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Marilyn Shadid Send email
Jan 19, 2018

GE Refrigerator Freezer defect

We purchased a GE refrigerator through Home Depot 2 1/2 years ago for our home. Recently 2 sides of the freezer panels cracked for no apparent reason. I contacted GE and an appliance repairman came to inspect the damage. He said that he had never seen this happen before and his only explanation was that it was an insulation defect. His inspection revealed that the back panel was also cracked. After speaking with the service department he was told to put a silicone sealer on the cracks so that the freezer compartment would be cold enough to keep the contents reliably frozen. I do not believe that this is a satisfactory solution to our problem. GE offered me a deal for a new refrigerator discounted from retail to a price that I bought the unit 2 1/2 years ago on sale. I am quite dissatisfied with the customer support considering the freezer has been compromised and I believe that it is not unreasonable to expect GE to replace the appliance.
ShellyR Send email
Dec 5, 2017

GE Cafe Refrigerator Customer Service

My first call to GE regarding the hot water being disabled on my Cafe refrigerator. The display supplies the phone number in the message. It's not the correct number, but the parts department transferred me and was very polite. After holding for almost 11 minutes, a man answered. I explained that the hot water was disabled (this terminology is GE's not mine) and he said I should call a plumber. WTF? I told him I was going to pretend he didn't say that. He sighed then asked if the hot water was on. I asked to be elevated to his superior. After a few more minutes, "Jim" answered. He wouldn't give me his last name, an ID number, a call back number, extension, or any identifying information. I'm pretty sure "Jim" was the guy that originally answered my call. I explained the issue to him THREE times. I gave him the model number and he asked if I was sure it's a GE appliance. At that point, I lost it. I'm not sure if it's a man-woman thing or if he's just an ass. At any rate, 30 minutes later, after he literally read the manual to me, we fixed the issue. I then asked to speak to his manager and he told me they were really busy and there was no time for that. I told him I'd hold for hours if necessary. He then told me that the call would probably be disconnected if he tried to transfer me. I asked for a phone number and he said he couldn't give me one. As soon as he transferred the call, it was disconnected. I'm sure he hung up on me. No more GE appliances, electronics or anything else!!
ijtvreeke Send email
Nov 6, 2017


my complaint rides from having to change my water filter but really having to shell out 58 dollars twice a year so your company can maintain a nice stream of money! I paid a good price for this refrigerator and feel that I would not have purchased this brand knowing the high additional costs involved! I should have done more homework but i have owned many many GE products in the past and highly priced water filters were not part of the deal, so I assumed the same for this brand? You have lost a very supportive customer..will not buy GE again! Very disppointed in your company!
Barbara Troia Send email
Sep 26, 2017

G.E French Door freezer unit.

We have had much problems with the freezer unit on our French Door refrigerator-freezer. WE have had service 2 times as it will barely make ice. Also, the temperature rises up to the 30 degree range, and ice cream melts, and other food is not solidly frozen. We used to have Maytag appliances and they always send notices when extended warranty is due to run out. G.E. does not do this. I called for service last Thursday, only to find out our extended warranty expired the 23rd of this month. We have been told even though appointment made while under warranty, there is no coverage for service today. We were told G.E. does NOT send out reminders that warranties are due to expire.

We were told all services that was done last year was covered for 30 days only after installation.
jasathome Send email
Mar 23, 2017

GE flat stop stove

In 2008 I purchased a GE self cleaning stove. Within then first year after using the self cleaning feature I had streaks inside the glass door of the oven.

Because I was under warranty, a technician was sent out to remove the inside panel of the oven door so I could clean the glass. Now all these years later, I have the same problem, only to find out from a repair person hired by my home warranty company that many people who purchased this unit have had the same problem, that GE knew about this, never issued a recall of the oven even though the oven is not made to withstand temperature of 650 for the cleaning cycle which is causing the streaks on the oven door. This repair is not covered under my home warranty.

I contacted GE who sent me instructions on totally removing the oven door, buying a yard stick, wrapping it and sticking it in the oven door to clean the glass or pay almost $100 to have a technician come clean the door.

i am 69 years old, a small woman and cannot possibly remove the oven door. GE recommended that i find a "kind" neighbor to help me.

What is this????

pavibhai Send email
Jan 23, 2017

Defective Induction Cooktop

It is unfortunate that the GE experience is so painful. I paste below a feedback I sent to GE that gives an idea on what the issue is.

I have been without a properly functioning cooktop for 2months since I bought it new, but GE process is completely unhelpful for every call that the cooktop is not working have to wait a week or 10 days for processing.

If there was a process for escalation looks like it is not being followed. To give you a quick lay of the land this is what I have gone through so far:

1. Bought the GE Induction cooktop in November and installed end of november
2. Cooktop turns itself off every 2/3 mins
3. Service technician comes after 1 week after I report the issue
4. Orders parts and wait one more week for the parts and repair
5. Cooktop fixed, tested that it works for 20mins without turning off
6. Next day cooking longer time we see that it goes off around 23mins
7. Again 1 week waiting for engineer
8. Engineer orders parts again waiting for a week
9. Issue is not fixed after changing parts and it starts to make noises now
10. Finally replacement cooktop scheduled after painfully waiting for GE customer service
11. New cooktop arrives 20th Jan, on installation test the cooktop turns itself off in 2/3mins which was the exact same issue in step 2
12. Now waiting another 10 days for your engineer to show up
13. Customer care does not seem to care about the customers pain, no means to expedite the issue.

Not sure how long GE will keep making me do these cycles. Somethings that would have made this better is as follows:
1. We install a different model electric cooktop till the induction cooktop issue is resolved, that way I at least have a functioning cooktop instead of eating out every day now.
2. Means to expedite service time when the issue has been going on for 2 months

Hope this is not just ending up in the recycle bin and I see some compassion from GE.
ronmyle Send email
Oct 22, 2016


I purchased several thousand dollars of kitchen products 4 years ago. It is the "Cafe" series. Built in microwave, Oven and gas cook top stove. The cooktop stove was not designed very well because the control knobs are plastic and too close to the burners. The flame spreads out from under the cookware and tends to melt the knobs. My main problem is that the built in microwave has a 5 year warranty on the megnatron tube. This is the main part of a microwave that makes it heat up food and liquids. Mine quit working at 4 years. I called GE yesterday (10/20/2016) and discussed my problem with 3 different sections. I kept being told that it is warranted for 5 years and that they would be happy to schedule me a service call (over $250.00) to take a lok at it. I explained that I was fully capable of replacing it and asked if they could send the replacement part. Answer was NO. They want the service money. I bought a new megnatron tube today and replaced it at a cost of $51.00. What good is having a 5 year warranty on a part if they won't replace it? Not worth the paper it is written on. I, myself, will probably not buy another GE product and will not endorse nor encourage anyone to buy from them. All for a $51 part and trying to rip me off with a $250 service charge. So who lost today, me or GE. BUYER BEWARE. GE IS NOT THE COMPANY IT USED TO BE.
SierraLL Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Customer Relations

I purchased a GE Dryer a year ago (8/19) and about 3 weeks ago it stopped blowing hot air. I contacted Sears and then sent our a repair person. He determined the dryer was installed incorrectly and the connection had burnt out. I was told our Dryer was covered until 8/19 and that we would hear from GE within a week to 10 days and a new dryer cord would be mailed via Fed Ex. I received the dryer cord and have not heard from GE. Spent over 2 hours on the phone, was hung up on, directed to people who could not help, etc. Reached out again today and was directed to 4 different people and on the phone for over 50 minutes. The Customer Relations Rep was rude, told me my dryer wasn't covered, I sent her the documentation. Finally after almost an hour I'm getting a new dryer as promised 10 days ago, within 5 - 7 days. Was told them could not expedite it. This is such poor customer service. Will not be buying from GE again.
Mitchell Send email
Feb 11, 2016

GE Monogram Refrigerator

I purchased a GE Monogram Fridge in 2011. We inspected the fridge upon pickup and found no damage However at the five year mark the fridge started making a terrible noise and quit. Upon calling an inspector he discovered that the compressor was bent into the condenser fan, breaking the blade and bending the motor shaft. This repair cost us $2,572.50. I have been told by MABE that they are the manufacturer but that this is not their problem as they only have a two year warranty. I hold the opinion that this is definately not my problem because the fridge appeared fine upon inspection. Please let me know what you can do to help us rectify this situation.
Telephone Mitch at 780-499-8600 or [email protected]
Thank you
[email protected] Send email
Jan 11, 2016

GE Appliances

My husband and I built a new home in 2012 and spent SEVERAL thousand dollars putting GE appliances in it. First, the dryer. I bought this as a set. The button on the new front loading dryer is made of plastic and the button pushed thru into the panel exactly 13 months after purchase. Now I have to start my dryer with the eraser end of a pencil. Second, the refrigerator with the water and ice dispenser in the door is not working. The lights have went out on the panel which designates whether the ice or water is to be dispensed. Now, the computer panel on the frontloading washer is out. $400 to fix. These appliances are not even 4 years old. My washer and dryer are only used for 3-4 loads a WEEK. I have called about repair of these items and the service time is a MONTH. Can someone tell me how I am supposed to do without a washer/dryer/stove/refrigerator/dishwasher/freezer for a month to wait for service? And the cost of getting any of these items fixed seem to not be cost effective. I paid a lot of money for these products and I am not getting the quality I thought I would get according to the cost I paid. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE GE PRODUCTS AGAIN.
jainvipul999 Send email
Nov 30, 2015

File No 9404781304

We logged a complaint for malfunctioning of Washer purchased 3 months back and made numerous calls to customer care but no one is responding. Can you please look into the matter

My Name - Vipul Jain
Number - 416-567-6340
olive Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Stand up Freezer

Freezer Model FUF 17svdrww Serial Number TV136851 Brought this freezer less than three years ago and it is after giving out. there is no warranty after a year.purchased control easy set and still not working .I am not satisfied with Freezer had to throw out at least 400.00 dollars in meats due to no warning because the alarm did not go off.This freezer should of had a longer warranty and GE should stand by their products. my name is Olive Howell my gmail address is [email protected] My Address is 119 Highland Drive ST. JOHNS NEWFOUNDLAND
kellydoke Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Malfunctioning Dishwasher

Purchased a Model: PDT760SSF1SS dishwasher. It does not dry the dishes 80% of the time. GE reports that it is "working as designed" and refusing to do anything about the malfunction. The unit skips the rinse and dry cycle most of the time but occasionally works. GE won't do anything for us. The technician confirmed that it was junk and there was nothing he could do as GE needs to replace it with a new unit. We are stuck with a $1,000 piece of junk.
Edn Send email
Apr 24, 2014

Poor Service

Built a new home.. Put several thousand dollars worth of GE appliances in it. Six months after moving in the clothing washer stopped with clothing inside and the door locked. First call made to GE the next day 4-3-2014. Service tec at the house at 9pm on April 4, 2014. He was able to open the door , but told me he needed a new part. New part was ordered. Tec didn't returned till April 15th. But the wrong part was sent by GE. New part ordered that day, for overnight delivery. didn't arrive till 4-17-14. BUT wrong part sent again by GE. New part ordered (again) for overnight delivery. and it arrived the next day... WRONG part again, that 3 times... Its now the 18th of April. I called customer service again. I was told how sorry they are..( for the 50th time)... Then told I was going to get a new washer... GREAT ! It will be delivered on April 22nd.... April 21st I received a call and told I will be getting a new washer. I told them that I had received that info on Friday the 18th and that it would arrive on Tuesday the 22nd...They told me NO, it will be another 5 days.. I got more upset... Why does everyone at GE LIE to me.??? This women said that it would be shipped on the 22 or 23. It is in a warehouse in Baltimore, Md. Which is about an hour from my home. But it will take several days to get it to my home... On the 23rd I spoke to the install company and they told me that they will not put me on their list until the washer arrives at their building.. so I told them it will be there on the 23rd or 24th and it would be fine if they can deliver it at anytime on those days. I was told they cant do that. I told them to pencil me in for the 23rd. they said NO. On the 23rd I called them again and found out the washer was at their building. I said OK. what time will it be at my home on Thursday.. Since they are only about 30mins from my home.. They told me they can't make the delivery until Friday now...You have to be kidding.... I said please have it delivered early Friday... They told me they start deliveries about 730am. I told them that would be fine and they said OK...... Thursday I received a recorded message that they will be here between 11am and 3pm. THATS NOT EARLY....So I called them again. There records don't show any request by me for an early delivery.... So it is now Thursday night the 24th of April. Still NO washer in my home and I expect that Friday I will be told to wait till next week. In the past month I have sent two e-mail to the Corporate Offices but got NO reply... I'm feed up with the delays and lies..... It will be over 20 days without a washer... My question would be ..." If the CEO of GE had a bum washer would he have to wait a month to get a new one?" I think NOT.... My advise to everyone will be DON'T buy anything from GE because the service sucks.

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