-freezer. WE have had service 2 times as it will barely make ice. Also, the temperature rises up to the 30 degree range, and ice cream melts, and other food is not solidly frozen. We used to have Maytag appliances and they always send notices when extended warranty is due to run out. G.E. does not do this. I called for service last Thursday, only to find out our extended warranty expired the 23rd of this month. We have been told even though appointment made while under warranty, there is no coverage for service today. We were told G.E. does NOT send out reminders that warranties are due to expire.

We were told all services that was done last year was covered for 30 days only after installation.
jasathome Send email
Mar 23, 2017

GE flat stop stove

In 2008 I purchased a GE self cleaning stove. Within then first year after using the self cleaning feature I had streaks inside the glass door of the oven.

Because I was under warranty, a technician was sent out to remove the inside panel of the oven door so I could clean the glass. Now all these years later, I have the same problem, only to find out from a repair person hired by my home warranty company that many people who purchased this unit have had the same problem, that GE knew about this, never issued a recall of the oven even though the oven is not made to withstand temperature of 650 for the cleaning cycle which is causing the streaks on the oven door. This repair is not covered under my home warranty.

I contacted GE who sent me instructions on totally removing the oven door, buying a yard stick, wrapping it and sticking it in the oven door to clean the glass or pay almost $100 to have a technician come clean the door.

i am 69 years old, a small woman and cannot possibly remove the oven door. GE recommended that i find a "kind" neighbor to help me.

What is this????

pavibhai Send email
Jan 23, 2017

Defective Induction Cooktop

It is unfortunate that the GE experience is so painful. I paste below a feedback I sent to GE that gives an idea on what the issue is.

I have been without a properly functioning cooktop for 2months since I bought it new, but GE process is completely unhelpful for every call that the cooktop is not working have to wait a week or 10 days for processing.

If there was a process for escalation looks like it is not being followed. To give you a quick lay of the land this is what I have gone through so far:

1. Bought the GE Induction cooktop in November and installed end of november
2. Cooktop turns itself off every 2/3 mins
3. Service technician comes after 1 week after I report the issue
4. Orders parts and wait one more week for the parts and repair
5. Cooktop fixed, tested that it works for 20mins without turning off
6. Next day cooking longer time we see that it goes off around 23mins
7. Again 1 week waiting for engineer
8. Engineer orders parts again waiting for a week
9. Issue is not fixed after changing parts and it starts to make noises now
10. Finally replacement cooktop scheduled after painfully waiting for GE customer service
11. New cooktop arrives 20th Jan, on installation test the cooktop turns itself off in 2/3mins which was the exact same issue in step 2
12. Now waiting another 10 days for your engineer to show up
13. Customer care does not seem to care about the customers pain, no means to expedite the issue.

Not sure how long GE will keep making me do these cycles. Somethings that would have made this better is as follows:
1. We install a different model electric cooktop till the induction cooktop issue is resolved, that way I at least have a functioning cooktop instead of eating out every day now.
2. Means to expedite service time when the issue has been going on for 2 months

Hope this is not just ending up in the recycle bin and I see some compassion from GE.

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