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Government Vacation Rewards

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

ezlindsey Send email
May 19, 2019

Terrible customer service

I have booked about five vacations with this company however this past booking some things went wrong and when I tried to call customer service to get them corrected I got the runaround I was treated rudely and I got no resolution to my problem. I will never book a vacation with this company again.
ddwsn0709 Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Only One Complaint

Only complaint I have is I called CS to check on vacation reservations and service person tried to get me to buy more points! I told him Dude! I'm trying to take my 1st vacation with you guys! Let me find out how well it goes before y'all start upgrading me? Outside of that everything else is as advertised.
[email protected] Send email
Mar 28, 2019

They dont do what they say

Well they do not see or here what there people that join matter. they said I had life time membership but they do not put my points together. I paid $2200. they ahould give money back. 919-943-3441
4Keshawn Send email
Feb 13, 2019

Points wiped clean before they were due to expire

I purchased a package for $1800 and when attempting to redeem my points the day before expiration they were gone. This was on Saturday night and the office would not open again until Monday morning. When I called Monday I was told they would work on the issue and call me back on Tuesday. No one called me, so I called them only to be connected to my account manager who told that there was nothing they could do, but they were kind enough however; to offer me the opportunity to buy another vacation package, for $1700 and would give me 89,000 points and 1800 in cash credits. Please do not fall for the scheme. You can get better deals if you go to a travel agent or if you are like me and in the military the Military installations' offer better discounts for various seasons and activities and you can actually choose your location. I was not military when I initially signed up with the fraudulent company. I'm taking it as a lesson learned. BEWARE...STAY AWAY!!!!
jmjrtyhs Send email
Nov 30, 2018

GVR....Liars and a big SCAM!!

I was scammed out of $1,500 for membership. GVR promised HUGE discounts when booking using GVR. For one complete year, I tried booking online with GVR, called them many times (no answer or they would hang up) and never, ever got one single vacation or cruise booked using GVR. I requested a full refund of my $1,500 and never got one cent back. GVR is a SCAM!!!!! Stay away from GVR.
Hate Scammers Send email
Oct 3, 2018


I could type paragraph after paragraph but it would just mirror what is already said on this site. Not sure why the Military Star Card even allows this company to operate under its umbrella. After a 30 minute pitch from some clown in Arizona, I finally got disgusted and hung up. So STAY AWAY!!!
Hate Scammers Send email
Oct 3, 2018


First I got a card in the mail - after being a basic member for over 5 years now and with no contact from them at all - asking me to "activate it" so I called the number. Then I got a high pressure sales pitch from some bumpkin - the pitch MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER if you listen to it.

They want you to pay $2,199 (but then he cuts it down to $1,699) and RIGHT NOW TOO AS HE WANTS YOU TO START PAYING TOO for the opportunity to get deals in the future. Not sure why the Military Star Card even allows this scam to go on? Plus, if you don't pay the money and become a member, you can't "see" all of the deals offered purportedly on their exclusive website. Bottom Line: No perceived value-for-money in what you are paying for with this "deal."

I listened to this for about 30 minutes - nonstop patronizing until I had to hang up because I got sick and tired of his same old-same old lines. Don't be scammed!!!
callie132003 Send email
Aug 16, 2018

We don't belong to US

We'll I signed up for GOV and I'm very unhappy with their service. First, you pay to join their site, then you book a cruise, and then book your plane tickets. So, when you’re talking to these people, you tell them where you want to go for a vacation, give them your dates. This is when they take the time to talk to you. So, they get your money for joining, they give you what you want for your vacation. The one thing that is not on the website or when you’re talking to the person on the other line don’t care about you after they book your trip.
Example one: They booked my cruise, the lady Julie was very nice, she booked all my staterooms with no hiccups (she made sure to state in the remarks, that since my daughter- in- law was confined to her wheelchair, she could not walk one step). She always answered all my questions, my emails without having any type of attitude. On the other hand, when I called for flights for six people, I informed them that my daughter -in -law was in a wheelchair and she could not walk. I told the flight person that we were leaving MCI and going to Jacksonville, FL. Instead of booking us to Jacksonville Fl., we were booked to go to Jacksonville, NC. I had no ideal there were two airports with the same name in two different states. Because the seats were so far back on one of the flights, I went in change the seats which cost $44.00 which cost me $264.00 a person to move us up closer to the door, because again, my daughter- in- law can’t walk, and again they knew this prior to me booking the flights. Again, who would have to question the travel agent about your flight information. So, I was so happy that the flights, the cruise was all booked. The airline people were also great. The main reason I decided to do this is because my son got married and we all have never been on a cruise. Now, since the cruise we have had so many problems, like wrong airport, wrong seats for a handicap (person, that can’t walk), couldn’t find the chair to get her on and off the planes in one airport. They had to hold up the flight from Atlanta back to Missouri. It took over 20 minutes to find the chair, get her off the flight, then she was told she couldn’t go to the bathroom because they plane has been waiting and put her on the flight that was held up for just her for over 20 minutes.
Example two: We finely get on the ship and then we are confronted with another issue, that is far worse. My daughter- in- law and her mother and I went to excursions desk, and found out that Carnival cruise ships that go to the Bahamas t do not have to cater to people in wheelchairs. They stated that we are not like the United States and belong to Britain so if she can’t walk she can’t do anything because she can’t go through the sand.
Example three: When you book things for the cruise, you can request to have room decorated One was supposed to be Honeymooners and the other with Happy Birthday. Neither rooms had nothing even after I told one of the stewards about it, I thought they would do it, no. I booked for 8 on the bus to return from the ship, couldn’t use it because of my daughter in law can’t walk.
Example four: I was told from the GOV place about my charges, the first person informed me I was supposed to get a refunded around $200 dollar and it would take up to 5 days after the cruise. That didn’t happen. When I called back a week after the 5 days, and talked to someone else and she sent me a invoice that only happened on the ship not what I paid for over the internet prior to sailing.
This is what you call a vacation from hell, when there is no relief in sight. I called again today to talk to a supervisor and it took over 19 minutes to be transferred from the travel office (I thought) to get transferred to another person in the GOV. Again, I requested a supervisor but still no supervisor. After being then he transferred for the third time, I still had not spoken to a supervisor. Again, another person that was not a supervisor. The last person was to me very rude to me, and tried to state I’m the one that is at fault, because I had 24 hours to cancel my airline reservations. I tried to explain that I didn’t know there were two airports with the same name on the east coast. She kept saying that the person who booked the flight should have repeated themselves several times and that they should have known that were booked on the wrong flight to the wrong airport. Again, how should this be my fault. I called back two months later, and booked two more flights, again I didn’t know that a travel company didn’t know they had booked me to the wrong state. Your computers should be linked up you would think, but I guess that would be a great ideal, if you are a travel service.
navi0108 Send email
Jul 21, 2018

Charging more fees

My experience this time with Government Vacation Rewards is a little pleasant than my previous transactions because of Karla who assisted me in the process; however, I can't wait for my membership that I paid for to end and still completely unsatisfied with my useless and wasted membership. Throughout of all my transactions with this company, I always get ripped off in some ways and I am understanding more that this company will not save me some money but rather pay more or a stress free planning for a vacation as it created a lot of stress just to get the best deal before I can have a nice vacation.

I was booking a hotel for Palazzo Las Vegas on 21 July 2018 and here's my experience with the system when comparing it with other online service.

1. The average hotel per night for govvacationreward was $166.88/night while with hotel.com was $164.88. With taxes and fees, govvacation costs $654.00 while hotels.com was $623.15. There's already a price difference of about $30.85. Though the agent was able to reimburse me $10 since I made a research so there will be a price difference of about $20.85. Still paying more with govvacationrewards than hotels.com.

2. hotels.com have an additional discount which lessen the cost from $623.15 and with taxes and fees, customer pay only $549.60. with govvacationrewards, it is still the same at $654.00 plus an additional charge of 18% for service fee because I wanted to use my points to be converted into dollar value and I can only do it over the phone, not online. so it would almost sum up to $771.72. I will end up paying $222.12 more than booking online with hotels.com. My agent end up not charging me when I addressed that issue; however, I am still paying more.

3. I cannot use my savings credit in the transaction because I am converting my points into dollar value that I already earned and paid. The system can only let you use one or the other. When paying with credit or debit card, the savings credit can be applied to the transaction. However, the points that was earned and paid for, savings credit cannot be used so I can save some money that was supposed to be part of my membership. The savings credit was $119.00 for the particular transaction. That was a possible $119.00 I could have used to saved for my vacation.

Overall, this company will charge me or other customers in other way possible. The agents are helpful but you will end up doing your own research to find the best deal out there and will cause you a lot of stress because of frustration.
wlesk Send email
Jul 12, 2018

No complaint

I just received this card in the mail today. After reading all these complaints, I promptly cut the card up and trashed it. The internet is great for exposing these scrammers. Thanks everyone for your imput to this dishonest company.
DIanazucchi Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Additional charges

Lesson earned— like everyone else I paid a lot more than the actual value— now I have been charged a $50.00 service fee in addition—-i’d join the class action if it happens

[email protected]com
Epoland Send email
Mar 14, 2018

Government vacations rewards

This company is the worst,I beginning to see tjis company is a scam,i cannot get to talk to no one,they keep hanging up,also i went on the website,and it keep kicking me out.
Don franks Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Ripp off

Same scammers that sold bankcard empire. Google the company and you will see. Hr lady Robin Bush total dipshit and clueless along with the other scammers that use to sell bankcard empire. Just google and you will see and that is why all the complaints. The product they sell is not even real and they lie to their employees. Stay far away and chargeback your credit card for anything you bought from these idiots.
debbers8 Send email
Aug 30, 2017


The Travel Dept booked a Hotel for us in Victoria, and I asked how far away will we be from the Port, we where told 15 minutes. So we booked a Flight to Victoria in Nov 2016. In Aug 2017, I had a bad experience with a Travel Agent who lied to me about how far my destination was from the airport, so after that trip, I checked the distance between the Hotel and the Port and found out that it was over 4 hours travel time from point A to Point B. After 7 hours on the phone, Flight charged us an additional $588.22 to make the changes to the flight, even though we didn't make the mistake, and they had to charge us because it wasn't their fault, but we booked the flight based off the bad information that Travel provided us. Customer Service couldn't help, and they have no Complaint Department. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and recommend you all do the same thing. I asked for a refund of the $588.22.
mcaley08 Send email
Aug 25, 2017


Today I made a reservation for a hotel in Panama City, Panama. When I did it online, I did not read the terms and conditions (like most of us dont' do). When I put my credit card info in, I thought it would hold the reservation, not pay it up front. As soon as I saw the confirmation, I immediately called them (not days or weeks, but minutes) to try and get it cancelled. I was on the phone for an hour, and bounced around to 3 different agents to get it cancelled. Here's the catch, while I was on hold waiting, I get an email telling me the reservation was cancelled but no refund. WHY THE HELL WOULD I CANCEL THE RESERVATION ONLINE WHILE I'M ON PHONE TRYING TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE TO GET IT RESOLVED!!?? While I was speaking with the third agent, she puts me on hold to call the hotel to see if we could cancel the reservation. After 10-15 minutes she tells me the hotel manager will look into it and get back to me in 5 days. Here's the kicker; I am a Server Systems Administrator, so I'm not stupid, and know a lot about computers. I did not cancel the reservation while I was on the phone with them, and all the agent could tell me is that we can see the time stamp that shows you cancelled it. They screwed with the wrong person. Stay away from this program; save your money and look for something else.
novon Send email
Aug 8, 2017

Points, Flights and Hotels

Went to use the points that I had and I had none I called and asked where's my points and he stated if you don't use them you lose them and I asked what the hell am I paying for because you don't have deals and you don't match other hotels or flights. This was a waste of my money and totally a rip off!! If there's a tort lawsuit email me please @ [email protected]
Vicks96doodge Send email
Aug 1, 2017

Rip off

After being deployed i lost my points. Paid 2000 dollars for nothing. I called to book a hotel for my wife after the fact and they could not do a price match i got from hotwire. It was only a 10 dollar difference. If they call hang up. I lost 2000 dollars. Just book through hotwire or hotels com. They offered me a resort package in Mexico and after i hung up i called the hotel they recommended and got it way cheaper with plane tickets. If anyone is filling a lawsuit send me a e-mail [email protected]
Xojessica1422ox Send email
Jul 18, 2017

Bad customer service

Totally disappointed with this company the last couple days. We have booked multiple vacations with our membership over the years. It seems like this year especially they have truly been slacking and making mistakes. This year alone we booked 6 cruises and 2 resort stays. In Feb I booked a cruise for my parents. Celebrity was offering 2 perks with their type of room. My agent was to call celebrity after the booking for them to add the drink package and gratuity to their reservation. We called a few times after the original booking because we had to deal with a whole bunch of other issues that I won't get into, while on the phone we made sure that it was added to their reservation and they reassured it was.

Fast forward to yesterday. My parents arrive at the port and tell me their sail and sign card did not indicate their drink package like it was supposed to. So I immediately called government vacation rewards. After being transferred to 3 different people, they tell me that they will need to listen to all previous calls to see what was mentioned about the packages and will get back to me the next day. So while on the boat my parents went ahead and added the drink package hoping that this issue would be resolved before they get off the boat. Well, the next day comes and they tell me they will not be able to fix their mistake about the drink package and will mail a check in 6-8 weeks. They did add the gratuity to their boat account.

Because of their mistakes, my parents had to spend over $600 for the drink package out of their budgeted vacation money, money that they did not expect to spend, money that they did not budget for, money that they thought would be resolved while on this ship and money that they will now have less of for what they wanted to spend it on such as excursions and souveniors.

When people go on vacation they bring a set amount and budget accordingly. Due to this huge mistake, a large portion of my parents vacation money was spent on something that they thought was taken care in Feb and thought would be resolved before paying final bill.

I personally do not think that the company handled this situation well at all. They should of found a way to make it right. They should of added on board credit to their account to cover the drink package or at least added some credit as a "I am sorry for all of these inconveniences". They tried to tell me they are making it right by sending a check for the drink package. No, that is not making it right, that is paying for something that should of been taken care of back in Feb. This has totally messed up my parents vacation and how they expected to enjoy it and spend their hard earned money. They will now have to wait over a month to receive this check.

When i talked to the manager of customer service I could not believe how rude she was and how she was not considerate of the inconveniences this company has caused me and my family. We usually encourage people to book their vacations with us, save them money and also us get points for future use. When i told her that no one will want to book under us due to their mistakes and inconveniences, she said in a nasty tone "Oh I am sorry that your friends and family can not book under you so that you can take advantage of them and profit points". I could not believe this lady, which made me even more furious having to deal with her attitude and sassiness!

It just seems like time after time there has been multiple mistakes. This week we had to call to find out why our points have not been added from the 4 May cruises. The guy said he would put in an order to find out why. Well they messed that up to. We were supposed to have over 36,000 points added, they only added 10,000. So once again, I will need to call up there for them to fix another mistake.

I truly hope they step up their customer service. Being a person who has always worked or managed a business, if we did something wrong, we for sure wanted to make it right anyway possible and making that customer happy and have a better outlet of our business. Government vacation rewards failed terribly with customer service and making it right.
djkearney Send email
Jun 1, 2017


I booked a cruise using 75,000 points and also purchased the travel insurance. The GVR rep was Marsha.
An unexpected event occurred shortly thereafter, and I had to cancel the trip.
I gave GVR and the insurance company plenty of notice before the trip.
GVR used my 75,000 points which I never received back and the insurance company refused to give me a refund.
GVR ONLY exists to RIP OFF military members.
heidio Send email
May 19, 2017

GVR mythical vacation

I have been trying to rebook a vacation that was cancelled due to the hurricane last fall. Since March 30th I have spoken with a dozen or more employees from agents to supervisors, including concierge service. They do not return my calls when I leave a message. When they promise to call back, there is only silence. Each person has given me different information pertaining to the same vacation. Most recently I was called by a supervisor who told me that the previous supervisor I spoke with gave me incorrect information. Hmm, who do I believe now? I have complained to each person I have spoken with about their performance. or lack thereof. They claim the calls are recorded and monitored. I hope so.
Still waiting for my confirmation.

Bottom line: DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE; concierge is legalized stealing
rcesquivel Send email
May 11, 2017

Absolute Rip Off

I am in the same boat as the other 90% of individuals who paid over $1,500 for services and discounts. I was never able to find anything that was even reasonable let alone a great benefit or deal. After not using the points that were purchase lost every bit of what I paid in with nothing ever used. If there is any class action lawsuit against this pathetic company that touts that they are in the business of helping vets take advantage of discounted rates, sign me up. [email protected]
o1353 Send email
May 4, 2017


In 2014 my wife and I received a call from a salesman from Government Vacation Rewards saying that as an ex-veteran GVR could offer us great travel opportunities to various resorts at great prices. We paid $500.00 and purchased 17,500 points which the salesman assured us would provide us with one week free practically anywhere to such places like Florida, Mexico, etc. For health reasons we did not use these points and found out that after 2 years the points were due to expire unless we paid a maintenance fee of $29.00 (US) to retain them. My wife called them recently to book a vacation and was told in no uncertain terms that our 17,500 points were in fact useless and that we needed a minumum of 20,000 points to go anywhere and that our $529 (US) paid would be now equal to $175.00 credit towards any vacation if we wanted to book with them.

It is obvious that this company preys on unsuspecting military and police veterans and serving members and are nothing more than a fraudulant organization. I am surprised that the principals of this company have not yet landed in jail.

van Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Government vacation rewards

Government vacation rewards is a big rip off every time I try to schedule a trip there is a problem. there prices are way to hi I brought this thinking I would get some good deal you better off checking others travel site out. so I call to get my money back a least half because I paided them in full they say they couldn't give be back anything and I can't sell it to any body. Bid Rip Off.$1900 for this
spdpro01 Send email
Apr 19, 2017

Fraud practices

I was told that if I paid $1000.00 dollars I would get an amount of points for a cruse. They told me that the points would never lose these points. Due to illness and long term problems I lost all my points. They in turn told me that if I paid an amount of money (I forget how much I could rein state them. I felt without costing me than the $1000. I would just forget these people. While I see what others have gotten swindled out of it really should have been a class action law suit against this agency. If there is a suit my E-Mail is [email protected]
bobneel Send email
Apr 14, 2017

Govt Vacations law suit group

Government Vacations Rewards does not keep its promises and this is obviously a wide spread practice. I accused them of being a scam early on in our business and they gave me 175,000 points and a promise that those would never go away. Low and behold a couple of months ago 50,000 disappeared along with the $3000 I paid which was not to go away as well. This bunch are a rip off group. I would like to form a law suit group to force them to fulfill their promises. If you wish to join please e-mail me at [email protected]

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