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slasher Send email
Aug 25, 2020

Global Discovery Vacations - Scam

Don't even bother with the "90 minute" presentation which is really over a 2.5 hours hard sales pitch - don't believe the promise that you will get a "free" 3 night stay at a hotel or "free airfare" anywhere in the continental US. At the end of this completely wasted time, they give you a brochure with options (none of which are the promised ones) all of which require multiple hoops to jump through and non refundable upfront deposits (or you have to buy one to get one). Complete liars. And DEFINATELY DON'T BUY INTO WHAT THEY ARE SELLING!
madatglobal Send email
Oct 28, 2018

not completly a complaint

We have been members of Global for over 20 years. We recently we sold into the so-called star program. However, when we first joined global we took all 4 weeks back-to-back in Florida during February and March. Now we are told we can only use two consecutive weeks per trip. This is the complaint about global being a rip-off and unfair to its members. The problem global has is not enough properties for the people they get to pay into their system. They show wonderful beachfront condos but very few of these are where we are wanting to go at the times we desire to get there. They keep asking us to recommend others to join but we cannot in all honesty recommend global
placona Send email
May 25, 2018

No Complaint

I've been a member for 14 years, used it for two years, feel like I got my moneys worth the first two years if you figure the cost of hotels, didn't use it for 10 years never cost me a penny , wanted to starting using it again paid my activation fee after 10 years and starting using it again, use it six times a year never have a problem finding a place, love the expressways , no regrets love this club don't understand the complains
meerkat Send email
Apr 20, 2018

U.S. Mail

I received a letter for someone named Agatha Gallo and Jack Salmon at my home address there is no one her by that name it looks inportant if you could call them and tell them that I have there letter so that they don't miss it. My name is Timothy Olsen at 79 S. Lodge Ln Lombard Il
FakeXposed Send email
Jan 4, 2018

Scams Sexual and Sexual Harassmoment under one roof!!!!

I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't post a complaint about this BOOTLEF company!!!! It's awful. First of all, I think the front desk lady was drunk. The kindest person there was the lady giving out cookies and watching the kids. But I disliked the way they spoke to her. They treated her like some maid!!! She was passing out cooking, sweeping, and watching the kids!!!! I just didn't appreciate the way the staff talked down to her.
So forwarded to sitting in a big room with tables and music UNPROFESSIONAL from the music to the staff. The fellow we sat with was pretty cool but the "SUITS" were the worst. They just eye-ball everybody. Seems of you were dressed nicely you were treated nicely and if you were dressed down, you were laughed at or suspected of being homeless. And to add insult, they was a lady there who was noticeably attractive, there were two "SUITS" who were practically drooling over her and making gestures behind her back!!!! I just can't believe professional people do this!!!!
The presentation SUCKED!!!! It was a whole stand up
Comedy routine to distract their "potential" buyers (same reason why they play loud music). The speaker seemed to be out of his mind. Yeah, we laughed, but we left the presentation with a bunch of questions we weren't willing to stay and ask because it was just too long of a show. I was over it by the time we had to go back out and sit again. That's where it all went downhill.
We were dressed in lounge wear so not one of the "suits" wanted to talk to us it seems 25 minutes passed before anyone came over. By that time I was LIVID. Even now livid when our "suit" basically asked my husband if he was screwing me right cause I had an attitude!!! His words: "Aye man, is she getting any cause she is mean." "I just asked because that's how my girl acts when she needs it." At that point my husband was tapping my leg underneath the table. He knew I was about explode. This "suit". (Think his name was J or Jason) still had the nerve to offer us a deal. It was 4 stars and 4 expressways with unlimited cruises for $7k I started to laugh. He walks away, comes back with one less sat for 6k, all the way down to $3500. What a joke. I checked out the website for the sake of my representative guy. He aka me to just look before leaving. I immediately noticed weeks that NO ONE is likely to travel and places people most likely WOULD NOT GO.
Listen to me DO NOT BUY!!!
Venusfraudtrap Send email
Dec 28, 2017

Global is a scam!!!!

These people are animals. Just listen the
I six they play while you are waiting before and after the actual presentation. I heard the word NIGGER several times in a song, I saw this other guy in a suit and tie twerking for all to see, and the worst part of it is watching them mock and make fun of everyone around them NOT COOL!!! ANd to add insult they asked me to spend 10k, for what; burn weeks of timeshare!!!! Like really? Slimey sales people, and product that is recycled, no thanks!!!
K9BOB Send email
Nov 16, 2017


CONTRARY TO THERE PRESIEThe renewal fee will be added continuously every year as long as you have a loan on this account regardless if you use it or not they still charge you the renewal fee every year when I called to complain about it they told me my current contract stated as long as I owed money that they would continuously charge me after reviewing my contract it's not true and THEY ONLY TOOK MONEY OFF DID NOT REFUND ME THE OVERCHARGED INTEREST RATE NOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF PAYMENTS BACK FOR NOT USING THEIR SERVICES WHICH ARE GARBAGE. I think this would be a good time for a class action lawsuit for all the people that been charged over the years when they haven't been using their membership.
debbie 82 Send email
Oct 19, 2017

Thank God for reviews

We received a letter in the mail yesterday.We have been promised a free condo, 8 days and 7 nights free. So I typed in the website that I was given. "website not found". So I typed in the website I was given in 2007. "no website found". I then googled GDV, this is were I found all the complaints. THANK YOU EVERYONE for the heads up!!! We quit using GDV 8-9 yrs ago. We realized it was a rip off, Because we had a lot of problems back then.. With that said, if anyone can figure out away to get our money back, I"M IN
Kprisock Send email
Sep 19, 2017

Upgrade in membership.

We purchased our global discovery membership in the 2011, bought and paid in full for 4 stars during any season. since our purchase then we have been able to take one vacation through the company. Just recently we got a phone call to come and check out the new "upgrade" to the membership. So excited thinking that maybe we were having something new going on and making our timeshare better we went to watch this presentation. What does turn out to be was another high-pressure sales pitch trying to get us to purchase more for a "new" membership. We declined because I figured any new properties that were added would be part of our paid for membership.

Well since this new membership came out we have not been able to see any discounted weeks we have not been able to get any of the promotional $99 weeks. Today I went to go log into their website to look at vacation for me and my husband and I see that my weekly charge has gone up $30 a week. I know that they said that we could possibly have an increase in our weekly cost but I would think they would send out an email or a letter informing us of the increase in price. I am really disappointed with this company and how they're treating all of the original members. I made a call to the company to voice my displeasure with them and they informed me that this is not new condos to the company but A new program they are selling. They have added thousands of new condos and apparently camp grounds which do not interest me at all. I am guessing they took away a bunch of condos that were available to me at one point, and added onto this new program which I have no access to, and going forward they will only be adding new condos to the new program so my membership completely useless . They told me as an original member I can get it for a discounted price of 5000 more dollars. This is a complete scam I would stay far away from them as possible.
moneymerge Send email
Aug 25, 2017

Website upgrade

I myself got caught into this scam also, they invited me for membership review, it turns out they want to sell me a website upgrade, I already paid in full for this garbage, now they want to steal more money by telling me that the new website is not theirs, it's from conglomerate (whatever that is). it's a scam that we need to file a class lawsuit to get these crips give us our money back or fix it.
moneymerge Send email
Aug 25, 2017

Pure scam

I myself got caught into this scam also, they invited me for membership review, it turns out they want to sell me a website upgrade, I already paid in full for this garbage, now they want to steal more money by telling me that the new website is not theirs, it's from conglomerate (whatever that is). it's a scam that we need to file a class lawsuit to get these crips give us our money back or fix it.
Sandee Send email
Jul 13, 2017


We have never been able to use ours since we purchased in 2012. Now they call us to show how we can schedule 3 weeks in advance! WOW that's great and give a $75 gift card. Well, the 3 weeks in advance is a hoax, he told us no no it is 60 to 120 days in advance. WOW guess what ??? We were there 2.5 hours and at the end they try to sell us an upgrade for an additional $5,000. We can't even get a trip using what we have now....So, of course we don't buy into it. Came home thought let's use this old one we have, tried to book clear into March 2018 still don't have anything available. Don't buy into this deal. They are scammers.
We went to the meeting on 7/11/17.... So, this is current scam
Brady0808 Send email
Jun 28, 2017


My husband and I went to this presentation last week. We did not wanted to purchase this for the cause of the $$ and our gut feelings about it. They wouldn't say no . Really felt pressure into doing this. They even drop the price in almost half.
We left the office in Ormand Beach went straight home and had my son look at the contact. In all reality one must have a lawyer to review this contract in reality it is like a reality purchase.
The following day we text the sales person, then faxed the cancelation and mailed the cancelation over night with return receipt to KY their main office.
Thursday and Friday this presentation office is closed.
Starting Saturday the phone has been ringing from a caller Brooke... asking me why??? told him we did have some personnel reasons and want this canceled. He calls back again (in the meantime he is leaving voice mail and which turns into text messages. )
Sunday another call from him .. NO , NO please credit my credit card for $7495.00 now. Still can't take NO for an answer.. WTH
Ask me why are "YOU" so different from the day we first met?? Cause you can't take NO for an answer. Tr y to sell me an one week program with a free week.. what language do you understand so I can say it..
After several more calls. ..
I called my credit card and explained everything to them.. they told me to keep track of everything and all calls..
Last night I called the toll free number and I still have a contract with them. Really. WTH. tells me to call back in the am.
Few minutes later she calls me back and says oh, your contract was canceled but you still have to call back in the am regarding your refund.
Called back this am and to find out the "presentation office" in ORMAND BACH just release my contract yesterday....asked WHY??
just in case we changed our minds..
Told them that I was going to write a review and contact the BBB, Federal Trade Commission, and etc.
This company are usually aiming for vacationers... since they were so surprised to see "local" invited to this.
The reason for this is that you have only 3 days to cancel.. and most don't realize it till they get home and it's too late.
VACATIONERS..... enjoy your vacation. Don't do it.
Brady0808 Send email
Jun 28, 2017

Don't waste your time going to presentation

We were invited to this presentation recently. They were surprised we were "locals" since most were visitors.
Really didn't want this scam, but husband felt it might be something good for "me."
After a 90 minute long presentation and much pressure... tried to explained that this is something we need to discuss since my husband does have health issues and more pending..
They dropped the price from in almost half. Tried to google the company but the wifi wasn't the best.
After must stupidity we signed the contract and pay the $7500.00 in full on a credit card. (thankfully a 24 months free interest)
Got home and after much research we decided this was not for us. I actually looked up some of the hotels that I know and they weren't the nicest ones. Yes they did have a few nice ones, however there is a limit of the resorts and more guest vs availability.
We texted the sales person Jay, faxed over the cancellation to KY and mailed the cancelation forms to KY overnight return receipt all within 32 hrs. Have 3 days to do it.
But this office is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.
On Saturday I got a phone call from "Brooke" asking me "why" told him we didn't want it due to many personnel reasons and please credit our card. Kept telling me Why, again we do not want I hung up.
Minutes later I get another phone call from him.. Really along with many voice mail which thank goodness my voice mail turns into text message too.
Again Sunday he calls me again. Really. Telling me I can buy one week and he will give me one week.;.. Which part of NO don't you understand.
He asked me "you were so nice the day we met.... now you aren't being nice. Just credit my card NOW... or I will go else where with this. He goes on Why?? can't we talk.
In the mean time I did call my credit card the day we canceled everything.. been 7 days and still charges pending.
As for their free gift I filed them.. in the shredder.
This is nothing but a huge scam. Stay away. Wish I read about this prior
Lwbruce Send email
Apr 4, 2017


Went to a presentation that was to take no more than 90 minutes, 2.5 hours later we, did not buy and left to get our "promised gifts", Chris the guy that signed us up at the Jacksonville Home and Patio show, promised a 7 day 6 night cruise on Norwegian, Carnival , and I forgot the 3rd line,100 dollars, and a 2 night stay at any hotel in the US, hmm, they gave us a debit card for 100.00, only thing we got that was correct!! Cruise was only for 2 days,on a small falling apart ship, and the costs were more than taxes and fees, the hotel group that books the rooms tell you that you only get a 2 maybe a 3 star hotel, but you don't know what hotel it is until a few days before your arrival, and it costs you 65.00 to reserve! Nothing but a scam!!!!!!!!
lledds Send email
Feb 14, 2017

Global Connections: SCAM

My husband and I "purchased" a membership to this fine organization (said hugely with tongue in cheek) and because we were military, they "gave" us a better deal... at this juncture I do not recall what it was because that was 8 years ago (around 2009). We had to move to another state, and tried on numerous occasions to call, but the phone number in PHX had been disconnected. Darn. Wasted $$$!

Just this week, my husband received an e-mail with an invitation to call a PHX number because the company was "reorganizing"... Tried to call, and no one answered--I left a message, and honestly expect No One to return my call.

I will have to agree with the majority of entries here. This organization is a scam and I wish to God we had never bit off on it.....
Happycondoliving Send email
Dec 15, 2016

Not a complaint

I have been a member of Global Vacation Club, now Global Connections, for probably over 20 years. I have used it several times in Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and The Big Island of Hawaii. The rooms are always adequate. Usually dated, but they also usually are very close to the beach. I have never seen bugs in my rooms. Agreed that sometimes the rooms could have been a little cleaner, but they never have "grossed me out." I have never had any problems with the people who work for these condos. I was able to give a week in a two bedroom condo to my daughter who took her family of five to a Volleyball Tournament near Disney World in FL. They loved their home away from home. I used it myself for two weeks in AZ last Feb. The Sedona condo was beautiful. We had a couple of minor problems, and they took care of them. The Tucson one was more like a Jr. suite in a hotel, but still nice enough. They did not give us fresh dish towels when we turned them in, but learned you just had to ask. I do not feel scammed by this company. I feel blessed to have had all the travel experiences I have had, due to the purchase of this Club. I also want to say Thanks to them for not charging me a yearly maintenance fee unless I actually use their condos, and for keeping that fee to a much lower price than Timeshare people charge. The people who have helped me find a condos have always been professional, friendly, and very helpful. I would recommend this company to friends, and have already done so!
nilda1960 Send email
Dec 14, 2016


My partner and I purchased the package and paid in full. We have never been able to travel because every flight is either not available or we can't book what we want. How do we get a refund on the money we spent.
Olga Nilda Gonzalez
Aug 31, 2016


I am TRULY DISGUSTED with Global Discovery Vacation and Ocean Forest Plaza Myrtle beach penthouse #2307. Tis is my first time using Global since I paid for it in full. I stay there from August 19-26, 2016. The penthouse was beautiful, breathtaking view and enough space for two couples. The beds needs to be upgraded and the small 19 in color TV's needs to be upgrade also. Long story short...I invited my sister and her husband to join us in Myrtle Beach because they were celebrating there 5th Anniversary and I want to treat them to a little get away. I got there Friday Aug 19, my sister got there Monday evening Aug 22. I went grocery shopping to stock the refrigerator so that I could cook a nice big dinner. After we ate our big dinner Tuesday evening and cleaned up we all left. When I got back and turned on the lights low and behold I saw THREE ROACHES running on the kitchen counter top....freaked the living shit out of me. I was able to kill them and I wrapped them up in paper towel and foil. I threw ALL my food away over a 175.00 dollars worth of grocery. Wendy from Club Loco (they service Global member) call and I told her about the situation and the next day went to see her. I brought her the dead ROACHES and a video that my brother-in-law video taped of ROACHES crawling up the wall in there bedroom. THIS IS TRULY UNACCEPTABLE. So my sister and here husband packed up and left and stayed with his family members. So on check out day the cleaning people was waiting for me to leave and I told them that this place has ROACHES and they said and I quote "I know.... where up there" (pointing to the cabinets above the kitchen sink) I said," there on the counter tops and in the bedroom". They said and I quote" we have been cleaning this place for the last 4 weeks and have told maintenance and have yet to see them. So that's telling me that Global Discovery Vacation and Ocean Forest Plaza Penthouse #2307 has been renting out this place KNOWING they have ROACHES. I have contacted Corporate and spoke with a Gloria. I need Global Discovery Vacations to MAKE THIS RIGHT! They offered to return one of my stars....and that's not good enough because I don't plan on paying the Annual Fee for 2017 so what good is returning a star if I don't plan to use it.
Suso Send email
Aug 3, 2016

Global Discovery Vacations

Love this club. Have had no problems and have been to many places very cost effective. If we don't use it in that year we don't pay a dime. We have been to Kauai beachfront, St Marten another beautiful beachfront property.
shelva40 Send email
Jul 19, 2016

global discovery vacations

We have spent almost $10,000 to join GDV. We can only travel in February. They led us to believe that there were wonderful vacations we could take. Now, as I am trying to book a condo,. and have been since February 2016, they are telling me there is no inventory where we want to go. They gave my a couple options of other places, but the airfare is over $1000 per person, which we can't afford.!!
I just want my money back.!! Then I can take my 10 grand and go where I want, when I want.
Please, someone take these cases for us and get our money back!!!
CarolynC Send email
Jul 18, 2016

Love our GDV

We bought ours two years ago. We did not take the first offer they gave us and the price did come down as the presentation went on. We like the ability to use timeshare type properties and a fraction of the cost. We like that we only pay the annual fees (which are very reasonable) on the years we use the properties. You do have to change your typical vacation selection methods. We decide what area of the country we want to go and then call to find out the closest location to that. We may not vacation exactly where we plan to travel but have seen places we never would have seen had we not had the plan. We have stayed in Gatlinburg (2X), Myrtle Beach and Colonial Williamsburg. All properties were wonderful. We look at what they say online and it's been a pretty good indicator of what to expect. We travel and stay in places we would otherwise never go due to cost. I enjoy our vacations.
Azita Send email
Jul 8, 2016

Global discovery vacations

They Gave us false promises and charged us $ 4500
I want my money back and cancel my contract ASAP
Dizzy Send email
Jul 2, 2016

You need to make it work for you

After reading some of the complaints against Global Discovery, I felt I had to write about my experiences. My sister and her husband bought 4 stars about 2012 and they hate it and have never used it. However, they can never agree about where they want to go and make plans in advance. Also, they only looked at locations on the website. After the initial purchase, they have not paid a cent in annual fees because they don't use it.

I bought 6 stars in 2013 for $7900, and I love it! In 2014 I booked a week in Ireland in May and two 2-bedroom condos at the Prince Resort in Myrtle Beach in July. Beautiful beachfront property. Last year I booked a 2 bedroom condo on the beach in Myrtle Beach in July and one bedroom for a week in Costa Rica in September. Both properties were OK, but the one in Myrtle was a Wyndham property and it wasn't as nice as the Prince from the year before. We also booked a getaway week at Calaway Gardens in Georgia in March. Beautiful! In 2016 I already used a 2 bedroom beautiful condo with ocean view in Ft. Lauderdale in February. Friends stayed with us and we had plenty of room. I have also booked a one bedroom in Puerta Vallerta for September. For 2017, I have already paid my dues and booked the same beautiful condo in Ft. Lauderdale in February and booked two 2-bedroom condos oceanfront in Myrtle Beach in July.
You need to know where you want to stay and book early. Here it is July of 2016 and I already have all my vacations n 2017 booked and paid for. The accommodations have always been clean, with a partial or full kitchen, and exactly as advertised on the website. When you call them and tell them what you want, they will email you back with reservations for you to accept or decline. Last year they offered a condo in Ft. Lauderdale which I declined---and when we went to Florida I looked it up to see if I should have declined it and I am glad I did.

To make the most of your membership, you need to call them as far in advance as you can and not just look at the website. You need to tell them what you want, then answer their emails promptly and examine the websites of the accommodations that they offer.

Oh, my sister who also bought? Today she is in Virginia Beach in July---not oceanfront, but ocean view---using my membership. With Global I was able to give her a vacation for $165.

Because we travel a lot I also bought a Wyndham Discovery package, which is their 2 year trial package, for $4000. What a rip off. It will pay for about 3 weeks. You must book 10 months in advance and you must call 9:00 am exactly 10 months in advance of your arrival date, or you get nothing. Last winter we had a studio apartment in Pompano Beach, Florida, in February, and it was so small we couldn't stand it. This year I called to get something better exactly 10 months in advance to be told that everything was already taken by their platinum members who can book 13 months in advance. Also, if you buy Wyndham and you don't use it, you still need to pay the annual fee unlike Global Discovery. I will probably lose over 100,000 points($1000 worth) because I can't use them before the two year period ends.

So, if you travel and you know where you want to go--Global Discovery is great. Call them and tell them what you want. They will be polite and work hard to get you what you want. Just use the website for ideas, they have more properties than they show. I feel that our package has just about paid for itself and we have only had it 4 years. You need to make it work for you.
RomineL Send email
Jun 21, 2016

Global Connections

My husband and I are also "suckers". If there is a way to get out of this, please let us know. We still owe over $2,000 and have not even been able to use it even one time. I looked up vacations in Florida...and yes you guessed it, there was nothing available for the times we needed to go. This was months in advance too. Like all of the people in the above emails, we feel stupid for falling for this scam. If anyone can offer suggestions or and kind of help, we would be more than grateful. Thank you!

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